I Strongly Recommend It...

by Jim Johnson
(Straight, Not Narrow Blog)

Commenting on our new book Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay Christians.

"Not only was his research exceptionally detailed and thorough, I was impressed that he did not limit the perspectives he presented to the ones he viewed (and supported) as correct.

Far to the contrary, he at times almost overwhelms the reader with alternate viewpoints, considering all angles of the critical issues regarding homosexuality and the Bible. For example, Brentlinger presented 18 different interpretations of Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13, explaining what type of people believe them, then sorting out and presenting what he believes the evidence shows...

I have never read a more comprehensive study of how homosexuality is and is not treated in the Bible than this book, and I suspect you haven't either."

- Jim Johnson, September 17, 2007 Straight, Not Narrow Blog, Scroll down to September 17, 2007.

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