Bible Boot Camp

Are you ready for Bible Boot Camp?

Christians are under assault from enemies inside and outside the church. God needs women and men who will stand for His truth. Are you willing to take a stand for God and His truth?

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These Bible lessons teach the basics of what it means to be a real Christian, what real Christians believe and how real Christians live.

Many people who think they are saved are not. They are religious people just going through the motions. Fake Christians and false teachers often try to lead us astray with their false doctrines. How can we identify false beliefs and false teachers and how can we make sure we are saved?

  1. They are religious but lost.
  2. They are cultural christians, not born again Christians.
  3. They follow and financially support false teachers.
  4. They are deceived by the faux spirituality of false signs and wonders.
  5. They try to pass themselves off as Biblical apostles.
  6. They deny the truth of the Bible and embrace post-modern thinking.
  7. They embrace the fake spirituality of Gnosticism.
  8. They reject Bible Christianity and follow New Age spirituality.
  9. They refuse to make a negative judgment about anything although God commands Christians to judge righteous judgment.
  10. They need to get saved by trusting Jesus.

Bible Boot Camp is for serious Christians!

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Every Christian who wants to be an real disciple of Jesus should know the basics of what Christians believe and why we believe it.

Many people have trusted Jesus as Savior yet they do not now much about the Bible and their Christian faith. Our Bible lessons teach you the basics of what Christians believe and why we believe. We call it Bible B.oot Camp because in the Bible, God presents Christians as soldiers.

The first rule of military training is: "Shut up and listen."

Listen to
your D.I.

You’re not here to teach. You’re here to learn. The same idea applies when learning the Bible. Don't act like you know it all. If you listen and learn instead of assuming you already know it all, these lessons will help you grow in Jesus.

These Bible lessons teach you self-discipline, self-sacrifice, loyalty and obedience plus the basics of Christian belief. That gets you in shape spiritually so you can serve God. Learning the Bible for yourself helps make you the absolute best soldier for Jesus you can be. BBC gets you ready for service, equipping you with the skills to serve God effectively. That is the purpose of these lessons.

There are many things you cannot bring to military boot camp.

Are you
a soldier
for Jesus?

Likewise, if you’re serious about being a disciple of Jesus, there are things you need to let go to be a Bible Christian.

You cannot bring alcohol, drugs, tobacco or obscene and pornographic material to military boot camp. Those items will also affect your success in Bible Boot Camp. You cannot hang onto the world with one hand and at the same time, be a real disciple of Jesus.

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man (or woman) that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that (s)he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” 2 Timothy 2:4, KJV

“(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)” 2 Cor 10:4, KJV

What a sight! The army of the living God marching as a royal regiment, to music unheard by common ears. All of the Savior’s soldiers are volunteers. They know their Master’s Manual of Arms. They employ the tactics of truth. They delight in the daily drill of being a soldier for Jesus.

Sometimes life is a mud pit!

Are you willing to endure hardship for Jesus Christ? Will you have a place in God’s great army of soldiers or will you be routed by a little rain? Do you shake in your boots every time you try to witness? The Cross of Christ is not a symbol for cowards. We'll teach you how to witness for Jesus.

Remember you are marching through enemy territory. This battle for God’s righteousness is not a recreational jaunt. It’s a fight to the finish. The uniform of heaven looks strangely out of place in the strongholds of hell so don't go there. Put on God’s armour, Ephesians 6:14-18 and be strong for God.

These lessons for soldiers are for serious Christians who want to be all they can be for God. This is for people who refuse to be mediocre. Everyone who wants a closer deeper living relationship with God should participate in Bible Boot Camp.

Bible Boot Camp Lessons

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