Teen Entrepreneurs

by Jake

If you are looking to start your own business, my suggestion would be to start young. You can pick up vital job skills whether you are 13, 16, 18 or virtually any age. The key thing to think about is what you are passionate about. Sir Ken Robinson writes about "The Element" which is where your passion and your aptitude meet. In other words, what is it that you love to do and are actually pretty good at doing it. When you find that, you are in your "element."

As far as specifics, you can make money doing just about anything. The key is to provide value to others. New businesses and even industries are invented all the time. So if you don't know of a business or website doing what you want to do, perhaps there is a huge need for it. Get out there and try and don't be afraid to fail!

What you have to offer

1. Intelligence
2. Creativity
3. Motivation
4. Time and energy
5. Enthusiasm
6. A new way of thinking
7. Endless possibilities

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Money Making Ideas For Teens

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Teen Entrepreneurs

Aodhan Cullen, Ireland
teen entrepreneur from age 12

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Nothing in this article should be taken to indicate that any of the teens mentioned are gay or lesbian. We have no knowledge about that. Our intention is simply to encourage teen entrepreneurs regardless of their sexual orientation.

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