50,000 FREE Public Domain Photos to use or sell.

by Rick Brentlinger
(Pace, FL, USA)

The State Library of Queensland is the public library of Queensland, Australia. This wonderful library recently donated 50,000 public domain images, with meta-data, to Wikimedia Commons.

Grab the FREE photos here.

Public domain means these photos are FREE for anyone anywhere to use, repurpose and sell as you see fit. Can you brainstorm some way to use these photos on your blog, to make unique tee shirts to sell on Zazzle or CafePress or in your own city? Wouldn't some of these photos make cool retro greeting cards. Add your own snarky comment inside the card and you've got yourself a cool little business going!

Perhaps its time to cherry pick the best photos and publish your own history of Queensland. Or choose your favorite photos from this amazing collection and write a completely new novella or play or screenplay using the people and places in the photos as your characters.

Or hand-color the photos and make your own unique Queensland Photo History with photos only you have the rights to by virtue of the fact that you took the time to hand-tint or hand-color them. Are you feeling entrepreneurial?

Frame and resell the photos
in your Etsy store.

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