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I. Gay Christian 101 owns most but not all of the written contents on this site, unless otherwise noted. For example, we do NOT own the Coming Out stories, Testimonies and articles you've written and which you were kind enough to send us. They are the property of each individual author and are used with permission.

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We are more than happy to give you permission to quote We even grant permission, on a case by case basis, to reprint some of our articles:

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  3. Contact Us to ask permission.

III. Articles, Testimonies, Letters and photos from users of Gay Christian 101 are owned by the individual who submitted them. You retain the © to your material. We’re just using what you were kind enough to send us.

IV. You are welcome to email us Articles, Photos, True Stories about how you reconciled being gay with Christianity, Testimonies, Stuff about Christian living, Stories and Photos about your Wedding or Holy Union, a copy of your wedding vows if you have authority to allow us to post your wedding vows on our website and Whatnot, for possible publication on Gay Christian 101.

When you email us something
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  1. You are saying that what you send is your own material.
  2. You are giving Gay Christian 101 permission to publish what you send.
  3. If you wish to use only a first name or a pen name, please tell us that.

V. Please do not send us stuff you did not write, for which someone else owns the ©. We don’t want to get in trouble for publishing someone else’s stuff. Whatever you send us with the intention that it be published on must be your own material.

VI. We do not agree to publish everything you send us. We make decisions about what goes on Gay Christian 101 based on whether or not it fits with the biblical Christian objectives and evangelistic mission of

VII. We’d love to pay you big money for your stuff but we can’t afford to do that.

  1. We work within a tight budget.
  2. Therefore, we do not pay for material.

VIII. Suggestions and constructive criticism from our readers are always welcome. If you have ideas that will improve please let us know what you think. This is our copyright information page.

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