How can a person be a Christian and gay at the same time?

by Cristino
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Cristino writes:

"I was in the gay lifestyle for more than half of my life until I came to know Christ as my God and Saviour.

I repented of all my sins including sins of homosexuality, asked God's forgiveness and received Jesus as my God, Saviour and Deliverer.

With my daily walk with Christ, constant prayer, reading the Bible daily and I stayed away from the gay lifestyle and I fully surrender my life to Christ, amazing changes came into my life.

No longer I have the desire to go to gay places and I did not even watch the gay parade anymore because I know God is not present in such display of wickedness.

The transition period from gay to straight life I thought would be the hardest thing to do but because I fully surrender to Christ, I live now in peace and contentment.

I am happier now being with Christian people who are straight. My desire now is to serve Christ and proclaim His Gospel of salvation to all gay people I know.

I don't agree that a person can be a Christian and be gay at the same time. They contradict each other. The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is an abomination and now that I am a Christian I should abide in God's word, obey what He says in the Bible.

I did that before (being a Christian and gay at the same time) but I feel there is something wrong with it. As I read the Bible, I found out I can't serve two masters.

I have to choose so I chose Christ and abandoned the gay life and Christ himself says that not everyone who call Him Lord will enter the kingdom of God, only those who obey His will.

His will is not to commit sexual sins, homosexuality is included, Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1:24-28 and 1st Corinthians 6:9.

It will be impossible for me to profess to know Christ but in my lifestyle I contradict His words.

A homosexual who truly repented will not go back to the gay lifestyle. He is a new creature in Christ, old things have passed away and all things become new, 2 Corinthians 5:17.

To be a Christian and gay at the same time is unbiblical.

Thanks. Cristino"

Rick Brentlinger Answers

Cristino, I praise God that you've trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior and that you have abandoned the sinful life you were living.

It is always cause for rejoicing when a sinner repents, receives Christ as Lord and Savior and discovers new life in Christ.

I think it is a mistake however, to conclude that your experience is the norm for every other gay or lesbian person.

And I think it is a mistake to assume that no one can be gay and Christian. Being a gay Christian is NOT about going to gay places or watching the gay pride parade or hanging out in bars.

Have you taken time to read the information on this website or in my book? I encourage you to read the scriptural information you'll find on this website.

I don't know exactly what kind of life you lived before you trusted Christ but I tend to think it involved serial immorality and drinking, perhaps illicit drugs, perhaps porn, perhaps other sinful behaviors.

The real test of whether you are gay or not will be if you can be happily partnered and sexually content in a heterosexual marriage. Most Ex-Gays including Allan Chambers, President of Exodus International, openly admit that they still struggle with same sex temptations.

How many real heterosexuals do you know who struggle with same sex temptations? It seems just simple common sense that if someone really is no longer gay, then they would no longer struggle with same sex temptations.

Heterosexuals struggle with opposite sex temptations.

Homosexuals struggle with same sex temptations.

Many gays and lesbians grew up in Bible believing churches, got saved at a young age and NEVER lived the kind of life you lived.

For them, being gay and Christian did NOT involve year after year of one night stands, did NOT involve cruising the bars every weekend hoping to pick up a sex partner, did NOT involve getting drunk, did NOT involve watching porn, did NOT involve taking drugs, did NOT involve the many self-destructive behaviors some folks associate with being gay.

Many gays and lesbians read their Bible, pray, witness for Jesus, serve God and live happy lives which DO NOT center around bars and sex and gay pride parades.

I have hundreds of pages of information on this website, explaining verse by verse, why the clobber passages do NOT refer to committed, faithful, non-cultic same sex partnerships.

Click any button on the NavBar and discover a spiritual, thoughtful, reasonable, Christ-centered discussion of what it means to be gay and Christian.

If you are happy and content to have left the lifestyle that ensnared you and made you unhappy, then I am happy for you.

I wish you God's blessing and provision as you walk the path of His purpose for your life.

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Sep 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

The key word is 'temptations'. We all know who the author of temptations is. It isn't God.

I came to this website to get insight on this "dilemma" so I could better understand and be more open to love all who I cross paths with.

I try to keep in my heart that we're to love one another. I don't have all the answers. I'm just trying to understand and live one day at a time.

Thank you for your work on this site.

Rick's comment: Thanks for stopping by. Innate heterosexuals do not go through life resisting same sex temptations. Innate homosexuals do not go through life resisting opposite sex temptations.

Being gay is not about sex and not about resisting same sex temptations. Being gay is about being emotionally physically psychologically romantically and sexually attracted to the same sex.

It is about emotional intimacy. Sex is only a small part of the equation just as sex is a small part of the equation for those who are opposite sex attracted.

I hope you will continue to study. Our Gay Christian FAQ answers many questions and goes into more detail about what it means to be gay and Christian.

May I also encourage you to really study the Bible. We have more than 330 pages of Bible Studies on our FREE downloads page. Thanks for your encouragement.

Oct 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

it says in the bible that a man should not lay with a man in the manner that a man is meant to lay with a woman, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

This is the same for a woman also. If there is a desire for the same sex, then there is a problem somewhere. It says plain as day hat a man does not belong being with a man in the manner that a man is meant to be with a woman.

Rick's comment: Wow, so original - who knew? Did it ever occur to you to obey 2 Timothy 2:15, which commands you to:

Study to shew yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

There are more than 800 pages of high quality factual FREE information on this website for anyone who is interested in truth.

Instead of your knee jerk reaction of rejecting God's truth, why not study and learn something. Go beyond your elementary school silliness and get a clue. Someday you will stand before God and be judged, Romans 14:10-12. Don't continue the way you are and be revealed as a fool before the assembled universe on judgment day, 1 Corinthians 3:10-15. Thanks for stopping by.

Nov 02, 2012
the great 'i am'
by: selfishless

Either we accept what is written by god or we reject it all. The bible declares that homosexuality is unnatural and wrong, what gives mankind the right to declare that the words from god is an error, remember it is god whom is perfect not his creation. To fully serve god one must become unselfish, submissive and willing to walk the true walk. I too am a ex homosexual, it is written that 'one must deny themselves and take up their cross'. It was not easy to let go but I did with the help of god himself, in addition to becoming submissive, god has returned my natural feelings. 'To man it is impossible but to god anything is possible'. I feel homosexuality is a very deceiving sin, causing people to believe that its natural because many 'say' they were born gay, which is ttrue, it is written that we are born into sin. With this we have a choice to either dwell in our sins/temptations or fight aganist it just as Christ has done when faced with temptations himself. In addition I don't understand why people write books about issues such as this, God has already written his own book.

Rick's comment: Comments like this amuse me.

1. They are ALWAYS anonymous.

2. They are ALWAYS uncheckable.

3. They are ALWAYS so general as to be worthless for evidence.

4. They ALWAYS avoid any "in context" discussion of the clobber passages.

IF you were really gay and IF Jesus really saved you and changed your sexual orientation from gay to straight, why don't you have the courage to identify yourself so we can check out your story?

Dec 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

what is the world coming to!! i am a muslim and hope any chrisitan does not mind me posting here,
you cannot be christian and gay or muslim and gay
what i mean is, if for example somebody is gay and christian or gay and muslim and knows its a sin but falls to temptation then i beleive thats person is a bad beleiver i.e a sinner (but still a beleiver)if however a person actually claims homosexuality is lawfull when clearly it is not! then i beleive that person is then a non beleiver in his respective religion

Rick's comment: Are you a good person?

Dec 16, 2012
Homosexual Temptation is not the sin
by: Perren

Rick I understand what your saying. Every Christian struggles with sin and many different forms of it. We must remember that it is not the temptation that is sin because our lord was tempted in the wilderness and we all know he lived a sinless life, but it is the submissive act to the temptation which makes it sin. If I Christian is struggling with homosexual TEMPTATION then they still have have the option to go to the lord in prayer and say no to the enemy. Remember 1 Corinthians 10:13 says that God will provide a way out of temptation so that we may be able to bear it.

So the temptation is not the sin, but it is the act on the temptation that makes sin. So a Christian with temptation to lie and steal must be a lying thieving Christian right? No. So they are just a Christian with temptations to steal and lie. If we commit these sins and we sincerely go to the lord in prayer and repent we are forgiven. Remember homosexuality is the PRACTICE of homosexual acts without repentance. So a Christian with homosexual temptations and doesn't act on those temptations and resists them with the strength of the lord is another believer going through temptation like the rest of us. If they are constantly acting on those temptations and repenting them it would be best if they seeked guidance. There is no "Gay" Christian.

Either they are a person willingly committing homosexual acts without repentance and calling themselves a Christian, or they are a Christian that has homosexual temptations but resists those temptations because they know how God feels about willing homosexual acts. We must remember the temptation is not the sin but the willing act on temptation is the sin.
Love you, God Bless.

Rick's comment: You seem well-intentioned but you lack understanding. I am saying that it is not a sin to be gay or to be in a gay relationship or to have gay sex in a gay relationship. The verses used to say otherwise are ALWAYS RIPPED OUT OF CONTEXT because in context, they don't address the issue of innate homosexuality.

Dec 16, 2012
prophecy fulfilled
by: the harvest is ripe!

2 timothy chapter 4: vs 3-4 - For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires because they have itchy ears, they heap up for themselves teachers and will turn their ears from the truth aside to fables. Can anyone explain this to me?

Rick's comment: Even in the mid-first century A.D., errors and heresies were creeping into the church, by which the minds of many professing Christians were being corrupted.

2 Timothy 4:3,4: "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.

Therefore, Paul says: teach verse by verse through the scriptures NOW, when they will endure it. Be busy NOW while you have opportunity.

They will not endure sound doctrine.

There will be those who heap to themselves false teachers. They would rather listen to religious lies than God's truth.

and will turn away their ears from the truth;

Therefore teach as many as you can NOW so that, when these storms of false teaching arise, the Christians God has given you to teach will be prepared and will know the truth of the scriptures, IN CONTEXT, 2 Timothy 2:15, and their apostasy may be prevented.

People must hear and ministers must preach the word of God in context, verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

Do not grow weary of the clear-cut, plain-speaking, life-saving, power-packed gospel of Christ, Romans 1:17.

Do not settle for false teachers and their silly fables. Their positive thinking, negative-ignoring, flesh-focused false teaching perverts the true gospel of Christ.

God will give them up to those strong delusions and false teachings, because they received not the love of the truth, 2 Thessalonians 2:11,12.

Note carefully:

1. False teachers were NOT sent by God. They cater to the fleshly lusts of counterfeit believers who may be cultural christians but are not born again Christians, John 3:3ff.

2. People who follow false teachers do so because they refuse to believe sound doctrine, i.e., preaching which is plain, preaching which is Biblical, preaching which is true.

3. False teachers give just enough truth to pass as genuine but they are not evangelistic, they do not try to get people saved and deep into the word of God, they do not make disciples of Jesus, they do not love Jesus Christ.

4. False teachers foster the cult of personality, the cult of ecstatic experience instead of grounding baby Christians in basic Bible doctrine and the written word of God in context.

5. False believers who follow false teachers begin that sad journey by refusing to believe and obey truth. They would rather have an experience in church that appeals to their flesh than crucify the flesh with the affections and lusts, and take up their cross and follow Jesus as a day by day witness to the life-changing power of the gospel.

Dec 17, 2012
You are misinterpreting
by: Perren

OK rick I had your back until now. The word is infallible and it says "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination." (Leviticus 20:13)
It also says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 AMP

"Do you not know that the unrighteous and the wrongdoers will not inherit or have any
share in the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived (misled): neither the impure and immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor those who
participate in homosexuality, Nor cheats (swindlers and thieves), nor greedy graspers, nor
drunkards, nor foulmouthed revilers and slanderers, nor
extortioners and robbers will inherit or have any share in the kingdom of God."

If you read these Scriptures saying blatantly that homosexual acts are sinful and you still try to twist it to justify what you are doing then it is you my friend that lacks understanding of the word of God. God bless

Rick's comment: Hi Perren- I hope you will take the time to read the verses you've cited, IN CONTEXT. The cultural doctrinal historical and religious context is temple prostitution or shrine prostitution. NONE of the verses you cited is in the context of a loving committed gay relationship.

It is not Godly to rip those verses from the context in which they were given and then, misapply them to gays and lesbians. They did not address innate gays and lesbians when originally given and they do not address innate gays and lesbians now. Does that make sense to you Perren?

Dec 18, 2012
You are misinterpreting
by: Perren

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The way he felt about it in the old testament is the way he feels about it now. Whether your in a loving gay relationship or not he still feels the same way.

Also homosexuality in not innate my friend its by choice. That goes back to what I was saying about homosexual temptation. You have a choice to say no.

Rick's comment: Thanks Perren for so clearly demonstrating your closed mind. You will not study the Bible. You will not rightly divide the word of truth, You will not even try to understand scripture in context.

You will just keep asserting your opinion as if your opinion is true regardless of context. That's par for the course for so many like you but you continue that way to your own detriment. Very sad.

Dec 31, 2012
You can't be gay and serve god
by: Anonymous

REPENT of your evil ways you can't be gay and serve god no more than you can be a killer and serve god!! Repent and stop twisting the words of god to fit your agenda!!!!!

It's an abomination in gods eyes for man to lie with man and woman to lie with woman! What's so hard to understand here? It's plain as day! Trying to argue that is like trying to say it's ok to kill your fellow man!! REPENT PEOPLE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GAY CHRISTIAN!

Rick's comment: Aren't you sweet to compare us to killers? I combined your silly comments instead of posting them in two different places. With an attitude like yours, I'll bet you don't win a lot of souls.

Jan 01, 2013
False teacher?
by: Anonymous

Rick, you are a perfect example of the end of times. You are a false teacher.

Rick's comment: You are a perfect example of a 21st century professing christian. 1. You don't have enough courage to put your name with your insulting comment. 2. You have no idea what you are talking about on any topic related to the Bible. 3. You feel your ignorance qualifies you to correct those of us who believe and study the Bible in context. 100% fail.

Jan 02, 2013
I don't agree
by: Anonymous

Im sorry but you are twisting the word of God and that isnt right. Homosexuality just as lying and stealing is a sin and in God's eyes its not right, it says so in the Bible, the same book that you are trying to twist and use to fit your sinful lifestyle. God sent Jesus his only begotten to die for many sins including homosexuality so that you wouldn't have to live that lifestyle anymore. God still loves you but its the sin that you live in that he hates. Repent and turn your life to Christ, the correct way.

Rick's comment: I hope that your ignorance of what the Bible says in context is simply because you're a young Christian who hasn't studied enough yet to know the truth. You need to get serious for Jesus and start studying the Bible in context.

Just a reminder: Ignorance is NOT a fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23.

Jan 13, 2013
How does a homosexual change?
by: Marcos

Cristino, Congratulations on the choice you made. Whether for the best of our lives or not, we have to stand by our choices. I am a gay man, I never did like girls and even though I understand what the bible says about homosexuality- as most people know, the feeling is not a choice, only acting on it is.

I've done a lot of research on this subject and there are always 4 answers. The first one is, "I still have homosexual feelings, I just do not act on them."

Second, "I no longer have homosexual feelings and like women," yet they lead single lives.

Third is, "I met a great woman, but I still go through struggles."

And lastly, "I no longer am attracted to men and I am happily married."

Rick's comment: This category is scarcer than hen's teeth. Even the leader of Exodus International admits that people do not change their innate sexual orientation from gay to straight. Therefore, no longer attracted to men is an imaginary category.

So as a man that once led a homosexual lifestyle, which of the three do you classify yourself in?

Jan 16, 2013
There is nothing wrong with being gay and still being christian
by: Amber

I honestly believe that you can be gay and still be a christian and this is coming from a catholic girl. My gay father (god rest his soul) started getting into church weeks up until the day he died last year and I commend him for that. As far as the bible, back in the olden days the bible was written in a different language and no where in there did it say anything about homosexuals. Only when the english version came did it say anything about being gay is a sin. By the way, a quote I go by, GOD knew you while you were in the womb, how can he create such wonderful loving people knowing they were going to be born that way and still hate them?? The answer is he can't. Rick I fully support you I just wanted you to know that!!!

Rick's comment: Thanks Amber!

Jan 27, 2013
by: Sam

Some have tried to reinterpret what the Bible says, in an effort to approve homosexual relationships. For a reply to such efforts, read "Straight and Narrow" by Thomas Schmidt or "A Strong Delusion" by Joe Dallas.

Rick's comment: Hi Sam. I believe the confusion is coming from your side. Interesting that you mention Schmidt and Dallas since I quote both of those guys on this website. In my opinion, no one who is familiar with what scripture says in context would be swayed by the anti-gay arguments in those books.

And Exodus International has admitted that their efforts to change people's sexual orientation do not work. That's because God creates some of us gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgendered.

Feb 19, 2013
by: Mark

I'm not sure how I stumbled on this website, but I decided to throw my two cents in for anybody that may actually be seeking the truth and not looking to people like Rick to try to reconcile their sin with Christianity. Truth is, I feel very fortunate that I don't struggle with homosexual temptations. I'm sure it is beyond heart-wrenching to love God, trust Jesus for your salvation and then feel those types of passions. My sin is no better or worse than anybody else's. The sin of homosexuality just seems to be much more apparent than others so maybe that is why it is so polarizing. I don't judge for it is not my place to judge another's sin. I'm called to judge actions, but not the heart or intentions of the person.

Truth is Rick, homosexuality is completely against God's nature and intent for us, His most cherished of creations. I'm not sure how it happens, but somewhere in a person's development they accept the lie that they were "created" with homosexual desires. One need look no further than the numerous biblical references to the bride of Christ in the Song of Solomon or Revelation--both which portray a very heterosexual relationship. I don't need any of your so-called "clobbering" scripture references for you to try to refute.

Rick, you ARE a false teacher and subject to frightful accountability for leading people astray in this area (James 3:1). I'm sure you're chuckling incredulously as your read this, but you clearly just recite whatever twisted lies the demon that controls you tells you to. May God have mercy on you, sir.

Rick's comment: Now I see how it's done Mark.

1. Refuse to read and interpret scripture in context.

2. Repeat ad nauseum your anti-gay lies based on verses ripped out of context.

3. Insist that you are not judging anyone.

4. Cite the bride of Christ but ignore the fact that the bride of Christ contains men who marry their risen Savior, a man.

5. Accuse gays of being demon possessed.

6. Pat yourself on the back for being such a fine witness to those nasty gays.

I do find your comments amusing. Will any of you anti-gay Christians ever study the Bible in context? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?

Feb 20, 2013
sorry bro.
by: Anonymous

You cannot be in a gay relationship and be a Christian fullstop. YOU are the one ripping these verses out of context. "Flee from sexual immorality...lying, withcraft, HOMOSEXUALITY..."
To say that God only detests certain things in specific circumstances is ridiculousIf He did not hate gayness completely, WHY would He have whole chapters on its evil?

Sure, Jesus tells us to forgive if apoligized to, and not to be violent, but He had no problems whipping the coin-stalls in the Temple.

Rick's comment: Self-righteous bloviating is more accurate Mark. You are so practiced at ignoring truth that you've convinced yourself you are right in spite of what the Bible says. No problem.

When we get to the judgment seat of Christ, IF you make it there, we'll see what happens. You cannot keep taking verses out of context and hurling tin-foil hat accusations against your gay brothers and lesbian sisters without irritating our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Feb 21, 2013
Deceiver (response)
by: Mark

There are several things that are consistent with you Rick. First, you ALWAYS deflect, twist and redirect away from the point that the other person makes. Secondly, you attack by projecting sweeping generalities on the other person, ie. I hate gays, or I believe that they are all demon possessed, etc. Third, you keep referring back to your twisted interpretation of the "context" of the scripture...

Rick's comment: I edited out some of Mark's excess bloviation).

To address your points: I don't hate gays in any way, Rick. I pray for their tormented minds and souls. They have their temptations just like I have my own that I am called to fight (and often fail). I do not believe that all gays are demon-possessed, but I do believe that gays may be tormented and tempted by them. What I do find reprehensible, is false teachers. Rick, you personally are one of the worst I've ever seen--fully self-deceived, interpreting God's word in a way that supports what you want it to say so that you don't have to face and fight your sin, making merchandise out of God's people (see 2 Peter 2:1-3) --and in all reality, probably just a mouthpiece for some dark, demonic force. You DO believe in demons, don't you, Rick?

One other thing: the comment made by Anonymous right after mine was not made by me, although you must have thought it was since you used my name when you addressed that person.

I will give you credit for the fact that you post these opposing comments. I'm pretty sure you do it just to show everybody how much hate there is in the church for gays. I don't see it as prevalently as you do (then again, I don't have a chip on my shoulder like you).

Unfortunately for you, Rick, unless you repent soon and cease from your deceptive teachings, I'm pretty sure you're going to be a shining example of the Mathew 7:22 man--or worse. I don't usually go after people as aggressively as I have been with you, Rick, but in this case I'll just call it as I see it.

Rick's comment: Ah Mark, it's not good to lie. I never accused you of hating gays so you are not addressing a point I made.

I note your use of Freudian projection to defend yourself, accusing me of exhibiting your own negative motivations. Your inner dialogue would, I am sure, keep a team of energetic psychiatrists working overtime for months.

"Deflect, twist and redirect?" Not me but your comments do precisely that. Why do you anti-gay folk have such a problem dealing with what the Bible says IN CONTEXT?

On the demon thing - you seem obsessed with demons but accusing me of having a demon does not strengthen your position. My page on deliverance ministries will be helpful if you'll take time to read it.

Feb 25, 2013
hey, I left another comment, but you stopped answering
by: Mark

what's up, Rick? I was zeroing in on the crux of the issue and you stopped responding. Hard to get past what I had to say, isn't it?

Rick's comment: No Mark, I am bored with your comments. Your accusation that because I disagree with your view of scripture, I must be tormented and tempted by demons is so 12th century.

Mar 01, 2013
Thank you Rick.
by: Kayle

Rick, I want to thank you for putting this article/passage. I support and agree with you on this. People can be gay and Christian at the same time. If it's okay with you, I want to show my friend this. This may give him an eye-opener. But yet again, thank you.

Rick's comment: Glad to be helpful.

Mar 01, 2013
by: Scott

I read all the comments you have included on your forum. Where is the "context" that you cite in all your responses pertaining to Biblical citations? I'm not judging you or anyone else. But I read some passionate opinions that you did not rebut with the "context" you've mentioned?

Rick's comment: Hi Scott - the context is provided on this website. Look on the NavBar under, What The Bible Says. Click on the links and discover the context of each of the clobber passages. I also provide context on the Gay Christian FAQ pages and in my 390 page book. Thanks for stopping by.

Mar 04, 2013
Yahweh is love - Believe on Him and you are saved
by: Jay

Well I am not Christian but an Israelite. I'm gay. I believe Yahshua never taught a religion. He didnt walk around saying he was a Christian. I BELIEVE lgbt are getting in if they confess that Yahshua is the Messiah, John 3:16.

I think those who try and give up being lgbt are lying to themselves. Ive tried that twice in my life. My Father is a deacon. He told me plenty of times my life style is wrong. But look at the church. Child molesters are in there. Drunks. Prostitutes. But Yahshua said for ye who is with out sin shall cast first stone. Many Christians are quick to judge us but they are so far from Glory. Many can't even translate the Bible right.

And many are about Money, hmmm. But I can vouch. I have a partner and kids. I don't do party life style. No drink. I don't go to church because church is not the same in the Bible as it is now. I teach my family from home opening the Bible. We do a lot of family activities and are not into worldly stuff. I say let Yahweh judge you. For he knows your heart.

Rick's comment: I believe everyone needs to get saved according to the Bible. Our precious Messiah Jesus was God in the flesh. He is the ONLY way to the Father.

Mar 04, 2013
God bless you Rick
by: Junior

I am a 24 year old saved/born-again Christian. And guess what? I'm same-sex attracted. I have seen the Lord working through my life and in turn working on the lives of other persons both gay and straight.

I've before tried to "stop being gay" (before I was actually saved), and when I was saved (and there is no other Joy in my life that I can compare to that moment) I expected God to change me...but He didn't. If he did, there would be many souls both straight and gay who wouldn't have been able to hear my testimony of how He changed my life for the best.

It is very unfair of persons here to tell you that you're a false teacher or demonized"" and try to quench what is clearly an effort to bring gay persons to Christ. You NEVER omit the need for salvation through Jesus Christ and you outline it in a scriptural fashion which no demon would dare do.

People need to realize that being same-sex attracted is the same as being attracted to the opposite sex. Attraction is part of being human. Sin sadly is part of being human too and temptation, a part of existing in this world that is under the rule of Satan. I ask anyone to contest that hetero and homosexually oriented persons don't share the SAME temptations: Fornication, Lust, Lying, Stealing, Gluttony. And the list goes on and on.

When will people wake up and realize that Jesus didn't die for the Godly? We won't be perfect till we go to heaven, that's for sure, but meanwhile do this: Love God, Love yourself and Love your neighbor. I do not see much love in this comment area and Christians should always speak in a spirit of love even when they think they're rebuking.

I pray this comment will be a blessing to someone in Jesus' name.

Rick's comment: Hi Junior - thank you for your wonderfully kind comments. Your loving heart is much appreciated!

Mar 05, 2013
Responding to Ricks comment
by: Anonymous

Um I Yahshua is the Messiah. You call him Jesus. JESUS is not a translation of his name. Psalm 68 tells you who God name is Yahweh. King James version. People seem to think that image of a white Jesus is correct. The devil is a lie. Rev. tells you that the Messiah is black. Gave a good description of him. Actually many men of the bible are black. Solomon in Bible writes he is black. Yahshua chosen are blacks because the prophysies fit them so well. And they even say there color. Also Bible says that the Jews everyone think are real Jews are not. For they will build a temple and it is a house of Satan. Also says they will call themselves Jews and they are not. Jesus image everyone is using is a romain guy. And Christianity is made by the Messiah. Constitine took over the isrealites religion and add in Pagan stuff and now we have Christianity. The Bible says the holidays you are to celebrate but pagans beliefs mixed in and people are celebrating Christmas, kwanzaa, Hannuka, New Years, Easter and having Sunday worship which is not sabbath. Sunday is pagan day of worshipping Sun God. Bible say Yahweh breath life in you. Take a deep breath in. You say Yah. Let it out and you say Weh. He breath his name in you. Jesus is a name which is greek. Coming from word Isus. Which can be translated to greek God Isis which is the one they worship in Bible. Yahshua isnt greek. Messiah of Isrealites. Spoke hebrew. Many say name dont matter. Lies. Yahweh tells you he will not answer if you dont call on his name.

Rick's comment: Dear commenter - you are being deceived. I hope you will make sure you are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

And please do more study on Sabbath - In the Bible, no one after the resurrection of Christ is ever commanded to keep Sabbath. Hope this is helpful - Hey, a question for you. Do you know FOR SURE that you are saved eternally?

Mar 17, 2013
God's Image
by: Gen

I have a in-law who claims to be a christian / gay openly. I found this site to try and understand the thinking in this lifestyle of someone. I found something said that made me want to say. God created male and female in His imagine. So you mentioned "He" made homosexuals ! in His image? Are you saying God is Gay?

Rick's comment: Good question. No, we're not saying God is gay anymore than we would say that God is heterosexual. When the Bible says God made man in His image, it refers to man being a tri-partite being, with a spirit, a soul and a body, 1 Thess 5:23. God made man in His mental likeness, His moral likeness and His triune likeness.

I provide more information about that on this page: I'm saved so why do I still struggle with sin?

Mar 29, 2013
Still confused
by: Anonymous

I've known that I'm gay since I was a kid as I've been attracted to men, but I've kept it to myself for many reasons. A few years ago I started to know more about Christianity as I'm studying in a Christian school. I've come to realize what God means to us and I actually admitted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I've been to Sunday services in order to study the Bible and understand God's words, during which I've totally put aside the fact that I'm gay as I know homosexuality is the most filthy thing in God's eyes.

Rick's comment: If you've received Jesus as your Savior from sin, then you are saved and you will not go to hell.

My answers are in the blue text links.

Recently I've started to get a bit more confused about who I really am in God's eyes. A Christian that he loves? Or a terrible sinner who he'd definitely put in hell.

I really wanna ask:

Is being gay itself a sin? No, being gay is not a sin.

Is being gay but not acting upon my temptations/feelings a sin? No, homosexuals are loved by God.

Am I supposed to not find a partner for the rest of my life to be a person that God loves? You are allowed by God to be in a loving committed gay relationship.

Is it true that, as Cristino said, I can somehow be straight again after getting rid of gay lifestyles, receiving God's salvation and being fully devoted to God?

No, people do not change their sexual orientation and God doesn't change anyone's sexual orientation. Exodus International is the largest ministry which tried to change people's sexual orientation. They now admit sexual orientation change simply does not happen.

(Cus I don't believe it. I'm physically attracted to men and I don't think I'll miraculously be attracted to women. I've always believed homosexuality is in-born.)

Our Gay Christian FAQ answers about 100 interesting questions.

What do you think? Thanks.

Apr 01, 2013
wanting more info
by: Patty smith

Wow, Rick, I am so sorry you demonstrate such harsh words toward people. Because I wanted info I went to this sight and began reading just your answers. Wow, what has happened to you in your life time that you seem to call people names and insist they are wrong or mis-guided. Do you believe that your (what appears to be) angry demonstration of belief will do any good? No one ever wins someone to the Lord by arguing or name calling. I don't believe Jesus ever name called or argued.

Rick's comment: Hi Patty. I get thousands of emails and thousands of comments from mean-spirited christians who spew lies and venom. Some of them are so vile I do not publish them. Others are just garden variety anger and ignorance.

I obey Proverbs 26:3-4, answering some one way, some another. If I am going to post someone's comment which contains lies, I should make the effort to answer at least some of the lies and so, I often do that.

If someone is clearly ignorant and just parroting an uninformed view they heard from someone else, it is not anger or name calling to point that out.

You said you don't believe Jesus ever argued or name called. I encourage you to re-read the Gospel of John where Jesus carried on a running argument with the unbelieving Jews and Pharisees.

For examples of Jesus name calling, please read Matthew 23 in which Jesus roasts the Pharisees and unbelieving Jews. If you are saved and following Jesus, you WILL sometimes get angry, you will point out their sin and wickedness, you will confront their stubborn refusal to believe what God says. THAT is part of being a Christian.

Apr 02, 2013
The Holy Spirit
by: Mike.

I would just like to say that websites like this, well meaning or not, are not the source to go to for information. The Bible has everything you need to know to live a Godly life. If you have trouble interpreting the Scriptures, there are some free guides on the internet about how to do so. The most important thing, however, is that you need the help of the Holy Spirit and a prayerful attitude to your study. This is the only way to know Gods will about anything.

Rick's comment: Advice like Mike's, well meaning or not, is not your best source for info about the Bible.

Apr 02, 2013
You're wrong
by: Anonymous

That's straight from the bible, Mr. Prayerful reading of the scriptures, guided by the Holy Spirit is the only way to truly know Gods will. This time, how about providing some scripture to back up a claim that states otherwise.

Rick's comment: Well really, I did not state otherwise. Please do a bit of deep breathing and slow your racing heart. Mike's advice, that this website is not a good source of information, is not accurate. This website is an excellent source of information about gay issues and the Bible. Mike recommends going to some unnamed free guides on the internet to learn how to interpret scripture.

The problem is that most internet sites are dead wrong on the gay issue and many are wrong about how to interpret the Bible. The Bible DOES have what we need to live a godly life IF we read what the Bible says in context. We get in trouble if we take verses out of context to prove a point.

Here is an excellent Bible study page which I hope you will enjoy. Free Downloads of excellent Bible studies.

Apr 03, 2013
Then you agree with me
by: Mike

My original post was an attempt to get the message across that prayerful study of the Bible is the only way to know Gods will, and you agreed. Also, I just wanted people to know that websites like this should be taken with a grain of salt. It seemed that you were implying that people should take your word for it without consulting the scriptures on their own. I disagree. You are not the final authority.

Rick's comment: Mike, just so you know, that is NOT what I was implying. I always encourage people to be Bereans à la Acts 17:11 and have never regarded myself as the final authority.

"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." - Acts 17:11, KJV

Apr 03, 2013
by: Mike

Glad we cleared that up. I disagree with you on some things, but that's to be expected even among Christians.

Apr 04, 2013
by: Charlie C

Rick, Read your rhetoric. If you think that it's spiritual, then I'm the Pope. Where do I start? Jesus is our example. He was not defensive as you are. He spoke with truth, so He there was no need to be defensive.

Rick's comment: Saying I am defensive is just an argumentative tactic. Instead of dealing with anything I've written, you simply accuse me and malign my motives.

You have another problem. You are argumentative so you talk down to people with a very bad attempt to be righteous. Jesus was very righteous, so He wasn't argumentative to any group of people.

Rick's comment: Charlie, please read Matthew 23. Jesus often confronted unbelief and false teaching and unspiritual obtuseness in His earthly ministry. When he did so, he often reminded them that hell was their destination if they refused to believe in Him.

Rick, You are not a stupid person. However, you are foolish in that you are trying to justify your lifestyle using the Bible. Your following are only people that are gay. When Jesus spoke to people, they agreed with Him or they were convicted.

Rick's comment: My lifestyle is that I am celibate, that I pass out tracts and witness every week, that I live for Jesus 24/7. Attacking me as you do in your comments does not fortify your anti-gay argument.

You have another problem. You attempt to make a grey area out of what is black and white. The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is wrong. Stop twisting words to justify your lifestyle. I don't know if you're trying to convince others. or yourself, of what you say.

Rick's comment: This website refutes your false claims. You've presented no evidence and no counter-arguments which is par for the course with most anti-gay folks. The problem is that you have this 180 degrees out of phase. You've got it exactly backwards. The only way you can "prove" your views is by taking verses out of context and insisting that the out of context verses mean something they did not mean in context.

Do you see it now? You willingly take verses out of context to twist their meaning, ignoring context, and that is simply not an honest way to deal with the Bible.

Continued below.

Apr 04, 2013
Sin= anything against God's will
by: Anonymous

Sin is anything that goes against God's will. Does anyone (honestly) believe that almighty God who created Man and Woman Male and Female, intended Man and Man and Woman and Woman to be togather???? When God finished creating the world he said "it is good". It was perfect. Man and Woman were togather the way God intended it to be. Then Sin came into the world, and we are all born sinful with sinful thoughts. I have no doubt gay people are born that way, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a sin. (sin= anything against the will of God).

Rick's comment: So many anti-gay folk have a one track mind. You refuse to study so you'll know what you're talking about. Then you just keep parroting the same false teaching, that being gay is a sin or that being in a gay relationship is a sin, all the while ignoring context, all the while ignoring and/or refusing to engage any pro-gay argument on this website.

It shouldn't I suppose but such blatant unashamed ignorance always surprises me.

That good news for everyone is if we repent and ask to be forgiven we will be. Repenting is our RESPONSE to God's GRACE.

Rick's comment: Yes, I agree. Jesus saves everyone who come to God by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

Homosexuality is no worse then any other sin. The denial that it is and refusel to REPENT makes it a bigger issue.

Rick's comment: There you go again, stating your opinion without ANY facts to back it up. If you took a few minutes to do some reading and a few hours to do some objective study, you would probably arrive at a different conclusion.

Do you really think God's will is for Man and Man and Woman and Woman to be togather? If so, you are truely in denial and I pray that you Repent just to safe when you feel your time might be up.

Rick's comment: Most of the human race, about 95% is heterosexual. But for the 5% who are not heterosexual, YES, of course, it is God's will that they also have an orientation compatible partner. That's just common sense.

Apr 05, 2013
Just some thoughts
by: HisGirl

For any Christian on their walk, once you truly have the Holy Spirit, if you are doing something against God's will...the Holy Spirit will convict you. A.k.a. You will get that feeling inside you that what you are doing isn't right. The same applies to all sin. Context is important, but God would not make his message so cryptic that no one could understand his message without intense historical study. Saying so, simply isn't true. Claiming that everyone is reading the bible incorrectly reminds me of the Gnostics in the early church.

Rick's comment: What you refer to as intense historical study is just part of our duty as Christians to obey 2 Timothy 2:15 and rightly divide the word of truth. Comparing us to Gnostic heretics is just a weak attempt at guilt by association.

The bottom line is this: if you are doing something that makes you avoid talking to God, it is sin. The Spirit convicts you and let's you know. So Christians that are gay and Christians who are not are convicted by the same Spirit. If you are confused by what you have read and seen on this topic, don't listen to humans, listen to God speak to you through his Word and his Spirit working together. God has the answers on this topic, we humans do not. Don't be swayed by the opinions of men and women, God will show you what's right.

Rick's comment: Did it ever occur to you that God has already showed some of us His truth, that it is okay to be gay and the institutional church is wrong on this issue?

Apr 05, 2013
Jespir post continued.
by: Charlie C.

Remember this, We lead other people to Heaven or to Hell with our words. We are held accountable for our words and actions. We are also responsible for others that we helped lead to the same place that we are, at Judgement Day.

Rick's comment: Excellent point! I agree with you on that which is why I am a consistent soul-winning witness for Jesus.

Remember this also.. It is a wise man that knows himself to do foolish things, and it is a fool that thinks himself as wise. This is why I research so much. Because of extensive research, I am a Christian. I know that people don't fall in and out of love. They choose to love someone just as they choose not to love that same person.

Love is not just a feeling, it is an act of our will. I have heard people say that they were born gay. My ex-wife told me this after we had six children together. Her lesbian lover is her own mother.

Rick's comment: If what you've said is true, I am so sorry you had to endure that situation. That is not typical behavior for any lesbian, saved or unsaved, that I've ever known.

She is wanting to dump her mother for a woman that just got out of prison. I didn't chose to divorce her because she was gay. I chose to divorce her for her choice to not be committed to our children and me. While married, she chose to have spirituality to God. Now, she chooses to believe that God is a joke and is spiritual to Mother Earth.

Rick's comment: It grieves me that she has forsaken our Lord Jesus Christ and is going after false gods.

Was she born gay? No. She has made choices to justify her lifestyle and actions. Rick, Don't do the same, and don't use the Bible to justify yourself. I have enough care for you as a person to gain the wisdom to be on the right path to salvation.

Rick's comment: Just so we're on the same page, getting saved is always by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Getting saved is NEVER by any works or law-keeping that we do.

May you justify God's Word rather than the lifestyle that you chose for yourself as of now. Think about the salvation of others before you write and speak. Choices now will effect all your eternity. Think long and wisely.

Rick's comment: Again, your accusation about me is false. I do justify God's word and I am not justifying my lifestyle. I hope you will do more reading on this website because you seem to have assumed some very unkind things about me and other gays.

I wish you joy and peace and wisdom from God as you rebuild your life and raise your children.

Apr 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

Love is the fufilling of the law.
If its love how can it be wrong? God IS love!

Apr 11, 2013
If God was okay with being gay
by: Beth

If God had instituted being gay as being ok, how come there is no mention of it anywhere in the bible aside from it being stated as an abomination to lie with another man or woman. I mean I am trying to think of this logically. If God was ok with gay marraige, gay rights, gay equality then He would have stated somewhere in the bible that there was a couple who was gay, or there was a gay family. I mean the bible gave us every detail on how to live, how to govern, how to love and the fact that the only place God shows us anything about being gay, is for him to say it's an abomination.

I know your going to say read it in context, and I agree, it had to do with prostitution, BUT the bigger picture is, not just the prostitution, it has to do with the state of what they did. Lying with another man during those days WAS prostitution, because men those days were feeding their lusts and flesh. Therefore, they did as their flesh pleased and lay with men, or women with women. I mean you keep saying that you need to read it in context. Well, if you do read it in context you will understand that a man lying with a man, is wrong, no matter what.

Rick's comment: No Beth, that is not what we understand from the context.

It is hard for me to believe, that a God who created a man and woman, and commanded them, as he did us - to be fruitful and multiply. How would gay people be able to do that? They can't fulfill that command. They can not be fruitful and have children.

Rick's comment: So are you going to deny marriage to elderly couples or infertile couples who cannot have children? No, of course you are not. Think it through Beth. Beliefs have consequences.

IF your belief is true, then we must prohibit elderly couples and infertile couples from getting married because they cannot reproduce. Yet that is not now and never will be your belief.

The problem is, you have an unreasoning dislike for gays and lesbians and an unkind desire to deny us the rights you assume for yourself. Your views are not biblical, not kind-hearted, not loving, not friendly.

Apr 11, 2013
If God was okay with being gay, continued.
by: Beth

Beth's comments continued - Lastly, my point lies here, if God was ok with just gay people being on this earth, there would be no way for them to survive. They can't procreate, they can't go to another mate and have children, their lives end with just them.

Rick's comment: Only about 5% of humanity is gay. 95% of the human race will never be gay. Do you really believe you've made a thoughtful argument?

How would God allow for such selfishness? He created a marriage for 2 to be 1, in all senses of the word. 1 in God, 1 in love, 1 in sex, 1 in family (including children). If you were to take being gay with being "ok" then you would be saying that living on your own would be ok, therein allowing for being selfish to be ok.

I don't have a problem with gay people. One of my closest friends from college, just came out and said he was gay and was struggling with it. All through out college we were friends in a gay and lesbian club, but as a firm believer, it saddens me that we are so willing to compromise God's truth and what He has to say and to see blindly past the truths he has instituted in His word.

Sorry, this was a long post but just had to share a few thoughts on my heart.

Rick's comment: It sounds to me like you do have a problem with gay people. Admitting that to yourself is the first step toward healing. Until you admit that you have a problem with gay people, your unloving attitude will continue to hurt gays and lesbians.

The be fruitful and multiply command was given when there were 2 people, Genesis 1:28, and then 8 people on earth, Genesis 9:1. There are now more than 7 billion people. In other words, that is not a thoughtful objection.

The it has to be in the Bible or it's not okay argument is one you NEVER use on ANY other issue. Why? Because using it on other issues would affect you and you don't want the Bible to affect anything you do in your life.

About your a marriage for 2 to be 1 idea - that is common thinking but not biblical thinking. Polygamy was affirmed and blessed in the Bible, Deu 21:15-17, 1 Samuel 12:7-8, 2 Chron 24:2-3. Don't take my word for it - please look up and read the verses.

Beth, I hope you will do more praying and studying and thinking about these issues. It will be helpful to move away from emotional reactions and platitudes and into the realm of what the Bible says in context. Many thanks.

Apr 12, 2013
Wheres the proof that Gay life is approved by God?
by: Bob

There is no bible text that talks about God approving gay marriage. In contrast, there are many bible texts that clearly spell out Gods intension for humans to have heterosexual relationship in the story of creation(Gen1:27 and 28). This is an evidence that God blessed Adam and Eve (implication heterosexual marriage) and allowed it since creation. For man to twist what God has created and instituted for his own sacred purpose is an abomination.

A clear evidence of God's intolerance of homosexuality is depicted in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah (note Sodom is the root name for Sodomy which implies same sex marriage).Any person who uses his or own interpretation of the bible to justify his or own life style is a liar and is deceitful. Be aware of such, for they are camouflaged in sheep skin and act innocent but are perpetrators of the father of all lies. For even Satan quoted scriptures to tempt Jesus. Do not be fooled. Bible is the source of all truth. Read and study the bible prayerfully to know the truth (who is Jesus) because of you know the truth than you will know for sure that all that is being perpetrated as approved by the bible for gay marriage in the so called context of bible scripture is all lies. May God Bless your souls as you search to truly and fully know him.

Rick's comment: Hi Bob. I'll assume you wrote from an honest heart and have only the best intentions. Yet even if that is the case, you are wrong on the facts and wrong in your understanding.

1. Beyond the one man with one woman for life belief, the Bible is clear that God also affirmed polygamy, which is not one man with one woman. See Deu 21:15-17, 2 Samuel 12:7-8, 2 Chron 24:2-3. In plainer words, God's intentions about human sexuality are broader than you currently believe.

2. Sodom was not about homosexuality. No one in Sodom had homo sex. No one in Sodom was in a gay marriage. Sodom is mentioned 55 times in the Bible and is NEVER linked to homosexuality. The men of Sodom were sex-crazed heterosexuals.

3. In the Bible, Sodom and sodomites are not etymologically related. The Hebrew root of Sodom means to be burned. The Hebrew root of the word translated sodomite defines a temple prostitute. Those words are not etymologically related in Hebrew.

Bob, since these things are true and biblically, factually and historically accurate, isn't it time you apologized to your gay brothers and lesbian sisters?

Apr 15, 2013
A Defence
by: Conor

My friend, I see that you have quoted old testament laws to justify Homosexuality, but in those days certain types of marriage were different, such as Solomon's many wives, of which were merely women under his protection, but not his personal wives. This is what Polygamy is.

Rick's comment: Your answer indicates you have not studied ancient polygamy. Your lack of study should compel you to silence until you have read widely and can speak from the basis of factual knowledge.

Now, please give me your defence of Homosexuality for we love you more than ourselves and want you to expel this damnable temptation.

Rick's comment: I encourage you not to give in to the "damnable temptation" to answer a matter before you hear it. "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him." Proverbs 18:13

You asked for my defense of homosexuality. It is this 800+ page website where I answer all of the clobber passages at great length. I encourage you to read and study what I have written. Many thanks.

Apr 15, 2013
Response to: "If God was okay with being gay" - Part 1
by: Beth

Rick's comment: No Beth, that is not what we understand from the context.

Beth's response: You still did not respond to my comment. It had to do with idols but that was the result. However, my point still stands true.

Rick's comment: It isn't true because you say so. It must be historically true. World class scholars disagree with you.

Rick's comment: So are you going to deny marriage to elderly couples or infertile couples who cannot have children? No, of course you are not. Think it through Beth. Beliefs have consequences.

Beth's response: You can’t compare gay people to elderly couples or infertile couples. I am saying that gay people can’t fufill that command, so how would you respond to that. I am not talking about infertile couples, who God can do wonders through, I have seen infertile couples give birth to babies because God allowed for them to have children, even though they didn’t think they could. I would appreciate if you didn’t answer the question with another question, but rather with the Bible and where you find it to be true. Also, you can not compare gay people to infertile couples or elderly people because some elderly people may have fulfilled the command already, and infertile couples can give birth. So, you can’t compare because there is no gay person who can do that without some change in their body.

Rick's comment: IF your belief is true, then we must prohibit elderly couples and infertile couples from getting married because they cannot reproduce. Yet that is not now and never will be your belief.

Beth's response: Likewise, you can’t compare gay people to straight people. It is like comparing apples to oranges. If you are going to compare 2 alike terms, then you have an argument. However, your argument is void because it is comparing it to heterosexual people.

Rick's comment: Your argument was about ability to reproduce. You cannot logically say it's wrong for gays because we cannot reproduce (we can and do or else we adopt) and then not require that of any other group whom you regard as unable to reproduce. That is just feminine illogic.

Rick's comment: The problem is, you have an unreasoning dislike for gays and lesbians and an unkind desire to deny us the rights you assume for yourself. Your views are not biblical, not kind-hearted, not loving, not friendly.

Beth's response: Also, I don’t appreciate you ASSUMING that I have a dislike for anyone. You don’t know me, therefore you don’t know anything. I follow just as Jesus did, I love every sinner, with all my heart, but I don’t like the sin. So every human being to me is precious, but their sin is a different topic. It’s easy for you to say that my views are not biblical, just because they don’t align with your viewpoint on God being ok with gay people. I mean come on, that to me is ignorance.

Apr 25, 2013
You can only be gay OR Christian can't have it both ways.
by: Geneva

I believe this article shows in detail where it states in The Bible why this IS a sin. :)

Rick's comment: Hi Geneva. I do not allow commenters to post links to false teachers and their false teaching. Ray was an excellent example of a heretic.

Apr 26, 2013
False profits...
by: Geneva

I think what makes me sad about all of this is that people actually come here for guidance and you're leading them AWAY from God. If you ACTUALLY cared about all these people you would want to help them. YOU are the false prophet and I believe that you KNOW you are. In fact I believe that you actually ENJOY it. What do I have to gain by telling all these people the truth? Absolutely nothing but what do YOU stand to gain from lying to them? Hmmm?

You may reply if you wish but just so you know, I was with an abusive alcoholic who was also narcissistic and I refuse to argue with you. I will pray for all the people you lead astray and I will also pray for you. God bless you and keep you.

Rick's comment: O Geneva - how easy it is for you to accuse me of lying and how odd of you to do that while lying yourself about me and this ministry. You have not even bothered to study this topic and yet you are so convinced that your false teaching is correct. Did you know heresy (false teaching) is a sin of the flesh? Please read Galatians 5 this week. Many thanks.

May 01, 2013
love on
by: Sam

if god hates homosexuals then why would he create them to have them killed i dont understand that im a die hard christian love god acctepcted him in my life the holy spirit dwells inside of me ive been in a relationship with a girl for 3 whole years and on my understanding we are still together i brought my gf to know the lord she saved an we are happy im sorry i know what the bible says and stuff but why i trust god with my life an if he wants us to reak apart he will make tht happen all i know is god loves me with his all he gave his son for me and thats waht matters i am a christian and gay and im okay with it i know gods word he loves me blesses me and has taught me all i need to know if he hates it then he will end it he is the creater if heaven and earth and im okay and most importantly me n my gf are saved leading others to the lord . god wants a relationship with us regardless of whu u are waht you do how you live he wants to know us . god had a plan for me before i was concieved in my mothers womb he new what was qunna happen before i wa even born he knew i would b here . so dont tel me i cnt be gay an love god and lead others to him .

May 23, 2013
A true question for you
by: dcrew

Rick, I work with an "inner healing" type of ministry. We, and others we partner with, often come across people in a homosexual lifestyle that struggled with some traumatic event in their life. It is many times molestation but it could be a deep rejection from a father figure in their formative years. The father may have cheated on mom or berrated a young man calling him sissy or the like. Or even rejection by other kids. In these situations that seems to be the root of the homosexual behavior. They are looking for love and acceptance. I tend to believe that most of homosexuality is rooted in something like this.

Rick's comment: The old, distant father, domineering mother meme? That is a pop psychology bauble no competent psychiatrist believes. And there is no objective proof that anyone becomes gay because of abuse.

I won't say all and here is why. What about the baby born with both sex organs? I read that now they let these children grow up so that they can figure out which gender they align with before doing any kind of sex change surgery. Before they had made decisions based on what seemed to be the easiest to accomplish surgically but found out that they were making wrong decisions. Therefore, I believe it is possible to have this happen at the emotional or biological level without have any outward physical signs.

However, having said that, the instance of this (hermaphrodite) occurring is extremely rare. So, if you maybe double the number of occurances for homosexuality (grouping born homosexuals with hermaphrodite) that is still a really low number.
So, my question is, do you feel like their are a lot of people out there living a gay lifestyle that are not really gay?

Rick's comment: Homosexuals and hermaphrodites is an apples and oranges comparison. Hermaphroditism is not a normal innate condition while homosexuality is.

No, a heterosexual choosing to live as gay is quite rare. More frequently, we find gays trying to live as if they are heterosexual.

Here is why I ask. I feel like if people living a gay lifestyle become Christians and are made to feel like its OK, as long as you are in a monogomous relationship, then they maybe just living a life that is less than what God has for them. What are your thoughts? Sorry, I don't mean to make you sound like a freak show, I just don't know how else to explain it.

Rick's comment: Your questions are based on four false presuppositions:

1. that everyone is born heterosexual

2. that there is such a thing as a gay lifestyle

3. that living a gay lifestyle is a choice made by the individual

4. that being innately homosexual is something of which God disapproves.

This website exists to dispel such notions.

May 26, 2013
Thank you for Cristino
by: Anonymous

I have read Cristino story and I agree 100% with Cristino. Thank you for sharing your faith Cristino.

May 26, 2013
by: Jp

I was born a murderer, so can I be a Christian if I continue to murder people? I've tried to stop, but I just can't. I've prayed, asking to help me stop murdering. I have yet to get the help I need. I know I'll never be perfect, and every Christian sins. But I really dont want to keep on murdering.

Rick's comment: Jp - your analogy fails because you are comparing an illegal act with an innate orientation. Things different are not equal.

May 28, 2013
Beware of pillow prophets
by: Anonymous

Hi,, my name is Ariel, and I'm emotionally and sexually attracted to other women. I'm a Christian.

In my flesh and in my thought life I struggle against fantasies about women. I've often wondered what a loving, monogamous gay relationship would be like.

I get tempted. The media and culture and society tries to tell me that because I feel attracted to women, that I'm gay. My identity, however, is rooted in Christ and what He has done for me.

I war every day. My flesh and my spirit are constantly at odds with each other. When I walk in my flesh and I don't refresh my mind with scripture, I entertain lust and I justify my sinful desires. Since I feel it, it must be natural, and natural is good, right?

But when I read my bible, my mind is renewed and transformed. I have to make the deliberate effort to walk in the spirit, casting down EVERY vain imagination that EXALTS itself against the supremacy of Christ. My flesh will ALWAYS exalt itself against my spirit nature. The world will always try to tell me my identity. There's a constant yielding that has to happen.

Yeah, sure, I could choose to walk away from my Savior and live in sin. I could sin and repent and sin and repent. I've done that. I've felt ashamed when I felt tempted and ashamed when I yielded to temptation. for me, the bible is clear -- homosexuality, extramarital sex, adultery, and lust are ALL sins. One man is tempted by one thing, one man is tempted by another. Flesh is flesh and sin is sin.

But I do not identify myself by my temptations and what my flesh craves. I don't make a practice of habitual sin. I'm not who the devil says I am. I don't entertain any thoughts of being with someone of my same gender -- I bring it down under Christ's authority. I struggle and wrestle and sometimes I fail but I run to God for forgiveness when I slip.

Endorsing gay marriage and gay sex is creating a license to sin. We as men don't define what sin against God is. God does.

Rick's comment: Ariel, what you've presented are Exodus International talking points. I hope you will read the page I've text-linked. Exodus takes verses out of context to "prove" their point and doing that is not honest. Embracing God's truth in context is vital to spiritual success.

Jun 01, 2013
self delusion
by: Anonymous

So your answer to everything is that these people aren't reading the bible in context?That's how you're going to rationalize your behavior away. What's in the bible is what's in the bible you can choose to ignore it if you want but it still says what it says.

Rick's comment: Are you saying we don't have to concern ourselves with context when we read the Bible?

Have you memorized 2 Timothy 2:15 yet?

What makes you think I am rationalizing my behavior away? You don't know anything about my behavior so your critique is meaningless.

Jun 01, 2013
detracting from the bible
by: Anonymous

To the people that agree with you, you are civil and polite anybody who does not agree with you is just plain wrong and deserves to be belittled by you.

Rick's comment: I confess that I do not suffer fools gladly. Far too many comments here reflect an absence of thought, an appalling lack of interest in truth.

It is annoying when Anonymous commenters attack us by ripping verses out of context and then get angry when I call them on their misuse of scripture.

Jun 04, 2013
Social Relativism Trumps the Bible by no means
by: Anonymous

First of all Christ Accepts Anyone who believes, no preconceptions, no other requirements. He does ask us give up our former selves, to promote the message, and to live as close to an infallible life as possible, and be open to change brought on by the Holy spirit.

Romans 6:12 - "Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires. 13 Do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life... 14 For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace."

When The Romans were practicing Homosexuality, Paul railed against it. Read Romans 1, if you want to hear a little about it. It is DIRECTLY FROM THE BIBLE.

Rick's comment: Romans 1 has nothing to do with homosexuality. In context, Romans 1 is talking about temple prostitutes and using sex to worship the fertility goddess.

Can you be a Christian and be Gay yes, but acknowledge that practicing homosexuality is a sin, and that continuing in a Gay relationship is a sin. I know it sucks, but it is the TRUTH, and sometimes the TRUTH HURTS.

Rick's comment: If you believe that being in a gay relationship is a sin, you need to present scripture which, in context, says that. I've checked closely and read the Bible many times. It does not say what you think it says.

I can be a Christian and be person who consistently sees a prostitute, it is a symbiotic relationship, no one is getting hurt right but definitely a sin, should that person be a non-Christian, one who sees a prostitute but wants to be a Christian too? So is this person a Christian? Yes, but obviously has an issue with sin. We don't give labels to sinners, we as the family of Christ are to love them and point the way away from their sin.

Jun 04, 2013
Social Relativism Trumps the Bible by no means, part 2
by: Anonymous

If you are Gay, and a Christian, the two will be opposed to each other. Should you leave the faith, so that you can practice homosexuality? no, you should better understand your faith, make a determination of whether your sin is larger than your faith.

Rick's comment: No dear. That is what you were taught but that is not what the Bible says, in context. You are presenting your opinion as if your opinion has the force of scripture. It does not.

If your lifestyle is larger than your faith, ask God why and be willing to accept his answer even if it is "Turn Away" God does not answer one sided prayers, where there is only your answer and not his.

Rick's comment: People who have not studied this topic are almost always absolutely convinced they are right and we are wrong. It is time for you to memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2:15.

We are to empty ourselves and be filled with Christ. When we hold onto things, and place them above God, we are on Sinful Ground. We are never to put our social agendas, or lifestyle before the love and message of Christ.

Rick's comment: Oh boy - another Anonymous accuser who says gay have a lifestyle. You folks need to stop drinking the Kool Aid.

Did Paul not say that one should Abstain rather than give into temptation, Hetero or Homosexual? this is our higher calling.

Rick's comment: What verse are you mis-remembering? Where did Paul say that?

So to summarize, Are there Christians who are Gay? Yes, plenty of them, and I hope that there are many more to come!

Should we (as the Church) allow Christians who are Gay to church? Yes! they should be invited in droves.

Should we beat them over the head with their Sin? No!

Should they be allowed to be members if they continue in Gay Relationships? yes, but only if they are willing to listen to the doctrine of the Bible and be willing to repent and Abstain if that is what Christ preaches.

Rick's comment: Ah, finally an IF. You're doing your best to parrot the party line but in your heart, you don't really believe what you're telling us.

Should they be allowed to be leaders in the church? only if they are repentant, and above reproach, so continuing to give into sin, not above reproach.

Rick's comment: Every Christian leader for the last two thousand years has continued to give into sin every day of their ministry. You are bloviating, making it up as you type, nothing more.

Jun 12, 2013
An answer for Rachel
by: Rick Brentlinger

Rick's comment: Rachel, you asked, Where does the Bible approve of homosexuality? These links may help to answer your question.

Is there any evidence of an actual gay marriage in the Bible?

Can you show me in scripture where God accepts a loving committed gay relationship?

Gay Christian FAQ

Does 1 Cor 7:2 exclude gays and lesbians from marriage?

Did Jesus define marriage as only between a man and a woman?

The problem with your, "the Bible's gotta say it" logic is that you NEVER apply that logic to heterosexual marriage. For example:

1. Where does the Bible approve of having an ordained minister perform the wedding ceremony? That never happened in the Bible and yet, even without the Bible saying it's okay, people still do it.

2. Where does the Bible approve of getting married in a church building? That never happened in the Bible and yet, even though it is not affirmed in the Bible, people believe it's okay.

3. Where does the Bible approve of heterosexuals getting divorced and remarried and divorced and remarried? The God of the Bible hates divorce yet saved heterosexuals have a divorce rate almost the same as unsaved folks. The Bible says it is wrong and yet, some of the folks you go to church with are divorced and remarried, sometimes more than once, often including the Pastor and people don't have a problem with that.

4. Where does the Bible approve of heterosexuals exchanging wedding rings or the groom removing the garter from his bride's leg or any of the other things hetero folks do in their weddings? Even though we cannot find ANY support in the Bible for those things, heteros still do them because you don't feel any need to have Bible verses that say it's okay.

The point is, you insist on one standard for us and a different weaker lower standard for yourself. The truth is, you haven't read or thought much about these issues. That is clear from your comments. Instead, you judge and condemn us by a standard you refuse to apply to yourself.

I hope you will search your heart and do a lot more praying and reading and studying and thinking.

Jun 20, 2013
i love jesus
by: angie

I love all the same, I love gay people and straight people but the word is the word, my friend just came back from a mission in fiji and the people there are so so poor, but they dont steal, as this is what gods wants, could they say but we were born in a third world country with no money god so it is ok for me to steal? no they pray and lean on god for the answer, I am not gay and I have no idea what it is like to be born that way but we cant change gods word I am sorry that some people have this massive issue to overcome but all is possible in jesus, We all have our sins and all sins are equal but the bible says that man shall not lay with man, he also says not to lie, which I also do sin is sin, no one can judge, if you are living as godly as you can and you are truly happy that your heart is in the right place then no one can judge that accept our lord, I refuse to judge anyone on any sin as I dont want to be judged by any other human, Jesus tore the veil to not have a religion but a relationship with our father and if you can sleep easily at night knowing that your heart is in the right place than that is all you need to wrry about, its between you and god x

Oct 22, 2013
gay christian
by: alexandra

well i have been looking at the conversations and it just sickens me that someone can take the Bible and twist it into what they want it to believe like homosexuality. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is wrong. If you do not believe one part of the Bible, how can you believe other parts? I can just hardly believe that someone like Rick thinks it is okay to take the sacred Word of God and twist it into something that is so sinful. I beg everyone that reads this, turn to God and believe His Word! God did not create men to marry men and likewise with women. The whole Bible points to a man-woman marriage and commands against anything otherwise! and also, it just doesnt work to twist the Word. EVER. You have to believe ALL of it, not just parts.

Oct 23, 2013
Your dumb
by: Seth

Rick you are stupid the bible plainly says that being gay is a sin nothing you say or write on this website will change the truth!! So stop being a false prophet and misleading people and keep your lies to yourself. I hope that you will actually read the bible one day and know that this lie you stand for is a lie!!! THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!!!

Rick's comment: LOL, such strange comments lately and it's not even a full moon.

Oct 23, 2013
gay christian
by: annonymous

obviously God didnt create people to be gay. if that were so people would just die out. plus rick you dont have anything to say about the previous comment about believing all of the Bible, not just parts! and also, what if i am born with an attraction to animals? or children? you think its okay to have a "loving relationship" with them? if being gay is okay im sure you have some way to twist what the bible says about being a pediophile and an animal lover! Homo is WRONG!!!!!! the bible clearly points it out and no matter how you twist Gods word to fit your carnal lifestyle and decieve others, you will face the terrible wrath that God has for sin in the end!

Rick's comment: Apparently someone at the asylum has given the patients access to a computer.

Oct 24, 2013
Obviously you have nothing to say
by: annonymous

well rick obviously you have nothing to say, all you do is try to make smart comments . why dont you try to answer the question about believing parts of the bible? and about animal loving and pediophiles? quit trying to be witty...

Rick's comment: LOL, spiritually speaking, it would be more profitable for you to study your Bible and win souls than to make inane comments on this website. I have a lot to say on the topic of gays and the Bible and the hundreds of pages of this website are the result.

For answers, please read my Beastiality page - it's on the NavBar.

Oct 26, 2013
gay christian
by: annonymous

Another claim pro-gay theorists make is that the Bible verses (Lev 18:22 and 20:13; Rom 1:26-27; 1 Cor 6:9-10; 1 Tim 1:9-10) which seem to prohibit homosexuality have actually been yanked out of context from their original meaning, or that they only applied to the culture existing at the time they were written. (Professor Robin Scroogs of Union Theological Seminary, for example, claims, "Biblical judgments about homosexuality are not relevant to today's debate."[13])

These arguments do not sit well with most serious Christians. The scriptures mentioned earlier are so clear and specific they defy interpretation of any sort. "Thou shalt not lie with a man as with a woman" requires no more interpretation than "Thou shalt not kill." It is intellectually dishonest to say conservatives "interpret" such verses out of prejudice against homosexuals. Those same "prejudiced" conservatives (Falwell, Kennedy, Robertson et al) also take scriptures against heterosexual sins quite literally. If they only prohibit homosexuality out of their own prejudice, why on earth do they, as heterosexuals, also condemn heterosexual sins? The argument makes no sense.

Neither does the "mistranslation" argument. We can allow some discrepancy in minor areas of translation, but, on something as important as sexual ethics, are we really to believe the Bible translators we rely on got it wrong five different times, in two different testaments? And only on the scriptures regarding homosexuality? (Pro-gay apologists seem to have no problem with the other scriptures condemning sins like adultery and child abuse.)

Equally poor is the "out-of-context" argument. The fact is, in Leviticus, Romans, 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy, homosexuality is mentioned in the context of sexual and immoral behavior! The context is quite clear-a variety of behaviors are prohibited; homosexuality-along with adultery, fornication and idolatry-is one of them.

The "cultural" argument fares no better. In some cases, a scripture may seem culturally bound (injunctions against long hair on men, or women speaking to their husbands during church.) But again-five times? Five different scriptures, from both testaments, addressed to highly different cultures (from the Hebrew to the Roman) are obviously not culturally bound. The cultures they address are just too different...

Rick's comment: I get it. You prefer to flog your anti-gay agenda instead of obeying 2 Timothy 2:15. This website refutes your false teaching and the false teaching of Joe Dallas.

Remember Exodus International? They closed down because their anti-gay theology was wrong and because their faux help ministry never helped anyone change their sexual orientation.

Dec 31, 2013
You can not be a Gay Christian
by: Dianne Worthy

I Corinthians 6:9 clearly proclaims that homosexual "offenders" will not inherit the kingdom of God. However, homosexuality is no greater than any other sin. All sin is offensive to God. God's forgiveness is just as available to you, the homosexual, as it is to the adulterer or murderer. Truly repent and change your sinful ways and Jesus will help you along the way. Also, if you can prove that two men together or two women together can create an embryo I will listen to what you have to say... Oh and for those of you that say why can't you leave a name make sure you note that my name has two n's in it. Thanks!

Rick's comment: Hi Dianne - this website exists to refute the kind of beliefs you hold about gay issues. Instead of assuming you know the truth, without studying, without knowledge of the biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context, will you do further reading and study BEFORE drawing conclusions? Many thanks!

Jan 12, 2014
Practice what you preach
by: Rebecca

I came here for a discussion on how one can be (or not be) both gay and Christian as I am genuinely interested in understanding both sides of this debate in order to make informed decisions.

Unfortunately I found you to be overbearing and hypocritical. You insist, rather rudely if I may say so, that people be open-minded, but you don't appear to be open-minded and engage in discussion yourself. You're rude and a little hateful and it quickly became clear to me that you only wish for one-sided open-mindedness. You want others to be open to your beliefs, but you don't open to theirs.

That being said, I think it's fine to stick strong with something you believe in, especially if you feel that you've researched it, spoken to God, and made an informed choice, however I'd like to remind you of the never-fail Golden Rule. I know you don't like being treated rudely and I struggle to understand why you treat others in that manner. Please consider rewording your comments in a way that would encourage readers to be open-minded. Being rude to people immediately causes them to shut down rather than hear you out. Case in point? I'm willing to bet that you got upset when I accused you of being rude in the last paragraph.

A final thought, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Rick's comment: Hi Rebecca. I get thousands of emails and comments. Many of them are so vile and mean-spirited that I do not post them. Many are from people who refuse to study the Bible. Instead, they parrot what someone else said.

I refuse to fill this website with their ignorant comments. This is not a free speech zone. The world wide web is full of anti-gay silliness - no reason to give them this space too. I answer almost all of the major anti-gay arguments on this website. There is no reason to allow people to keep posting inane arguments I have already refuted. That would be a waste of time. Many thanks for stopping by.

Mar 23, 2014
I am Christian and gay
by: Confused

I am a Christian and I am gay. I was brought up in the Church my entire life. I am now 23 and after struggling my entire life, I just don't think there is anything more to do.

I have prayed and cried and prayed and cried some more for God to change me. I mean, I would do anything. Its so easy for everyone to say "abstain" or "I am cured" blah blah blah.

If the Bible said "thou shall not have dark skin" and dark skin was an abomination, would that mean that I should bleach my skin in attempt to obey the Bible? God made me with dark skin! I didn't decide this. Why should I bleach my skin?

And although it's taken me so long to come to terms with this I guess, God has made me a homosexual. I didn't wake up one morning and decide I wanted to be this way. I have never even had any sort of homosexual relation, but I know I am gay.

I would rather have a drug addiction or be broke or something like that, only because at least those people have hope to change. War within yourself is the most bloody of battles. Just thinking of it. And I am meant to smile about all of this I guess. My life is such a lie.

Rick's comment: Dear one - it is time to stop believing the lies of the anti-gay crowd and start believing what the Bible says, in context. The Holy Spirit led you to this website for a reason.

There is help and hope for you here as you trust the Lord Jesus and His full and FREE salvation and walk with Him. He loves you with an everlasting love and He will bring peace to your heart.

Does God still love you if you're a gay Christian?

Mar 25, 2014
I'm not homophobic but I disagree
by: Carrie M.

Hello :) I find this Page interesting but honestly I disagree. And I say that with all Respect for You. I am not Homophobic in any Way, I have a few gay but non-believing Friends.

I agree with You that God loves Homosexuals :) I have to disagree with You on your argumentation, that all the verses in the Bible speak about shrine prostitutes. I am Israeli and I happen to read my Bible in Hebrew.

In Leviticus 18:22 It says clearly: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman"
ואת זכר לא תשכב משכבי אשה

And it means exactly, you shall not lie with a male in the way you would sleep with a woman. That means sex was meant between woman and man. And it is a sin for a man to have sex with a man.

You cant just assume that this verse was meant only for sex with male prostitutes. It is meant in general. You cannot take Gods Word and bend it so that it fits Your likings.

Rick's comment: Hi Carrie - How cool that an Israeli is reading my website. Welcome to you! We have not assumed anything. Please click on the shrine prostitutes link for more info about context.

I'm saying all this with Love and I realize that gay People face struggles but with Gods help You can overcome anything. I have a Friend who used to be gay before he was a Believer, He is now happily married to a woman having Children. He still sometimes struggles with temptations but He overcomes. We all struggle with things, everybody with different things.

And what if I just for example feel sexually attracted to children? Does that mean I was born that Way and I cannot change it? Or if I feel atracted to Animals, does that mean I was born that way? Obviously not.

Rick's comment: You're comparing being gay to being a child molester or being attracted to animals? Gee, thanks.

There are only two sexual orientations - heterosexual and homosexual. Attraction to children or animals is not and never will be a sexual orientation. At best, those are defined as paraphilias - abnormal sexual desires.

God can restore Your Sexuality. It might be a slow Process, But He is full of Grace. Anyways I'm sorry this got so long, You probably fell asleep reading it lol. Blessings from Israel I pray for A new Revelation of Gods Word to You.

Rick's comment: God doesn't restore or change one's innate sexuality. No competent medical professional advocates that. Even Exodus International admits that. In fact, after almost 40 years of failure and inability to change anyone's sexual orientation, Exodus International closed their ministry in 2013.

Apr 30, 2014
Respectfully asking
by: Zack

Rick, I'll list a few of my arguments because I'm curious about how you'll respond.

1. Homosexual couples cannot procreate. But that was a command from God to populate the earth. Only heterosexuals are physically compatible to do so. God created them that way. In a world where homosexuality is prominent, no procreation can naturally occur. The God of life would not make that as such, would He?

Rick's comment: Hi Zack - gays can procreate and many gays have biological children from previous marriages. "Be fruitful and multiply" was given when the earth had 2 people and 8 people. Now we have 7+ billion. Haven't we already obeyed that command? And, only about 5% of the human population is gay so there is no danger of the human race dying out since 95% are not gay.

2. In a relationship, men and women have different roles, biblically speaking (Ephesians 5:22 onwards). The woman is to serve the husband, and the husband is to love the wife as Christ loved the church. Not only that, but the husband is supposed to present his wife unto God without blemish and clean. So in a homosexual relationship, who presents who, since the roles were based by gender?

Rick's comment: No Zack, Christ presents His bride the church, without blemish or spot, Ephesians 5:27. His bride contains hundreds of millions of saved MEN who will MARRY Jesus Christ, Himself a man. The bride of Christ.

So does God really support "loving homosexual marriages"? Or relationships? No, because they're unnatural. Anyone who follows Christ should be weary of engaging in such a thing. But please, for anyone reading, just know that you are not a "gay Christian." Even if you're gay, you cannot change the fact you are redeemed, and to label yourself is something the devil wants you to do. Would you call a Christian who lies a "lying Christian"? I hope not! Haha!

Rick's comment: Zack, do you even know what against nature means in the Bible?

I am for Jesus Christ. I will do my best to follow Him even in my day to day struggles. But I am the same as all of you brethren, a sinner redeemed by the blood and grace of our Lord. I am not homosexual, and my heart goes out to those who struggle. Sin is a force beyond our comprehension, but we do not fight this battle in vain. We have the Lord. So be encouraged!

Rick, you are intelligent, brother, but I feel your stance is misguided. Far be it from me to judge you or demean your scholarly studies (We all need more Scripture in our lives, honestly), but in good faith, brother, I just cannot support all of your claims. God Bless.

Rick's comment: My Gay Christian FAQ answers many questions people ask.

Apr 30, 2014
Still Not Convinced
by: Zack

Rick, you only touched base on a few of the things I offered, homosexuals cannot have children together. It is impossible, how would you even try and say a man and a man can make a child together? (I think you might have misunderstood what I said originally about them not being able to procreate).

Rick's comment: Zack, I do understand your argument. It isn't a real argument that you believe. For example: you don't believe that being able to procreate is a requirement for marriage - you only use that argument on gays. You believe it is perfectly fine for elderly or sterile hetero couples to marry yet they cannot procreate.

The marriage of Christ and His church is not the same as marriage today. It is a spiritual ceremony showing the roles of us being submissive to Jesus. It does not involve physical intimacy shared between a man and a woman. This is an example of twisting Scripture to your liking.

You are adament about what you feel, but unfortunately, it is wrong. Homosexuality is not a sin if one doesn't act, but the acts are. You are leading people away from the truth and making them feel like their homosexual acts are not a sin.

It is a sin for a man to be with another man, brethren, but no sin we struggle with condemns us to hell if we have Christ as our Lord and Savior. Keep focus on the light. Peace unto all of you :)

Apr 30, 2014
I'm not arguing per se
by: Zack

You can label what I'm saying to you anyhow you want, brother. It's really frivolous to do so. I'm not arguing per se, because I'm not trying to walk away the "winner" of an argument. I'll sleep just fine tonight, even if you "know" more about the Bible than I do.

I rarely cut out someone else's line and say something about because I feel it is a weak ploy, but this one sentence particularly speaks to me unfavorably. Why? Because you did it again, Rick. You don't know a thing about me. Who are you to tell anyone this? Knowledge has puffed you up; I don't need to know Greek or Hebrew to see that.

Indeed, we can all use more of God's Word. I do my best to follow God's Word, but even more so to live it out in love. I am not better than one single person on this earth, Rick. My knowledge means nothing. My ability to read, speak, or translate different languages means nothing. Without love, I am nothing. I do not consider homosexuality of God, plain and simple. But I am not "wrongly accusing" anyone. But you and I will only know the truth of it all when we come face to face with the Lord.

Rick's comment: Okay Zack, I see where you're coming from. What is your Biblical basis for believing that homosexuality is not of God?

God didn't give the bible to us so we could all muddle about not knowing what He really wants us to follow. Jesus never blamed the Bible when the disciples didn't understand it. It was their sinfulness that clouded their ability to understand Scripture.

Apr 30, 2014
I'm Running Out of Titles For my Comments LOL
by: Zack

Not irritated except by that one comment I pulled from above where you keep making the assumptions that no one studies because they disagree with you.

Rick's comment: No Zack, I say that many commentators have not studied because their comment reflects their lack of study.

That is not how you teach at all. You don't put down people's intelligence or make false assumptions about them as a person or believer and where they are at in their faith. That's just horrible. And it doesn't matter if it "gets old fast". You knew what you were in for because homosexuality is a controversial issue, so now you have the responsibility of presenting your views respectfully and lovingly. And never mind the question, brother. Just please learn to stop making assumptions. Nobody wants to learn from a know-it-all hotshot. Take care.

Jun 13, 2014
Not according to the Word Of God
by: Sim

If we truly study the story of Sodom and Gomorrah we will recognize that the reason why GOD destroyed those cities is Fornication and Homosexuality. Genesis 2:24 says: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

1 Corinthians 7:2 ESV: “But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.” The only natural sexual relationship the Bible recognizes is a heterosexual one (Gen. 2:21-24; Matt. 19:4-6) within marriage.

Rick's comment: Hi Sim - if we truly study the story of Sodom and Gomorrah we discover that NO ONE in Sodom:

1. Had gay sex

2. Had a gay marriage

3. Had a gay relationship

4. Is said to be gay

What really happened in Sodom?

Jun 25, 2014
Gay And Christian?
by: Riley

Honestly, I am a straight Christian that is looking to God for guidance through life and moral controversies inside myself. I am struggling with the belief that all who engages in homosexual acts are going to hell until they repent for their sinful lifestyle. Or the fact that though the Bible never directly states that what our current society considers to be homosexuality is wrong, it does have strong contextual arguments that seem to portray heterosexual living as the natural way of living. There may be nothing that directly disputes consensual homosexual acts, but there is definitely nothing that supports it, unlike heterosexual living. You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination" Leviticus (18:22). This is but one of the many sexual actions condemned in this scripture such as sex with animals, sex with your mother, sex with your daughter, and sex with your brothers wife. While the second goes even further: "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death; their blood is upon them" Leviticus (20:13).

Rick's comment: Factoring in shrine prostitutes.

Understandably this chapter was written intended to set Israel apart from the Egyptians they fled and the Canaanites they were now living among. It also is the same chapter that includes the knowledge of unhealthy foods such as pig and yet most of us eat bacon now a days. However, I am not sure if it constitutes turning a blind eye to the rest of the chapter because some verses are no longer as relevant as others. Although in the New Testament; Romans 1:25-27: "They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshipped and served created things rather than the creator, who is forever praised. Amen. For this reason God gave them up to degrading passions. Their women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error." This is another separate instance in which the Bible firmly supports heterosexuality as the natural way of living. This would leave me to believe that anything not considered the natural way would fall under the category of sexual immorality.

Rick's comment: Understanding Romans 1 in context.

I am still battling with the distinction between biblical times and our current societies cultural differences, and how much we can attribute to interpretation VS. the deception of the devil.

Jul 18, 2014
Sympathy, not pity, for the sodomite
by: Patrick

There are many who believe it was God who created them to be "gay"... Without entering into judgement; is it not best to live and let live in this area? I do not know... I am aware of Lev 18:21, what Paul wrote in his letters-regarding giving over to "unnatural affections" and I believe James touched on the topic, briefly,too.

Still, "God is love" right? and "Love covers a multitude of sins"--a loosely haphazard approach to hermeneutical application to be sure--still how to win these lost souls with out condemnation on the part of the evangelical seems nearly impossible! How does one soft pedal something so vitally WRONG in biblical attitude and unacceptable behavior?, can it be done?

I may abhor many, but with what amounts to hatred often times masquerading as compassion-see the westboro
church of Topeaka Kan--maybe it is best left to their own devices, atleast for now--I preach a general acceptance-and let God be god in this area when it comes time for judgement-love the sinner,hate the sin (He may have other ideas!!)

Rick's comment: Hi Patrick - in the Bible, the words sodomite and sodomites are NEVER used to describe gays and lesbians.

About "hate the sin and love the sinner," it will be helpful for you to read: Do you love us enough to hear our heart?

Sep 17, 2014
Rick is Wrong
by: Brent

Rick you are so far from the truth, this is why so many people are confused about having a relationship with Christ.The word of God clearly States in the book of Leviticus 18th chapter and the 22nd verse "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. it is an abomination. It also states in the 20th chapter and the 13 verse "if a man lies with a male as he lies with a women,both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. There blood shall be upon them.

However there is not one sin greater then the other. And we can live a homosexual lifestyle and believe in God, but our ultimate goal as christian's is to make it to the kingdom of heaven and it plainly states in the book of 1 Corinthians 6;9-10 That wrong doers will not inherit the kingdom of God.

The Meaning of Abomination is: A Disgrace, outrage, obscenity, evil and bane.

The Meaning of Homosexual: Sexually attracted to people of one's on sex.

Rick's comment: Hi Brent - May I encourage you to do more study? Getting saved is God's FREE gift to everyone who trusts Jesus Christ instead of trusting his own righteousness.

Your confusion about Lev 18:22 and 20:13 arises from not factoring in the cultural doctrinal historical and religious context of those verses. To help you understand the context, I have this page with carefully sourced truth and lots of links to additional information. Thanks for stopping by.

Lev 18:22 and 20:13 = Shrine Prostitutes.

Sep 27, 2014
by: Tim

Rick, I read through these comments and concluded that this is not how Christians ought to discuss spiritual matters. I am saddened by all the hateful speech, going both ways. I am getting an overall negative vibe from this site as of now. I am disappointed that you let it continue for more than a year, as this is your site and you have full control of the contents. Sometimes we must give up personal liberties if it means not letting brethren stumble. Professing what you believe is alright but it's wrong to combat those who dissent. (By the way I do not think comparing this to Jesus arguing with the Pharisees is quite a good fit.) Let them be the weaker brothers, say "God bless you" and leave them be. In America the culture tells us to be vocal and let our voice be heard at any cost. But this is not about America, it's about the kingdom of God. Be at peace with all men (literally all, not just those who agree).

Rick's comment: Hi Tim - thanks for sharing your views. You mentioned American culture. Is it possible that your views are influenced by post-modern culture, where people don't want to take a strong stand for anything, where every view, not matter how aberrant, is deemed equal to other views, where everyone must win so no real debate and discussion and disagreement are allowed?

Most of my responses in this thread are kind and gracious. You seem to have missed that and instead, assert a moral equivalence which I reject because it just isn't true.

You wrote: "I am saddened by all the hateful speech, going both ways."

I confront silliness and hateful accusations because they are made in public and ought to be answered in public but to call anything I wrote hate speech is just plain silly.

The apostle Paul disputed with unbelievers (some of my commenters are unsaved) in Acts 17:22ff. and 19:8ff. and confronted Peter to his face and rebuked him in Galatians 2:11ff.

Paul tells us twelve times in scripture that we should follow him as he followed Christ: Gal 3:1, 4:12, 1 Cor 4:16, 11:1, 1 Tim 1:16, Romans 11:14, 2 Timothy 3:10-14, 2 Thess 3:7, 9, 1 Thess 1:6.

People who are in error need to be confronted and corrected. That is normal for unsaved and saved people. In the case of the anti-gay crowd, they make vile accusations against us and then vote for politicians who restrict our civil and human rights. They also need to be confronted.

While I appreciate your views, the Holy Spirit has not led me to do as you suggest.

Oct 12, 2014
by: anonymous

rick brentlinger youre an idiot and shud not be allowed on the internet. cristino, im proud of you. keep fighting the good fight.

Rick's comment: LOL - thanks for sharing that with us.

What must I do to be saved?

Dec 06, 2014
Rick, pleasee
by: anonymous dont complain

Rick is really an example of a false preacher. You are really trying hard to fit your situation into the Word of God. And that's wrong. No one can alter the Word. It is openly stated that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of our Lord. All you do when you see comments like this is say we don't have verses to support our idea and when we do like for example, leviticus 20:13,you say that we do not know our Bible and babble about or anonymous names. Why do you mind that we are anonymous? Bothered much?

Well I am an ex-gay opened up by the truth of the Word of God and Jesus himself. Please,Rick. Wake up. Open your eyes to the Lord. Accept the truth. It is your choice to believe or not, but, please just accept the truth like I did. And no,I don't have struggles anymore, an excuse of a loving relationship is plain wrong. It is like saying you can steal because it is for the poor.

It is against God's nature. Don't even try to make an excuse that nature is saying it is natural because about thousands of species of animals are practicing it. God blessed us humans with values and wisdom, we are higher than animals. Well, your choice. PS this is not an opinion I am stating the obvious. The Word. God Bless. Don't bother reply, just read.

Rick's comment: LOL - Another alleged ex-gay commenter who refuses to give his real name.

Dear Readers - you have just endured another Drive By Spoofing from some nut on a college campus who ought to be studying for his finals.

What must I do to be saved?

Jan 05, 2015
You are either a Christian or not
by: ceejaybee65

this Rick of a guy is not only a false teacher of the Bible, his language is quite uncouth. You are either a christian living a Christ-like life or not. no half measures Rick.

Rick's comment: Hey, is there a full moon tonight? Hahaha - you call me a false teacher yet you lack courage to use your real name. LOL.

You'd better read and heed this - What must I do to be saved?

Jan 13, 2015
Stand down
by: Rob Kendrick

Here is a man who is gay and who doesn't want to stop being gay, so he has justified himself for so long that he is completely self-brainwashed. People, these thoughts are his honest convictions. Nothing can be done at this point, therefore no need to argue with him. Leave the poor man alone.

Rick's comment: Hi Rob - thanks for having enough courage to use your real name. I've studied this issue for more than 30 years. I'll bet you haven't studied the clobber passages in depth yet you reject biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic and religious context arguments without even considering them.

Is that biblical spirituality or is it willful ignorance? The analogy for you from the first century AD is the legalistic Jews who insisted that Gentiles HAD to keep the law to be saved. 2000 years later, here you are, insisting that gays like me are self-brainwashed, with no experience, no facts, no scripture in context, to support your assertion.

Have you read 1 Corinthians 3 or Romans 14:10 lately? Good luck trying to protect your anti-gay views from a huge bonfire at the judgment seat of Christ.

What must I do to be saved?

May 25, 2015
All sin is innate
by: Curtis Williams

All sin is innate. We as humans were ALL born with a sin nature!!!! The bible says we all were born in sin and shaped in iniquity. It also says that All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God! My point is homosexually of ALL forms is sin and condemned by The Word of God. It does not matter if you were born " that way" or not. That's why The Word of God plainly states that we Must be born again.

Rick's comment: Hi Curtis - You are missing the point. Sexual orientation, hetero or homo, is not sinful. God saves us from our sin, not from our sexual orientation. Please read my response to Rob Kendrick.

Jun 22, 2015
by: Kristin Malarti

Confused as to why anyone who is sane would look to you, Rick for advice. You are rude condescending ignorant and have no real advice or knowledge at all. Your replies to comments make me sick, and you are passive agressive and pompas. Do this world a favor and get off your high horse and quit trying to advise people on anything. You are not qualified. You, sir are an idiot.

Rick's comment: Hi Kristin - Thanks for letting us know.

What must I do to be saved?

Jun 29, 2015
Spirit of Idolatry?
by: Lynn

I came here seeking because I am Christian and have a relative who is Gay. I have read the Bible prayed and read some of your information about the Greek meaning of words and when they were used. I know I read about the worship of fertility God and cutting off of genitals as part of that worship, running around throwing in the houses etc. Reminds me a little of sex changes taking place now.

My question is: could it be the same Spirit of Idolatry? Example: In Pagan Worship when they sacrificed children, it has occurred to me that all the poor children now that end up being killed by boyfriends that you read so much in the news, could be the same spirit of idolatry, except now the Idol is relationships in those instances. Women willing to have any type of man in their homes risking their children's safety, just to keep from being alone.

Rick's comment: Hi Lynn - I see a fundamental difference between people using same sex rituals to worship false gods and drug crazed wretched men who kill their children or the children of their girlfriend. While both could be influenced by unclean spirits, I don't see much of an analogy between the two.

So even though the practice is not exactly the same, the spirit ruling the practice is. I am just curious as to your thoughts on this. By the way, at one time my relative did tell me he was abused by older boys when he was young, so not sure he was born that way.

Rick's comment: Being abused as a child does sometimes cause a kid to question his sexual orientation. However, I do not believe that sexual abuse makes a kid gay or lesbian. Sexual orientation is something one is born with, according to Jesus in Matthew 19:11-12. A born eunuch was an ancient descriptor for gays and lesbians and transgendered people.

And I will add that I struggled with idolatry myself with relationships for years and finally after being hurt so much just asked God to take the desire away and he did. It was very strong desire but I don't have it anymore and have not for many years. I am happy alone and would only want a relationship now at all if it Glorified God and would strengthen my and my husbands relationship with Christ.

I have been divorced for 26 yrs., and like the Bible says I have more time alone to pray have a better relationship with Jesus than I would if I had a husband. Also one other thing even if I could come to terms with a committed loving relationship between two male or female being approved by God, I still would certainly have a problem with Bi-sexual because there would be no way you have a loving committed relationship with one person then, so I don't understand seeing that listed with the others in some spots of your site.

Rick's comment: I mention bisexuals because some bisexuals, in a de facto way, view themselves as gay since they end up in a same gender relationship.

Oct 03, 2015
Rick Thank You.
by: Ayden Diaz

My whole entire life, I've been affiliated with people that will never understand my feelings towards loving another man. I've been preached to the ground about being gay from people who aren't gay. I understand that their beliefs are that I'm being ignorant for what my heart feels, that it's a choice... the only choice I see is to lie to myself and "try" to be straight.. all I know is that God always listens to me. I recently started getting signs of my cancer, and I fasted for a answer and I was cured. My testimony is is God cured my early signs of cancer, why doesn't he cure me from being gay... I've been praying my gay soul away since I was 7 years old. I guess what I'm trying to say is, for those people that aren't Gay or Anonymous, Don't bother posting. Go post about your own convictions and not what you don't understand. You'll won't know or ever know about being gay and loving christ , let other Gay Christians. Handle our beliefs with best advice because to be honest, the straight community Christians are scaring the gay community to the enemy. Most gays are losing their faith in God because of ignorance of understanding. I came to this page for answers and support. And the more I saw Ricks efforts in proving otherwise was a well sign enough for me that no matter what others say God will judge me.

Oct 17, 2015
Do Not Be Deceived
by: Truth

I can't believe your attempt to twist the Word of God and say it is possible to be gay and Christian. No long speech from me. You're are simply wrong. There is no scripture that supports gay relationships let alone gay marriage. You are a false prophet.

Rick's comment: LOL -

1. you present no scriptural argument to support your views, and

2. you don't have the guts to put your real name with your critical comment, and

3. you call me a false prophet because I disagree with you - that is so funny. No one is a false prophet simply because they disagree with you.

What must I do to be saved?

Nov 17, 2015
by: will

God loves everyone. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

I need help understanding the being gay and Christian. Can you point me to where it states that its OK to be gay and christian in the Bible?

Remember: Texts from the bible not your websites. Thank you.

Rick's comment: Hi Will - Yes, of course I'll be happy to point you to where it states it's okay to be gay and Christian after you point me to where the Bible in context says that it's not okay to be gay and Christian.

What must I do to be saved?

Nov 17, 2015
curiosity - trying to understand something here
by: will

Can u define "sin" for me - I am still learning about Christianity. Thank you.

Rick's comment: Hi Will - Yes, I am happy to provide a biblical definition of sin for you. It is found at this link.

What must I do to be saved?

Nov 28, 2015
Rick cannot keep from contradicting himself
by: Brad B

Rick tells many that they are not being loving and kind, because they clearly show him God's very clear word, but he has repeatedly defended HIS insults, name calling, and accusations that they have not studied( all assumptions with no proof) by saying that Jesus argued with others. He ignores the scripture that clearly say homosexuality is sinful, and as he loves to accuse true CHRISTIANS of parroting, that is all HE has done to everyone who disputes him. He KNOWS it is a sin, but this is exactly the character of a defiled that Jesus warned of. He will make every effort to distort, switch topics to ignore the questions asked to him, insult, accuse, and more BUT will never admit that the verses presented to him are clear about homosexuality. Temple idolatry and the things HE claims are NOT mentioned in those verses. That is how a flesh lover and gay lover debates.

Rick's comment: Hi Brad - Sorry you're having a difficult day.

What must I do to be saved?

Dec 16, 2015
The Bible says -Choose ye this day, whom ye will serve
by: Louise R.

NO, based on Scripture, you cannot serve TWO masters. Repent Rick, as you obviously are homosexual, and are defending your sinful life-style. You are also a false teacher, and will stand before God, and give an account for leading others astray. Praying for you, Rick, that you will be saved, before it is eternally to late.

Rick's comment: Hi Louise R. - Are you aware that being a low information Christian is not a fruit of the Spirit? While you argue that because we disagree with your views, we must not be saved ("Praying for you, Rick, that you will be saved, before it is eternally to late."), we will continue to serve God by teaching His biblical truth in context, 2 Timothy 2:15.

Dec 24, 2015
Either you are for me or against me saith the Lord
by: inez lopez

Please dont try and sugar code the word of God to please your decision to be homosexual. The bible does say that God is without sin and NO ONE will enter GOD'S presence if he or she is full of sin. GOD tells us in His word that either we are for HIM or against HIM. It is an insult to HIS word to say that we are Christians and still continue to live in homosexuality.

You are allowing the devil to desieve you. There is a real enemy of God after our soul's, how long are you going to let him use you to encourage people to sin against God and lose thier soul!

Rick's comment: Hi Inez - Gay Christians are FOR God. You have never studied this issue and you have never studied the clobber passages.

Yet, from the vantage point of not studying and not knowing what the Bible says in context, you have decided that if we disagree with YOU, we must be deceived. That is such an arrogant and proud point of view. We will continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by teaching His biblical truth in context, 2 Timothy 2:15.

Jan 31, 2016
context context context
by: toni espy

All I hear you saying how everyone takes all the scriptures in relationship to homosexuality out of "context"...what I see is how YOU appear to be the embodiment of that very accusation you so quickly throw in the direction of those who are dispute yor opinions! that's called a hypocrit! perhaps you should read the passages in the BOOK WRITTEN BY GOD about hypocrits and see if they feel familiar to know....the look in the mirror and remove the BEAM from your own eye before trying to remove the spliter from others.

the act of homosexuality is against God and his word is not hard to understand when you remove self from the equation and stop justifying the sin through the obvious attempt to capitolize and profit from the same sin! I posted my name because I am neither afraid nor ashamed to tell you or anyone else who I am! I am a believer and practicing Christian. By practicing I mean that I am neither perfect at it nor do I have to be! I look at your responses as boring, typical and sad. I feel sorry for you.

I pray you can truly reconcile with God. you see, while I am not gay or lesbian, I was once a practicing witch. For 30 years I dedicated myself to false Gods and Goddesses. I wrote and performed many rituals and did so with hundreds of other witches and pagans grouped together every year in a camping environment for a week at a time. Refusing to hear God and rejecting Him at the same time. 30 years is a long time to put so much faith in falsities...temptation for me to do certain things almost by habit is contant for me. That's satan trying to fool me and lie to me once again...but I pray to Jesus to lead me from temptation and deliver me from evil!

EVIL = absense of God...just like the ACT of homosexuality, immorality and sinning = the absense of God...and THAT my friend, is NOT out of "CONTEXT". May God bless you and keep you and help you back to the less traveled know...the "narrow" path of which I speak?

Rick's comment: Hi Toni - I am thrilled to know that Jesus saved you and is working in your life now, leading you to holiness and daily walking in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16. What a blessing to know that God can even save witches.

What must I do to be saved?

Jan 31, 2016
in conclusion
by: toni espy

Hello again satan! Your whole theory on context has completely imploded on itself. tell us all, how have you changed your ways to please God or to reconcile with him? I myself, renounced all other Gods, I have left many people behind that I once befriended when I had an "open" mind, not stopped loving them, just removed myself from practicing the same sins and educated myself with God's help, and was re-baptized and born again to God in order to obey my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I still have sin...satan still provkes my angers and fears...but I reecognize that and pray, i witness for Him and try again. what have you done?

Rick's comment: Hi Toni - My personal testimony is found at this link. My Coming Out.

Mar 02, 2016
Nit picking
by: David

You're basically nit picking the bible for what you want it to say. IT CLEARLY SAYS IN THE BIBLE, THE QURAN, EVEN THE TORAH HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN AND THAT MAN SHOULD NOT LAY WITH MAN. It's been proven scientifically and physiology that being gay is a choice. You sir are just or no true Christian is you truly believe being gay is not a sin. In that case pedophiles and having sex with animals isn't a sin either as long as you love God.

Rick's comment: Hi David - I expect more of you than disjointed incoherent illogic. Read and study the Bible in context and then post your view.

Mar 27, 2016
Rick lies
by: Anonymous

Rick - You are not of god i can tell you that right now. You twist words of scripture to appease your lifestyle. It is unnatural, ungodly, to be attracted to the same sex sexually. All that youre doing is ridiculing those who are speaking the truth. You must deny yourself of your immoral pleasure because those acts do NOT glorify god. Committed gay relationships, sodomy, all one and the same sin. Tomato tomahto. It does not glorify is for your own pleasure. Take a good look in the mirror.

Rick's comment: You're SO sure you're right that you don't have courage to put your real name with your disdainful comment?

Major Fail my friend.

Apr 01, 2016
by: Fuscia

Maybe we make too many assumptions and sweeping statements. I'm married but don't struggle with attraction to other people. Shoot, I struggle to be attracted at all I'm so tired from the kids! Seriously. My spouse if my best friend so sure I know an attractive man or woman when I see one. But no one can replace my spouse. Ya know?

If hetero marriage is the only legitimate avenue for sex, per God, what options does that leave gays? Something doesn't fit for me. What about the harems in the Old Testament. Why could a man have many wives but a wife only one husband? I think I'm becoming an atheist. As a feminist a lot of the Bible doesn't sit well with me. Like Lot offering his daughters to the crazy sex fiends outside. Geeeez

Rick's comment: Hi Fuscia - Under Old Testament Law life was full of rules. And remember, we're talking about 3500 to 6000 years ago so obviously, society and everything else was different then.

Today we live in the age of God's amazing grace and the question we need to answer is: What must I do to be saved?

May 06, 2016
Deeply Concerned with this Scripture
by: Jacob

I am a young bisexual Christian, in a relationship with an opposite sex bisexual non-Christian. I very much want to embrace my orientation for what it is, with out feeling of commendation, but I also want to embrace my faith in a way as to love and serve Christ.

I keep reading rather contradictory interpretations of bible scriptures, some say that Homosexuality is wrong entirely, and that the practice of sexually active Homosexual relationships while Christian means that, ultimately, you are not a true Christian and will be barred entry to Heaven. They use scriptures to support this, and the majority of people make a convincing argument as to why it is wrong. A convincing argument as to keep following this sin will turn you away from god and make you a false Christian.

Rick's comment: Hi Jacob - Please click on and read the links on the Home Page of this website. They explain the clobber passages in context. The links in the center column explain in great detail, how to know for sure you are saved.

However, there is equal evidence that states that the bible has no quarrel with homosexuality, and that, because the bible says that "anyone who confesses with their mouth and heart that Christ is lord will enter the kingdom of god" if you do so and mean it, no matter what you do, you have been saved. Jesus does not mention Homosexuality as sin, it must be okay.(However the debate rages over Christ's use of the term Fornication which has some Greek roots in meaning "Anything constituting Immoral Sexual activities") And many people argue that the depictions of Sinful Homosexuality in the Old testament are purely cultural to the time 2000 years ago (An example of cultural rules in the bible includes methods of how to treat your slave, but in the modern age we do not need this, so we ignore it)

Further to this, I am in love deeply with a Non-Christian girl who is bisexual herself (Pro-Polygamous, which is yet another thing I am hugely confused about)and I feel strongly that, if I don't show her that it is possible to embrace her Sexuality and also Christ, she will never want to embrace God and will refuse to even contemplate it, because she feels strongly it is wrong to condemn people for a natural feeling.

I am very much confused, but ultimately I am going to embrace my Sexuality weather the bible says I can or not, and still be Christian and follow, preach and love god. Ultimately, my feeling is that, if I do then get barred entry from Heaven, at least I will have experienced God in my earthly life. I believe that, because god is Just, this will not happen, and that is supported by the mention of the Book of the Saved that names are written (The bible does not say that Names are crossed off this book)

I believe once saved, always saved, but even so, I am deeply confused and I need someone who has studied this to tell me that I am okay without being told to repent and bow to the glory of God, because that defeats the object of Gods love.

Rick's comment: Part of getting saved is realizing that you need to bow to God's sovereignty over the universe He created. The first step is to repent and believe the gospel - that Christ died for your sins, taking your place so that He could endure the wrath of God as your Substitute.

We know that God was satisfied with and accepted Jesus' payment for your sins because He raised Jesus from the dead.

Now the question is: Will you be satisfied with Jesus' payment for your sins and trust Him to save you from sin, hell and the wrath of God?

May 20, 2016
always learning
by: cory

I just wanted to thank you for your work and ministry. I would say I am an extremely hetero man who since being saved almost twenty years ago always went with the traditional belief, or teaching that homosexuality is a sin and homosexuals need to repent and stop. As the issue of homosexuality has grown in our culture I believe that we need to study and know why we believe what we say we believe.

After some studying and reading I feel like God has opened my heart to the truth of His word. I know I still have more studying to do to be able and give a proper answer to the many friends I have who would argue with me, but I can say that I can now understand how a Christian can be homosexual and there's nothing wrong with it! My prayers are with you.

Rick's comment: Hi Cory - Thanks for your kind words. I pray God's blessing upon you to "walk in the Spirit," Galatians 5:16, as you grow in grace and knowledge of God.

Just so other readers don't get the wrong idea, every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender person does need to repent and trust Jesus Christ to save them - NOT from being GLBT but to save them from sin, hell and the wrath of God.

Jun 12, 2016
Be fruitful and multiply
by: Chad

Gee Golly. I'm sure glad Adam and Eve didn't decide they were "innately gay", aren't you?

Rick's comment: Hi Chad - Dropping your sarcastic approach so you can focus on learning and understanding will help you grow spiritually. About 95% of the human race is heterosexual and many of them are being fruitful and multiplying, so much so that there are now more than 7 BILLION people on earth. Only about 5% are Gay Lesbian Bisexual or Transgender.

And of course, you base your question on a false premise, that Adam and Eve could make a choice to be gay. You didn't make a choice to be heterosexual and gays didn't make a choice to be gay.

Is there a reason that you rarely respond with this "contextual scripture" that so clearly justifies your lifestyle/claims/website?

Rick's comment: I have hundreds of pages of high quality carefully sourced information on this website. I cover all of the clobber passages in detail. Thanks for taking time to explore this website so you can discover the truths we've discovered.

Jun 13, 2016
My point
by: Chad

My point is, why do you always say to go read something else. This isn't brain surgery. Please just point out ANY scripture that says it okay to be gay. Better yet anyone in the bibles that was gay. It should not be so elusive! In my opinion the bible is very clear. It has been interpreted for thousands of years.

Rick's comment: Hi Chad - That is precisely the point - for about 1400 years after Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, ancient Jewish God followers did not interpret Genesis 19 and Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 as warnings against homosexuality. I go into a lot of detail about that on my shrine prostitutes page.

In the first century AD, the apostle Paul continued to teach what Jews had taught for 1400 years - that shrine prostitution was not okay for Jews or Christians. More about that on my 1 Cor 6:9 - arsenokoites page.

Also, you made the assumption that I am hetero.
What if I told you that I have a very good friend that is gay and I have even struggled with the temptation of homosexuality for many years of my life!

Rick's comment: If I made a false assumption about you Chad, I humbly apologize. As a general rule, heterosexuals do not struggle with homosexual temptations and homosexuals do not struggle with heterosexual temptations.

However, every time I struggled I would VERY clearly hear the Holy Spirit tell me that it was wrong in my thoughts and actions and needed to repent. Every time the Holy Spirit has convicted me in my life it was very obvious I was doing/thinking wrongly. How is it that this is the one exception to all of my convictions?
Does the Holy Spirit make mistakes?

Rick's comment: Satan is smart enough to use false guilt and false teaching from anti-gay pastors to heap condemnation upon gay Christians. Have you considered the possibility that that is the source of your guilt? Preachers like to make negative remarks about gays because we are the last people it is still okay to despise.

If you will read this website with a heart for God's truth, and click on the text links and read that information, and explore the sources I use and read the clobber verses in context in your Bible (the best Bible for English speaking people is the old KJV), you may be surprised to discover that God does not say in the Bible, what people have told you He says.

I once believed like you believe. Only after a lot of prayer and Bible study did I change my mind. It may be helpful to read my personal Coming Out story about how the Holy Spirit led me to believe what I believe today.

Every verse of scripture must be read in context. If people take a verse out of context and insist that the out of context verse means something it didn't mean in context (like condemning gays), that should make you question their motives.

My Theology professor at Baptist Bible College, Dr. Don Davis, used to tell us:

"A verse without a context is a pretext for teaching something that is not true."

God offers us wonderful freedom in Christ through the glorious gospel and unlimited grace when we as believers, walk the path of His purpose for our lives.

I hope you will keep in touch and let me know how things are going and what God is showing you.

Jun 13, 2016
Another thought
by: Chad

And understand me Rick, I am not trying to attack you or your site. I'm just trying to see your side. However, since reading your site I am actually even more affirmed that the Holy Spirit and my interpretations and conviction are correct.

I was actually very open minded to this topic before I discovered your site yesterday. However, by reading everything it is now very obvious to me that you are a false prophet and leading many people to sin.

I used to justify gay thoughts and feelings myself as if I couldn't help it. But the Holy Spirit very clearly showed me that it is no different of a temptation than my lust for other women/ money objects etc. that I am tempted for on a daily basis.

Rick's comment: Hi Chad - I encourage you to do a lot more Bible study instead of relying on feelings. When anyone calls me a false prophet because we disagree on the gay issue, that tells me several things.

1. The person who makes that accusation hasn't studied the gay issue and doesn't know much about the Bible or the Holy Spirit.

2. The person who makes that accusation is struggling with guilt and trying to shore up his/her courage without doing serious Bible study.

It is silly to call me a false prophet just because we disagree on the gay issue. That is an emotional argument, not an argument based on facts and truth.

Jun 19, 2016
Gods messenger
by: Raphael

26For this reason God gave them over to dishonorable passions. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27Likewise, the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. 28Furthermore, since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done

Rick's comment:Hi Raphael - God's messenger, really? LOL - In case you are interested in context and historical truth, please read the info on my Romans 1 page.

Jun 24, 2016
my benefits
by: Daniel Izuchukwu

I tried helping my brother who is into gays. Several times I've called him, cautioned him, adviced him and tried several means to bring him out of that doom because added to that slavery he's into other big evil acts like stealing, arrogance, pride, threat and attempted murder(homicide and genocide) but that in him proves so much stubborn and resisting that he even threatened and attempted to take my life by stabbing and biting me severally but here am I, typing and a living testimony. I give God the Glory. So many people have adviced I should forget him as though he's not a human being living but how can I chase him off my side when we are living together and knowing fully well that I am a sinner too . but I need your counselling and advice cos I'm finding it very difficult to forget though I've forgiven him right the very day they attempted to take my life. Pls counsel me. He commits this evil things not knowing he committed them even, that's the most embarrassing thing about him.

Rick's comment: Hi Daniel - I am so sorry to hear about the difficult situation you're in. It sounds like you love your brother very much.

I am not a professional counselor so I can only give you my thoughts on your situation.

First, no one, including your brother, has a right to stab you or bite you. You should go to the police and report what happened.

You are not doing your brother a favor by letting him stab you and not reporting him to the police and you are putting yourself in danger.

Second, you are not helping your brother by making it possible for him to continue his drug habit and his stealing habit. You should move out and get your own place.

Third, you should continue to love and pray for your brother but you cannot continue to enable his bad behavior. He needs to man up and face the consequences of his actions.

I'm praying for you Daniel and for your brother, that God will save him and radically change his life.

Aug 13, 2016
I'm just so confused
by: Cam Stratas

I'm a homosexual Christian. But I struggle with the thought that I may go to hell for my sexuality. It scares me so, reading about homosexuality being a sin and all. I want to stay in the light of God, but I don't know if being a homosexual will cause me to perish as I fear. If I must change for the better, I will. But if I don't have to deal with the struggle of trying to become a heterosexual Christian, I don't wish to, as it would put more stress on my mind then there already is.

I am very young, and only wish to follow the path of God so I may be reunited with him again someday at the gates of heaven. I was wondering if you could ease my mind on the subject..? (Of being a homosexual Christian and asking the same question over and over, "Will my sexuality effect where I go when I die?")

Rick's comment: Hi Cam - My website exists to answer questions like yours. The best way to get un-confused is to believe what the Bible says in context. Here are some helpful pages to get you started.

Am I sure I am saved? Many gays are cultural Christians instead of born again Christians. They grew up in church or they are religious or they are spiritual. They try to do the right thing but they've never personally received Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin.

Why do so many young people quit church?

The best preparation for being a disciple of Jesus is to know for sure you are saved. Everyone needs to be saved from sin and hell and the wrath of God. Here is what Jesus taught about hell and God's wrath.

Jesus teaches Hell 101

What is the wrath of God?

Getting saved and becoming a disciple of Jesus means not trusting your good works, confirmation, baptism, sacraments, being a cultural Christian or grace allegedly infused through a church, instead, trusting by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone to save you.

What must I do to be saved?

Once you know for sure you are saved, it helps to understand what happened when you got saved.

What happens when you get saved?

Once you understand what happened when you got saved, it helps to understand how long you are saved for. Is your salvation temporary or eternal?

Am I saved for all eternity?

Yes, joy and peace are available when you believe God's truth instead of man's lies. Who you choose to believe determines your peace and happiness. If you believe the haters, you'll never have peace. If you believe God and the Bible, your life can be a peaceful oasis in a sometimes crazy world.

Sep 08, 2016
As per the Bible
by: Benjamin Gurung

I've picked up a verse. 1 Corinthian 6:13:- "The body, however, is not meant for sexual immorality but for the lord and the lord for the body."

Therefore,we are not suppose to live according to our body but through Holy Spirit. If you live by Holy Spirit, do not live worldly instead heavenly. So,a gay can transform as a Christian but a Christian can not. 1corinthians 6:18:- "flee away from sexual immorality.All other sins a person commits are outside the body but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body. 19:- Do you not know that bodies are temple of HOLY SPIRIT, who is in you, whom you have you received from the god."

1 Corinth 6:-15 "Do you not know that your bodies are member of Christ himself. Shall I then take the member of Christ and unite with prostitute? Never! 16:- Do you not know that he who Unites with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said,the two will become one flesh."

17:-but whoever is united with lord is one with him in spirit." Ok,we know,the more sin,the more grace but it doesn't meant that you understand grace is for to do more sins instead for salvation. How can you enjoy the grace if u catch and lose again and again. Please write me back. If you agree,either disagree. Christian life is not a gay life style. Thanks.

Rick's comment: Hi Benjamin - You are part right and a lot wrong. 1 Cor 6:9-20 is not about gays and lesbians. It is about shrine prostitution.

Paul is telling Corinthian Christians: "God saved you so do NOT go back to your old pagan religious practices. Do NOT be shrine prostitutes, who worship false gods and goddesses.

1 Cor 6:9-20 has nothing to do with gays and lesbians and is not teaching that it is sinful to be gay married. Gay marriage today is culturally accepted and legal, just like polygamy in the Old Testament was culturally accepted and legal.

Dec 08, 2016
Thank you
by: AnthonyN

Thank you and thank you again. I now know that I should serve one master who's our living God n his love endures for ever. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I'm now going to serve my living God with all my heart.

Rick's comment: Hi AnthonyN - Praise the Lord AnthonyN - Your comment made my day! God has SO much love for you and He has plans for you to serve Him.

My answer to the comment from August 16, 2016 by Cam Stratas, has the links you need to learn more about God's immense love for you and how to grow spiritually as a Jesus loving, Jesus following Christian. AnthonyN - You are loved!

Feb 01, 2017
Born Sinful
by: Jer

Psalm 51:5 states that we were born sinful, from the moment our mother conceives us. God said that a man shall leave his mother and father to cleave to his wife(feminine word). Jesus reinforced this with the Word He spoke from His mouth that came from the Father. So man with his wife is obviously part of God's design for partnership.

If we are natural born sinners, which we are, it is quite possible that even our sexual orientation could lead to unrighteousness. We live in a cursed world because of sin.
It wasn't until after sin entered the world, that humanity practiced same-sex relations.

I encourage you to sincerely ask the Lord, that if there is an error in your perspective and understanding, that He would have mercy and bring upon you His glory and wisdom.

If you love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind, and all your strength, and you truly seek His will, revelation, truth, and salvation in your life, God will answer you. Let us stay humble. God bless you, Rick.

Rick's comment: Hi Jer - Thanks for commenting. You have not presented any biblical evidence to support what you wrote other than your opinion.

1. God never said that the Adam and Eve kind of marriage is the only one He will bless.

2. Only 44 verses after Genesis 2:24, the Bible tells us about a polygamous marriage. God blessed polygamous marriages in the Old Testament. Polygamy is different than one man with one woman.

3. God richly blessed the marriage of Abraham and his half-sister Sarah, Genesis 20:2, 5, 12, 16.

4. God blessed Abraham and Sarah even though they became a polygamous couple by inviting Hagar into their marriage, Genesis 16:1-3.

5. God blessed Abraham with an everlasting covenant in spite of the fact that Abraham, besides his polygamous wives, also had concubines with whom he had sex and sired children, Genesis 25:1-6.

The point is that marriage and biblical family values in the Old Testament were A LOT DIFFERENT than some of you commenters would have us believe.

Marrying your half-sister and spending more than 100 years in that incestuous marriage, with the blessing of God, while also being polygamous AND also having children from your concubines who were not your legal wives, is a lot more weird than gay marriage.

I'm just sayin' - if God could bless that mess with Abraham and Sarah - and He DID! - then people shouldn't be so quick to get their knickers in a twist over gay marriage.

Feb 10, 2017
Question for you
by: Marcie

Actually I have 2, now that I have researched thru your website and read so much commentary on this post:

1.why aren't there stories of gay couples in the bible? From old to new testament, all the people I can find, all the beloved "heroes" we know of by name are either single or in a relationship with the opposite sex?

Rick's comment: Hi Marcie - There are gay couples in the Bible.

2.why is it that for all the scriptures used on this site to justify homosexuality, the part about homosexuals is extracted and made ok, but any other "sin" listed in that Scripture was a sin then and is still a sin now without question? Do you understand what I mean here?

Rick's comment: The only way to get the Bible right is to factor context into our understanding. If we ignore context, we will get it wrong every time.

Every Bible verse alleged to condemn gays is NOT in the context of two gay guys or two gay gals falling in love and covenanting to spend their lives together as a couple.

Instead, every Bible verse alleged to condemn gays is in the context of shrine prostitution.

It is sinfully wrong then, to rip those verses out of the context in which God put them and use them to clobber gays.

If the verses didn't mean that in context, then the verses don't mean that out of context.

Apr 19, 2017
False doctorine
by: Child of God

This idea that it is okay to be a homosexual while being a Christian is an idea that is false and is polluting the Church. The Lord says that any type of relationship is to be between a man and a woman.

Those who encourage, support, or are taking a part in this action is committing a sin. Jesus talks about these types of Christians and he says he will vomit you out of his mouth, because they are a luke warm Christian and he would rather you were not or cold.

Those who preach the idea of it being okay to be a 'Christian' and a homosexual at the same time is lying to the Church! We must stand against this and remove these 'Pastors' from the pulpit. If Jesus was walking on Earth today he would not tolerate this teaching.

We as a Church should rise up and stand against the teaching that homosexuality is okay!

Rick's comment: LOL - thanks for commenting.

May 20, 2017
can you be saved and unsaved at the same time? Nope i don't think so!!!
by: Scotta

well people i guess what rick is basically saying is you can be saved and unsaved at the same time. tell us oh mighty rick how's that possible! !??

Rick's comment: LOL - Hi Scotta - Ignorance is not the fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23. Setting up a straw man argument, which I never make, and then asking me to defend your straw man is quite silly.

Jul 11, 2017
Same happened to me
by: Mark

Hello!!! Thank you for the interesting article, I can honestly say the our God is an awesome God!

He saved me, and by His Grace is keeping me.

I was also gay, married a guy the whole lot!!!

2 months ago, My Saviour called me and saved me (I became born again). I realize now that my whole past life was a lie and a utter abomination in God's eyes, as all sin is!

Praise be to God for the Holy Spirit who is helping me and changing me into the image of Christ! There is so much evidence of this for me personally!!! Jesus is my KING!

Rick's comment: Hi Mark - I am thrilled to hear that you got saved and born again. That is so incredible!

However, it is wrong to assume that God saved you from being a gay man or that being gay is an abomination. No verse of scripture, when read in context, says that.

This website goes into great detail to show that the clobber passages are not talking about being gay or lesbian. I hope you will take time to read, believe and study the Bible in context before making sweeping statements condemning your gay brothers and lesbian sisters.

If you were living a promiscuous drunken drugging life, then of course that is sinful and wrong. I hope you are aware that lots of gays and lesbians do not live that kind of life.

If you were gay married when you got saved, what is the situation with your husband? What kind hearted efforts are you making to witness to him and lead him to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?

May 13, 2018
Thoughts of a lesbian
by: Samantha

I'm a Christian, I'm also a lesbian. Also I follow the winging it with Jesus tactic. In other words God is the captain of this ship - I just steer.

I have read specific verses of the Bible and find them confusing at times.

The history of the Bible is interesting to begin with. Story's written by men inspired by God. Who knows with our free will that interpretation wasn't added. Then there is also how many times it was rewritten to suit a king or a specific religious belief. Then the church of England angered people so they moved and again rewrote it.

I do not put my faith in man but in God. The only thing that has ever brought up my religious beliefs and my sexuality are humans.

I'm pretty sure if God was trying to get me to pay attention to not being who he CREATED me to be he would show me.

Humans are judgemental which I'm sure anyone who has read or heard the Bible knows judge not lest ye be judged. Blessings to all haters and non haters.

Rick's comment: Hi Samantha - Thanks for sharing with us. What must I do to be saved?

Nov 15, 2018
You are living in denials
by: Capslock

Rick, I know you meant good, but like most previous commenters, I agreed with them. Homosexuality is an abomination whether you like it or not.

Rick's comment: Hi Capslock - May I gently point out that disagreeing with you on the gay issue does not mean I am living in denial.

The Bible, in context, never says that homosexuality is an abomination. This website goes into great detail to show that the clobber passages are not talking about being gay or lesbian.

I hope you will take time to read, believe and study the Bible in context before making sweeping statements condemning your gay brothers and lesbian sisters.

Even in the time of Lot, there's too much sodomy goings-on (this isn't a riot). That's why sodom and gomorrah got destroyed because of their sin (practicing immoral deeds: thieving, murder, liars, adultery and same-sex relationship).

I still struggle with same-sex attraction and I recently broke up with my girlfriend. Even though I loved her, but God's words says it is wrong.

Despite how you try to say that even gays can be Christian at the same time (with or without sex), it is still wrong and unbiblical.You keep saying to other commenters that they haven't studied the bible - did you read yours and reflect on what has been stated? Don't read it with your worldly logic. What has been written is law.

Rick's comment: Yes, this extensive Bible study website indicates I have spent more than fifty years studying, preaching and teaching the Bible.

Nov 15, 2018
You're living in denial
by: Capslock

Rick, I know you meant well when you said that it's no harm being gay. That's true.

But it's wrong to be that way. It is also very wrong if you pursued that feelings and stayed with your partner (with or without intimacy), regardless of how you live in celibacy but as long as you live with your partner (even though you both love God), it is still considered wrong.

Rick's comment: Hi Capslock - Nothing in the Bible says what you just said. That is your opinion but is not what the Bible says in context.

I'm not saying that you or anyone should just suddenly pursued a heterosexual lifestyle, I'm saying that you should do right with God, because only He is the way and the light. Being homosexual is not the answer.

Rick's comment: No one on this website believes being homosexual is the answer. We all know JESUS is the answer.

What must I do to be saved?

Dec 25, 2021
We need to clarify what is meant by "gay" in the question.
by: Azarias Anastasiou

To add on to the response, churches and all Christians need to understand that their definition of "gay" is not the same as the world's definition.

The word "gay" in the church means not only identifying as homosexual, but the open practice of it (specifically, man lying with mankind as with womenkind)

The word "gay" in the world's definition is a person who is attracted to members of the same gender romantically / physically whether they ACT on their attractions or NOT.

Because of this difference in understanding of the term, many Christians use the acronym SSA (same sex attractions) instead of "gay", so as to specify that they have temptations, but do not practice same sex relationships or same sex sexual activity.

I am afraid that this misunderstanding has led many young Christian children to be unduly persecuted and thrown out of their homes, or worse.

Since the federal approval of same-sex marriage, I have observed a sickening behavior begin to occur in the Church: figure out who all the "gay" and "lesbian" people are in the congregation.

Hence, some places have a major push, for men especially, to be in courtship earnestly to get married to a woman, so as to not rouse suspicion.

This even happens in some places of work also. It is insulting to the Holy Spirit to imply that he can't keep unmarried people in sexual purity. If he keeps married people in sexual purity, then he can keep unmarried people in sexual purity, especially if their attractions do not readily incline them to members of the opposite sex.

As the last reply mentioned that a heterosexual person would experience heterosexual temptations, and homosexual person would experience homosexual temptations. If they are Christian, shouldn't they experience a shift from homosexual to heterosexual temptations?

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