Entrepreneurs Create
Fascinating Lives

Entrepreneurs dream outside the box
to achieve extraordinary success

Can you dream outside the box? Do you love playing with ideas until you figure out how to turn those ideas into reality? Are you willing to work day by day to make your dreams come true? I believe everyone possesses the spark of empresario ability.

Almost all of us have an inner desire to build our own successful business. Almost everyone has thought:

I’d love to have a business where
I’m the boss so I can work from
wherever I happen to be traveling.

Ideas for Entrepreneurs

We offer Links to ideas, plans, how to instruction, dream-chasing rubber meets the road information, business opportunities - all designed to help you cultivate your inner empresario.

We also offer words of wisdom from our readers about their empresario hopes and dreams, businesses they’ve started, unique and unusual ways they work for themselves.

Entrepreneurial Ideas
Others Have Shared

Read, Enjoy, Implement and Share

Teen Entrepreneurs  
If you are looking to start your own business, my suggestion would be to start young. You can pick up vital job skills whether you are 13, 16, 18 …

Design, sew and sell your own handbags and lampshades! 
Stimulate your inner empresario! I'm betting your creative juices are flowing so here are ideas to make and sell your own unique handbags and lampshades …

Step by step DIY instructions to make a birdhouse - Part 2 
Making birdhouses is a fun profitable hobby. It can be a way to earn several thousand dollars this summer instead of watching TV every evening. We have …

How to earn $1000 in six weeks building birdhouses - Part 1 
This is a DIY article I originally wrote about ten years ago for Backwoods Home magazine. It has received wide circulation online and was also published …

FREE Audubon Bird Paintings You Can Use 
These bird paintings are from the U.S. Library of Congress Collection and are in the public domain, according to Bill Steiner in his book, Audubon …

50,000 FREE Public Domain Photos to use or sell. 
The State Library of Queensland is the public library of Queensland, Australia. This wonderful library recently donated 50,000 public domain images, …

FREE Ideas for an Etsy store 
You don't need to make jewelry or love crafts to make money from home. If jewelry isn't your thing, scroll down the page for millions of absolutely …

FREE Parrot pics you can use 
Parrot pictures are from “Illustrations of the Family of the Psittacidae or Parrots,” published in Great Brittain in 1832 by British artist Edward Lear. …

FREE Nature Photos you can reproduce  
Ernst Haeckel, 1834-1919, was a German naturalist, biologist and artist. After earning two doctors degrees, Haeckel spent the next 47 years as Professor …

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