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I am back home in Florida after five months in Long Beach, CA. I'm cleaning out my closets, getting ready to move to California and I found 5 more new copies of my book so please order soon if you want a print copy.

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  1. Assurance that God loves you
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  5. To know you are not a mistake
  6. To know you are not a freak of nature
  7. To know you are greatly loved by God
  8. To know you are designed by God
  9. To know God has plans for your life
  10. Reading this book could change your life

Discover our amazing book,
Gay Christian 101

  • In crisp readable language, Independent Baptist minister Rick Brentlinger lays out the case from culture, history, linguistics and scripture, for full acceptance in church and society, of gay and lesbian people.

  • Gay Christian 101 presents fascinating historical proof that our ancient Jewish and Christian ancestors did not view the Biblical texts as universal indictments of homosexuality.

  • Those who were once marginalized - women, people of color, divorced and remarried people - are leaders in the modern church. Gay Christian 101 argues that the trajectory of Biblical truth also supports full inclusion of GLBT believers in the spiritual life of the church.

  • Isn't it interesting that there are no BC religious or secular references to Sodom which mention homosexuality?

  • Did you know there are at least eighteen variant interpretations of the Holiness Code offered in Gay Christian 101?

  • Taking up a challenge from anti-gay author Dr. Robert Gagnon, that any Biblical analogy for homosexual relationships must closely correspond in particular details (including life-long sexual activity), Brentlinger presents five new, scriptural gay analogies which strongly support gay and lesbian relationships.

  • Gay Christian 101 makes a strong historical case that eunuchs in ancient times included gay men and lesbians. Jesus points out this fact to His disciples when He specifically excludes eunuchs from participating in Adam and Eve style marriage in Matthew 19:3-12.

This book gets you
out of your rut and
back in the game!

  • Did you know that Jesus met and blessed a gay Centurion and declared his faith greater than the faith of anyone in Israel? Gay Christian 101 gives you the facts.

  • Brentlinger's arguments for a limited interpretation of Romans 1:26-27 vs. the traditional view that this passage condemns all homosexual practice, are compelling.

    By listing 15 variant interpretations of the Romans passage, Brentlinger demonstrates that early Christians understood Romans 1 to be prohibiting shrine prostitution.

  • Many scholars cite Greek lexicons to "prove" that 1 Cor 6:9 and 1 Tim 1:10, use the Greek word arsenokoitai to condemn all homosexual practice. Brentlinger goes beyond Greek lexicons to the ancient sources cited in the lexicons

    and lists the first 56 historical uses of the arsenokoit stem (arsenokoitai) to prove that the arsenokoit stem was never used in ancient times as a general reference to homosexual practice.

  • Gay Christian 101 irritates many traditionalists because Brentlinger cites the written views of Christian heterosexual scholars to support the points he makes defending gays and lesbians.

  • Gay Christian 101 is a fascinating and readable conversation about history, theology and God's truth about gays and lesbians. Brentlinger has made a complex subject understandable and accessible.
  • If you are gay or lesbian or have a loved one who is, this book will help you reconcile the gospel truth that one can be both gay or lesbian and a Bible believing Christian. Gay Christian 101 is essential reading for everyone concerned with truth and justice.

    Rick Brentlinger has served as a Bible-believing Independent Baptist minister, Bible Institute Instructor and Church Planting Missionary. He now ministers in the gay & lesbian community.

    Readers Lavishly Praise
    This Helpful Book

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    "I was so blessed by your book! It is thoroughly researched and the author obviously has a deep love and reverence for the scriptures.

    It seems to me it would be pretty hard to be a serious Biblical scholar and NOT come to the conclusions the author did.

    Being Missouri Synod Lutheran and a lesbian, my religious education has included a lot of scripture study so I appreciate the research that went into Gay Christian 101.

    Thank you for the time, energy and inspiration that went into the most complete and affirming book on this topic I've ever read!"

    * * * * *

    "After years of struggle and self-loathing, reading this wonderful book is like coming home... coming home to God's blessing, to His affirmation, to His assurance that I'm exactly what He ordained me to be, and to His love that whispers, 'No matter what anyone else says or thinks, you're Mine.'

    As I communicated to the author - I only wish such a gift as this book was available to me in 1964, as a lonely, confused teenager - sure of what I was, but with no one I could talk to about it. But all things come in their season, and God has ordained THIS time for Rick's excellent work. I shall be ever grateful for it."

    * * * * *

    "Brentlinger provides a detailed analysis of how certain scriptures have been interpreted throughout history and points out that "Scripture cannot mean now, what it did not mean then." That is the best and strongest argument one could make.

    He delves deep into scripture and puts it in context. The message I got from the book is that God truly does love me even though I am gay and that I can have a loving relationship with someone of my own sex and a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

    This is the best book on the subject I have read. If you have gay family or friends who have turned away from God due to feeling that they are condemned to hell for being who they were born to be, I strongly urge you to give them a copy of this book.

    This book has helped me greatly! For years I struggled with reconciling my sexuality and my relationship with Christ. Rick's use of historical documentation sheds a lot of light on how the early church and Jewish leaders viewed the various scriptures that are now used against us by our fundamentalist sisters and brothers. This book will be a blessing to you."

    * * * * *

    "I absolutely loved your book. I met with a young woman pastor at my church today who is very pro-gay and for gay marriage, which is not in line with some of the senior pastors at our church. She told me about the division that is brewing in the Presbyterian Church USA.

    She is in contact with other pro-gay pastors and has read a lot but hadn't heard of your book or some of the points you made so I gave her my copy. I need to buy 2 more copies from you. Thanks so much, your book is a real blessing to all Christians." - a medical doctor in California

    * * * * *

    "I just wanted to let you know that I've now finished reading your book. It has been such an encouragement to me. I'm a huge fan of history, and the way you weaved solid historical context and culture into your work gave it so much more validity. I now have a greater desire to know more about God's Word." - a Church Music Director

    * * * * *

    "I just finished the chapter on David and Jonathan and think it was the most convincing material on their having a sexual relationship that I have read." - Pastor D, retired senior pastor, via email.

    * * * * *

    "I was impressed that he did not limit the perspectives he presented to the ones he viewed and supported as correct. Far to the contrary, he at times almost overwhelms the reader with alternate viewpoints, considering all angles of the critical issues regarding homosexuality and the Bible.

    For example, Brentlinger presented 18 different interpretations of Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13, explaining what type of people believe them, then sorting out and presenting what he believes the evidence shows.

    You may even reach different conclusions — there is enough alternative information provided to make that possible — but he does such a good job of methodically making his points that disagreeing with his final conclusions would be very difficult.

    I have never read a more comprehensive study of how homosexuality is and is not treated in the Bible than this book, and I suspect you haven’t either." - Jim Johnson, Straight Not Narrow Blogspot. gay christian 101 feedback

    * * * * *

    "I have so many friends who have personally struggled with these [gay] issues over the years that I really think you have done a great service to gay and lesbian people who are on the path of Christianity.

    You have also done a service to non-Christian gays in that the book will serve to reduce anti-Christian feeling, which is very common in the queer community, by showing that those who preach intolerance are not in fact true to their own scripture." - Toby Grace, Editor In Chief, Out In Jersey Magazine

    * * * * *

    "This book, Gay Christian 101... is an eye opener and if read with a heart open to God and His Holy Spirit, I believe it will cause you to be moved with a deeper heartfelt burden for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ which is to reach all the world, with the message of the Gospel." - Fundamental Pentecostal Missionary in Asia.

    * * * * *

    "I love this book! It has helped me in responding to other "straight christians" like myself, when trying to impress upon them the knowledge God has given me about Gays and Lesbians. They are His children and He loves them and His word doesn't say anything different." Love in Christ." - Karen P in Pensacola

    * * * * *

    "It has been about three weeks since I started reading the book. I've read it completely through three times. WOW!! I have read a number of books about scripture and homosexuality and this has to be the best - by far - that I have ever read!" - NC Pastor

    * * * * *

    “I got the book today and am already hooked. I just finished the Sodom chapter. I appreciate how you address the anti-gay rhetoric that is spewed at us." - Editor, The Epistle, A Web Magazine For Christian Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender People

    * * * * *

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    People love our
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    Rev. Jim Cunningham says:

    GC101 is so powerful and biblically and historically sound, that it will set the church's anti-gay doctrine on its head.

    Anti-gay theologians no longer have the Bible to hide their personal biases behind.

    I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone seeking the fully circumspect biblical truth about homosexuality.”

    -Rev Jim Cunningham, Founder, Gay Christian Survival Group.

    Troy Perry,
    MCC Founder, recommends
    our new book.

    "Rick Brentlinger's new book, Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense for Gay Christians, is a must-have book for any person who is seriously interested in what the Bible really says about homosexuality.

    It is a wonderful intelligent book for any person who is seeking answers to the continued debate around the Bible and human sexuality. Rick knocks the ball out of the park with his knowledge of Scripture and his love for the Bible.

    If I could only afford to purchase one book this year, this would be it! Rick, you've done an incredible job.”

    About the author of
    Gay Christian 101

    Rick Brentlinger has served as a Bible-believing Independent Baptist minister, Bible Institute Instructor and Church Planting Missionary.

    He writes from the position of believing that every word of scripture is the word of God as he ministers in the GLBTQI community.

    A Word From The Author

    I am on an extended ministry visit to California. While I am away from my Florida home, I cannot ship the print edition of my book to anyone.

    If you would like to order my eBook,

    Gay Christian 101 - eBook edition - $17

    in an easy to read pdf format, without any footnotes, please use the Buy Now button to place your order.

    The pdf can be read on your computer or iPad style tablet or laptop. It will not work on Kindle or Nook readers.

    I personally process your order as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours or less
    and email my eBook to you as a pdf.

    Income from book sales helps support the worldwide Bible study ministry of Rick Brentlinger and this website. Many thanks!

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