What does God really say about gay relationships?

by Dominique Robbins
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Rick Brentlinger Answers -

Dominique wrote: "So many people have told me that I will go straight to hell because I am gay and in a relationship with my boyfriend."

The Bible is very clear that getting saved has nothing to do with being gay or lesbian. Getting saved is about repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Many people think the way to get saved is, just be a good person. Is being a good person the way to get saved?

Some people think that God sends all gays and lesbians to hell. Is it true that I will go to hell because I am a lesbian and how can I know for sure?

Actually God has a lot more grace toward gays and lesbians than some Christians give Him credit for. God saves gay men and lesbians and leads some men to partner together and some lesbians to partner together, just like He saves heteros.

If you're a gay Christian does God still love you?

To have the blessing of God in your life requires an honest heart, honesty before God and with each other and a sincere desire to obey God. That is why God will save everyone who asks Him for salvation.

The Links on this page provide helpful answers to your thoughtful question. God bless you both as you walk the path of His purpose for your lives.

Malakoi does not mean gay in 1 Cor 6:9

Arsenokoitai does not mean gay in 1 Cor 6:9

Does the Bible say homosexuals will go to hell?

What is the purpose of committed gay relationships?

Did you know that gay marriage is as old as history?

Did you know Jesus healed the sick partner of a gay Centurion?

Did you know there are some gay couples in the Bible?

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May 31, 2010
by: Florencia

your point is not valid, because the bible clearly condemns homosexuality.

Romans 1:26-27:
"For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions: for their women exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature. And in the same way also the men abandoned the natural use of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error."

Jun 01, 2010
Closed minds gather no truth
by: Rick Brentlinger

Has it ever occurred to you that not everything you think is true?

I hope you will be kind enough to yourself to do additional study instead of assuming, without any facts to support your assumption, that what you believe the Bible says about homosexuality is true.

The Romans 1 passage you referenced, in context, has absolutely nothing to do with two men or two women falling in love and serving God together.

What is the meaning of Romans 1?

Oct 25, 2010
MEAN people nowadays
by: Anonymous

Mr, you do your thing - don't let anyone stop you... be STRONG.

God loves you for you and you're right. Commenters above - shut your mouths! You have NO right to say those things.

Please, think about it as if you were that person or someone you love!

Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

Actually, as I see it, the bible doesn't condemn homosexuality, but homosexual sex. Sex was created to procreate and if it is not done for this, it is wrong. "Man may not LAY with man".

Dec 13, 2010
how sad
by: juanluis1999@live.com

it is sad how we christians misunderstand the bible, by that fact we misunderstand God himself. we have became the new pharisees of the church. we look upon our brothers sins but what about our own sins. the questions it not if homosexual acts are sin because we all are sinners before our God,but because Jesus Christ we have everlasting life. we should life by the gospel of our Lord jesus Christ, Believe him and you will have everlasting life and way we will know if we love him; if we keep his commandments, to love God over all and love one and the another as he love us.

if we do not walk in love we are not of God because God is love.

to understand the epistles of paul you first most know roman history to get what he meant.

Sep 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is the most disheartening website Ive ever seen. I honestly was searching about Gay Christians out of curiosity of how to handle it at work but with all the people judging people and homosexual lifestylers picking apart the bible and molding it to appease your lifestyle...

Yes, God IS absolutely "love" and loves all people, adulterers, homosexuals, murderers and so on... I'm very disappointed in how our world has become so lost.

Dec 20, 2011
You're headed for the lake of fire
by: Anonymous

All I can say is time will tell and if you are in a same sex relationship you will have your place in the lake of fire...

Rick's comment: I deleted the rest of your hateful comment. Cowards like you who rip verses out of context to condemn AND do not have the courage to put your name with your hateful Comments are just too funny.

There is so much hatred and false teaching on the rest of the web already that I rarely allow goofy comments like yours to go live.

Dec 28, 2011
we will all be judged on that great day
by: Anonymous

you all need to stop telling lies.tell the truth it is an abomination of god .if you like it then thats on you. but dont tell people god is ok with it because that is a falsity . the lord is verry clear on the subject.i am a sinner we all are . i pray to the almighty to know my sin so i can repent.but tho's the do not know /or/even care if they are sinning will not repent.

THERE IS NO SUCH THIN AS A GAY CHRISTIAN. IF YOU ARE GAY THEN YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN.you can not just be a good person to go to heaven. you must obey the laws of god.and homosexuality is a direct violation of his holy law

Dec 28, 2011
im no coward
by: james parsons jr

thats it sensor the truth.you sir are the one that is taking the good book out of context .it says homosexuality is an abomination to the lord. dont know where it got change . please by all means show us the verse. liviticus says that if a man lie with a nother man then he shall shurely die . as a matter of fact it says it in the old and new testament . you forget why you call us hate mongers the we have a duty to the lord god of hosts,to keep the laws of god,and not to stray,and to correct the ones that do stray .so that they are saved and do not go to the pit

Dec 28, 2011
God does not hate gays
by: Dominique Robbins

Thank you to all the people that see the bible the way I do. God doesn't hate gays at all. So why do Christians always try to make God seem like this mean and hateful being...

those that keep saying gays are going to hell who made you the judge? Only God can judge me and others that are gay and in fact you as well...

I love myself and the way God made me. I am also happy in knowing that I can repent and I have repented and God has forgiven me so why can't you all do the same?

Who gave christian the authority to judge and condemn? Why do some christians believe they have more power to judge and condemn than God?

Dec 30, 2011
Why is this even a discussion?
by: Anonymous

This is so sad. God is the only one who can judge anyone. We all sin, EVERYDAY! This whole website is an abomination to god. Everyone on here passing judgement is an abomination to god. I pray for everyone to find peace. But by bashing this man and his beliefs you are just as bad as the sin you claim he is committing.

Feb 12, 2012
Jesus saves sinners
by: Anonymous

God is SO good, and he loves us all. The Bible says that it is God's will that none should perish. It is God's kindness that leads us to repentance, not the judgement one to another. I do believe in God's laws, but we as humans were never able to fulfill God's laws because we are ALL sinners (all have fallen short).

Thankfully and joyfully we have Jesus Christ who came to fulfill the law so that all who believe in Him shall not perish. It is by God's spirit in us that we have our minds renewed and change to be more and more like Christ.

I believe that homosexuality is not God's plan or God's best for his people, but if any man believe in Jesus and sincerely accept him into your heart, HE (JESUS) will change you and make all things new. This goes for all manner of sin. Allow the Holy Spirit to light the way to greater and greater freedom from sin, and walk in love as we were commanded.

May 09, 2012
by: Tommie

I understand where everyone is coming from, however this world doesn't understand what God really is. God is love. He is there with us everywhere we go, he can read our thoughts, he can mold our future's however God's love is unconditional. Think about this. Britain "Dark Ages" all people desired was money and wealth,the majority of people were all dedicated to God.

How could monarchs or even the churches make money? by placing fear into people's hearts. Fear that led to the ideal that God was an all distraught and Angry Deity. A known fact is that the priests would change words in the bible that would condemn people to hell, i for one do not believe in hell as a "all forgiving" and "all loving" God would NOT condemn us for eternity rotting in Hell for being, well, Human.

Rick's comment: Tommie, hell is mentioned 23 times in the New Testament. 20 of the 23 times the information comes from Jesus. Jesus' warnings about hell did not come from priests who changed the Bible.

I hope you will read these two pages and trust Jesus as your Savior from hell today.

How to get saved.

Jesus on hell - what did Jesus teach?

Jun 06, 2012
Be careful about judging
by: Anonymous

How dare someone say if your Gay your not a christian? If this is this case then any sinner is not a christian. Everyone has their own personal relationship with God. No person on this earth has the divine power to judge anyone. Remember the bible was created as a guide of Gods plan to the word. Each account in the bible was from a person that God chose to have in his book. In the beginning God's plan was to populate the earth which is why he wanted man and a woman in that time period. In any case no other person has the power to judge another person because their secret sins could be fare worst than being Gay.

Rick's comment: Are Christians supposed to judge?

Jun 07, 2012
God loves everyone
by: Anonymous

I do not agree that God approves of homosexuality. God loves the person but he hates sin. The biggest problem with Christians today is that they treat homosexuality as if it is a bigger sin than adultery, fornication, stealing, lying, etc. NO sin is greater than the other. Repentance is not just asking for forgiveness but a turning away from sin. I'm sorry sir but God made a man for a woman and a woman for a man. God is a God of order and when he created us He gave us the model for what He wanted a family to be. For a person to have desires and feelings for the opposite sex is not wrong but to act on it is sin. Thankfully God is strong enough to do a physical, emotional and mental work in our lives. He can give you a sound mind, heart and body. Homosexuality just like any other sin begins in the mind; there are images and voices that invade your mind before you commit the act. Many children and teens are already in our homes dealing with these thoughts and emotions but because of the way Christians are handling the issue of homosexuality they don't feel free to open up to their parents about it. Our homes and churches need to be filled with love. We are all sinners and only God can changes us.

Jul 06, 2012
Pray and not judge
by: Anonymous

God loves all of us and has the last say so in all of this. Everyone knows right from wrong, but it don't gives us the right to judge no one that's gods part. If we can be saved by grace, god can still delivery them. You want them to go to source which is god and let him do it. Not push them away because they are humans to you know.

God wants to get glory out of it so we need to be praying for them not tearing them. We all have weakness and we surely don't know the root to it, only god knows. We don't know where they came from or what they been through.

So let us pray for them not talk against them, it's what god would do. This is how god gets his glory by saving one so he or she can go back and get the other. Where do you think testimonies comes from. come on children of god.

Jul 17, 2012
GOD doesn't
by: Ryan

i find it pityful that most anti-gays here use offensive terms towards people and say how GOD hates these type of people and such...they should read back on their comments and think to themselves if they sound like a christian or a hater..or simply an internet troll. i havent seen any antigay christians respond like a christian but as a hater (as for my opinion) i believe GOD loves gays and all types. whether he considers it a sin or not is the truth im trying to discover on this site

God bless you

Aug 03, 2012
Romans 1:25-32 KJV
by: Anonymous

Here you will see the truth I was not born gay, that is a lie from the devil. I use to have that life style but no more. I did not come from a monkey either.
Its not hate speach it is fact where to you think our laws came from thou shall not steal thou shall not murder, from our creator. If one wants to stop being gay all one has to due is come to Jesus Chirst God come in the flesh

Rick's comment: Dear heart, I am SO glad you got saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. I do hope you will take time to educate yourself about being gay. Calling being gay a lifestyle and citing Romans 1:25-32 as if that supports your views indicates you have not studied the context.

A verse without a context is a pretext for teaching something that is not true. I encourage you to read and study before you condemn your gay brothers and lesbian sisters in Christ. Many thanks.

Aug 11, 2012
by: freddy

God loves everyone and no one in this world should judge anyone, those who do judge are the sinners and let god forgive you and bless you if we gay people are sinners only god can judge us on judgment day!

Aug 11, 2012
the 14 year old that commits suicide
by: Anonymous

there are young people out there....who suspect as early as elementery school that they are gay...they find they have feelings towards the same sex....this is not something they have begun to practice because they are sexual and want to explore their sexuality...they genuinely have romantic love toward the same sex....these kids are committing suicide because they don't know how to deal with these "abnormal" feelings (the world forces them to feel they are abnormal).... if homosexuality is such an abomination why do innocent young people find themselves dealing with these feelings...as a christian I don't understand this...and with all the Chick Fil A controversy lately I have really begun to desire an answer to this.

Rick's comment: Many Christians seem to lose their reasoning abilities on the topic of homosexuality. They rip verses out of context and insist the out of context verses apply to gays and lesbians when the verses in context definitely do NOT apply to gays and lesbians.

Our job is to educate everyone we can so that young gays know the truth, that God loves them, Jesus died to save them from their sins AND they can be both gay and Christian disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Aug 20, 2012
by: M. Jenkins

Could I ask a question? If the bible isn't talking about gays and lesbians when it says "man shall not lie with man" etc..., exactly what/who is it referring to? You can justify this all you like, but it is what it is. And to say that those opposing your point of view are hate mongers is just plain wrong. I've read these posts on here and you are doing nothing except false teaching. I am a fairly new Christian, but even I can read the bible. No matter which version you read, they all say the same thing. You twist things to mean what you want them to, but all one has to do is pick up a Bible and read it themselves. They probably won't because you are telling them what they want to hear. You are leading people down the wrong path. None of us are without sin, but the blood of Jesus saved us, if we confess. If you are teaching that homosexuality is not a sin, what is there to confess? Maybe you should try to find, in the bible, if a false prophet KNOWS he is indeed a false prophet.

Rick's comment: I appreciate your input. 1. The verses which appear to diss gays are really talking about temple prostitutes. 2. I've never called our opponents hate mongers. 3. I am SO happy to know you are a new Christian. That is the best decision you ever made, to trust Jesus by grace alone through faith alone for your eternal salvation.

I hope you will obey 2 Timothy 2:15, which tells us to rightly divide the word of truth. Essentially that means to interpret scripture in context. Best wishes and God's awesome grace to you. - Pastor Rick

Aug 28, 2012
how do you know?
by: Freddie

Which part of the scripture shows that God is talking about prostitutes?

Rick's comment: That information is on this page, with many links to additional information. Thanks for the good question.


shrine prostitutes

Sep 02, 2012
God does not condemn gays
by: Anonymous

God does not condemn homosexuals! It is stated in the Bible that man shall not LAY with man. Where does it say that a male and another male can't be in a relationship because they are the same sex. As for a female and female. It also says in the bible, "DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS". Obviously some of you people have not read further in the bible. It says to treat others the way you'd like to be treated. We have all heard that phrase now haven't we. I support all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, etc. They are human just like us. They breathe air, their hearts pump blood, and their brain helps them think. Leave them love and stop spreading the hate to them. People who judge are the ones who bring this world to death.

Sep 15, 2012
by: Smith101

Its funny that 1. You can only locate this site if your are actively LOOKING for it, with questions and/or concerns. So those who are here simply to bash...How did YOU find yourself here to begin with. 2. I am a Lesbian, in a relationship and I Love God, and Thank him everyday for his blessings and mercy. I just want to know the exact passage as to where is states that being Homosexual is a Sin.
Also, for those of you with judgmental and crucial comments, I wonder how God will forgive you for passing judgement, when in fact he is thee only one whom has the right to do such.

Please and Thanks.

Oct 04, 2012
pls ask for the help of holy spirit
by: Anonymous

I came across your site like a week ago and I have been trobled in mty mind and spirit because I became uncertain as to if what you say is true or what I have heard all my life is the right thing. But the spirit has shown me the path,please read romans 1 verse 25-27 properly with the help of the holy spirit you really undastand that God does NOT support gay/lesbians/bi. I prayt for you n I pray you make heaven amen. I love u

Oct 21, 2012
Focus on God instead
by: Anonymous

I think it's better for us gays to stay single. I'm a gay myself and I think about being single for the entire days of my life. I think we us gays should better focus on God and helping people instead. I understand sometimes we fall in love and we can't help it. Let that be our inspiration. I thought it's not bad at all.

Love is a blessing from god making our spirit alive. Some people are not just meant to be although some are blessed. God has reasons for making us gays. Perhaps he wanted us to reach him or perhaps god knows we cannot take the responsibility of being straight. I believed some souls choose to be gay before they were born.

Rick's comment: According to 1 Corinthians 7:1-9, living a celibate life, staying single, is a gift from God, which by the way, most gays do NOT have. There is nothing in the Bible which indicates that God requires gays and lesbians to be celibate and lonely for life.

I encourage you to do a lot more reading and study, starting with my website so that you can move beyond the internalized homophobia you're struggling with.

God has wonderful treasures of joy for you and a wonderful partner. Genesis 2:18 tells us that God looked upon Adam before he fell into sin, before sin entered the world. Of this sinless man in an unfallen world, God said: "It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make him an help meet (fitting) for him."

If it was not good for sinless Adam in an unfallen world to be alone, how much more is it NOT GOOD for gays and lesbians to be alone and celibate today?

Oct 27, 2012
I don't know what I'm talking about
by: Anonymous

If you are a true Christian you strive to do all God says. God clearly condems homosexuality. It doesn't mean you aren't saved but you aren't following God's commands.

Rick's comment: It would be helpful if you memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2:15 BEFORE attempting to tell anyone what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Because you have never studied the issue, the truth is, you simply do not know what you're talking about. Here's the question.

Will you continue in ignorance or will you memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2:15 and start rightly dividing the word of truth?

God knows your heart. Remember you are responsible to Him. The choice is now yours. Will you study and rightly divide the word of truth (which basically means interpreting scripture in context) or will you continue to push your opinion while refusing to study the Bible in context?

Nov 07, 2012
God love me no matter if I'm a lesbian
by: God is Good

We are all sinners no matter what we can short of. God still love us no matter what. It's ashame to see most of you on here only focusing on homosexuality when you not sitting in the same boat like them. The Bible stated "Do NOT JUDGE" by you bashing gay/lesbians you no better than they are cause you are telling that what God don't accept. Are you God? NO. We are human being who are accepting who we are as one. Stop all the hating and focus on yourself and not on others. God is looking down on all of us who call themselves Christians when you as Christians are the main one turning your back on His children's. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS CHRIST LOVE YOU. Does that mean anything to anyone of you? God love us no matter what. He just hate what we all do when it comes to our action. Yes, it stated in the Bible that a man and a woman should be as one but in that world, you still have that man cheating on his wife, or beating her senseless, so in that world you know better than the gay/lesbians. Let them be and let God be the one to judge them not you as people. Instead of focusing on gay/lesbian, focus on the world itself where people are getting rape, getting kill, children are being disrespectful to their elders etc. Focus on that! God is LOVE and He LOVE everyone of us no matter what sin we can short of. HE'S A FORGIVEN GOD and if i'm a lesbian who attend church and read the Bible then no man can tell me what God don't like cause i'm a lesbian. Only the man upstairs can judge me not HUMAN beings. God will always love me no matter what anyone say. Stop the hating because God don't like ugly.

Nov 09, 2012
I came to this website looking for answers
by: Anonymous

I came to this website looking for answers to help counsel a young lady who loves God and wants to do the right thing. She "likes" women, but wants to do God's will.

While I found some great information, I also found so much justification of the lifestyle by people that are Christians! I don't condemn anyone in sin, especially those that profess Jesus as Savior. Jesus saves, I know that to be true, but I don't believe that the things that the bible says are sin, we should justify.

I've have the urge to lie, cheat, steal, overeat, backbite, commit adultery, blaspheme God, be jealous and I could go on. I have succumbed to everything in that list!!! Am I proud of it, NO! Do I justify it! NO! I could come up with VALID reasons why I've committed every one of them! Instead, thank God, I at some point recognized and repented of my sin and receive forgiveness daily because I still have urges in many of those areas and at times do succumb.

To tell someone that something God clearly says is not his will (just our physical anatomy outlines his design) is ok is just not right imho.

I will tell her that God loves her no matter what. That she should focus on loving Him and allow God to lead her choices. That He feels about fornication the same way He feels about lying, cheating, stealing, blasphemy and the like. Sex is a gift God gave to male & female within the confines of marriage. If we "FEEL" like lying is that what we should do, just DO IT?

There have been times when I begged God to take away my desires for things I knew were not in His will. I have also asked Him to help me do better at doing things in His will (show more love, be more patient, demonstrate gentleness). I have never been encouraged to "COME OUT" and tell people about my desire for ungodly things! The key is no matter what people do, we need to show and demonstrate love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Rick's comment: I appreciate your desire to help the dear lesbian girl who wants to do the right thing. May I encourage you to:

1. Prayerfully read the Bible in context. If you believe the Bible condemns gay and lesbian love, then you are ripping verses out of their Biblical, cultural, doctrinal, historical, religious context to arrive at that belief.

2. Prayerfully read this website. We are blood-bought, born-again, soul-winning, Spirit-filled, joyful gay and lesbian disciples of Jesus. We win souls, we disciple those we win and we encourage everyone everywhere to obey scripture in context.

3. We do not encourage anyone to sin. We encourage everyone to live for Jesus 24-7. Being Jesus' disciple means more than showing up at church and putting on a show because Jesus is our 24-7 Lord and Savior.

4. Comparing sexual orientation to your old sin nature, as you did in your comments, is way off-base and indicates you do not understand these issues. Please read more of this website to increase your understanding. Many thanks!

Nov 16, 2012
I understand fully

I personally am a Christian and I struggle with the same sex attraction. But I chose not to give into those temptations because I know it is not right in God's eyes.

Rick's comment: I don't believe you understand fully. Here's why. If you KNOW being a lesbian is not right in God's eyes, then you must have a scriptural basis for knowing that.

What verses, IN CONTEXT, tell you that? Remember, the context of the verses must be a loving same sex relationship, not temple prostitutes and not temple prostitution.

Jacynda continues: And I also know it is not a easy thing at all, because my heart is telling me something else and they are both two strong parts of me. I love the Lord with all my heart and I rather cry myself to sleep every night knowing that I am trying to be on the right page with God, than to fully give in to my sinful nature. So just be encouraged and hold he has his hands on you and loves you too. :) God bless you all :)

Rick's comment: I feel sad when I read this because you are trying to do something God never told you to do in the Bible. It is as sinful to keep doing something God never told you to do, under the mistaken assumption that your attempts please God, as it is to keep doing something God told you not to do.

I hope you will memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2:15 in all your interactions with scripture. Basically that means that God expects you to read and interpret scripture in context. When you read and interpret scripture in context, you believe truth.

When you take verses out of context and live as if the out of context verse means something it did not mean in context, you embrace false beliefs. Acting on those false beliefs brings the tears and frustration you're experiencing.

Dec 14, 2012
Gays should seek God's healing?
by: Margaret

I've read all the scriptures over and over and yet still come to the same conclusion that it's wrong to be involved in a same sex relationship. I don't condemn people who are gay and believe that many gay people are born this way. But there are many flukes in nature, such as someone feeling trapped in their sex and wanting to change sex. This is an accident of birth as well. It's not a sin to feel attracted to the opposite sex, but I believe it's a sin to have a gay relationship. Countless born again Christians have found healing from homosexuality and gone on to have heterosexual relationships. This surely is the answer as God doesn't want to deny anyone from enjoying a sexual relationship. I'd like to know how many gay Christians have sought healing, or have they preferred to pursue their inner desires instead.

Rick's comment: Margaret, you are the victim of dis-information. There are not thousands of gays and lesbians who have found healing from homosexuality. That is a lie from the devil, not the truth of God.

Exodus International admits that 99.9% of their clients do NOT experience change in their sexual orientation or their same sex attractions. Allan Chambers, President of Exodus, admits that even though he is heterosexually married, he still wrestles with same sex attraction.

If change was possible, wouldn't gays who change and get heterosexually married, experience opposite sex attraction instead of same sex attraction? Think it through Margaret. Change doesn't happen for innate gays and lesbians because God does not intend for us to change.

God saves us and blesses us without changing our sexual orientation. And God also blesses our gay marriages, including the sex in our gay marriages.

Dec 23, 2012
by: Rov120

The only sin that is unforgivable is not believing/letting god into your life. being part of LGBT won't make you go to hell

Dec 27, 2012
gays and lesbians
by: straight man says

i do feel very sorry for you people, but i really don't think GOD does approve it. you are what you are, and it is your life. but for us straight men that are looking for a good woman is very hard for us, and i do believe that much more women are lesbians today which is making it harder for us. since i seem to meet very nasty women today, even the straight ones have an attitude problem. that just shows us straight men that there are certainly much more lesbians than ever before which are making it much more difficult for us.

Rick's comment: I can't help but wonder what a straight man is doing posting negative comments about lesbians and straight women on a gay Christian website. I believe your idea is wrong, that there are many more lesbians now and that's why you're having difficulty finding a wife.

Jan 12, 2013
Response to Rick's comment
by: Josh

Rick posted: "God has wonderful treasures of joy for you and a wonderful partner. Genesis 2:18 tells us that God looked upon Adam before he fell into sin, before sin entered the world. Of this sinless man in an unfallen world, God said: "It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make him an help meet (fitting) for him."

Rick, when God created a "partner" for Adam, he created Eve, not Steve. Man + Man = no life. Man + Woman = life. Even if you remove God or a divine Creator from the entire equation, mother nature herself clearly tells you two of the same sex makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Rick's comment: Ah Josh, there you go again. Gen 2:24 is descriptive, not prescriptive. God is not an absolute complementarian.

I'm honestly not trying to judge here. I just feel extremely sorry for your soul because you're in denial and going to great measures to mentally pamper your mind into thinking somehow, someway, you being a homosexual is going to be alright.

Rick's comment: You must rip verses out of context to make them teach your views because in context, they do not at all support your views. Really Josh, is that an honest way to treat the Bible?

Another thing that bothers me is that you are encouraging others who practice your lifestyle (the lifestyle you CHOOSE to live, not the lifestyle that chose you). Homosexual Christians encouraging other homosexual Christians is no different than atheists encouraging other atheists. There's sheer power in numbers, and the more homosexual Christians there are, the more accepting it will become in society - HOWEVER - just because something becomes accepted, doesn't make it right.

Rick's comment: Hackneyed anti-gay cliché after cliché. Gay is a lifestyle, gay is a sinful choice, yada yada yada (Hebrew for 'you know'). Please refine your arguments by exercising your brain, you know, by thinking and studying and ALWAYS interpreting scripture in context, 2 Timothy 2:15.

In the end, God is still God. His views and laws DO NOT CHANGE just because the world changes. You're walking a very slippery slope my friend, and I fear you won't find solid ground unless and only unless you make the CHOICE to live the right lifestyle, and not the one you currently are.

Rick's comment: Getting saved is ALWAYS and ONLY by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Salvation is not by choosing to live the right lifestyle. Josh, do you know for sure you are saved? Do you know what happens when you get saved?

Jan 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

I know God loves all of His children and my bestie is a lesbian and I've always supported No H8! Being a good person does not take you to heaven.

Jan 23, 2013
Lord open our eyes to your truth
by: Anonymous

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. - 1 John 4:11

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; - 2 Timothy 4:3

Now this I say and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles do... They have become callous and have given themselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity... put off your old self, which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires, and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. - Ephesians 4:17-24

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. - Romans 12:2

But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof. - Romans13:14

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. - 1 John 2:16

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. - Galatians 5:16

He who has an ear, let him hear. - Revelation 13:9

Be careful what you say. Don't be quick to speak. And don't justify yourself. The Bible is the word of God. We have to ask the Holy spirit to guide us in his righteousness and not lean onto our own understanding. We all have salvation thru Jesus Christ available as a free gift IF we accept Jesus as our Savior from sin and from hell, there is still hope for all of us.

"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace." - 1 Corinthians 14:33.

For everyone has a purpose in life. God desires for you to learn change is really possible! Why would God make anyone homosexual, and then forbid them to enter into the kingdom of heaven?

Rick's comment: God does not change our innate sexual orientation and He does not reject saved GLBTs from going to heaven. Even the anti-gay leaders of Exodus International admit that.

Romans 1:27 - "And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet."

1 Corinthians 6:18-20 - "Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body..."

Rick's comment: You are ignoring the context of the verses you cite and assuming they are talking about homosexuality when, in context, they are not.

Jan 24, 2013
God alone judges
by: Jorge

"Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you." - Ephesians 4:29-32, ESV

Jan 24, 2013
Confusing and misleading
by: Anonymous

I am a christan and go to an arts school and there are Plenty of openly Gay rather flamboyant people. I am cool with gay people but I don't understand why we label people as gay because of a feeling or attraction or who you have sex with.

No one describes me as that straight girl. But my friend is that gay guy. I think being gay isn't who you are, it's how you feel and of course feelings can be wrong right. God loves everyone and with Jesus you wont go to hell but you can't really ignore a plain bible verse about gay sex either.

I guess that's kinda in between both. I guess I understand the gays point of view too. I just feel split in the middle.

Jan 24, 2013
Confused Myself
by: Anonymous

I have been born and raised under a pew, and my whole life I thought I would grow up and get married and have kids, and do the Christian side of normal. As I got older I tried dating, and tried falling in love with guys. I haven't had any luck the truth is I have been more attracted to women and I worked hard to push it away, pray it away and beg God to take it away.

Now I am struggling because I thought I could hide it, get married and it would go away. The scary part is I have this amazing best friend who I love dearly, and I tried to tell myself multiple times that I love her like a sister. But I think about this person all the time and not in a sexual way. I have been saving myself for marriage as the bible states is right. When I look at her I know it is a deep love. It is one of full compassion.

I think about this person all the time and put her well being before my own. I am coming to turn with the fact that I may actually be in love with my best friend and it tortures me because my family wouldnt understand. My church wouldn't understand, I don't even know if my friends or she herself would understand. I love God dearly which is why I haven't wanted to accept this for myself so I don't like it when others are put down because of who they love and who makes them happy.

What makes gay any worse then a liar? All sins are the same in God's eyes if it truly is a sin. And if you say you are not a sinner then you are lying to yourself. Don't you think that people who feel this way already know what rejection they are going to face? It's not a choice! I have chose over and over to live by what I have been told God sees as right. But I feel like I am hiding the best part of myself. Please don't judge until you have walked a mile in someone else's shoes.

Please don't brand me as a bad person because I claim Jesus and the possibility of loving someone I only ever intended to be friends with. My love isn't unpure and it may never even be acted upon, in fact it most likely won't. But just because I may choose to hide my happiness forever doesn't mean those that don't should be put down with legalistic opinions.

You are called by God first and foremost to love one another. "Love thy neighbor as you love thy self" God didn't add only love them if they agree with you completely he simply said "love" no buts no but if's. Be kind to those that you don't understand because you don't know what they have been through.

To all of you that came out I admire your courage to face those with ignorance in mind. Be strong in your love and know that I believe with all my heart Christ died for you like he died for the pastor and the ministers and he would do it again. You are no suprise to God he knew you before you were born. He loves you just the way you are. It says in the Bible "come as you are." again the bible didn't state get right with the church and then come, he wants us as we are.

Jan 30, 2013
I Agree
by: Anonymous

To the above comment I agree completely with you. If homosexuality is a sin and sins send us to Hell -- then Heaven will surely be empty considering everyone has sinned in their lives and will continue to do so no matter how many times they repent.

Also if God is supposed to love everyone equally doesn't that mean he loves homosexuals just as much as heterosexuals.

I'm a Lesbian and I believe in God and I don't believe he would condemn us just based on the fact that we love someone with the same body parts.

Rick's comment: Anti-gay Christians believe that when gays and lesbians get saved, if they commit what is viewed as gay sin, then we must not be saved. Strangely enough, they don't apply that silly reasoning to their own lives and their own sins.

I do not believe it is sin for two men or two women to be in committed relationship with each other. God blesses our LGBT relationships.

Feb 12, 2013
Why should any of that matter?
by: Paul

Why should it matter if your gay or straight? God made you in HIS image if he made you that way it means that all lives have purpose to serve THEIR own purpose what you say and do cannot change how they feel or what they want. God does clearly state that gay sex is wrong. He says nothing about being gay. BUT! How is that worse than any other sins we commit all sins are equal in God's eyes and if you repent he sends them as far as the East is from the West. So carry on you Gays and Lesbians if you ever come to my church you have my full support!

Rick's comment: Where are you getting the idea that "God does clearly state that gay sex is wrong?" Can you cite any verse of scripture which, in context, says that?

Feb 13, 2013
Why should any of that matter?
by: Paul

Whether or not your gay or straight it doesn't matter God does say that one should not lay with a man in Romans.

Rick's comment: The Romans 1:26-27 passage and the Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13 passages are about temple prostitution, not homosexuality.

However Is that sin worse than any other? Is it worse than our lying and disobedience EVERYONE commits everyday and if you think that your not one of those people (Like Westboro Baptist Church) You will probably be going to hell. God made everyone equal with equal choices and since God created Homosexuality why would he not endorse it? Because God made everyone in his image.

Feb 20, 2013
no sin is greater than another
by: suzanna lytle

What the NIV refers to in 1 Cor 6:9 supposedly as "homosexual offenders" and later in 1 Tim. 1:10 as "perverts" is related in Paul's original letters with the single Greek word *arsenokoitai(s)* The translators for King James render the word as "abusers of themselves with mankind." Other modern translations construe the term as "child molesters" or even "sodomites" (ironic since we know that the Sodomites were not condemned for homosexuality).

The claim this word means homosexual, defies linguistic evidence and common sense. "Koites" generally denotes licentious sexual activities, and corresponds to the active person in intercourse. The prefix "Arsen", simply means "male". It could mean a male that has sex with lots of women. Paul made up a new word. A biblical scholar when a word is unknown, looks for similar greek words to find a possible meaning.

Boswell concludes Paul writing in Koine Greek, took a word from Attic Greek combined with a word from Old Testament Greek to mean the active male prostitute. These were common in the Hellenistic world in the time of Paul. They served as prostitutes for both men and women. BINGO!

Remember "porneia" in the same verse that has been mistranslated fornication but was really female temple prostitutes? Guess what? Paul also is condemning the male prostitutes that also were in the temples of the sex gods!

Where a modern translation reports Paul's contention in I Cor 6:9 that "male prostitutes" shall not inherit the kingdom of God, the KJV speaks of "the effeminate." This poor rendering of the Greek word *malakoi* has been used to condemn gays for the past three centuries. The mistranslation owes in part to the already prevalent prejudice against gays present during preparation of this version of the Bible.

It also illustrates a common misconception which is held by many people even today, namely the stereotype that all gay men are "effeminate" or feminine in their actions or appearance. Yet Paul was a Greek speaking Jew and a Roman citizen.

In the culture in which he wrote the word malakoi, those who engaged in homosexual acts were not considered to be of questionable manhood. The Thebans even formed a legion of warriors composed entirely of gay couples. The group possessed an incredible esprit de corps and could boast of many victories.

Hope you enjoyed the history lesson. All you need is a few verses lost in translation and a population of people who are scared of what they don't understand and there you have the smoking gun. I am pretty sure a God who dines with prostitutes and forgives murders is not going to condemn anyone over homosexuality.

Mar 05, 2013
Food for thought
by: Anonymous

The question we should ask is does gay relationship go against the word of ?

Rick's comment: Isn't that what many of our low information commenters do? And yet, when we answer them with scripture in context and rightly divided, 2 Timothy 2:15, they ignore our answers.

Mar 14, 2013
I am so sad and a little afraid at what you are saying
by: Anonymous

Reconsider your path before it is too late. Please and remember God not just loves he also hates and he hates sin. I will ask you to reconsider your thoughts.

Rick's comment: Low information christians, those who do not study the Bible BUT still believe they know what the Bible says; those who visit and read and comment Anonymously on gay Christian websites, need to reconsider what they are doing.

Really, you might as well, before you die and face God at the judgment seat of Christ.

Mar 15, 2013
What about this?
by: Linda

ICor. 6:9-11 "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor theives, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of our Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God."

We know that Jesus loves sinners (which we all are) but He hates the sin. When Jesus rescued the adultress from stoning, he told her to go and sin no more. He didn't say she could keep committing the sin. The above verses list many sins (not a complete list). Jesus expects us to forego sin once we are saved. Not continue in a sinful life style.

Rick's comment: Interesting. Jesus said: "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." Matthew 5:28.

How many heterosexual men in your church - pastors, elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers - are going to hell based on 1 Cor 6:9 and based on what Jesus said, hmmmm? In plainer words, are you sure you know what 1 Cor 6:9 really means?

The word homosexual is not in 1 Cor 6:9 as Paul wrote it in the Greek language. If Paul intended to condemn homosexuals, there are many words he could have used. Yet he used none of the common first century words.

Instead, Paul coined a new word, arsenokoitai, which described temple prostitutes, not gay men and not lesbians.

Mar 17, 2013
read the bible god hate sin
by: bob

Jesus said to obey his commandment not break gay going straight to hell. god hate sin. if you live in sin you will died in it he died for sin
you are a unbleiver. to think he over look sin - get real - bob

Mar 18, 2013
Why Gays And Lesbians
by: Anonymous

gee wiz, at the rate that we going, half the population will be Gay and Lesbian within the next 50 years. very sad.

Rick's comment: Your comment indicates lack of information and lack of logical thought. Here are several things to keep in mind.

1. Being gay or lesbian is not a choice; it is an innate orientation, as valid and marvelous and as God-ordained as being heterosexual.

2. Gays and lesbians make up on average, only about 5% of the population in any country. In the city of San Francisco, GLBTs comprise about 12% of the population because many GLBTs from other places made a choice to move to beautiful San Francisco.

I encourage you to do more reading and to get to know gays and lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people. It will do your heart good and as you expand your intellectual horizons, you will become a Christian more in tune with the heart of God.

Mar 22, 2013
Looking for answers
by: Sam

Hi Rick, Thanks for the post. I'm a bisexual Christian and I am torn between what is right with this issue.

I'll tell you a bit of what I do know. Gay people aren't condemned to hell rather it's do with whether you believe in Jesus, and I don't think becoming a Christian changes your sexual orientation, or that would have happened to me :P! Lol. I also agree that Romans 1 and other bits like people committing sodomy in Genisis are quoted out of context. It's like me looking at a rapist and saying that's a heterosexual.

But where I'm stuck is to say a gay relationship is ok. I want to believe you but I think I need more scriptural evidence. Please could you show me the quotes you know that would justify homosexual relationships? And I'll have a look at the context.

And just to final off I think even if it was a sin to be in a same-sex relationship or marriage, those involved wouldn't go to hell if they had faith and thanksgiving. The worst that could happen is the bit in Luke 12:48 where it says those who don't know God's will and get it wrong, will be beaten with few blows, rather than with many and/or thrown into hell. It's clear to see that Jesus has got us all! What do you think on that?

Thanks very much and hope I haven't offended anyone. :) Sam

P.s. to those who disagree strongly please do not condemn anyone to hell, please talk with love. But whatever you say God bless you.

Rick's comment: Hi Sam. There is not a verse which says gay relationships are okay just as there is not a verse which says it's okay to drive a car. I've answered this question many times so I'll point you to some of the pages so you'll know my reasoning.



Is sex in a committed relationship sin?



Mar 23, 2013
Gay vs Christian
by: Shawn

I am not mean, I don't hate 'gays' but please be honest. You can't be 'gay' and be Christian. Read the Bible. It says plainly in many places that it's 'an abomination'. You can't pick and choose parts of the Bible to go by and omit other parts. It's all or nothing. Yes, we all faulter at times but you cannot call yourself a Christian and deliberatly ignore parts you don't want to obey.

If you want to live in sin, that's your choice but pretending to be Christian at the same time is just rediculous. I pray for each one that has the desire to be a Christian but is so confused about their identity as to be what you call gay.
May God bless you and guide you, Shawn

Rick's comment: Shawn, your ignorance of the Bible, combined with your arrogant belief that you are right, without ANY verse of scripture in context, to back up your belief, is typical of so many anti-gay Christians.

Truth is presented on this website, on the gay issue and you could read it if you wanted to. You choose to ignore God's truth on this issue and that is sad.

Mar 28, 2013
only "GOD" will make the choice in the end!!
by: Anonymous

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. he bible also says not to judge they brothers....

Mar 31, 2013
by: lloyd

I have been a christian for 40 years. I know the bible teaches not to judge but it also teaches that you know a person by the fruit they bare. Gay relations are of God. I know some may not agree but it is true. As I have this blog I find that what right is now wrong,And I should change my mind.I can not because I know what the bible teaches. I don't have to condiemn anyone nore do I. I believe the does that on it's own. It just amazing to see peole try to justify things that the bible teaches is wrong

Rick's comment: I have not edited anything in this comment. Weird, really weird.

Mar 31, 2013
what are u looking for
by: lloyd

Romans1:16-32 tells the whole story. Of. GOds will to see all saved,to what God does when we refuse to heed his word. I feel this answers all questions about what u are trying to do to this website. U are trying to make things seem just fine when there not.

Rick's comment: Did you every study Romans 1 in the 40 years you've been a christian? Romans 1 is a good place to start your Bible study because ignorance is NOT the fruit of the Spirit.

Mar 31, 2013
by: lloyd

I am sorry that I did not prove read my first post . Sometimes I think faster than I type. What I was saying is I know gay behavior is wrong .And is sin. It is not part to God's will. I agree all have sinned And come short of the glory to the lord. But what I was trying to say is that the bible teaches that you can see what a person is by there fruit they bare. And I have studied romans 1. I truely believe that it does tell us where we are today.Yes you are right that we all have sinned but today there such pressure to except gay behavior that it is sickening. They want everyone to say thats ok do what you want. When I read your toplcs about david and jonathan how can you say such things . These are opinion. Not mine. It's like drinking one drink my be fine but if someone else whatches a christian do this, it gives them And excuss to say they are as good as the christian. I tell u we as christians must be careful in all things. What we say, do,where we spend time,because the world is whatching every move we make.
I hear people say its not up to me to say what's right to wrong. But I believe we as christians have a duty to do is,by being examples to the world. I hpoe this does not sound to ignorant.

Apr 08, 2013
the only way to be saved
by: Kat

is to confess your sins and repent. that's what you write on top of that page. You say it doesn't matter if you are gay or not, you just have to REPENT from your sins. problem is, if we are right, homosexual sex is sin and how can you repent from it if you make it part of your life style. The bible is pretty clear on this. It's not just homosexual sex, but also sex out of marriage. I do not judge you, but I do fear you are wrong. Some of us, God simply asks more sacrifice from. sometimes you do it your way, or God's way, but you cannot have both, no matter how badly you think you should.

Rick's comment: Yes, repentance is part of getting saved. But you are not right about homosexuality being a sin. The verses you use to support that view must be taken out of context to teach what you believe.

IN CONTEXT the verses you use against gays are not talking about gays and lesbians. They are talking about temple prostitutes and temple prostitution, i.e., using sex to worship false gods.

You attempt to guilt us into going along with your out of context views by framing it as God asking more of a sacrifice from those of us who are gay. Perhaps you mean well but you are way off base. The Bible in context is our rule of faith and practice, NOT your opinion of what the Bible means.

Have you ever tried putting yourself in our place? Imagine that someone kept telling you that you MUST be celibate, that you MUST never have an orientation compatible partner. For your entire life you must be alone and lonely because that is God's will and He requires more sacrifice of you AND if you don't go along with this, God will send you to hell.

I do not believe you would find that teaching loving or scriptural. And we do not find what you tell us loving or scriptural. I hope you will do more reading and study before trying to put a burden on us as the only way to be saved, that you would NEVER try to live out in your own life.

Apr 09, 2013
Sodom and Gomorrah
by: gin198

Is anyone able to explain Sodom and Gomorrah and define why God only saved Lot and his family? God spoke about this why did he?

It is also correct to see No one is perfect, all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God

As individuals at the end of the day, we will be judged on our own walk with God. No one will be there to vouch for me other than my lord Jesus Christ. No one knows my heart better than Jesus.

But lessons were meant also to be learnt from Gods word to us, and we are to take heed to what God is saying to each and everyone of us individually and we must be very careful how we define someone elses walk by making sure we keep an eye on our own.

Rick's comment: Sure, that is easy because the Bible says precisely why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and it was not because of gays and lesbians. Please read Ezekiel 16:49-50.

Remember also that Jesus mentioned Sodom, Matthew 10:15, 11:23-24, Mark 6:11, Luke 10:12, 17:29 and He never said their sin was homosexuality.

As far as saving Lot and his family, they were the only believers in town. The rest of the people worshiped false gods instead of the true God. Hope this is helpful - thanks for stopping by.

Apr 11, 2013
it is all senseless to me
by: msveevee

1st of all, you just committed blasphemy by pretty much rewording the scripture so that it can be conducive to the lies that you are spewing. It is very true that people have their own interpretation of how they perceive the bible's contents. But unless you are dumb, deaf, blind or completely obtuse to what you're reading, you can't deny that the bible condemns homosexuality. It is an abomination! But at the same time, so is fornication, adultery, murder, thieves, blasphemers and liars.

No sin is greater or lesser than the next. There are some, however, that is unforgivable and that is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. All the sexual sins are detestable to God bcuz it destroys the spirit as well as the body which is the temple of the One that created us. Especially when it comes to pestilence like bacteria and viruses and protozoan infections that can causes fatal diseases. Which alot of these sexual perversion can bring.

At the same time, when Jesus died for these sins that he knew we would fall weak for, it allowed us to be able to be forgiven through repentance of these sins. Meaning, we must turn from these desires by all means necessary through Christ. So being a homosexual is NOT accepted by God and for those that try to tweak the bible for their own condemnation are hidden behind lies and want to force feed ppl those inconsistencies. If you don't know what the bible REALLY teaches, then either 1) get a bible study with a competent teacher, 2) seek tbe truth through insistent prayer for God's revelation, 3) or continue in your sin and then find out the day of judgment to see how you will be judged.

Rick's comment: Just for the record, your comment is senseless to me. Where do you anti-gay people get the idea that if you repeat your anti-gay lies long enough, they will become truth? I insist that you read, memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2:15. No excuses - just DO it!

I edited out your false teaching about hell and judgment. Heresy is a sin of the flesh, Galatians 5:20, so your false teaching about hell and judgment indicates you are not walking in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16. And your false teaching about your gay brothers and lesbian sisters indicates you need to grow up spiritually.

Apr 12, 2013
thanks for give me hope
by: Anonymous

Im 17 and I was taught that homosexuality was wrong my whole life but the sad thing is i am homosexual. At first I tried to ignore it and fit in with everyone else but it wouldn't go away so i would pray that god would take it away. I cried every night and i hated my self. I got so depressed that i tried to end my life so i had to go to two mental health hospitals.

I was baptized and i accepted Jesus as my king. I always thought i was going to go to hell so i hated my self. Thank you very much for letting me know that god loves gays too!!! you gave me hope :)

Rick's comment: It's wonderful to know that you trusted Jesus and got saved. I am SO happy for you! There is lots of helpful information at the bottom of the text linked page. Thanks for checking it out.

Apr 21, 2013
God loves everyone
by: Anonymous

Lord have mercy on all of us. I ran accross this
site looking for comments on how to know I have
a true relationship with God, after reading Matt.
7:21 "not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord will
enter the Kingdom of heaven, but those who do the
will of My Father. God died for the whole world, but the whole world will not be saved. He
has given us free will to choose.

God loves people regardless of who or what they are. What He hates are the things we do that He has named in His Word as Sin. Rest assured there will be gay and staight to whom He will say depart from Me, I never knew you. I can call stealing a necessity to survive, commit adultery because my husband or wife can no longer perform, but in the eyes of God I am willfully sinning.

If I make these choices myright, and refuse to repent, then I have allowed these sins to separate me from God. Perhaps if I looked hard enough I could find rationale for my
behavior in the Bible. Concerning Homosexual behavior, it is one's choice to continue or not.

There are countless numbers of men and women who
after an encounter with Christ, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit have walked away and is living
a happy hetersexual life.

Rick's comment: No Anonymous, you're simply spreading the lies told by Exodus International and those like them.

We are not called to Judge people, but rest assured we all will be judged By God Almighty. I would not risk living as an adulterer, with the Bible so plainly calling it an abomination (1 Cor 6:9) Because of Christ, who set me free, I don't have to. I pray for Holy Spirit to open blinded eyes, and touch hardened hearts.

Rick's comment: Time to get a clue kiddo. Being too lazy to study and too ignorant to know what you're talking about are NOT fruits of the Spirit.

Apr 21, 2013
God hates No One!!!
by: Curtis S

God loves us all so much that so many so called Christuans don't even understand. He sent Jesus because He Knew what was to take place on Earth. I've studied this Topic well because I'm tired of hearing this nonsense. First God doesn't say nothing about this topic, nor does Jesus. In the Old Testament God prophosized through people. As we know today people are considered to be Prophets and reveal Gods words. How do we know these prophecies to be true? We don't. Same scenario then. Elders of the Church were speaking on what they believed to be True. In the New Testament Jesus, takes all of our sins with him and were under new covenant, Paul was writing letters to the Church of The Corinthians expressing his his wishes for the Church. God nor Jesus says I hate Gays. But ignorance is a sin. Evertime a man looks at a woman in lust it is a sin. I am Gay, but I'm celibate have been for over ten years, repented and focused on God not sex. When a Haterosexual, tells me I'm going to hell I laugh and say and If that's so I will see you there. Why are you even worried about me. Take care of the sins you commit each day. Focus on the. Speck my eye while you walk around with eyes full of gunk and sin. You haven't even repented but yet you an tell me how God loves me or hates me. The truth is he's hating your behavior as the devil keeps you busy judging you will miss your own salvation. Who's going to Heaven ME!!!!

Apr 22, 2013
So so sad
by: HennyLopez

So irresponsible that you would preach this. Yes God forgives yo if you repent. But not if you repent and continue sinning. The reason he forgave you is because you did not know him so you did not know it was wrong. Once you repented you knew it was wrong but continue sinning so that is sinning. Had you repented and turned your life around you could be saved. My pastor has actually admitted to engaging in homosexual acts but has repented, know it was wrong and is living his life the correct way.

Rick's comment: It is clear that you have no understanding of Biblical repentance. I encourage you to do more reading and study before you condemn people you do not know for a doctrinal position you do not understand. Also, please read and study justification by faith so that you understand that basic Bible doctrine. Many thanks.

Apr 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

You cannot live a homosexual life and expect to go to heaven after you are die. Being a christian is not about what "YOU" want. It's about putting your past things behind and aligning yourself to the teachings of Jesus. If you're really a servant of God you will do what he says not what the world says is or isn't ok. Please repent from your sins!

Rick's comment: You are ignorant AND mean-spirited. How long will you be without understanding? 2 Timothy 2:15 - memorize it this week and obey it every time you read the Bible. 'Nuff said.

Apr 24, 2013
thank you
by: Anonymous

i know this is kind of weird but i thought he hated gays but now i feel comfirmed in church.

Apr 24, 2013
God mad man and then He took a rib from Adam and made a woman for him
by: Anonymous

this pretty much says it all. the Bible is the word of God,and no where in it does it say that God made man for man nor does it say that He made woman for woman. Please,stop twisting the WORD to make yourselves feel better about the sinful way your living,REPENT and ask God to forgive your sins and mean it with all your heart and never sin again and receive the gift of salvation and be able to spend eternity in Heaven.

Rick's comment: A lot of gays have repented and trusted Jesus Christ as Savior. Your ignorant accusation, that we are twisting the word, indicates you rarely use your mind to think.

Marriage does not have to be like Adam and Eve to be blessed by God. Are you aware that God blessed polygamous marriages in the Bible? Prayerfully read and study Deuteronomy 21:15-17, 2 Samuel 12:7-8 and 2 Chronicles 24:2-3.

If God can bless polygamy, which is NOT like Adam and Eve, why do you believe he cannot also bless gay marriages?

Apr 25, 2013
on the subject of adam and eve
by: Anonymous

mr. rick - first let me say that the comment i wrote on God maklng a woman for adam never one time did i say anything about marriage.

Rick's comment: If you were not talking about marriage, what is the point of your comment?

yes i know our God loves each one of us,and we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The point that i was making was that God made man for woman and woman for man. sorry that i didn't make myself clear.

Rick's comment: Your opinion was crystal clear but still in error. Without knowing what it is called, you were pushing the absolute complementarian view of Adam and Eve.

and i do know that the Word is being and has been twisted to suit the lifestyles of those who want to make themselves feel as though their not sinning against God. homosexuality is a sin just like murder,theft and lying. a sin is a sin!

Rick's comment: Again, a crystal clear opinion yet your view is not supported by what the Bible says in context. Please click on any NavBar Link under, What The Bible Says, and start reading.

you gave me a few verses so here are some for you, read the book of Leviticus,also 1Timothy the first chapter and not only does Paul speak of the sin of homosexuality he also speaks of false teachers. I will rest now and pray for all sinners including myself to be able to understand fully Gods word and apply it to our lives as He would have us do.

Rick's comment: If you'll do more exploration and reading of this website, you will discover that I've already dealt at some depth with the verses you reference.

Apr 25, 2013
one more time mr rick
by: Anonymous

it is my understanding that you do not study the same BIBLE that i do. mine tells me what God expects from us as followers of His Son Jesus Christ. He says repent and go and sin no more. That is what we as Christians are to do.I think that you will go against anyone who speaks the truth as it is suppose to be. you seem to enjoy calling people ignorant if we speak the truth. The point of my comments is SIN! you seem to think that if you repent and live as a good person thats eneough but that couldn't be further from the truth. one thing that i do wont to tell you is that this is the devils domain and he is so proud of those who think that you can sin and repent and sin and repent and so on. if you make a promise to God keep it don't turn around and do it again. eph 5:25 col 3:19 1peter 3:7 eph 5:22 col 3,18 all these speak of a husband and a wife,no where does it speak of a husband and a husband. One of my life verses is 2 Timothy 2:15,and i do study,i wont to be able to make my God proud of what i do and what i say. i know that it wont be to long before Jesus Christ returns and judgement comes,ARE YOU READY FOR THE JUDGEMENT OF YOUR MAKER? ARE YOU SURE? I WILL KEEP PRAY FOR YOU.

Rick's comment: One more time mr. anonymous and afraid to put your name with your anti-gay opinions. Odd that you do not know us and yet you accuse us of sin. No problem because your small-minded opinion isn't important. We walk in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16, and God blesses us right and left.

Apr 25, 2013
Gods help
by: Anonymous

i can pray that one day you will see your sins and truely repent and ask Jesus Christ to live in your heart and be your own personal Saviour. Turn away from the sin of homosexuality and your other sins and be a child of Gods.

Rick's comment: You are obtuse and as spiritually blind as a bat backing in backwards.

Apr 25, 2013
!...o, boy
by: mr franklin adams

it is easy to quote the scriptures but it is a totally different thing to know them. And I do know them i have studied the Word of God with the likes of Mr william Graham,i went to seminary to become a paster which i did,i spent seven years studying theology and then went m to teach, in one way or another i have studied Gods word for most of my life and i am now at the ripe age of 78. never have i heard nor have i met anyone who has misunderstood Gods word as i have here. i mean not to step on any toes but i believe this world is in the last days and i am bound by the word of god to help those who have took a wrong and help them back to the straight and narrow road which leads to eternal life. please turn your life over to the lord and let HIM take control. in Christ.

Rick's comment: I am saved Mr. Adams and am washed in the blood of the Lamb and filled with the Holy Ghost. Most people who opine on these pages have NEVER studied the clobber passages. It sounds like you have never studied them either.

Apr 26, 2013
right or wrong
by: Anonymous


Rick's comment: Can you read with comprehension? Can you evaluate historical facts? Do you believe lazy professing Christians who do not study the Bible yet who condemn their gay brothers and lesbian sisters by ripping verses out of context, should be respected? What is with you mam?

Apr 26, 2013
by: d w m

you always have come backs but never give answers!!!! i love evertyone dosen't mean i have to like their lifestyles or believe that the way they live is ok with God.

Rick's comment: This website is my answer. There are hundreds of pages of detailed and carefully sourced factual information if you're willing to read it.

Apr 28, 2013
it is very wrong
by: Anonymous

what does God say about us straight men that are very seriously looking to meet a good woman today, especially that many women today are gay? do you have an answer for that one?, and i doubt that you do.

Rick's comment: Only about .5 per cent to 1.5 per cent of women are lesbians. To help you find a Godly woman, I encourage you to join a local Bible preaching church where you may meet the right lady. I also encourage you to try a dating website like eHarmony. Their process seems to be very much in depth so that you have a good possibility of finding someone who matches your beliefs and values and approach to life. I know how difficult it is to struggle with loneliness and can't help but believe that God has someone for you.

May 01, 2013
by: Raeven

In my opinion, Christians are suppose to follow the 10 Commandments since that's what God directly handed to the Israelites to follow in order to stay in the land of milk and honey. And no where in those 10 commandments does it state that Homosexuality is wrong.

Rick's comment: Interesting view yet we are not Israelites living in the land of Israel under the law of Moses. According to the New Testament, we are not under the law.

"For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace." Romans 6:14.

Christians are ”dead to the law." Romans 7:4.

"If ye be led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law." Galatians 5:18.

Christians are "delivered from the law." Romans 7:6.

"Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.“ (the law). Galatians 3:24-25.

For Christians, the Law is "that which is done away." 2 Corinthians 3:11.

For Christians, the Law is "that which is abolished." 2 Corinthians 3:13.

For Christians, Jesus on the Cross, was "blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us." Colossians 2:14.

For Christians, the Law is taken "out of the way" and nailed "to his cross." Colossians 2:14.

"When God speaks of a new (covenant or agreement), He makes the first one obsolete (out of use). And what is obsolete (out of use and annulled because of age) is ripe for disappearance and to be dispensed with altogether." Hebrews 8:13, The Amplified Version

"And after that he said, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. Thus he put an end to the first in order to establish the second." Hebrews 10:9, Lamsa Translation

The law points us to Christ as our only hope so that we can get saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone without having to keep the law since Jesus kept the law for us.

May 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

What I find interesting is the watered down gospel being spread to make the things that God says fit their own agenda. Homosexuality is sin. It is not pleasing to God and if the truth is not told, you will perish. If people cannot separate the sin from the person, that would be the initial problem. If you choose not to believe in the literal word of God, you do this at your own perril. Gods word is not open to human interpretation. Sin is Sin! Yours is no worse than mine. The difference is I choose to abandon my sinful life and live for God, not myself. You however, choose to continue in your sin. Therein lies the difference. You have allowed yourself to be ruled by your sin so your sin justifies your behavior. I do NOT hate homosexuals. I hate their sin..there behavior. I will never tollerate nor accept this behavior but I will love you because you are God's creation. If you think that homosexuality defines who you are, you are wrong! I am not my sexuality. I do not define who I am by proclaiming to be heterosexual. I define myself as a child of the Most High. I AM GODS OWN CHILD! Made for His purpose not my own. If you remain and die in your sin, you will be lost. Be warned, DO NOT MOCK GOD for He is your Father and will judge you according to His word.
Lastly, the bible is the literal word of God and not subject to interpretation by man.

Rick's comment: Another commenter who lacks courage to put your real name with your comment. Yawn. If you bothered to read a bit more on this website, you would discover we are conservative Christians who believe the Bible even more strongly than you.

Your concluding sentence baffles me so I'll just smile and leave it at that.

May 02, 2013
Let me shed some light
by: Steve (True Christian)

Let me shed some light. First off, you are saved through grace in faith, not through works. Whether you sin or not( your works) does not determine whether you will be saved.

God chooses you, you don't choose God. With this being said, how can you condemn anyone!? Jesus says you can do NOTHING without me.

If you have faith in Christ (GOD), you believe that God has saved you from your sin. Therefore when sin occurs, it is not you who is committing that sin, but rather your flesh. You are freed from the burden of sin.

Jesus Christ abolished the Law. It is okay to break the Law in order to glorify God through faith, through love.

Rick's comment: I believe you need to rethink this part of your belief system Steve. My page on Moses Law will be helpful in the re-thinking process.

You cannot be righteous through the Law, but only through faith that God died so that you may live.

Do not be afraid to love ANYONE, black white gay spanish short tall old young. LOVE IS NEVER WRONG!
Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Those who do not believe are already condemned so those who live under the Law are already dead.

I'm sure many reading are screaming, Blasphemy! Blasphemy! And burning up inside. Do you not recall the Pharisees behavior, the dedicated followers of the Law- when Jesus spoke?

Glory to God and Peace on Earth. I love you all, and pray that you may see the truth. My hope is that through the knowledge of God, You may live through Faith in Our Lord.

May 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Leviticus 20:13 - "'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

There is only (1) BIBLE "and it's not the Gay Bible 101.

Rick's comment: Here is the truth about Lev 20:13. Shrine prostitutes.

Goat demons and pagan worship.

May 12, 2013
No scriptural backing
by: Whitney

Although to prove your point that Gods unconditional love covers us you cannot back it up in scripture? However the Romans passage and others prove to disapprove your choice in lifestyle, this is according to the bible. Look toward nature, see that creation proves that the differing of sexes is in Gods design, his first commandment to us was to be fruitful and multiple! God created us in his own image so marriage is apart of design as well, because together as man and woman we fulfill the total image of God, where as two men of two woman cannot. God laid the blueprint down for us to follow in the path and his grace helps us along the way, but to change and pervert the natural order Gods blueprint , to be so bold in action to refuse it, well, I believe is the territory of refusing God himself.

Rick's comment: This website backs it up in scripture with over 650 pages of in context, fact based, historically accurate information. Why do you love to ignore all of that?

May 13, 2013
I have looked but saw nothing
by: Whitney

You have accused others in going out of context when you yourselfs have taken out of context to justify your lifestyle. So your passages have proved only that you are not only perverting the word of God, your liars. I do believe that everyone with a repentant heart is saved by the grace of God.

Rick's comment: Making false accusations, as you have done, indicates you are angry and dishonest. Think about it for a few minutes.

1. You have never read the Bible from cover to cover.

2. You have never studied this issue.

3. You have no idea what you are talking about.

4. Yet from your vantage point of ignorance you accuse us of being liars and taking scripture out of context.

Weird. Really weird.

May 15, 2013
Are you afraid of truth?
by: Whitney

As yet you have not posted my previous comment which leads me to believe I must have said something you did not want your audience to read please explaine or do me the respect of at least posting my comment thankyou.

Rick's comment: No Whitney, I love truth. Like so many anti-gay christians however, you keep repeating the same silly false accusations. You have nothing to add which might indicate you have studied these issues. Very sad.

May 17, 2013
I am sorry friend
by: Anonymous #2

I am sorry to say, that God has a LOT to say on Gay marraige and unions, and that He is very clear on the fact that homosexuality is wrong. Homosexuality is a sin, and we ALL have sinned. The Bible also says that some people have more difficulty with certain sins and others, and homosexuality is one of those things. That is why we need the blood of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy spirit, to resist the temptation of sin.

Now our God is a loving God, whom loves us regardless of what we do. That's why he sent his Son, Jesus, to save us and make us innocent before the Father by His blood, and if we repent and strive to be like Jesus, whom is without sin. (Bible says many times in BOTH covenants that homosexuality is a sin). God knows ourt hearts, and AMD if yu really strive to resist homosexuality God will help you.

The Bible is clear, so why distort it to fulfill your desires? Do not. Forget, the Bible also says that we are all sinners, and as followers of Christ we are to love ALL people, whatever condition they are in. But that is not an excuse for you to violate Gods law and say that its alright? That is the problem.

Rick's comment: 1. We are saved by the blood of the Lamb. 2. You are so wrong when you say the Bible says being gay is a sin. 3. I would have more respect for your views IF you took time to study the Bible before making your false assertions about us. Major fail kiddo!

May 17, 2013
Part 2
by: Anonymous # 2

And about the whole, God made us this way thing, true, He did. He made us more supseptibal to somelsins more than others, and homosexuality is a sin. Fight the urge, and you will please your Father. Besides, there is no scientific evidence that claims that there is a "gay" gene, and until there is, any claims saying you are born gay are refuted you may say.

Rick's comment: Yawn, you are boring me.

May 18, 2013
made in God's image but carrying a sinful nature
by: bradley

I've struggled with gay feelings my whole life. I used to wonder why God made me this way. But I finally realized that the parts of me that are God's image deal with my physical traits, talents, capacity to love, soul, among other things that are not sinful. But at the same time I've inherited traits that go back to the fall of man that contribute to my sinful makeup. So it's not entirely wrong for people to think, ''I'm born this way''. It's just wrong to say God made me this way when referring to our particular sinful proclivities. So after many years of self pity for feeling like God set me up for failure as a gay guy I realized he did not--that my sin could just as easily been related to some other kind of addiction or I could've been a heterosexual sex addict. All would have been sinful lifestyles and in all cases I would still need to turn from the wrong way of doing and turn to Christ and his righteousness. So now I am a born again Christian who still has homosexual proclivities but I'm putting my trust in the one who created something from nothing, who parts the red sea, who raises the dead--you get the idea. I'm putting my hope in the fact that he will give me complete victory over all of my weaknesses and will help me in his own way in his own time. I cannot justify gay lifestyles or gay marriages, or pornography, or the way most heterosexuals shack up together and see nothing wrong with it. The end result of doing things our way and not God's way will lead to misery and death. I thank God for saving me. I don't have all the answers, but I believe his word is true and he loves us and will give us strength to overcome our weaknesses and addictions. Don't let secular psychologists and Hollywood tell you it's ok to be gay and to have sex outside marriage. The world as a whole is going to hell. We who repent and trust Jesus have hope. I pray for all of you who read this and are struggling with something. Love in Christ, Bradley

Rick's comment: Bradley. you have been taught some falsehoods about what it means to be gay. It is important to base what you believe on what the Bible says in context. You do NOT need to parrot the anti-gay view. It will only damage your spiritual life.

It is vitally important to know for sure you are saved.

Once you know you are saved, it helps to understand what happened when you got saved.

Once you understand what happened when you got saved, it helps to understand that you have eternal security.

May 22, 2013
gay marriage
by: Anonymous

what does the bible say about gay marriage read the bible.

Rick's comment: I say Amen! to that.

May 24, 2013
homosexuality biological
by: Richard

I've have been a Christian pretty all my life and I have been taught all homosexuals hell. But that was before I realized homosexuality is biological!
Most Christians don't know but other species can be gay.

I also know through experience that homosexuality is not a choice. 5 years ago I started dating this girl and on the very first I noticed she was kinda boyish. Anyways I was in a relationship with her about 8 months and she kept trying to take on the male role in the relationship. Eventually it got to the point where she said "I have the pants in the relationship.

I broke with her the next day. She always tried to play herself as a homophobe, but I always suspected she was homosexual. And so I looked her up today on Facebook today and seen she married a woman.The point is I knew she was homosexual before she did and that showed me she is homosexual through biology not choice.

May 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

GAY SEX IS WRONG!!! As long they don't have relations try can be together. I realize its a part of being in a committed relationship but if you want to follow the lords will, then do not engage in homosexual sex. And don't come a with the comment 'but it also says do not eat pork or shellfish!' That's a weak defense because you lack common sense. Sexual intercourse is a lot bigger deal then food we eat. Besides, historians have shown one reason God may have outlawed certain foods was because these animals may have been carrying viruses that the human immune system hasn't built up defenses for. But gay sex, well AIDS for one is an issue, not a myth, a truth. God loves all, and you will still go to heaven even if your having sex with partner of the same sex on the day you die. But he wishes that you attempt at selebacy.

May 28, 2013
Your missing it
by: Anonymous

God hates sin not people, But you are very wrong if you think you can live in the sin of homosexuality and your all good with God, Thats like me liveing with a girl out of marriage and having sex with her and thinking well God is love he cannont be against me. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 is clear enough about homosexuality 1 Timothy 1:8-10 and these scriptures speak on more then just homosexuality. Sin is Sin, we are all born in sin. Some have a harder time with certain sins then others, this is coming from someone who dealt with homosexuality at a time in life.

Rick's comment: For those who refuse to interpret the Bible in context, arrogance and ignorance are incurable problems.

May 28, 2013
How could you be so cruel
by: Anonymous

It absolutely amazes me how people who say they are walking with god cam carry so much judgement! God is our creator he is in all of us how can someone so pure live in such sin! Jesus died for our sins he understood our feelings and sins in his human form. He sat with the sinners, he cried with them. He didn't judge nor did he forsake those who love him. We are all born into sin/suffering. We have taken a book that is man made and twisted into a world of judgment. God is in our hearts thatbis were he lives. Jesus died asking god why have you forsaken me even when he new that god loves him. Jesus fought not to sin in human form but he new what it was like to be pure we dont and god knows that. If you are gay then you are gay if your straight then your straight. My belief is that when god stated man who lies with man is an abomination. He wasnt refering to gays he was refering to prostitution and a relationship that isn't love! Does it not bother people that when they preach judgment and hate towards gays that somewhere there is a child listening, your words become that childs pain. Thats not the work of god its the work of man. It amazes that no one has mentioned the book of ruth! Or Jonathan and David! To be gay is not a sin! Judgment is mentioned time and time again it is a sin. You have a handfull of verses that you have taken and twisted. I am not gay nor do I judge. And if I was gay I would accept amd embrace my path of life for I know god would never want me to be misrable in life but to true to ones self and be true to him. To lie is a sin and if your gay living a straight life then you are lying to yourself and everyone around you. Be true to who you are cary god in your heart. Love hin and honour him but dont twist him into some mean being that he is not!

May 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

Look is it a sin to hate gay people bc u suppose to love everyone

May 29, 2013
Every day I get bullied
by: Anonymous

Everyday at school I get bullied because I'm gay. I come home with bruises and black eyes. All the teachers I talk to either don't care or can't do anything about it. Under my bed I keep a large bottle of bleach and everyday I think "What if I drank that? Will the world after that treat me better?" The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that god will look out for me and look over the fact that I am gay. If god says that everybody is equal, how can people who believe in god discriminate people like me. I feel if people cannot understand that, then they should be the ones getting bullied everyday and having thoughts of suicide. But the truth is when you discriminate someone because of the sexuality or religion, then YOU are the bully and YOU are the one going to HELL! If you people cannot understand this then YOU should be the ones commuting suicide.

Rick's comment: You are a lot stronger than you think! Do NOT let them push you to suicide. It gets better. Ahead of you is a life where you will be loved, respected, valued for the incredible individual you are.

Do not allow the bullies to win. Focus on the future. Change your routine if you must. Learn all you can learn. Grow until you spread your wings and fly away from all of the bad times.

Make brilliant summer plans. Work out. Grow physically stronger as you grow mentally stronger. Develop your talents. Chase your dreams.

Keep a journal at home. Record your struggles and your triumphs. Make friends with as many people as you can. To have a friend, you must be a friend. You ARE worth being friends with so do not sell yourself short.

Things will get better for you and one of these days, you will be successful. The people who mistreated and bullied you will be in the past. You ARE going to make it.

Trust Jesus and never give up.

If you're a gay Christian, does God still love you? Yes, He certainly does.

Jun 05, 2013
not my choice, His
by: Anonymous

if being gay is a sin then i'm sorry but i was born that way. i discovered it since i was 6 years old and i really did not choose to be like that. I think now it is his will for me to be like that and i know that if being gay was a sin why did he make me such a sinner. Thank you for making me that way, you know better.

Jun 07, 2013
It Is Clear
by: Anonymous

Leviticus makes it very clear that God detests Homosexuality and even sets the penalty for it at death. There is no misreading the text, nor trying to spin it to make it read the way you want it to. There is no other passages in all the bible in which God all of a sudden changes his mind and decides that same sex unions are OK. I have no problem with homosexuals wanting to be together, and even being able to live together. But marriage is sacrosanct and off limits in the eyes of God!

Rick's comment: Of course, you've never studied Leviticus in any depth so your conclusions are uniformed by the biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context of the verses you think you understand. Do you have enough intellectual and spiritual curiosity to inform yourself on this issue?

Wouldn't it be more honest to admit you don't know what you are talking about and start studying until you do know what you're talking about? These pages place Lev 18:22 and 20:13 in proper context.

What does you shall not lie with a man as with a woman mean?

How do you interpret Lev 18:22 and 20:13, man should not lay with man?

What on earth are shrine prostitutes?

Lev 17:7 and goat idols, part 1

Lev 17:7 and goat idols, part 2

Jun 13, 2013
Identical twins
by: Anonymous

If gay people are 'born that way' why has 2 decades of research on identical twins worldwide discovered that if one twin is gay the other is also gay in between 11 and 38 percent of cases... Sure if gayness was genetic both twins would be gay in every case?

Rick's comment: I'll answer with a quote from Dr. Warren Throckmorton, a conservative Christian heterosexual college professor.

"There is currently no scientific consensus about why sexual orientation takes the direction it does. Homosexuality is not strongly related to genetics but that does not mean that parenting is the only alternative non-genetic factor. Other prenatal factors, such hormonal variations during prenatal development, are being investigated and might be a part of the picture. The jury is out with much more research to be done, but what has been done on parenting does not inspire confidence in the claim that distant fathers and smothering mothers create gay men."

Dr. Warren Throckmorton

Jun 13, 2013
Homosexual health
by: Anonymous

It saddens me that gay people embarking on a lifestyle which includes homosexual sex are going down a future path of likely ill health physically, psychologically and emotionally well documented. Just look up 'gay health lifespan on average 15 years less than the general heterosexual population.

Rick's comment: I hope you are not intentionally spreading false information, like Paul Cameron so often does or like the strange folks at Insure.com

Read the truth about your anti-gay propaganda at Box Turtle Bulletin. Then, PLEASE stop spreading false information. Many thanks!

Jun 15, 2013
Identical twins?
by: Anonymous

If you doubt what I said about being gay not being genetic just read the findings of Dr Neil Whitehead Phd. Eminent research scientist for the New Zealand government for 24 years, then 4 years with the International Atomic Agency, more recently as a consultant to Japaneses universities on the effects of radiation - credentials not to be sniffed at. just take a look at what he says.

Rick's comment: Oh please, you want us to trust one of the anti-gay kooks from NARTH? One of NARTH's board members, Dr. George Rekers, hired a gay escort to accompany him on a European vacation. No one at NARTH can be trusted to tell the truth.

Instead of homesteading Kooksville with your anti-gay friends, why not study your Bible in context? Mentally it's a lot healthier and truth is always better than anti-gay lies.

Jun 20, 2013
by: CK

Paulus letter to the Romans only represent the thoughts of Paulus who, it can be argued, largely misunderstood the teachings of Jesus. How he became such a big figure is beyond me. I personaly think that most everything he wrote has no place in the Bible.

Rick's comment: CK, the apostle Peter was a very close personal friend of both Jesus and Paul. According to Peter, the writings of Paul ARE scripture.

"And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction." - 2 Peter 3:16

Therefore, I'll take Peter at his word and believe that the writings of Paul are scripture. I don't think you possess any inside information which contradicts Peter's personal experience.

I hope, after meditating on what Peter said, that you will change your mind and believe that what Paul wrote is scripture. This page will help you understand the basic issue of personal salvation in Jesus Christ alone, without any religious works of your own being involved. What must I do to be saved? Many thanks.

Sep 27, 2013
by: vonica

Please rick repent of your sins for misleading all these people saying its ok to be gay Its not. All you readers read the bible for youself & the truth will set you free. Praise God

Rick's comment: Vonica, your side has already lost this argument - you don't have a scriptural counter-argument. Please exhibit some Christian grace and just move on. Many thanks.

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 03, 2013
I do not thing god will except that.
by: Goola1

You say that gays are as old as Religent,yes that may be but god newer say that to men or to women suite be doing thing that thy not suite do,I don't thing is right in the eyes of god,that what thy thing is right is not and may thy burn in hell for doing so.

Rick's comment: Of course, LOL - why didn't we think of that?

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 08, 2013
by: Arden

The bible was written by humans, so it's bound to be bigoted and stuff. The bible also allows slavery and rape, but what good christian would do such things? face it, the bible is open to interpretation, as it's written by MAN not god. that's like people years from now finding the harry potter series and assuming that it's the word of god. for all we know the bible is just a collection of popular stories from that era.

Rick's comment: You've expressed some commonly held yet mistaken views about the Bible. The idea that the Bible allows rape is just an old wives tale - not true at all. On slavery, the Bible records the reality of what went on back then, like any good history book.

Yes, the Bible does make truth claims for itself. It claims to be the word of God. I encourage you to consider the info at these pages.

What must I do to be saved?

What did Jesus believe about the Bible?

What should I believe about the Bible?

Jesus teaches Hell 101

Oct 13, 2013
how we interpriate the bible
by: pooki3

Ok I am a lesbian by the way but I just want to say that I hate it when people say that we get the bibles words confused or misunderstood ..... no we dont the bible is very clear we just try to make it fit our lives and try to make it seem okay to continue in sin!!!! God clearly says dont be gay men shoildnt lay with men and wome shouldnt lay with women ... he destroyed the city for multiple sins homosexuality being one involved. So we know that it breaks gods heart and if u are for god why would you break jis heart!!! Gays and lesbians such as myself cannot say that god accepts what we do when we clearly know what we do is so hurtful to him!!!

Rick's comment: Dear Pooki3, you are quite confused about the Bible. Please do yourself a favor and spend some time reading through this website with an open Bible. As you do that, you will see that it is perfectly fine with God for us to be lesbian or gay or bisexual or transgendered.

You seem to have internalized all the mean hateful things said about gays by anti-gay christians. Do not let them steal your joy in the Lord. God wants you to know for sure you are saved and He intends to use you for His glory as a lesbian Christian.

Oct 30, 2013
by: CW

I believe that you are wrong on this. The Bible is very clear on this matter. If you way is correct its like saying that a murderer who ask's for forgiveness then goes out and keeps on murdering. The two don't match as if you repent you must "turn" from sin.

Rick's comment: You have not a shred of objective in context biblical evidence to support your view. The problem with your post-modernist approach is that your opinion and feelings are meaningless. No one who is capable of rational thought gives your opinion any weight. You would be wise to emulate thoughtful people on that score.

Get a clue, buy a vowel; stop living in the fantasy world which tells you, "If I think it, it must be true." May I encourage you to read, memorize and OBEY 2 Timothy 2:15? Please do it this week. Many thanks.

Nov 12, 2013
Being gay
by: Juanita Eddy

I myself am not gay, however I have a relative who is gay. First of all a person is not gay because he or she chose to be SO. My opinion is that person is born with those feelings and sometimes it takes a while for the person to come to grips of he/she true identity. That doesn't make the person bad, just human. If GOD is so great and forgiving, he should not judge. He supposedly is the creator of all. He than created gays and lesbians as well.

The reason I say supposedly is because I am a doubter and a little confused about god the almighty creator of heaven and earth. All I hear from other religious people is that being gay is a sin. That is wrong to say and very harsh. It seriously bothers me. People are people and no one should be judged. I don't judge others for there faith, therefor others should not judge same sex relationships. People are quicker to forgive a man for committing murder than a man or woman who is gay. Very sad.

Rick's comment: How to get saved and know it for sure.

The Bible has some interesting things to say on the topic: Are Christians supposed to judge?

Nov 22, 2013

10% of all mammals and birds are gay. Otherwise the world currently would be awash in fur and feathers. The bible that Jesus read made it a virtue for a Jewish male to marry and be fruitful. GOD's only son was GAY. Both bibles were created when the population of the people of the bible was in decline. The need for growth in that community caused the authors to forget that they worshipped a GOD of logic and love. Shame on them.

Rick's comment: Hello Canadian Jack. You've expressed some strange yet mistaken views. May I encourage you to read the Bible for yourself? It would do you a world of good to read the entire New Testament, Matthew to Revelation, first. The old KJV is best if you have one. I personally recommend Zondervan's KJV Study Bible.

Then read the entire Old Testament. But I must also give a word of warning: reading the Bible will change your life in ways you never expected. I also encourage you to consider the info at these pages. Many thanks for commenting.

What must I do to be saved?

What did Jesus believe about the Bible?

What should I believe about the Bible?

Jesus teaches Hell 101

Nov 26, 2013
have faith, don't judge, get yourself right with God
by: Chris

Does it really matter to your own salvation what God thinks about homosexuality? It says in the Bible that men should not be with men. It also says that men should not be with women other than their wives. It also says thou shall not steal. The Bible says a lot of things are sin.

Jesus, beget by God, came down here to live among us. He showed us what we should be living like. He gave us many examples as to how we can live as he did and learn to know him. He died on a cross for those of us who "choose" to profess our sins.

Who, other than God, has the right to judge what sin may or may not be worse than another. Maybe we really are here for one reason, "Defeat Satan". Maybe we are here to love one another? As the Bible says, God made everything, and everything was perfect. Is it possible that, without condoning, we are here to love our neighbor and learn that lesson as hard as it may be?

My Ego is not mine, it is Satan's ego. I have no right to tell you what god will do, in fact I have no idea what he will do ever. Please pray that we find the proper answers to all that confuses us. He is perfect, he has a plan, and none of us have all of the answers.

Rick's comment: It helps to remember that God gave us the Bible to reveal Himself and His will to us. That means the Bible IS understandable and God's will IS knowable.

Yes, people should trust the Lord Jesus Christ ALONE - no works involved - by grace ALONE - no works involved - through faith ALONE - no works involved - and get saved because we are commanded by God to repent of our sins and believe on His only begotten Son, Mark 1:15, Acts 17:30-31.

Yes, Christians should judge because we are commanded by Jesus to judge righteous judgment, John 7:24.

Nov 28, 2013
good post
by: heterosexualChristianMale

You said that God can lead a gay to another gay to be partners. But doesn't this lead ultimately to gay sex which is a sin? Or are you saying God expects them to exercise self control?

In a heterosexual relationship, a guy and a girl can be led to each other, have sex before marriage, get married, ask for forgiveness, etc. Then their relationship is correct in God's eyes. They technically 'get away with it'

This is where i struggle to accept that a homosexual relationship can be corrected in the eyes of God - because there is no biblical way to correct it. I feel sad for people who are gay and have to live with this. What can you do to your relationships if the bible clearly forbids gay sex?

I don't think you can just say "we wont have sex."

Rick's comment: Interesting questions. The best way to approach scripture is to first throw away our faulty presuppositions. One faulty presupposition is that the Bible forbids gays to form intimate monogamous marriage relationships. The passages used to "prove" the anti-gay view are NOT in the context of a committed relationship between two men or two women. Click any NavBar link under, What The Bible Says, for more info.

It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that some christians are obsessed with gay sex and gay relationships. Approximately 79 out of 100 conservative Christian heterosexual singles are having sex without being married. Yet instead of focusing on the tsunami of sin in their own churches, pastors attack the secular gay community. Odd, very odd.

Nov 29, 2013
You people don't get it...
by: Anonymous

Okay, so, you all refer to how it says in Leviticus, If a man lies with another man, he shall surely die. Like others have made this point, (but not many) it seems God is saying that homosexual sex is the sin, and God forgives us of our sins, merely of our asking, considering we are true to him. God says to Love one another. So why are so many people trying to keep that from happening?

Nov 29, 2013
by: heterosexualChristianMale

I am by no means attacking gay couples and yes a lot of heterosexual Christians have pre marital sex and 'get away with it' that's my point. When u get married, you stop intentionally sinning. So the same for gay people. Once you get married then its ok to have sex.

All the homosexual community have to do is prove biblically that its ok for a same sex couples to get married. Can u explain 1 cor 6:9? Sorry if u already have...i am viewing this on my phone! I am not trying to disprove you. I am just thinking its probably better for a gay person that doesn't claim to know the word of God than if you do and try to change it?

Rick's comment: Here are some links which address the points you've made. Hope they are helpful.

Is there any evidence of an actual gay marriage in the Bible?

What about 1 Cor 6:9? + video.

Does 1 Cor 7:2 exclude gays and lesbians from marriage?

Does the Bible say homosexuals will go to hell?

Nov 29, 2013
by: Cruz22

God knows everything your about to say and or do. He leaves you to choose whether or not it's the right thing to say or do. Y'all are making it seem as if "He" is a cruel hearted God. Yet we all have our own beliefs. Maybe I being bi sexual I find woman more kind hearted and they understand better. God judges no one and expects the same from you but yet the only thing I see is most of you judging about someone else's curiosity.

Maybe you should read the bible a couple hundred times till you realize the things coming out of your mouth such as judging is completely wrong. "Love and respect those as you wish to be loved and respected."

Rick's comment: This link has biblical info about judging. Hope it is helpful.

Are Christians supposed to judge?

Nov 30, 2013
you lost me
by: heterosexualChristianMale

Please explain how: "Then Saul's anger was kindled against Jonathan, and he said unto him, Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman, do not I know that thou hast chosen the son of Jesse to thine own confusion, and unto the confusion of thy mother's nakedness?" means that David and Jonathan had sex?

I have read different bible versions (chapter 19 and 20) and see that Jonathan was helping David escape the wrath of Saul (which he originally didn't believe that Saul would try kill David).

How does it mean that: "King Saul, an eyewitness to the Jonathan and David story, is quoted by the Holy Spirit (the ultimate Author of scripture) saying that he (King Saul) believes Jonathan and David WERE in a sexual relationship"

You have really lost me there I'm afraid. Verse 41 if anything says they kissed so id understand if you used that but verse 30?

Rick's comment: Here is the Hebrew text of 1 Sam 20:30. Saul uses a Hebrew vulgarism which refers to the nakedness (genitalia uncovered) of Jonathan's mother, Queen Ahinoam. It is a Jewish way of accusing Jonathan of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with David. Saul uses the Hebrew vulgarism to denigrate Jonathan, not Jonathan's mother, Queen Ahinoam. It is Saul's way of saying he believes Jonathan and David are having sex.

Uncovering someone's nakedness is a Jewish way of saying, he is having sex with someone. Notice that "thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of..." is used 17 times in Leviticus 18, meaning, you shall not have sex with, the people in the given categories.

According to the Zondervan King James Study Bible note for 1 Samuel 20:30, page 387: "son of the perverse rebellious woman. The Hebrew idiom intends to characterize Jonathan, not his mother."

Dec 02, 2013
It's about Human Rights
by: Kristen

For those who say that sex was created to procreate, and if not then it's wrong. Ok, well would you tell a heterosexual couple who was infertile that them having sex was wrong because they can't procreate? Probably not.

As human beings we need to start respecting and understanding each other, instead of judging or condemning each other. It's not about gay rights, it's about human rights. Anything less says its ok to discriminate against anyone. And honestly, if you really think about it, what's so wrong about homosexual sex? If you were exposed go homosexuals your entire life, just as you are heterosexuals, it would seem as natural as breathing, and too me, even thought I'm straight, it is.

Dec 07, 2013
Enough said
by: Brian V

Let me just put it really nice and easy. And VERY CLEARLY for everyone. If GOD was OK with homosexuality. Why can't men and men have babies? Why can't women and women have babies? He put the pair of us on earth to duplicate. And do any of you believe he thought "Adoptive parents" - Was his belief? And that It would take so long as to near the brink of a world cotastrophie to be correct? You're all kidding yourself. At least those who believe Christ OUR LORD would allow such a thing.

Just because I was born a white female in Texas. Doesn't really mean that I am a Mexican cartel drug dealer gang banger because that's how I feel. I am truly what the Lord made me as. A WHITE FEMALE! And how ironic. The Lord must me listening - My captcha code is "fiesta."

Rick's comment: LOL, too much brandy in your eggnog Brian V?

Dec 08, 2013
Question here
by: Brian V

Well slick Rick..... You seem to be the only Homosexual person defending gays Christian rights here on this site. Why aren't there any other strong beliefs from anyone else besides yourself who agree with Adam and Steve? And don't forget... If it were Adam and Steve who God placed in the garden of Eden... There wouldn't be human life. Please... Dispute this fact.... Please, other than trying to stand up for your beliefs without having ANYTHING IN THE BIBLE to back up your sly quirks.

Once again... Just because you were born a man... And feel as though you were born a racoon.... Doesn't make you a racoon! You ARE what GOD meant you to be! Enjoy it! Or enjoy posting nonsense on gay Christian's rights pages.... As you seem to be doing here.

May God rescue you from the sin that you dwell in, and save your soul. Heaven knows....YOU NEED IT!!!!!

Rick's comment: Brian V, there is help and hope for you in the Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read Ephesians 2:8-10 and then receive Jesus as your Savior from sin and from hell.

Always remember that getting saved is by grace alone through faith alone in our Lord Jesus Christ alone. Once God saves you, He has a life of blessing and service planned for you according to Ephesians 2:10. God bless you Brian.

Dec 12, 2013
My 2 cents
by: Amanda

I believe like many others, that sin is sin. The fact that I have self-harmed, lied, and harbored hate, is just as much of and just as equal to the sin of homosexuality. I know that we can be saved by accepting God's grace and understanding that He sent His Son to die for us; to pay the price for our sins, and that goes for all of us because we are all sinners, so I don't understand why some people say that Jesus hates the gay population because it's obvious He doesn't.

But I also believe that in following Christ, I have to continually confess my sins and ask for help to avoid them. I know that I am only human, and because only He is perfect, I am bound to mess up and sin, it's a fact of life. But I also have to be making conscious decisions to try and avoid/turn away from my sin. This applies to homosexuality; it is a sin, so someone in the gay community does still have to confess and repent, and pray to God to take away the sin, and to help them avoid it.

Rick's comment: Hi Amanda - you're making the mistake so many people make; assuming being gay is a sin when the Bible does not say that. You're using an inaccurate poorly translated version like the NIV.

I encourage you to do more study, obeying 2 Tim 2:15. Many thanks.

Dec 28, 2013
I'm so glad I found this
by: tiana

First of all I'm 28, a straight mother of four kids. I have been finding it hard to accept all this negativity about gays. It literally hurts my heart so I had to look it up. I want to know the truth about god and gays because my thought is that he made everyone in his image, which he made gays to, right?

It hurts how people can be so rude and mean to gay people, how people treat them like some strange aliens from outer space. Im' so glad I found this site first so I can know the truth and not just what people say with there judgmental ways.

Also a little off topic but it has beeen bothering me if someone could please answer. Why is it said that pedophiles is the same sin as say someone who steals a loaf of bread to feed their family? I understand sin is sin but how can that be the same level?

Rick's comment: Hi Tiana, thanks for your kind comments. On the pedophile question, you are right. The sin of pedophilia is far worse than stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family. Thankfully, God has provided His solution for every sin.

God's answer is: He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross, paying the penalty for our sins so that we can be saved by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. God's eternal salvation, John 10:27-29, is available as a FREE gift to all who will receive it, John 1:11-12, Romans 5:17.

Jan 06, 2014
Repent now
by: Sister

It is a shame, when some people who choose to disobey God try to justify their stupidity by quoting or turning bible upside down for their selfish reasons.

Jan 17, 2014
by: w

I know not what God's point on homosexuality is or is not. I have seen the word subjective regarding anti-gay interpretations, but honestly the "gay" interpretations look as deeply to find as do anti to ignore. I believe God is against the hatred of gay people, does he condone or admonish a gay lifestyle, we will truly only find out in the afterlife. Like many dogmas "Christians" hold dear to, I don't recall ANY mention of disapproval or consent. This leads me to believe that covetous behavior (gay or straight) is the issue. Take it for what it is worth, but I have little doubt that married, unmarried, gay/straight will have far less to do with ones salvation than accepting Christ as our savior and striving to be Christlike.

Jan 23, 2014
by: Shay

The way I see it, this is a forum on how God feels about gays, at least that's how I ended up here. Any way since gays/ lesbians want to justify their lifestyles, you KNOW the Bible clearly speaks against same sex relationships. The Word deems it UNNATURAL, and throwing shade about others opposing your views is just something to attemp to hide behind. Yes we ALL have sinned, but if you are a TRUE Child of God then you LOVE THE TRUTH, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you.

You don't get angry and lash out at the one telling you the TRUTH, you embrace the TRUTH and accept it for what it is and begin to work on it and seek God with your WHOLE HEART for the CHANGE that you KNOW He wants you to make. Look, somebody has to spread the truth, The bible says if you see a man overtaken in his sins and you don't tell him the truth, and that person die in their sins, then their blood is on your hands.
That's all.

Rick's comment: Happily for us Shay, your opinion is not all. First, we are not justifying our lifestyle. That you think so indicates you don't know much about gay issues. Second, we are saved and we do love God's truth, in context. A text without a context is a pretext for teaching something that is not true, which, unfortunately, is where you are right now.

Third, we are not getting angry and lashing out. Again, that you think we are indicates you have not read this website with comprehension. Fourth, if you want to disobey Galatians 5:1 and put yourself under Old Testament law, you can do that. We choose to walk in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16, living in the glorious grace of God, enjoying the liberty Jesus bought for us on the cross with His precious blood, Galatians 3:13-14, 5:1, .

I encourage you to do more reading and Bible study. God has a lot more for you than you are currently experiencing. Many thanks for stopping by.

Feb 07, 2014
Fools give full vent to their rage - Proverbs 29:11


Feb 07, 2014
Message from a fool
by: Jacques

Yall need to read leviticus 18:22 and leviticus 20-13 and and stop listening to the fake jews and the edomites.look at the catholic church and all the kids they have molested. So know that u just bought a first class ticket to hell. GID made adam and eve not adam and steve you got yo feelings mixed. So like i said read your bible and dont be a lap dog if satan and i bet you think his name jesus but its not its not stop listening ti these lying hypocritic bastard pastors and these crooked ass catholic priests.

Feb 14, 2014
by: jerry

gays makes me sick

Feb 15, 2014
God is Truth
by: Donna

My brother is gay and in a same sex relationship. I love my brother and his partner, and my heart is sad when I hear the hatred people have for gay people. What I don't understand is why is everybody trying to justify his/ her belief. Jesus command was to spread His word. He didn't command us to defend His word. Our justification of God's Word is selfish.

Feb 15, 2014
what i think
by: godschild

i dont belive this. i dont hate the person i hate the sin . if you are really a cristian then you won't twist the bible.

Rick's comment: LOL godschild, I'm not buying it. You really need to read this, especially number 10. How to talk to gays.

Feb 17, 2014
Response to your article
by: Roz

Dominique wrote: "So many people have told me that I will go straight to hell because I am gay and in a relationship with my boyfriend."

The Bible is very clear that getting saved has nothing to do with being gay or lesbian. Getting saved is about repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Many people think the way to get saved is, just be a good person. Is being a good person the way to get saved?
Some people think that God sends all gays and lesbians to hell. Is it true that I will go to hell because I am a lesbian and how can I know for sure?

Actually God has a lot more grace toward gays and lesbians than some Christians give Him credit for. God saves gay men and lesbians and leads some men to partner together and some lesbians to partner together, just like He saves heterosexuals.

To have the blessing of God in your life requires an honest heart, honesty before God and with each other and a sincere desire to obey God. I was reading what you wrote

In reviewing what the comment above, I notice how God is referenced without no scriptures to back it up. God does tell us to love everyone. How do you justify this type of lifestyle based on the scripture below, particularly since you are addressing God, who sent Jesus Christ to die for each one of us? It appears we pick out scriptures to justify our lifestyles, so how do you justify the one below?

1 Corinthians 6:9 - New International Version (NIV) - 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a]

Footnotes: a.1 Corinthians 6:9 The words men who have sex with men translate two Greek words that refer to the passive and active participants in homosexual acts.

Rick's comment: Hi Roz - I included lots of text links in the article which help to explain. Also, please check out the info at these links for specific reasons why 1 Cor 6:9 is not referring to gays and lesbians. The bottom line is, the NIV translation is wrong.

Malakoi does not mean gay in 1 Cor 6:9

Arsenokoitai does not mean gay in 1 Cor 6:9

Does the Bible say homosexuals will go to hell?

Feb 25, 2014
What's wrong with gay?!
by: None

Why in the world would God hate gay people? He doesn't hate straight people, so what's the difference?! I appreciate different opinions, and mine is that gay people are just the same as straight people. Keeping fighting!!!

Feb 27, 2014
Friend just came out
by: Girl of God

Yes God says a lot of things but isn't the first and foremost commandment that we love one another? (EVERYONE!)

Mar 01, 2014
what Cliff says
by: cliff

READ THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT GOD'S WORD SAY'S ABOUT IT. HE MAKES IT VERY CLEAR AS HE DOES WITH ALL SIN. ROMANS 2:9 says there will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil, not just gays but everyone who continues in sin.

homosexual marriage is an abomination unto the lord. gay's have defiled what god calls holy matrimony between a man and a woman. just as he speaks of the marriage between christ and the church. marriage between a man and a woman symbolizes christ as the groom and the church as his bride and defiling it with gay marriage is very, very, very serious and dangerous.

Rick's comment: LOL - off your meds again Cliff? Hysterical paranoia is NOT the fruit of God's Holy Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23. Time to buy a vowel or get a clue - do something to become a biblical Christian.

Hey, how about reading, memorizing and obeying 2 Timothy 2:15? That always works better than ranting about gays.

On the subject of Christ's Bride, are you telling us that YOU, a man, are part of the BRIDE of Christ? Do you EVER think about what you believe? I implore you to click the link and read it as many times as you need to until you get it. Many thanks for stopping by.

Mar 02, 2014
Understand and Respect
by: Anonymous

People in the LGBT community are also created by God. He has His own plan with all his creatures. Just live honestly and be a God-fearing individual... Also, don't judge LGBT community because you're not a god.

Mar 03, 2014
God Is Love

What does God really say about gay relationships...well he does not approve of them that's for sure, God intended marriage and or relationships to be between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is a sin, simple and plain...I mean what else is there really to say about these types of topics, that's the way god wanted it, that's the way it will be in the end and we must obey. Does nobody remember what happened to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; yes they were destroyed because unbeknownst to the men of Sodom; they wanted to have sexual relations with the 3 angels who came to warn Lot that God was gonna destroy the cities because of there wickedness...and that is exactly what will happen in our modern times; they will be destroyed and not inherit eternal life if they keep up there "gay beliefs"....and no I'm not putting gay people or the gay community down in any way, I just don't approve of there choices, instead i want them to open there eyes see that what they are doing is sinful and disapproving to God!

Rick's comment: 1. Gross ignorance is NOT the fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23.

2. If you don't know the difference between gang rape and a loving relationship, you need to refrain from commenting until you figure it out.

3. If you take time to read Genesis 19 for yourself, you will discover that the Bible never mentions gays or lesbians or homosexuals in Sodom.

4. If you were capable of reading with comprehension, you would discover that there are two heterosexual rapes in Genesis 19. How did you miss that?

Mar 05, 2014
Your moment with Jesus
by: Scotty

All gay people will have a chance to argue their case when they meet the Lord at the throne of God. I wouldn't wanna be you on that day.

Turn from your sin and repent. God loves you, but He says " I change not" Not forever. He means what He says and says what He means. Period.

Rick's comment: Hi Scotty - Yep, all of us will appear before God some day. The saved, gay or non-gay, will be at the judgment seat of Christ.

"But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ." - Romans 14:10

"So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." - Romans 14:12

"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad." - 2 Corinthians 5:10

And of course, all the unsaved, who do not know our Lord Jesus as their Savior from sin and from hell will appear at the great white throne judgment.

"And I saw great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."

Mar 07, 2014
Tool of Satan
by: Gabriel

You sir, are a child of your father, the devil. NOT FOR BEING GAY, but for spreading your lies and perverting the truth of the Gospel. You state "Getting saved is about repenting of our sins " Being gay is a sin. Instead of acknowledging your sin you pervert and distort the gospel to fit you. You are a child of the devil, and your misleading all these poor souls. Ill paraphrase a quote from the disciples to jesus, when asked "who sinned that made this man blind, his father, his mother, or him. Jesus replied neither, but made this way for the glory of god,,, and he healed him.

The same way he was born blind and healed, the same way you may have been born gay and can be healed. Seek the lord in honest and sincere repentance,have a true turning away from. repent and there is nothing the Lord cannot heal. But YOU your just spreading lies teaching false doctrine, twisting the word, and that, my poor disillusioned friend is why you will go to hell!

Rick's comment: Hi Gabriel - so sorry I've upset you by posting truth about homosexuality on my website. Most Christians love truth and embrace it instead of getting angry.

Just for the record, I am saved and born again, washed in the blood of the Lamb, John 1:29, justified by faith with the perfect righteousness of Christ as my present possession and eternally secure in Jesus, kept by the power of God until the redemption of the purchased possession, Ephesians 1:13-14.

Therefore, in no way is my father the devil. In fact, I am so saved, I could swing over the mouth of hell on a rotten rope and spit in the devil's eye and never break a sweat. I have already been given ALL spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 1:3 AND I am ALREADY seated in heavenly places IN Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6.

As far as the Lord healing people of homosexuality, I am sure that the only reason you believe that is because you are young and have not yet studied and read up on this issue. Did you know that Exodus International, the largest Christian ex-gay ministry in the world, shut down their ministry in 2013, after almost 40 years, because not one of the tens of thousands who went through their ministry, was able to change from homosexual to heterosexual.

Jesus is not in the business of changing anyone's sexual orientation. In fact, Jesus said in Matthew 19:11-12 that eunuchs (the category of men and women which in ancient times included gays, lesbians and transgendered people) come in three categories and the first category is people who were born that way from their mother's womb.

Gabriel, my prayer is that you will become the "strong man of God" which your name implies. May God richly bless you and thanks for taking time to comment.

Mar 08, 2014
Get Real!
by: Kathy Reynolds

I believe that God made man and woman, who physically fit together perfectly. Two men together do not, nor do two women. When reading the bible, I think it's perfectly clear, and not out of context, as to what the Lord says about homosexuality.

Rick's comment: Hi Kathy - your comment illustrates the problem I face with people who comment here. Instead of making a succinct argument based on what the Bible says, in context, people present their opinion, without ANY biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary or religious context.

In the real world, your opinion probably matters to your family but serious people outside of your family are interested in facts, not opinions. Without any evidence, you have assumed that:

1. God made every human who ever lived to be heterosexual.

2. God would never bless a same sex marriage.

3. God addressed homosexuality in a negative way in the Bible.

May I kindly recommend more reading, more study, more prayer and more commonsense applied to this issue? I offer hundreds of pages of carefully sourced information on this website, with links to the original sources, to facilitate study for those who are so inclined. Many thanks for stopping by.

Mar 09, 2014
God Is Love
by: John Doe

Wow your unbelievably wrong, nowhere in the bible does the word eunuch from Matthew 19:12 in any way shape or form mean being or born gay, lesbian or transgender. have you even looked it up to see what it really means; eunuch "is a man who (by the common definition of the term) may have been castrated, typically early enough in his life for this change to have major hormonal consequences. In some ancient texts, "eunuch" may refer to a man who is not castrated but who is impotent, celibate, or otherwise not inclined to marry and procreate. Most eunuchs who are castrated before puberty are asexual."

Rick's comment: Direct from Jesus, here is the truth about eunuchs. And here is more truth about eunuchs.

Same sex attracted eunuchs.

The Ethiopian eunuch.

Not homosexual, sorry but eunuch is not being or born gay, lesbian or transgender, just like the same way you told me in my first comment that the bible never mentions gays or lesbians in Sodom; well the same thing applies right back to you...nowhere in the bible does the word eunuch like I said in the beginning refer or relate to or mention in any way shape or form being or born gay, lesbian or transgender; the eunuchs that come in three categories are NOT gay, lesbian and transgender; that is only our assumption YOU want to believe in...how can you possibly justify that, show me proof of some kind, another bible perhaps or an article of sorts saying that's what it means or even referring to because I can absolutely positively assure you that you won't find the word eunuch and the word gay, lesbian and transgender or even one of those words in the same sentence relating or linking to one another...your unbelievable sir lol.

Mar 14, 2014
you are so sick
by: katelyn haynes

Hello, are you alive in there? the bible says that being a quire or a HOMO is an ABOMINATION and if you dont straighten up now there WILL be consequenses and if we were supposed to b gay there would have been adam and steve, not adam and eve and since you are a lesbian you will burn in hell.

Rick's comment: LOL - thanks for letting us know.

Mar 17, 2014
Personal Opinion
by: Young Teen, hoping to share

After reading the comments above, I felt, "Wow, and I thought Christians were supposed to love each other and help other Christians along their walk with Christ." However, many of those hateful, rude comments did not show love at all; who are you to judge those around you? We all sin, and your sins and my sin are all equal, for sin is sin; the one who steals and the one who murders are both condemned to the same punishment. You have no right to judge his sins, for that is God's job, not your's, for your job is to love Christ, love People. Being a Christian and being saved is about BELIEVING that Jesus is God's son and that He has saved us and delivered us from our sins; forgived the sins of everyone past, present, and future.

That is what gets us to heaven; our personal relationship with God, not how little sin we have or how many good deeds we have, because no matter how righteous, pure, and clean you are, you are still sinful and no matter how hard we may strive we'll never get to heaven by works for being saved is a gift from God; His Grace and Mercy. Grace is something given to us even though we do not deserve it and cannot earn it. You know what that means? No matter what you do, you cannot get yourself to heaven because it is not about what you do, it is about what Jesus did. So here is what I have for those who read this:

NOH8 and the entire sum of the Bible is to Love God and Love People, treating your neighbors (who are anyone that needs help) how you would treat yourself. God Bless.

Mar 19, 2014
by: Eve G.

I think being Gay or Lesbian, or even Bi is perfectly normal, and that all those negative comments that I read above were just not only mean, but its not right. We weren't all born to be with the opposite sex and theirs absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. So, if your lesbian, Gay, or Bi its all okay, don't let other people change the Destiny that God gave you.

Mar 23, 2014
by: Katrice Massey

My name is Katrice Massey God loves everyone. I am a lesbian and he loves me stop listening to others and live your life.

Mar 23, 2014
rick go read the bible :)
by: Nicole - a sinner forgiven

I don't know what god you serve or what bible your reading from but the God I serve is against His people being gay.If someone felt they were attracted to the same sex and wasn't sure if God was ok with that then maybe they should stay single so they would know that they were pure before God.I will promise you this rick I will pray for you and I hope you will do better research before you post anything else and may God bless you.

Rick's comment: SMH - No regular Bible reading on your part, no Bible study at all, no knowledge of the context, no knowledge of history or linguistics. A classic example of pride.

Mar 23, 2014
You need help seriously!!!!
by: Nicole

God doesn't want us to be gay, period :)

Rick's comment: Strange how you hang around a gay Christian website and keep making negative comments Nicole.

Will you agree to actually read and study the scriptures and what I've written on this website. There IS hope and help for you.

Mar 23, 2014
God is GOOD
by: Concerned for the lost

Every person is given a free will. This is what makes us very different from animals. When we obey, He is able to look on us and feel worshiped. It is clear in scripture that God can't have any sin in the relationship. Because we are all human with this free will, we are all tempted to sin. Some of us are tempted to steal, cheat lie, lust ect. Just because we are tempted and give in to this temptation doesn't mean we should continue doing this. Romans 8 is clear on this.

Should the church embrace a person who has grown from a thief and into a murderer and say, "God is love" continue to murder and God will love you. If you are gay or lesbian, look back on how your sin began to deteriorate your sexual desire. Often abuse, lust, or being left out sparks the sin of homo-sexuality. God is good, he will forgive, but He hates the sin that so easily entangles our lives.

Rick's comment: Wow, thanks for being so concerned that you compare us to thieves and murderers. How marvelous to be cared for in that special way. And your tin foil hat theories about what caused us to be gay? Priceless!

Mar 23, 2014
by: Gayteen

If god condems only gay sex adulteries and more then 95% of all people that have died are in hell think about it i think if god is there then he dont want us fighting over this and he clearly says that you should be yourself but be good to other people we all have stolen one candy or had sex before marriage.

Rick's comment: Hi Gayteen - I'm not sure where you get your statistic that 95% of people that have died are in hell. I've never seen that one.

According to the Bible, here's how many people will be in heaven.

"And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;" Revelation 5:9

"After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;" Revelation 7:9

"And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth." Revelation 19:6

God's will is that everyone believe the gospel because that is the only way to get saved - by grace alone through faith alone in our Lord Jesus Christ alone.

Mar 26, 2014
not sure why the urge
by: human

So im streight. sup :). To all whom are gay or bie. man\woman do not decide what will send you to heaven\hell. God decides these things. care for your partner. male female streight gay bie. it doesnt matter as long as you live for the now with the one you love.

To any streight people who choose to read this. Get the h*** off your high horse. remember you are only a human. you have about as much right to talk about the vast understanding of our God as a rock.

Mar 27, 2014
Have you studied ancient Greek?
by: Lizzi

First off people it's all based on how you read the bible. If you take the bible verse by verse then you have one point of view. If you take it as a whole as it would have been read in the bible time then there is another view point.

Second does anyone really speak ancient greek and know the translation? If so you would know that the site is fairly correct on its ancient greek translations.

Third the bible is super complex! There is no yes and no in the bible. Everything is complicated.

Fourth if you believe being in a homosexual marriage is a sin and homosexuals are going to hell then you better be careful of your sins! A sin is a sin. The only mortal sin is blaspheny against Jesus. So as long as you believe and are saved you will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Fifth, marriage is an earthly image. There is no marriage in heaven. There are also no genders in heaven. The bible also views everyone as Jesus' bride, even the males! So men, you will be a bride to Jesus someday. So don't condemn.

Last, if you dont agree with gay marriage then don't marry someone of the same sex. It's really that simple. God is the only one who can judge. We all believe what we think is right, but in the end, no one really knows the absolute truth. So unless Jesus comes downs and talks to you and tells you homosexual marriage is right or wrong, stop judging!

Mar 29, 2014
Find a new perspective sir
by: Anonymous

Revelation: 22 18-19 - For i say unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues of this book that are written in this book." 19: "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things that are written in this book."

God made Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve. 2 Peter: 2:1-22

I will be praying for you Rick i want you to be able to hear "enter in to the joys of the Lord" and not "depart from me you workers of iniquity" Good day and God Bless.

Rick's comment: Please obey 2 Timothy 2:15 and study the word of truth, sir. Why do you refuse to study? Is it laziness or fear of what God might show you?

Mar 30, 2014
Just have something to say
by: Patricia

We all know that God gave his only son to die for our sins. What do you think Jesus died for? Us as Christians are very quick to judge someone because we feel that since we are Christian we have that power. I tell you we don't. God is caring, loving beyond our understanding, he loves us even when we wrong him. I know for a fact that god loves ALL of his children no matter what. Like Jesus said to the people in Gailee who wanted to stone an adulterous woman "anyone without sin can cast the first stone". Understand people that we have no power than what is given to us from Jesus and that us to 'love each other as we love ourselves'. I just wanted to get some things off my mind. God Bless you brothers and sisters

Mar 31, 2014
The truth about life
by: Phil

I came across all your comments and I would like to add this, if your a gay man or lesbian woman or straight of either sex. It's all vanity. Hell is truth known too late. If you become a born again Christian you serve Jesus you will no longer be a homo. It's a sin in the bible God destroyed a city because of gays, lesbians and sinners...

Rick's comment: Hi Phil - You need to stop listening to preachers who don't preach through the Bible verse by verse, explaining the cultural and doctrinal and historical and religious context before making application to our day and start reading the Bible for yourself. You will be surprised to discover it never says what they told you it says. Many thanks.

Apr 02, 2014
by: Ray Crossman

There are Christians today who offer deliverance for those Homosexuals who repent. I know of one who was delivered from this unnatural way of life. Can we look into this more?

Rick's comment: Hi Ray. Exodus International, the largest ex-gay group on earth, looked into this and proclaimed the change mantra as truth for almost 40 years. Yet in spite of their claims, Exodus International shut down their ministry in 2013 because, according to their allegedly ex-gay President Allan Chambers, 99.9% of the people they ministered to did not change their sexual orientation.

How much fake therapy must gays and lesbians endure before the old, "God will change you if you're serious enough" meme goes away?

Apr 02, 2014
Anything for God
by: Mark

I'm new to Christianity, 16 years old, and am also homosexual. My views on this topic are that I personally don't feel as though I am worthy of going to heaven, and I only want to live according to holy law because I care about making God happy. From what I've read, it's easy to interpret passages from the bible as condemning homosexuality, but also easy to infer the opposite. Due to the fact that there seems to be no definite answer, I feel comfortable and called to live a life of celibacy (I really can't change my sexuality), for I do not want to upset Him in any way, ever. However, if someone could provide clear evidence that it's acceptable for me to pursue a loving, committed gay relationship, I would be grateful.

Rick's comment: Hi Mark - has it occurred to you that no one has presented clear evidence that it's not acceptable to pursue a loving, committed gay relationship? That being the case, why do you ask for the opposite? In plainer words, if God hasn't said, It's not okay, then why ask for more evidence that it is okay?

I encourage you to make sure you are saved and then to spend time reading this website. The information you need is here. Many thanks.

Apr 03, 2014
by: Kevin Nick

Thank you so much for having this comprehensive rationalization about the words of GOD. You boost my heart more that there is hope within all of us. Keep inspiring us gay men by revealing what is true and just.

Apr 06, 2014
My viewpoint
by: Levi Cooper

Homosexuality is a sin and I don't mean to judge, but in my opinion, homosexuality is equal to porn. Men and women that are attracted to one another, I pray that you can see that it is a sin and just because you guys do that doesn't make me dislike you because I have sinned worse than you guys do and I just want you to realize that yes G_d loves everybody and I wish to as well, but we shouldn't forget that anything displeasing or unglorifying to G_d can be sinful and if we think about G_d's love, it covers all sins but He probably wouldn't want a male and male or female and female to get married because if that was okay, there would be more people in the Bible who were homosexuals. I want to love all of you and please forgive me if I offended anybody and I hope that we can all live for G_d.

Rick's comment: Hi Levi - to believe that being in a gay relationship or a gay marriage is a sin, you need to have some Bible passages which, in context, say that. The problem is that every verse you might offer does NOT say that, in context.

If someone kept taking verses out of context and insisted that their out of context verses "proved" that YOU were sinning, would you think they were truthful? Would you point out that ALL of the verses they used were out of context? Of course you would.

I encourage you to do a LOT MORE reading and study before deciding that your gay brothers and lesbian sisters are sinning. Many thanks for stopping by.

Apr 07, 2014
What I've Noticed
by: Beth

Firstly, take note that I didn't read ALL of the comments here. But I came across this whilst doing my 'Extended Project' for RS in school. I am Christian and decided to look into views on homosexuality. What I found out is that all these views here, and anywhere is partly up to opinion. As with any topic, people only listen to the facts which SUPPORT their view. What about all the facts AGAINST your view? We ALL see the Bible in the way that suits what we believe. I do it too. It's in human nature.

However from my view, looking at these comments, as well as experiences (including being told I can't be a Christian because I love females and males equally), NONE of the arguments against homosexuality mentions Jesus. Jesus is the basis of our religion right? It's why we're called CHRISTians. Jesus taught us to "love thy neighbour" and that, everyone is EQUAL in his eyes (Galatians 3:28). He told us that if we believe in Him, and accept Him, he forgives our Sins and we go to Heaven. Jesus is the incarnation of GOD. So surely, if we focus on Jesus, we are focussing on God. If we focus on Jesus like our religion is named, everything will become clear.

Therefore, there is no need for these arguments. Focussing on Jesus isn't unfocusing on God. Jesus IS God. There is much more I could say, though I will stop here. But here's just something to think about, whether you're for or against homosexuality.

Apr 10, 2014
by: Chris

Whoever is responding to the comments on this page, I'm just curious what your qualifications are to be able to manipulate the passages in the Bible that clearly speak out against homosexuality? You have talked a lot about the Greek translation also, so where is your PhD in classical languages?

Are you really honestly saying that every biblical scholar who has contributed to virtually any translation you'll see out there today has misunderstood the passages about homosexuality? It just seems highly ironic that all of this so called 'justification' of homosexuality is coming out at a time like this.

Rick's comment: Hi Chris - Since I quote world class scholars and carefully source each quote, it seems highly ironic to me that you've missed the point. FWIW every Bible scholar out there has NOT been in agreement that the passages at issue are talking about gays.

Apr 10, 2014
well - heaven sounds fun
by: robbie

Err, What? This thread started 4 years ago and people are giving some pretty strong views on what is essentially (and I'm sorry) a theory or moral ideology. Who the h--- knows!? None of us were there! Now I'm not asking you to start believing my views but why does everyone take this 'good book' so seriously? I'm asking that because from the best of my knowledge, god didn't write it, a bunch of dudes who believed In god did.

That isn't saying the bible doesn't have some good ideas but a book written by a bunch of believers is going to be a bit one sided isn't it?

If heaven exists, please sign me up for hell because it looks like heaven is gonna be full of gay-bashing loonies.

Rick's comment: Hi Robbie - there are lots of saved gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgendered people who have received Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin and are therefore, going to heaven. I encourage you to think seriously about the Bible and heaven and hell.

Jesus is not a joke.

Hell is not a joke.

Getting saved is not a joke.

Apr 18, 2014
if you're saved you're saved
by: Violet

It does not matter if you're gay or not... if you're saved you're saved. You're going to heaven... But the bible is HIGHLY against men on men and women on women relationships! Look what He did to Sodom and Gomorah for their sins of homosexuality. There are many verses about God not agreeing with this and how disgusting He thinks it is. It is an abomination in His eyes! Don't say God isn't against it! Because he is. And if you're Bible says other wise, than you are reading the wrong Bible!

Leviticus 18:22

Leviticus 20:13

Jude 1:7

Romans 1:27

Rick's comment: Hi Violet - the only way the verses you cited can be misconstrued to be condemning gays is if you rip them out of their biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic and religious context. I provide in depth analysis of these verses on this website so there is n o excuse for anyone to get them wrong.

Please click on the appropriate links on the NavBar under, What The Bible Says. Many thanks.

Apr 19, 2014
Christians are encouraged to judge
by: Luke


I keep hearing that we are not supposed to judge, this is false as the bible clearly states in the Old Testament and the New Testament that it is a Christians duty to "judge righteously" I have posted a link that gives many examples. May the God of peace guide all of your hearts to the full knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

Rick's comment: Hi Luke - I agree that Christians are supposed to judge. That page has been on my website for three years.

Apr 20, 2014
That's a stretch
by: john

this site is striving too hard to make homosexuality comfortable. Jesus said a man would be joined to His wife, not another man. See Matthew 19.

Rick's comment: Hi John - your comment reveals a mindset which says, Interpreting Bible verses in context is too much bother for me. I do hope you will get interested in what the Bible says in context at some point in your life, by reading, memorizing and obeying 2 Timothy 2:15.

Apr 21, 2014
by: Violet

I am not ripping the verses out of context. The Bible says what it says and is quite clear... I think so anyway. I don't need scholar or historical references. It is crystal clear to me on what it says. That's like trying to say you can miss judge what the bible says about any other sin. Like being drunk... it's quite clear.. Be not drunk. How much more pure English do you need. And BTW. I saw a comment you wrote about why God wouldn't bless gay marriage but would bless polygamous relationships. God routinely blessed polygamous marriages, but NEVER once blessed Sodomy. In fact he destroyed with hell fire and brimstone Sodom and Gomorrah for sodomy. A very proper and right name for that action. He told us CLEARLY what he thinks of it. And if you wish to arrive at truth, you should not edit verses or rip out other peoples words or you are taking what they say God or people out of context. Any text taken out of context is a pretext. Are you approaching the Bible to learn something from God or are you trying to justify your actions by finding someway to make the Bible say what you want it to say? Just because it's socially acceptable does not make it right.

Rick's comment: Hi Violet - you sound like a very unhappy person - self-righteous indignation and so very wrong on the facts. A closed mind gathers no truth.

Apr 22, 2014
thats funny :)
by: ha

I promise I am a very happy person! I am a very smiley person And VERY bubbly. I was going to say the same thing about a closed mind! Just differently. I was going to say this is like trying to argue politics. You're going to believe what you believe and I am going to believe what I know.
You are trying to take a logical debate to an illogical standpoint. For example you said "You sound like a very unhappy person." And that I was closed minded, But you never really answered any of my questions... Or took into consideration any of the verses I gave you.

Rick's comment: Hi Violet - If you look on the NavBar under, What The Bible Says, you will discover that I have paid a lot of time and attention to the verses you gave. Amazingly, the folks who hold your view are the ones who haven't taken time to study those verses.

Instead you re-edited what I wrote and the verses I gave you. If you edit what I write, how do I know you don't rewrite and retell what the Holy Inherent Word Of God says? I am sorry you think of me as unhappy and closed minded. That was never my intentions. As a christian I should not come across as unhappy. I promise you I am not. I am just trying to tell you what The Good Lord says (not thinks) about gay relationships. That is all. I am not here to condemn anyone. No sin is any greater than any other sin. I'm just trying to tell the truth of the Lords word. Not mine.

Apr 27, 2014
Sexual intercourse condemned, not love?

Actually if you continued reading Romans 1 you would have seen that they were condemned for not acknowledging God and repenting of their sins from their intercourse. Romans 1:28 "And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind and to things that should not be done" such people would have prevented being condemned through repentance. However I also have a question. If two men agreed Not to have sex with one another as Christians and observe all of Gods laws and repent of their sins would that be of any wrong? If so, how and give proof otherwise.

Rick's comment: That is not at all what Romans 1 says. Romans 1 condemns shrine prostitution, rejecting the true God for the sexual worship of false gods. Please watch the short video and read the truth on my Romans 1 page. Many thanks.

Apr 29, 2014
different interpretations

Honestly it is up to our own discernment of how we interpret the bible. people have different interpretation of the bible, some may have a bias view over certain matter because it is more to what they want to hear instead of God's words.

Maybe from the start of Genesis you can find the answer. Did God created 2 person of the same gender or did God created 1 of each for companionship and reproduction? Think about it, what is God's will?

Rick's comment: All scripture is given in a biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context. We need to factor in the context if we want to get scripture right. Here is a helpful page about Genesis.

What about Adam and Eve?

Apr 29, 2014
Please be open-minded
by: Cortney

I just want to point out that God has not come down and given any one of us a detailed explanation of anything in the bible. We all have our own interpretations, and maybe some are more correct than others, and that's fine - but until we die and know for sure what the true meaning is behind scripture, we have no right to say what is or is not.

Some of us believe homosexuals will not enter heaven. I personally believe that any person who Loves the Lord, has a repentant soul, and recognizes that they are indeed, a sinner, certainly has a fighting chance at the very least. Maybe this is me creating my own theory, but if we as imperfect, irrational human beings are capable of forgiving those who have never apologized to us, or done anything to show they are truly sorry for what they have done in our lives, than certainly Jesus, the son of God who loves all, in his perfect nature, can forgive someone who DOES say to Him "I'm sorry, I know this is what the bible says, and I am a sinner." Whether that sin is adultery, theft, homosexuality etc, is irrelevant; all sin separates us from God regardless of it's nature.

It is not your duty to say "You are going to hell" to a person who is homosexual. It is your duty to minister in a way that is loving to that person. Maybe instead of saying, "You're going to hell! God hates fags!" (Westboro Baptist Church), one could approach another person with, "Hey, I just want you to know that God loves you no matter what, and Jesus died for your sin as much as He did mine. You're welcome in my church any time."

Just like when a child begins to walk for the first time - The child's father does not scold him or get angry when he falls. He claps and cheers because even though the child fell - he walked. In the same way, our Father in heaven does not punish us for falling, but rejoices in our steps. Hope this provides some insight. Everyone have a great week!

Rick's comment: Hi Cortney - this website exists to encourage people to be biblical in their thinking. Open-minded is often a post-modern euphemism for, Believe anything you want 'cause no one knows for sure.

Everyone should complete the Bible study, Jesus Teaches Hell 101. Everyone who claims to be Christian and to follow Jesus needs to believe what Jesus believed. It's the truly Christian thing to do.

May 07, 2014
Satan is a deceiver!!!
by: Rod

GOD, loves all his children, but he hates the sin, not just of homosexuality , but all sin! One is not more damnable then the next!! But to claim JESUS approved of gay lifestyle, I'm sorry my friends you are wrong!! All have fallen short of GoDS glory!! we must repent of our sins, and learn the true word of GOD.

Rick's comment: Hi Rod - gay Christians, by definition, have repented of our sins, are saved by the blood of the Lamb. We have eternal security in Jesus, John 10:27-28, we have already been given every spiritual blessing God is capable of giving us in Christ, Ephesians 1:3, have been given God's Holy Spirit as the earnest of our inheritance, Ephesians 1:13-14, have already been seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6 and are currently living out God's plan, Ephesians 2:10.

May 10, 2014
gay, lesbian and bi people
by: sophie grace

hi. for a start, I'm not gay, or bi or anything. I just want to get my point across. I don't care what this guy says, there are a lot of religions out there that disaprove and hate anything to do with homosexuality. And no matter what we do, theres always going to be that one person who will hate. I know this is a christian site, and I don't know if I beleive in God. And don't they say that if you question your beleif in god, that you dont believe at all. I like to think I'm a christian, but I know I'm not. Isn't God supossed to be all about loving his children, no matter the sins. And they always say that we were made for a reason. What if we were born gay? Than woudn't god be a kind of hipocrite. I know i'll probably be hated for that comment but, woudn't he? He molds us, like he did Adam. He makes us who we are. Then why would he do that? Or maybe they're creations of hell. I don't know why, but I highly doubt that. If he loves us, then why does he put us in hell. I get the whole punishment thing, I'm just putting the question out there. I just want to say that if there is someone out there, this huge person thats not human, (God) it's going to be that much harder to tell someone who is hardcore christian. Lastly, I Want to say that I've got all the gay's backs. You can count on me. I support you 100% Just come out of your shell, you'll be fine. Just always know that no matter what choice you make, you'll be happy in the end.

Rick's comment: Hi Sophie Grace - There is a holy God. He does love you with an everlasting love. His name is Jesus and He paid for all your sins when He died on the Cross. The payment Jesus made for your sins satisfied God - we know that because God raised Jesus from the dead. Now, if you want to get saved, you have to be satisfied with the payment Jesus made when He died as you for you. Here's how. How can I be saved?

May 11, 2014
What the heck is wrong with being gay?
by: Lizzie

there isn't anything wrong with being gay! and to all you Christians out there who think God is going to send gay people to hell, if God loves everyone why would he send gay people (who haven't done anything wrong) to hell? times have changed and it's time for everyone to learn that being gay is ok!

Rick's comment: Hi Lizzie - I agree that gay is okay with God yet Jesus believed in and taught about hell more than anyone else. His point was that no one has to go to hell because Jesus died for our sins so we wouldn't have to go to hell if we accept Him as our Savior. Here's how to get saved according to the Bible.

May 13, 2014
Thank You Rick

Thank You so much for clearing up everything. The information you shared have truly credible evidence that Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:27 was about cultic male temple prostitution and not against homosexual intercourse. Maybe now other fellow Christians won't ridicule or judge wrongly same sex partners from becoming Christian. I shared your link so my friends online know they can turn to God if they wished to and not be held back for something they did that they once thought was a total abomination and made them unworthy of saving grace. Your website is going to change thousands of lives and relationships.

Rick's comment: You're welcome and blessings to you.

May 14, 2014
Rewriting the Bible
by: Phil

It is a disservice to teach that the Bible promotes or is accepting of homosexual sin especially to anyone seeking God's Will. If you are truly concerned with getting to heaven on the other side of time, a person should be able and desirous to answer the following question:

Where did the Bible come from? Both HISTORICALLY and BIBLICALLY? A person who loves God will never be fearful of discovering the Truth which supports God's Kingdom.

HISTORICALLY where did the Bible come from?.......Goggle the Council of Rome 382AD. SPIRITUALLY where did the Bible come from?........see Matthew 16:18 and following.

A person of integrity will most certainly want to answer the question of the origin of the Bible, and who God put in charge of interpreting the Bible, at which time they will immediately see the truth of homosexual sin.

God gave all authority on earth to His Catholic Church (Matthew 16) regarding Biblical interpretation...

Rick's comment: Hi Phil - May I encourage you to read my five part series on justification by faith? The Catholic church doesn't show up in history until around the time of Constantine. Salvation and authority are not in the Catholic Church - never have been, never will be.

Getting saved is always by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. That is true for Roman Catholics, Eastern Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Methodists, Charismatics, Atheists and everyone else.

May 17, 2014
Does Leviticus 18:21-23 have two meanings?
by: Brandon

Is it possible that Leviticus 18:21-23 has two meanings? Could it be referring to both cultic male temple prostitutes and modern day homosexual intercourse? I read on from Leviticus 18:24-30 in my bible and it stated all abominations were Detestable to god. My bible didn't list off and exclude two men being sexually intimate with each other like I had seen in a post relating to Leviticus 18 from before. I tried convincing my family that me and my Christian mate are perfectly fine being together. But even with all the links I shared they are still unconvinced about Leviticus 18:21-23 being solely reference to male temple prostitution. Could I have reference of where you had found the listing of the abominations excluding homosexual intercourse and the bible it was referenced in? I just want my family to accept me and my mate. I am old enough to move out, but I'm not ready to at the moment. I'd really appreciate some help on this.

Rick's comment: Hi Brandon - may I say, That is not the way it works. People don't get to insist that the Bible says gay relationships are sinful when in reality, the Bible never says anything negative about loving gay relationships.

Your family is saying, The Bible has to say it's okay or we can't accept it, yet they do not use that logic on any other issue, especially on issues which affect their lives.

My shrine prostitutes page has lots of factual information and lots of text links to other information. If that doesn't convince them, then they are simply not looking for truth.

In my book, I list 18 possible meanings for Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. The eBook version is available for only $17 USD. Gay Christian 101 eBook.

May 21, 2014
lifestyle and salvation
by: Dan Schieberl

The truth is that those who accept the saving grace of Jesus the Son of the Living God must stop there wrong behavior. By saying you can live a homosexual life style is wrong you must want to change and pray that you are changed. By saying you can live a immortal lifestyle is like saying that murderers can keep on murdering. We all fall short and need His grace and mercy. So cry to the Father with all your heart and be found guiltless.

Rick's comment: Hi Dan - Once we get saved by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone, Go takes away ALL of our sins, past, present and future, and imputes (freely gives) to us the perfect righteousness of Christ.

That is called justification by faith.

We are saved by the power of God, kept by the power of God, made righteous by the power of God, sanctified by the power of God, 1 Corinthians 1:30. It is ALL of God and never by our works, never by our own efforts, never by any change in our lifestyle.

May 24, 2014

Are you truly saved ? Remember sower of the seed parable. You are misleading gay people saying gay lifestyle is okay.

Rick's comment: JOHN ARE YOU SERIOUS? - Yes, I am so saved and born again I could swing out over the yawning mouth of hell on a rotten rope and spit in the devil's eye! John, doesn't it strike you as odd that just because we disagree on the gay issue, you immediately assume I am not saved?

I'll bet you have never studied this issue in any depth. I'll bet you cannot intelligently discuss the biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context of the clobber passages. I'll bet you have no idea what the Hebrew and Greek text says or which Hebrew and Greek words were used.

And yet, from that position of almost no study and no information, you have decided that you know more than those of us who study. Could it be pride that has caused you to think that you are right on this issue, without studying the issue?

This is how I got saved and how anyone who gets saved can come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

May 26, 2014
Not sure you're willing to consider other views
by: God Loves Everyone

Mr. Rick im not sure in these comments your really willing to consider what any of these people are talking about. Most are saying that homosexuality is a sin and that they too sin just like you but the Bible says to repent and God will forgive you. Yes the Bible does say that if we declare with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and we believe it with our whole hearts we will be saved so with that I would say your to be saved but God calls us to try and stop our sins after we've repented so if your trying to accept that you can just repent and be gay without even trying to become straight again im not sure how that coincides with the Bible all of these people commenting below truly care about you and are willing to pray for you take that into thought and please don't just brush aside the messages before hand knowing that your gonna just call them ignorant. Take a minute and just truly think about it. :)

Rick's comment: I get thousands of emails and comments. Most of them are from people who have not even read the Bible through one time. Most of them have never studied the topic on which they comment. Most of them simply have no idea what they are talking about.

Many of them make insulting comments, accusing me of being unsaved or demon possessed or so deluded by my alleged "sex crazed lifestyle" that I will say anything to "defend" myself. Some of them conclude that if I disagree with their opinion, even though they have never studied this topic, that I must be unsaved and full of the devil.

The truth is, I have considered their viewpoint and rejected it because it does not line up with the word of truth rightly divided, 2 Timothy 2:15. That is what this website is about - telling the truth on gay issues. I gently and humbly encourage you not to believe everything you think.

Instead, have the courage to study and consider other views yourself, as you've urged me to do. God has a lot more truth for you if your heart is open to receive it.

Jun 05, 2014
At a loss
by: weary

It's unreal how many ignorant, closed minded bigots pop up at the mention of homosexuality. Condemning someone to a lake of fire (which isn't even what hell is, good job on that) is a very Christian and godly thing to do. Except judgment isn't yours, being a kind neighbor is.

Jun 10, 2014
God Still loves you

I'm a Christian and I live for Jesus. He is my everything and I'm gay and I don't care what other says about it I know that I have a better relationship with my dad than same of the straight guys that call themselves children of God.

Jun 11, 2014
So how do you hear God's answer?
by: Steven

Thanks for putting this question out there. I have struggled with the same question for years and feel a certain void in what God is really saying in the 21st century. After we are born-again, we are to living according to an internalized law from the Holy Spirit. It is obvious that the church is divided on this subject. I would guess that if a born-again believer seeks God in Truth and receives a sense of Peace that a relationship is valid, then who can judge that person? One of the best "before Christ/after Christ" Scriptures is in 1 Cor.

I Corinthians 6:11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Notice the Scripture doesn't say "changed" or morphed into a straight person. God's Presence, does change our old way of thinking.

Does God have a role model for born-again men and women that were born gay? Society is certainly more affirming than it has ever been to the social injustice of gay punishment.

The church, as a whole, is unclear on what a born-again gay man or women should be after they accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

There are answers all over the map. I hope the chasm changes. I hope that God's voice becomes more clear on the subject as I don't see much that is "out there" that makes sense or is inviting to live.

Rick's comment: Hi Steven - the short answer is grace. In the OT, no one was born again, no one was permanently indwelt by the Holy Spirit. No one in the OT was in the body of Christ because it did not then exist.

OT saints were on the Law side of Calvary. NT saints are on the Grace side of Calvary. Romans 6:14, 10:4, 2 Cor 3.

The Holy Spirit is our Comforter, our guide into spiritual truth. As we stand fast in the liberty Christ won for us on the Cross, Galatians 5:1 and as we "walk in the Spirit," Gal 5:16, God the Holy Spirit leads us according to His written word, Col 3:16-17, Ephesians 5:18-20.

The written word of God is inextricably linked to walking in the Spirit and living in the Spirit and obeying the Holy Spirit. Believing and obeying what the Bible says in context helps us to avoid the foolish excesses of the antinomians, of the charismatic movement and the word-faith movement.

Jun 12, 2014
Straight Christians do not quote Christ - Why is that?
by: a gay Christian

I am often perplexed at the lack of "Christians" that quote the New Testament". The new covenant with God is seldom a text that they chose to cite for anything. There is very little (none) hate and prejudice preached by Christ. That does not square with the present state of mind of most Christians, and the ability to raise your piety to a level above another soul. It seems that feeling (and proving) that you are more righteous than another soul is the main focus of present day Christians.

Jun 15, 2014
Gays can't make babies
by: Franchesca

Ok this is my reason why gays are wrong but i'm not against them They can't make babies and if the world doesn't make babies and the world is moving right? Generation by generation if gays don't make babies and all the other women are dead then the world will die because there are no more people to take care of it in short the earth will die there will be no more generations if gays can't make babies.

Rick's comment: Hi Franchesca - There are several things to keep in mind on this topic.

1. Most people are heterosexual - about 95% of the human race.

2. Gays make up about 5% of the human race, therefore there is no reason to believe the human race is going to die out if gays are allowed to marry.

3. If we limit marriage only to people who can reproduce then elderly widows and widowers cannot be allowed to marry because they cannot reproduce, right?

4. If we limit marriage only to people who reproduce then sterile couples cannot be allowed to marry, right?

5. If we limit marriage only to people who reproduce then people who do not want children cannot be allowed to marry because otherwise, the earth will die if gays, the elderly, sterile people and people who don't want babies are allowed to marry.

Jun 18, 2014
From a weary Internet traveler
by: Luke

I'm not so sure that God disapproves of a homosexual loving relationship. Nobody is arguing that lustful lifestyles are accepted by God. They aren't. There are about 50 places in the bible that talk about immoral sex acts. But there isn't anything hateful about two loving, committed, homosexual men or women who wish to have a relationship under the embrace and guidance of God.

There are many gay men and women that have 50x healthier relationships than hetero couples. But God disapproves of these people because a penis is designed to go into a vagina for procreation? I don't think so.

Scenario: Now I consider myself to be a good person. Nobody is perfect, but I try to live a life of love as best I can. I do volunteer work. I go out of my way to help people. I'm a paramedic.

I'm not arrogant. I know there are people that do MUCH better than I on a daily basis. There are individuals who I would consider to be saints when compared to myself. For the sake of this scenario, I will say this is a gay man or woman. Because lets face it, there are tons of gay people that do a lot of good for the world.

I have now died. I ascend to heaven and meet God. If I'm speaking honestly, if God allows me to enter heaven and this gay man or woman (mentioned above) is not because they were homosexual (assuming they had a loving relationship, and wasn't just lustful) I will reject the offer.

I dunno people. I'm just convinced that God loves everyone that spreads love and joy to others...

Rick's comment: Hi Luke - the gospel of the grace of God demonstrates: our sins are so bad that Jesus, God the Son, paid the ultimate penalty for our sins, dying AS US FOR US in our place as our Substitute.

Because the sinless blood of Jesus propitiated - satisfied the wrath of God on our behalf, God the Father accepted the payment Jesus made for our sins. Now, if we want to get saved, we must be satisfied with the payment Jesus made for our sins.

When we agree to stop trusting our own goodness, our own righteousness, our own religiosity and instead, trust by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone, God the Holy Spirit baptizes us into the body of Christ, 1 Cor 12:13, regenerates us, John 3:3-7, and gives us eternal life as a free gift, Romans 5:17, 6:23.

Salvation is never earned by good works or sincerity or spirituality. It is always a free gift. Have you received the gift of God which is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord? Romans 6:23

What must I do to be saved?

Jun 27, 2014
Keep Your Eyes on God
by: Nobody-Important

Hello, it is awesome that you are pursuing God and I admire that. I am not saying that I support marriage of the same sex, but I am saying that you are right to say that God does give grace to those who seek him, and I can see your passion for Jesus Christ. I do not support homosexuality but the person who had posted this it is obvious to see that you are really trying to pursue God and that is amazing, but it does quote in the Bible, throughout the old & new testament that this type of marriage is a sin. Although God does love and gives mercy to everyone, heck I have done stuff in the past that is unacceptable to most but trying to follow in Jesus' footsteps is what is important to me.

Rick's comment: How to know FOR SURE you are saved.

Jun 27, 2014
by: David

I am French Canadian I would make spelling mistakes. I Love Jesus since I was 15. I pray, I praise and I play guitar and I go to church sometimes. I read a lot and I know the Bible verses that talk about homosexuality or seems to refer to this topic.

Rick's comment: Hi David - It is important to know for sure that you are saved according to the Bible and not just a cultural Christian.

I'm gay, I made prostitution high-end for 10 years I loved money and I still love it, but I've recently stopped prostitution. By the way I've been a lot in USA : LA, Miami, Hawaii NYC, etc and I love your country.

Rick's comment: The Bible has nothing positive to say about prostitution. Please read 1 Corinthians chapter 6, especially vs. 16-20. God does NOT want you to be a prostitute. God wants you to be disciple of Jesus.

I was also an actor in pornographic films. I have some questions: prostitution against money is a sin?

Rick's comment: Porn is not good for the people who make it and not good for the people who view it. Porn has many negative consequences but Jesus can give you victory over porn.

I also have sex with men occasionally: is it a sin? and if I meet a guy I like for a serious relationship should I marry him? even me in my mind to marry another man I find it abnormal. I'm attracted to men but I'd rather be by women, however I have no control over my impulses.

Rick's comment: David, think about who you are in Christ and what you want for your life. If you are saved, you are a disciple of Jesus. A disciple means a follower, a man who believes what Jesus believes and puts forth great effort to live up to what Jesus taught.

Also, think about what you want out of life. You want to marry someone who matches your sexual orientation. You want to marry someone who will be faithful to you, who will love and serve Jesus with you as His disciple.

Are you going to find that man by having sex whenever and with whoever? By settling for Mr. Right Now, you almost guarantee you will never find Mr. Right.


Also I would like to tell everybody that think I know I'm not perfect, I'm sinner and I'm quite marginal. why if I'm so bad I often think of Jesus ? I look at the sky and nature and think about Him I appreciate him and what he did for me on the cross and I talk to Him. I'm confused with the fact that I believe in Jesus and I love Him and at the same time I am active homosexual.

Rick's comment: You can be gay and a Christian but being gay is not a license to have sex with person after person just to be having sex.

It is important that your life reflect the holiness of God so again, I encourage you to make sure you are truly saved. What does it mean to believe in Jesus?

David, please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing. God has something for you to do to serve Him, once you know you are truly saved.


Jul 05, 2014
Where do I even begin?
by: Chelsey Lennon

First and foremost, to everyone who has aught against this website or these people: DO. YOUR. STUDIES. There has never been anything more frustrating to me, and God knows it, than Christians who believe what they believe because someone told them what to believe, instead of having actual factual knowledge. The vast majority of Christians never study their Bibles, they hardly even read it, and if they study it they don't do it properly. This is the reason why I don't even have the patience to deal with most Christians like Rick does because the first thing I tell them is "if we're not talking Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic alongside history, culture, and the proper contexts of words according to their time period we're not having this discussion." Educate yourself, Sheeple.

Second, to anyone who stumbles upon this website and find themselves shaken: don't be. It's okay. You might be really confused or afraid. I mean, it's not exactly easy to discover that what you were taught for years has been a lie. Take a deep breath, relax, walk away for a good while if you have to, then study at a pace that is right for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions, to seek answers, and to thoroughly research from as many perspectives as possible. The truth will always prevail; which so happens to be that homosexuality is not a sin.

Lastly, thank you Rick and co. for this website! Huzzah! After an intense few years study on various Bible subjects I decided to take a break to let myself absorb and unwind from all the information I had acquired. Homosexuality was one of the things next on my list to study and you've done a marvelous job of compiling everything for me on this website. Thanks a bunch!

I was taught since childhood that homosexuality was wrong. Then after being born again I was taught in church that it was wrong. So when in high school I fell in love with my best friend (a girl) and later continued to routinely form deeper and loving friendships with girls that were more or less romantically one sided on my part I always thought I was doing wrong. I mean, I liked boys too, but that didn't matter did it? I remember God telling me the day I was born again "you have a long road ahead of you before you discover the truth" and he was right. If I met the me of my early conversion she would abhor my future self. lol But I'm always happy to know the truth over living a lie. Keep up the good work!

Captcha: Shalom
lol! Isn't that the coolest? xD

Rick's comment: Hi Chelsey - what a blessing that we can be a blessing to you! Thanks for your kind comments. Our Lord Jesus saved you for a purpose, Ephesians 2:8-10, and it is wonderful that you are walking toward His purpose for your life. Blessings to you!

Jul 12, 2014
by: David

I am French Canadian I would make spelling mistakes. I Love Jesus since I was 15. I pray, I praise and I play guitar and I go to church sometimes. I read a lot and I know the Bible verses that talk about homosexuality or seems to refer to this topic.

Rick's comment: Dear wonderful David - Thank you for writing to us. It is important to know for sure that you are saved according to the Bible and not just a cultural Christian.

I'm gay, I made prostitution high-end for 10 years I loved money and I still love it, but I've recently stopped prostitution. By the way I've been a lot in USA : LA, Miami, Hawaii NYC, etc and I love your country.

Rick's comment: I believe God has something much better for you than prostitution. God created you as a unique and wonderful expression of His love and creativity. You deserve to be in a happy loving relationship with a man who loves God and loves you.

The Bible has nothing positive to say about prostitution. Please read 1 Corinthians chapter 6, especially vs. 16-20. God does NOT want you to be a prostitute. God wants you to be disciple of Jesus.

I was also an actor in pornographic films. I have some questions: prostitution against money is a sin?

Rick's comment: God can set you free from porn and the many ways it harms your life. Porn is not good for the people who make it and not good for the people who view it. Porn has many negative consequences but Jesus can give you victory over porn.

I also have sex with men occasionally: is it a sin? and if I meet a guy I like for a serious relationship should I marry him? even me in my mind to marry another man I find it abnormal. I'm attracted to men but I'd rather be by women, however I have no control over my impulses.

Rick's comment: David, Jesus loves you and has more for you than one night stands. I encourage you to pray that God will bring into your life the man He has prepared to be your partner in life. Think about who you are in Christ and what you want for your life and what God wants for your life.

If you are saved, you are a disciple of Jesus. A disciple means a follower, a man who believes what Jesus believes and puts forth great effort to live up to what Jesus taught.

Then too, think about what you want out of life. You want to marry someone who matches your sexual orientation. You want to marry someone who will be faithful to you, who will love and serve Jesus with you as His disciple.

Are you going to find that man by having sex whenever and with whoever? By settling for Mr. Right Now, you almost guarantee you will never find Mr. Right. https://www.gaychristian101.com/when-is-it-appropriate-for-a-same-sex-couple-to-begin-a-sexual-relationship.html

Also I would like to tell everybody that think I know I'm not perfect, I'm sinner and I'm quite marginal. why if I'm so bad I often think of Jesus ? I look at the sky and nature and think about Him I appreciate him and what he did for me on the cross and I talk to Him. I'm confused with the fact that I believe in Jesus and I love Him and at the same time I am active homosexual.

Rick's comment: https://www.gaychristian101.com/believe-in-jesus.html

David, please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing. Jesus loves you extravagantly and He has something for you to do to serve Him.


Jul 12, 2014
Where do I even begin?
by: Chelsey Lennon

First and foremost, to everyone who has aught against this website or these people: DO. YOUR. STUDIES. There has never been anything more frustrating to me, and God knows it, than Christians who believe what they believe because someone told them what to believe, instead of having actual factual knowledge. The vast majority of Christians never study their Bibles, they hardly even read it, and if they study it they don't do it properly. This is the reason why I don't even have the patience to deal with most Christians like Rick does because the first thing I tell them is "if we're not talking Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic alongside history, culture, and the proper contexts of words according to their time period we're not having this discussion." Educate yourself, Sheeple.

Second, to anyone who stumbles upon this website and find themselves shaken: don't be. It's okay. You might be really confused or afraid. I mean, it's not exactly easy to discover that what you were taught for years has been a lie. Take a deep breath, relax, walk away for a good while if you have to, then study at a pace that is right for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions, to seek answers, and to thoroughly research from as many perspectives as possible. The truth will always prevail; which so happens to be that homosexuality is not a sin.

Lastly, thank you Rick and co. for this website! Huzzah! After an intense few years study on various Bible subjects I decided to take a break to let myself absorb and unwind from all the information I had acquired. Homosexuality was one of the things next on my list to study and you've done a marvelous job of compiling everything for me on this website. Thanks a bunch!

I was taught since childhood that homosexuality was wrong. Then after being born again I was taught in church that it was wrong. So when in high school I fell in love with my best friend (a girl) and later continued to routinely form deeper and loving friendships with girls that were more or less romantically one sided on my part I always thought I was doing wrong. I mean, I liked boys too, but that didn't matter did it? I remember God telling me the day I was born again "you have a long road ahead of you before you discover the truth" and he was right. If I met the me of my early conversion she would abhor my future self. lol But I'm always happy to know the truth over living a lie. Keep up the good work!

Captcha: Shalom
lol! Isn't that the coolest? xD

Aug 23, 2014
Andre's views on homosexuality
by: Andre Havenga

My name is Andre Havenga. I am a gay 26 year old man who lives in South Africa. As I read all the above comments it appears that a lot of personal bias takes the order of the day, mostly unsubstantiated statements are made with no proper logical reasoning.
Make no mistake, I still respect your individual views. That being said, I want to add my opinion through means of logical reasoning. Keep in mind that I have already stated that I am a gay man. However, I endeavour to remain as objective as I possibly can through this writing.
Since I was 20 years of age my sexuality has bothered me. Specifically, I wondered if it is possible for me to be gay and at the same time be a true Christian. I also wondered if it is truly a sin to be gay and if I am destined for the fire pits for all eternity. In my opinion the whole issues regarding homosexuality vs the Bible/God/Religion can be summarised in one question: Can a gay person practice homosexuality and still go to heaven? This question, in my opinion, is the 'mother of all questions' in the context of homosexuality and the acceptability thereof to the general public.
IF, and only IF the answer is yes that a person can be gay and also go to heaven, this implies automatically that they can be true Christians, which in turn leads to assume that the general public will also accept homosexuals. The questions stemming from the first is whether God condemns homosexuality or whether us humans condemn homosexuality on behalf of God.
Due to the one question if gay people can practice homosexuality and go to heaven at the same time, led me to research approximately 7000 pages of material on the topic in search of an answer. I will not bore you with all the details, but I will outline the major key points to my studies, providing both arguments for and against homosexuality.
Theory against homosexuality:
Let's assume for the moment homosexuality is a sin. The common biblical view is that all of us are sinners and that the grace of God will save us IF we repent from our sins. I tend to agree with this as it is a universal, philosophically sound view that applies to all humans, homos and hetros.
However, from the above statement it is important to understand that we will only go to heaven IF we are forgiven for our sins. It is more so extremely important to understand that we can only be forgiven for our sins if we truly repent for it. How do we truly repent for our sins? An important factor comes to play to answer the question: There must be a change in attitude/behaviour in order to truly renounce sins. To give a practical example: Let's assume I am a rapist. I rape one women every night, but before I go to bed I renounce my sin and ask God for forgiveness for raping women. However, the very next day I perform exactly the same act, and ask for forgiveness again. This process goes on indefinitely. It is logical that there is no change in attitude/behaviour as I continue to perform the sinful act every night. If there is no change in behaviour in that I do not stop, or at least endeavour to truly stop on a permanent basis, is stands to reason that I am not truly sorry for the sin and have no true intention to stop. If I am not truly sorry for the sin, then God cannot forgive me for the sin, and therefore I will go to hell as my sins are not forgiven.

Let's apply the analogy to homosexuality: To perform the sin of homosexuality on a regular basis and 'repent' from it every time means there is no change in behaviour and no sincerity in the apology to God for committing the sin. Therefore, from this basis, God will not forgive homosexuals that continue to practice homosexuality and therefore homosexuals will go to hell.
I assume the above explanation supports the biblical view that being homosexual will not send you to hell, but to practice homosexuality will, ie to be gay is all right, as long as you don't give in to that sinful behaviour and practice it.
Just a mentioning point: It becomes clear that the whole above stated theory is sound based on the assumption that engaging in same sex activities is a sin. If it can be disproven that homosexuality is a sin, the whole theory holds no ground.
There are other theories against homosexuality, but I deemed it appropriate to share the one I have shared. Let's move on.
Theory for homosexuality:
A professor from the University of North-West in South Africa has proven that homosexuality is a biological consideration and not a choice driven lifestyle. He proved scientifically that the brain of a man holds a part which defined his sexuality. Upon performing his research it was discovered that the shape of the part of the man’s brain (which defines sexuality) in homosexuals were different to that shape of a heterosexual man. This biologically implies that there is a difference between the homosexual and heterosexual man. It stands to argue that it is not a choice to be homosexual and that the homosexual man is born that way in that his brain is different to that of a heterosexual man.
To further substantiate the above biological factor: Since I can remember I was gay. I always felt that I was born this way and that I had no control over it. This leads me to ask a couple of questions: Do you really believe that a person will choose a gay lifestyle, given all the rejection from the general public, the unhappiness caused in that we cannot get married, have children, etc? It is, in my opinion, insane to choose such a lifestyle where you disappoint people around you, especially your parents. And believe me, if I could choose differently I would. I would choose to be straight, get a wife, have children, etc. Unfortunately in my experience I have never been able to become straight. A further question that I found very few humans ask themselves on the topic: At what point in your life did you deliberately stop at a cross road and asked yourself: Do I now want to be gay or do I now want to be straight? Unless you are bi-sexual, I would assume you never asked yourself that question? Was heterosexuality not something that always came naturally for you straight people? Was it not something you never even had to consider/contemplate, you just knew that you are straight, naturally? It is exactly like that for gay people. We just know that we are gay, naturally.
In any event, let me continue with the theory. Biologically it is not a choice to be gay, you are born that way. That is the scientific part of the theory. Now to get to the Biblical side to the theory: It is universally accepted that God is a God of love. I agree with this statement. So, if God is a God of love, why would he deliberately condemn gay people to go to hell for all eternity when it was not even their choice to be gay? Is that truly a God of love, to give us no choice in the matter? Or is God understanding of all people, gay or straight? Is it really such a great sin for a man to truly and sincerely love another man and want to live his life in piece together with that partner? So to love another human being can be a sin? Afterall, God loves all of use equaly, whether we are male or female, so why can we as humans not love another equally, whether we are male or female?
I think you understand the general direction I am going in. There are other theories for homosexuality as well, but I deem it appropriate to share the above explained one with you.
Let’s move on and focus a little more on God and Jesus in the context of homosexuality, also considering the Bible.

Aug 23, 2014
Andre's views on homosexuality
by: Andre Havenga

Before we start, I want the general public to answer a few questions first:
1. Why is homosexuality a sin? The general public conceptual answer: Because the Bible says so.
2. Does the general public still follow the Bible? The general public answer: No, to a very little extent, or at least to the extent which our naturally inclined hypocritical minds allows us to interpret and follow the Bible to match our own individual value systems.
3. So if we generally do not follow the Bible any more, why do we condemn homosexuality so much with the specific focus on the Bible? Is this not hypocritical?
I agree that there are verses in the Bible that talk about homosexuality. I am not going into too much detail on this as the issues have been mentioned in comments above already. What I do feel is important is that, God himself and Jesus himself seemingly never once condemned homosexuality directly from their own mouth. Human disciples, priests, etc have however condemned homosexuality. I believe that God/Jesus condemns acts of adultery and sleeping around (male prostitutes). This is the context that Sodom should be read in. The act of loosly sleeping around was condemned, not the sin of homosexuality. I believe, and this is my view, that sleeping around is the condemned sin, not being homosexual and in a truly loving and caring relationship. In my mind people tend to mix the two concepts.
A psychologist in the USA performed a very interesting study. She publically requested homosexual individuals to share their near-death experiences. She received almost ninety responses of which I share the two most interesting ones:
One: A gay male fell from a 4 story building. While he was laying on the ground after the fall, two men which he described as extremely handsome immediately came to help him. One en took off his jacket and placed it over him. The gay man stated that he felt the presence of Angels and that he perceived these two men as Angels. They even came to visit him in hospital. As he was rushed to hospital he felt his spirit rising up and hovering over his body. He could see a bright light and he could start to make out the silhouette of an individual which he perceived to be God. This individual gave him the choice to either come to heaven or stay on earth. The individual stated that there are important people in his life which would struggle to cope should he die. He chose to stay on earth.
Two: A lesbian women was in a horrific car accident. She equally explained that she could feel her spirit rising and hovering over her body and that there was a bright light. She was equally given a choice to go the heaven or stay on earth. She also chose to stay on earth.
There were other similar incidents.
The interesting facts about the psychologists’ study was that the relevant individuals that provided her with feedback were from different parts of the US and that the individuals had no communication or any form a personal relations with one another. This leads to assume that the feedback received were not pre-discussed made up stories but that the feedback was similar. This further leads to assume that the stories were correct and that these gay individuals were given the option to go to heaven. Therefore it stands to argue that gay people can go to heaven after all.
I can lay forward a lot more content, like how the word ‘homo’ in the King James version of the Bible had nothing to do with sexuality or homosexuality and that, through means of translations, humans have attached homosexuality to the word, etc, but I think I have said enough.
So, in conclusion, you make up your own mind, but remember not to judge gay people, even if you truly believe that we will go to hell. Not all gay people are bad people, I had some amazing gay friends who are truly good people and performed great selfless acts to help other people, gay or straight. I hope you enjoyed me sharing my views.

What must I do to be saved?

Aug 23, 2014
What does God think?
by: Steven

It is hard to say what God would actually judge in an individual after this life. Because the Enemy comes as an Angel of Light, it is hard to say what is really "right" in this whole argument. The essence of the Bible points to a Living Relationship with God. If everything is correctly aligned, all of us should be hearing from our Maker through His Presence in Us (The Holy Spirit). If our actions are under His directions, then who can argue with what we do?

Rick's comment: Hi Steven - What God thinks is found in His inerrant infallible word - the Bible. One thing God is passionate about is that everyone accept of their own free will, His offer of salvation full and free in the Lord Jesus Christ.

What must I do to be saved?

Aug 24, 2014
16 years old and a closeted gay Christian
by: logan

I am free to be who i am, and only the big man up stairs is aloud to judge me. That doesn't mean that when you say hateful things about my sexuality that it doesn't hurt because it does, it hurts to know that someone could dislike or even hate another person because of something that they cant change.

To all of you out there who are rude, mean, and hateful to people that are different just remember nothing you can Say will affect the way God looks at me! It is only changing the way people look at you.

I was born this way and i wont change just because you want me too. Where does it say that one sin is worse than another?

Sep 02, 2014
"Do not judge" taken out of context
by: Chels

The Bible teaches us to hold each other accountable. If you look at "do not judge" IN context, it actually tells us to judge righteously by God's word. It doesn't say to not judge at all. Just that you have to be blameless of the same sin or at least admit your wrongdoing before you go poking at someone else's sin.

So stop taking phrases out of context. There are more verses telling you to hold your fellow Christians accountable than there are ones allegedly telling you not to judge.

Sep 03, 2014
I'm a good person - why am I going to hell?
by: Someone out there

why does anyone need to go to hell? i dont think anyone should go to hell.. i think good people do bad things.. and i dont think we should need a reason to good deeds.. i feel we just should feel compassion for anyone regardless if we go to heaven or hell.. im a good person.

R U a good person?

i am. ask anyone who knows me.. im not a monster. for loving a girl when im a girl.... am i? one day i wanna get married and have a family. like any other straight person... just with a girl... im not a sex craved maniac.. im only 15. but one day when im married i find someone i care about i will lie down with some girl.. just like a straight person would do.. and i dont feel wrong.. im not hurting anyone i have no lust.. so my question is this. why is it bad? like why is a abomination why am i going to hell?

Rick's comment: Hi Someone - such an interesting question you've asked. Jesus was God in the flesh and He was definitely a good guy. Did you know that hell is mentioned 23 times in the New Testament and 20 of the times hell is mentioned, Jesus is the one who warns us NOT to go to hell.

Jesus teaches Hell 101.

No one has to go to hell - Jesus died so you and I can have a FREE way out of hell. Please read the links and let me know what you think. Many thanks.

Nov 27, 2014
In my opinion
by: Anonymous

I do believe in some of these stuff the website mentions, for example the fact that we are saved by faith alone not by someone's sexuality. I am confused however, because God mentions about men not being with men. Now it is total bull crap how a person here mentions that there is no such thing as a "Gay Christian" really?!

Wow sorry I guess you know everybody better than we do about ourselves. point is, I'm not gay but I do believe God doesn't send someone to hell because their sexuality preferences almost like God sending people to heaven because they've good on this Earth.

What must I do to be saved?

Dec 22, 2014
Just Hear Me Out
by: Anna

I'm gay.

Not totally gay though. I'm trying to change. I'm liking a guy for God and not for my own happiness. I mean, that's what it's all about, right? To serve God and live a life for Him, even though it's hard?

It's not making me happy. And I don't know. This thing, this has brought me Mild Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I love God. I love God so much. He is my Dad. He is my Best Friend. I just don't know. I just don't understand.

Rick's comment: Hi Anna - It seems to me your attempt to change is not based on what the Bible says, in context. Instead, it is based on what someone told you after they took some verses out of context. There is help and hope for you in the Lord Jesus Christ because Jesus saves everyone who calls on Him.

On this website, I explain the clobber passages. I believe it will help bring you peace of mind to read the pages listed on the NavBar under, What the Bible Says.

Dec 22, 2014
No such thing as a gay Christian?
by: kyle

I don't understand the logic in this statement. "There is no such thing as a gay Christian". How can this be so?

I was raised with boys most of my childhood. My mother never let me watch anything other than PBS or the Christian channel. My brothers were both very butch and very straight. I was never exposed to anything immoral. I went to Church frequently. Said my prayers every single night. Thanked God every single day for all our graces and blessings. I attended prayer groups and Christian youth organizations. I had several rosaries. I asked God if I could be a soldier in his army. Before my one brother died in 1992, I was visited by the virgin Mary. I always go to church to confess ANY sins. I LOVE Jesus, God, and all. I do not lie. I do not steal. I do not cheat. Yet, I am attracted to the same sex.

Growing up, I didn't think or know I was gay, because I didn't even know that it existed. I believed that someday I would meet the right person (woman) and everything would become clear. But the only thing that ever made sense to me was that I was ALWAYS attracted to the same sex.

So, I ask again: HOW can there be no such thing as a gay Christian? By that logic, I was NEVER Christian, because I was in fact born this way. I tried to blame it on my parents, my surroundings, my peers. But the brutal truth is, I AM just simply this way and I ALWAYS have been. I didn't choose this. If I could, I most certainly wouldn't (and often still wish I could be straight). But it is not possible. And even though I CANNOT procreate, that does not mean that I am somehow unnatural. The fact is, me trying to be with a woman would indeed be VERY unnatural.

So, according to some of you, I was born to burn. Is that what you're saying. Why would God allow the creation of individuals who did nothing from the start to deserve eternal damnation (and persecution in life)? I can choose to follow the God you have created from ignorance. Or I can choose to live with love in my heart for others and look to God as a loving God. And not this hateful, heartless, evil, condemning deity that some of you believe him to be.

Rick's comment: Hi Kyle - I believe God is working in your heart and leading you to personally trust Jesus as your Savior. As you know by personal experience, being gay isn't a choice you made nor is it the result of something your parents did. Thanks for sharing your story with us. There is grace and blessing ahead as you walk with Jesus and experience His wonderful salvation - by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

Dec 26, 2014
I am gay and I don't know what to do
by: simon blue

I am gay and I belive in god and jesus and I am scared beccause I have been told that gays go to hell - is it true?

Rick's comment: Hi Simon - The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins so that you don't have to go to hell. On the Cross, Jesus suffered all God's wrath against your sins because He was your Substitute - He took your place. God punished Jesus for your sins instead of punishing you. Then God accepted Jesus' payment for all your sins. We know that God accepted the payment Jesus made for your sins because God raised Jesus from the dead.

Now, if you want to get saved, you need accept that Jesus paid for your sins. Jesus payment for your sins satisfied God. Does Jesus' payment satisfy you?

You don't have to go to hell IF you're willing to accept Jesus as your Savior. If you'll pray and ask Jesus to save you, he will save you and help you know that you are saved. God created Hell for the devil and his angels, not for you or me. Jesus is God's way of saving us so we don't have to go to hell.

Please click on the links in this answer and read those page and please let me know that you've accepted Jesus as your Savior from sin and from hell and from the wrath of God. God bless you Simon.

Dec 30, 2014
by: golden

Advise. I'm scared because I feel being gay is a lust that the devil enjoys promoting. I don't want to hell but giving my heart to a women under god is not happening my heart doesn't accept that warm overwhelming love that I feel when I'm with the guy that I love. The closest I can be with women is to adore them because they are the mothers of gay people. If I can marry a man and never sleep with him I could because after all i LOVE him that so bigger then sex.

Rick's comment: Hi Golden - the best advice I can give you is:

1. Make sure you are saved by the blood of Jesus.

2. Read your New Testament - Matthew to Revelation; then believe and obey what God shows you as you read it.

3. Re-read the article and comments here, being sure to click on the links so you can read that information too.

4. God has answers for us if we are willing to hear and obey. Many thanks.

Jan 11, 2015
by: Emma

What Jesus said about homoesexuals: not a d--- thing. What Jesus said about being an a--hole: Don't be one. Love everybody, treat everybody with RESPECT.

Do not judge because it is not your job. In the end, it will be God's. If you find yourself being an ignorant and judgmental human being, you are breaking God's number one Golden rule: "Love thy neighbor as thyself".

We as Christians tend to forget that the Bible was written by men. Men who were also sinners. Rethink your humanity if you agree with the statement "stone the gays".

Rick's comment: Hi Emma - The Bible never says "stone the gays." God did enact the death penalty for shrine prostitutes - pagans who worshiped false gods. The Bible is all true because it all comes from God.

Also, before you anti-gay people get a little crazy let me remind you of this one: "Let he who has never sinned before cast the first stone".

JUST BECAUSE SOMEBODY "SINS" DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU DO, DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHAME THEM. God is not hateful. Jesus was not hateful. You shouldn't be either. All you homophobes are sinners too. Being hateful is gonna find you an express ticket into your so-called hell, quicker than any homosexuals you may see on your way there.

Don't quote the Bible and then continue to say that "God hates gays' because that is seriously the most backwards thing I've ever heard. God loves everyone.

Rick's comment: God demonstrated His love at Calvary when Jesus bore the wrath of God against our sins, paid our sin debt and satisfied the justice of God. The love of God is available to everyone based on Calvary and no other way because Jesus is the only way to access God's love.

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 04, 2015
by: Lyric

If God loves all people, why would he be against somebody because they they like the same gender as them? If it states in the bible that God loves all, why later on would he say that being gay isn't aloud.
My grandmother is christian and I am too, but we just had an arguement because she doesn't like gays, but i LOVE them.
No disrespect included, but God is a total hypocrate,if you love all then love them, don't leave them sitting in the corner because they are different.
God said everyone will go to heaven, only if don't beleive in him they won't. So what about the Gays, just because God doen't like them, they can't go to heaven.
This is total insanity. It 1 in the morning, and i have school tomorrow, but no Im here getting hpe about God not liking gays, and im not even gay.
Just because God doesn't allow or like or whatever gays,doens't mean they aren't christian. They can believe in whatever they want to beleive in no matter what they are or who they are.
Think, i thought God loved all, but obviously he lied because he appareantly he has something against gays.

Rick's comment: Hi Lyric - the goal of this website is to point out that God DOES love and save gays, that we CAN be and ARE Christians. God is not a hypocrite. His word is true and He always does what He said He would do.

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 04, 2015
by: Lala

This is just my opinion. I think homosexuality is wrong. God created man and woman together so we could multiply. Woman and woman or man and man cannot do that.

Rick's comment: Hi Lala - yet the truth is, many gay and lesbian couples are parenting their biological children.

And that multiplication thing - there are more than 7 billion people on earth now. That indicates we, as the human race, have been fruitful and multiplied already.

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 19, 2015
not sure if you answered this before
by: Anonymous

if Romans 1 was in the context of shrine prostitution then how come the verses say men and women burned in their lusts for one another?

Rick's comment: Hi Anonymous - I have an extensive section on Romans 1 at this link: Romans 1.

The short answer is that Romans 1 has never been about lesbians and gay men. Romans 1 has always been about shrine prostitutes - women and men who used sex to worship Cybele, the #1 fertility goddess of Rome in the first century AD.

Feb 26, 2015
god is for dummies
by: angry atheist

It's funny how ignorant everyone is. If you believe in god, you are stupid. We are not going anywhere after we die. So why does it matter if you are gay or not? Were just gonna die and we are never going to remember the fact that we disagreed with gays to begin with. So shut up and live your life.

Rick's comment: Hi angry atheist - I've never believed that nothing created everything. I don't believe you really believe that either because in your heart of hearts, you KNOW there is a God. Jesus died for your sins so you can get saved.

Mar 02, 2015
by: Dave

You can not be repeating when god says straight out man shell not lie with man and if you behave you are doing nothing wrong you can not repent.I hope you and all the other like you sooner or later relays you are wrong and stop it is morily wrong and you shouldn't be allowed to marry. Marriage is for men and won to preogerate and that can not be done by man with man or woman with woman. God did not but Yu her to lay with other men. Please for your wn sole repent and find a good woman and for all you other gays and lesbians do the same.

Mar 21, 2015
Being gay and lesbian is not wrong.
by: zaza

Being gay and lesbian is not wrong. And being a gay and lesbian is not a choice. Gays and lesbians are really struggle on who they are while the rest of the world point them they are wrong according to the Bible. And of course the way that the Bible says about homosexuality is really not clear. Jesus never said about homosexuality. But He talked only about love.

Homosexuality were written by Paul and we really don't know the reasons behind why he wrote about it. Is it from God ? or from himself that he thought homosexuality was a sin to God's eyes?

Rick's comment: Hi Zaza - "ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God…" 2 Timothy 3:16-17, so we can always trust what the Bible says. We do not always trust the way the anti-gay crowd interprets the Bible.

But if we talk about creation of God, He has the reason to make something happened in people's life, including love and relationship. Gays and lesbians are all the children of God.

Rick's comment: According to the Bible, the way to become a child of God is to get saved by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. We only become a child of God through faith in Christ Jesus, Galatians 3:26 - if you haven't trusted Jesus Christ to save you, you're not a child of God.

And God never say He hates gays and lesbians as well. God is love. And gays and lesbians also have love. the importance is how they love their partner. if their relationship is built by lust, so their love is not true as other loves are done by straight man and straight woman. the importance is gays and lebians could lead their relationshps in God's hands and not led by temptation.

Apr 08, 2015
God judges actions
by: Joseph

From my understanding of years of reading, homosexuality is the act of having sexual intercourse with a person of the same sex.

Rick's comment: Hi Joseph - It took you years of reading to reach that conclusion? Most of us concluded much differently, that homosexual is an innate natural sexual orientation, like Jesus said in Matthew 19:12.

Same sex attractions are NOT homosexuality. We don't choose our feelings. Sin is sin, homosexuality is as sinful as adultery & dishonesty is.

Rick's comment: If you're going to say that homosexuality is sin, you need some verses of scripture which, IN CONTEXT, actually say that.

What are shrine prostitutes?

Apr 11, 2015
Ok what about mutations in the sexual organs
by: Rocky Roberts

what is God say about a person being a hermaphrodite being born with both sex organs This is by far something I can ever get a straight answer many ministers nor other Christians and if hermaphrodites exist why then is it impossible to assume that some men and women are chemically different making them lust after the same sex. We all know that babies are born with all sort of complications deformities Even some Dr's to a botched job while circumcising little baby boys sometimes to the point where the penis isn't there so they decide to turn the boy into a girl because of their mistake

Rick's comment: Hi Rocky - The Bible does not directly address the issues you've raised. Therefore, when we address them, we must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, who loves us with an everlasting love, and exercise grace, mercy and love as we treat others as we would like to be treated.

What must I do to be saved?

Apr 11, 2015
what do I teach my daughter?
by: Melissa Little

I just wanted to thank you. I began my search partially as a parent, wishing to raise my daughter in the best way possible and partly as a Christian, confused and saddened by the idea that the Jesus, who I know as love, would turn away from any of his children. I am of the belief that homosexuality is not a choice but a part of who a person is. Who would want to choose such hardship?

If that is so, I can't understand why God would condemn a child he created (God doesn't make mistakes). But I am not the most knowledgeable Christian (I'm just a simple follower of Christ) and when I seek answers I find myself upset by what I hear. Who is right? Who is wrong?

In talking to my 13 year old daughter I am at a loss as to how to explain something I can't wrap even my mind 37 year old around. I don't want to teach my child hate. I honestly believe she is loving enough that teaching her this would cause her to doubt God and I don't want that either.

Yet, I also believe the times we live in are dangerous and there is a war for souls going on in a way as never before. I don't want to mislead her. The devil lies to us so who is lying and who is telling the truth?

I set out to see what people think the Bible is saying (it is confusing to me and I don't want to misunderstand what I'm reading) and I came across your website. I now feel better prepared to talk to my daughter. I can't help but cry about the way we treat each other today. Somewhere we got off track.

I believe in my heart, if Jesus was here today he would take to the homosexual man or woman as he did the dreaded tax collector of old, hated and judged by all as a sinner. I am not saying that I believe homosexuality to be a sin, I am speaking more on the judgement of others. I can't hate or condemn another person because of who they love, I'm just not made that way.

Surely that doesn't make me a bad Christian. I'm going to raise my daughter in the best way I know how, to love God and all others, to refuse hate. I trust that God brought me here, to your web site, just as he will show her the way. Thanks again.

Rick's comment: Hi Melissa - thanks for your kind words.

Apr 11, 2015
How to have healthy lesbian relationship
by: zaza

Please tell me how to have a healthy lesbian relationship? What God really says about lesbian relationship?

Rick's comment: Hi Zaza - these links contain information about how to have a healthy relationship.

1. A healthy relationship begins with having a healthy relationship with God your Creator. What must I do to be saved?

2. Since gay couples cannot legally marry, is sex in a committed relationship sin?

3. When is it appropriate for a same sex couple to begin a sexual relationship?

4. If you're a gay Christian, does God still love you?

5. Can you give some practical advice about gay relationships?

6. Gay Christian FAQ

Apr 21, 2015
by: Evan

So I have a Friend who we will call lillypad who sometime this last weekend decided that all gays go to hell and he can't be gay anymore. I just need help trying to defend the fact that his thought process is indeed wrong.

I need a good way to show him that I don't care if he decided not to be gay but make him understand that decision does not take two seconds. Unless he never was gay, then I will be angry for a whole other reason. Thanks, Evan.

Rick's comment: Hi Evan - This website is all about teaching people that the Bible does not condemn gays and lesbians. I encourage you to sit down with your friend and study the web pages under, What The Bible Says. You may also want to read through my Gay Christian FAQ. Please let me know how things turn out.

Can I know for SURE I am saved?

Apr 27, 2015
im bi and scared
by: candyce

I really believe in Jesus Christ and God and I talk to them almost everyday God has blessed me in sooooo many ways and has answered so many prayers, although one prayer I get feelings about and no answer and that's if being gay is wrong. I'm so confused.

Rick's comment: Hi Candyce -This website has lots of information for you to read, study and believe so that you will not be confused. One important thing is to make sure that you are saved by Jesus Christ alone - that you are not trusting your church or your confirmation or your baptism - that you are trusting in Jesus alone for salvation.

May 25, 2015
Who should care but God?
by: Ken

So I'm a 70 year old male homosexual - and never felt GOD hatred me or my life style. So if he did, well guess I will be with all the Christians who hate something different. As the bible didn't say love thou neighbor unless they are different, hating a fellow man is a worth sin than love someone.

Rick's comment: What must I do to be saved?

Jun 16, 2015
Thank the Lord
by: Max

Thank you Rick. I felt no one else felt the same way I did. Being gay isn't a sin at all. God doesn't care if two guys have sex. Anyone who doesn't support gay marriage, give me one good reason. One. There isn't one. Any and all of the verses that "condemn" homosexuality can be explained. Real Christians know being gay is ok. FYI, I am a straight teen boy. I don't even personally know an openly gay person, since I go to a fundamental Christian school, but I know what I'm saying is true.

Jun 19, 2015
thank you
by: none

some people are really mean on this page. but really right now i am in the point in my life when i don't know what is going on i think i might be gay but i don't know and i am a christian. i really want to know what god thinks but some people are really helping me i feel good about who i am. i think that god loves ever one even if they are gay

Jun 21, 2015
God, Sin, Living life
by: Grace

I love God and Jesus but I'm in a long term committed relationship with another women, we love each other very much, I don't think I could deal with life's harshess without her she is my soulmate, my best friend, my lover. I chose to be with her but I didn't choose to be born gay. God could have made me a man, but he didn't. But for that aspect of my life being gay that is, why should I constantly worry and repent for it. There are plenty of other sins which yes are bad and I regret them but how can loving someone be wrong?

This is definitely a bone of contention with me, always has been. Sodom and Gomorrah is not a justification for the dimissal of all homosexuality, men were actually about to rape, they were full of alcohol and idolising the material objects of the world. If i'd been there I'd have pushed the button to destroy it. Would God want me to spend my life alone in order to satisfy this issue with homosexuality, or to stay with my partner and never have sex again and repent every single day of life for being a loser but I love another women. God bless everyone including the haters, lol.

What must I do to be saved?

Jun 26, 2015
God loves all gays and lesbians
by: Stoney

God even loved Osama Bin Laden. But - God HATES SIN!! If you believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, then you should know that homosexual sex is a sin. Why do you think he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? Where did the word "Sodomy" come from? These days, too many people twist the scriptures to meet their own purpose. Did God change his moral views? He said his words would never change. Elton John said that anti-gay attitudes are archaic. Is God archaic? I thought he was the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Rick's comment: Hi Stoney - Please do some deep breathing to calm yourself and then accept your responsibility to read, study, believe and obey what the Bible says, in context. God is still on His throne, still in charge of the universe He created.

Our job as believers is the same - evangelize lost folks, lead them to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and then disciple the ones we lead to Jesus, teaching them basic Bible doctrines and going through the Bible verse by verse.

For all of the Old and New Testament time period, polygamy was culturally, legally and morally acceptable. That did not stop anyone from obeying God and evangelizing. Indeed, God's church flourished and grew exponentially. Today, gay marriage is culturally, legally and morally acceptable.

Love your gay brothers and lesbian sisters. Lead them to saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Learn what the Bible does and does not say about being gay. This website is an excellent place to start.

P.S. Your questions about anal sex - For thousands of years, heterosexuals have used anal sex as a primitive method of birth control. Anal sex allows heterosexuals to have sex without getting pregnant. Heterosexuals invented that. Today, about 25% of heterosexuals have tried anal sex and about 11% engage in it on a regular basis. In plainer words, it's not just a gay thing. About 33% of gay men never engage in anal sex.

Jul 01, 2015
wrong !!!!
by: robert

How can u say u repent or say god forgives those with a honest heart etc when the fact u live life directly in sin and do it knowingly and unrepentively? The main thing for forgiveness and being truly saved is repenting which someone who thinks its ok to continue to live in a gay relationship is never going to do because they took it upon themselves to be god and say oh its ok as long as we believe in god.

Rick's comment: Hi Robert - I give my testimony here. I am saved and born again, washed in the blood of the Lamb, filled with the Holy Ghost and No, I am not Pentecostal or Charismatic and No, I do NOT speak in tongues.

I am always amazed when, because we disagree on the gay issue, people insist I must not be saved. If you were a third grader, I can see how you might make that argument but for an adult, that argument is specious.

Jul 04, 2015
My opinion
by: Anonymous

Ok, I believe God loves everyone no matter who you are. You are born liking the gender that you like, so that means God made you that way. Everyone can express there opinions but this is just mine I hope it helps!

Jul 09, 2015
Confused much
by: Mimo

I am a christian and i love everyone,this is a hard topic everyone has different opinions. I pray that god blesses all those who think they are better than other just because they believe in jesus our lord saviour. I am not againts or with the gay idea for i am not god to decide but as a christan i know that man and wonam is the way not man with man and woman with woman. But everyone to their own. I just want everyone to take a moment to think about it well and hard. What would happen in 50 years if kids are being born to dad and dad or mum and mum. How confusing would that be and what are the chances of that child being gay when he grows up? High chance and slowly more and more gay relationships etc. Daughters wont know the love of a father only of a mother and sons wont know the love of a mother only a father and we will lose the mother father touch. But it will become so normal that no one will notice. I understand if you are born feeling that way but there are alot of people who chose to be gay. And this is what
confuses me. Who is really born that way and who is doing it just because its normal to be gay now. This is how i see it. It dont mean im wrong or right i am just worried that my great great children wont have a normal life because being gay isnt about a hormon imbalancement anymore its just become fasion.

Rick's comment: Hi Mimo - About 5% of humanity is born gay or lesbian or trans-gendered. Most of the rest, about 95%, are heterosexual and many of them will reproduce. Those numbers stay pretty consistent so in the real world, no real worry about everyone turning gay.

Jul 13, 2015
Florencia is wrong
by: Tai Gerren

So basically what your scripture says Florencia, is a modern version translated to condemn homosexual behavior, not the actual word of God, KJV or original. Your scripture says that God made some people gay just so they can got to hell. Basically for being made something they had no choice over.

Not only does your scripture prove that homosexuality is not a choice but also says God made some people Gay just so they can end up going to hell. Those people have no control over it then. Which is wrong. And in my eyes doesn't represent the word of God and is an insult to the Holy Christ and you should be ashamed. Whoever made this article thank you.

Rick's comment: Hi Tai - you're welcome.

What must I do to be saved?

Jul 14, 2015
The Act
by: Anonymous

I am your normal teenage boy. I always knew that I was a little different from everyone else. I'm certainly not flamboyant. I am Catholic and I definitely love God. Everyone thinks I'm straight. I have a girlfriend and the guilt gets to me every time I hang out with her. I convince myself that I'm bisexual but still I'm confused if I only like guys or not. I kissed my girlfriend and I liked it a little bit.

However I always imagine what it would be like to have a relationship with a guy, and I would definitely make a move on a male. I don't think I ever plan on telling anyone about my sexuality! Isn't that crazy that I have to do that for people to not judge me?

If I told one of my family members or friends that I was gay they would be so shocked. Sadly, I don't think of this as a blessing, but as a curse. I'm still proud of myself and accomplishments though, I honesty have a great life and I'm thankful for every part of it.

All I have to say is people who hate gay people have no idea what we go through. We know we are different and we have to accept it cause it's our only choice. I love myself and my life and who I am. I'm proud to say that I care about everyone in my life that loves me. I should not be afraid to tell those people who I am, but this world makes it so hard. I am afraid that God does not approve of my actions, but I pray and say I'm sorry and that I can't help my sexuality.

People who hate gay people though, you really need to understand that people can't control this. They don't "sin" because they feel like it! Aside from all this mess and confusion, I'm just gonna make the best of my life and see where God takes me on this amazing journey called life.

Rick's comment: What must I do to be saved?

Jul 22, 2015
I will never stop love
by: Helen Mckelvey

I am a Christian.
We pick and choose what is sin what is not.
I am curious why homosexuality and love is a topic yet you never see these same Christians or other religions holding protests as couples sign divorce papers or beat children
because WE decide what God is thinking and what we will stand for.
God will love.
I will love.
When I see pain, intolerance, abuse, hurt, cruelty and harm...I cringe because God is joy.
I smile as I watch 2 ppl in joy and caring for each other. I share in that joy. THAT is God.
Not antiquated ideals that fit agendas and segregate while supporting unnecessary inner termoil.
THAT is of man.
Update. Choose love.
Yay for this forum!
Now where do I buy "I'm a Christian I support gay love" t-shirt?

Jul 23, 2015
by: Tai

Hello Mr. Brentlinger, I am a gay Christian boy who has not come out yet and was so happy to find your page because now I feel comfortable in my self because before I was nervous if I would go to hell since I'm gay but after reading your articles on this site and also the articles on www.stopbibleabuse.com which also talks about how being gay isn't a sin as long as its monogamous.

Now that gay marriage is legal, I wanted to ask you if its OK in the eyes of God for me to find someone I love and marry, who is also Christian and excepted God into their heart. And we don't have sex until we marry? It's basically just like God wants for a straight relationship but the two people are the same sex?

Because I want to come out to my friends and I don't even know when I will come out to my parents since my mom always says how she thinks homosexuality is sick and gross and always hates on gay people period.

And I defend us but she's suspecting I'm gay but I never told her anything and denied it every time. I just need your help to tell me if being gay is OK. I read your articles but I jut want to make sure because I feel like God is disapproving but everything your saying is true an I'm just confused. Please help.

Rick's comment: Hi Tai - Thanks for asking some serious questions. I believe that gay marriage is okay with God because it is now legally and culturally accepted in all fifty states in the USA. My reasoning is that gay marriage is to us today what polygamy was to believers in the Old Testament. Polygamy was culturally accepted then and therefore polygamy was fine with God, Deuteronomy 21:15-17, 2 Samuel 12:7-8, 2 Chronicles 24:2-3.

Getting married and enjoying a successful marriage for the rest of your life is challenging for everyone. For two young gay guys, it is even more challenging, even with gay marriage now being legal in all fifty states. Society is still not very accepting of gay marriage.

You say you are fifteen years old. You have a lot of time to pursue your dreams, to graduate from high school and start college, before you need to spend a lot of time thinking about getting married to anyone. This is the greatest time of your life. Take time now to get to know the Lord Jesus and ask Him what He wants you to do. Find out what plans He has for your life, Ephesians 2:10.

Take time to read the New Testament and then read it cover to cover five more times. Focus on being a disciple of Jesus now while you are young. Give Him your heart and your life. Make up your mind you will not let the crazy crowd control your life.

Don't try to be like everyone else. Don't be a people pleaser or a crowd follower. You are an individual so be a man of God instead of a cookie cutter christian.

Coming out is a serious step. It sounds like your Mom already knows you're gay. If she knows, your Dad probably knows it already too. Love and obey your parents. Go to church with them and spend time with them. If they're like most parents, they want what is best for you. Sometimes, coming out is not the most important thing. Don't let the hysteria of the crowd push you into coming out before you're ready.

Coming Out

And please don't be in a hurry to get seriously involved with someone or to get married. There is plenty of time for that later. Learn some life skills now. Learn how to buy, repair and resell smart phones and laptop computers and tablets on Craigslist and eBay. Develop IT skills by taking online courses or courses at your local Junior College. Prepare yourself for living on your own and supporting yourself once you're out of high school. You'll be glad you did.

The answers to most of your questions about being gay are on this website. You made another comment, separate from this, asking about sexual things. I do not answer questions about sex on this website except for the general questions on my Gay Christian FAQ

Do you know for SURE that you are saved? What must I do to be saved?

Jul 23, 2015
by: Xavier

Hello, Mr. Rick Brentlinger, Forgive me to ask a simple question not related to the article, but please could you tell me why, what is the number 101 standing for in your website, name?

I am very curious to know. Thank you if you can tell me!! :)

Rick's comment: Hello Xavier - the 101 indicates a freshman level college course, like English 101, History 101 or Psychology 101. My website is designated 101 because it is basic information.

What does 101 mean?

Jul 23, 2015
Thank you for telling me.
by: Xavier

Hello, Mr. Rick Brentlinger, Oh, I see. It is the basic level then, 101. "introductionary course". Thank you very much, for the info, farewell.

Jul 28, 2015
by: Tai

I was just asking if gay marriage is ok so I can know for the future. It's better I know now then never. And not having to worry about it and move on to other important things. I just wanted ask these last 4 questions questions and I will be satisfied and all my questions will be solved. I must know because I don't have anywhere else to go. Thank you.

1. I would like to know whether two gay guys being together in a relationship is fine in the Bible?

2. And since God doesn't want straight people to have sex until their married wouldn't that be the same for gay people to have to get married before they have sex?

Rick's comment: Here are your answers

3. What does God mean by effeminate in the bible in 1 Corinthians 6:9?

Rick's comment: Meaning of effeminate

You asked another question about sex. I do not answer questions about sex on this website except for the general questions I've answered on my Gay Christian FAQ.

Aug 01, 2015
Does God want me to be celibate?
by: Anonymous

I have been wondering for awhile now why would God make me gay but not allow me to do homosexual acts (sex) inside marriage. Does God want me to be celibate or not Rick?

Rick's comment: Hi Anonymous - Since I don't know you, I have no idea whether God wants you to be celibate. I understand celibacy to be a gift from God, 1 Cor 7:7 so the natural question you must answer is:

Has God given me the gift (charisma) of celibacy? This link may be helpful to you if you are in a relationship - it was written before the Supreme Court decision making marriage legal for gays in all fifty states.

When is it appropriate for a same sex couple to begin a sexual relationship?

My Gay Christian FAQ also contains helpful information.

Aug 02, 2015
by: No name

So you are allowed to have your opinion but we don't?? You are not born gay, you chose to be gay. If God wanted a man and man to be in a relationship why was Eve created. So if the Bible does not say homosexuality is a sin, how can you be so sure that you aren't committing a sin. You are entitled to your opinion. You keep on saying we are interpreting the verses incorrectly, but what makes you think you are correct?

Rick's comment: Hi - 95% of the human race is heterosexual. Only about 5% of the human race is gay. Genesis tells God's story of creation so obviously God would not have made a man as Adam's help meet.

Yet God does make some of us gay or lesbian. You asked why I think I am correct. This website provides the answer so I encourage you to explore and think about what you read. Many thanks for stopping by.

What must I do to be saved?

Aug 03, 2015
by: Afraid to use my name

When a question/statement is put to you, you guide them to several verses in the Bible. Now i want to put a few verses to you and want to know how you can say it isn't a sin to be gay.

Rick's comment: I have answered this question several hundred times in comments on this website. Please follow the links to helpful information and ALWAYS, read, believe and obey 2 Timothy 2:15. Many thanks.

Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

1 Corinthians 6:9-10

More on 1 Cor 6:9-10

Romans 1:26-28

After you read this, do you still think homosexuality is not a sin?

Rick's comment: Yes.

Aug 16, 2015
Can I love boys and girls?
by: anon

i am Christian. trying to figure out my sexuality with a religion where people say being gay will condemn you to hell, is hard and frightening. why can't i love girls and boys while still loving god? all is is forgivable, so if my sexuality is sinful, i will simply pray for forgiveness and it will be given, right?

Rick's comment: I'm not sure if you are asking a provocative question or if you're really looking for a biblical answer. I encourage you to visit this page and read it carefully, prayerfully AND, read the links at the bottom of the page.

What must I do to be saved?

Aug 17, 2015
by: I just don't get it

Being gay is not a choice. If I knew that it was a sin, I would not choose to go against Gods will. I did not choose to be gay, believe me if I was able to choose I would choose to be what is right in God's eyes. So, why would God create walking sins? This isn't like comitting murder for example. A murderer chooses to commit the crime, he could easily stop.

But being Gay is not something you can just change at the snap of a finger. You can't force someone to love what you see is right. Love is a feeling that sticks to you forever. Many people speak as if they know God himself. "He hates this.." "He doesn't like that.." Only HE can judge us. I just don't understand why God would create human beings who would go straight to hell. I don't understand. Isn't he supposed to love everyone? I don't practice religion strongly, but I believe and have faith in God.

Rick's comment: This website explains that it is not a sin to be gay. This link explains how to know FOR SURE you are saved.

What must I do to be saved?

Aug 29, 2015
Growing up Catholic and gay
by: Irish

I don't want to say much other than I am 16 and gay. I was raised by a catholic family and I myself am Catholic. I believe God still loves me, his love will never change for me no matter how I identify or who I love. Growing up I learned Christianity was a religion build on love, compassion, kindness. I grew up being taught about a God who loves all. I hope I am right. I see no reason why God would turn his back on me for showing compassion and caring for somebody that I love, even if they are another woman.

Rick's comment: Hi Irish - I encourage you to make absolutely sure you are saved the Bible way. Growing up Catholic or Baptist does not make you a Christian.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 03, 2015
You are setting yourself for a down fall
by: Dana

Hi Rick - what you are doing is a sin i am not talking about being gay thats between you and God but i pray you will stop deceiving yourself. what i am talking about is the comments you dont like you are cutting them down thats a sin right there. just be careful the way you talk to Gods children
Oh yes it does say nor homesexal in 1 Cor 6:9-11. you have a bless day

Rick's comment Hi Dana - Thanks for letting me know.

Sep 03, 2015
A child of the living God
by: Dana again

Looking deeper in the word look up Lev 20:13 And Romans 1:26-27 - I really what to hear your out put on those 2 scriptures.

And before you say anything i do know the bible. have a bless day. Stop deceiving yourself

Rick's comment: Hi Dana - I am happy to oblige.

Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 is talking about shrine prostitutes, not gays and not lesbians.

Romans 1:26-27 is talking about shrine prostitutes, not gays and not lesbians.

Sep 09, 2015
Here's how I see it
by: Ryan Crouser

Does God love the LGBT community? Absolutely. I don't believe that God loves me any more or any less for being straight than someone that is gay. We are all created equal. God loves us all the same. That's what I believe.

But let's look at the Bible and see what it has to say about homosexuality.

Homosexuality is mentioned six times in the Bible, with not a single one having a good outcome. One of the six times God himself declares that homosexual behavior is an abomination, and those who practice it should be put to death. I mean, who are we to argue with God? In another verse it says that no homosexual offender shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven! That's pretty serious stuff in my opinion.

But lets go to the being saved part. You say that the Bible is very clear that getting saved has nothing to do with being gay or lesbian, which is true. It doesn't say that, however it does say that no homosexual offender shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven and we all know that in order to get into Heaven you must be saved. So one must ask oneself, can I truly be a homosexual AND be saved? My answer is no and here's why.

There is no doubt that the Bible calls homosexual behavior wicked and an abomination. When you become saved, the Bible says that you turn from your wicked ways and become a new creation in Christ. But what happens when you ask Christ into your heart yet continue to practice the very things that God says ought not to be done? My question is, when you asked Christ into your heart, did you really mean it because if you did then you would no longer practice homosexuality because God says it's a sin. If you ask Jesus into your heart, yet you continue to do what the Bible and God clearly say not to do, I personally believe that you were never saved in the first place.

You see, there's a difference between committing a sin and practicing a sin. Committing a sin is where you don't so it all the time and once in a while you screw up. Practicing a sin is where you do something on a constant basis where the Bible clearly says not to do it. I believe homosexuality falls into this category.

Just remember this, Jesus said that when he returned, which I personally believe will be extremely soon, like maybe less than 10 years, that HALF of the church would be false. Teaching false doctrine. Teaching that this is ok and that's ok when in fact they are not. That's what I think about homosexuality. I think that in today's day and age that we are trying to find a way to justify a behavior that the Bible and God say are wrong, sinful, wicked, detestable, etc., etc., etc.

Say what you will but let me leave you with a final question or two. Is your eternal salvation worth the risk of practicing something that God clearly says is wrong? Are you willing to take that chance, praying that when God said it was an abomination to be homosexual, that he really didn't mean it that way? I say again, is your eternal salvation worth the risk?

Rick's comment: Hi Ryan - Homosexuality is never mentioned in a negative way in the Bible. God never used the word homosexual in the Bible. No human author of the Bible ever used the word homosexual in private life or in the Bible.

From the 1st century AD to the 20th century AD, the word homosexual was never used in the Bible in any translation in any language. So when people started inserting the word homosexual into the Bible, after 1900 years, they were putting their own private interpretation into the Bible - they were ADDING TO the Bible. That is a dangerous thing to do - Revelation 22:18-19 -

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:"

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 10, 2015
Here's how I see it.
by: Ryan Crouser

Rick, I wanted to respond to the comment you wrote but I couldn't find a way to do it so I will just write another post.

You mentioned that the word Homosexual was not in the original texts of the Bible. I'm just assuming that you are just like me and do not know how to read Greek and Hebrew, so I took the liberty of looking up an article from a person who can. Tell me what you think!


Rick's comment: Hi Ryan - Here's how I see it. The dictionaries and Greek lexicons which say arsenokoitai means homosexual are simply wrong. I list the 56 usages of the arsenokoit stem in ancient history and no one back then used the word to describe two gay men or two lesbians.

Scholars who write dictionaries and lexicons do not get to make up a fake meaning for arsenokoitai when real people in history never used the word with the scholar's made up meaning. In the Bible and in ancient history, arsenokoites NEVER means gay or lesbian.

Have you examined the words Paul could have used IF he intended his readers to believe he was indicting gay men and lesbians in 1 Cor 6:9 and 1 Tim 1:10?

Sep 10, 2015
Here's how I see it!
by: Ryan Crouser

Rick, I don't know. In the terms that you use you say that they never meant to be used as Homosexual, but how can you be so sure? Neither one of us lived in those days. I mean, no offense, but I think that I'm more inclined to believe someone who understands the Greek language than the average Joe. But let's not focus on the word Homosexual. What about the "act"? God himself, said that it's an abomination for man to lie with a man as he does a woman. The word homosexual is not there, but it's clearly describing the act of homosexuality, is it not? What about when God says that ought not to be done because it is detestable?

What about Sodom and Gomorrah? I've heard the "gang rape" story many, many times. But either way, those were men and women who had lust for the same sex and God destroyed them because he said their ways were wicked!

Here's something that you may have never thought of before. God said that when he restored Israel as a nation, which happened in 1948, that Armageddon would happen in the same generation. Jesus said that when he returned this world would look like it was in the days of Lot. Now the Bible says that a generation is 70 years, but with God's grace it will be 80 years. So you take 70 years from 1948 and you get 2018. That's 3 years away. And you'll notice that Homosexuality is everywhere in today's society. 20 years ago you hardly heard of homosexuality. 20 years ago we destroyed Ellen DeGeneres when she came out as Gay, yet today it's accepted everywhere. We persecute people who are against gays. But back on point, so we can see that today's society is looking more and more like it did back then in Lot's day just as Jesus predicted. And we know that God destroyed them. So if today's society and Lot's day look exactly the same according to Jesus, who never lied I might add, then we can assume that back in Lot's day it looked exactly like it does today. No gang rape. Just happy loving gay couples the exact same as today. God said those people were wicked. Even though they were peaceful, loving, and genuine, God destroyed them because they were wicked. Men lusted after men, and women after women. God destroyed them because of this.

Your thoughts?

Rick's comment: Hi Ryan - It is clear you will not engage anything in my answers or anything on my website. That's okay if that's the kind of Christian you are but I'm through with this conversation. Three strikes and you're out.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 14, 2015
Just a question
by: KenKen

I am very open minded but I truly pray and ask God for understanding and truth. I do not want to be wrong or on the wrong side on Judgment day because I believed the wrong thing. I have read most of the comments on here which is a lot lol.

But my question is, If the bible dose not have the word homosexual in the original writings. Then what do the bible mean when it says:

In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. What would that be called or implying.

Rick's comment: Hi KenKen - Good question. Paul is making an argument against idolatry and gives two examples, v. 26, the women who were shrine prostitutes, and v. 27, the men who were shrine prostitutes. Both illustrate his argument against idolatry. My in depth answer is on my Romans 1 page.

Sep 14, 2015
why are people so stupid
by: A trans* MtF who has not come out

Well, in the beginning a man and a woman came out, was kicked out the gardan of eden and had babies. Then comes along a bible, now my question is for the stupid people is, where in the bible does it say that being lesbian, gay, bi, trans* or questioning their gender is a sin, where? The correct answer is NOWHERE. All these people who make physical science and rumors that the LGBTQ is a sin are so dumb. I read most of the comments and I'm ashamed at them and hurt. It's bullying to the lgbtq community. And bullying is a sin. You're trying to cover your sin up with a lie which is also a sin.

Sep 15, 2015
by: KenKen

Thank you so much for responding, I really appreciate it. I do have a lot of question, because this is a serious issue and I believe no one who Loves God and choose to follow Christ do not want to be wrong on the day of judgment, cause at that point it's to late. we only have the right now to learn the truth of how our father wants us to live and teach others the truth. I am not against anyone and love all, but I am committed to walk the narrow path and to lead others to Christ out of Love, truth and compassion. I read most of your page on Romans 1, correct me if I'm wrong but in a nut shell are you saying according to paul letter in Romans 1 that God is only against same sex relations if its done in Idolatry or prostitution? If so then is there any were in the bible that God spoke himself or through man that He created us to go both ways. Not merely implying it, because that's were debates begin, but clearly states it. I do know God loves all, I just don't believe that God created mankind to go both ways, and I have not seen anything that says there's nothing wrong with it in his eyes specifically. Maybe you can help me clarify this or better understand. I am not asking to be debatable, I just want to know Gods truth and live by it.

Rick's comment: Hi KenKen - It is important not to bring your presuppositions to the Bible and then assume the Bible supports your presuppositions.

No verse of scripture in either testament, when read in context, condemns gay marriage. Every verse used to condemn gays is in the context of shrine prostitutes or shrine prostitution. When anyone rips verses out of context and then uses the out of context verses to "prove" their belief, we can be sure they are teaching false doctrine.

The thing is, we all have feelings, emotion towards something or someone which there's nothing wrong with that, it's a wonderful thing. But is there barriers we just don't cross or can we selfishly indulge in areas God never intended for us to do, but we say "why do God allow me to feel this way, maybe its because he made me this way and this is what he intended me to be". Just a question.

So that leads me to ask, did God really intended for same sex to have intimate and sexual relationships. Where do I find 100% non-debatable prof in scripture. yes Romans 1 is dealing with Idolatry and prostitution but it still said "men TURNED from there NATURAL use of the woman" implying Gods created way to something different. Men with woman Natural Men with Men Unnatural.

Rick's comment: Using sex with multiple partners to worship the fertility goddess is what Paul describes in Romans 1:26-27. That is what was unnatural.

Rather it was for idolatry or prostitution, it still says they turned from something that was created natural to be. Wow It's been a long time since I type this much lol. I also hope we can become friends as well hope to here from you soon.

Rick's comment: As you may have noticed, there are lots of links on my Romans page. Those explain what is meant by natural and unnatural and also explain the context in depth.

Sep 15, 2015
by: Ken

Sorry if I sounded like I was backing up a presumption,that was not my intentions. I will read more on your Romans page and talk back with you. Thank you so much for your time and answering my questions.

Sep 18, 2015
Northridge church
by: Kevin

Hello, I was shown a video on YouTube about how homosexuality is wrong. It has a guy speaking at Northridge church - Rochester and the guy says how being gay is wrong. The video is called What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality. And it is 4 videos long. And he bashes homosexuality and uses the scriptures in the Bible. I wanted to to see if you have seen these videos on YouTube and if not if you can please watch them and get back to me on whether some of the stuff he says is true?

Rick's comment: Hi Kevin - I think you must be talking about Dr. Robert Gagnon. This website answers many of the points he makes. Dr. Gagnon is a nice guy - I've talked to him on the phone.

We disagree on the gay issue and this website goes into great detail about what the Bible does and does not say in context in the clobber passages.

Click on the NavBar buttons: Gay Christian FAQ and any button under, What Does the Bible Say? for more information. God is going to get you through this. I know it's stressful but keep trusting God, keep loving your parents and keep reminding yourself that in a couple of years, you'll be out on your own.

Until then, honor your parents, do NOT get angry at them and be aware that they are trying to help, even if what they are doing doesn't seem helpful.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 18, 2015
by: Kevin

Hi my mother is taking me to a church to speak with a preacher who supposedly studies ancient Greek and Hebrew and is going to try to tell me that being gay is a sin and that I'm supposed to pray to be straight and try not to be gay. What should I do. He will probably use Leviticus and Timothy as his scriptures. And that Arsenokoites means homosexual even know the term homosexual has only been around for like 100 years.

Rick's comment: Hi Kevin - You may want to write this down and carry it with you to the meeting. The best advice I can give you is:

1. Stay calm
2. Listen attentively to what the preacher says
3. Do NOT argue with him - if he tries to get you to debate him, say: "I came to listen, not to argue."
4. Be polite and courteous
5. Do NOT get angry
6. Ask him to pray for you
7. Thank him for talking with you
8. Tell him you will think about and pray about what he said.

Coming Out - how to treat your parents and your pastor.

Sep 19, 2015
Thank you
by: Kevin

Thank you so much. I will definitely take your advice. I have one generic question to ask you and why have Christians allowed the Bible to be misinterpreted so much over the years? Like why didn't the people of the past just put that they were talking about temple prostitution in the Bible? Did they like not like homosexuals so they altered it or? I also noticed that Google Translate has made the meaning of arsenokoites in Greek meañ homosexual and I don't know why I did that.

Rick's comment: Hi Kevin - Most Christians in the past have understood that the Bible was talking about shrine prostitutes or temple prostitutes. I provide some documentation of that on these pages.

Why Cybele is vital to understanding Romans

Malakoi in 1 Cor 6:9

The meaning of arsenokoitai

Sep 19, 2015
by: Ken ken

Hello rick, I read your response to kevin, and I take my hat off to you for your advice, well done. I am not homsexual but Im trying to understand it more from Christian belife. I have been reading your Romans page and studying the views and biblical history in depth myself before I ask anymore questions. I can say you have a burning heart for truth and to comfort others on who they are as well as to lead other. At the end of the day our main goal is to lead others to Christ, Love all and deny self.

Rick's comment: Hi Ken - We do focus on truth here because God's truth will last through all eternity. So, telling the truth, preaching the glorious gospel of Christ, evangelizing the lost and teaching those who get saved to be disciples of Jesus - those are our goals.

Sep 20, 2015
by: Kevin

Hello again. I spoke to the paster that my mother took me to and he said that in Romans 1 26-27 it clearly says just looking at the passage itself that men and women are supposed to be straight and that in that verse it explains how they "choose" to love men and women and abandoned God. But I thought that the people in the verse were naturally straight and they choose to leave their own inborn sexuality to be homosexual for temple worship. And I believe that but would God expect us to know that verse meant orientation change for temple worship and not homosexuality. Like did everyone believe it to be that way back then. Because if I read it just clear it does kind of seem like he's right. I just want to know what it means.

Rick's comment: Hi Kevin - My Romans page has good information to help you understand what Paul is talking about.

Sep 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

If being a christian revolved around our sins none of us are worthy of being a christian. You people crack me up with your nonsense. You're the first to throw versus at homosexuals but yet you're the first to make statements like "you can't be gay and a christian" Where exactly did you see that in the bible? Being homosexual isn't a sin, it's acting on it that makes it a sin. There's gay priests, pastors, and christians every where. They choose to live a life of obedience. There's people who choose to stay alone their entire lives because they love god and want to live in obedience. Don't get it twisted, being homosexual is not a choice and only those who are homosexual know exactly what it's like so don't make comments on our lifestyle if you know nothing about it. However, the choice we do have is to act on it. I don't have to be with a male to prove myself to the world that I am a christian living a heterosexual life style. I'm proving to god that I am homosexual and because of my beliefs I will not act on those desires or temptations. I bet every time you're judging someone gods looking down on you judging you for thinking you have the right to judge. Love your neighbor the way god loves you.

Sep 21, 2015
Random man ranting
by: Alex Crawford

I don't understand why people feel the need to focus on other people's lives. I am not perfect, but I try my hardest to be the kindest person people know. I don't judge people, and I treat everyone with respect. I read the bible, and I am a homosexual. Why should I go to hell if I've accepted Jesus into my heart? My salvation is ensured by that, how should my sexuality affect anything? I mess up, I apologize for my mistakes, but I really don't like it when people justify hateful comments with a bible verse. Hatefulness is never the answer.

Rick's comment: Hi Alex - Happiness is learning to ignore hateful people or, as appropriate, responding with a smile. Some folks have honed hatefulness, using it as a tactic to control others.

Because we are Christians, we walk in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16 and live in God's wonderful peace.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 28, 2015
My Opinon
by: Justin

I grew up in a Pentecostal church and was baptized in His name. My faith in God is strong and therefore many prayers and miracles has He given me. I knew I was homosexual from the time I was eight. Prayed many many times and fasted for the Lord to change who I was. Nothing happened, so I decided to be myself and still remain walking with God. We as Christians have took the Lords place and made ourselves Judges. Big mistake, because He will judge you according to how you've judged others. We have to be like Him full of Mercy and Forgive fullness. I'm so glad you all are not my Judge because you've already condemned me before you've ever met me. Pull the plank out of your own eyes and then you'll see clearly how to remove the splinter in your brothers. We all answere for our own doings and will be Judged RIGHTEOUSLY. We better start searching our own souls and hearts before He returns. Seek for yourself first the Kingdom of God and do it with fear and trembling. We are in it together but in the end it's just you and Him. Love ya all. Pray for me.

Oct 16, 2015
God Determines Punishment
by: Alison

Somehow, it seems my generation has gotten the idea that they are gay. A lot of my friends, even though they grown up in the church, have become gay. Here on earth, we can not determine what God is going to do with any one of us, let alone the gays and the ones that call themselves Christian. I'm not happy with my friend's decisions but I won't hate them, I just may not be able to like their posts about their relationships or their pictures.

I will see them, but won't have to tell them that I was there and they won't even know I saw everything and know. I can not in my own heart encourage them. They may not hear from me for a while, but I will still remember them. Sometimes you need a break from people that have offended you. It doesn't matter how they offended you.

In the end, God is going to determine what is going to happen to all people, so why don't we just leave it at that? If you are leaning towards being gay and you feel a tug on your heart that you're scared you won't go to heaven because of being gay, maybe God's pulling on your heart strings to go a different route. Anyway, just my thoughts.

I am truly disapointed in the way some people have gone, and I would not feel comfortable being around them. I know I couldn't converse with them just because I don't have things in common with them anymore. One of those people happens to have been one of my first friends. I never saw any sign of her going that route when I was little. Of course, I was innocent then.

Rick's comment: Hi Alison - Your comments make me sad because it sounds like you are in a very negative place right now. Be encouraged in our loving Lord Jesus and know that He is God and He is working in the lives of your friends.

How would you feel if your gay friends treated you the way you're treating them? You had enough in common with them BEFORE you knew they are gay, to be friends with them. That should be more than enough to continue being friends.

You don't have to agree with everything they think or do anymore than your friends agree with everything you think or do yet they are still your friends.

I hope you will reconsider your views and trust the blessed Holy Spirit to lead you and your friends into God's truth without requiring them to agree with you to be your friend.

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 17, 2015
by: Rosie Bennett (Fiance's last name)

Okay, i'm sorry to say this, but I think al of the people who say being gay is not a sin is lying to themselves. I am bi-sexual. I have an amazing fiancé and I don't believe that God loves gays and lesbians. I would like to believe that but my fiancé's parents found out about her and I and forced her to read out of the bible. They told her that being gay is a sin and we will go to Hell. I grew up believing that and I still do believe that. Yes, it is hard sometimes to think, we d--- i'm going to Hell for this. But once it crosses your mind, you start to get that feeling like, i'll go to Hell because I love this person. And as long as I know this person loves me for me then I will go to Hell for loving them. It is hard to think about how I will go to Hell, but at the same time, it kinda makes me happy that i'm brave enough to love this person and still face the consequences.

Rick's comment: Hi Rosie - Have you considered the possibility that the people who tell you you're going to hell for being with a same sex partner are the ones in error? This website presents lots of in context evidence to prove that the Bible does NOT condemn us for being lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual.

God bless as you walk the path of His purpose for your lives.

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 17, 2015
by: Alison

What I was really trying to say, is that I am not going to be mean to my friends just because they chose a different lifestyle than I did. I have had a cousin who has claimed the lifestyle (no relationship, just living) but I do talk to him. I think you misread my point. I do not hate my friends, I just don't agree with how were living. In the end, as I said, God determines where we end up and we can not guess what he will do with any one of us. As long as we know we are following his footsteps then we can know our name is written their. I think you misread my comment as me being mean to my friends. That was not my point at all. Just because I can't encourage them in this lifestyle does not mean I will not be nice to them if I saw them. I just found this out. It was all very secretive.

Oct 18, 2015
Question about gay and gods belief
by: Amber

Hi, I am an agonostic however I have many questions and one in particular being, that if god hates gay's (as someone in the comments below quotes from the bible) then why does he expect everyone to go up to heaven to join him and to marry him? I've just been told that we are all going to be taken to heaven by god himself and we shall marry him. However this earth doesn't only have wimen it has men as well, so that would make him gay as well which would hypothetically make him a hypocrite of his own judgement and therefore he should go to hell as well. (If there is one).

Nov 10, 2015
Homosexual behavior
by: Dean Finch

Leviticus 18:22 is a strong condemnation of homosexual practice between males. It is deserving of death (20:13).

Rick's comment: Hi Dean - The best way to understand the plain sense of scripture is to read it in context. At a minimum all scripture has a biblical, cultural, doctrinal, historical, linguistic, literary and religious context. If we ignore context, we make it impossible to rightly divide the word of truth, 2 Timothy 2:15.

There is nothing in the context of the Holiness Code and Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 which indicates Moses was talking about gays and lesbians. Even the most strident anti-gay conservative Christian commentators admit that the context of Leviticus 18:22 is shrine prostitution.

Leviticus 18:22 and shrine prostitutes

Nov 13, 2015
Who Cares?
by: WhoCares

What it really comes down to is We are all out spouting our own agendas, using the bible/God to hate, using our free will to flaunt our life choices. All the while there are 805 million people going without enough food to eat every day; 437,000 people murdered world wide every year; 35.5% of the world's children are being sexually abused; Human trafficking for labor and sexual abuse is at an all time high; and 2.7 million animals are put to death due to overpopulation and no one to care for them...and you all think that what you are wasting your time fighting about here is important in the eyes of God or anyone else for that matter?? Shame on you all. We have work to do. Together is the only way it will get done.

Nov 18, 2015
Only the unsaved go to hell - No Grey Areas
by: Joseph

A gay lifestyle cannot send a saved person to hell, John 3:16 literally says trusting in Jesus gives you eternal life, no question, no loop holes. So idk where some of you are getting these strung together teachings.

Saying even 1 human being doesn't have a chance of going to heaven is sinful of you. You are not God and you cannot make that judgment. Anyone has the ability to go to heaven ever since Jesus died on the cross. That is a biblical fact that too many of you fail to see.

Why do so many of you say things will send you to hell? You are making that up every time you say it because it is not in the bible and that is surely sin. Also as a brother in Christ I don't appreciate it either.

Nov 22, 2015
by: Seriously

Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve.

Rick's comment: Oh wow, thank you! We've NEVER heard THAT before. Seriously.

Dec 04, 2015
It's not condemned
by: Maddie D.

God is not against the lgbtq community! I'm bi and I read the bible and it actually says "Treat others the way you want to be treated!!" Has anyone read that far? And another thing, the bible also says "Do not judge others!"

I don't understand why we bisexuals, lesbians, gays etc. need to be judged for who we love! My parents are against it saying it's wrong and they never have any proof to show it. It's sad how people even judge in the first place!

Cmon people just leave people alone! If someone loves someone , well, let them love someone! Seriously is it even hurting the people against it? Is it killing your guts or something? Why don't you haters stop judging and go play video games or get back to work or something! There isn't even a reason to fight about it anyway.

And why do people never have good evidence from the bible if they are against it? They are just finding reasons to hate. And I am not ashamed of being bisexual! And I am proud of you for sticking up against haters! You are inspiring!

Thank you :)

Dec 23, 2015
We must stick to the Bible
by: What is right

God made Adam and Eve. He made man and woman. He made them to be together and he made them to procreate. There is a reason why two men cannot have a baby. There is a reason why two women cannot have a baby. These things are unnatural. They are not how God intended it to be. I think it is sad to see people changing with the world instead of staying with the Bible. Homosexuality is a sin. Sodom and Gomorroah was destroyed because of homosexuality.

Just the thought of two men or two women together makes me sick. Men are supposed to be with women and women are supposed to be with men. "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become on flesh" Genesis 2:24. You can change the laws of the world. But you cannot change the laws of God. There is still time. Repent of all your sins and see that only through Jesus can you have salvation. And the truth will set you free.

Rick's comment: I would respect you more if you had enough courage to put your real name with your demeaning comments and if you had a strong in context argument to support your views. Sadly, you lack both the courage of your convictions AND a strong in context argument.

Jan 07, 2016
Why bother with the bible?
by: Greg

For thousands of years, homosexual sex has been considered a sin. Now its not, according to a lot of websites and people. Its obvious it is not approved by the God of the bible.

Why bother following the bible in any way, if your just going to change what it says is right or wrong?

Rick's comment: Hi Greg - Your comment indicates you don't know much about the Bible. There is no verse of scripture which says homosexuality is a sin.

Every verse alleged to teach that is ripped out of context because if they left the verse in context, it would be clear to honest people that the verse is not talking about gays and lesbians and transgender people.

Studying so that we understand what the Bible says in context is not changing what the Bible says.

If you read the story of David and Jonathan, from 1 Samuel 13, which introduces Jonathan, to 1 Samuel 17-18, which introduce David and Jonathan, on to 2 Samuel 1, where we find David's eulogy for Jonathan, you will discover that the Holy Spirit devotes at least 19 chapters of the Bible to telling their love story in detail.

If you'll read those chapters over and over, you will notice and you should highlite in bright yellow marker, each time the word, love, is used to describe the David and Jonathan relationship.

It is not only gay people who believe that David and Jonathan were in love with each other and were partners. Now why would the Holy Spirit put that wonderful story in the Bible? No other human love story in the Bible is presented at such length and in such detail as the love story of David and Jonathan.

Is it possible that God is not as anti-gay as you think He is? Is it possible that you are the one who wants to change the Bible to make it line up with your views?

Jan 17, 2016
Gay Relationships Are Wrong
by: Sad But The Truth

I really feel bad for many very sick people out there that really think Gay marriage is right which it is very Wrong. Why in the world would you ever think that two people of the same sex is okay? God made man to be with a woman, and that is the way it is suppose to be. Adam And Eve, Not Adam And Steve. Even in church it is said that man and woman should be together. Well that certainly Doesn't set a good example for the children. And why should the innocent children suffer because of this?

Rick's comment: Thanks for letting us know that we are sick. That's very thoughtful of you.

What must I do to be saved?

Jan 22, 2016
Evangelicals go to hell
by: Tony

I am a gay christian that has been completely oppressed by a disgusting and despicable church since day one. I for one can't wait for judgement day...

Jan 26, 2016
Proverbs 3:5
by: Anning

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Guys! Please! There's no such thing as gay/lesbian christian. God made you in that gender then that's it. No one enter the gate of heaven unless you are pure in spirit.

If you are a gay, i rebuke you! In Jesus name! You are just deceived by the world. Satan is just using you to commit sin! Pray and trust God that he may cut that feeling!

Swear. I'm gonna pray for you Rick.

Rick's comment: Hi Anning - Have you ever read or obeyed 1 Timothy 5:1?

New International Version
Do not rebuke an older man harshly, but exhort him as if he were your father. Treat younger men as brothers,

New Living Translation
Never speak harshly to an older man, but appeal to him respectfully as you would to your own father. Talk to younger men as you would to your own brothers.

English Standard Version
Do not rebuke an older man but encourage him as you would a father, younger men as brothers,

Berean Study Bible
Do not rebuke an older man, but appeal to him as to a father. Treat younger men as brothers,

Berean Literal Bible
Do not rebuke an older man, but exhort him as a father; younger men as brothers;

New American Standard Bible
Do not sharply rebuke an older man, but rather appeal to him as a father, to the younger men as brothers,

King James Bible
Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren;

May I kindly encourage you to read and heed 1 Timothy 5:1?

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 28, 2016
Love one another
by: Stop discriminating

Enough about the Bible condemning gays. it also says that children disobeying should be put to death I don't see that happening. sorry for my English.

Mar 02, 2016
by: David

Dear Sir, You are "reprobate concerning the faith". You "resist the truth with a corrupt mind ".

You are not indwelled with the "Holy Spirit" but a demonic "unclean spirit"

Please those who practice homosexuality:

Do not listen to this man.
He is of the Devil.
He is a lier and a fraud.

You cannot be indwelled by the Holy Ghost with a reprobate mind!

Only use the KJV the rest are satanic

When reading the KJV ask the HOLY GHOST to show u all things concerning the faith. Do not listen to reprobate men do not use the commentaries of men but the HOLY GHOST. He is best qualified than all men put together to show you to the truth and the light. Not a practising homosexual .

Anybody who goes to this much trouble to justify homosexuality is of the DEVIL, who can transform himself into a angel of light as well as his ministers.

You should become a TV preacher you have all the right credentials. Is it any wonder the nations are insane!!

Rick's comment: Hi David - Thanks for favoring us with your insights and insults.

Mar 28, 2016
Galatians 3:28 "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus
by: bianca

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Proverbs 10:12
12 Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.

1 John 4:18-19
18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 19 We love because he first loved us.

1 Peter 4:8
8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Romans 12:2
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

What is pleasing to heavenly father? i have faith that God will honor those two souls/people who love each other deeply.

Mar 30, 2016
No sin greater then any other sin
by: Madi

Hey, you guys. I would call myself a typical Christian straight girl, but lately I've been feeling weird toward my best friend who is also a girl and, well, the other night we kissed. I still do not consider myself lesbian or gay, I consider myself experimental.

Anyway, being the Christian that I am and have always been I know the huge battle between "God" and homosexuality that us humans have. But, guys. God DOES NOT HATE ANYONE. If God can forgive a murderer then who's to say he can't forgive someone who loves the same sex as them? If he can't, then I'll even say he's a messed up God.

I never understood what it was like to like the same sex and feel attraction toward them until all this happened with her, and I'd always been against Gay Marraige, and to some extent I still am but I think I've changed and now my view is that you should be able to do what you want without others judging you.

We ALL sin, guys. So don't judge ANYONE for their sin unless you fix your own first. That's in the bible, too, for those fussing about that on here. So, Christians, non Christians, atheists, everyone stop judging one another! God doesn't like that, either.

Apr 10, 2016
You have to be joking
by: Wow

If you are a homosexual you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Shame on you for misleading the people. Homosexuality is an abomination. Sure go ahead and take your chances on believing this but I wouldn't risk my salvation for it.

God hates the sin not the sinner. It clearly says men shall not lay with men!!!

Rick's comment: Hi Wow - "You have got to be joking" - that's exactly what I think when I get comments like yours. I kindly encourage you to calm your outrage and start studying your Bible.

2 Timothy 2:15 applies to you. Please read it, believe it, memorize it and obey it ASAP. Many thanks.

May 14, 2016
God loves gay
by: Beau

Hi Rick, Thank you for giving me the words and the facts to be able to describe what I knew to be true by 'turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding' (Proverbs 2v2).

Every Christian has the responsibility to measure the God of scripture against the God we know in our spirit and if ever the two feel in conflict it's almost always because we need to find context for the scripture we are reading.

Rick's comment: Hi Beau - Thanks for your common sense wisdom. May God bless you with an absolutely awesome week.

May 24, 2016
Stop bowing to evil and wickedness.
by: Rev Victor Ware

Matthew 19:4-6King James Version (KJV) clearly clearly states:

4 And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,

5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Lev 18:22

Simple and plain. Jesus spoke that in red letters and Moses all the prophets spoke of it. Stop leading our fellow lost sheep astray with your heresy. And sexual immoral acts especially same sex is detestable an abomination. Tell it like it is Jesus said to repent meaning turn away from your sin cuz the kingdom of God is at hand.

Isaih 5:20 states - Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

False prophets.

Rick's comment: Hi Victor - Interesting rant but none of the verses you cited has anything to do with being gay or lesbian.

At the judgment seat of Christ, you will not get brownie points for being a low information Christian. It's time to man up and start studying your Bible.

An important lesson I hope you will learn is to stop taking verses out of context and then insisting the out of context verses mean something they didn't mean in context.

May 29, 2016
by: Teri

Jesus saves if you believe and ask. Jesus loves us all. Once you are saved you have to obey the laws,the Bible states in Leviticus that a man shall not lay with man as he does a woman, it is an abombination unto God.

Rick's comment: Hi Teri - Thanks for letting us know.

Jun 08, 2016
by: nick

You're correct about repenting from our sins however many times it is written homosexuality is a sin. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOU TO SIN AND STOP TRYING TO JUSTIFY YOUR SIN! Don't you love God, repent from this sin and obey what he has told you!

Rick's comment: Hi Nick - To teach what you believe, you must rip verses out of context and then falsely claim the out of context verses describe gays since in context, the verses have nothing to do with gays.

Doing that isn't even honest.

Don't you ever get tired of acting like an expert on this topic when the reality is, you have never devoted much time to studying this topic?

Jun 13, 2016
Hate is not Holy
by: Lulu

I grew up being a Christian, but I swear It makes me sick to read comments full of hate. Do you really believe that by spreading that much hate into the world you have your place in heaven?

What happened to God is love? What happened to love others as yourself? Am I supposed to just support this stupid verses against gays and forget the rest of it just because people want to? Well no I choose love.

I choose to love them as my own. I choose to support them in their life choices because it doesn't hurt me or anyone at all. Don't be hypocrites don't act like you care about them going to hell or heaven.

You just think you have the right to hate, but you don't - you don't have the right. Just because those are your beliefs, it doesn't mean you're right.

Aug 05, 2016
by: Pres

I believe it to be funny that many people that comment on here negative things contradict everything what they are, if they are Christians mind you. People say keep an open mind this cant be the answer, this isn't true this isn't this or that where as in fact they are trying to get you to open your mind and understand and make what they believe your truth.

The fact that you are thinking like this proves that you are open-minded. Questioning the bible and not blindly following is only something an open minded person could do. Lgbt Christians, I feel have an upper hand on most heterosexual Christians. Mainly because we live our truth in a world that tells us not to. That judges us and damn us to hell(even though that's not their job) in a religion that is supposed to be centered on love but hate is very prominent.

We are forced to see a different version of God. A more loving and understanding version of God. God the loving father, mother, brother sister friend. The one who really helps us when we are down. Because the priests, bishops, and pastors, the people who were put in positions to help let their biases come through and does the complete opposite.

We are forced to find God in a religion filled with Godless people and when I say that I mean loveless, love is one of the few things infinite and yet people don't use it as such. I don't mean to offend anyone but if you are offended ask yourself why.

Sep 11, 2016
Salty salt and just plane pepper
by: Jesse

I am also what the world would call gay. However God has certainly showed Me that that is not how he sees me.
In the same way God does not see a prostiture as a prostitute but rather as his child.
This is not me making a point on Gods infinite love and grace, though that is the reson Im writing this. No this is my own encourgment to you.

For years mans own discusted agenda and opinon of gays has blurred there biblical interpertation of Gay.

Gay is a label that was not given to us by God.

If someone is angry at gays they are guilty of murder in there own heart.

Now my last point and I say this because I know the bible is 100% truth however placed in the hands of a fool can be used as a weapon to strike fear into the hearts of children.
Marriage is ordained by God
You can't take one truth and mix it with a human desire.
I say This out of love my friend
Gay sex is the sin.
I know it sucks I'm 23 and I want gay sex but we have to compinsate that with a relationship with God.
My opinion is be in a relationship with God and a friendship with your partner. Marriage and God salt and pepper. If your gonna go biblical in marriage for thats were it stems go biblical all the way. It is not you or how you feel that's a sin its the act of gay sex. Bless you.

Rick's comment: Hi Jesse - This website refutes your assertion that gay sex, as you call it, is the sin.

That's what many churches teach but that's not what the Bible says. EVERY verse used to teach that is ripped out of context because if the verses are left in context, it is painfully obvious that the verses are not talking about gays and lesbians.

Sep 13, 2016
Don't be deceived
by: Demontre' Dugger

This a lie, don't be deceived. Homosexuals will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Rick's comment: Hi Demontre' - I encourage you to read, believe, memorize and OBEY 2 Timothy 2:15 in the old King James Bible.

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Sep 22, 2016
Thanks for your work
by: Zack

I am ex-Christian but appreciate sites like this making safe spaces and standing as a beacon for LGBT kids who are still under their parents roof and going to church. I realized long ago that the anti-LGBT Christians were in the wrong when I did research and realized that so many of them were consistently lying about the LGBT community (see hate groups like NOM, guys like Scott Lively, etc).

Surely if the God these men worship is real he is our enemy and we should stand against this entity.

Rick's comment: Hi Zack - Thanks for your kind words. I hope you will consider that Roman Catholic groups like NOM and oddballs like Scott Lively do not represent the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Instead, they use Jesus and the Bible to further their partisan ends.

Please do not let them drive you away from a living loving authentic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Can you explain how to get saved?

Oct 03, 2016
Children are innocent
by: Dave

I am a 61 year old MWM, college educated and blessed by God. I've always preferred the company of men. As an innocent child I did and I still do. I did the right things but regret them as a wasted life. I love my wife but not like I loved my best friend who was male. I made no decisions of preference, it was who sexually excited me. I know that God loves me. I believe in Jesus Christ now.

I had a difficult time believing in him in the past, and in the last year or so, I just believe. I know I will go to Heaven. There will be no Purgatory or Hell for me. My dead mother and others visit me and are waiting. I denounce Satan and his demons. I used to find them interesting, but not anymore. They are boring.

After I was told I have a catastrophic and incurable disease, I prayed long and hard. I forgave myself as best I could, admitted I was an imperfect human and asked God to help me. He brought me a host of angels that surround me and Jesus to walk with me. I don't deserve any of it. But, I know, that I am a child of God and that he loves me. Many people are hateful and I believe they will be judged accordingly because they know it themselves.

I want to die and I know I will, but God will decide the day. I find myself judging and so hate it. I ask Jesus to lighten me up. I base things on what I think I know. Only God knows for sure. I go to church again. I allow time to enjoy my family. I deeply regret being so far from my friends.

I pray for new friends. I pray for my wife and family and old friends living and dead. My Mother told me years ago that I had everything there was to have. I now realize that she knew and that she was correct.

The generations are changing out again and I want my granddaughter to be baptized. My son-in-law doesn't believe. I pray he finds Jesus. I have written this to you because I should. I pray for forgiveness and grace. Glory be to God!

Rick's comment: Hi Dave - I pray God's saving grace upon you in this difficult time.

Can you explain how to get saved?

Oct 06, 2016
Um question?
by: Watts

So question, when did the so called religion of tolerance get intolerant? The bible was written by man which means it has flaws because man is not flawless, thank you.

Rick's comment: Hi Watts - This is a gay friendly gay Christian website - we believe the Bible is God's inerrant infallible written word and Jesus is the Incarnate Word - "the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us." Gospel of John 1:14

If you check the Home Page of this website, we provide links to FREE Online Bible Study courses including Seminary level courses taught by Seminary professors. I hope you will check out their interesting FREE Online classes.

Nov 01, 2016
Individual Salvation & Unconditional love
by: Adam Lawrence Dodd

I want first say- I absolutely admire this Place of Gathering on the internet for people with different perspective to come together and express their outlook.

Jesus Christ or Yahoshoa of Nazareth Had meals with Social Rejects , he explained what was right and what was wrong according to The Jewish law or what non-Jewish people abide the 10 commandments. He explained these things sincerely and lovingly & treated the social rejects as his own kind with love.

Rick's comment: Hi Adam - The primary purpose of Jesus coming to earth was to save His people from their sins, Matthew 1:21. Jesus was loving but He was also up front in warning religious people that they were headed for hell if they didn't get saved.

What is the wrath of God?

Salvation can be interpreted differently through the long list of Christian denominations but what is factual is that it is the love for G-D that saves our non physical life.

Rick's comment: I disagree with your statement. Salvation is in the glorious gospel of Christ. The gospel tells us that Christ DIED for our SINS, was buried and rose again from the dead the third day.

What is the gospel?

What must I do to be saved?

Love for G-D is displayed through actions of love and kindness, every person is a sinner & every sin is equally wrong according to the Bible, it is the expense of effort put into the sin that makes it more wrong. G-D loves homosexuals if a homosexual has a relationship with another person of the same sex the Bible does not prohibit that, intercourse is based on the motivation of the individual which makes it innocent or wrong.

The word Homosexuality did not exist at the time the Bible was written in the language it was written thus the term homosexual is invalid, to say it's not is adding to the word of G-D.

Salvation is the most personal thing a person can find & the example Christ gives us for handling any social reject is so powerful.. express your opinion peacefully then Love your fellow brothers and sisters like they are yourself.

I will also add I'm a believer in reincarnation and karma , if your harmful to a group of people because of a radical belief , you might live your next life in their shoes G-D doesn't say we won't be resarected more than once.

it very well could be part of biblical judgment to endure your victims pain. ultimate message is be honest with someone about your views with love & treat them as yourself unconditionally, knowing they choose themselves how to live like you yourself chooses to live.

Salvation is between Individual and G-D & condemning another person to hell is not your responsibility it's a pure defilement of G-Ds love and mercy you could be lacking.

Rick's comment: Jesus teaches Hell 101

Nov 04, 2016
How can someone say homosexuality is a sin
by: Honestly

God cannot make us this way and then condemn us to hell. It's not like anyone chose this. I'm a christian and a devout one at that. I was born this way. I have prayed to God to change me. I just can't do anything than accept who i am.

Christian teachings are somehow flawed. There are many misinterpreted words. Gay people are born that way and cannot do anything about it. Heteros can never understand this. People should stop saying homosexuality is a sin. It is not.

God cannot create us to offend him with what we are. How can you explain why we fall in love with the same sex? It's beyond our control. It's not a sin! It can't be a sin. It was people that interpreted the bible, not God. It's unfair how we are treated. I can't even kiss the one i love, it's so so painful. I just wanna die, no kidding.

Rick's comment: Hi Honestly - Thanks for commenting. This website has LOTS OF GOOD NEWS AND HOPE for you. Explore God's truth and feel the joy start to rise in your heart.

God loves you immensely and the anti-gay blather we hear so often is nothing more than man's unkind opinion. The anti-gay crowd does NOT represent God on the gay issue.

God bless as you walk the path of His purpose for your life.

Nov 19, 2016
by: Rowyn Olson

Can you all just please stop arguing? Is arguing really going to solve anything? In the bible it says to love even your enemies, but all I see is hate.

Nov 23, 2016
People quoting out of context
by: Martin

I like how people always quote from leviticus about man shall not lay with another man, and then say we should not ghange God's laws, and then we slip on jeans (woven from different fabrics, which is also condemned in the same passage) and meet our friends for a prawn coctail (of which we arent supposed to eat shellfish). And somehow its okay to overlook those things as they seem out of context and are "no longer applicable in today's life". People are eager to follow the Word when it suits them and spew scripture to judge others in their shortcomings, yet forget about the things they do wrong. If people were to believe everything so literal they should really look at themselves and see if they are practicing what they preach. You cant throw a verse in someone's face where you yourself are living in direct opposition of the verse directly after the verse you are spewing. People have misunderstood the true teachings of Christ and turned the bible into a weapon of destruction.

In my opinion, to these people who say that God hates gay people. Love is the polar opposite of hate, love cannot be love if it hates. Saying God hates something is saying God is not love, and scripture teaches us that God is love, and God loves us all unconditionally, meaning there is no room for hate. Instead of looking for excuses to frown on people by using scripture, look for reasons to spread the unconditional love of God.

Rick's comment: Hi Martin - I agree with you about ripping verses out of context and then using the out of context verses to condemn gays. Doing that is wrong.

About the unconditional love of God - that is something reserved for believers in Jesus Christ. People who are not saved can access the love of God by getting saved. Once they get saved, God's love for them is unconditional.

God's love was demonstrated at Calvary when Jesus died as us for us, as our Substitute. God poured out upon Jesus the wrath which we deserved.

But apart from Calvary and apart from getting saved, God's love is not unconditional. If it was, God couldn't require people to get saved by grace through faith.

Unconditional means without any conditions and God never offers His amazing love to anyone without any conditions.

Jan 01, 2017
by: Sean Carew

I'm bi and I think it's sad if Joshua Carey is (the name of my baby brother who has extrophy). What makes me Gay is that I actually THINK it's sad. Does God still love me? I would just be Gay if I was really a sweetie. I still have some hope that God loves everyone but often times I feel left out. If you could answer my question without prejudice because of how I'm Gay that would be great. Thanks!

Rick's comment: Hi Sean - I think it is wonderful that you are gay and, Yes, God loves you and wants you to love Him.

Does God love you if you're gay?

Can you explain how to get saved?

Jan 01, 2017
God and Mistakes
by: Autumn Robbins

I know that God did not make Adam and Steve as some people have told me but they also told me that God doesn't make mistakes so why did God create me if I turned out to be this way? And if that still doesn't convince you I have also heard that He knows what will happen before it happens so if He knew I would turn out this way why create me just to make me pay for it and go to Hell? Is He hoping that i will ask for forgiveness because? I refuse to ask to be forgiven for being who i am. I am bisexual and I'm proud.

Rick's comment: Hi Autumn - You are not a mistake! You are a beautiful creation of God!!!

Jesus demonstrated His great love for you by dying on the cross to pay for your sins. Jesus, on the cross, took all the wrath of God against your sins, upon Himself. He died as you for you so that you could be saved.

Being gay or lesbian or bisexual is NOT a sin.

God never saves us from our sexual orientation because we don't need to be saved from our sexual orientation but God does save us from our sins and from hell and from the wrath of God when we ask Him to.

Can you explain how to get saved?

Feb 26, 2017
by: Rob

The mistake in ordinary christianity is the belief that being gay is a choice. It is not. People are born the way they are and if "God" created all things then "God" must naturally condone gay people and their relationships.

The travesty in our society is forcing people who are born gay, like my father, to believe they are flawed and need to make a "decision" to be like everyone else or "straight". He tried. He was married to my mother, had myself and my sister. But it wasn't him. He wasn't true to his "God" given nature. It negatively affected the lives of me, my sister and mother for years.

It is better to live one's life as "God" intended than to pretend otherwise and waste life trying to be something you're not. My father was miserable and who can blame him.

Organized religion is the moral issue in this country. It's selective morality and, at least in my mind, not what a "Jesus of Nazareth" archetype would have taught. It's the true "abomination".

Mar 07, 2017
by: Steve

God is totally against homosexuality! You are not demonstrating the word of god but your own interpretation.

What was the purpose of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Rick's comment: Hi Steve - Like so many others, you've missed the question. Have you even read the Sodom story in Genesis 19? Did you find any gay relationships in Genesis 19? If you did, please list the verses in Genesis 19 where you found gay relationships.

Steve, it's a matter of basic honesty. There are no gays or lesbians in Genesis 19. No one has gay sex. No one gets gay married. No one is raped by gays. Instead, in Genesis 19, two heterosexuals take turns raping another heterosexual.

Again I must ask: Did you bother to read the Sodom story in Genesis 19?

What really happened in Sodom?

Mar 27, 2017
let people be who God created them to be
by: bonnie reinhart

somewhere in the bible it says that God doesn't even know or care what sex we are I believe he looks at our hearts and furthermore were david and jonathan lovers?

Rick's comment: Hi Bonnie - I know of no verse in the Bible which says God doesn't even know or care what sex we are. That may be an urban myth or a post-modern belief but it isn't the teaching of the Bible.

Yes, I believe David and Jonathan were lovers, in committed relationship. I have more information on this page - please also click on the links when you get to the page below.

Were David and Jonathan lovers?

What must I do to be saved?

Jun 22, 2017
God's love
by: David

God is love and yes he loves us all but that does not mean he loves our sin's. How can a Holy Righteous God love sin? It is not for me to judge others when i am a sinner myself. All i know about same sex relations is that they cannot be natural because the only natural sex is between male and female and God is the Judge. Are Homosexuals and Lesbians born that way? The Bible appears to say they are not I can only lay out the facts but it is God who will Judge. Right now i am battling my own demons.

Rick's comment: Hi David - We do not believe that God loves the sins of anyone. We do believe that God intends some of His children to be born gay or lesbian. Jesus makes that clear in Matthew 19:12. Eunuchs so born from their mother's womb, include people who are gay, lesbian and transgender.

Jesus and homosexual eunuchs

What must I do to be saved?

Keep reading, believing and obey the New Testament and keep living as a biblical disciple of Jesus. There is victory in Jesus as you "walk in the Spirit," Galatians 5:16.

Jun 22, 2017
Homosexuality IS NOT A SIN.
by: Christopher

Homosexuality is not a sin. As far as I understand it every part of the bible that alludes to homosexuals is referring to sexual acts.

The Bible says that gay sex is a sin. It does not however say that a gay person who does not engage in a sexual relationship is not neccesarily a sinner. The sin is in the sexual act. I can't help being gay just as much as a straight oerson can't help being straight. It is what we do with those desires and the actions we take that determine sin.

Rick's comment: Hi Christopher - Just for the record, no verse of scripture, in context, says that gay sex is a sin. All of the clobber passages are talking about shrine prostitutes and shrine prostitution - using sex to worship false gods, not two gay guys or two gay gals falling in love and covenanting to spend their lives in committed relationship or gay marriage.

Please don't buy into the tired old, unhistorical, out of context anti-gay arguments. God intends a lot more for your life than that. This website explains the clobber passages and words used in detail - click on NavBar links under: What The Bible Says. The truth as it is in Jesus will set you free from bondage to the legalism of the anti-gay crowd.

You can be a vibrant, spiritually fruitful, soul-winning disciple of Jesus as a gay man in a gay marriage if being gay married is God's will for your life.

Jun 22, 2017
God's Judgment is perfect
by: david

God Loves Homosexuals, it is the sexual act God cannot accept. In my Church we welcome all sinners including Gay people but we encourage them either to change their lifestyle or to become Celibate. This debate is ongoing but i really do think the Bible is clear that Gay sex is not acceptable to God but no one has the right to Judge Gay people because no one is perfect. God is the Judge.

Rick's comment: Hi David - Saying "I really do think the Bible is clear that Gay sex is not acceptable" is an opinion, not an argument. There are no verses of scripture which, in context, back up your opinion.

Repeating your opinion doesn't make it so and doesn't add anything substantive to the discussion. Which verses in the context of two gay men or two lesbians, forbid gay sex?

If you're thinking Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 about shrine prostitutes I hope you will do more reading and study. Nothing in the Leviticus context indicates gay men or lesbians.

Jul 06, 2017
Re: Homosexuality IS NOT A SIN.
by: Christopher

Thanks for replying! I was thinking of Leviticus 18:22 which reads as a giving of law rather than in any particular anecdotal context as such.

Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination.

Still unsure of how I feel about it but a little soul searching never hurt anyone.

Rick's comment: Hi Christopher - I have extensive information about Lev 18:22 and 20:13 on my website.

I edited the link because I don't allow commenters to post links. Thanks for stopping by.

Aug 21, 2017
Hell for what
by: K may

For what reason would the devil need a layer of fire to torture people when he was thrown to earth and was able to torture hurt people or whatever needed to be done happens on earth there is no need for a hell.

Rick's comment: Hi K may - God created hell to house the devil, his angels and and people who reject Jesus Christ as their Savior. I hope this Bible study on hell is helpful to you.

Jesus teaches Hell 101.

What must I do to be saved?

Nov 23, 2017
gods people
by: steve

jesus said ,,do not think i have come to change the scriptures .no ...i cave come to fulfill them.
in other words what god said in the old testament jesus came to see its done
now in the old tesament god gave laws to people and said to them you will be called my people or people of god
one of these laws was
if a man lays with another man this is detestable to me put them to death
so im sorry your talking about god like you know him when you dont.

Rick's comment: Hi Steve - The Old Testament is not in force now. It went out of force when Jesus died on the cross. The New Testament is not in force until the death of the testator (Jesus).

Even conservative anti-gay Christian scholars admit that the context of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 is shrine prostitution.

It is honest to interpret the Bible in context. Taking verses out of context and using them as weapons against your gay brothers and lesbian sisters is not Godly and is not honest.

Nov 24, 2017
hi rick
by: steve

where did you read that the old testament is not in force now? ive never read that
so god has changed his mind? so the 10 commandments no longer apply?
and if we are "inbetwenn" the old finishing and the new starting theres no rules whatsover to go by? what!
god doesnt change and that is made crystal clear,
the qeustion is what does god think of gay
he gave his answer ,,its not changed.

Rick's comment: Hi Steve - The Old Testament is not in force now. It went out of force when Jesus died on the cross. The New Testament is not in force until the death of the testator (Jesus).

The New Testament is very clear that Christians are not under the Old Testament Jewish Law or the law of Moses. How many times must God say it before Christians believe it? Here is what God says in the Bible.

1. "For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace." Romans 6:14.

2. Christians are "dead to the law." Romans 7:4.

3. "If ye be led by the Spirit, ye are not under the law" Galatians 5:18.

4. Christians are "delivered from the law." Romans 7:6.

5. "Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster " [the law]. Galatians 3:24-25.

6. For Christians, the Law is "that which is done away." II Corinthians 3:11.

7. For Christians, the Law is "that which is abolished." II Corinthians 3:13.

8. For Christians, Jesus, on the Cross, was "blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us." Colossians 2:14.

9. For Christians, the Law is taken "out of the way" and nailed "to his cross." Colossians 2:14.

10. "When God speaks of a new [covenant or agreement], He makes the first one obsolete (out of use). And what is obsolete (out of use and annulled because of age) is ripe for disappearance and to be dispensed with altogether." Hebrews 8:13, The Amplified Version

11. "And after that he said, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. Thus he put an end to the first in order to establish the second." Hebrews 10:9, Lamsa Translation

Nov 24, 2017
im stunned
by: steve

so if we go by what you say
when jesus died we now go by the new testament ,,which in it jesus said i have come to fulfill the scriptures .
do u honestly beleve god now thinks ok what i created at the start i messed up !

god doesnt mess up ever ,,god created man and woman ,,a man will leave his mother and father and be united to his wife for ever .
let man not seperate what god has joined together

and im sorry to say your the man jesus spoke off if you think its ok for a man and a man to have a sexual relationship. your going against the allmighty
let me put it simple for you
a man and a man ,,,its wrongin the eyes of the lord ,,,,not ok,,,,not right,,,,wrong.

does god love you ,,yes god loves but he says a gay relationship is detestable to him your either with him or against what he created in the start ,,,which is it?????
its the work of satan .

Rick's comment: Hi Steve - I'm stunned too. You asked: where did you read that the old testament is not in force now? ive never read that...

I answered you with two links to additional information in my previous answers and eleven verses which directly answer your question and you've ignored those links and all eleven verses.

Nov 27, 2017
by: Grace

What is your "take" on a born-again Christian straight woman marrying a non-Christian gay woman?

Rick's comment: Hi Grace - saved people should not marry unsaved people - believers in our Lord Jesus Christ should not marry unbelievers.

"The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord." 1 Corinthians 7:39

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" 2 Corinthians 6:14

Dec 02, 2017
by: Matt

God doesn't say he hates anyone, he tells us all to love one another, doesn't mean we have to agree with anything. It say to not judge others as well, unless you judge your self first. There are scripture where it condemns, homosexuality, but also condemns judgement.

It also says to not argue with a fool, for they do not see or want to see the truth. Also people disort the bible for their own means. It also say not to hate but love thy neighbor.

If your gay ok, its not me to judge, but the bible clearly has scripture aainsy it. It not me that says it but God himself. Also lying, calling names is bad as well.

If you don't agree with stuff in the bible you tend to take it out. Its either you believe in the bible in full, or you nit and pick, on what you want. Also there is more then just what it say about homosexuality.

It say lying, putting false deities ahead of me. He's a jealous God, and there are none of us never sin, and we all have our faults. But we are all sinners, and need to pray for that.

Rick's comment: Hi Matt - Here are some verses to consider.

"The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity." Psalm 5:5

"The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth." Psalm 11:5

What must I do to be saved?

Dec 12, 2017
Its not natural God does not permit it.
by: David

This will be a very sad day when every man or woman stands before God on judgment day, and I must say that gays and lesbians have lowered themselves way beneath the realm of not human, not even animals. Animals are smarter they know that it's not normal any gay or lesbian who thinks it is ok. It's not. It's not you God Hates it's the sin of your deception and self-gratification that He Hates and He will not force you to be obedient, but He will warn you that you are destroying your own soul. Satan is the lier here not me but he has certainly blinded you if you think you can be with the same sex partner and get away with it, you might do that here but you will not on Judgement Day.

I personally think that those who want equal rights to be gay should all move to the same sex Island. Establish your "family" and live out the rest of your days with your same-sex partner and absolutely not be able to adopt, one because you can't have children naturally that way and two because it's not Gods way of multiplying in the world. Be on your Island and see how you can prosper without the opposite sex. I dare you.

Rick's comment: Hi David - Your argument is opinion based, not Bible based.

You dare us to move to an island?

Are you a third grader? Please let me know if you are because I don't knowingly publish comments from third graders.

Jan 14, 2018
i have been lose my confidence past

i now profoundly deaf & lives alone of years but my late parents & my estranged brother still very cruel me sincw 1984 to 2005 so they been stop me out with gay friends and now miss it about my past been very sad really so i am 77 aged now still very lonely well and i can;t meet gay again and i been unhappy with my late parents and estranged brother been very strict life who never out with old friends any more so i still loves gay life with god know about now never mind next time will touch with god for future will be best for stop alone any more with thanks


Rick's comment: Hi Reggie - God bless you as you walk the path of God's purpose for your life. I pray His comfort and encouragement upon you and His peace to fill your heart.

Jul 13, 2018
Here To Shed Some LIGHT.
by: Jason

Okay, so I'm gay. Always have been, always will be. I have known this from the time I was a very young age, before I even knew what sex even was for that matter. I am a man who has always been attracted to men, my entire life.

I was raised in an Assemblies Of God church, and I LOVED GOD. But it hurt my feelings though - to be involved in such a church that constantly threw "homosexuality is a sin" and "gays are going to hell" in my face. All I knew is that I loved God so "why didn't God love me?"

Many people have tried to explain it all away as "Oh, you're demon-possessed" or "There must be a spirit of evil lingering onto you!". This threw me into a deep depression at a very young age, atop so very much confusion. And for what? Because I simply admired God's creation, even if it just so happened to be a person of the same sex?

Well, I grew up. I faced so many years of conflict with my family, them having even disowned me at one point in my life - leading me to be homeless and more confused about God than ever. Then I did my OWN research. No parents. No siblings. No church. Just me and God.

I asked whole-heartedly : "God, do you really love me? Am I going to hell? Am I living an abominable lifestyle? Do you accept me? Am I NOT allowed in your Kingdom simply because I desire to be with someone that You had created in the likeness of Your own image? I mean, can't I just sit back and respect the beauty of this life in which You have created out before me? Am I a sinner? What gives?"

And the answers that I had received after asking these questions were: "I love you, Jason. I have always loved you. Nothing can separate you from my life - not height, not depth, nothing! Do not be deceived, for God is not mocked. Simply be who I created you to be. Love others. Love yourself. And in that process, understand that I love you for the very exact way that I created you to be - regardless of who is on your boat or not. I love you. And I accept you.

I have given you so many talents from My very Kingdom in which you are to go forth and help educate others from twisting scriptures to their OWN insecurities and agendas. Be you! I love you!" I kept hearing it over and over in my heart. "I love you, Jason. I love you. Nothing will ever separate you from My love."

And the more I delved into this, the more it became so very apparent to me. Human sexuality is simply human sexuality. Jesus even said that there were Eunuchs in the Bible, who were BORN THAT WAY for that matter. Jesus understood. It's almost as if for the first time in my life someone was seeing MY HEART, and not MY OUTWARD APPEARANCE, but rather MY HEART!

So I went on to realize that MANY MANY MANY pastors, and those who are SO against being gay are the very same people who were using the Bible to set forth their own personal agendas, in an attempt to destroy the characters of gay people in the world, simply because in fact they were the very same people who were harboring these feelings in their own heart.

When I think of God I simply just don't think of this anymore. God is love. And love is love. And love has NO gender. THAT'S the love of God. I went onto answer my own questions as I researched more and more. Then I looked at Ted Haggard. People in the pulpit who were SO against being gay because they themselves in fact WERE! And ARE!

Ted Haggard gets up and preaches so strongly against homosexuality in his prior sermons (and this speaks for a LOT of them out there doing the very same thing) yet he is found in a motel room getting a massage from another man and smoking meth. (cough).

So really, anymore THAT is so typical to me and well, it's just a given, really. If someone were so confident with their own sexuality then why is MY sexuality THEIR issue?

This is where you have to re-examine everything you've been taught and get on track with the most important you'll ever have in this life.. and that is YOU and GOD. Flat-out.

God sees your heart, and this whole issue with homosexuality I've found it SO FAR-FETCHED, knowing how many times the Bible has even been misused and re-translated (putting in words like homosexual) to apply to someone's personal agenda of their own self-doubt or "feeling dirty before God."

In other words, it's easier to point a finger at someone who is confident in their own sexuality, claiming it to be a sin, rather than pulling the plank out of your own eye. Again, the very words of Jesus - who I find now to be the most awesome person in my life. Having never left me nor having forsaken me, but ALWAYS coming to my rescue as a gay man, and I kinda' brag when I say this but.. having giving me an awesome and amazing life, even more so than my straight peers I see.

So, maybe I'm a little favored by God and have been made righteous through believing in Him, rather than my own righteousness - along with the righteousness of others - that is nothing but tattered, filthy rags before His throne.

Being gay was never a choice for me. I've always known. But loving Jesus IS my choice. And I choose to love the Lord, regardless of what "scripture taken out of context" is thrown my way! Let me educate you. And really, do your research on this. The Bible has been re-translated MANY TIMES over the past 2000 years. And the term 'homosexuality' was only coined in the late 19th century by a German psychologist, Karoly Maria Benkert.

It's true. I hate to burst your bubble, but it is. Again, trying to claim "God's Word" and calling yourself a Holy Spirit filled person while throwing your own agendas out there, and wanting people to see it YOUR WAY, not GOD'S.

This is my conclusion. I believe in an Omni-Present God who LOVES - Yes - LOVES ME, rather than this lightning bolt God that people have created through their own stories, visualizations about life, and personal perceptions. There is so much about this Universe that people didn't know 2000 years ago, and so much we're finding out about it today through science and technology.

I mean, we are on a TOTALLY DIFFERENT page, and NOBODY - I mean, NOBODY WITH AN ACTUAL HUMAN BRAIN AND COMPREHENSION can deny it. If you do, you're most likely like everyone else in denial and trying to make your own justifications for your own hidden insecurities about your own sexuality.

It's just true. It's not rocket science. It's life. It's people. And it's understanding WHAT THINGS REALLY ARE!

"Oh, you're not like me so you MUST be in sin. You can't be of God. God hates people who aren't like me, because I'm the only one following "THE TRUTH!". (cough). So in closing, educate yourselves.

Even the very Bible expresses love between people of the same sex. David and Jonathan. Ruth and Naomi. Yes, it's there. It even says that Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve. So for all of you "It's Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve" people taking it ALL out of whack, um. I hate to break it to you, but you may want to research. It's THERE! Gay relationships in the Bible are there.

You can't say it's not, no matter how hard you try. The term 'homosexual' should have NEVER been coined in the 19th century, and since the Bible has STILL been forever changing. Constantly. Every new era. Every new century. We get something new.

So my conclusion is that I'm gay. God loves me. God is the judge ultimately. And I'm going to simply enjoy the rest of my life as who I BELIEVE God created ME TO BE. I have a purpose. I have a plan. I have a value in this life unlike any other.

And I am FAR privileged in the Kingdom of God, as a gay man, even here on the Earth. God has NEVER condemned a LOVING RELATIONSHIP between anyone. Regardless of male or female. Gay relationships in the Bible were actually blessed by God. It's there. So, stop taking things out of context to continue into a spew of hate for generations to come.

Do you realize how many teens you've put into the ground because of their suicides for feeling like outcasts, making them feel unwanted and unloved by God? Think about it. I can name quite a few from personal experience, and I can only say that I am SO glad that blood is NOT ON MY HANDS! It's on YOURS. And you will eventually die, and have to face God for the account given for your life.

So, I would simply rather love people, and accept all for who God has created them to TRULY BE, rather than what YOU want them to be. I mean, really, who's playing God here? You or God Himself. I'm done. I love me. People love me. God loves me.

I love who God has created me to be and I'm not changing for anyone. Being gay is such a fabulous life. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I will most definitely take that to MY grave. Educate yourselves. I pray you find peace. TRUE PEACE. Thank you. I love you all, unconditionally. God bless.

Jul 31, 2018
by: Aaniya

Dear sodomites, especially you Rick, you try so desperately hard to justify your sin that you love so much enough that you won’t repent and turn to Jesus Christ. You people have churches but guess what? Your prayers only hit the roof. Why do you think God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone...

Rick's comment: Hi Aaniya - the rest of your comment was edited and deleted by Pastor Rick.

While we win souls and make disciples for Jesus, you hang around a gay Christian website, making insulting comments. Please get a life. Many thanks!

Aug 12, 2018
so much error here
by: Chet

Some years ago (when I went to church) in a meeting with a pastor who had a great big coffee in his hand leaned over tapped on my pocket (which held my cigarettes) and whispered " when you gonna get right with Jesus and throw those cigarettes down"?

I answered "when you quit your drug habit pastor" Well you would have thought I accused him of slamming heroin or smoking crack in the sanctuary!

How is I said that it's OK for you to consume caffeine but its not OK for me to consume nicotine? His eyes got big as quarters and in bewilderment said I don't know!

The issue here is a preaching in and of unbelief by legalistic preachers of the law but you will not see it! James 2:10 tells us if we fail at one letter of the law we are guilty of ALL.

When I judge another I have elevated myself to a judgeship, it's not up to me to judge you, God knows I got enough of my own to worry about! Luke 6:37 instructs us to judge not and condemn not but to forgive and be forgiven.

Jesus said (Luke 18:19 when he was called "good teacher") why call me good there is none good save one and that one is God!

Now go study that and your bible before you preach more unbelief, hatred and lies in hypocrisy!

Study Romans 7 & 8

Oct 17, 2018
by: Tristan

This helped and for all you homophobes, your opinion is invalid.

Dec 19, 2018
I’m disappointed in people
by: Arianne

All these people, saying homosexuality is a sin and saying ‘Get it right you person with these unhealthy sexual urges that are intrinsic biological impulses!’...

it’s cute!

Okay, here’s a thing. There’s a this sweet kid, who was raised in a Christian family. He’s a really good person, has wonderful grades, goes to church, everything. His family loves him so much and they’re very close to each other.

But then there’s the oh no!

Said boy is gay, he fell in love with this really nice, wealthy, caring boy! What a disaster! He thinks about wether to tell his mom and dad. But he knows they are so understanding and kind because they ‘walk in love,’ so he decides that he will. He walks up to them and confesses to them.

The parents are so ‘betrayed’ that they throw their only child out of the house and scream that he’s going to hell, burn in a lake of fire for eternity and whatnot.

I’m betting this is what any of you discriminators would do to your kid if he/she said that. Or maybe you just simply couldn’t, or just wouldn’t, understand them. You would try to change them even though they were happy as they were. ‘Haha, you can’t actually mean that, unless your a dirty, unholy sinner!’

The point I’m trying to make here is that you people are way to harsh. Now I’m not generalizing it, because I know there are people out there that know someone shouldn’t be dissed because of what they know makes them happy. But why is it so bad that a person like another of the same gender even though they’re a great person? I’m sorry, but I honestly find it stupid.

I’m not saying to stop believing in what you believe in but you shouldn’t hurt someone else because of it. Accept who a person is. Isn’t that what they teach in schools or something?

I mean, I used to be in this school that really emphasized ‘Tolerance,’ meaning being glad someone is different and embracing what they believe in. No one ever judged one another for religion. I also still remember those LBGTQ Rights posters. Morning announcements about not harassing people because of religion OR sexual orientation.

If we can respect others religions, can’t we respect homosexuals (and other) too?

Again, you shouldn’t stop being a religious person if you don’t want to either. I just ask that you respect others for what they believe in like we do for you. Thank you.

Rick's comment: Hi Arianne. Thanks for your comment. I encourage everyone to dump their religion and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.

What must I do to be saved?

Dec 20, 2018
its human nature
by: Chet

When Adam ate the apple Gods spirit was withdrawn leaving us with human nature! All things a human does is human nature! God is offering us through the cross of Christ a way to partake in his nature. God is not asking us to stop whatever it is we are doing, He is asking us to align our thoughts with his thoughts (the word).

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit,see John 6:63. (the word "in" is very significant and should be looked at with your Greek dictionary) and,

Romans 8:5 For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

If there is to be any change it is to be a spiritual change!

The thing we all must know in our hearts is that Jesus paid for ALL THE SIN OF THE WORLD!

He Loves Us that much!

Rick's comment:

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 21, 2019
This is beyond insane
by: Concerned person

Read Leviticus chapter 18, at least all of it to understand the kind of sex or sexual relations that the bible (or the word of God) is not in support of. But to be specific concerning the matter of homosexuals read Leviticus 18:22-25

And by the way genesis is very clear on why God created man and woman. And not man and man or woman and woman. Genesis 1:26-29

Rick's comment: Hi Concerned Person- These links answer your comments.

What about Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13?

What about Adam and Eve?

Mar 15, 2019
my reflection or His?
by: Chet

Sometime after being saved I went out on the town. Sitting on the back porch the next morning I detested seeing my reflection in the sliding glass door! What a piece of crap you are I said to myself. You did it again you piece of dung.

I was sorely disappointed and went about beating myself up really good for the next bit of time! Why God, why have I gone back, WHY? I understood then how people could commit suicide!

Totally demoralized I accepted defeat and figured God wanted nothing to do with me because I was NO GOOD and I knew it! It was one of those times that to sink any lower would be impossible!

As the self-loathing diminished the love of God increased ever so slightly. My thought began to change. (He changed it or guided it) Wait a minute I said looking at my reflection, I am a sinner, I am not good!

Isn’t that who God came for, the sick rather than the healthy, sinners not the righteous! Mark 2:17. Yes, yes, yes while I was without strength Christ died for ME, the ungodly! Romans 4:5-6.

Though I did not know it at the time God began to show me the insidious realm of un-belief. Plain and simple my self-pity was the perfect picture of unbelief!

On a deep spiritual level, I was glorifying the works of the devil the sin nature rather than glorifying God! It is Jesus suffering that is FULL PAYMENT for all my sin!

It is easy to believe God when everything is going well but when things get so bad that we don’t seem to be able to get off the ground, look not at your reflection.

Look not at what you do, do not look at your capabilities, look at God’s capability, look at all His glory in Christ Jesus for saving a wretch like me. Look at His reflection not yours!

Romans 5:3-6 Moreover [let us also be full of joy now!] let us exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unswerving endurance.

4 And endurance (fortitude) develops maturity of character (approved faith and tried integrity). And character [of this sort] produces [the habit of] joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation.

5 Such hope never disappoints or deludes or shames us, for God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us.

6 While we were yet in weakness [powerless to help ourselves], at the fitting time Christ died for (in behalf of) the ungodly.

Rick's comment: Hi Chet - What a great testimony for the saving grace of God in Christ!!!

Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you quoted Romans. I have a verse by verse commentary on Romans 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 on my website, which I hope you will find helpful.

Mar 25, 2019
Bible Changed?
by: Seriously Speaking

Now does this mean that the Bible has to be Changed?

Rick's comment: Hi - No, the old KJV Bible is fine, as is.

Yes, some newer Bibles should definitely be changed, since they inserted the word, homosexual, into the Bible, even though that word was never used, in any language, in the Bible.

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 22, 2019
He says...
by: Honest Abe

...nothing, because god doesn't exist. Your Book of Lies was written decades after Jesus was dead, by men, not some fairy in the sky. It is understandable that people thousands of years ago is believed it, because people back then were ignorant of nearly everything we know now. But for people in the modern age to believe these fairy tales is Ludacris.

According to the Bible, the Earth was created 6000 years ago, which is also ludicrous. If you are a Believer, you are lying to yourself, because religion isn't a pick and choose thing. You either believe everything in your book or you don't believe anything. You can't pick and choose little bits and facts to support your unsupportable beliefs.

Further, every tidbit and twisted piece of writing that you point to and support of your religion has been disproven and then Rewritten to try to get around the proof of its fallacy. You're little Book has been Rewritten many many times by many many different people and it is all bulls---t.

Rick's comment: Hi Abe - Your comment has me wondering.

Are you a good person?

Oct 22, 2019
RE: Honest Abe
by: Chet

Hey Abe, I use to feel just like you do now but it was many years ago. I can tell by what you write you have a desire to know if God is real or fake. Your objections are fully explained in the NT Bible however they will never be revealed to you or those who do not believe because the Bible is Spiritually discerned activated by faith.

Any person who has a desire to know must say some simple words in order their spiritual eyes be opened which then allows truth to be unveiled at a capacity commensurate to our efforts in study and reading.

The NT Bible is actually a fantastic read! The words you must speak are an act of faith, similar to saying your going to buy some shoes tomorrow and then you do. Faith development unlocks all truth!

Imagine, what if I am wrong? What if there is in fact an eternity for us to live with Him or without Him! Heaven or Hell! Abe if you perceive Good and evil, you are actually a believer however at a most primitive level!

It was years ago that my thought was, oh crap, if hell is for real I would be one dum dude to end up there.

I said with a heart of sincerity " God if you are real I want to know It" Show me and guide me!

Abe what will you bet?


Oct 24, 2019
by: david tandey


Rick's comment: This website was written by a conservative, soul-winning, gay Christian.

2. There is no misunderstanding, the Bible is clear. Sexual perverts will not inherit God's Kingdom.

Rick's comment: This website refutes your assertion. Please take time to do more reading and study.

3. There is no such place as hell. A loving God would not create such a place. Sexual perverts will simply not inherit God's Kingdom.

Rick's comment: Jesus teaches Hell 101.

Nov 04, 2019
I believe everything this says
by: Hunter

I am a bisexual Christian and I am happy that I can finally get an answer on this question, truth be told I lie every chance I can but I really want to stop lying but I can't seem to, I am going to pray as much as I can so hopefully I can go to heaven. Again thank you for this answer to my question.

Rick's comment: Hi Hunter - I'm glad it was helpful. You can know FOR SURE you are saved. Here's how.

What must I do to be saved?

Nov 04, 2019
by: david tandey

The Bible is clear, you cannot be a practising Gay Christian. You should be welcome in Church but must give up the so called Gay lifestyle.

Rick's comment: Hi David - Are you sure YOU are a Christian? Christians agree with what Jesus taught and believed.

Hell is mentioned 23 times in the New Testament. 20 of those 23 times, Jesus is the one who mentions hell.

Why do you disagree with Jesus about hell?

Jesus teaches Hell 101.

Nov 04, 2019
RE: David Tande
by: Chet

Rick, I am disappointed to see you have deleted my post titled RE: David Tandey

Rick's comment: Hi Chet - I noticed your post had a long quote from a 2018 Facebook post, and the quote was off-topic.

When someone quotes something from another website, especially a long quote, that can be problematic. I have no idea who is being quoted, so I felt it best to remove it.

Nov 30, 2020
God Doesn't Exist
by: Atheist

God doesn't exist. Especially with all the problems that we now have in this world today. A real God would have never let this happen in the first place. As for Gay people which i certainly don't approve of it either. But if i see them getting harassed by someone else, then i would have to step in and tell them to just leave them alone.

Rick's comment: Merry Christmas to you.

Because it's Christmas time, now is a great time for you to turn your back on your unbelief and believe on the risen Christ as your Savior from sin, hell and the wrath of God.

God loves you.

Jesus died to pay for your sins.

God accepted the payment Jesus made for your sins.

Jesus rose from the dead so that you can get saved.

That is God's Christmas gift to you.

Will you trust the risen Lord Jesus Christ today?

Getting saved will be your Christmas gift to God.

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 19, 2022
If you are truly saved, you do not continue in sin and sexual abomination is sin.
by: Scott

God condemns men sleeping with each other in the Bible. He condemns any sexual act outside of marriage and He made marriage to be between a man and his wife, not 2 men or 2 women.

You can't twist scripture to mean what you want it to mean, it says what it says very plainly and it clearly states that sexual abomination is a sin.

I don't hate gay people and if they choose to live that way, it's their decision but that doesn't make it biblically correct.

Whole cities were destroyed by God for their practice of homosexuality and their immoral sexual practices. It has nothing to do with Christians 'hating' gay people, we are taught not to hate at all, not even enemies.

It's about what scripture says and only that. Yes, it states that you only have to believe in Christ to be saved but it also states that a TRULY saved person desires to sin no more, so to continue to live in sin and to justify it means you do not truly believe and you are not truly saved.

Modern day progressive pastors try and twist words and meanings from the Bible to make everyone feel included and to gain more church members but it's not going to church that saves people, it's following scripture to the exact letter, which means believing FULLY in Christ and leading a life after His example.

Rick's comment: Hi Scott- When I get a comment like yours, I always wonder if you're a young Christian who doesn't know much about the Bible yet.

What must I do to be saved?

Mar 16, 2022
John 3:16
by: DFW Ms Vivian

If we are going to common denominator-style-simplify, we need look no further than John 3:16. Our mornings are new life, don't waste them looking backwards to crueler times. Jesus is Love, full of love and adoring of us all.

Jul 02, 2022
So true - salvation is about a changed heart, repentance and renouncing of sins
by: Valentin

Now here are a few critical questions:
1. Who defines the sins we must repent of and renounce?
2. what heart changes are proof that we have been saved?

Rick's comment: Hi Valentin- Thanks for the good questions.

Valentin asked: 1. Who defines the sins we must repent of and renounce?

Pastor Rick answers: In the Bible, the sin any sinner must repent of to get saved is the sin of unbelief.

"Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.
And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
Of sin, because they believe not on me;" - John 16:7-9

Valentin asked: 2. What heart changes are proof that we have been saved?

Pastor Rick answers: When someone gets saved, God radically changes them. These are some of the ways God changes them.

1. The Holy Spirit spiritually baptizes them (no water involved) into the body of Christ, 1 Corinthians 12:13.

2. The Holy Spirit seals them unto the day of redemption so that, they are kept by the power of God, not by their own ability to live the Christian life, Ephesians 1:13-14, 1 Peter 1:5.

3. God spiritually circumsizes them, cutting their saved soul loose from their unsaved body, so that they are no longer slaves to their flesh, Colossians 2:11.

4. God makes them a new creature in Christ. Old things are passed away and behold, all things are become new, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

What must I do to be saved?

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