An Amazing Spiritual Breakthrough

by Larry from Texas

I wanted to contact you personally regarding this website and your book that I purchased. I prayerfully studied them both and still visit your site often. Amazingly, a huge spiritual breakthrough occurred after studying both these resources very ardently.

I was taught in a fundamentalist christian environment during my early Christian years, and for at least 12 years I have been fighting myself dearly because I thought that God hates me and wants me punished because of my gayness and so called lifestyle.

It was so bad, that I could not get out of bed. I felt every day was meant to be a bad day because of my misdeeds. Eventually I was diagnosed with severe mental illnesses (schizophrenia to name one), and I felt I never had any hope. I did not personally think I would live very long. But something drew me to these Biblically sound insights that you present here and from there, my life was changed.

Of course, I stayed in very serious prayer. In a nutshell, it seems I became born again. I saw Jesus for who He really was, and not what these rogue people have taught me all my life. The good news, is that so many miraculous things have happened within the last couple months.

I have been smoking cigarettes for over 12 years, and instantly I quit cold turkey, something I never thought was possible but with God it was. In addition, recently I have been thoroughly tested by a psychologist with 36 years of experience, and he can safely declare with test results that I am not schizophrenic or have any other mental disease.

But the best news is that I now know Jesus loves me and that my gayness and the people who hate it will not stop me from serving Him and proclaiming the Good News to everyone I know.

I really feel set free. I can now live life but more abundantly. And no, my goal is to not promote or throw my sexuality into someone's face. Instead I will put the focus on Christ. I do feel He is calling me to do something but I am not sure what. Your prayers would definitely be appreciated. I feel there are so many lost gays and lesbians torn because of the hatred of the church but I do not know where God may lead me in this area.

Again, thank you very much for your research and rightly dividing of the scriptures. This is truly a blessing. If there is anything I can do for you or your ministry, please let me know.

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Apr 28, 2011
Larry's amazing spiritual breakthrough
by: Tracy Rodriguez Bozeman

Hey Cousin Larry, I am very glad to have read your amazing spiritual breakthrough. We ALL are children of God no matter what circumstances or what situations we are going through. He loves us because he made us and died on the cross for our salvation.

I am glad to see you back and keeping in touch with your family and especially me, lol. Your mother and I were very close growing up in the country and drifted apart when we left Ashton. But now because of this remarkable tool we have called Facebook, we now can keep in touch with all of our lovely family. Keep smiling, and "Happy Birthday" always. Love Ya, Tracy Rodriguez Bozeman.

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