How To Witness For Jesus

Witnessing for Jesus

How to witness for Jesus and effectively share your faith.

God commands Christians to witness, Matthew 28:18-20 and He promises power to be His witnesses, Acts 1:8. There are many ways to witness for Jesus but here are two of the most important ways we witness.

1. We witness for Jesus by telling others how Jesus paid for our sins by suffering the wrath of God which we deserved, how Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice, shedding His blood on the cross and how He rose from the dead so we can be saved. This involves talking to people and gently presenting the gospel, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.

2. We witness for Jesus by living an authentic Christian life based on a Biblical worldview. Both ways of witnessing for Jesus are important and necessary.

Street ministry for Jesus

If we talk to others about Jesus Christ but our life contradicts our words, people won’t believe our testimony. If we live an authentic Christian life but never tell others about Jesus, how will people know that Jesus can be their Savior too?

People use all kinds of excuses for not sharing their faith in Jesus. Fear of what others will think and fear of being asked a question you can't answer keeps many Christ- ians from witnessing.

We'll help you deal with your fears so you can tell others about Jesus. These short videos help you overcome fear about sharing your faith in Jesus Christ.

The Bible asks
this important question.

"How shall they believe in Him of whom

they have not heard?" - Romans 10:14

Someone needs to tell them about Jesus.

Someone loved you enough to tell you about Jesus.

Will you love others enough to tell them about Jesus?

How do I tell someone about Jesus? What do I say?

How To Witness For Jesus
In Under 4 Minutes

This witnessing method uses the Ten Commandments to teach people that our own human goodness can never satisfy the demands of God's law.

Witnessing this way is effective because it aims at the conscience, putting the witnessing Christian in sync with the Holy Spirit, using God's Law to show people their sins.

The Ten Commandments

God uses the Law, not to save anyone but to bring them to repentance. That is the purpose of God’s Law and our reason for encouraging every Christian to learn how to witness using God's law.

“Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” Galatians 3:24

Using the 10 Commandments shows us that we cannot keep God’s law, no matter how sincere we are and no matter how hard we try. Once a sinner understands that, s(he) then begins to understand the absolute necessity of repenting and trusting Jesus Christ instead of his or her good works.

Learn how to witness using God's law
to reach their heart!

  1. Read the 10 Commandments until they are fixed in your mind. The 10 Commandments are found in Exodus 20:3-17.
  2. Watch the video again and use the dialogue as your witnessing model. It's okay to make study notes on a 3x5 card.
  3. Watching the video a number of times helps to fix this way of witnessing in your mind.
  4. Try it out on a friend and practice what you're going to say. Practice in front of a mirror until you are confident. Smile as you present the grace of God to folks who don't yet know Him.
  5. You can learn to witness effectively and its worth investing your time to learn how to present the good news of Jesus Christ.
  6. Once you've learned how to witness effectively, you can witness anywhere to anyone.
  7. Now that you know how to witness effectively, you need some good gospel tracts.

Remember, we're NOT telling anyone to keep

the Ten Commandments to get saved.

The Ten Commandments

We use the Ten Commandments to show that everyone is a sinner, that none of us can keep them therefore ALL of us need Jesus as our Savior. Once people understand they are sinners and their own goodness cannot save them, they are more willing to repent (change their mind) and trust Jesus Christ as Savior.

Jesus rose from the dead
and He's alive today!

The great thing about Jesus is that He didn’t stay in the grave. He didn’t stay dead. We know that God the Father accepted Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins because God raised Jesus from the dead. That is the good news we can share with everyone.

What incredible things happen
when you tell others about Jesus?

Sometimes witnessing for Jesus can be discouraging because we don't always see immediate results. We are programmed to expect instant gratification. But sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others doesn't always give us instant results.

Have you ever felt like witnessing for Jesus and passing out gospel tracts isn't having much impact? Watch this video and you will be amazed! God is always working behind the scenes as we faithfully witness for Him.

How to witness for Jesus
This will get you excited!

We're in this adventure for God together. Let's stop attacking and criticizing each other. It's time to work together to win the lost and lead them to trust our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Does God really love
and save homosexuals?

Does the Bible explain
how to be saved?

What is grace and
how does it affect my salvation?

Who is Jesus
according to the Bible?

Are you a good person?

God saves gays but do you think
he wants them to stay gay?

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