Bible Studies
For Growing Christians

Believing Bible studies provide a firm foundation for spiritual growth. Growing Christians love to study the Bible because when you believe what you are studying, you develop a Godly outlook on life.

Bible Studies
for growing Christians

How can I stop my Christian cussing?

How can I find a gay-affirming church?

Can God commit genocide?

Have you seen these answers to frequently asked questions about being gay and Christian?

Are you a good person?

What does the Bible say about Repentance?

What do Christians mean when they talk about getting saved?

What does the Bible say about how to be saved?

What is grace and God's grace?

Are Christians under Law?

How to witness - what do I do?

Is there an easy way to learn witnessing?

Why do you believe the Bible is reliable?

What do Christians believe about scripture?

Why should I believe in a Trinitarian God?

What statement of faith do gay Christians have?

Would you like to see 20 serious questions answered?

Does Christs-Bride include gays and lesbians?

Is eternal security, once saved always saved a true doctrine?

Have you ever read Jesus on hell?

Who Is Jesus according to the Bible?

Do you know what it means to repent?

What about the heathen who never heard of Jesus?

House Churches are an important New Testament concept.

Does "without natural affection" refer to gays and lesbians?

Does the Bible book of Jude condemn gays and lesbians?

Have you seen these Bible coins?

How To Understand
the Bible

Consider This:

1. Who said it?

2. Who wrote it?

3. Who did they say it to?

4. What words did they use?

5. When was it said/written?

6. Where was it in force?

7. What was the intent?

8. What were the circmstances?

9. What was the cultural, doctrinal, historical, religious context?

Believing and applying Biblical principles to your own life as you study is the key to spiritual growth.

Stack of Bibles

These helpful Scripture Studies are offered FREE to our readers around the world. The twenty-first century is the media age. People get their information from TV and the Internet.

Every month reaches thousands of readers in diverse cultures. These Studies encourage spiritual growth and help you become more effective in serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You may freely use
these Bible lessons
with these conditions

  1. You do not copyright them - we already have.

  2. You do not try to sell them.

  3. You do not post them on the web, since we've already done that.

  4. If you're using these Bible studies, please let us know so we can pray for you.

You are welcome to photo-copy, distribute and freely use these Scripture Studies in your home scripture study, your house church or your traditional church or Sunday School, your prayer meeting or your campus scripture study as long as you do not sell or copyright them.

Would You Like To
Submit A Bible Lesson?

If you would like to contribute a Bible lesson which is faithful to scripture and would help growing Christians, please feel free to send it to us for consideration.

We can’t promise to publish everything you send but if the Bible study is faithful to the scriptures rightly divided, if it fits our evangelical Christian purpose and if you have the right to offer it to us for use on we will be happy to consider it.

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