Gay Christian 101 set me free and changed my life!

by Kevin Schupp
(Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

After coming out, I was ushered into an ex-gay ministry by well meaning, though theologically ignorant Christians. I lasted only a year because I saw there were no answers in denial and behavior modification. I was still gay! But the emotional damage to me had been done!

Then by the grace of God I found this website and bought Rick's book. With my background as a 7 year Bible College student, it not only made sense but was good hermeneutics.

Gay Christian 101 is Bible study on a superior level. The knowledge contained in it freed me to live my life without shame, doubt and guilt for being the Kevin God created, who is gay.

Every LGBT person should buy and keep this book as the handbook of homosexuality and the Bible. I have found it's Biblical thoroughness to be insurmountable when confronting the anti-gay and ex-gay agenda.

Thanks Rick for your faithful and unwavering attention to history, language, content and context, all of which make for good and proper Biblical interpretation. Your book changed my life as a Christian and as a gay man.

In Jesus,

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Apr 05, 2017
Opening My Eyes
by: John Fountain

Thank you so much for helping me, for opening my eyes. I now know who I am and not ashamed anymore to accept who I am. God bless you.

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