FREE Audubon Bird Paintings You Can Use

by Rick Brentlinger
(Pace, FL, USA)

Audubon Elephant Folio

Audubon Elephant Folio

These bird paintings are from the U.S. Library of Congress Collection and are in the public domain, according to Bill Steiner in his book, Audubon Art Prints: A Collector's Guide To Every Edition.

That means these lovely full-color paintings (there are a total of 435) can be freely used by anyone anywhere for any purpose because they are not under copyright. Steiner writes:

"The copyrights for all of the bird paintings fell into the public domain years ago, and any publisher can reproduce the images without permission and without paying royalties.
The first photo shows the huge size of the original paintings, called an elephant folio. Audubon insisted that his paintings must be reproduced full-size, just as he originally painted them. Thankfully Audubon did not paint elephants and whales.

Because he could not find a printer in America willing to reproduce his prints full-size, Audubon traveled to Europe and eventually found a printer in Liverpool, England to produce 119 copies of, Birds of America. 108 of those copies now reside in university and museum collections. The copy in the top photo is valued at $10 million dollars.

Birds of America,
John James Audubon, 1785-1851

More color prints by Audubon

What a wonderful set of all purpose greeting cards these would make! With 435 paintings to choose from, you could create 35 or 40 sets of twelve elegantly beautiful greeting cards. Can you come up with other uses like tee shirts and fine art prints on linen or parchment paper, with these color prints?

You could set up a FREE Zazzle account (or a FREE Greeting Card Universe account) and build your tee shirts, mugs, tote bags, shoes, sweatshirts, ball caps and greeting cards etc. online and sell them online.

Here's the deal. You set up your accounts for FREE. You use their FREE how to do it online instructions. You go to the U.S. Library of Congress website and grab any public domain photos for FREE. You spend some time making sets of cards, tee shirts, etc online for FREE.

Then you advertise your creations on your FREE blog and on Twitter and Facebook and Myspace and Craigslist and Squidoo for FREE. See, all you invest is your time and creativity and ingenuity.

I'm guessing you won't get rich overnight but its seems like this idea is a wonderful outlet for your artistic creativity and has the potential to return you some nice ongoing profit once you do the initial work. Make sense? I've provided the FREE ideas and the FREE links to what you need to get started. Now its up to you.

If you're collecting unemployment or if you're underemployed right now, why not spend a couple of weeks with this idea and see what you can accomplish? I'm just sayin' it may be the first day of the rest of your entrepreneurial life. Some people refer to is as residual income.

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