FREE Ideas for an Etsy store

by Rick Brentlinger
(Pace, FL, USA)

Bracelet from spoon handles

Bracelet from spoon handles

You don't need to make jewelry or love crafts to make money from home. If jewelry isn't your thing, scroll down the page for millions of absolutely FREE photos you can use to make beautiful greeting cards and fine art prints which you can sell locally or online. The world is your oyster if you've got a little bit of desire and some spare time.

But if you’re artistic, crafty - good at working with your hands or graphically and photographically talented, an Etsy store may be your way to earn extra income. You’re not going to get rich and you’ll probably not make enough to quit your job but you could bring in an extra $400 or more a month. Many folks make a full-time living from their Etsy store. You're allowed to have more than one Etsy store by the way.

Etsy offers a platform to sell your hand-crafted jewelry, your graphic arts greeting cards and perhaps small hand-crafted wood products like candle holders or coin rings or book safes.

You can also make unique greeting cards by using your own photographs or paintings or by using dramatic black and white and color photos which are in the public domain, for example, these parrot photos are in the public domain. Further down this page I provide links to millions of absolutely FREE public domain and Creative Commons FREE photos you can use in any way you like.

You may freely use them to make and sell your own line of unique greeting cards or tee shirts or ball caps. Or use Zazzle to put these photos on tee shirts, ball caps, coffee mugs, posters and more. You may also offer your Zazzle creations through your Facebook page, your Twitter posts or through your own Blog.

For the privilege of using your Etsy Store, you pay a 3.5% transaction fee for every sale plus $0.20 cents per item you list in your store. The $0.20 cents listing fee keeps your item on Etsy for four months. Etsy also provides a paid service which allows you to list items in a seller’s showcase. One day on Etsy’s Homepage costs $15. Prices quoted here are from 2014. 2014 Etsy costs.

If you Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest, you can leverage those venues to pull traffic to your Etsy store by Tweeting Links and posting Links to your Etsy Store on Facebook.

Learn more about Etsy, what to expect, how it works. And just so you know, you can do all of the above and sell it locally in antique malls, craft shows, flea markets, without using Etzy at all.

Get creative. Dream outside the box! Your BAM - Brains, Attitude and Motivation will take you as far as you need to go. Have fun with it, pursue your passion, allow creativity to flower. You may be pleasantly surprised where your dreams will take you.

How to use FREE photos
to make money

Here's are cool and unique ideas how you can resell FREE public domain photos and Creative Commons FREE photos in your own home-based business. Buy old encyclopedias or even large old Bibles or use old sheet music, cut the pages out of the book, trim each page to 8.5 x 11 and use the old pages to print your favorite colorful public domain photos on instead of using plain copier paper. You can make greeting cards, fine art prints suitable for framing or book covers or???

Sell your
unique fine art style prints on sites like Etsy or at local art shows and in art galleries and local restaurants. To sell in local restaurants, you'll need to mat and frame each uniquely created print.

Prints like this sell for $10 each on up. You can place them in the local antique mall, on consignment in antique stores and home furnishings stores or wherever your imagination takes you.

If you're selling online the buyer pays $3.99 shipping AND the buyer then frames the photo herself. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. There are lots of big old books for sale for almost nothing at estate sales and yard sales, whose pages may be suitable to use for printing your public domain photos.

Some old encyclopedias have cool pages on which you could print color public domain photos of birds, insects, flowers, cars wagons, native Americans, barns, U.S. postage stamps before 1978, old advertising and more. The Library of Congress website has millions of photos, many of which are in the public domain, many of which are Creative Commons, which means you can freely use them if you provide attribution to the person who took the photo, on the page where the photo is used.

Sources for FREE photos!

Pictures at the Library of Congress

Prints and Photographs Online Catalog

Info about copyright or other restrictions

Millions of FREE public domain photos
from around the world

Search engine for more than
4 million FREE photos

The BEST copyright free photo libraries

Now the ball is in your court. Brainstorm with your friends and family or your partner and give these ideas a try. About all it will cost you is a little time. Explore the links and let your creative juices flow. Put your creativity and unique outlook on the world to work. You may be surprised at the wonderful things you can create.

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