Does God really love homosexuals?

Yes, God really does love homosexuals!

WOW! God loves homosexuals!!!

Does God really want us in heaven with Him? Can that possibly be true? Yes, God absolutely does love us and He isn't interested in changing our sexual orientation. Many Christians including some street preachers are not shy about expressing their disgust and revulsion for GLBT people.

California native Reuben Israel
preaching against homosexuals.

At Gay Pride parades, it seems like there are always street preachers with bullhorns calling names and yelling that God hates us because we're gay. LOL - We just shake our heads, marvel at their ignorance of the grace of God in Jesus Christ and reaffirm that we are going to love and serve King Jesus for the rest of our lives!

So I ask again, Does God really love and save lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people?

Yes, God absolutely does love and those of us whom society tries to marginalize, when we call on Him for salvation. We need to look beyond the anti-gay agitators and focus on the loving heart of God as revealed in scripture. Let's see what God really says in the Bible.

If we look honestly and read closely, we discover that sexual orientation does not separate us from God. What separates us from God is that we're all sinners who have broken God's law. What is God’s Law. God's Law is the Ten Commandments. According to the Bible, God wrote the Ten Commandments Himself.

"And he gave to Moses, when he had finished speaking with him on Mount Sinai, the two tablets of the testimony, tablets of stone, written withthe finger of God." Exodus 31:18


When we violate the Ten Commandments, we have broken God’s Law. Our breaking of God's law creates a barrier between us and a holy God.

Simply put, the Ten Commandments reveal the holy character of God. And yet they never mention homosexuality. When we read the Ten Commandments, we see that there is no commandment dealing with homosexuality. Isn't that interesting?

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory (character and holiness) of God.” Romans 3:23

You see, most people think the way to be saved is, just be a good person. If that's what you believe, I have two questions for you. (1) Are you a good person? (2) Does the Bible say that being a good person is the way we get saved?

How have we fallen short of God's standard? Does our sexuality fall short? Is homosexuality our problem? No, the Bible never says that. But the Bible does say “for by the law is the knowledge of sin,” Romans 3:20. In other words the Ten Commandments point out our sin. Ten simple little rules show us we can't measure up to God's perfect standard.

Let’s do a quick review of the Ten Commandments and see how we measure up, not about homosexuality but in meeting God's perfect standard. The Commandments are found in Exodus 20:1-17.

The First Commandment (20:3) says, “You shall have no other Gods before me.” Is God first in your life or have you given something else first place? Your career, your relationship, your hobbies - have they taken God's place? Do you love God above all else? Do you love God more than your partner, your possessions, your job? No mention of homosexuals.

The Second Commandment (20:4) says, “You shall not make for yourselves any graven image, you shall not bow down to them.” Clearly this commandment is talking about idolatry. Idolatry means to make a god in your image instead of worshiping the God of the Bible.

Anne Lamott said: “You can tell you've made God in your image when it turns out He hates all the same people you hate.” No mention of homosexuals.

Do I obey this one?

This Command (20:7) says, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.” Are you famous for your potty mouth? Do you use God’s name as a cuss word? If profanity is the norm for you, that's not normal. No mention of homosexuals.

When we use God's Name and the word damn in the same sentence, that is the sin of blasphemy. The Message Bible puts it like this:

“No using the name of God or Jesus in curses
or silly banter. God won’t put up with the irreverent use of his name.”
Exodus 20:7

The Fourth commandment (20:8) says, “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” Do you have a quiet time each day where you commune with God through prayer and reading His word? Do you set aside time each week to worship and honor God?

The first four commandments have to do with our respect, honor and worship of God. What is your score on the first four commandments? Have you broken all or some of them? Have you noticed there's been no commandment about homosexuality?

Jesus divided the law of God into two sections: loving God and loving our neighbor, Matthew 22:36-40. Let’s see how we measure up to God's law in the rest of the Ten Commandments which by the way, do not mention homosexuals.

The Fifth Commandment (20:12) says, "Honor your father and mother." That simply means to respect your parents, even if they do not accept your sexual orientation. We can respect them and still disagree with them. It's possible to be firm in standing up for ourselves without being aggressive or mean-spirited.

We can honor your parents even if they have disowned us. The Bible says if our mother and father reject us, that “God will take us up," Psalm 27:10. Notice there is not mention of homosexuality, just the standards God expects of everyone, gay or not gay. God holds us to the same standards as everyone else. No mention of homosexuals.

The Sixth Commandment (20:13) says, "Thou shalt not kill." The New Testament says, "if we hate someone in our heart we've committed murder," 1 John 3:15, so its possible to break this commandment without committing the physical act of murder. Hating someone equals murder in God's eyes. No mention of homosexuals.

If God judges you by these commandments on
judgment day, will you be guilty or innocent?

The Seventh Commandment (20:14) says, "You shall not commit adultery" which means violating your commitment vows to your partner and God. Yes homosexuals can commit adultery too and it's just as sinful when we do it as when anyone else does it. Sin is sin.

Jesus intensifies this command when He says "to look on someone with lust is to commit adultery in our hearts," Matthew 5:28, even if nothing physical takes place. No mention of homosexuals.

The Eighth Commandment (20:15) says, "You shall not steal." Have you ever taken something that didn’t belong to you, no matter how small and regardless of its value? What do we call someone who steals? A thief. No mention of homosexuals.

The Ninth Commandment (20:16) says, "You shall not lie or bear false witness." Have you have ever told a lie, no matter how small? What about lying to get out of trouble at work or blaming someone for something that was really your fault? What do we call someone who lies? A liar. The Bible says “all liars will have their place in the Lake of Fire," on Judgment Day, Revelation 21:8. We may not think lying is a serious sin but God thinks it's serious! No mention of homosexuals.

The Tenth Commandment (20:17) says, "You shall not covet anything that is your neighbor's." That includes their house, their cars, their friends, their job, their possessions, their husband or wife.

Do homosexuals break the Ten Commandments?

Yes, of course! Who of us can say that we've never broken these commandments at one time or another? Here's something scary to think about. In the New Testament the Apostle James says that "if we have broken even one commandment, we have broken them all," James 2:10-12. If you break one link in a chain you have destroyed the chain. No mention of homosexuals.

It should be clear by now that the problem keeping us from God isn't that we're homosexuals. Being GLBTs is not the issue. The issue with God is that we are sinners and our sin separates us from God. Isaiah says "your sins have separated you from your God. Your sins have hidden His face from you so that He will not hear,” Isaiah 59:2.

Does the fact that you have sinned against God terrify you? It should. Our sins anger God. The Bible says we are "enemies of God because of our wicked works," Colossians 1:21. The Bible says if you don't know Jesus, “God's wrath abides on you,” John 3:36.

Rainbow parachute

Let the fear of God help you make the right decision this time. If you had to jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, would that be scary enough to make you want a parachute?

Jumping from 10,000 feet you'd have no chance of survival unless you had a parachute. Fear would make you put on the parachute. Let fear over how much you've angered God with your sins cause you to trust God's mercy and grace right now.

The Bible says we are to "put on the Lord Jesus Christ." That means we are to trust only in Jesus by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, with none of our works involved. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins by His death on the cross.

Because of our sins, if we don't trust Jesus, we're headed for hell and the “lake of fire.” Yet God in his mercy sent Jesus to pay the price of our sin which was death. Jesus took on Himself all the wrath of God, all the punishment we should have received when He died on the cross.

And when He died, the Bible says Jesus went to hell for us, Acts 2:31. Then God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day. Jesus isn't dead and still in the grave. He is alive and that's important.

Paid In Full

The resurrection of Jesus proves that God accepted Him as our substitute. It also proves God accepted the death of Jesus as the payment for our sins. If Jesus' payment for your sins satisfied God, isn't it time it satisfied you?

He took our place, died to pay for our sins and God accepted the payment Jesus made. When we trust Jesus God marks our sin debt, Paid in Full.

Remember the parachute I mentioned? Putting on the parachute will save your life and “putting on the Lord Jesus Christ,” Romans 13:14, will save you from hell. It's not enough to belief the parachute will save your life. You must put it on.

The tomb is empty
and Jesus is alive!

Repenting of your sins and trusting Jesus works the same way.

It's not enough to just believe in your head. When you believe on Jesus in your heart, you actually put on Jesus. You really repent of your sins and trust Jesus alone to save you. Here are the two actions you must take to get saved.

1. You must repent of your sins. That means to change your mind about your sins and trust Jesus. It means that you are deciding to trust Jesus from now on instead of your own good works. It means that you want to make a fresh start in Christ.

The first word that Jesus spoke when he began his public ministry was REPENT. He said “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” The Kingdom of God is also at hand in your own life right now.

2. You must receive Jesus by believing on Him in your heart. Acts 16:31 says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me,” John 14:6; 1:11-12.

Do you see it now? Getting right with God has nothing to do with being homosexual or heterosexual and everything to do with trusting Jesus as your Savior.

What's the best thing Jesus ever did for you?

He took your place and died on the cross to pay for your sins. Jesus was your substitute. Because Jesus loves you and God loves you, Jesus took the punishment you deserved!

"God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8. God paid the sin debt we couldn't pay. Jesus took our place on the cross and paid our penalty 2,000 years ago.

And the penalty Jesus paid satisfied the demands of God's holy law. The Bible puts it this way. Jesus “was wounded and bruised for our sins,” Isaiah 53:5. “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us by hanging on a tree,” Galatians 3:13.

The cross was for you

Jesus dying on the cross for you is one of the greatest transactions in the history of the universe. By His death as our Substitute, all the demands of God's law were satisfied and God Himself is satisfied.

As the Judge of all the Earth, Genesis 18:25, God can now legally dismiss your case and declare you innocent (this is called justification by faith) when you trust Jesus because you sins have been paid for. Now if you will be satisfied with Jesus' payment for your sins, if you will receive Jesus as Savior, you can be saved.

What should you do? Today, right now, it's time to trust Jesus Christ as your Savior. (1) Repent, change your mind about your sins and (2) trust Jesus Christ and ask Him to save you and forgive your sins today. It's easy to get saved.

How To Invite Jesus
Into Your Heart
In Less Than 4 Minutes

“For whosoever shall call upon the name
of the Lord shall be saved.”

Romans 10:13

Trust Jesus today

Please Pray This Prayer

"Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins.

I admit that I'm a sinner and need your forgiveness. I believe that Jesus shed His blood to pay for my sins.

I believe that you raised Jesus from the dead to prove that you accepted His payment for my sins.

I open the door of my heart and receive You as my Savior. Lord Jesus, please help me live for you all the days of my life.

Thank you Jesus for saving me from my sins.

In Jesus' Name, Amen."

Now that you've trusted Jesus, start reading the Gospel of John in your Bible. Then read Matthew, Mark, Luke and Acts.Then read the entire New Testament. Then read the Psalms. Then read the New Testament again. Underline or high light verses which speak to you. Ask yourself: What can I learn from this verse? How can I apply this verse to my life? How can I obey God and become a better Christian?

Ask God to show you His truth and then obey what you read in the Bible. Find a good Bible believing church where you can worship God, learning and growing with other Christians.

We offer excellent FREE Bible Studies and in depth online FREE Bible study resources for eDisciples.

May God bless you! Please Contact Us to let us know that you've trusted Jesus so we can pray for you.

Ellen from

This message was written by my friend Ellen who is a wonderful soul-winning, witnessing for Jesus Christian lesbian.

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