What the Bible and Science say about being gay

by Jay Spillers

From what I have studied on the subject, the Bible doesn't give a blanket condemnation of homosexuality. Here are some good questions to ask conservative Christians.

  1. Does the Bible anywhere condemn being gay as an orientation? NO.

  2. Does the Bible anywhere condemn loving a person of the same sex? NO, in fact its commanded.

  3. Does the Bible condemn two people of the same sex being in a loving committed relationship? NO, David and Jonathon were in a very close loving relationship. Whether they were gay/bi I don't know, but one would have to admit that they were in a strong same sex relationship.

  4. Does the Bible condemn two people of the same sex living together in the same household and sharing resources? NO.

  5. Does the Bible condemn two people of the same gender showing affection for each other such as hugging, kissing, etc. (put sex aside for the moment) NO.

If you can get a Conservative Christian to concede the above questions, you go a long way toward greater acceptance of gay people. Yes, the sex question has to at some time be addressed, but like a good opposite gender relationship, partnerships are about a lot more then sex.

Now as far as the sex goes, if people are honest most of the references to homosexual conduct that are condemned in scripture are usually in the context of:

(a) prostitution
(b) idol/pagan worship
(c) adult child relations

The only passages that come close to condemning same sex love outright are the Leviticus passages, but most Rabbis will tell you that Lev 18:22 and 20:13 are probably only prohibiting anal sex.

So if a gay couple is in a loving relationship and commits to refrain from anal sex, we should simply encourage them to pray and seek God as to what they can do in terms of showing sexual affections.

In terms of the science, from what I have read, I believe people are gay or straight due to hormonal influences in the prenatal stage. Its not genetic or by childhood experiences.

Christians should encourage love and compassion in all areas. In terms of business and government we should push for an end to discrimination. We should support domestic partnerships, civil unions and marriage equality in law. We should encourage the federal government to repeal DOMA and pass a domestic partner law to give same sex couples access to federal rights already open to married heterosexual couples.

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