Design, sew and sell your own handbags and lampshades!

by Rick Brentlinger
(Pace, FL, USA)

Stimulate your inner empresario! I'm betting your creative juices are flowing so here are ideas to make and sell your own unique handbags and lampshades made from men's 100% pure silk neckties or ladies 100% silk scarves. You can find ties and scarves for almost nothing at yard sales and flea markets or in your own closets.

Spend your evenings for the next two weeks doing these projects, then advertize them for sale on Craigslist or take them to the flea market or antique mall.

Eco-friendly rubber purses sell for $50 each on Amazon. You could be selling your unique purses there too! Awaken your creative and entrepreneurial self. Use the interwebs to develop, market and sell your own unique creations! Strike some sparks of inspiration and start using your spare hours to build a profitable destiny. Check out sewing with neckties for ideas on making everything from rugs to steampunk dresses to lampshades!

Picture it. I'm at a yard sale and notice a cardboard box full of men's neckties. I guestimate there are well over 100 ties and they're all 100% pure silk. I offer $5 cash for the box and they take it. Wow! I just bought 137 silk ties for 3.6 cents each!

Since then, I've sold enough of the ties to make six times my original investment. I also gave a baker's dozen to a young ministerial friend. I have about 80 silk ties left. What can I do with them?

Refashioned-style bags are selling on Amazon for $40 to $60 each. Amazing! Grab your copy of The Bag Making Bible from Amazon and you're on your way! If you're crafty or want to learn to be crafty, why not learn to design and repurpose silk ties into gorgeous purses and other cool stuff? Google, how to make purses from ties or necktie purses and follow their directions. There are also videos on this topic on YouTube.

Sell your creations on Craigslist, Etsy or Amazon and in your local antique mall and craft fair. It's free to advertise on Craigslist and you can put on photos of your unique purses AND you keep all of the profit. Make silk diaper bags and silk book bags.

Make silk hats and headbands from colorful silk ties. Let your creative imagination run wild. Is your cowboy or cowgirl hat lookin' kinda sad? Make it cool again with a colorful wrap made from a silk necktie. Got too many cowboy hats? Brighten them up with colorful silk stripes cut from silk neckties and sell them at your local consignment shop.

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