Gay Christian 101 Feedback
Readers Tell Us Why They
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Gay Christian 101 Feedback

Gay Christian 101 Feedback

Many thanks to wonderful readers who tell us how
Gay Christian 101 has
impacted your life.

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Gay Christian 101 Feedback
from Dr. Jerry Maneker

“Brentlinger is... an excellent lucid writer but also a first rate scholar in the area of Christianity, the Bible and homosexuality...

Dr. Jerry Maneker

He unequivocally and conclusively shows that same-sex loving couples have never been condemned in Scripture or in any of the works of the ancient writers who lived in the time frame and within the context in which the "offending" words, ideas and Bible passages were written and interpreted.

He also unequivocally and conclusively shows how those passages have been re-defined, often by relatively recent self-styled "conservative" Christians, to mean what was undoubtedly never in the minds of the writers of the Old and New Testaments...

I can't do sufficient justice to this superb book! As I mentioned, it is... simply outstanding, easily readable, logically and systematically written so that everyone from a lay person to a theologian can easily read and comprehend it.

- Dr. Jerry Maneker, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at California State University, Chico. Dr. Maneker has been married since 1962. He and his wife have two grown daughters. Jerry is an ordained priest in the Congregational Catholic Church, a division of the Independent Catholic Churches International (ICCI).
Jerry Maneker reviews Gay Christian 101.

Gay Christian 101 Feedback
from Rev. Troy Perry,
Founder of MCC

Gay Christian 101 Feedback

"Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense for Gay Christians, is a must-have book for... any person who is seeking answers to the continued debate around the Bible and human sexuality.

Rev. Troy Perry

Rick knocks the ball out of the park with his knowledge of Scripture and his love for the Bible.

If I could only afford to purchase one book this year, this would be it!

Rick, you've done an incredible job.”

- Rev. Troy Perry, Founder of, The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

"I just wanted to let you know that I've now finished reading your book. It has been such an encouragement to me. I'm a huge fan of history, and the way you weaved solid historical context and culture into your work gave it so much more validity. I now have a greater desire to know more about God's Word..."
- Church Music Director. Gay Christian 101 Feedback.

"I just finished the chapter on David and Jonathan and think it was the most convincing material on their having a sexual relationship that I have read."
- Pastor D, via email.

"Your meticulous method of presenting evidence almost leaves the reader with no other conclusion than your own. That's great presentation... I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your writing style." - Kevin

"I was impressed that he did not limit the perspectives he presented to the ones he viewed (and supported) as correct.

Far to the contrary, he at times almost overwhelms the reader with alternate viewpoints, considering all angles of the critical issues regarding homosexuality and the Bible.

For example, Brentlinger presented 18 different interpretations of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, explaining what type of people believe them, then sorting out and presenting what he believes the evidence shows...

You may even reach different conclusions — there is enough alternative information provided to make that possible — but he does such a good job of methodically making his points that disagreeing with his final conclusions would be very difficult...

I have never read a more comprehensive study of how homosexuality is and is not treated in the Bible than this book, and I suspect you haven’t either."
- Jim Johnson, Straight Not Narrow Blogspot. Gay Christian 101 Feedback.

"I have so many friends who have personally struggled with these [gay] issues over the years that I really think you have done a great service to gay and lesbian people who are on the path of Christianity.

You have also done a service to non-Christian gays in that the book will serve to reduce anti-Christian feeling, which is very common in the queer community, by showing that those who preach intolerance are not in fact true to their own scripture."
- Toby Grace, Editor In Chief, Out In Jersey Magazine, Gay Christian 101 Feedback.

"This book Gay Christian 101 is one of the most enlightening of modern times, about homosexual relationships. It is not written to excuse sin in anyway, but to help true Bible-believing Christians understand true doctrine from God's word concerning the issue of same-sex relationships.

It is an eye opener and if read with a heart open to God and His Holy Spirit, I believe it will cause you to be moved with a deeper heartfelt burden for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ which is to reach all the world, with the message of the Gospel."
- Fundamental Pentecostal Missionary in Asia. Gay Christian 101 Feedback.

"I love this book. It has helped me in responding to other "straight christians" like myself, when trying to impress upon them the knowledge God has given me about Gays and Lesbians. They are His children and He loves them and His word doesn't say anything different... Love in Christ." - Karen P.

Gay Christian 101 eBook only $7.99

Review and Comments about
Gay Christian 101

What others think about our book.
Did they praise it or pan it?

Gay Christian 101 is the best book to help Christians and LGBT people understand what the Bible really says about homosexuality. The site is fantastic …

Thank you for your book 
I used to doubt God and hated the church because I thought that God hated homosexuality , when it turns out, He doesn't. All those are a result of …

Gay Christian 101 set me free and changed my life! 
After coming out, I was ushered into an ex-gay ministry by well meaning, though theologically ignorant Christians. I lasted only a year because I …

An Amazing Spiritual Breakthrough 
I wanted to contact you personally regarding this website and your book that I purchased. I prayerfully studied them both and still visit your site …

Gay Christian 101 is simply amazing! 
"Your Gay Christian 101 book is simply amazing. I am enjoying the book very much. Can't say that it is an "easy read" but I am learning more about …

Thank you for writing this book! 
I have ordered two of Gay Christian 101 by Rick Brentlinger so far. I have a gay son that has been really hurt in life. And I have many friends that …

This is the spiritual armor everyone needs. 
Gay Christian 101 should be required reading for all gay Christians. Frankly, it would be nice if our detractors read it, though that is unlikely …

Great Book! 
This book is excellent in showing that being gay is not, as most churches teach, sinful or against God’s law. Gay Christians can get the information they …

Absolutely loved your book! 
I absolutely loved your book. I met with a young woman pastor at my church today who is very pro-gay and for gay marriage, which is not in line with …

I am reading Gay Christian 101. This book has taken away all the shame and disgrace of being gay. After years of being told that I am going to hell for …

What the Bible and Science say about being gay 
From what I have studied on the subject, the Bible doesn't give a blanket condemnation of homosexuality. Here are some good questions to ask conservative …

Sodom and Hospitality 
Your comments on Sodom and hospitality are spot on! Hospitality is a big issue in the East and it is interesting to note that the basis for judgment when …

Awesome Website ; Can't Wait to Buy the Book! 
Gay Christian 101 Website is awesome! Excellent Presentation of the Facts! Must Read Information! This website will bring revival in the hearts of many …

This Is An Incredible Book! 
In his powerful new book, Independent Baptist minister Rick Brentlinger persuasively argues that on the issue of homosexuality, the church has it wrong. …

I Strongly Recommend It... 
Commenting on our new book Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay Christians . "Not only was his research exceptionally detailed and …

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