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Who is Jesus in the Gospel of John?

Our Who Is Jesus Bible study introduces Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Gospel of John. Our question and answer format allows students to learn for themselves what the Bible really says about Jesus Christ.

We use the King James Version but if you don't have a KJV feel free to use any Bible you have available to look up verses and answer questions.

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1. John 20:31 - Why was the Gospel of John written?


2. Who is Jesus Christ, according to these verses? The first one is answered for you.

  • John 1:1 - Jesus Christ (the Word) is God.
  • John 1:3 __________________________________________
  • John 4:42 __________________________________________
  • John 10:11 __________________________________________
  • John 10:30 __________________________________________
  • John 11:27 __________________________________________
  • John 19:19 __________________________________________
  • John 20:28 __________________________________________
  • John 20:31 __________________________________________

3. Jesus explained who He was by saying “I AM...” Who and what did Jesus claim to be, according to these verses?

  • John 6:35 I am ______________________________________
  • John 8:12 I am ______________________________________
  • John 10:9 I am ______________________________________
  • John 10:11 I am ______________________________________
  • John 11:25 I am ______________________________________
  • John 14:6 I am ______________________________________
  • John 8:58 - “Before Abraham was, ____ ______.”

4. John 3:19-20 - Who is Jesus? Sin in their lives causes many people to back off from trusting Jesus. Is the natural human tendency to come to the light (Jesus) or would people rather stay in darkness? ____________________________________

5. John 3:19 - How does the Bible describe the “deeds” of these people? __________________________

6. John 7:19 - According to the Lord Jesus, does anyone keep God’s law? _________________

7. John 8:7-10 - Is anyone sinless (without sin), according to Jesus? _________________

8. John 8:34 - Who is a servant (slave) of sin? ______________

9. John 8:36 - Who is the only one who can set you free from sin? __________________________

10. John 1:14 - Who is Jesus? God has done something wonderful.

“The Word (Jesus) was made (became) _________________ and dwelt among us.”

11. John 4:42 - Who is Jesus? Jesus became a man because He is the S____________ of the world.

12. John 3:17 - According to the Bible, did Jesus come to judge the world or to save the world? ______________________

13. John 3:18 - If you believe on Jesus as your Savior, you are not condemned. What causes God to condemn some people? _________________________________________

14. John 3:16 - What did God do to show you how much He loves you? _________________________________________

15. John 19:18 - Who is Jesus? When John 3:16 talks about God giving His Son, it is talking about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. Like a common criminal, Jesus was ___________________

16. Paying the penalty for our sins cost Jesus His life. What were Jesus’ final words on the cross, when He died? __________________________________________

17. John 19:31-35 - Who is Jesus? Jesus died for our sins. He was our Substitute. He took the punishment for sin which we deserved. He took our place. Do you believe Jesus really died on the cross for you? _________

18. John 19:40-41 - Do you believe Jesus was really buried in a tomb (sepulchre) in a garden? _________

19. John 20:9 - Do you believe Jesus really did rise from the dead? _________

20. John 20:11-15 - Who is Jesus? When Mary first saw Jesus after His resurrection, not recognizing him, she thought He was ____ _________________

The Bible helps us understand
Who Is Jesus?

21. John 20:18 - After Mary saw the risen Lord, her first impulse was to share the good news with others. Who did Mary tell? _____________________________________

22. John 20:19 & 21 - What was Jesus’ message to His disciples after He rose from the dead? ___________________________

23. John 20:20 - What did Jesus do to prove to His disciples that He was their crucified and risen Lord? ______________________________________

24. John 20:25 - Who is Jesus? What proof did doubting Thomas want before he believed that Jesus was alive? ______________________________________

25. John 20:29 - What caused doubting Thomas to believe that Jesus was really risen from the dead? ______________________________________

26. John 20:29 - According to Jesus, is it necessary for us to literally see the resurrected Christ in order to believe? _______________________________________

27. John 20:30-31 - Who is Jesus? Has God given us enough information that we can logically believe that Jesus rose from the dead? _______________________________________

28. John 14:1-3 - According to Jesus, is heaven a real place He is preparing for us? _________

29. John 14:6 - According to Jesus, Who is the only way to the Father and heaven? _______________________________________

Did Jesus say “I am a way” or “I am the way?” __________________________

Did Jesus say “I am a truth” or “I am the truth?” ________________________

30. John 14:27 - What does Jesus give to troubled hearts? ___________

31. John 15:5 - What is the secret of living a fruitful life for God? ________________________________

32. John 15:8 - What happens when your life bears much fruit? _____________________________________

33. John 15:11 - What is your life full of when you abide in Christ? _________

34. John 15:12 - Abiding in Christ produces joy which enables us to _________ one another.

35. John 15:18-20 - In what two ways does the world react to a committed Christian who loves God and lives a joyful life? _________ and _________

36. John 15:21 - The world reacts with hatred and persecution toward Christians who live joyfully for God because _______________________________________

37. John 15:26 - Jesus promised to give us the Comforter or ___ _____ ______, the Spirit of Truth.

38. John 16:8-11 - The job of the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) is to reprove (or convict) the world:

  • v. 9 _______________________________
  • v. 10 _______________________________
  • v. 11 _______________________________

39. John 16:33 - According to Jesus, the life of a Christian isn’t always easy. As long as we live in this world, we will have ____________________ but we should be cheerful because Jesus has _______________________ the world.

40. John 17:17 - According to Jesus, God’s word is ____________

41. John 17:3 - What is eternal life? Knowing the true God and __________________________________

42. John 3:36 - You get everlasting life by believing on the _________

43. John 3:36 - If you refuse to believe on the Son, what is already on you? ___________________________________

44. John 5:24 - When you hear God’s word and ___________ on God the Father Who sent Jesus, you have ______________ __________.

Because God gives you everlasting life when you believe on Jesus, you will not be _____________. Instead of condemnation, you have passed from ________ unto _____________.

45. John 1:11-12 - Who is Jesus? God gives everyone two choices. We can receive Jesus Christ by faith (John 1:12) or we can reject Jesus by not receiving Him (John 1:11).

Please circle the correct answer.

1. I have received (trusted, believed on) Jesus Christ by faith. Yes. No.

2. I have rejected Jesus Christ. Yes. No.

46. John 3:16 - You are a whosoever so please write your name in the blanks.

“For God so loved ____________________ that He gave His only

begotten Son (for ____________________) that when

_____________________ believes in Him, ____________________will

not perish, but ____________________ will have everlasting life.”

47. John 8:31 - How can you be a true disciple of Jesus Christ? _____________________________________

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