Why do homosexuals believe that homosexuality is not a sin?

by Justin Bruce
(Jackson, MS, United States)

Homosexuals believe homosexuality is not a sin because there is nothing sinful about people's sexual orientation per se. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are sexual orientations, not sins or sinful conditions.

All homosexuals and all heterosexuals are sinners from birth because we all are born with a sin nature, Romans 3:23, 5:12.

Some of us are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ), Romans 5:9, Revelation 12:11 and some folks are still lost and unsaved because they have not received "the gift of God which is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord," Romans 6:23.

I must answer your question with another question.

When did you make a decision to be heterosexual instead of homosexual?

If you never made a decision to be heterosexual instead of homosexual, if you never chose heterosexuality for youself, then why do you believe that we made a decision to be homosexual instead of heterosexual?

No Bible verse alleged to condemn homosexuality is addressing the issue of homosexuality when read in context.

It will be helpful to click on any button on the NavBar under What The Bible Says and read the information with an open Bible and a prayerful heart. The Bible is only understandable when read in context, guided by the Holy Spirit, 2 Corinthians 2:14, 2 Timothy 2:15.

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Comments for Why do homosexuals believe that homosexuality is not a sin?

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May 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

What about 2 corithians?? Where it says homosexuality is wrong along with beastiality... your trying to change the bible. God gave us all decisions and homosexuality is a decision

Jun 18, 2009
It may help you to read this
by: Rick Brentlinger

If your mind is open to Biblical truth, it will help you to read these pages.

What does arsenokoites mean in 1 Corinthians 6:9?

What does malakoi mean in 1 Corinthians 6:9?

Have you taken The Good Person Test?

God bless you as you read and believe His infallible word, in context, as God intended.

Nov 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

Personally i think that if people want to be homosexual LET THEM its a personal decision so shut up

Mar 02, 2010
It is what it is
by: Eyes Wide Open

arsenokoitia may not be definitively defined as meaning male on male sex, but it does mean anal sex, and I don't know any other type of sex that can be committed between two males except oral sex. So if the word means anal sex, then the Bible IS saying that is an abomination. That doesn't mean God doesn't love the men; we are ALL sinners; we just each pick a different sin. But once you RECOGNIZE your sin, the Bible gives you clear instruction to run from it. I'm not a Bible scholar, but I have studied enough to come to a clear conclusion that God did not create Adam and Andy, He created Adam and Eve, to go out and procreate. I don't know many male couples or female couples who could procreate without artificial means, which is NOT how God intended. So you can play with words and meanings any way you want to try and legitimize your sin, but the bottom line is that if homosexuality was the intended way ALL animals would be that way, at least partially, and there would be a way to continue the species with homosexuality. But it doesn't and it isn't and therefore, whether you choose to remain in the homosexual lifestyle or flee from it, God still loves you and wants you to have a personal relationship with Him. If two men can have a satisfying love relationship, there is no reason why that same man can not develope a special and satisfying relationship with a woman.

Apr 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

God destroyed 2 cities, Sodom and Gamorrah because of homosexuality!!!!!!!!!!! Don't sit here and make a fool out of my God!!!!!!

Jun 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

With all the respect to you all living kind and knowing that this is coming from the heart of a sinner just like you all!

I don't think that homosexuals or lesbians are made, but rather born.It is hard for me to explain but I will give you an example, I have a nephew that ever seance he was a baby and could walk we saw he was really feminine and in fact he is now 18 and gay.

On the other hand we have those that "yea right! become gay," now that I would consider a sin." You see people do not choose to be born gay it is in them. But those that become gay for many circumstances and don't know how to deal, reach for help through prayer or other methods become trapt and another cycle of chain generation began.

For instance my sister, was raped for great part of her life no one knew apparently, became pregnant at a young age. Six years later pregnant again. Two years after that she is a lesbian. You see there is so much behind them that you can't imagine how hard it is for them when all those emotions of hate need of love understanding and many other feelings crush them and they some times don't realize or just decided to block them which is even worst.

I don't talk just from the mouth but from the heart when I, myself was molested by many members of my family and some how God gave me the strength to keep my self up.

Now is my job as God's child to break my daughters from this chain of sin that my ancestors passed on to us through generations and start a generation of trust, faith and love in God. To know that loving others and respecting others is what would help you reach perfection to God's eyes!


Aug 28, 2010
False Teaching
by: Anonymous

leviticus 18:22 says, Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.

This is God's Word people, you can't read only the verses you like and skip this one. Think about it.

Aug 28, 2010
Your reading comprehension skills are sadly lacking
by: Rick Brentlinger

Thanks for reminding us of Leviticus 18:22. As far as your accusation that we only read verses we like and skip the one you cited, you're way off base.

We are familiar with the cultural, doctrinal, historical and religious context of Leviticus 18:22, as apparently, you are not.

For your edification, I encourage you to read and study instead of simply reading a verse and assuming that the first thought that pops into your mind about it is correct.

Here's a great starting point.

Leviticus 18:22 and shrine prostitutes.

Sep 14, 2010
What to do?
by: Anonymous

Personally, i dont think that homosexuality is good and pure, i fully believe that a relationship should be between a man and a woman. but, though God specifically says this isnt a good thing, He does give us the right to choose what we will do, right or wrong, and we will have consequences to those choices. on dealing with mariage, its a particullarly difficult sbject. God's law says its between a man and a woman, our country's law is now dealing with this issue. The constitution grants us the freedoms of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so long as it doesnt hurt another person. so, should the law of our country, which was based on God's moral law, defend marriage as between a man and a woman or, should it account for the freedom of pursuit of happiness, and the freedom God gives us, and allow people to make that choice?

Sep 17, 2010
I love homosexuals but...
by: Eric Turcott

I love homosexuals as I do all people. But I cannot agree with your belief that the sin you struggle with isn't wrong. You may say that you were born with these feelings and you are just acting on how you feel. But I was born with a sinful nature as well, I wanted to have sex with women to whom I'm not married to. Would you agree with me if I said that I should keep living in this sin because I feel that way? I totally agree with your view on salvation it is by God's Grace through faith in Jesus Christ but you are misleading when you isolate homosexuality as the only acceptable sin before God. I know there are many homosexuals out there that won't be delivered from there sin because you are making it seem acceptable to them and helping satan to have any victory in somebody's life is wrong. The fact is that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Any sex outside of marriage is completely forbidden in the Bible. So since two men or two women can never get married in God's Eye's then they can never lawfully have sex. Tell people the truth!

Sep 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

Leviticus 18:22 king james version: Thou shalt not lie with mankind,as with womankind:it is a abomination.
Now for some of yall may be confused by thinking god is saying don't be bi-sexual.
Here is the translation from the Bible of Basic English.
You may not have sex relations with men, as you do with women: it is a disgusting thing.

So That sums it up for yall well i hope it did because that was the god of abraham issac and jacob. The god So Called Christans Serve.
Homosexuality is abomintaion for him
He Made Man to be with woman
WoMan was MADE from MAN Gen 2:21-24
God Never intened for a man to have sex with a man. God Never intend us to have anal intocourse.
God Made a Penis FOR a VIRGINA! Not A anus!

Oct 03, 2010
You deceive yourself!
by: Anonymous

Your very 1st statement,"Homosexuals believe homosexuality is not a sin because there is nothing sinful about people's sexual orientation per se. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are sexual orientations, not sins or sinful conditions".
This is why we have I John 1:8 If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.


The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure Who can understand it? THAN AND ONLY THAN CAN WE BE SAVED.

Oct 04, 2010
Fewer insulting comments, more facts please
by: RIck Brentlinger

It should be clear to everyone who reads the comments that the anti-gay crowd has no facts to support their position.

That's why they resort to insults and quoting verses out of context in their vain attempt to "prove" their hatred of gays is okay.

Its funny to read your hysterical comments so please keep them coming.

Dec 20, 2010
repetative sin
by: Anonymous

as christians wich i believe there are very few considering that christian means christ like and disciple means follower of christ. but never the less bein with one of the same kind is a sin therefore you cnnot commit a sin then ask to be forgiven then go commit that sin again cause you obviously didnt mean it therefor you are not forgiven and will never enter the kingdom of god cause the lord cannot look upon sin

Dec 21, 2010
You may be interested in the meaning of repentance
by: Rick Brentlinger

Dear repetative sin:

Your argument would carry more weight if you cited scriptures in context, which agree with your opinion.

You may be interested to discover what the word repentance means in the Bible.

Feb 03, 2011
Homosexuality is Sin
by: Stella

Dear Brother,

I have read your comments and arguments and I see a heart wanting to belong-and you do.However you need to stop the sin in order to multiply the grace. Feelings have never been and will never be used to gauge God's standards for living. As Christians we are called to a higher life, a life that must constantly seek His help for our weaknesses.Does an alcoholic ever stop wanting a drink?..No,but he realises that it's not God's best for him so he depends on grace for strength.Will you after submitting to yearnings for a homosexual fulfilment ever stop wanting it, likely no as well, but as with drugs and other character and spiritual weaknesses,you depend on grace to see you through.Homosexuality is far below God's best for you.Don't let the devil fool you.Sodomites refer to the citizens of Sodom and were regarded as "wicked" by God not because they were temple prostitutes but because they practised homosexuality.I pray that God who has brought you thus far will perfect all things that concern you until His day in Jesus' name.Amen

Feb 03, 2011
Blind ignorance is nothing to be proud of
by: Rick Brentlinger

Hi Stella-

It seems clear to me that, sadly, you have not read much of this website OR your reading comprehension is close to zero OR you have no interest in truth.

Your comment is what my Grandpa would call "blarney," deceptive and misleading words. So many christians believe exactly what you believe, human opinion instead of scripture rightly divided, 2 Timothy 2:15.

I hope you understand that if you are saved, you will stand one day before the judgment seat of Christ, Romans 14:10-12, to give account for your laziness and for your false teaching about your gay brothers and lesbian sisters, 1 Corinthians 3.

Feb 10, 2011
Truth is clear
by: Anonymous

As a True Disciple of Christ, It hurts to see so much confusion with something the bible has clearly established. In our own sin, we choose and pick what scriptures justify our sin 2 Tim 4:3 "For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear" I think what people forget is that regardles of who we are and what sin entangles us, we are all very unique children of God who he created. What is missing in the Christain approach is compassion in seeing how deep the sin is, in this case homosexuality. Its much deeper than something we chose, get to know them at the heart level and you will begin to understand the actual sin, homosexuality is just the outward expression of a deeper unmet need. The bible is very clear that its sin, imitate the heart of Jesus in how he loved everyone in a gentile way and restored them to the truth. Rom 12:1-2 1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God?s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God?this is your true and proper worship. 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God?s will is?his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Feb 10, 2011
Faux caring, Faux spirituality from Truth is clear
by: Rick Brentlinger

As usual, absolutely NO verses which in context, prove your opinion that homosexuality is a sinful condition or that we are "deeply" in sin.

What a strange dilemma you face Anonymous. By refusing to read and study the Bible in context, you must keep repeating lies in your efforts to "love" us.

I am increasingly drawn to conclude that people like you are spiritually blind. You are not a "Berean" (Acts 17:11) in any sense of that word because you REFUSE to study the Bible in context. You love your opinion and doctrines of men instead of the Bible in context. And you don't have the guts to put your name to your confused meanderings.

Aren't you even a little ashamed of your laziness? Aren't you concerned about the judgment seat of Christ where your motives will be revealed? Isn't it about time you started living God's truth?

Feb 10, 2011
Do you agree that homosexuality is sin?
by: Anonymous

Do you agree that it is sin? If not what are you trying to get from these comments? Trying to figure out what ur saying? I personally overcame it, and I know the daily battle it takes. Just want to be unified?

Feb 10, 2011
No, I DO NOT agree that homosexuality is sin.
by: Rick Brentlinger

No, I do not agree that homosexuality is sin. Anonymous comments from folks who insist on expressing anti-gay opinions without a factual scriptural basis, are usually motivated by rancor, not reason.

When people attack gays as living in sin but do not have the courage to put their name to their comments and do not have enough knowledge to defend their comments, well, its just a bit off-putting.

This website explains page after page why the anti-gay position is culturally wrong, historically wrong, religiously wrong, scripturally wrong.

Is it too much to ask from Commenters like you that you stop being lazy and read a couple of pages before you comment? If you sincerely want to figure out what I'm saying, just click on the NavBar and read. And when you Comment, deal with facts please.

Mar 03, 2011
In my opinion, homosexuality is a sin
by: Anonymous

The bible is very clear on homosexuality. It is a sin and in romans 1-27 and levitcus,and several other books say homosexuality is a sin and no homosexual will enter the kingdom of heaven. I dont say this to be hatful, I say this cause this is gods word and his word lasts forever and is true. He doesnt say something in the bible to trick you like some of you read to deeply into scriptures when it is blac and white to justify your sin. You say well this was like this because of their culture...wrong...God says he the same today, yesterday, and forever...he is always the same. He doesnt say something is wrong and just change his mind because you think it is ok. You are beiing decieved by the great deciever. He will decieve even the elect if it were possible. If you are not saved the truth is not in you and you are spiritually discerned. If you are homosexual and think you can live like that and still be a christian you are a dead man walking. It will be better for a total unbeliever than it will be for you on the day of judgement because you portray your self as christ like and decieve many.

Mar 11, 2011
Loving this site
by: Sara

To "In my opinion, homosexuality is a sin"

The verses you have given have already been addressed on this site. Please take the time to look for the information, readdress the verses in your own bible again (not just NIV but KJV as well), and take a look at your personal opinions. You may be shocked if you open your own ears and stop being deceived. Mathew 13:14-15 warns against closing yourself off when the truth of God is being shown to you.

Also the idea that one can not "live in sin" and be a christian is crazy. Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" shows that even believers still cannot remain without sin and uphold God's righteousness, no one can. Every christian will struggle day in and day out with sin, homosexuality not being one of them.

The only thing which saves us from our sins is our faith in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior, Ephesians 2:8. All Christians have sin and their "good deeds" are only done from our change in heart, repentance of our old self.

To Rick Brentlinger, Thank you for the time and energy you have put in to not only creating this site, putting together a promising book which I hope to read soon, but also for taking the time to address all the comments posted at the end of each section.

It really surprised me the amount of homophobic comments made and how hurtful they are. I expected this site to be surrounded by other LGBT believers and their struggles, not the anti-gay views we are constantly hounded by. It really helps that you address all of their claims and give so many links and resources to go to for answers. You have put forth so much hard work for LGBT believers.

Your words have really made a difference to me and your constant encouragement for believers to dig into The Word themselves is so important and needed for all believers. It truly makes a difference than just blindly listening to a pastor, group leader, family member, or friend.

I also greatly appreciate your constant use of bible verses in your explanations. It not only puts more truth to your words while allowing readers to challenge what you are saying and forcing them to put your thoughts to the test by actively searching through the bible themselves. You aren't just pushing an agenda but encouraging spiritual growth. I can't say thank you enough for being such a great inspiration and source of guidance!

Mar 11, 2011
Your thoughtful comments are much appreciated!
by: Rick Brentlinger

Hi Sara-

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful comments. Each of us is responsible to study and learn the Bible for ourselves. To that end, here are some helpful self-study resources.

Bible Study pdfs
FREE Downloads

Bible Study at home
for eDisciples

Fascinating FREE books
to read online

Mar 30, 2011
Jesus said your sin is forgiven. Go and sin no more.
by: Daniel

I am like most on this forum which is to say I rely on God's grace and forgiveness not merely on a daily basis but on an ongoing basis. We can all disagree with what the Bible says and means and twist scripture to fit our side of the argument but I submit that we step back even from scripture a moment and merely look at design and purpose of all things created by God. I for one have never seen anything once fully understood that exists that doesn,t serve a vital purpose in life no matter how small and insignificant it is.

With that in mind I can say with some confidence of 50 years on this earth that only man can take what God made in perfection and distort and pervert it's intended uses and functions and purposeful uses and reason it was created in the first place.

Every person will stand before the judgment seat of God today, tomorrow, or whenever our time is called and none of us know the hour or even the day that will happen. The closer we can be to our Lord and Saviour without sin in our lives can only be a benefit to us. I for one will lay prostrate in his glory and tell him I'm not worthy and beg for his forgiveness now and forever. Please remember that what seems right by man's standards are usually wrong by God's.

If your life is not furthering the Kingdom of Heaven a change may be in order. Just remember God created everything for a purpose and if what we are doing is contradictory to the purpose it was created for you will miss out on God's perfect plan for your life.

It may not be you that God is planning on using but possibly our children that will fulfill His plan. Whatever our sins are God is faithful to forgive as long as we are faithful to repent. Any area of your life that seems to big to change just remember God's own words.

"Many things are impossible to man but all things are possible for God." My love and prayers go out to all who struggle. Please remember God says if one turns to sin and away from Him long enough He will give them over to a reprobate mind. Love and God's grace to all.

Mar 30, 2011
False hope of change is still FALSE hope
by: Rick Brentlinger

Hi Daniel-

Thanks for stopping by. You seem to be saying that God didn't create anyone homosexual and also that homosexuals can change their orientation.

I hope you'll take time to read about the false hope offered by Exodus International, the leading ex-gay ministry.

Holding out false hope of orientation change, while it might seem kindly intentioned to you, in reality, is most unkind. It is simply using God's grace to prop up your mistaken opinion. In the Bible, no one is told that God will change their sexual orientation.

May 19, 2011
Thanks for your support
by: Rick Brentlinger

Thanks Anonymous for your timely warning not to follow the traditions of men. You are spot on! So many of the lies being spread about our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters are from the devil.

He delights in using professing Christians to do his dirty work. Thanks for pointing out that we should be aware of that so we are not fooled.

When folks who call themselves Christians constantly and unrepentantly lie about the GLBT community, you and the Bible are right - we should separate from them!

People who are genuinely saved by the blood of the Lamb, Romans 5:9, Revelation 12:11, do not behave in that dishonest way.

May 27, 2011
a beacon of hope for the GLBT
by: Daniel D.

Hi, I've been reading this website, and a couple of others like this, and I just want to say you are great at giving explanations in pointing out that Homosexuality is not a sin. All the sites I've seen that condemn it, tend to say the "clobber verse", as they are called, and give no vivid explanation on why these verses say it's a sin. Just "because..." is like all I see.

You're a saint, but the Pope ain't here and I ain't an Arch Bishop, lol, but you get the idea :) God bless you, kind sir.

Daniel D.

May 29, 2011
Whatever I Feel?
by: Anonymous

When did you make a decision to be heterosexual instead of homosexual?

I never chose to be lazy, selfish or impatient. Are you going to tell me that's okay to act on that impulse as well? Since when is being a Christian mean that whatever I feel is okay to do?

You seriously have a warped view of Christianity.

Jun 25, 2011
It is a sin
by: Anonymous

Is this rick guy gay? Is he trying very hard justifying his lifestyle - won't work for god - try justifying it to god rick , not us!!!!!!

Thing is the bible is very clear on this. However straight people outside of marriage, bisexuals and adulterers are not excluded.

People may be born gay - thing is not to act upon it. Don't give in. I don't know if god made people gay or bi. But do know sex within marriage is the only thing that isn't sinful about sex.

Sex itself has been hijacked by Satan - that's my opinion. But look at the harm sex causes

Also homosexuality within gay marriage is still sinful as man and perhaps Satan concocted gay marriage - not god.

Jun 27, 2011
HI Rick, Consider This...
by: Jayson Dominguez

I'll have to split this comment up into two posts:

I came across this commentary thread today and have an interest in this subject and felt that possibly I could add something to the discussion. I believe there are three main issues that are being discussed here and hopefully clarification of the main issue may lead to a clearer understanding of the other two.

First off Rick, let me say that I have browsed the materials on your website and found them to be very interesting. I must admit though that I believe the interpretation of the word ?Arsenokoitai? that you have provided is somewhat ?off?, and thereby the first issue which, is the root of all others causes the continual breakdown. Quite often we find whatever we are searching for, therefore the myriad of learned individuals you have supporting the entomology of the word is laudable, however again if I want to find someone who will claim that a penguin can fly I?m sure I could. We find what we are searching for?

1 Corinthinas 6:9 is likely the first or earliest translation in Greek literature of the word arsenokoitai, and it has been taken as a reference to those who practice homosexuality. Paul created this new word by combining the two terms found in the Greek version of Lev 18:23 (LXX 18:22) and 20:13: arsen = ?male,? and koite = ?bed,? which translate the Hebrew for ?lying with a male? (mishkav zakur; The New Testament and Homosexuality: Contextual Background for Contemporary Debate [Fortress, 1983] 106-8). With the likelihood that these Levitical prohibitions are echoed in 1 Cor 6:9, the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version) translation is justified in translating the term as a reference to homoerotic intercourse. This is the closest and most accurate translation of the term.

The late, gay scholar J. Boswell (Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality [University of Chicago, 1980] 335-53), concluded that arsenokoitai refers to male prostitutes without specifying the gender of their partners. A point that you have made in your website Rick, however you neglect to consider some of the major critiscims of this point. David F. Wright, a critic and contemporary of Boswell, in ?Vigiliae Christianae? points out that the most telling argument is that Boswell seriously underestimates the use of arsenokoitai in early Christian writers, and he is especially negligent in his highly selective and inaccurate use of the early, Greek-speaking bishop John Chrysostom. Wright points out how the very texts from Chrysostom cited by Boswell, when viewed in light of their surrounding texts, both undermine Boswell ?s interpretation and support the traditional view that arsenokoitai refers to homosexuality. Wrights views on the subject have been heavily supported while the majority of contemporary scholars have rejected Boswell?s views.

Jun 27, 2011
HI Rick, Consider This... Part 2
by: Jayson Dominguez

Part 2:

We also must not forget the writer and the audience to whom he was writing. Paul, the author of the letters to the church at Corinth, stands in line with a long ethical tradition of Judaism that condemned all homosexual practice, therefore whether he was referring to sexual orientation or sexual acts is semantics and immaterial. The context of the verse appears to indicate reference to acts, but orientation would have been just as condemned and therefore identifiable as a sin. We could conclude that Paul may have only been referring to Pederasty, which was the homosexual relations in Rome between a male master and young male slaves, however Romans 1:26 rejects this interpretation far before we get to Corinthians. That being the case, it is more accurate to conclude that Paul?s reference in this verse is to condemnation of homosexual behavior or orientation and not that of male prostitution.

With that as a backdrop, we can then understand the second issue more clearly, which is whether homosexuality (the act, or orientation) is sin. And clearly from the discussion above we can surmise that they in fact would be considered sinful behavior.

The third and final issue is whether it is a continuing trespass, i.e. to mean whether a person who continues in a homosexual act or lifestyle can claim to genuine follower of Christ. I do not have the authority to judge anyone?s relationship with Christ. I can say though that this issue turns on your interpretation of Repentance, and repenting for sinful behavior. The Greek word Metanoia, is where the word repent or repentance is derived from which means to change one?s mind, or to turn away and change. Repentance therefore is a changing, when there is true repentance this means a person changes and turns away from the behavior that they once did. Recall John 8:11, Jesus said ??go and sin no more? (you will forgive the partial quote). If it were unnecessary to change the previous behavior he could have easily said, your sins are forgiven continue to do what you were doing before. But instead he requires that for true repentance there be a change in behavior.

If we are to agree on the true meaning of the word ?arsenokoitai ? and through that understanding that homosexuality is a sin, then to continue in that act, is a continuous trespass where the person has not turned away from the sin and therefore there is no true repentance. The same as it would be for a liar who continues to lie, or a thief who continues to steal, or an adulterer, etc. There is no sin that is more egregious than any other, the difference is whether one is making inroads to come out of their sin, or whether they are remaining in their sin and justifying it through scriptural interpretation.

Jun 27, 2011
HI Rick, Consider This... Part 3
by: Jayson Dominguez

Last but not least:

There is no debate as to whether murder is a sin, or lying, or adultery, etc. We even accept fornication as a sin, but justify it by saying ?if we truly love someone, or if we will marry them then it?s ok.? But we still recognize it as a sin, it has simply become an ?acceptable sin? (pardon the oxymoron). The world would like Homosexuality to become an acceptable sin and then hopefully a way of life. I would ask that you not hate or condemn the messenger, for I am not casting judgment but I am required to tell you the truth that is written in the Infallible Word of God ? continuing in an unacceptable sinful path, be it lying, cheating, stealing, murder, or homosexuality is displeasing to God. If you have a problem with that then your issue is with the Word of God, but not with the men and women who merely bring the Word to you. You cannot call it spewing hate, if all they are saying is what the Word of God itself says.

Have a great day Rick

Jayson Dominguez

Jun 27, 2011
You've only rehashed a theory at odds with the facts
by: Rick Brentlinger

Hi Jayson- I mention Scroggs in my book but find his conclusions less than satisfying. Boswell presents some interesting points but my conclusions are not based on Boswell or Scroggs.

Your belief that Paul stands in line with a long ethical tradition of Judaism that condemned all homosexual practice is at variance with the truth. It makes a nice sound bite but it ignores the romantic way the Holy Spirit presents the Jonathan and David story, among many other things. And Jewish views on lesbians are quite different than your views.

Jewish views on lesbians.

As far as homosexual acts and orientation being a sin, that is not something scripture says. It is your conclusion, interpretation, opinion without scriptural support when we read scripture in context.

What you have overlooked on my website is that I list the first 56 uses of arsenokoitai, covering the first 600 years of church history. Arsenokoitai is never used in any of those uses with our modern meaning of homosexual.

If it meant homosexuality, someone would have used it with that meaning. They did not. I hope you will continue to read and study, obeying 2 Timothy 2:15.

Jan 02, 2012
Coming to terms with being gay
by: Just call me brother

Hi, I will remain anonymous but I would just like to thank my brother in Christ for explaining so much I didn't understand before. I'm 16 and just recently am I coming to terms with my sexuality. It is NOT a choice, that said for those people who think so.

I live in a small town and I know one other gay christian like me. Some things still don't make sense to me and I pray God will have mercy on me as a grow in my understanding in who he has made me to be. It's kind of weird, surreal, can't really describe how I feel.

These past couple of weeks I have been realizing the hypocrisy in the way I've been living. I condemned homosexual relationships while having these attractions to the same sex that I couldn't just explain away. I have been looking at pornography and condemning people at the same time. Pornography is still an issue for me but God's grace is carrying me through.

I thank God for your website. It must have been God's plan that I stumbled across this thing because if not who knows what I'd be doing right now. I continue every time I can to come here, but my family doesn't know I'm gay, only my one gay Christian friend I talked about earlier.

So in conclusion I just ask for prayer, please please pray for me. Pray that God will help me make the right decisions with this new-found knowledge set before me, pray that God will help me lead my life anew knowing I don't have to be a hypocrite anymore, that God will show me when the right time to come out to my family is and for the right person to come into my life for a relationship.

Praise be to the awesome God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who was, and is, and is to come! Thank you so much for everything! You have been a blessing to me in my time of confusion! May God bless this ministry and website! God Bless, Your brother in Christ

Jan 10, 2012
Homosexuals can be saved!
by: Follower of God

For those of you who think that homosexuals cannot be saved, you are sadly mistaken, because he has given us written proof that ALL sinners, can be saved if you put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ.

Someone posts this verse to prove that God does not like homosexuals: Lev 20:13 - If a man lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Another anonymous person went to state a verse which proves that homosexuals cannot inherit the kingdom of God, 1 Cor 6:9 - Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

Ask yourself these questions:

1) If we are all sinners, can we all be forgiven for our sins?

2) Am I wrong to pass judgement on the eternal wellbeing / condemn homosexuals to hell?

3) Am I putting a limit on God's love?

While using good points, they forgot one man...Jesus Christ!

Ans. to respective questions- Matthew 12:31 - Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men."

Romans 2:1 - Therfore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

John 3:16-17 - For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

1) Jesus Christ would forgive all sins! But what some of you all are implying, not all sins since homosexuals will go to hell. If so, Jesus' sacrificial death would be insufficient! It would make no sense, and serve no purpose!!

2) Read The Bible closely. Some of you mention 1 Cor 6:9 to support your claim. But did you read 1 Cor 6:11?

1 Cor 6:11 - And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

This verse suggests that they were like that before, but changed! They were washed, sanctified and justified in the name of the Lord! They believed that Jesus could save them, and he did! He forgave homosexuals then, why can't he now? Sinners listed under 1 Corinthians will go to hell IF THEY DO NOT REPENT!

To get forgiveness for your sins, confess with thy tongue and thy heart that he is our Lord and Saviour and ask for your forgiveness! You won't get it if you don't ask for it! God loves us all! If God didn't love us, he wouldn't have sent his Son to die for us; we would have born and died in sin. I hope and pray that readers will be positively affected by my post.

Feb 14, 2012
advice needed
by: MG

Hi, I am 15 and have recently come to terms with my sexuality. I am bisexual. I told my best friend and she is doing everything she can to convince me that I'm going to hell if I don't repent. How can I show her that it's not a decision I made, but that I'm exactly who God created me to be?
Please help!

Feb 15, 2012
Please take time to enjoy being a teenager
by: Rick Brentlinger

Hey kiddo! Thanks for writing to us. We live in an overly sexualized society. Young people are bombarded with sex in movies, on TV, in what passes for music these days, on Facebook and Twitter, in text messages and sexting. All of that creates a fake world in which the real you gets lost.

I encourage you to allow yourself to enjoy your teen years. Do. Not. spend a lot of time making decisions about yourself and your sexuality right now. Fifteen is too young to decide you are bisexual or gay or lesbian. If it's an issue with you, then of course deal with it but try hard to not allow it to be your main focus.

You are much more than gay lesbian, bisexual or straight. Read, write, pray, study, enjoy being a kid. Learn about Jesus and the Bible and develop Biblical spirituality. Pursue your artistic inclination and scholastics and sports. Make as many friends as you can by being a trustworthy friend.

Learn to work on your bike and your car. It's cool to know how to do things. Ask your grandpa to teach you woodworking. Enroll in a summer course at your local Junior College. Get a job doing something you enjoy or better yet, start your own business. Write a play and a biography of your life.

Refuse to follow the crowd. Don't be a Lady Gaga zombie. Develop your own rhythm of life. Learn to march to the beat of a different drummer. Develop the ability to walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16) and to live for Jesus even if the other kids do not. The crowd treats sex and sometimes sexual orientation, as if it's the most important thing on earth. It. is. not.

The most important thing on earth is knowing for sure you are saved, knowing you have a personal saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be an individual. Be yourself. God didn't make you an automaton so don't constantly follow the crowd. Develop enough inner strength to go your own way. Blaze your own trail. Think things through. Don't always be caught up in the fierce urgency of now because the F.U.O.N. is what creates mobs full of idiots and you don't have to be an idiot.

As to what your friend said, it is wise to make sure you are saved. So please, click on that Link and make sure you're trusting Jesus in your heart.

The information on this website is designed to answer the objections of people who think we can't be gay and Christian. God bless you and please keep reading and studying and being yourself. As you grow spiritually and learn to walk with Jesus day by day, you may want to copy and paste this and print it out and keep it where you can read it each week because it's important.

Mar 02, 2012
the homophobia continues...
by: Anonymous

is it just me, or do almost all the anti-gay comments on this page sound like they've been written by ignorant children?

the Bible is pretty clear that homosexuality in of itself is definitely not a sin. all the verses people use to condemn it are taken completely out of context---the majority of the "clobber passages" actually have to do with idolatry and pagan sex rituals

1 Corinthians 6 doesn't even specify "people who engage in homosexuality". it says "effeminate" and "abusers of themselves with mankind" which have nothing to do with loving, consensual gay relationships

I also find it interesting how the NIV and KJV differ in translations of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

Leviticus 18:22

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination" (KJV)
"Do not lie with a man as ONE lies with a woman; that is detestable" (NIV)

what if it said "thou shalt not use thy left hand, as with thy right hand; it is abomination"

the most logical interpretation of that sentence would be something like "do not use your left hand the way you already use your right hand". the NIV actually changed the meaning of the sentence by saying "as one lies" instead of "as with"

Leviticus 20:13

"If a man ALSO lie with mankind, AS HE LIETH with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination" (KJV)
"If a man lies with a man as ONE lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable" (NIV)

the NIV clearly left out ALSO. why? my guess would be something along the lines of "homophobic bias" food for thought?

Mar 02, 2012
You make excellent points
by: Rick Brentlinger

Yes, most of the arguments from anti-gay Christians are illogical, out of context or almost incomprehensibly ignorant. Even the Ph.D. well educated Christians love to rip verses out of context to make their case because the verses in context do not say what they wish they said. It shames me to say that since Christians should not thus represent their Lord and Savior. Yet truth always outs so there you have it.

I am almost at the point of simply laughing at them, ridiculing and mocking instead of attempting any longer to answer their foolishness yet God commands us:

"In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;" 2 Timothy 2:25. Dear Lord, help me obey this verse.

Spiritual Christians, 1 Cor 2:15, always factor in context, 2 Timothy 2:15, which is another way of saying they interpret and understand the Bible in context. As my theology professor, Dr. Don Davis used to say:

A verse without a context is a pretext for teaching something that is not true.

Mar 02, 2012
re: you make excellent points
by: Anonymous

thank you for your reply. I've been having a lot of trouble with anti-gay opinions and homophobia lately, especially in my own family. I'm still a teenager (barely) and I'm still "under my parent's roof," and they've been giving me a very hard time and accusing me of distorting the Bible to my own benefit instead of accepting the "true way" that heterosexuality is the only God-approved sexuality in existence.

I'd like for them to change their minds, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, and it's highly discouraging

Mar 02, 2012
Grace, Patience and Living a Holy Life
by: Rick Brentlinger

One of the things that eventually helped to convince my Dad was my clean living and my testimony for Jesus. Heterosexual Christians in general have formed their beliefs without ever bothering to study the verses alleged to condemn homosexuality. Based on their lack of knowledge, their lack of study, their ignorance of what the Bible says in context, they insist their opinion is absolutely correct. No contrary opinion could possibly be right, according to them.

It will take grace on your part, patience, 2 Timothy 2:25 and you living a holy Christian life to eventually get them to listen. Be absolutely certain you are saved and learn how to lead others to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Too many professing gay Christians live like lost hell-bound pagans and it's no wonder their heterosexual family questions their argument that it's okay to be gay and Christian.

Walk in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16, and serve the Lord with gladness. Make up your mind that when you do get out on your own, you will live for Jesus. Determine in your heart that you will not become a drug-addled, drunken, bed-hopping, club-cruising secular-living gay christian. There are far too many of those and they give the rest of us a bad name.

God has a purpose for you and He will unveil that purpose one day at a time as you walk with Him and live for Him. I encourage you to use our FREE Bible studies to grow in the Lord.

Mar 03, 2012
re: Grace, Patience and Living a Holy Life
by: Anonymous

thank you. you've really made my day. I'm proud to say that I am committed to Christ

I've recently written an essay about the Bible and homosexuality and posted it on a blog. so far, I've gotten a little bit of homophobia for it, but most of the people who have read it were Christians who were too afraid to accept themselves. now, they're able to live life to its fullest thank you for listening

Apr 04, 2012
Isn't homosexuality like beastiality?
by: Anonymous

Rick's comment: Please educate yourself by clicking on Beastiality - No Way, on the NavBar. Being gay is NOT analogous to having sex with animals. That you believe it is indicates you are not thinking clearly. That you think Jesus equated being gay with marrying your horse or your dog means you are making up stuff. Haven't you ever read the New Testament? Isn't it about time you did read it? You're making yourself look bad by posting comments like this.

Hmmm, so if (homosexuality) is not a sin, does that mean fornication and beastiality is not a sin as well? I mean, will we be witnessing people wanting to marry their horse or dog next? "Because of being born that way" I am curious to your thought, since " they are listed together in Jesus' teachings.

I believe there's only one way to inherit the kingdom of heaven, which is by accepting Jesus as Gods Son by grace through faith we receive salvation and are redeemed.

I have no authority to judge, and will not tell another to remove a splinter from his/her eye when I have a log in my own I need to deal with first. I am here to be a servant for others, living my life as reflection of Christ. Well to the best that my human nature will allow, which is why I need Christ and seek him for spiritual strength and guidance.

I worry not with mankind thoughts, ideas, and judgements, my only concern of judgement is that of our Father.

Apr 19, 2012
Agreed with Ridiculous
by: Brittany

I do agree with ridiculous, it is a sin, and it states it in the bible. And, you do have the choice to live the life style. I do like both men and women, but choose not to live the life style or lust after either. You may not be able to help who you like, bu toy have the choice not live it and Jesus can help you. After all...no one's worth to lust after, and going to hell for it. take care!

Rick's comment: I always hope the folks who comment here will express an intelligent and thoughtful opinion. Sadly, that is not the case here. I wonder Brittany, if you're ever going to obey 2 Tim 2:15 and study the Bible in context?

It's clear you have never troubled yourself to study the gay issue. Here is the comment from Ridculious, sic, (obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer, obviously not home schooled and obviously a product of government schools.

In case anyone is interested, the verse Ridculious and Brittany are trying to reference is 1 Cor 6:9, not 2 Corinthians. There is nothing about beastiality in that verse or in the rest of 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Here is Ridculious' quote, the first comment in this string.

"What about 2 corithians?? Where it says homosexuality is wrong along with beastiality... your trying to change the bible. God gave us all decisions and homosexuality is a decision"

Apr 26, 2012
Why would you take a chance on being wrong?
by: Drayzon

I am a Christian. Been a Christian my whole life, but I have just recently been opened up to many beliefs and doctrines within Christianity that I find mind boggling and sad and this is amongst the top on the list.

My question is why would you take a chance at being wrong. In your mind you believe being gay is right and blessed by God. I know homosexuality is wrong, but what if you yourselves eventually come to the realization that it is wrong. Homosexuals will not be in Heaven, so where do you think they would be. My point is, why take a chance, just because "it feels right".

A lot of things "feel" right but are very "wrong".

Rick's comment: First, you state that "I know homosexuality is wrong." You think you know it is wrong because you take verses out of context and insist they refer to homosexuality when the verses in context, did NOT refer to homosexuality.

Second, no gay person I know is gay because it feels right. That is a straw man argument. According to Jesus in Matthew 19:12, people are born gay.

Apr 26, 2012
Are gays victims of generational curses?
by: Drayzon

Another question I have is this. Do you believe in the generational curses and blessings. Many times the things that are in our life are not us at all, it has been passed down through generations and it has never been cut or rooted out. So many times we succumb to it because we think that it's us.

I bet many of you "gay" Christians have other homosexual family members in your line, male and/or female. What I'm saying is this. I've talked to many gay people who say they were born like this. I used to say, "yeah right, that's impossible, you can't be a gay baby." But I've come to realize that it is a generational curse upon a family that as far back as they can remember this thing had been a part of their family. It could be drugs, incest, homosexuality, gambling, etc. I'm not saying what you guys/girls are feeling is not real, I believe it is very real, but it is clearly frowned upon in the Bible. As much as you guys try to justify your lifestyles, you can't and it'll be a scary thing to realize that you were wrong all this time, but by then it'd be too late

Rick's comment: I do not believe in generational curses. That silly false teaching is part of the charismatic prosperity gospel schtick. They teach that if you suffer financial need or sickness or some kind of disfunction, it is because of a generational curse.

In plainer words, God is cursing you for something your ancestors did. To remove the generational curse, you need to send money to Marilyn Hickey or some other charismatic scam artist so God will remove the curse. P.T. Barnum himself couldn't come up with a more effective money raising con game.

Let's be honest about this. So called generational curses are never mentioned or warned against by Jesus or by any of the apostles or by any human author of the New Testament. And the concept of generational curses as it is taught by money-mad charismatics is not found in the Old Testament.

The Hebrew words for curse in the Bible are varied but our English translations translate almost all of them by one word, curse. Don't follow charismatic false teachers down that dead-end false doctrine trail. The words generational and curse are never found in the same passage in the Bible. Do NOT be deceived by a made up doctrine, a false doctrine designed to part gullible people from their money.

And NO, no one is gay as a result of the sins of their fathers or as a result of generational curses. Wise Christians reject pop psychology and the goofy false teaching of charismatic scam artists.

May 11, 2012
Homosexuality - Uncomprehensive
by: Anonymous

Now we all know that Jesus came to this world in the form of human being, as a man to be precise. Now we are taught by him to love one another. We Christians are called called as Christians only when we love Christ and his teachings. There are both men and women among Christians. All of them love Christ. So do men loving Christ with their whole heart become homosexuals with the Lord?

Jesus always had twelve male disciples with him. Were they not tempted even once in their life time to have sex? It is so easily said by Paul that it would be better if one remains a celibate. Paul had all his share of fun and then he wants the world to sacrifice the pleasure? Very weird!

Ask a person who is a gay and how painful it is for him to live his life despite being spiritual and all willing to give his life for the savior. If it is a curse then why million times of pleading with God, the person does not get deliverance? Why is that in spite of making repeated resolutions of not committing the so called sin of having sex with same sex, he is tempted again and again? Why can't he be shielded when he is crying out to the Lord Almighty?

If we Christians believe that God created all in his image, then why this so called discrimination and homosexuals are looked down upon by the society? In the first place why did God do this if we claim that He has a definite plan and purpose for every one?

Our bodies have different organs and they function in the way they are to be. So when we use the sexual organs in which we desire to have pleasure without causing any harm to others then why is it considered as an abomination to the lord?

Christ in his teachings never ever mentioned about the sexual orientation of any one that would be a license to enter the kingdom of God. Then why do the pastors of the church condemn homosexuality?

Oh the subject is so debatable that cannot be actually limited to three thousand words. The reasons and circumstances of an individual to have inclination towards same sex could be many.
A person feels totally lost and left in pain forever due to this infirmity.

May 17, 2012
I was saved the other day
by: Anonymous

If you were a homosexual how would you feel with every person saying that your gonna go to hell.

Its really hard to keep my faith when everyone keeps saying im going to hell. I was born this way. I've liked my own gender since i was little. With every person saying, you going to go to hell. It kinda makes me depressed. Because I love jesus.

But would he really love me back if he was going to send me to hell? If your not a homosexual, then dont say that they cant be born that way. Because. You. Dont. Know. That.

I was saved the other day, and I really did take jesus into my heart. But no one thinks I did. They all say I need to change or i wont go to heaven. Sometime I wonder if y'all know how stuck up, and know it all you all are. YOU dont make the decision of whether i go to heaven or hell. Jesus does. So stop telling me im going to hell. Because, thats Jesus's decision.

Rick's comment: It's wonderful to hear that you got saved. Our FREE Bible Studies will help you grow as a Christian.

What happens when you get saved?

May 28, 2012
Great deceiver
by: Anonymous

As a Christian and one who follows this faith, we can not condemn or judge someone. It is God who will judge each one of us.

However, one can take upon the argument that this is wrong or not wrong. If we are Christian, we take the bible as the truth. The word of God. It is this Love for God that we can not deviate from his teachings so to appease one another or be politically correct.

It is not easy being Christian and the bible tells us so. One can have their dogma and how they can rationalize their behavior but I ask you, if you are willing support this behavior then so you must also be willing to accept that there are people who will not like it.

Beware the devil for he is cunning and will ensnare you in what appears to be right with a slight twist of the truth. It is just enough for a person to then believe it is right. What better tactic against GOD's word then to stray away his children so that they will be punished. It is very tactical approach. If you can not defeat GOD, then attack what he loves the best: his children.

As a Christian, I side with GOD. Either way, I will always pray for you my brothers and sisters. I hope you will do the same for me. Until then, take care of one another.

Rick's comment: That works both ways. Consider that on the issue of gays, you have been taught wrong most of your life by men who didn't bother to study the issue. We are an excellent example that gays can be committed disciples, soul-winners, sold out to Jesus and Bible-believing through and through.

May 31, 2012
I must answer your question with another question.
by: Just another sinner

I must answer your question with another question.

When does one make a decision to be heterosexual instead of a pedophile?

Rick's comment: You would benefit from studying the terms you're using so that you understand their meaning. There is no analogy between heterosexuality and homosexuality vs. pedophilia and beastiality.

Heterosexuality is an innate and normal sexual orientation while pedophiles are in the category of paraphilia, which is not an innate sexual orientation but instead is abnormal sexuality.

When did you make a decision to become involved with homosexuality instead of bestiality?

Rick's comment: Your question wrongly assumes that homosexuality is a choice made by the individual, a lifestyle instead of a life. Jesus corrects your thinking on that in Matthew 19:11-12 when He tells us about born eunuchs. According to Jesus, born eunuchs (gays and lesbians and transgendered individuals) are born that way. They are not that way because of a sinful choice they made.

Homosexuality is an innate and normal sexual orientation and not a choice made by the individual. Bestiality is not an innate sexual orientation. It is instead, a sinful choice by an individual to have sex with a lower being incapable of giving informed consent.

When does one decide to turn from their sinful nature and give their lives to God is the better question?

Rick's comment: Conviction by the Holy Spirit is involved in convicting sinners of sin and drawing them to Christ so they can be saved.

Jun 02, 2012
Why the deceptiveness?
by: Anonymous

Hi Folks, In Romans, it clearly speaks on the subject of unnatural acts, (homosexuality), real simple, the above mentioned are all the same, Sin, and we all do it.

Rick's comment: No Tom, the deception comes from you. Romans 1 does NOT speak of homosexuality. How about studying the Bible in context, 2 Tim 2:15, before you spout off as if you know what you're talking about?

Romans 1 is idolatry, NOT about homosexuality.

How can we be sure what Paul was talking about in Romans 1?

some might be worse than others, for sure. if we don't have love, faith, hope, all these things mean nothing. Jesus was meak, which means he probably was not a super loud person, but he spoke with POWER. Relaxed, but when he spoke to the 5000 without a microphone, you get the picture. all of us whether homosexual, murderer etc. thief, liar, it does clearly state in the new testament a few times that people like these will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Rick's comment: Again Tom, you have never studied the topics you're commenting on. Please acquaint yourself with the facts. 1 Cor 6:9 is NOT talking about homosexuals.

forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us. you forgive and you will be forgiven. simple right? NAAAAh, we make it difficult. I plant seed, God waters it. it grows. simple, whether you are gay, adulterer, liar, commiting debauchery, I love you all and God loves you too.

Rick's comment: If you love us, why do you keep grouping us with unnatural acts, murderers, thieves, liars, adulterers, committing debauchery? You sound ignorant, not loving.

But be aware, and don't be deceived, if you continue to sin and don't repent, (change) for ever, then the result is clear in scripture, no entrance into heaven. i love all of you. Tom

Rick's comment: You love us? Really? Have you ever read 1 Cor 13?

Charity suffereth long, and is kind... is not puffed up... thinketh no evil... 1 Cor 13:4-5. Yet you repeatedly think evil of us. Shame on you.

Jun 04, 2012
by: melissa

If we are sinners then why are we happy and everything is so clear and when we do have fear of who we are and run from this, it gets foggy. God loves us all and has nothing against gays.

Jun 11, 2012
Gay Christian? - NO
by: Anonymous

If they study the bible the right way,they will realize that they are breaking God's rule,as in Leviticus 18:22 The bible is the bible,and is very straight forward.

Rick's comment: Don't you EVER get tired of posting anonymously and being ignorant of what the Bible says in context?

If you have any interest in truth, please watch the video and read Leviticus 18:22.

Jun 16, 2012
Gay Christianity from a Straight Athiest

Let me start off by saying I am not a Christian. After seeing some of the hatred and cruelty in this world I just don't believe any more. That being said, I would like to comment on a few things I have seen. The GLBT christians on this site and the GLBT christians who comment on this site seem to act more like christians than the straight commenters who are just spreading hate.

I read through most of the comments on this page, and I am disgusted. It truly sickens me to see people act so cruel and unaccepting of others. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't christians supposed to be kind and loving to all people no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or otherwise. Maybe I am just confused.

Secondly, I would like to point out that I am a straight male who accepts GLBT people as people. My brother is homosexual and after struggling with this fact a few years ago, I have come to accept that it truly is something you are born with. You cannot choose to be homosexual as much as you cannot choose to be heterosexual. I am afraid to post my belief that it has to do with chemical imbalances that you are born with (I was a genetics major in college), but it could just be god's decision. :-)

I would really like to urge people to try to be more understanding of others on this issue and ask yourself "Would you like people to be mad at you, to hate your guts even though they don't know you just because you are heterosexual, something that you can't help?"

I honestly am not trying to offend anyone. It is just that things like this vile hatred is what made me stop being a devout christian.

Jun 22, 2012
Homosexual and Christian
by: Anonymous

I've asked God to rid me of homosexual feelings but I still have them. I have not been with another man for a very long time and see no possibility of doing so in the future. However, if i masturbate with homosexual fantasies is this a sin? I struggle with this all the time and the stress is unbearable.

Rick's comment: God has help and hope for you. These pages answer your question.

Is masturbation a sin?

Watching gay sex online?

What about porn?

Jun 30, 2012

I will give you my personal thoughts and that is I have always felt that I was different from the time I was five years old. At that age I did not know that I was gay but I always felt emotionally physically and eventually sexually attracted to guys. It was like it was instilled in me and I never had any different feelings and therefore I do not think that I being gay is wrong.

I ask, if there is a god, why would I have these feelings at a very young age and feel no conflict and now as an adult this same god says I am going straight to hell if I do not give up "the homosexual lifestyle." To me this does not make sense, to have me born on earth to be a sinner and still go hell. Why would he even have me be born if it is a forgone conclusion that I am going to hell?

Rick's comment: Tim, God does exist, He does love you and He has already made provision for your salvation. To get saved, all you need do is accept the provision which God has already accepted - the death of Jesus on the cross as full payment for your sins.

Getting saved is like discovering an exotic secret. It's like finding treasure you never knew existed. I encourage you to discover that God does love you.

Jul 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

I may be incorrect, but weren't other things in the Bible said to be sins too? Ex. Wearing an article of clothing made of more than one type of fabric=Sin...Again, I may be incorrect but when exactly is it okay to pick-and-choose what we still believe to be call sinful?

ALSO, there is a slight logistical problem for those who believe homosexuals CHOOSE to be so.

SO, I ask everyone who thinks that homosexuality is a choice.WHY WOULD ANYONE "CHOOSE" A LIFESTYLE THAT DRAWS SO MUCH MALICE AND HATRED TOWARD THEM?

People cannot be so zealous that they actually believe it's a choice, right? Teens are kicked out of their homes for coming out and are assaulted daily. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THEY CHOOSE A LIFESTYLE LIKE THAT? Remember, NO H8

Jul 11, 2012
The true meaning of eunuch
by: Jessica

The meaning of "eunuch" is a castrated man. Why are you saying it means gay, lesbian and transgender?

Rick's comment: Good question but your definition of eunuch is way off the mark. The most vocal anti-gay scholars, like Dr. Robert Gagnon, admit that eunuchs in ancient times included those who were homosexuals. That does not mean all eunuchs were gay - just that gays and lesbians and transgendered people were included in the group known as eunuchs.

Matthew 19:12 (KJV) - For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

If we replace eunuch with gay this verse would not make logical sense. why would anyone make himself gay for heavens sake? Talk about using verses out of context.

Rick's comment: Two things: (1) Only the first group Jesus names, eunuchs who were so born from their mother's womb, includes gay, lesbian and transgendered folks.

Why would anyone make himself gay? Good point Jessica but remember, (2) that is precisely the accusation anti-gay groups like Exodus make against all gays, lesbians and transgendered people. Exodus International teaches that no one is born gay, that everyone is born heterosexual. Therefore they conclude, being gay is a choice.

Hope this is helpful to your understanding.

Jul 18, 2012
Homosexuals & Lesbians are deceived
by: Bro Ernie

God created first only Adam who has no sex. After God saw that it was not good, God made a woman from Adam. God created a man and a woman.

Rick's comment: Spin much? Your interpretation is not equivalent to God's truth.

Satan is a deceiver. Before Jesus Christ died, Satan and his evil angels have all the power to rob, kill and destroy men(John 10:10). After His death, all the power of Satan and evil spirit was taken back by Jesus Christ.

Therefore, the only tool left to Satan and all his evil angels even today is to deceived men. Even Christians are being deceived by Satan to sin against God through power, money and pleasures in this life.

Homosexuals were born men in all respect but their minds were allowed to be deceived by Satan and evil angels. Lesbians are real women deceived in their minds.

Rick's comment: All deception, including your own self-deception, can be traced to the god of this world through the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Your theory of deception also includes your human desire to rip verses out of context to "prove" your anti-gay theories.

These deceived people have to renew their mind first or else they remained under the deceiving power of Satan or remain in sin. God will never allow deceived people to enter His kingdom.

Rick's comment: Yet many of us GLBTs are saved, born again, washed in the blood of the Lamb and eternally secure in Jesus. In fact, we are already seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 2:6. And we are still gay and we disagree with your conclusions.

Men have to face God as men and women have to face God as women. Be holy because God is holy. Be not deceived, God is not mocked, what a man sow he shall also reap.

Rick's comment: Those of us who are saved have already been judged in Christ our Savior. But there you go again, parroting the mean-spirited Exodus propaganda, that homos are not holy therefore homos must not be saved. Will you ever obey 2 Tim 2:15?

Jul 18, 2012
Question concerning transgenders
by: S

I've been told by many christians that being transgender is a sin. I'm wondering, where do people get this idea and is there any basis for it in scripture?

Rick's comment: Great questions! No, being transgender is not a sin. People take Deuteronomy 22:5 out of context and then use the out of context verse to attack people who are transgender. Here is a helpful link which explains Deu 22:5.

Transgender issues in the Bible.

Please note, there are text links on that page to other information about transgender issues.

Jul 27, 2012
Message to Rick Brentlinger
by: Anonymous

Rick, buddy, I'm incredibly sorry to inform you, but it couldn't be anymore obvious you're really, really pushing the issue here. It couldn't be anymore obvious that homosexuality is just illogical. Even without religion, without God, etc. - it goes against nature itself; now how can you argue that?

We all have sin. Sin is sin. I'm not here to make a claim that homosexuality is weighed more than say murder, a lie, etc. ... that's up to our heavenly Father. We do know however that His word explicitly tells us that it is detestable, which is a strong word.

I'm just trying to wrap it around my head here - how can you honestly and wholeheartedly defend the issue? Two people of the same sex can love one another, sure - but just b/c they're in love, kind and gentle people with soft hearts, that doesn't erase the CHOICE they're making to sin. The same way a man who cheats on his wife does, etc.

Again, sin is sin. It's up to God to judge, not us. When looking at creation, etc.... it's quite clear God did not intend for us to mate with others of the same sex. It's not natural, it very simply just doesn't make sense.

A man can choose to steal. He can choose to rape. He can choose to murder his own brother. A man has the free will and ability to make his own decisions, which includes homosexuality. It's an action you're choosing to make, right or wrong. The Bible clearly tells us homosexuality is wrong.

I truly have no idea why you keep mentioning this "out" or "in" CONTEXT correctly. It's surely not a play on words. It's very clear, plain as day, if a man lies next to a man like he does with a woman, that it is clearly WRONG (more like an abomination against how He creates us). Tell me how you derive a different meaning from that message?

It's just sad to see you in such denial. You can tell yourself over and over again that God meant something different from what you personally believe, but come on dude... really?

Rick's comment: Like so many Christians who write to me, you have ignored the carefully documented information about context. Even our most vociferous detractors,like John MacArthur and Dr. Robert Gagnon, admit that the context of the clobber passages is NOT homosexuality but is instead, temple or shrine prostitution.

I encourage you to make the effort to read scripture in context instead of taking one verse like Lev 18:22 and removing it from its context so you can allege that it is talking about gay men. Many thanks.

Aug 03, 2012
by: Andrew culp

The bible is quite clear on many sins, killing, stealing, adultery, homosexuality, worship of false idols, etc ... I don't know how you can bend the words of God to accept sin. A church that accepts any of these is not a church of God.

Rick's comment: Thanks Andrew, for adding your insight and for having the courage to put your name with your comments. I hope you will continue to read and study the Bible in context as you grow in the Lord.

Aug 06, 2012
Sin is sin!
by: Garry

I do not believe that you can read the Bible with an honest and open mind and come to the conclusion that homosexuality is not a sin. In my younger days, I loved sex, pornography, and women, and I was a thief and a liar. Even then, I would never have tried to justify my sins by saying that "God loves me just as I am!" Ultimately, living in my sin brought me to a place of darkness and near death. Yes, God loved me just as I was, but He loved me too much to leave me there. I confessed my sins, repented (turned away from them), and Christ gave me a new heart and life. But guess what? I am 57 years old and have been married for 32 years, yet, to this day, I am tempted to look at pornography and lust after women! So how do I handle the temptation? I read the Scriptures daily to know how much God hates sin, and I resist the temptation to do them. Jesus said that it is not those that hear His words that are saved, but it is those that obey His words that are saved. "He that says he loves me and does not do as I have commanded, is a liar and the truth is not in him!" God will love every soul that ends up in hell! Please don't try to justify your sins by using God's word. You are treading on dangerous ground.

Rick's comment: Garry, I am very careful on this website to deal with scripture in context. I am happy to know you are saved and that God is giving you victory over porn. It may surprise you to know that more than 50% of the men in conservative evangelical churches struggle with porn.

On the gay issue, your comments reflect the fact that you have not studied this issue; that you do not know what the Bible says in context. Instead, you repeat what someone at church told you it means.

I do hope you will obey 2 Tim 2:15 and develop a Biblical understanding of the clobber passages so that you will stop using them to condemn your gay brothers and lesbian sisters in Christ. Many thanks.

Aug 07, 2012
2 Timothy 2:15-19
by: Garry

Your attempt at verse mining is not becoming a confessing Christian. Let's examine whether or not you are practicing what you preach: "15[Doing] your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 16Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly. 17 Their teaching will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus, 18 who have departed from the truth. They say that the resurrection has already taken place, and they destroy the faith of some. 19 Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.” Rick, We must turn away from wickedness. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!

Rick's comment: Garry, you are doing what so many anti-gay Christians do.

1. You refuse to study the Bible in context.

2. You keep repeating your opinion as if repetition will make it true.

3. You refuse to thoughtfully engage the facts I present.

You're going to stand before God some day and give account for your false teaching, Romans 14:10. I wonder if you have the Christian honesty and spiritual character to study this issue? I hope you do.

Aug 07, 2012
I am scared for you
by: Garry

Romans 1:18-32 "The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles. Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.
Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.

Rick's comment: Great passage of scripture Garry. I comment upon it extensively in my book and on my website, which by the way, you refuse to read.

I feel sorry for you because you are locked in a mindset which refuses to view scripture in context, which refuses to study the Bible yet in your ignorance you are certain you are correct.

Judgment is coming so get prepared by obeying 2 Tim 2:15.

Aug 10, 2012
So sad!
by: Garry Webb

Rick, This will be my last post, but congratulations, you have converted me! I have come to see an absolute truth of scripture as never before and I am absolutely convinced that you are satisfied to wallow in your sin even as you insist that you have God's blessing to do so. I would never try to justify my sins; stealing, lying, adultery, fornication, etc. as acceptable before a holy God. But not only do you (an enlightened one) consider them acceptable before God, you label me as living in darkness for attempting to point out the clear truths of scripture! Clearly, your "foolish heart is darkened" because you love your sin more than the commands of Christ "go, and sin no more".

"because they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God (of sin, righteousness, and judgment) so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.... Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them."

God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap!

"And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?"
(1 Peter 4:18)

Rick's comment: Garry, how did you get so confused? You must rip verses out of context to make your anti-gay argument. Then you use the out of context verses to teach something the verses never say in context.

Then you attempt to psych us into paying attention to your false interpretation by citing verses which describe what you're doing, not what we believe and not what we're doing.

I'll see you at the judgment seat of Christ, Romans 14:10 and 1 Cor 3. We'll see who was really serving God from the heart and of whose service God approves. I hope that at some point in your life, you will take seriously your duty to be a Biblical disciple of Jesus Christ.

While you're busy blasting us and alleging that we are living in sin, we are about our Father's business, winning souls and making disciples in the gay community, a group you will never reach because of your unloving and judgmental heart.

Aug 28, 2012
So Obvious
by: Anonymous

The simplest question to answer ever, because they are homosexual !
With that bias they will only ever believe what they want, and will twist and turn everything to say what they want it to.
There is nothing that will ever change that position, and that position will be adopted whatever the argument or scenario.
This will of course be strenuously denied, but that is he only left to argue their position.
In the light of this everybody is wasting their time arguing any contrary position, as it would always be denied.

Rick's comment: After spewing your venom and lies here, I hope you feel better. If at any time in the future, you develop an interest in God's truth, you are welcome to read my factually correct and historically accurate information. My prayer is that God will open your eyes and illumine His truth to your mind.

Sep 13, 2012
do you know?
by: Anonymous

The bible talks about how wrong it is in several places. Now let mw ask you this. Have you spoken to God and heard Him say it is not a sin? You see lieing is a sin and GOD can not commit a sin. You are making people think that is okay to do this sin, well in fact it is not. You know He also preaches on false prophets and teachers. I have prayed for and over several people. I can honeslty tell you that I know for a fact that when you are truley saved. That want, that sin will come off of you. Been there, done that!! You should really honeslty, seek God and ask HIM for the truth, even if it means you have to change your ways.

Rick's comment: Your problem is a lack of interest in what the Bible says, IN CONTEXT. So you pretend to know things the Bible does not say and you assert that unless I've heard the voice of God say something directly to me, I cannot know for sure it's true.

While I assume you are well-meaning, I believe you need to do more Bible study and less pontificating about gay issues. Many thanks.

Sep 14, 2012
I can Read
by: Anonymous

Rick, your argument is ridiculous and it's a shame that you are decieving so many that might hear the truth.

Rick's comment: I feel sorry for you. Unable to even deal with what I've written, you continue in blissful ignorance, believing you are right.

Did it ever occur to you to study the issues before you comment?

Sep 21, 2012
not a sin and a sin
by: Anonymous

okay..i am gay..i am christian...being gay myself, i totally understand(obviously) what homosexuals here mean when they say, they didnt choose to be homosexuals(being attracted to same sex, being effeminate, a little boy or guy enjoying playing dolls and stuff) because it is true, we didn't choose to be homosexuals..why would we, it is a life full of complications and discrimination and you get to be the laughing stock at school for being queer etc etc..it's so hard to be gay..i'd choose to be straight if i can..but i can't....no matter what i do, what we do, we just cant get attracted to women...we did not choose being attracted to men.... so please believe them, believe us when we say, we really did not choose to be gay...we were born to be gay...
now here is the tricky part.. i am also a christian, read the bible and try my best to understand and follow god's/jesus' word.... i do believe that it's not a sin for being born to be me or them(being born and finding out you can only be attracted to men and not women)... it is not a sin to be homosexual in that aspect.. but i do believe that it is a sin to engage in homosexual acts(having sex with men)..or having lustful thoughts towards men... if you are going to think about it, lustful thoughts and pre marital sex are sins...so whether you are straight or not, if you have sex outside marriage, if you entertain lustful thoughts, then it's a sin right..whether youre gay or not, whether its with a man or woman that you are doing it with, its a sin....being gay myself, i admit that i have sinned....have committed homosexual acts, just like i have sinned when i have been dishonest, or lied, or stole, at some point in my life.....so you are also right, that just because it feels right does not make it right..coz it does feel right for me to love and ahve sex with a man just like it feels so good to drink and make fun of other people or steal money...but it doesnt make it right.... so it is not wrong and a sin to be born this way...(being attracted to men and being effeminate) but its a sin to engage in homosexual acts or undergoing transplants/sex change and stuff...but again, like i said, sex with a man, sex with a woman, if its outside marriage then its a sin right...

Rick's comment: You've given no scriptures which, in context, support your beliefs. That indicates to me that you are positing your opinion AS IF it is gospel truth. It is not.

I encourage you to read through our Gay Christian FAQ - there are many things you have not considered in this discussion. Many thanks.

Sep 24, 2012
Don't alway believe what you read!
by: Anonymous

Where did the bible come from? Humans wrote the bible! So go ahead and believe the crap you believe! Its okay if your scared in things you don't understand but don't take away someones rights to be happy and blame it on a book you read that was written by other scared or bias/racist humans!

Rick's comment: Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will take another look at the Bible. God loves you and Jesus died to save you. You are welcome to email me via our Contact Us page if you'd like to talk privately. Many thanks.

Oct 07, 2012
Sometimes is not your choice.
by: Anonymous

When did you make a decision to be heterosexual instead of homosexual?

The Operation of the Spirit of Homosexuality

There is much debate as to whether homosexuality is learned or if people are born into it. The debate however, is moot. No matter your beliefs regarding it, Christ still commands us to give our lives for Him. Whether you have the proclivity of drinking, violent anger, drug abuse, lieing, or same sex attraction, Christ commands us to die to our flesh and be molded into His image. The bible, in both the new and old testament proclaims homosexuality to be sin. "If you love me, you will obey what I command" (John 14:15). These are Christ's words. Some will say it isn't that easy to deny these feelings. I never said it would be easy, and more importantly, neither did Christ. But the idea of a truly born again Christian is to live a life in subservience to Christ and not to our flesh.

Before you think me unkind or uncompassionate, I will reveal that I have struggled with this issue since before I can remember. That being said, I know what it is to feel alone. I know what it is to cry out to God for deliverance, and I know what it's like to be hounded on all sides by this unrelenting darkness. But I also know a little about how this spirit operates. I wish to try and explain what I have discovered and reveal how this spirit moves.

Understand that when I speak of homosexuality, I am speaking of the spirit not the person. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12).

Rick's comment: Dear one, it would be helpful if you carefully read this website and get right on your doctrine. Being gay is not a sin, period. Nothing in the Bible says otherwise. Thanks for stopping by.

Oct 15, 2012
You constantly berate
by: Marshal

I love how you think you are so intelligent that you constantly Berate people... You Sir, are a joke, this site is a joke, because it refuses to acknowledge the Word of God... and Please don't speak "context" over and over again like verbal vomit. You are a false prophet trying to slander the Word of God by creating your own "historical context" for your verses. NONE of which are valid or true or historically correct. Your garbage little promo videos you created to prove your lies are easily dismantled. I've got a masters in THeology and a Bachelors in Biblical History, and these are all lies just spinning out of control to justify HAVING SEX... how disgusting is this!!!

For the rest of you, don't throw your Pearls before swine, it's a waste of all of our time. These people are liars, and hacks, trying to allow sinful practices into the bible that frankly are just hell bound sins, just like any other sin.

CONFESS YOUR SIN, and he will be faithful and just to forgive you of your sin, and CLEANSE you of all unrighteousness... but if you don't confess. YOU CANNOT BE CLEANSED!

Rick's comment: Marshal, I'm sorry you're having a bad day. This website reaches 50,000+ each month in 180 countries, with the life-saving gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray God's rich blessings upon you as you walk the path of His purpose for your life. With love, your brother in Christ, Rick Brentlinger.

Oct 16, 2012
by: kisha

Sin is sin. We can dress it up and make it smell good but its sin. o those believing homosexuality is ok seek God and ssk Him. He said He will send His Holy Spirit as our comforter and teacher. He is living and active. When you seek for me whole heartedly then will you find me. I dont hate you but you should find you a quiet place with your bible and journal and seek God. Thats for everybody the issue isnt homosexuality its God. Seek Him and He will lead you in all truyh. And then if you keep sinning thats your soul that will burn. Remember aint no crowd gonna stand with you on judgment only one and God. So please seek God for truth. Not man

Rick's comment: Kisha, it is strange that you so easily condemn us when you haven't even bothered to study the Bible on this issue. I'm just saying.

Oct 17, 2012
Deluded sinners!
by: Garry Lynn

This website is last days prophecy fulfilled before our eyes! 2 Thessalonians 2:7-11 fortells that in the time of the antichrist people will be so deluded that they cannot believe the truth. "For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness."

Sin is indeed pleasurable, but only for a season! Judgment is fast approaching.

Rick's comment: Hello Gary Lynn. Your imagination is leading you astray. I encourage you to go to our FREE Downloads page and download the five part series on Discipleship. It will do you a world of good. Thanks for stopping by.

Oct 18, 2012
John 5:39

Just because the Bible appears to forbid something does not mean that Jesus would forbid it. Reread John chapter 5. Jesus did something that scripture appeared to forbid: he worked on the Sabbath to heal a paralyzed man. When the experts in biblical interpretation confronted Jesus with this "sin," Jesus did not parse words about what the scriptures really meant. Instead he critized the Bible experts for looking so closely at the Bible itself that they missed the beautiful and extraordinary things that God was doing before their very eyes. "You search the scriptures beause you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that testify on my behalf. Yet you refuse to come to me to have life." (John 5:39-40). Homosexual sex is not necessarily sinful. Just like heterosexual sex, it can be either sinful or life-giving. The real issue isn't the sex; the real issue is the relationship between the people having sex. Are they committed to one another? Are they faithful to one another? Do they love one another? These are the questions that matter to God.

Oct 24, 2012
Look what supressing feelings does
by: Evan

Look at the harm that supressing feelings does. People should have more healthy sex.

Rick's comment: Denying the most basic element of one's being, whether heterosexual or homosexual, does incredible damage to the individual. We are made in the image of God by our loving Creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the designer of our body. He is also the inventor of sex and sexuality. Jesus makes some of His children eunuchs, that's the scriptural term. According to Jesus in Matthew 19:12, gays or eunuchs are born that way from their mother's womb.

In ancient times, the term eunuch included sexual minorities like gay men, lesbian women and even transgendered individuals. They did not make a choice to be gay lesbian or transgendered. They were born that way according to Jesus. If people would spend more time reading studying and believing their Bible, they would better understand these issues.

For more information on this topic, please click on the NavBar button, Eunuchs Are Gay, and begin reading. Many thanks for stopping by.

Nov 08, 2012
May the Lord have mercy on you!!!
by: Zoe

Be not deceived, the Mighty God is not mocked!!! How can you even try to justify a sinful act such as homosexuality? How dare you!? you are heading the WRONG path and you must step on your brakes NOW! Step on them HARD!

Here are some of the many many reasons why God did not and does not make people homosexuals:

(1). When he "created"...he created a man and took the rib of the man and out of the rib, he made a woman(Not another man).
(2). He blessed the man and the woman to be "fruitful and multiply". And common sense shows us that we ALL are here today because men had sexual relations with women. not other men.
(3). Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm sure you've read the story...don't ignore it! The butt was placed on the human body simply to let things out, not take in. so it is not okay for the sexual instrument of a man (penis) to go that way.
(4). God made a man with a penis and made a woman with a vagina...they both have their roles and were made for each other. So if you were born with a penis God made you a man and your "missing rib" is a woman, not a man.

Here are some of the many many reasons why homosexuality is a SIN:

(1). Any sexual act that goes against the "law of nature" is wrong (remember, a sin is something that is wrong). so anyone having anal sex (be it a man having sex with another man or a man having anal sex with a woman) is a sin. Oral sex is a sin. so anyone who does these things, sins! with that said; we all know that the only way that a man can have sex with another man is to perform oral and/or anal sex. And the same can be said about women having sex with other women...oral sex! Sex toys fall under this too.
(2). Leviticus 18:22 specifically forbids homosexuality just as the 10 commandments specifically forbids other sins (Lying, stealing, killing and so on... )
(3). we all know that it takes the sperm of a man and the egg of a woman to produce a child. A homosexual couple can NOT produce a child....because homosexuals "choose" to waste their sperms and eggs...they are willingly disobeying God. And depriving the world of more great pastors, great Presidents/Leaders, Great Doctors, and so on...(Let's not forget, all of the great people we have today, including us all...came to being when God caused a sperm to meet an egg).
(4). come on now...God is not, and will never ever be stupid. And his word can NOT, Must NOT, and should NOT be compromised!!!

Rick's comment: Dear Zoe, you are SO confused and angry. Truth is available on this website IF you want it. By the way, do you know any gay people? Do you know any gay Christians?

Nov 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

In conclusion; If we must call ourselves "Christians" we must obey the word of God. we must try our very best to stay away from the things he forbids (any and ALL sins).Instead of making excuses for our sins, let us repent of them and ask the Lord to give us the strength to fight our sins. God can deliver us if we are willing to let him...he gave us the "free will" so it's up to us to choose homosexuality which he forbids or heterosexuality which he ordained from the beginning. God loves the sinner but HATES the sin.

Though I am a sinner, for I sin ever second of a minute...I want to be like David. God called David "the man after his own heart" not because David was a perfect man (David was far from perfection) but because David repented of his sins every time he sinned. I hope you will listen to the inner voice that is telling you that homosexuality is a SIN...God grace and mercy be with you.

Rick's comment: Again Zoe, truth is available if your hard heart toward your gay brothers and lesbian sisters can be overcome by believing and obeying 2 Timothy 2:15. Have you memorized and applied that verse yet in all of your interactions with scripture?

And have you ever read Matthew 22:39 or 1 Corinthians 13 or John 13:35 and 15:12 and 17?

Nov 09, 2012
Who knows? Only God
by: Mark

Only God is all knowing. No one is right and wrong in these arguments. Not a single one of us has full comprehension about God and his actions or even the Bible. If you are gay and you can't change it you should still try to live a Christian life the best you can. And hopefully that's enough on judgment day.

Rick's comment: Sorry but I do not accept postmodern "no one is right or wrong" thinking as valid. The Bible is God's truth in which He reveals Himself to us so the Bible is always right.

The problem comes in when anti-gay Christians rip verses out of context and then misapply the out of context verses to gays and lesbians. Whenever anyone has to rip verses out of context to teach their false doctrine, they are wrong.

Nov 25, 2012
Hahaha get a grip.
by: Anonymous

Right ok so did you all choose to be heterosexual? I don't think so.

Nov 26, 2012
Quotes out of context
by: Anonymous

Could gaychristian101 please quote some scriptures in suport of your "homosexuality is not a sin" argument? People treat the Bible like a buffet and just put the stuff they like on their plates. I'm not saying it's wrong to be gay. I'm saying it's impossible to be gay and to then believe you're going to the Christian heaven that's described in the very same book that calls you an abomination. Saying that every single mention of same-sex relationships in the Bible is some kind of typo is insulting to believers.

My entire point isn't that you're wrong. It's that the Bible is an outdated source that we should have stopped referencing a long time ago. I'm pro-gay marriage by the way. I am anti-religion however. If there is a heaven, I think a non-believer has a better chance of entering the Kingdom than someone who writes off Bible verses as being out of context when they conflict with his or her lifestyle. I believe my chances of entering Heaven as an atheist are about 0.00001%. Yours would be even less.

Rick's comment: I encourage you to answer the question: Am I a good person? Once you've successfully answered that question, you'll be in a position to figure out the rest of it.

Nov 27, 2012
The Lord is Righteous
by: Zoe

Rick, I can tell you this; I am not angry and I am definitely not confused. you asked me if I have homosexual friends. my answer is no. Let me tell you why. I don't have any homosexual friends because I am yet to find one who actually admits that homosexuality is a sin. I'm sorry but I can not hang with people who make it their mission to make a sin a righteous thing.

I know better. I've heard so many people say homosexuals are kind and friendly people. yeah, may be true; but kindness and Friendliness don't make a sin okay. let's not forget that Lairs, Killers, fornicators (to name a few)can be/are "kind and Friendly" people also.
we all would love our sins to not be sins but, they are...they might seem "right" to us and we might find them "pleasurable". but they are sins! And homosexuality is nothing but a pleasurable sin.

so Rick, if you really want to become a real Christian not just a person who claims to be a Christian, please learn to call your sins "sins" and repent of them...ask God to deliver you and be willing to be delivered from the spirit of homosexuality. God will do it. I myself am fighting against my sins. and little by little, God is cleansing me.

I wish I could talk with you in real life so we can fellowship. but for now, may God bless you

Rick's comment: Hi Zoe - no matter how many times I encounter this sort of passive-aggressive response from anti-gay Christians, I always find it a bit disconcerting. It makes me sad that you take a position which is not based on scripture rightly divided, 2 Timothy 2:15.

Why do you insist on taking verses out of context and alleging that they describe homosexuality? But then you take your out of context verses and allege that if I disagree with your views on what the out of context verses teach, I cannot be a real Christian. What an odd disjointed corrupt theology you've embraced.

And like so many before you, you've refused to deal with anything I've written or anything the Bible says in context. Strange. Very strange.

Nov 29, 2012
I cannot walk AND chew gum but here's my comment
by: Anonymous

There seem to be a lot of people claiming that some people are 'born feminine/gay' and wanted to share my opinion. Sexual orientations are a matter of choice. People who are not hetrosexual and like to choose alternative sexual patterns are following the same pathology. Some people are into beastiality and have an attraction to animals. This is not there at the beginning of their life and the attraction is developed over time. Children have no inclination to masturbate or interact sexually interact with their domestic animal or pet. As the child learns more, they develope a sense of morality and pootentially can find an attraction to that pet in a sexual manor. The same applies to homosexuality, and as opposed to being an ongoing part of the person it is developed. Therefore, a gene which 'dictates' homosexuality is an inaccurate/invalid statement.

Rick's comment: Please do not post on this website while you are drunk. It makes you look foolish and ignorant. Thanks for keeping this admonition in mind next time you feel an urge to comment.

Beastiality is not analogous to being gay.

Nov 29, 2012
Rick, Context and 2 Timothy 2:15
by: Anonymous

You continue to refer to this scripture. If you continue to read that chapter it follows up with a list of things which you should or should not do. The out of context argument you are using continuously is wrong because:

1. You should not read scriptured in context of the whole Bible every time you read one. Instead you should read it in context in which the auther intended which means that you should include the rest of the chapter which they have written in order to get a further unbiased understanding of the context in which it was written. I am not saying that you should disregard the Bible, but you should take it upon yourself to understand each passage and define links between the scriptues.

2. The old and new testement are two separate era's. The purpose of these two books are to define the lone between the old and new covanent. The old covanent being the ten commandments and other references eg sacrifices. The new covanent was created when Jesus was sent and he gave us all an oppertunity of having a relationship with God. Some of the Old testement is carried into the New, however Homosexual references may not be (I haven't had time to check this).

If you refuse to take some points on board that others are suggesting then you are forcing a bigotous ideal upon yourself which is not healthy.

Rick's comment: Did it ever occur to you to read this website before commenting. You are obviously not familiar with what I teach about the Bible. Here are some good places to start reading.

How can I get saved?

Are Christians under law?

Torah observance - is that for Christians?

What are shrine prostitutes?

Nov 30, 2012
So you have the ability to change the title of my post
by: Anonymous

You are such a bigot! Can you really not take the fact that I had a scientific and well thought out conterweight to what you are saying? Why make me out to be a drunk when trying to cover your insecurities?

Rick's comment: You are a delusional idiot. You do not get to post comments comparing being gay to having sex with animals and then describe your comment as scientific and well thought out. Nothing you wrote was scientific or well thought out.

Please do NOT believe everything you think. Instead, start reading and studying the Bible IN CONTEXT, 2 Timothy 2:15 - have you memorized this verse yet? If not, why not?.

"Cover my own insecurities?" Get real kiddo. I have more than 800 pages of thoughtful carefully researched information available free on this website. Isn't it about time you accepted your responsibility to read study and obey the Bible? Wouldn't a serious person read and consider and deal with what I've written?

Dec 10, 2012
if homo is not a sin/abomination
by: Anonymous

How do the homosexual person male or female
get here?

Rick's comment: We are born gay, usually to heterosexual parents.

Did God make man for woman?

Rick's comment: Yes, God made Eve for Adam because Adam was heterosexual. Yet about 5% of us are gay or lesbian and for us, God makes a same sex partner.

Where does the bible ok your lifestyle?

Rick's comment: We don't have a lifestyle any more than you have a lifestyle. We are human beings just like you, with joys and sorrows, wants and needs. Please explore this website, especially Gay Christian FAQ, for answers to that question.

Where does aids come from?

Rick's comment: I think it probably comes from the same place cancer and Parkinson's disease come from; possibly from genetic anomilies or opportunistic diseases which afflict folks with compromised immune systems. Disease is one consequence of the fall of Adam which everyone has to deal with because we are all descended from Adam. Hope these answers are helpful.

Please answer. Thank you.

Dec 20, 2012
It's okay to be gay :)
by: Kenneth

Thank you very much. I'm 16 and I was really concerned about where I might end up after I die. Yes I am gay. I've been out of the closet for 2 years now. I wanna thank you. I now believe that God does love all his children and I'll be fine after I die :)

Rick's comment: I'm so glad this website is helpful to you Kenneth. I hope you'll carefully read this page about getting saved just to make sure you're trusting Jesus alone for salvation.

It is true that God loves us and wants us to get saved but no one is saved automatically. We need to receive Jesus as our Messiah and Savior from sin, John 1:11-12. God bless you!

Dec 25, 2012
Why does everyone use sodom and gomora as their defence
by: Anonymous

It amazes me that people always go to the same thing when talking about gays and the bible. Sodom and Gamora. The city was destroyed because it was full of evil. From adulterers to pedophiles. Not because everyone in the city was a homosexual.

And what about the rest of the story? Lot willing to give his daughters up to be gang raped or his daughters getting lot drunk and sleeping with him. A lot of christians take what they want from the bible and forget about everything else. Then they say that the new testament was written to cancel out the old.

Jesus never once said anything about homosexuals. He preached about love. All the people who say that gays are sinning and not going to heaven, what are your sins? No one is perfect.

I am a gay male and I am in a loving and committed relationship with my husband. I will uphold all the rules that God has laid out for a married couple and when the time comes will answer to him. I don't believe that I am sinning because how can love be a sin?

Dec 26, 2012
choice doesn't make it right
by: Anonymous

sure homosexuality is a decision but the question is, is it a correct decision? example: if you have a wife and at the same time you are sexually attracted to another woman. its natural for a man to be attracted to a woman but are you going to claim its ok to go and sleep with her just because god gave you those desires?

Rick's comment: I think you've missed the point. Please do some more reading and thinking on this topic. Homosexuality is not a decision. It is an innate sexual orientation. Innate means that we are born with it. Jesus agrees with us on that in Matthew 19:3-12.

Dec 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Are pedophiles born that way? Should I be forbidden by law from having more than one husband because that is my preference?

Rick's comment: Let's be clear. Pedophilia is NOT analogous to being gay. And NO, pedophiles are NOT born that way.

Being gay is a legitimate recognized sexual orientation. Being a pedophile is not a sexual orientation and is not legitimate ever.

Polygamy is not legal in the USA but is legal in some countries.

Jan 01, 2013
hey rick
by: Anonymous

just wanted to say that its unknown if pedos are like that from birth or puberty so you cant say the r born this way :) also there are groups who want pedophilia as an accepted sexual orientation so you cant say it will be like that forever.

Rick's comment: Your powers of reason may be impaired from too much celebrating of the New Year. Yes, it IS known.

1. No one is born a child molester.

2. Being a child molester is not now and never will be a legitimate sexual orientation.

I hope you find some cash so you can buy a clue. Your attempt to smear gays by likening us to child molesters is sad, sick and stupid. Shame on you.

Jan 03, 2013
god loves us more then we love ourselves
by: kimberly

when I was growin up from the age of 6 til I was about 17, thought I was going to be gay. I will agree with some of you that you feel you were born gay but like they say we were born sinners in that was my sin. I've made a lot of wrong decision n my life that I know God was proud of. In the bible God says he allows us to exiperience crisis. But they are never greater then we can bear. It tru that we are all sinners but God's shows us no matter wat the sin is we can come to him in repent n ask forgivness. I don't have those thoughts anymore. God said he created people in his own image, in the image he created me as a women (Eve) to become one with a man (Adam). I know I was create from a mans rib. I know there's a paradise in the after life in I wanna sit at the table with my Father. I pray we all find a better understand that God is the beginning & end. Its time we get closer to God cause everything we have read in the any bible we all gotta leave this ole world. The bible said God sent his only begotn son Jesus here to die for ours sins.

Rick's comment: Kimberly, many young people struggle with questions about their sexual orientation. Having questions about your sexual orientation or wondering if you're a lesbian from ages 6 - 17 is radically different than being innately gay or lesbian.

You were very careful NOT to say that you were a lesbian. You were very careful NOT to say that you used to be lesbian and you were very careful NOT to say that God changed you and now you are straight. Yet what you wrote gives the impression that: 1. it's a sin to be lesbian. 2. you used to be lesbian. 3. now you're not lesbian.

I encourage you or anyone who thinks it is possible to change your innate sexual orientation to read about the people who lead those change movements. They admit in writing that they have NOT changed their sexual orientation and they do NOT know anyone else who has changed their sexual orientation.

Exodus International - how their scam works. Do NOT allow them to defraud you with their scam.

Jan 04, 2013
so tired
by: tired of this world

I can't stop thinking of this thing you pro gay people are implying. You say that homosexuals have been washed by the blood of Christ and are forgiven for their sins just like everybody else. Of course this is all true. But homosexuality is a sin and if you repent ALL your sins including homosexuality you are free because of the blood of Christ . But if you knowingly commit the sin day after day you are trying to use god for your own good.
If you decline homosexuality as being a sin it's even worse, then you are denying your sinful lifestyle.
Here's where it gets interesting. We all can agree that before god all sins are equal to one another. So by accepting homosexuality day after day (even if you repent or not) it will be on the same level as committing murder everyday and then repent and continue the murdering. It's also equal to having sex outside of marriage and because gods REAL intended marriage is between a man and a woman having sex with a person in the same sex inside a gay marriage is the same as well.

Soon I won't be able to live in populated lands anymore or even calling myself a christian. I believe in the God of Abraham, Isac, and Jacob. The God who created the world and everything it contains. I believe in Jesus as the son of God and as a part of the divine trinity. But I will no longer tolerate being set into the same group of people as you who argue about the scripture and the different interpretations you make. The bible can do good but it can also be used for great evil. beware because Satan is behind more than you would expect. Liberal media is a devil by itself. I wish that the debate of homosexuality will no longer exist because its already clear of what is right and wrong. It's not until the 20th century that people have said that its okey to be gay and christian. Why would we in these dark times be closer to the will of god than the disciples and the first Christians. Now in these times when immorality and corruption is at its highest.

I hope it's all understandable, I'm just a 16 year old european whom Is trapped in a socialistic-liberal society where there is no longer a difference between a man and a woman.

Ps. I don't mean to offend or judge anyone, that is up to God. I just want to help people see that evil is not only in movies. It's real and its hiding in the least predictable costumes.

Jan 04, 2013
Believe the Bible in context, NOT your opinions
by: Pastor Rick Brentlinger

Rick's comment: @ 16 year old European: I encourage you to do more reading and research on this website so that you are familiar with the arguments. It seems to me you have learned a lot of opinions instead of studying the Bible in context. The opinions you have learned are widely held but are nonetheless false.

Are you honest enough to do more reading, more studying, more praying to God for answers? Or at 16, are you content to just go with what you've been taught? Do you really believe you have it all figured out now, at age 16?

Can you see how some of us who are older, who have studied more and experienced more and walked with God for more than half a century, smile affectionately at your ideas and pray for you to keep learning instead of assuming you know it all right now?

A question for you. Are you absolutely sure that you are saved, that Jesus is your Savior from sin and death and hell?

Jan 19, 2013
by: Anonymous


Rick's comment: If you make it to heaven, I'll gladly accept your humble apology. If not, oh well...

Jan 19, 2013
A 16 year old questions Pastor Rick
by: Tired of this world

I appreciate you for worrying about me. I agree that as a 16 year old I haven't had the time to study as much as you but if there's one thing I know It is that I shouldn't take teachings of a man for the same value as the teachings of The Lord. You didn't answer me though. Why haven't this been a debate until now (20th century) it was so obvious for 1900 years that a man could not be Christian and homosexual. Why isn't it obvious anymore.

Rick's comment: Homosexuality didn't even exist as a word until 1868. It began appearing in English dictionaries in 1892. There was little to no debate about it until the last hundred years because people back then recognized that ALL the alleged anti-gay verses are talking about temple prostitution, NOT gays and lesbians.

I didn't know that homosexuality existed until I was 15 years old. I thought it was a joke at first. It sounds totally rubbish and illogical. God blessed me with a clear state of mind. I am created in god's image and I got my outlook of life from him. It's not a sin as a man to live with another man. But to have coitus with one is a sin.

Rick's comment: No verse of scripture, in context, says what you believe. You're proclaiming your opinion as if it is scripture. It is not.

As I said before; having sex outside of marriage is a sin. We both can agree on that. Homosexuals can never enter a marriage with God's blessing. How can you not understand that.

Rick's comment: It may help you to read our Gay Christian FAQ.

You should resign ASAP as a pastor if you teach that homosexuality is ok. It is not ok to do false teachings! A man or a woman can't be Christian and gay. You have to choose the one or the other. If it was, which it isn't ok to be gay and a Christian then the whole Christianity would fall apart.

Because then I could come and say that I could be a Christian and a rapist. Did I just do that? YES I COMPARED HOMOSEXUALITY WITH RAPE. It is the same in God's eyes.

Rick's comment: Now you're just being silly and insulting on purpose.

If all people went gay all the sudden l, no babies would get born and then after 115 years or so all people would be extinct. That sure sounds like the will of God. And by choosing a gay lifestyle you are just the same as those who do abortion. You are ending the possibility for a human to be born.

Rick's comment: There are more than 7 billion people on earth right now. There are 133 million births each year, or 247 births every minute, or four babies born every second.

By the way, you didn't answer my question. Are you absolutely sure that you are saved?

Jan 19, 2013
by: Tired of this world

So Rick, now you are implying that I must support the homosexual lifestyle to be allowed in Christianity. That's wicked! But like every time I enter a debate I fail agreeing with everyone and it wears me out. I guess we should focus on the important part of Christianity and let everyone be entitled to their own opinion in different areas. I'm sorry for taking your time in this non important debate.

This is what many of us do wrong in these times. We agree about 99% as Christians but we spend more time fighting about that 1% when we could have done more important things. Like converting people to our faith. I meant no offense to you as a person. I love you as my brother and I will no longer try to argue with people over these types of questions. We both believe in Jesus Christ as our savior and that he died on the cross to save us from our sins. And to your question; yes, I am saved.

I hope I didn't offend you in anyway. I am in a depressive moment of my life right now, I live in a city and a country in which I don't belong. I was very sick in 2 years and it feels like every time I stand up the world keeps pulling me down. We are less than 10% of all inhabitants (Christians that is).

There are now 3 times more muslims than christians. Around 20 years ago non-muslims lived here. And the government is very socialistic which cripples me so badly. Lefties in the us keep saying socialism is so good bla bla bla. But let me tell you, it's hell.

Rick's comment: Sorry to hear you are depressed. Often, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Getting physical exercise stimulates endorphins in your body and can help pull you out of depression. Laughing also helps so watch a funny movie. Or hang out with and talk to a friend whom you love and value.

It also helps to program your brain by reading and memorizing scripture. Intentionally giving thanks and praising God for blessings of health, life and liberty also counteracts depression.

And some rich European Belgian chocolate may also help. Hang in there. Depression doesn't last and God does have great plans for you.

Jan 31, 2013
So, answer the question
by: Javid

cmon guys, we all know about those two cities and their history. Why don't you just answer the question of the author:


Feb 03, 2013
Hetero is the New Wrong?
by: An Individual

I have experience with many Gays/Lesbians and would like to know, why they have so much hate for Heterosexuals? We are nothing but breeders, baby machines, etc. and I have seen family structures of three or more gay families and ALL the resulting children were medicated and had many psychological problems. They used my husband as a "missing link" father to two broods of boys, when no man was available to help raise them. My husband is the product of a lesbian couple, and his adopted mother recently "turned" on him and disowned him. She hated the fact he ended up "not gay" and tried to push away every woman in his life including me. These couples all swore they were Christians. Is any part of the bible correct if it is interpreted by someone other than you? Rick? Am I supposed to throw away a lifetime of bible study and start over with your interpretation? Why don't you write a new translation, it's just what this world needs. Please look in the mirror. The G/L world has made us "breeders" the ones labelled as "wrong." Jesus Loves You.

Rick's comment: I'm sorry you are in such emotional pain right now. This website is one of the most highly Google ranked gay Christian websites on earth and we do NOT promote the views you've expressed as representing the gay community.

Any objective reading of this website would not lead you to accuse me of thinking I am right and everyone else is wrong. I cite scholar after scholar, most of them non-gay, who agree with me on the issues I cover.

Children raised in gay families tend to be slightly better adjusted and tend to do slightly better academically than children raised in hetero families. http://www.livescience.com/6073-children-raised-lesbians-fine-studies-show.html

Feb 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

I grew up in a very conservative family, my dad being a southern baptist minister. The idea that homosexuality was repulsive and was an "abomination" was hammered in my head often. When I was about 13 I noticed I simply was not attracted to females no matter how hard I tried to be. It was heartbreaking for me. I felt like not only was I gay and had to hide it from my family, I also felt like it meant I was doomed to be alone forever. As the years went on I struggled with my sexuality so much. I would act on it and then feel extremely guilty afterwards.

I finally was honest with my family and attended an ex-gay ministry in Memphis tn. It was a horrible experience and left me with more questions than answers. Finally I decided to "give up" and be involved with someone. I have been with my partner of almost 2 years and have never felt happier! With that said, it's a constant battle because I still have these feelings of "doing something wrong." I almost feel like I'm never going to have peace. I look above at some of the other comments from Christians and am saddened. I think it's because they can't understand homosexuality for themselves so of course they want to point the finger and say its wrong. For me, I love Christ with all my heart. I also happen to be in love with a man.

Rick's comment: I hope you will read and study the information on this website until you have peace in your heart about what the Bible does and does not say on this topic.

Remember that when the anti-gay crowd rips verses out of context to "prove" their point, something is radically wrong with their "point." Truth never requires ripping verses out of context and then misapplying the out of context verses.

Feb 07, 2013
Jesus was Okay with Gay
by: Ty

"For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it." - Matthew 19:12

Natural born eunuchs was the term used in Roman times for gay people. Jesus himself is said to have made this comment. Jesus is OK with gay.

Christians need to quit citing the old testament when it suits them, but also claim that the old testament does not to be followed when the old testament does not agree with their views.

Feb 10, 2013
So glad to know that there is a loop hole!
by: Anonymous

I have read your view point and tried to be unbiased. However, children were also given as sacrifices by these same pagan worshipers. So based on your extremely twisted theory, it is fair to argue that murdering or abusing children is cool with God as long as we don't harm them as an act of pagan worship unto a false god. Hmmmmmmmm???? I believe your theiry has a GAPING hole in it. So then everywhere the Bible says murder is wrong has conditions on it that we simply must study to find a loop hole! This is totally Sad to me.

Rick's comment: It is totally sad to me too. Your kindergarten illogic indicates lack of ability to think clearly because you are substituting your false presuppositions for what the Bible actually says in context.

Lev 18:22 and 20:13 never mention and are not talking about two gay guys or two gay gals in loving committed relationship. Lev 18:22 and 20:13 are about temple prostitution. God is forbidding Israel from doing the pagan practices of Egypt, where they came from and the pagan practices of Canaan where they are going, Lev 18:3, 21-22, 24ff; 20:2-5, 22-24, 26.

Feb 21, 2013
Tired of the fight but thanks Rick B for carrying on!
by: Jaroslaw

You have asked repeatedly for the anti-gay bigots to read something on this site and respond to it. I haven't read the whole site, but I haven't seen anything yet. They just keep trotting out the same old stuff.

To another poster who asked where all the anti voices come from - I can tell you. The anti-crowd is very vigilant and a large number of them actually PAY people to troll the internet and make comments, be argumentative and constantly interject the fundamental, anti-gay narrow Christian viewpoint. I have read this a number of times and it seems to be true since they can never engage in intelligent debate, but just keep spouting & repeating the same stuff.

Thanks again Rick for a great site.

Rick's comment: Thanks for your encouragement. On the Internet Truth front the battle rages but truth will always emerge victorious. To our detractors, you can't keep truth in the closet.

Mar 08, 2013
Homosexuality is not a sin
by: Anonymous

The Bible says: "His disciples say unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry. But he (Jesus) said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it." Matthew 19:10-12

Eunuch is now a word for gays. Gay is not a sin you were born gay, and the Lord knows the reason why so stop telling things wrong and focus - what the Lord says is important, and yes I do love the Bible with my whole heart.

Mar 10, 2013
You people are ridiculous!
by: Justin John Walton

Gays, stop being imposing and trying to implant yourselves in to a religion who has had a long standing distaste for the homosexual lifestyle. If you want to be accepted in their church, follow their rules.

Christians, leave the gays alone. You don't have to let them in to Sunday school, but at least respect that they're American citizens with the right to pursue what makes them happy. And for all of you gay bashers, why do you even worry? If you're right, they're not getting into heaven. Of you're wrong, you'll realize it if you make it to Heaven yourself.

To the gay community, seriously get over yourselves. There are much bigger things to worry about in this country. You can have relationships, get married, and adopt kids. You have some serious brass if you think that everyone has to agree with your lifestyle. Christians have never accepted homosexuals because it contradicts their beliefs. It seems like you won't stop until a Catholic priest will be arrested for refusing to marry 2 women in his church.

PS. I understand what comes next. I'm going to be called a gay basher because I'm not all for the gay agenda. I don't hate anyone. I dislike many. I despise gay bashing Christians who protest out of hate. Where does that leave me? Pretty much in the middle. But again, I will probably be slammed and called ignorant. I understand that it's an easy defense. No thought required.

Mar 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

Well first excuse me for my bad typing skills and so on. I myself struggle with being gay and yes i think its a sin. we cant justify it because i feel that way its still a sin its written in his word as a sin and we cant change that..we choose to sin or act on a feeling emotion and so on..if you keep your eye on jesus christ and the cross then the holy spirit can work in you to change those evil thoughts but as soon as you take your eyes off him and put them on yourself satin goes to work..once saved your not a sinner anymore you might sin but it becomes a choice to follow jesus or satin yourself or the world..its not simple walking a life as a christian..but we all sin so stop trying to justify your sin and misleading god children... GOD DOESNT CHANGE..HE'S ALLWAYS THEM SAME..WE TRY TO CHANGE THE MEANING OF HIS WORD TO FIT ARE LIFE BUT YOU SHOULD CHANGE YOU LIFE TO FIX THE WORD. SHALOM.

Rick's comment: Dear one, you need to study your Bible and this website and STOP letting the anti-gay crowd rip verses out of context to condemn you. The longer you let them in your head, the longer you believe their lies, the longer you will be sad and frustrated.

Please do yourself a favor and start clicking on the NavBar buttons. Read the page, click on the text links, look up the verses in your Bible and think about what the verses mean in context. You do NOT have to be in bondage to the mean-spirited bigotry of the anti-gay crowd. There is freedom in Jesus - Galatians 5:1 - look it up.

Mar 16, 2013
Mr. T
by: Anonymous

Jesus teaches us to love our brothers & sisters, true. But because I love you is not saying to have immoral sex with you. Your heart desires what you allow it to desire. People who are gay, do so because that is what they want to do. If they didn't allow or desire same sex relations, then it would not be an issue. Not mesning to bash or descriminate, but being gay starts out from pure lust and lust is a deadly sin. I've been told, "I can't help who I love", but you love what you allow or train your heart to love.If you have the slightest doubt that it is wrong then it is usually.

Rick's comment: Your assertion that sexual orientation is nothing more than a sinful choice is ignorant. You have not bothered to acquaint yourself with the facts. If you are interested in truth (I hope you are), then you need to read and study so you can speak truth instead of opinion.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that love = having immoral sex with someone. Perhaps you've been hanging around too much with unmarried conservative evangelical heterosexual Christians.

Mar 19, 2013
What does the scripture say ?
by: Anonymous

What is the scriptures position on dealing with this sort of thing. I believe the Word of God is very clear here and there is no misunderstanding. Genesis 19 tells of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah. God destroyed these two cities because of the fact they had reached the lowest level of moral degradation which was homosexuality.

Rick's comment: Please stop living in fantasy land. There isn't much truth down Alice's rabbit hole. Where in Genesis 19 do you find homosexuality? The context of Gen 19 is violent gang rape of angels by pagans who worshiped false gods.

In the first chapter of Romans Paul tells us three times that God gave them up.

Rick's comment: Did God give them up because of idolatry, vs. 18-27, or because of homosexuality? Be careful because if you answer correctly in context, you'll have to change your current beliefs and apologize to gays and lesbians.

That means they had reached a place of no-return. Romans 1:24-27

Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

Now that's what God said and that's God's view point and today our society wants us to accept this kind of behaviour and the churches do, but God said it is wrong. I didn't say it, God did and there can be no misunderstanding this. It is evident that we are reaching the lowest level of moral degradation in this country and just like Sodom and Gomorah there will be a price to be paid.

Rick's comment: Sorry you are so confused. In Genesis 19, the context is violent gang rape by pagans who worshiped false gods, not two gay guys or two gay gals falling in love. The context of Romans 1 is temple prostitution, using sex to worship the false gods of the Roman pantheon.

Your knee-jerk, "I already know what it means so I don't need to study" attitude is foolish and ignorant. Get a clue Sunshine! I insist that you memorize 2 Timothy 2:15 this week. Git it. Get it? Got it!

Mar 19, 2013
To Rick
by: Anonymous

The declaration that introduces Romans 8 is: "There is, therefore, now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus." Now that is what salvation is. Salvation means to be in Christ. It does not mean to join a church or to do something or not do something. It means to be in Christ.

What does it mean to be saved? It means to be in Christ. And that is what justification is. Let’s look now at the expression “justification by faith.” What does it mean? Well, first of all there is the negative aspect. It means that you and I were hell-doomed sinners.

Rick's comment: Absolutely true! I agree and teach the same thing on my saved page and other pages on my website.

You said, "Get a clue Sunshine! I insist that you memorize 2 Timothy 2:15 this week. Git it. Get it? Got it!".

2 Timothy was written by Paul just prior to his death in Rome and the verse you insisted I should memorize just happens to be one of the key verses.
The second key verse is 2 Tim 4:2 "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine"

Rick, I want to apologize to you if you think I am trying to judge you or anyone else. God does not need me to fight for him. I am nothing, but the bible is very clear on immorality. Now you can either believe the Word of God -or- don't; it's up to you. "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified."

The Cross Divides Men. And it was the third hour; and they crucified him. And the superscription of his accusation was written over, THE KING OF THE JEWS. And with him they crucify two thieves, the one on his right hand, and the other on his left. And the scripture was fulfilled, which saith, And he was numbered with the transgressors. And they that passed by railed at him, wagging their heads, and saying, Ah, thou that destroyest the temple, and buildest it in three days, save thyself, and come down from the cross. So, also, the chief priests, mocking, said among themselves, with the scribes, He saved others; himself he cannot save. Let Christ, the King of Israel, descend now from the cross, that we may see and believe. And they that were crucified with him reviled him. And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour. And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Mark 15:25-34. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us who are saved it is the power of God. 1 Corinthians 1:18

Mar 20, 2013
When you get bored with this site start a vegetarians for beef page
by: Anonymous

Wow homosexuality is now not a choice it's forced on you. You never choose it you were born that way? Really. You choose to have sex for the first time and you choose who you will have it with.

The first person you are attracted to may be a teacher who is married. Does that mean you have no choice but to have sex with older married people. Your entire premise is false.

Rick's comment: Cool idea - I may do that. You may want to read about 6 Top Brain Herbs! to help you think more clearly.

Mar 23, 2013
Examine Yourselves
by: Anonymous

If you are not conscious of the presence of the Spirit of God in your life and if you do not have a desire to serve God, then it would be well to do as Paul suggests, "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?"(2 Cor 13:5). The Lord wants us to know that we are in Christ. "To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col 1:27) ..... If you are not sure that Christ is in you, He extends this invitation: "Behold I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me (Rev 3:20)

Rick's comment: Amen! All of us should know FOR SURE that we are saved.

Mar 25, 2013
Use all scripture that pertains to the topic
by: Paradox The Great

I saw enough scripture on this site to say that Romans1:23-32 was intentionally avoided. For that scripture is crystal clear. You cannot use some scripture and not rightly divide it with those that will complete the topic.

Rick's comment: I'm not sure if you are dishonest or just ignorant. I have at least 15 pages on this website about Romans 1. Click on Romans 1:26-27 and educate yourself. There are lots of text links on that page with additional information.

Then go to our Gay Christian FAQ for even more information on Romans 1. Always remember: ignorance is NOT a fruit of the Spirit.

Mar 25, 2013
why I don't know if I want to believe in God or not
by: Anonymous

I think there is a greater force out there (like God) but I always hear that being gay is a sin and that gays will go to Hell. That's why I've never really believed in Him. But if I can be forgiven for that sin (as I have read in a few places) than I will believe that there is a God. From what I read, we can be forgiven for our sins. If homosexuality is a sin, than I can be forgiven for it, right?

Rick's comment: Yes, even if being gay was a sin (it is NOT), God is in the business of saving sinners who call upon Him. It is easy to get saved. The reason God can save sinners is because Jesus is God. Please let us know when you trust Jesus as your Savior from sin and from hell. That is one decision you will NEVER regret! Here is what happens when you get saved.

Mar 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

The Bible and Ten Commandments is our guide book to stay out of trouble in this life, and have happiness in our lives. It's for our good. Why would you disregard the words in this book when it all makes common sense. These things are happening as predicted in the book, wisdom understands it. Satan's last battle is upon us and he thinks he is winning.

Rick's comment: Charlie Sheen, is that you making a comment? I'm assuming you're Charlie Sheen because of your use of the slogan, Winning.

Charlie, why do you assume we disregard the words of the Bible? If you took ten minutes to read even a little bit of this website, you would discover we take the words of the Bible very seriously. That's why we are winning! We are saved and redeemed by the blood of God's Lamb, without blemish and without spot. Are you?

Mar 27, 2013
Is this a joke?
by: Andy

Okay Rick, so you keep asking us to study the bible in context with an open heart. Well, I ask you to do the same. Where do you get your ideas from? Quite honestly, I think a majority of the comments on this site are extremely poorly written, and I feel a lot of hate from you specifically, Rick.

Rick's comment: Andy, I confront vicious comments and astonishing stupidity and outright lies with truth. That you interpret speaking the truth as hate indicates a lack of insight on your part.

Aren't Christians supposed to be on the same team here? Stop saying homosexuality is not a sin. It is.

Rick's comment: Every verse of scripture alleged to call homosexuality a sin must be ripped out of context to do that. In context, ALL of those verses are dealing with temple prostitution and temple prostitutes. Even virulently anti-gay Christians like John MacArthur and Dr. Robert Gagnon admit that.

I believe fornication and lustful thoughts are sins. I am guilty of them. I deserve to go to hell. But I recognize my sin, I am a sinner, I pray for forgiveness. I believe jesus christ is my savior. God loves us all even with our sins. I am a Christian struggling with sin.

Rick's comment: It blesses my heart to read your testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ. I appreciate that. Do you know about justification by faith?

So where are your verses that indicate homosexuality is not a sin. Seriously, it's literally written in the same sentence as other sins that are an abomination.

Rick's comment: Where are the verses? Andy, this website is more than 850 pages of verses and proof. No Andy, it ISN'T literally written in the same sentence. You have not studied this issue at all. Seriously, it's time to turn off the music and turn off the TV and do some serious study on this issue.

Why assume the bible is speaking of the other sins instead of homosexuality? Please don't quote 2 Timothy again. We get it.

Rick's comment: We are not assuming anything. Your line of argument attempts to present your views as solidly based on scripture and our views as nothing more than assumptions with no basis in scripture.

For those of us who know what the Bible says in context, 2 Timothy 2:15, our views are based on truth, not wishful thinking, not false presuppositions. Andy, it is time to study and memorize 2 Timothy 2:15. Will you do that this week?

Mar 28, 2013
I don't know you
by: Anonymous

"Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven."

“Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?"

“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’”
-- Matthew 7:21-23

Don`t be surprised when Jesus say this to you.

Rick's comment: I love those verses because they cause us to examine ourselves, whether we are going to hell or whether we are truly saved. Many thanks!

Mar 28, 2013
Speaking in Love
by: Ty Aline

Honestly I am still processing my understanding of what the Bible says and intend to read through your research and pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth. I am simply writing to offer a reminder about 1 Corinthians 13.

It can be extremely difficult to respond in love when you are constantly belittled by those who thoughtlessly throw around such hateful generalizations. Being sarcastic and dismissive does nothing to help your point.

Rick's comment: Ty, my practice is to obey Proverbs 26:4-5, which says:

"Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit."

In other words, answer some people one way and some people another way. Answering some of the jokers who write comments reminds me of something Robert Heinlein said.

“Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

And yes, the Bible does compare fools to dogs and pigs, Proverbs 26:11 and 2 Peter 2:22.

Mar 28, 2013
I'm gay
by: Anonymous

Look. I'm gay, and I never choose this for myself..iv never had a sexual attraction to females so how can it be a sin if i was born this way? :-(

Rick's comment: Being gay is not a sin. Being in a gay relationship is not a sin. Do not allow the anti-gay crowd to snow you with their bravado, bluster and spiritual sounding b.s. Read this website and your Bible and learn the facts.

God loves GLBTs and saves people like us every day WITHOUT changing our sexual orientation.

Mar 28, 2013
Some Homosexuals are indeed born gay
by: Stephen

Let me first start out by stating that I believe some homosexuals are indeed born with a desire for the same sex; it's a fallen world, and this was passed on from previous generations. However, there are some homosexuals who were not born that way.

Regarding the former, it must be tough dealing with this struggle. What's the solution? Jesus said to you and everyone else in the world, "Ye must be born again". You must be born of the Word of God and His Spirit like everyone else. John 3:5 - Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

My friends, when you find the water of life, which is a spiritual rebirth, you will treasure the Word of God and obey. Jesus will set you free from your bondage to sin and you'll shout about it. Now, does that mean you won't be tempted with sin anymore? No, but you will have the power of God working within you to say, No! Get behind me satan! You're not dragging me to hell with you!

Rick's comment: Stephen, the ex-gay experts like Exodus International admit that they have never seen anyone's sexual orientation change as a result of getting saved, as a result of being washed in the blood of the Lamb.

To those who reject this born again experience, which is freely given to those who will contend for it, then you might as well face the fact that you will lift up your eyes in the torments of Hell one day. How dreadful. The Father gave His whole heart when He gave His only begotten Son to be crucified for sinners. If His love won't draw you to repentance, then you deserve what you get. There's no excuse to keep on living a life of sin...

Rick's comment: I address Romans 1 at great length and point out the biblical, cultural, doctrinal, historical, linguistic and religious context at the Link provided. I will not allow you to use those wonderful verses to attack our gay and lesbian readers.

Mar 29, 2013
I dare the gay to pray!
by: Anonymous

I dare you to pray in the Holy Spirit and hold God at His word to reveal Himself to you if you seek Him with all your heart and soul.

(DEUTERONOMY 4:29, 1 CHRONICLES 22:19, 28:9,
ECCLESIASTES 1:13, 7:25)

It's not mans job to convince because we don't have the power to convict; leave that to the Holy Spirit! If you successfully convince a gay person to be straight, it's because of your beliefs and not the Holy Spirit changing their hearts. The Spirit does what is needed in time and is stronger than ANY human, intellectual argument.

Rick's comment: Exodus International is the largest ex-gay group on earth. They have now admitted that they have not seen anyone change their sexual orientation. To make the claim that the Holy Spirit changes people's sexual orientation is not loving, is not factual and is not from the Holy Spirit.

You are pushing the delusions of your own heart and trying to pass off those delusions as God's truth.

John 8:7-9 (NKJV) So when they continued asking Him, He raised Himself up and said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first." [8] And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground. [9] Then those who heard it, being convicted by their conscience, went out one by one, beginning with the oldest even to the last. And Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.

If you do "convince" them, that person will eventually go back to what they were doing and possibly worse just to spite. Let the Word, alone, convict. Don't spew hate! Then the battle is flesh against flesh and not Spirit against flesh!

I love All of you and will pray for your strength!

Mar 29, 2013
Remove my comment
by: Stephen


Either display my post in its entirety or completely remove it. Also, you added links to my post, which should not be done. You're just trying to twist scripture and people's words to promote sin.

Rick's comment: No Stephen. You wrote the comment and submitted it. I deleted the web link because I don't allow people to put web links in their comments. I deleted part of your comment because I don't allow people to post anti-gay falsehoods here, at least, not without answering them with my own links to truth.

I believe and teach the Bible in context. You want to take verses out of their biblical context and insist the out of context verses mean something they didn't mean in context. That's why you take them out of context.

Gays get enough bluster and b.s. from Christians without me allowing guys like you to come here and give them more. I encourage you to memorize 2 Timothy 2:15 this week and then, apply it every time you read the Bible, every time you take a position on Bible doctrine.

Mar 30, 2013
by: Stephen

Rick, How disingenuous to take someone's comments and delete parts of it to take away from its full meaning and intent; then you add links within the post that the author (myself) did not authorize. Yes, it's your website, but that does not give you a right to take people's words and misrepresent them -- kinda of like you do to the Holy Scriptures.

Also, you're a wolf charading around like a sheep, leading people to hell along with yourself. God warned of your kind. Jude 1:4 - For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 - For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. I know you will delete parts of this post too.

Jesus generally said that as it was in the days of Lot (Lot lived in Sodom and Gomorrah), so shall it be in the day of the Son of man. The gays try to say that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of inhospitality. Guess what? People were much more inhospitable toward gays years ago; they were even inhospitable toward people of a different color. Yet, the Son of man did not return. Therefore, we can conclude that Jesus meant, among other things, that the gays would be out in the open when He returns -- and it won't be long now.

Rick's comment: Stephen, God has a lot more truth for you to discover IF you can get off your anti-gay hobby horse. You do NOT need to continue hurling accusations at me for disagreeing with you. Have you any idea how childish it is to assume that since we disagree on the gay issue, I must not be saved?

Mar 30, 2013
by: Stephen

Rick, For those who are born with a desire for the same sex, that in and of itself is not sin; but to practice homosexuality is; it is written, whether you believe it or not.

Rick's comment: Okay Stephen, please give me the in context verses which say that. Please, no verses where the context is temple prostitutes. I'm looking for verses where the context is two gay men or two lesbians in a sexual relationship.

A question: are you able to differentiate between a heterosexual who uses sex to worship the fertility goddess and a gay man or lesbian who is saved and who has never worshiped the fertility goddess

Gays and lesbians must resist their temptations like everyone else has to resist their temptations -- and that can only be done through a real blood-bought born again experience. Furthermore, a born again homosexual can seek a miracle of recreation to normalize their sexual orientation. God is in the business of miracles today, but many so called Christians reject that. Also, please don't refer to Exodus International, as I cannot affirm nor disaffirm their practices because I have not studied their teachings. But I know that miracles are real, and people have to learn to wait on God; that is the secret.

Rick's comment: What you're really doing is holding out false hope of orientation change when the truth is, God is NOT in the business of changing anyone's sexual orientation.

But, while they are seeking and waiting for their miracles of recreation, they have to resist their temptations.

Rick's comment: Miracles of recreation - where do you come up with these phrases? Exodus International is the LARGEST ex-gay group on earth. You're not familiar with their teachings but you keep visiting a gay Christian website making comment after comment as if you know what you're talking about. Kinda strange.

And, when you love the Lord Jesus with all your heart, that's exactly what you'll do. God only works with obedient hearts; His children walk in holiness and true righteousness. Praise His holy name!

Mar 30, 2013
God's word of truth
by: Brian Rieck


Rick's comment: Oh boy! Must be a full moon again. We always get strange comments during a full moon.

Mar 30, 2013
this whole article is nonsense
by: Anonymous

the article starts out with the false premise that "All homosexuals and all heterosexuals are sinners from birth because we all are born with a sin nature, Romans 3:23, 5:12.

we are not sinners from birth. we are born with the nature to commit sin but a newborn baby isn't a sinner. as that baby gets older, it will sin at some point.

Rick's comment: "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me." Psalm 51:5

"Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:" Romans 5:12

"The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one."
Psalm 14:2-3

"The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies." Psalm 58:3

people are born either male or female. they aren't born either homosexual or heterosexual. a person becomes a homosexual when they commit a sexual act with someone of the same gender. a person becomes a heterosexual when they commit a sexual act with someone of the opposite gender. a person isn't sexual until they have sex.

Rick's comment: You are a hoot! I appreciate hearing your strange perspective. It sounds like your views are fresh from the 1500s.

you said, "No Bible verse alleged to condemn homosexuality is addressing the issue of homosexuality when read in context.". that is entirely false.

Rick's comment: I provide each of the clobber passage on this website. Do you really believe people are going to believe an Anonymous commenter when you present no proof, no evidence?

and to rick. God will hold you accountable for all of the false information that you are teaching others.

i will pray for you. and hopefully you will come to see the truth and repent and have a relationship with the real Jesus (not the one you have concocted in your mind) so that you won't hear the words "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity"

Rick's comment: Put a sock in it sweetie - I'm saved, born again, washed in the blood of the Lamb. Through justification by faith I have the perfect righteousness of Christ as a free gift. On the other hand, I do need the prayer and you do need the practice.

Mar 31, 2013
response to rick
by: Anonymous

the more you post responses, the more you show your lack of understanding of the Scriptures. using Psalm 51:1 was wrong because a baby being shaped in a sinful world doesn't make the baby a sinner. neither does the mother being a sinner pass sin to the baby.

psalm 14:2-3 was also used wrongly because "children" doesn't refer to newborn babies, AND i already said that a baby as it grows older would sin at some point...which would also apply to Romans 5:12

and in Psalm 58: 3, please note the fact that the sinner is said to "go astray" rather than being "born astray". apparently you don't recognize when figurative language is being used. it has the infant "speaking" lies as soon as it is born...something that every parent knows is not the reality. however, figuratively, people do speak of the language they have spoken most of their life as the tongue of their birth.

i notice that your next comment said that i was a hoot, however, you could lay out no argument against what i said.

you said "Do you really believe people are going to believe an Anonymous commenter when you present no proof, no evidence?" i already KNOW that many people recognize the falseness of your statement. there are Bible verses, WHEN READ IN CONTEXT, that clearly state that homosexuality is condemned. i'll post one here. Leviticus 20:13..."If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."

and finally you said..."I'm saved, born again, washed in the blood of the Lamb."...well...i think the Bible says you aren't if you are a practicing homosexual

believing in Jesus Christ doesn't save anyone if you also don't believe ON Him...if you don't believe in The Word...which IS Jesus Christ. the demons believe in Jesus, but they aren't saved. you can't concoct a Jesus in your mind that you are comfortable in believing.

i may need practice in praying, but you need practice in receiving. i pray for you to rightly understand The Word

Rick's comment: You are quite a blizzard of ignorance. Did it ever occur to you that making an assertion about something is NOT proof?

Mar 31, 2013
additional comment
by: Anonymous

i also noticed where you said "God is NOT in the business of changing anyone's sexual orientation." that is absolutely false because people are either born MALE or they are born FEMALE. homosexuality is not a gender.

it is a preference (orientation) to perform a perverted sex act with someone of the same gender. and God wants a person to NOT to do that, so He does try to work on the heart of the people committing homosexual acts so that they will not want to CHOOSE those perverted acts any more

Rick's comment: Dear heart, you are confusing gender with orientation and orientation with perversion. Until you do more reading and study, I am unable to help you understand the difference.

Mar 31, 2013
response to rick
by: Anonymous

btw, you do realize that the term "gay Christian" is an oxymoron, don't you?

Rick's comment: Because you are confused, you believe that gay Christian is an oxymoron. That's okay. We understand. Again, a lot more reading and study is appropriate for you, to help unravel your confusion.

If you want to post more comments, please man up or woman up and use your real name.

Apr 01, 2013
bible against homosexuality?
by: Anonymous

how can loving a person be sinful?. unless you are loving someone evil, there is really nothing that looks sinful about homosexuality. god himself never even mentioned homosexuality, he did however, mention rapists and sexual abusers. the bible indicated Gomorrah and sodom as a place were there was sexual abuse and raping and they suffered consequences for those acts. yes the bible might have been against same sex relationships, but the bible also mentioned women must never have equal or greater authority over man, people must not eat shell fish, not wear clothes made of different fabrics, and that eating pork is also a sin. did god himself ever say any of this?. what's so sinful about wearing clothing made of different fabrics anyway?. these words never even came out of god's mouth, it's never indicated as such.

Apr 01, 2013
male AND female
by: Shane

to the anon that says "you are either born male or female," scientific facts say otherwise. every person contains in them both androgens and estrogen (sexual hormones) that determine what they will look like and how they will act after they are born. people receiving an "unusual" mixture from their mothers before they are born, especially in the brain, will most likely become homosexual or transgender. their genitals will appear male (or female), but their brains will be feminized (or masculinized) to a certain degree, depending on the effects of these hormones and various genetic factors as well

there is tangible proof that "male" and "female" are a spectrum, and that not everyone fits so neatly into the dichotomy that you claim is God's will. intersex individuals, for example, are born with a mixed set of genitals. cAIS females (XY males whose cells are immune to the effects of testosterone) will appear and act feminine despite being genetically male

there are several other conditions out there (too many to list at the moment) which involve the mixing and crossing over of both sexes. are these conditions sinful, or the result of the Fall? highly unlikely. there is no evil in being both male AND female, as Genesis 1:27 puts it

Apr 01, 2013
wondering why my comments from yesterday weren't posted
by: Anonymous

what happened to yesterday's comments? too much truth in them?

Rick's comment: Nope, just tired of your Anonymous belligerent mean-spirited lies. Locate some integrity somewhere. Try Craigslist or try reading and believing your Bible in context and then start using your real name when you comment.

Apr 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

you are wrong, sexual orientation isn't really a decision, you can't decide who you are attracted to and who you aren't

Apr 02, 2013
The twisted truth
by: Mark G.

In 1 Corinthians 9-10 it clearly states that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of god. I don't believe that this scripture is out of context. You say that you dont have a choice about your sexual preference but that is a big lie. You are born into sin, but you cannot be born gay. I understand some people become very feminine at a young age, but the reason for that is you were influenced to be that way. I have a friend that grew up in a house full of women and no father figure. To this day he is very feminine but he is not gay. You may think that what you're doing is ok, but it's not. It clearly says that in the bible. Being a Christian means being more like Jesus Christ. I don't recall Jesus Christ being homosexual. You call yourself a Christian but you don't follow what the word of god says. I sin as much as anyone else but I don't try to legitimize my sins.

Your telling people that they need to study the word when you yourself are obviously ignorant to the truth that you are the one that needs more studying. Maybe that way you'll understand. I'm not judging or condemning anyone that is gay but I'm just tired of the gay community trying to convince us that what you practice is right. If that were the case then two men would be able to reproduce and multiply.

Rick's comment: Your ignorance is colossal and your comments are boring - just regurgitated bloviating proving you do not study on your own.

First, the reference you want is 1 Cor 6:9.

Second, in Matthew 19:11-12, Jesus affirmed that some people are born gay.

Third, most gay men are NOT effeminate. That you believe otherwise indicates your lack of knowledge.

Fourth, the trite and silly argument, two men cannot reproduce therefore being gay is wrong, marks you as a man too lazy to read and study.

Won't any of you Anonymous anti-gay cowards study to shew yourselves approved unto God, 2 Tim 2:15?

Won't any of you man up and come up with something besides trite silly catch phrases?

From your twisted mind you attack your gay brothers and lesbian sisters. You need the Savior to change you from the inside out, to give you a new heart and the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Apr 04, 2013
Build a bridge
by: Belle

Why don't all of you anti-gays get over it? There are gay people out there! You can't change us no matter how much preaching you do! No matter how many times you quote the bible! We are still here! If you can't accept us, than ignore us. Stop trying to change us.

Apr 04, 2013
why rick brentlinger is a dumbass
by: james

1st reason why rick is dumb: he's ignorant

2nd reason:he's arrogant

3rd reason: he's stubborn and won't acknowledge why being gay is a sin

4th: he's stupid

Rick's comment: Okay James - time to grow up. I've been more than patient with your silliness. Your assignment for right now is: memorize 2 Timothy 2:15.

By the way, are you calling me a dum bass or a dumb ass? I used to work for Bass Pro Shoppes when I was in college but until now, no one has ever called me a fish, LOL.

Apr 04, 2013
Im gay
by: Anonymous

Their r people born gay and no matter how hard they try cant change that about them selves, like me, so if being gay is a sin then that means all gays and bi's are damned from the start an theirs nothing that will ever change that, why would god send his son to die for us is gays will never be accepted and we cant have the ability to be saved like straight men and women, why would he even allow us to exist in the world, he wouldnt do that so theirfore being gay cant be a sin, what of god made gays and bi's to cut down on out population on the earth so it will never be more ppl then space? I kno theirs a god reason why god allows us to exist ssoo being gay cant be a sin, and if u cant accept that then ur going against the bible because i do believe it says love thy nabor and do unto others as u would have them do unto you

Apr 06, 2013
by: An Individual

I am trying to understand how facts and clear local examples around me, of children raised in same sex couple families, have no bearing on Rick's "truth". These children I have known are not better adjusted, have to be on behavior medicine, and some go to special schools because of their social problems. An 11 year changing his name and trying to kill himself because he and his brother wanted to know where they came from. ??

Rick's comment: Now you're attacking gay families? Have you no shame?

Rick calls this my "view" ?? it is truth, reality and I know heterosexual "breeders" are put to shame for trying to raise families in this modern age by homosexuals like you.

Rick's comment: Heterosexual breeders? How does making false accusations against me bolster your case? I feel sorry for you.

It hurts to see that anti-hetero groups get paid to post and destroy. Homosexuals will be the majority in several decades, I understand this, but I want to know where it says in any Bible where we procreate using science, test tubes and surgery?

Rick's comment: "Anti-hetero groups paid to post and destroy?" Where are you getting these outrageous lies? Please obey Ephesians 4:25.

"Homosexuals will be the majority in a few decades?" Gays are consistently about 5% of the human race.

If procreation stops, man will cease to exist once that line dies out. Find lies in that.

Rick's comment: Do you really worry that procreation will die out? The Bible never says that or anything like that. Why not believe the Bible and discover the peace of God which passes all understanding?

This isn't pain, I am just still a believer in the Bible, whichever translation, book or verse I have studied. I see you judging people on here left and right, you should leave that to God. May He help all of us sinners.

Rick's comment: You claim to see me "judging people left and right?" I hope you will read: Are Christians supposed to judge?

Apr 08, 2013
I'm a 19 year old gay man
by: equality

hey, im a homosexual male who is 19 years of age, ive experienced both sides of sexuality females and males. from a young age i was told it was wrong to be gay it was wrong to love another man in a way that a man is to love a "woman" and vise versa.

but after my 6 years of being out of the closet ive realized something, i am no different from you, i believe in god one that loves his/her children no matter what race, sexuality or gender.

when we die what do you see?

a skellington with the same bones. the same general shape, the same amount of toes and fingers you wouldnt be able to tell who that person was if they were gay?, black?, white? or lesbian?

i didn't think so.

it hurts us when you use a pedophile or a zoophile as an example to show that "were wrong".

ancient culture that all religion is based on had gay people, it wasn't a sin for a man to love another man or woman to woman.

it wasnt the words of the lord that said it was wrong it was a power hungry shrewd human who was trying to control a barbaric society and used same sex couples as a scape goat.

just like Hitler done with the Jewish people in ww2.

it dosent make any of you any better saying we cant love one another than that man who killed millions off innocent humans.

Apr 19, 2013
Jesus Loves Us All -- and that maybe all that matters
by: A Follower of Christ

Hi Rick! First may God bless you. And second please be aware that I spent much of my Friday evening reading you're website. I am a Christian woman and for a long time I have wondered over this topic. And I have and still do have so many questions. But at this point I don't think that anyone other than God can answer the. A few are the following:

1. Are homosexuals born that way? -- My thought, sure. Why would anyone choose such a hard lifestyle. A life that is cloaked in darkness and malice. Yet God does undeniably say that sleeping with another man is a sin.

Rick's comment: Yes, according to Jesus on eunuchs in Matthew 19:3-12. Please read about shrine prostitutes and watch the short video.

2. If homosexuality has always been "around" then why has "it" not made a stand for itself until now? -- I had no argument for that, primarily because humans are known to fight for themselves i.e. slavery, wars, democracy, etc. So why NOW. Why the 21st century?

Rick's comment: Being gay and lesbian has been an issue for thousands of years.

3. Why was it that God gave Adam and woman and not a man? -- I don't mean this in a cruel way. It's a genuine question. Why wouldn't he provide both a male and female? Why just a woman?

Rick's comment: Genesis 1-2 tells the story of creation. At creation there were only two people, Adam and Eve, so no need to mention gays or lesbians then.

4. Let's say we go back about 400 years and homosexuality is widely accepted. And everyone is living a in a relationship where they value their partner and don't practice infidelity [which is really unlikely]. How would we reproduce? Would there be organizations?

Rick's comment: Only about 5% of humanity is gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. The other 95% do a pretty good job of reproducing and as you know, some GLBTs also reproduce.

Apr 19, 2013
Jesus Loves Us All -- and that may be all that matters
by: A Follower of Christ

Part 2: This next part is directed towards you. Rick, you have made a point of saying that homosexuality is NOT a sin numerous times. It's honestly a little disconcerting mainly because you are causing many people to potentially sin further. Now, I personally believe that homosexuality is a sin.

Rick's comment: If being gay is a sin, you must have scripture which, in context, says that. Yet you do not. You must rip verses out of context to support your view because in context, no verse of scripture supports your view.

Regardless of how much you twist words or scripture, the word is the word. I read every single comment and you have repeatedly talked of scholars and experts, and about what they have said or they have discovered. Scholars and experts are merely human and liable to be wrong. You have never once said GOD or Jesus.

Rick's comment: If you truly believe that, you haven't done much reading of anything I've written. Use our Search and type in Jesus. This website is all about trusting Jesus.

I read many of your articles and you were right in some areas but others not so much. For example, you were completely right about the meaning of repentance yet you twisted in order for it to suit your purposes.

Rick's comment: No dear, I did not twist anything. You've made a non-specific false accusation. I wonder why.

I personally feel as though you should re-evaluate your belief on homosexuality being sin.

Rick's comment: You have never studied this issue and you have not studied this website and yet, based on your lack of study, you believe I should re-evaluate my belief? I'm a serious man but yours is not a serious critique.

Now recently my best friend, Olivia* came out to me and I can truthfully say that I love her just as much as I did before and perhaps even more. I asked her if she was sure and she said "yes" and I told her:"This is the lifestyle you're choosing and as a Christian you will face the consequences whether they be good or bad". I think the same applies to you because at the end of the day everyone is accountable for themselves.

Rick's comment: Most people do not choose to be gay or lesbian any more than they choose to be black or white. I get the impression you are making it up as you go, weaving a story to fit your prejudices.

Apr 19, 2013
Jesus Loves Us All -- and that may be all that matters
by: A Follower of Christ

Part 3: However my main point is that the difference between you and my Christian friend is that she recognizes that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God.

Rick's comment:Your statement and her belief are only true IF the Bible says that, in context. It does not. Click on any link on the NavBar under, What The Bible Says, for more info.

It doesn't mean that God hates you or that he's withdrawing his grace. None of that, it just means that, just the same as the rest of us she's living in her sin. Now the difference between her and me for example is that if I have the desire to sleep with another woman I will do my best to fight against that desire.

However she succumbs to it or [as I see it] she's purposefully living in her sin; which is counter productive of "repentance". Repentance means to "change one's mind" and as a result "change your ways" or because we are fallible make a conscious effort to change our ways.

As for your belief that it isn't a sin. Is sad for two reasons: 1. You are causing people to stray and 2. You're giving yourself a false sense of "safety".

Rick's comment: With kindness and compassion, you are bloviating instead of stating Biblical truth. The Bible does not say what you think it says. Several months of intensive Bible study on this issue will help you reach different conclusions.

Many times we want to say that a sin isn't a sin because we want to justify ourselves or many the devil is deceiving us. Lying, adultery, fornication, lust, murder, stealing. The list goes one. For example: I want a tattoo. I really want one. However the Bible does say not to and people, including myself have said, "well, well, well, that's only if you're using it to worship the dead."

Anyway, I don't think that this will change your mind but I do love you in Jesus Christ and regardless of your choices or mine or anyone else, as long as we believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior we are saved and that is enough. May God bless you and keep you! (:

Rick's comment: There you go again, insisting that being gay is a choice. I know that your false beliefs are deeply ingrained yet they are no less annoying. It is time for you, THIS WEEK, to memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2:15. Will you do that?

PS: 1. On another note, I personally feel that gay people have every right to be married, legally and enjoy the full benefits of marriage. God has given people that right to live his or her life as he or she pleases, that in itself is indisputable.

2. I was not bashing gay people or anything like that, so please do not misunderstand me in that way. And as a thought to you, I can understand why you may reply harshly but you're replies are harsh and unaccepting. Keep in mind that it's best to be respectful no matter what people say to you -- at least that's what Olivia tells me. STAY BLESSED.

Apr 20, 2013
Do not answer sin with sin.
by: Anonymous

Homosexuality is a sin, there is no denying it. At the same time, however, we are not supposed to judge or persecute others. We are supposed to love all people, even the sinners. It is wrong to persecute people for any reason. Christ made that very clear. But does that mean that we should be supportive of our brothers and sisters turning to this lifestyle? No. At the same time, we should not judge and condemn them for their actions. God is the judge of all men and women. We are not. I struggled long and hard with the question of whether homosexuality is a sin and whether we should join those who are fighting the movement. In the end, based on what I read in scripture, I came to the conclusion that yes homosexuality is a sin, but the day that I join the people holding up the signs saying “you are god’s vomit” is the day I sacrifice everything I believe in and completely surrender to darkness. We must not support their actions, but we also shouldn’t condemn them and hate them, any more than we should hate everyone who has had sex outside of marriage. If we hated everyone guilty of sexual immorality, we would hate much of the world. Hatred of people is wrong. Christ’s message was one of love, not hate. To answer sin with sin is not the Christian way. We should not encourage people to commit homosexual acts. In fact, we should discourage them, but we shouldn’t hate anyone just because of the sins they committed. Christ hung around with tax collectors, prostitutes, and other people that others would never dare be caught in the company of. He loved them in spite of their sins. If we hate anyone, we are no better than the people who crucified him.

Apr 22, 2013
People don't fall for this!
by: Anonymous

People - don't fall into the trap of reading this garbage. I came here hoping for some understanding and maybe finding a way to break through the confusion and reach someone with God's Word, but this guy is obviously only interested in insulting the very well meaning people who are trying to help him understand the Bible. He's only interested in negative attention and being argumentative. The sad thing is, he's got a worse problem than just being a homosexual.

Rick's comment: My problem is that I have a low tolerance for bloviating b.s. from lazy professing Christians who refuse to study the Bible in context.

Your problem is you have an allergy to any truth which conflicts with your incredibly silly anti-gay presuppositions.

May 04, 2013
Gods standard
by: Dana MOlden Sr.

Romans 12:1-2 and 1:24-32 We all have the power of choice but God has set the standard once we learn what God has said about it we obey His word no matter how we feel.

Rick's comment: Hi Dana - It would help if you did more study before arriving at a conclusion. I suggest you start on my shrine prostitutes page and my Romans 1 page. Many thanks.

May 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

Because it is not. You wouldn't want them to be judgmental pricks about what you believe so stop judging them. Judge not lest ye be judged.

May 04, 2013
Accept the truth - Satan is blinding you to the truth of scripture
by: Anonymous

I find it sad that so many people can read a scripture from the bible, yet they do not believe what they read. You try to fool yourselves and others with this nonsense. The Bible clearly denounces the practice of homosexuality as something "detestable to God."

How can such things be practised, anyway? Marriage is between a man and a woman, and sexual pleasure is forbidden outside of a marriage in the Bible.

Furthermore, if you are such a Christian society, why do you twist and mislead people who want to know the truth?

The prostitutes were homosexual, sorry. Deut 23:17-18. 1Ki 14:24, and to toss in 1Cor 16:9.

What's the biblical evidence to support Homosexuality? Use verses from the bible.

Rick's comment: Ignorance is NOT the fruit of the Holy Spirit. You ignore context and rip verses out of context to "prove" your false teaching. Then you try to appear spiritual by asking us to use verses from the Bible.

You are so silly. We have used Bible verses in context. Your response is to turn your heart away from God and from the context in which He placed the Bible verses. I am content to leave you to your own false teaching. Since you refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit, nothing I say here will change your mind.

May 04, 2013
You are not teaching from the Bible.
by: Anonymous

Homosexuality is a sin. Any time homosexuality is referred to in the bible, it's always in a negative light. Try all you want to hide your eyes from the script in front of you, but you're wrong.

God would not allow so many scriptures denouncing homosexuality if he thought there was nothing wrong with it. You are in the darkness, Satan has made you weak.

Rick's comment: You accuse us of being in darkness and yet you linger in the darkness of Anonymity, afraid to put your name with your attacks upon us. And you profess to be anti-gay and yet you hang out at and comment on a gay Christian website. How odd.

May 04, 2013
Help me, Rick!
by: Anonymous

I noticed you are a God fearing man, which is to your credit. I'm faced with a dilemna. According to your article, the particular verse of 1Cor 6:9 could be a mistranslation.

If it were a mistranslation, surely that is a human error, and doesn't reflect the opinions of God. 2 Tim 3:16 says all scripture is inspired of him! I take this as a personal assurance that Jehovah can protect his word the Bible, and keep sinful humans from corrupting and misleading his word.

I've researched most of the popular Bibles today, to see that if it indeed is a mistranslation, how far God has allowed man to corrupt his word.

Let's say that, hypothetically, 1Cor6:9 was not indeed referring to homosexual men. These are the following Bibles that Jehovah has allowed to exist and mislead people from learning the truth.

The New Living Translation.

The New American Standard Version.

The New King James Version.

The New International Version.

John Wycliffe's Version.

The Bishop's Bible.

The Douay Rheims Bible.

The King James Version.

The Geneva Bible.

My question is, if homosexuality is not what Paul was referring to here, why would God allow so many billions of people to be deceived by these translations?

If 1 verse of the bible is a lie, wouldn't the whole book be called into question?

Please tell me you're not saying that all these Bibles misrepresent God's view. The odds are surely stacked against you here.

Don't link me to another webpage or whatever, can we let God's word speak for itself here? Change your ways before it's too late.

Rick's comment: A mistake in a translation of the Bible does not mean that the entire Bible is corrupt. God did not promise that there would never be a translational or a type-setting mistake in His word.

God promised that His word is pure and that He would preserve His word, Psalm 12:6-7. Yet 2 Cor 2:17 tells us that even before the New Testament was completed, there were many who were corrupting the word of God.

"For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ." 2 Cor 2:17

Here are helpful links for you to consider.

1. You need to acknowledge that Jesus is God.

2. You need to get saved by Jesus.

3. You need to understand the meaning of arsenokoitai.

4. You need to understand that Jehovah's Witnesses are false teachers. who corrupt the word of God.

May 05, 2013
what is sin?
by: Anonymous

is sexual immorality a sin?

Rick's comment: Yes, of course. For more information about that, please read our Gay Christian FAQ.

May 16, 2013
by: Annonymous123

Hello, I just wanted to say that I understand sometimes it can be really hard to realize something is not right but if you ask God to show you and help you overcome what you are going through, He will. We need to be honest with God and let him take everything he doesnt want from us away. Also, I have noticed that sometimes homosexuals are actually the ones that insult the other people just because they are expressing their opinion on the subject. Personally I try not to seem rude or judgemental and they have attacked me many times but I just try to help those people that are actually seeking for help. Here is a website I found, it is very interesting and helpful - http://ilivestraight.com/

Rick's comment: It is clear that you and Sinisbal have not dealt with what the Bible says in context. I encourage you to read this website so you will know what the Bible does and does not say about gays. Many thanks.

May 20, 2013
Have Some Humanity
by: Anonymous

Even at such a young age I feel as if I have matured more than most adults. If people still continue to say that God has made standards for a human, or that being homosexual is a sin, then this world is going no where. My dad is Christian and he is also gay, and going through these comments for my school project is revolting. But thank you all of you ignorant people for helping my case. People need to accept change. and they need to realize that not everyone has the same beliefs. Our whole world and way of life can’t be measured up and can’t be exactly like this bible. Things change, people change, and this world will always be bound to change - that part is inevitable

We all cannot measure up to the figure of God. We were born to be different. We were born to stand out. We all cannot be the same. If you say that Satan has made us weak, then your bible and you beliefs have made you weaker. You can't contiue to rely so much on your printed words stuck between leather, you have to find you humanity. You need to accept change. We are all God's children right? Yes. All of us. Including the homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, pansexuals, black, white, asian, indian WE ARE ALL THE SAME. WE are ALL equal.

It is our human rights to BELIEVE what we wish! To FEEL what we wish! TO LOVE WHOMEVER WE WISH! You can't stop the world from evolving. That's like trying to stop the world from spinning. You just need to accept the change. And if you don't, then so be it. "God Bless"

Sincerely, a 14 year old 8th grader who has more knowledge and humanity than the Christians who think being homosexual is a sin. Former daughter of a passed away homosexual Christian - I miss you dad - this was for you.

May 20, 2013
Your Lost
by: Call me Xy

I'm not even going to try to get into a debate not because I am afraid but because I see so many have tried and you refuse to acknowledge the veracity of their expositions even when they have been well argued. But I just want to say in every definition of the word you are lost.

You are a deceiver and as such there is no truth in you. You will probably edit this and write your inane and repetitive self justifications because you refuse to accept the truth. I fear as you mislead others that you verge on blasphemy (look up the definition) as you distort God's word to satisfy your own lusts. Stop being supercilious because you know it comes before a fall.

Isaiah 5:20 - "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight."

Rick's comment: Not enough courage to put your name with your spiteful comments and not enough spirituality to recognize truth when you see it. Ho hum.

May 21, 2013
I don't need to placate you
by: Call Me XY

Rick, firstly "Call Me XY" is my internet username (google it!) and has been for several years. I didn't select it to post here.

Rick's comment: Again, not enough courage to put your real name with your opinions.

However the comments you call spiteful are not meant to be so but are an accurate reflection of mainstream Christian Theology.

Rick's comment: Saying that I am lost (not saved), is not meant to be spiteful? Your dishonest temporizing is unconvincing. Mainstream Christian Theology does not assert that people who disagree with your uninformed opinions must be unsaved.

Mainstream Christian Theology, as documented time after time on this website, has recognized for almost 2000 years that the clobber passages, in context, refer to cult shrine temple prostitutes. That you are unaware of that fact indicates you are not a student of the Bible or of history.

You have become so wrapped up in shaping scripture to justify that which the Bible repeatedly declares to be wrong that your grasp of righteousness is now non-existent.

Rick's comment: Oh, that is rich. We disagree and so MY grasp of righteousness is non-existent? The sad thing is, I provide lots of links to additional information. Truth is available if you are interested in it. You refuse to acquaint yourself with historical truth.

I stumbled across your site and having read through most of the postings I make no apologies when I say that your theology is heretical. There are those who have tried to humour you and show you the error of your ways and you have treated them with disdain.

Rick's comment: No kiddo, I have pointed out their lies and their laziness. You folks who will not read and study can only offer opinions and we all know how worthless those are.

I don't need to placate you nor is it my role to. However my role is to tell you the truth in love, even if it is tough love. Your ideas are not only erroneous but dangerous to those who like you who are not "rightly dividing the word of truth" 2 Timothy 2:15, as you love to quote!

Rick's comment: You might want to try rightly dividing the word of truth. You will find it far superior to being opinionated when you have no facts to support your opinions.

May 21, 2013
There is none so blind as those who won't see.
by: Call Me XY

Rick since you desire that I engage you in "serious study" let me invite you to read this excellent piece by James B. De Young Professor of New Testament
Western Conservative Baptist Seminary Portland, Oregon
Which rebutts and refutes quite eloquently your spurious treatment of "Arsenokoites".
If that is not enough here is a summary of Professor Robert A.J. Gagnon's treatment of this subject

Proposition 1. To broaden the word arsenokoitai to include exploitive heterosexual intercourse appears unlikely in view of the unqualified nature of the Levitical prohibitions.

Proposition 2. In every instance in which the arsenokoit word group occurs in a context that offers clues as to its meaning (i.e., beyond mere inclusion in a vice list), it denotes homosexual intercourse.

Proposition 3. The term arsenokoitai itself indicates an inclusive sense: all men who play the active role in homosexual intercourse. Had Paul intended to single out pederasts he could have used the technical term paiderastïs.

Proposition 4. The meaning that Paul gave to arsenokoitai has to be unpacked in light of Romans1:24-27. When Paul speaks of the sexual intercourse of “males with males” (arsenes en arsenes) in v.27, he obviously has in mind arsenokoitai.

Based on these propositions and others he explores, Gagnon boldly states that “others would have us believe that it is an open question whether arsenokoitai in Paul’s mind would have applied to all forms of same-sex intercourse, including the kinds of non-exploitative forms allegedly manifested in our contemporary context,” but “this dubious hope has to be maintained in the face of many additional obstacles.”

Gagnon concludes that 1Corinthians6:9 confirms that Paul’s rejection of homosexual conduct is just as applicable for believers as for unbelievers and that it is self-evident, then, that the combination of terms, malakoi and arsenokoitai, are correctly understood in our contemporary context when they are applied to every conceivable type of same-sex intercourse.


I maintain you are seriously in error and are seeking self satisfaction for a scripturally indefensible position.

"What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?

2 God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?"

Romans 6: 1-2
And a few verses later
"12 Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts. 13 And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God"

Rick's comment: Still hiding in the shadows of Anonymity I see. My answer is in the next comment.

May 21, 2013
Truth about arsenokoitai
by: Rick Brentlinger

Rick's comment: You refer me to a paper from the Masters Seminary, featuring De Young, Wright and Gagnon, which attempts to debunk Bailey, Boswell and Scroggs. A few brief points.

1. I point out on my arsenokoites page, that the arsenokoit stem was either a Hellenistic word adopted by Paul or a neologism coined by Paul. May I kindly suggest that you acquaint yourself with that helpful information?

2. The arsenokoit stem was never used in the first century to mean homosexual in a general sense, as we use the word today. De Young, Wright and Gagnon do not cite any usage in extant Greek manuscripts which supports their claim about its meaning. That is because there are no usages in first century literature which support their claim.

3. I list the first 56 historical usages of the arsenokoit stem on the define arsenokoites page of this website. May I kindly suggest that you also acquaint yourself with that information?

4. There were other words Paul could have used had he intended us to understand he was condemning homosexuality and homosexuals in general yet Paul did not use those other words.

5. Dr. Rob Gagnon's position is supposition. Because there are no texts he can cite to support his opinion about the all inclusive anti-gay meaning of arsenokoitai, the good doctor reverts to scholarly prestidigitation, i.e., dissecting a word to determine its meaning without regard to how anyone actually used the word in speaking and writing.

A man with Rob's scholarly background is well aware that the arsenokoit stem was never used in ancient times to refer to lesbians so his basic argument - arsenokoitai is a general term which forbids all gay relationships - simply makes no sense. Arsenokoitai was never used with that meaning in the first 14 centuries of church history.

Using Dr. Gagnon's method, we could easily determine that the meaning of the English word, mandate, man+date means, a date with a man. The English word, butter-fly, on the other hand, obviously refers to a dairy product which can defy gravity.

Of course, no honest scholar would break down those words that way and insist that they carry that meaning because no one uses those words with that meaning. I am using absurdity to make a point.

Just so, there is no historical proof that anyone in the first century AD ever used the Greek word, arsenokoitai, with the general meaning of homosexual. Anonymous XY, if you disagree, please present some first century AD usages of the arsenokoit stem to support your disagreement. Fair enough?

And yet, against context, against facts, against actual usage in the first century AD, you regard MY position as indefensible. How quaint.

May 24, 2013
gay christian?
by: nomi

Why is this even a debate? The bible is very clear, homosexuality is sin, the only way one would reach a different conclusion would be through blatant twisting or ignorance of scripture. Unfortunately people choose their sin above the Lord. Heretics are everywhere and its no surprise, the Bible says such will happen. I'm not going to attempt to convince Rick of anything, only God can help Him through His Holy Spirit because the bible is not enough for him. Its sad when "christians?" Need to feel convicted before obeying God or at the very least believing God. It appears Rick does not want to let go of sexual sin and take hold of Christ. May God be with you Rick, may God be with us and bless us all.

Rick's comment: Another gem from the pearl-clutching parade of low information christians. You lot are beginning to bore me.

May 26, 2013
Love covers a multitude of sin

Look the laws of Moses clearly state it is a sin but us as christians should not be judgemental, and I repeatly keep seeing this same comment saying that there are no scriptures supporting that it is a sin, but noone can show where GOD says he is in favor of it either, we all sin, the book of James says if you break one law you break all of them, which means we should follow the the teachings and renew our minds, be new creatures, and love each other, so we can overcome the works of the enemy, because GOD SHOULD BE THE FIRST PRIORITY AND WE MUST PUT AWAY DESIRES OF THE FLESH AND CRUCIFY OURSELVES DAILY TO SERVE HIM, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Jun 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

Put all of the gay men on one island and then put all of the gay women on a separate island. How long will their kind last without them dying off? That's how you know it's wrong. Man was made for women and vice versa. You cannot re populate this earth with gay men and women. Period. On top of all what I've said God says it clear as day that it was an abomination. He destroyed a whole village for them acting so wickedly.

Rick's comment: Many thanks for so kindly sharing your brilliant insight with us. Where would we be without people like you? Oh yes, all alone on a desert island.

Two gentle question for you if I may. You mentioned repopulating the earth. When God gave that command to Adam and Eve, Genesis 1:28, there were only 2 people on earth. When God gave that command to Noah - Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, Genesis 9:1, - there were only 8 people on earth.

Today there are more than 7 Billion people on earth.

1. Do you really believe we haven't repopulated the earth?

2. Why do you heterosexuals keep having gay and lesbian kids?

Jun 02, 2013
to all homophobic!
by: Anonymous

Ok also Leviticus says that eating lobster is A SIN and not only that but it also says that we should HATE all the marine creatures that don't have gills and fins!.... HATE... I thought hatred is something that God disapproves of!aditionally in Leviticus it clearly says that shaving and cutting your hair is a sin !and say whatever you want!!!! If I go to ''hell'' so are you!!and don't make me mention slavery!

Jun 03, 2013
Seems pretty clear to me
by: Anonymous

After growing up in the church and studying the canon associated with Catholicism/Christianity; and now studying the bible as an atheist with a curious mind, it still seems pretty clear to me, still, that the bible is very much anti-gay.

Rick's comment: I do not view Catholicism as Christian. Catholicism teaches a false gospel of works. Christians believe in salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone, without our own works being involved.

Aside from that, I suggest reading the sermon on the mount. Jesus himself proclaimed in Matthew 5:17 "Do not think I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfil."

Jesus, himself, is saying that he didn't come to change the law. He came to fulfil the Old Testament law including the Levitican rules against homosexuality.

Rick's comment: The new testament explicitly says Christians are not under law.

And don't forget Jude 1:7 where it is explained that homosexuals deserve "eternal hellfire." Guess what? That's New Testament.

Rick's comment: Dear one, you are mistaken about that. Even anti-gay Christians agree with us that Jude was talking about something other than homosexuality in Jude 6-7.

I've gotta ask, why would a homosexual even WANT to be a part of this bigoted religion? Let alone go out of their way to skew scripture to make it more accommodating for them?

Rick's comment: Interpreting the Bible in it's cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context is not skewing scripture. It is rubber meets the road common sense.

I really don't think homosexuality is a choice. Why strive to be part of a community that hates you for what you are?

Jun 03, 2013
Just saying
by: Anonymous

just want to say sodom and gomorrah have nothing to with homosexuality. it has to do with in hospitality, rape.

I was saved at the age of 10 yrs old. And i could tell you stuff you wouldn't believe. I struggled with homosexual feelings from the age of 12!yrs old. I remember once when i was like 16 my grandfather was telling how being gay was wrong and stuff. I felt Gods presence like his hand was right on my head and suddenly i started saying stuff that wernt even my thoughts. The word were just flowing out of my mouth.

All i remember from it was at the end of the conversation i said god loves everyone. If your a true follower of Jesus im sure you had to experience his presence, love. And sometimes god uses kids teens to get a certain message across.

Rick's comment: I'm so glad to hear that you are saved. Here's what happens when you get saved.

Always be a disciple of Jesus and never let anyone tell you you can't be gay and Christian. Keep reading and learning and obeying the Bible and God will use you for His glory.

Jun 10, 2013
The gay lifestyle?
by: Anonymous

I firmly believe living a gay lifestyle is an abomination and definitely a sin. It has brought on many diseases, like aids, anal cancer, Their flamboyant lifestyle is reefed in sin and disgusting behavior.

Rick's comment: When I read comments like yours, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I do applaud you for not putting your name with your comment. I'm sure you remained Anonymous because you're ashamed to associate your name with such silly beliefs.

Since no Bible verse, in context, supports your firm beliefs, I wonder where your "firm beliefs" originated. Perhaps they sprang from your over-active imagination or perhaps you listened to a hate-mongering preacher putting his personal spin on the Bible.

1. According to the best information we have, HIV-AIDS did NOT originate with gay men. Some researchers believe HIV-AIDS originated with sexually promiscuous heterosexuals, probably in Africa, probably in the 1940s to 1950s although some place its origin as far back as the 1870s.

2. Anal cancer in gay men, like cervical cancer in heterosexual women, has been linked to HPV, human papilloma virus. Anal cancer did not originate in the gay community, is not a gay disease and is not caused by a flamboyant lifestyle, whatever that is.

If you are a Christian, are you aware that one day you will appear before the judgment seat of Christ to give account to God for your words and thoughts? Unlike you, Jesus loves homosexuals so you may want to keep that in mind before repeating your mean-spirited beliefs in public.

Jun 12, 2013
I see it this way, part 1
by: Anonymous

Throughout the Bible there are references to eunuchs. Research of vocabulary of that era and throughout the Middle Ages indicates that a eunuch was a castrated man or an effeminate male and associated with homosexual. Jesus said in Matthew:

“Not everyone can accept this teaching, but only those to whom it is given. For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let anyone accept this who can.” Matthew 19:11-12

Here Jesus identifies three classes of men who should not marry women. Taking his categories in reverse order, first, there are those who have made themselves “eunuchs” for the kingdom of heaven, i.e., those who foreswear marriage to better serve God. Second, he mentions those who have been “made eunuchs by others,” an apparent reference to castrated males. But Jesus mentions a third category — eunuchs who were born that way. Some might argue that Jesus was referring to males born without testicles, but this would be extremely rare. Moreover, this interpretation ignores how the term “born eunuchs” was used in other literature of the time.

Jun 12, 2013
I see it this way, part 2
by: Anonymous

In the ancient world, including ancient Jewish culture (as reflected in the Talmud), “natural” or “born” eunuchs were not associated with missing testicles. Rather, they were associated with stereotypically effeminate characteristics and behavior (just like some modern gay men), and were thought by Rabbi Eliezer to be subject to “cure” (just like modern gays and Christian gay curing programs).

Moreover, as we have also seen, eunuchs were commonly associated with homosexual desire. For a complete discussion of the term "born eunuch" and the connection with homosexuality, see The Early Church Welcomed a Gay Man.


As a reasonably informed person of his time, Jesus would have been aware of this common view of eunuchs. Yet he very matter of factly asserts that some people are simply born that way. The implication of his statement is profound — God created gay people the way they are! Jesus says so.

Unlike Rabbi Eliezer, Jesus feels no need to “cure” these born eunuchs. He speaks no words of condemnation. Rather he lists people born gay alongside another honored class (eunuchs for the kingdom), and accepts them as a natural part of God’s creation order.

Thus, when Matthew 19 is read as a whole, we see Jesus teaches that most people are created for heterosexual marriage. We too accept this as God’s predominant creation paradigm. But, unlike some modern Christians, Jesus does not see this as the only honorable way to live. He acknowledges that some human beings have been created by God to follow a less common but equally legitimate path. There are some who have been eunuchs from birth — made that way by God.

Jun 12, 2013
I see it this way, part 3
by: Anonymous

I do not understand why there is so much bigotry aimed towards any group of people, but especially gay people. I already see where people are going to argue with this logic and cherry pick their tradition(s) and wrap it in an argument saying being gay is against God’s Will; “look to the Old Testament.”

I honestly believe that if Jesus felt that strongly about the issue he would have specifically addressed it to the masses; and yet he doesn’t. In fact, throughout the recollections of Jesus’ time on earth and his teachings, he consistently protected those that were shunned by the Church and persecuted for a variety of reasons.

I conclude that God does not view homosexuality as a sin. I believe that man, in his attempt to define God’s will, created the sinner connotation because they could not understand homosexuality. Since the dawn of mankind people have hated what they fear and do not understand. The same way the Roman Catholic Church persecuted hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle Ages; the same way the Muslims and many more religions follow suit in persecution and bigotry. Homosexuality as a sin is not referred to in the highest book of Laws for mankind, the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

Jun 14, 2013
It is the pride & arroagnce that will damn you
by: Believer

The only differences between my sexual sins and the homosexuals are pride, arrogance and an unrepentant heart. My sexual sins of choice were fornication and adultery, you know sex out side of the marriage bed. But when I came to Jesus and learned what the Holy Bible said, I had to admit my sins & repent. I could not sit there and add more sins onto myself by telling God He is wrong and I am right just because I felt a want or need to have sex with dang near every woman I met.

It is the gay pride & unrepentant sin that is going to have you in torment for eternity, not the homosexuality. And eternal damnation can be for any sin that we put above God just because we don't like His way. Dang good way too I think when you consider if anyone of us was God how evil and fickle the world really be.

Simple fact, God has His reasons why Homosexuality is a sin, just like fornication and adultery are but don;t be a super-fool and try to make the Bible say what you want it too and lie to people so they will burn with you.

I have to admit the gay people have it really really rough. After all I still get 1 woman, my wife, to make love too & be intimate with. But gays have no one they can be that with if they want the same sex.

But just because they want it that way is no excuse to lie about God's Word or to lie to others either just because you don't like what God has commanded.

Rick's comment: Your ignorance about gays and the Bible is mind-boggling. Talk about pride and arrogance!

Unbelief is the damning sin but many of us are believers, eternally saved, washed in the blood of the Lamb and we are also completely justified by faith and walking in the Spirit and serving God every day of our lives.

Your opinion to the contrary is simply not important because it has no basis in scripture rightly divided.

Jun 14, 2013
To Believer, from I see it this way
by: Anonymous

I fail to understand your position on this. I have not taken and twisted God's word; I have simply cut and pasted it. These passages are DIRECTLY from the Bible; not my abstract interpretation of it. Don't take my word for it, just look it up yourself. There is little difference asserting that I am "warping" and "cherry picking" the scripture pulling only what I want to apply; are you not doing the same? If we all can agree that the Bible is God's word than we all have to believe that ALL of those words are His Words. Therefore your position that Homosexuality (i.e. eunuch) is an abomination is just not true.

That is not MY words; that is GOD's word and the Words of his only son, Jesus Christ. I can agree with you that fornication without commitment is a sin regardless of your sexual preference. I can agree further that one must repent the sins of indulgence. All of which are forgivable to God if forgiveness is asked and repentance is done. Aside from that you are preaching in direct conflict with God's word.

Jun 14, 2013
by: jason koontz

ok than i guess your should stand by its ok to beat your wife of she doesn't do what you say and if you're daughter gets raped she has to marry her rapist. sick people

Rick's comment: Jason, I'm not sure how your comment relates to this discussion? What am I missing?

Jun 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

I want to second on why Leviticus is right and is in contex . So a big part of why levicticus was made is because it was to be used by the Israelites as a way to not sin against God by doing what their neighbors (philitines) were doing. In fact the way they would worship baal their god was by having massive origies and of every kind homksexualy and straight. Here what pro gay parties say today to twist this, they say that this only concerns Baal worshipers and should be read in context. Here's the pickle, out of the hundred laws in levicticus, there are those such as no child prostitution or having sex with children, no having sex with beasts, etc. You get the point. Now here's my point, if I were a pro child molester I can argue that the bible didn't condone what I do because levicticus must be read in context with most of it only concerning not doing what Baal worshipers did. The end.

Rick's comment: I know that you, the Anonymous commenter, are not interested in truth so these links are for other readers who are interested in truth.

The context of Lev 18:22 and 20:13 is shrine prostitutes.

Lev 17:7 and goat idols, part 1

Lev 17:7 and goat idols, part 2

How do you interpret Lev 18:22 and 20:13?

What does, you shall not lie with a man as with a woman mean?

A man who refuses to read and study will spend his life in ignorance.

Jun 22, 2013
God loves us no matter who we are
by: Aubrey22

People say that homosexuality is a decision. I disagree on that. I tried. Since I was a kid I knew that something was different. But I tried my best to be straight cause i don't want to disappoint my family, that was my decision. But for years I felt miserable, living a lie and making a fool out of myself. It was very hard. But I'm happy now cause finally I'm free.

And I strongly believe that God loves us no matter what and He wants us to be happy and be a better person and live by the 10 commandments. I believe God loves me so much even if i'm not straight. He answers all my prayers. He keeps on showering me with blessings and my parents accepted me the time I came out. It felt great and made me a better child of God. And I'm grateful.

Rick's comment: Christian basics - How to know for sure you are saved.

Jun 25, 2013
Decision making
by: Sara

Hey, I just wanted to say that I actually know a lot of people who chose the be straight. I was raised in a household that said I could be whoever I wanted to be: that I could change my name if I wanted that I could be whatever religion, that I could choose a guy or a girl to spend the rest of my life with. Well I started to look into a lot of different beliefs, and ended up choosing Christianity. I also made the decision to be straight at that time. I sometimes have a hard time "picking sides" if you will, when it comes to this debate (even within the Christian community it seems), because I came from such an accepting background. I own a KJV Bible and have read the popular "anti-gay" verses in context, and honestly they still seem kind of anti-gay to me. When I read what you have to say, Rick, it seems to make sense, but when I read the entire chapters that you reference, it seems to say something different. I'm sorry if this comment didn't make much sense, I was just wondering if you knew of any more websites like this so I may further research and investigate. Anyway whichever decision I make, I applaud you for holding firm in your beliefs and not letting others bring you down! Thanks so much! -Sara

Rick's comment: Hi Sara. The long time experts in this field, Exodus International, disagree with you about change. They say that people do not change their innate sexual orientation. So dismal have been the results of their change ministry that Exodus, the largest change organization on earth, has shut down because their snake oil change ministry did NOT produce change. In plainer words, no one chooses to be straight or gay.

To find more information, I suggest Google or Bing.

Jun 27, 2013
chiroman prefers spiritual blindness
by: Anonymous

I really do not know how the bible could be anymore clear about homosexuality than it is. People will justify anything because the human heart is evil and easily deceived. I could give all the biblical scriptures that confirms this but what is the point? When a person loves their sin so much that they lie to themselves as well as to others, there is nothing more that can be said. God help those who stand strong in the faith in the last days because the times are evil.

Rick's comment: Walk on in your spiritual blindness and unreasoning bigotry. Both the truth of scripture, rightly divided (2 Tim 2:15) and the tide of history are against you.

Jun 29, 2013
Are You Really A Christian?
by: Anonymous

First of all. Even if Homosexuality WAS a sin. And I beleive it is not. Because I know for a fact. No one choses the life that includes discrimination and hatred from almost everyone. But I want to turn the focus on all of you who call yourself Christians. God tells you not to judge anyone. And to love everyone. And here you are. Attacking people with your bible. Using it to justify your hatred towards a group. It's disgusting. It's revolting. And you all should be ashamed of yourselves. Even if it was a decision. And it's not. And this is not coming from a 3,000 year old book. It's coming from present day. It's not your decision. If you don't like gay marriage. Don't marry someone of the same gender. If you don't like gay sex. Don't have sex with someone of the same gender. Simple. But what your not going to do. Is disrespect God. By going against the legacy of love and kindness he's left for ages. Gay people are the nicest people you will meet. And I'm sure there are more of them in heaven then there are homophobic freaks like you all.

Jun 29, 2013
by: Eileen

How easy it is to judge and how hard it is to love. Personally, I have a hard enough time focusing on how I'm choosing to show up in this world without getting all up in other peoples' business about how they should show up in the world. I find doing MY best to be a full time job. Blessings and love to all. I honor your diversity, your beauty and your divine nature.

Jun 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

I got on here and saw down below that someone said God burned two cities because of homosexuality but that's wrong he burned them because people were just going out there and having sex with whom ever they wanted and didn't care who. It never said because of homosexuality - that was not the cause. Those two cities were full of bad people. Read the bible right before you say homosexuality caused it

Jul 01, 2013
Gay people
by: Anonymous

Every one has their own opinion on gays. I personally do not believe in that life style. I do not believe you should have thesame right as a man and woman matried. Same sex is just wrong. God did not intended for people to live that way. If he did would have put two guys or two women in the garden of eden. It says in the bible that god does not create people that way - it is a choice to be that way.

Rick's comment: Okay, I think you're lying so I'm calling you out! Where in the Bible does it say that? Haven't you ever read Revelation 21:8?

"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

That's why people use that term oh I was just born that way well your not. Gays just bend the word to meet their own satisfaction. The only way you as a gay person will enter the gates of heaven is to leave that lifestyle and repent of your sins. Otherwise you doomed to an ever lasting burning fire in hell. You as a gay person tell me why one of you is feminine and one is usually manly. That is because that was the way it was intended a man and a woman together. There no way around it.

Rick's comment: For your own safety, PLEASE DO NOT attempt to walk and chew gum at the same time. Wouldn't be prudent.

Jul 01, 2013
Just Listen, People
by: Anonymous

Many Christians form their opinions based on what straight people have to say about homosexuals. As if they have the right to speak for us. How about you all just listen to what I have to say for once. We are no different than anyone else. I see the good in everyone, and I try to show love and kindness to everyone. So why can't my own religion do the same for me? Because of judgmental Christians like some of you, my boyfriend almost committed suicide. His own parents hated him. And homosexuality is not a choice. If it were a choice, why would I put my safety at stake, and choose to be gay? I guess the most important thing I want to say is: Who's going to throw the first stone?

Jul 01, 2013
You're all missing the big picture
by: gay16yearold

Get off you high horses, people. We're all sinners. Please stop talking down at us like we're diseased. Even if homosexuality is a sin, all sins are forgiven by god. Where do you think Jesus would be in this argument? Do you really think he would be calling me an abomination of nature? How can you call yourselves followers of Christ, if you fail to follow the basic teachings of your faith? Love your neighbor, and love your enemies. God is love, and love gives life meaning. Stop judging, and start loving. Ill let you love who you want to love. Just please let me love who I want to love. And I'm not trying to justify my sin. Id just rather live my life, free to be who I am, and be punished for it, than live my life allowing myself to be opressed by society to get into heaven.
Also, stop spending all your time looking at the small verses. You're missing the bigger picture.

Jul 16, 2013
Read Your Bible!!
by: Anonymous

Hello guys,

1 Corinthians 6:9
Leviticus 18:22
Romans 1:26–27

The above verses are just some starter bible verses to look at when it comes to homosexuality.

The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is a sin and it is against God's will. I'm saying this not to say that I'm less of a sinner than the people who practice homosexual lifestyle. I'm saying it because the bible, the word of God itself, says so. The bible also clearly teaches us to love one another like Christ loves us. Therefore, IMHO, we should love the people who practice homosexuality and don't judge them. However, IMHO as well, I don't think the church should bless homosexual marriage. Church can have full of gay / lesbians congregations but I don't think church should give approval of gay / lesbian marriage.

My 2 cents, if you want God's eternal blessing in marriage, you should be aligned with God's standards as well. God's ordained marriage is between one man and one woman. So yeah, for those who practice homosexual lifestyle, you guys can still go to church and receive God's grace but I don't think you should expect God's blessing on your homosexual marriage since God never ordain homosexual marriage at first place.

Rick's comment: Is it really too much, to ask that you anti-gay christians who tell us to read our Bible study the verses you cite against us, 2 Timothy 2:15?

When you rip verses out of context and insist the out of context verse is talking about gays, well, that is kind of pathetic.

What does you shall not lie with a man as with a woman mean?

I'm trying to respect you, really I am but you surely make it difficult.

Jul 19, 2013
Four Questions
by: William Fourie (Youth leader)

My 4 questions for you.

1. if being gay is right then would you marry a man cause we know sex before marriage is a sin so as a Christian you are abstaining for marriage right?

Rick's comment: Hi William and Youth Group - I live a celibate life because I am not partnered. My answer is at this link.

When is it appropriate for a same sex couple to begin a sexual relationship?

2. what are you really defending here, is it the fact that your gay or your a gay christian?

Rick's comment: I am pointing out the fact that anti-gays rip verses out of context and insist that the out of context verses mean something they did not mean in context.

3. you say that there are no verses that say being gay is a sin then brother please give me at least 3 verses that say being gay is right.

Rick's comment: I will be happy to give you 500 verses as soon as you give me three verses which say driving a car is right or riding a motorcycle is right or getting heterosexually married by a denominationally affiliated pastor in a church building is right or getting divorced and remarried and continuing to preach and teach Sunday School is all right.

Get the point yet? You set up a standard for gays which you refuse to apply to most anything you do in your own life. We're not playing that game.

4. what is more important to you, being a blood washed godly man of the most high or being gay

Rick's comment: I am first of all, a sinner justified by grace, Romans 3:24, Titus 3:7, washed in the blood of the Lamb, permanently indwelt by the blessed Holy Ghost, walking in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16.

Second, I am a Bible teacher and a soul-winner who wins the lost to saving faith in Jesus Christ, who then writes Bible studies and distributes the Bible studies for FREE to disciple folks around the world in 185 countries.

I mention being a gay Christian because gays are so frequently attacked by anti-gay Christians who are too lazy to study their Bible in context, 2 Timothy 2:15.

P.S. - its for my youth group they asked me to research the topic for a discussion so please try your best to be fair its for the future of our faith.

Jul 30, 2013
I finally understand
by: Anonymous

I finally understand the homosexuality thing. The whole bible is mistranslated on homosexuality. It's a sin to go against what's natural for you which is what the scripture in Romans means. So if you are a man and sleep with a woman that's un natural for you so that's a sin. The law in leviticus 18:22 was a law that was created to keep the IsraeliteS pure. But since Jesus came we no longer need to do everything thats in the book of Leviticus. I mean do we stone people still and stay clear from women on their menstrual cycles. Um no. Love is for everyone and so is sex as long as it is within marriage. arsenokoitais which is the word used in Corinthians in the original Hebrew text does not mean homosexual. It means man with many bed partners. See the different translations of the bible are completely evil and shut people out the church. Thank you to the creator of this website. I finally understand!!!! For months ive been hung up on this gay people not being able to have sex. I thought that was a little unfair but didn't want to voice that to God and I had no idea how I was gonna speak out about this to the world. But now I understand. Thank you who ever you are!

Jul 31, 2013
by: J

Man's fears and prejudices have created this imaginary sin of homosexuality. The reason why God and his son did not take the time to fully discuss this matter because they simply don't care about sexual orientation. They only care about the Law of Love, like the new testament states. Love is for all and not limited to male and female. God limiting love is a direct contradiction to who he is. Think about it.

You can throw scriptures out here and there but they are all out of context formed, molded, and shaped to fit one's own opinion and not the opinion of God. It's natural for you to not understand something you are not. But it is totally unnatural for you to judge. That is not what God wants. Amen to this website!

Rick's comment: How can I know for sure I am saved?

Are Christians supposed to judge?

Jul 31, 2013
No, it is not
by: Anonymous

I believe that homosexuality is not a sin. I believe that God loves everybody, and that he does not judge you, especially for things you can not help. Also, I would just like to add that none of you actually know what God wants or doesn't want. You have clearly expressed what you BELIEVE God wants, but you do not know that, none of us do; so stop acting like what you're saying is proven fact, because it's not.

Rick's comment: The testimony of the Bible is that God gave us scripture with the intention of revealing Himself to us in a way we can understand. There are many things we can know based on what the Bible says and the leading of the Holy Spirit. For example:

We Can Know We Have Eternal Life

"These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.
1 John 5:13

We Can Know If The Words Of Jesus Are True

"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself." John 7:17

See also Matthew 22:16, Mark 12:14, Luke 20:21,

Are Christians supposed to judge?

Aug 04, 2013
What is Love?
by: Anonymous

This comment is not meant to offend anyone of their beliefs. I am not against homosexuals but I also do not agree with their lifestyle. I just had to state something for the record. We should not base our love for someone off of a feeling. There are many ways a person can feel about another but when it comes to love, that is a different story. For example, I love my husband but I choose to love him. I chose to spend the rest of my life with him and therefore by making that choice, it takes effort on both our parts to make our love stronger so we can endure life's obstacles. Any relationship is hard work but it is done out of choice and should not be done out of obligation, otherwise, there is not much love out of obligation. So in a sense, do we choose who to love and who not to love? We are all born with a sinful nature and all have a sense of right and wrong. I had the opportunity to be a lesbian and chose not to because I know it is wrong. I'll probably be condemned for what I have just said but that does not matter. There are many people who have quoted scriptures and other things on here to try to make their point but sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes I think we should just explain how we feel without condemning everyone for their choices/beliefs because no matter how hard we try to get points across a certain way, there is always going to be a select few who will always disagree. But the Bible says that we are to pray for everyone and so I do and it doesn't matter the lifestyle, their beliefs, or where they live. I am not a judgmental person and it is not right for anybody to judge others for anything for we will be judged for judging them. We should all CHOOSE to love one another because that it was what God wants.

Aug 10, 2013
This is why
by: Anonymous

We believe it's not a sin because we can't help the fact that we are homosexuals. And God created us all so he made us homosexuals, it's not our choice.

Aug 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

But didn't God create us with free will to choose whatever or however to our lives? You just contradicted your own comment. We can't help we are sinners either but that doesn't mean we should continue to try to sin. We were born with freedom of choice. It is up to us on how we should live our lives.

Rick's comment: I agree we are born with freedom of choice for our actions. If you mean to imply that someone can choose not to be homosexual, there is no science or even experience which indicates that.

Even Allan Chambers, long-time President of Exodus International, admits that although he is heterosexually married, he still struggles with attraction to men.

All of us CAN choose to trust the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved - God does leave that choice up to us.

Aug 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

Okay Rick, I understand what you are saying but I don't agree with it. Yes a person can struggle with desires of homosexuality but there is a reason he/she chose the heterosexual lifestyle. I have many (and I mean many) personal friends who used to live the homosexual lifestyle and are now heterosexual and still struggle with those past feelings but they don't regret being heterosexual because they know they have made the right choice. It is like trying to quit a drug. It is a struggle and sometimes we succumb to our struggles and give up but that is now what God wants us to do. So you say you can't help that you are homosexual. Did you give up on the heterosexual lifestyle or not try it? Changing any kind of lifestyle is a struggle. Just eating healthy when a person is used to eating junk food all the time is a struggle.

Rick's comment: I do not believe you when you say:

"I have many (and I mean many) personal friends who used to live the homosexual lifestyle and are now heterosexual and still struggle with those past feelings but they don't regret being heterosexual..."

Your statement is so absurd I am shaking my head. Heterosexuals do NOT struggle with same sex temptations and homosexuals do NOT struggle with opposite sex temptations.

This website contains truthful information if you're seeking truth. If you're flogging an anti-gay agenda, as so many commenters are, then you will not like this website very much.

Aug 16, 2013
by: jay

Homosexuality is a sin. It always has been, and it always will be. The inspired New Testament writers repeatedly teach that to be the case. Jesus explained that the Holy Spirit would bring to the inspired writers information that they could not handle at the time of His departing. In addition, Jesus did explicitly define marriage as being between one man and one woman. The ruse to suggest that Jesus approves of homosexuality because He never expressly condemned it cannot be sustained logically, nor can it be defended on any type of moral grounds.

Rick's comment: Jay, your straw man argument will not work here. We do not make the "ruse" argument you attempt to debunk.

I note that you avoided answering the question: When did you make a decision to be heterosexual instead of homosexual?

The person who presumes to claim to be a Christian, and yet supports homosexuality, misunderstands the teachings of Christ and needs to repent and stop approving of a perverted, destructive practice that Jesus condemns (Matthew 19:1-9).

Rick's comment: Oh Jay, that is so slick! You stop at verse 9 because if you read on through to verse 12, you would have to admit that Jesus specifically exempted eunuchs - gays, from the Adam and Eve marriage paradigm.

Nov 07, 2013
by: Lizzy

You guys are seriously saying he's making a 'fool of your god'? All because of Homosexuality? Who the hell are you guys to determine what's right and wrong? Homosexuality is a sexual orientation, just as he said in this article thing above. And who said it's wrong? God?

...And, you wanna talk about Homosexuality being a sin? Oh, okay. Well, if you get your hair cut, trimmed, shave your face OR legs, or any hair on your body for that matter, you have committed a sin.

If you've ever eaten steak, Bacon, Gyros, ANY kind of animal with a hove, you have sinned. Women aren't allowed to speak in church, or shall be condemned to hell. Wanna know something else about you God lovers? You're not allowed to get a divorce. It's a sin against God. So, tell me why 80 percent of America is Christian, but the divorce rate here is 50 percent?

So, I'm guessing that a majority of you have done one of these points in your life time. If you wanna diss on Homosexuality because it is a 'sin', you better be a perfect... saint. There's no point on being an ass---- and a hypocrite.

Nov 11, 2013
stop judging!

I am so tired of people using Leviticus as a clobber passage against gays. It is so childish and ignorant; I feel silly having to remind you people that those laws are now obsolete along with the ban of pork, shellfish, mixed fibers in clothing and the list of other laws that you are ignoring every day of your life.

Being gay is something a heterosexual person--no matter how supportive or anti gay you are--will NEVER understand.

God has allowed centuries to pass since the Bible was written. In that ancient time, there was no love connected to the idea of two people of the same gender sharing intimacy--it was pure lust or idolatry--two things that are detestable to God. Nothing stays stagnant when that much time passes--food, clothes, art, transportation, medicine etc. evolves--and so does acceptance of diversity!

Could you imagine if every homosexual were to go through life watching all their straight friends falling in love, marrying and having a wonderful life while they go home every night to nothing? Does being celibate, lonely and depressed sound appealing to you? Love, affection, intimacy, companionship--these are all BASIC HUMAN NEEDS--it's scientifically proven. Did you ever consider how the rate of depression, drug use and prostitution would skyrocket if the acceptance of gays were denied?

Open your minds and understand the context around those very few biblical passages that touch up on homosexuality (there are only 6 or 7 in the entire Bible) and ask yourself if it even remotely correlates to today's happy long term same sex relationships that are not harming anyone, but rather, improving society. BEING GAY IS NOT A CHOICE! Realize for once in your life that we are all different and the most important commandment Jesus left us with is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Dec 20, 2013
You are right, Rick
by: Lisa W.

I've researched your site and found your studies compelling and right on the money. You've changed my mind. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

I was raised Jerry Falwell Baptist with talking points and scriptures pulled out of context. I started questioning things and became the black sheep of the family.

I read the quoted scriptures on the rapture and decided the doctrine was weak and the actual verses were talking about the second coming.

I read Ezekiel 38 and thought it sounded a lot like the description of the Battle of Armageddon. I always thought the Beast was not European but from the Middle East. All of these points I changed my opinion on because I read and studied the Word in context.

So I have two good friends who are gay. One was raised in the Church and hates Christianity. I remember my straight friends saying that gay is outside nature, masturbation is outside nature as the animals don't do either. Then I researched on my own and found that animals are homosexual and they do masturbate.

I also have always thought that the gay friends I have and the lesbians I know are so obviously homosexual no one could help but realize it. I began to question my longstanding belief that homosexuality was wrong.

I came upon your website in my quest for the truth and you put it all together for me to study. I think you are 100% right.

I am so ashamed of my past treatment of gays and the present treatment of gays by so many in the name of Christ. Their ignorance and hate is turning away so many who might find peace in Christ.

I have now turned into a defender of my gay friends on Facebook and proclaim my support of the gay community in the love of Christ. My gay friends don't know what to do with the libertarian
Christian who doesn't condemn them. I referred them to your site. Hopefully they'll read it.

My prayers are with you, Rick. Your message is so very needed. I just hope and pray that others will consider the truth you have shown and repent for the way they treat GLBT people.

Hey Anonymous, you need to put aside your own ideas and read the scripture with an open mind.

Rick's comment: Thanks Lisa W. Your comments made my day! You are a blessing!

Dec 31, 2013
Just an observation
by: C. Shreve

Rick, After browsing this site and reading your responses - it really seems you are more focused on justifying your lifestyle than seeking God. Keep seeking amigo. God bless. - C.

Rick's comment: Just an observation: Interpreting scripture based on biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context is not justifying anyone's lifestyle. It is normal Christian behavior.

That keeping things in context seems like something else to you indicates you do not place a high priority on getting God's truth right. I do hope you too will keep seeking in 2014.

Jan 03, 2014
Just an observation
by: C. Shreve

"Interpreting scripture based on biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context is not justifying anyone's lifestyle."

But this isn't what's happening at all. Extreme and questionable interpretations are being used to change the meaning of scripture - in a notably biased way.

Take it to God. Ask Him if this is truly His heart or yours.

Rick's comment: Hello C. Shreve - Extreme and questionable interpretations? Is it possible that you call it that because you are unfamiliar with God's truth and scripture rightly divided?

My observation is that you have not read or studied enough to conclude that the beliefs presented on this website are extreme and questionable. They differ from your views apparently but your views are not based on what the Bible says in context. If they were, you and I would be in basic agreement.

Jan 04, 2014
Just an observation...
by: C. Shreve

"They differ from your views apparently but your views are..."

It's not really my views that matter amigo. It's the Word of God that does. To point Rick - could you please give an example of what a Biblical scripture would have to say (in Greek) for you to accept the idea that homosexuality is wrong?

Thank you, Love in Christ. - C

Rick's comment: When people in the 21st century read Lev 18:22 or 20: 13 or Romans 1:26-27, some of them automatically think, they must be talking about homosexuals. Then, based on no further study of the context and meaning of God's word, they assume they know the truth.

Yet Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 were talking about shrine prostitutes, not gays and not lesbians.

Romans 1:26-27 was also talking about cult or shrine or temple prostitutes, not lesbians and not gay men. Please click on the text links for in depth explanations.

To answer your specific question, there were many ancient Latin and Greek words Paul could have used had he intended to condemn gays and lesbians. Yet Paul used none of those words. The text link lists the words and provides explanation in detail. Hope this is helpful C. Shreve.

Jan 04, 2014
I don't understand

I dont understand... thats like forcing a straight person to like the same sex... why should a homosexual be forced to be straight? You cant force a preference on someone... if you dont like garlic and onions you dont like it point blank... so to try to say everyone should be straight is crap to me... if its a natural thing it just it...some people arent sexually attracted to the opposite sex some people arent sexually attracted to the same... ok cool let it be... me personally im not at all and dont see myself with a man or even bein sexually attracted to one at all....and to force someone or say they should be totally opposite of what their preference is is very uncomfortable.

Jan 10, 2014
Strongs number g4202: porneia
by: Greyson

I apologize if this has been brought up before, but I couldn't bring myself to read through all of the comments, mostly because of the ignorance my fellow "Christian" brothers and sisters exhibit in there posts. The Greek word "porneia" is used 26 times in 24 verses of the Greek New Testament. The definition of porneia (looks a bit like another word we know) is defined as, in general, illicit sexual intercourse. The interesting thing about this word "porneia" is that it is all encompassing of any and every illicit sexual behavior from lust (adultery in our hearts), to sex outside of marriage, to homosexuality, to beastiality and beyond. This word was used in the red letters by Jesus himself to describe how "porneia," among other things, defile a person from within (Mark 7:20-23). I do agree that being oriented as a homosexual is not, in and of itself, a sin. And, truthfully, I have mixed feelings as to whether I can say it is something we are born with or something circumstantial. I lean more towards homosexuality (I feel like I'm describing a disease which seems just as degrading) being something people are "born with." However, I don't feel that the innate desire to be with someone of the same sex justifies the actual committal of the act. I am married and straight. I have an innate desire to have sex with every female I find attractive. It is a sin for me to do so, and I have to fight the urge to even look at a woman lustfully because that is "porneia" just as much as I believe it is a sin for two people of the same sex to be "together" (I use quotes because I am also on the fence as to whether porneia includes relationships without the intimacy so together here refers to intercourse.) Thankfully, Jesus came to offer grace and forgiveness where we fall short. I wish I had friends with whom I could have this conversation, but my gay friends, understandably as evidenced by many people here, strongly dislike Christians and our Chriatainity, so I get to try and have this conversation with you!

Rick's comment: Hi Greyson -

1. Nowhere in Bible is porneia used to describe homosexuality. You assume that because someone you read assumed that, without any evidence.

2. What many assume to be homosexuality is really shrine prostitution.

3. You do not have an innate (inborn) desire to have sex with every attractive woman you see.

4. Is it possible you cannot discuss this with gay folks because they see through your false assumptions?

5. May I encourage you to read more of this website for perspectives you have not considered? Many thanks Greyson.

Jan 16, 2014
Not ashamed of the gospel of Christ
by: Erik

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

No doubt we are living in the last days! Romans 1:16ff. - King James Version

16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith...

Rick's comment: Hi Erik - how is your book coming along?

Jan 28, 2014
it isn't a choice!
by: anon.

Okay I have nothing wrong with people who believe that it is a sin to be a homosexual but I would just like to point out that it isn't a choice. You can't wake up one morning and decide to be gay! It has been known for quite some time now that the cause of homosexuality is an imbalance of hormones while the feteus is still growing. No one but God has control over thoes hormones. So you believe whatever you want but don't say that people choose to be homosexual because they can't!

Jan 30, 2014
by: Tim

Sodom and Gomorrah were set to be destroyed long before the Bible even talked of the men and the angels. The angels were there to warn Lot of the city's destruction. And it was gang rape not homosexuality. Funny how people like to get that messed up.

Feb 02, 2014
by: Rich

Please excuse me if you already addressed this before. I spent a little time and am trying to see where you and others are coming from.

1. Are you saying it is ok with God to have lustful (sexual) thoughts torwards someone? (Homosexual or heterosexual)

Rick's comment: I am saying that if you are partnered with or married to someone, it is normal and natural to sexually desire your partner.

2. Are you saying there is any time it is ok with God to have homosexual sex? Thank you for answering.

Rick's comment: Yes, that is what I am saying, for example: When is it appropriate for a same sex couple to begin a sexual relationship?

I answer many related questions on our Gay Christian FAQ page.

Feb 05, 2014
Let me be who I am

I am a homosexual and it is the most unfair thing in the world to judge people on who they are attracted to. How can you skip over the 30 or more verses in the bible that say to not judge others and only pay attention to the 5 that object against Homosexuality!

Feb 08, 2014
by: Lost in your own sin much?

Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. Sex outside of marriage is a SIN. Therfore a MAN and a MAN cannot be married in the eyes of the Lord, same goes for woman and woman.

So you can not have SEX outside of marriage thefore Gay Sex is a SIN like anyother. Same for heterosexuals, no sex outside of marriage. Finding ways to justify your sin won't save you in the end. Do not twist the word of my Lord.

If you truly are a believer then repent and seek the Lord for help overcoming your demon. Though if you are not a true believer then continue on as is. You will get yours come the day the book of life is opened.

Rick's comment: When you dismount from your high horse, may I encourage you to read, memorize and obey 2 Timothy 2:15? And in case it hasn't occurred to you yet, please do not believe everything you think. Many thanks.

Feb 10, 2014
Just an odd question
by: C. Shreve

Rick, Been a while but I just thought I'd check back. Was wondering if you had a chance to pray or think about what we discussed. God bless, C.

Rick's comment: Hi C - if you'll scroll down to the Dec 31, 2013 and Jan 3, 2014 and Jan 4, 2014 comments, you'll see that I did answer your comments.

C - I'm wondering if you've taken the time and made the effort to learn more about what the Bible says on these issues. When you encountered truth on this website with which you were unfamiliar, you jumped to the conclusion that I was attempting to "justify my lifestyle."

I hope you are willing to joyfully embrace the ethos of 2 Timothy 2:15 in the KJV - and study to shew yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Thanks for stopping by.

Feb 15, 2014
To Rick Brentlinger
by: Rodrigo Hernandez

Rick, if homosexuality is not a sin, then why where Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed? Heterosexual relationships are the the only acceptable relationships in the eyes of God and it is the only type of relationship that can procreate life.

in the other hand, homosexuality is an abomination that can only give those who practice it a deadly venereal disease like AIDS. To those who argue that God created them homosexuals stop lying to yourselves. you decided to embrace your sin just like the devil or Satan decided to rebel against God. God did not created Lucifer evil, he became evil by his own choice.

And Rick, i have read the majority of your comments and the only thing that i have gathered from them is that you are only cherry-picking the parts of the bible that best suits you.

Rick's comment: Hi Rodrigo - If you seek truth, it is available on this website. You can read about Sodom and Gomorrah by clicking on the NavBar Link.

I hope you know that ignorance is not a fruit of God's Holy Spirit. More heterosexuals have AIDS than homosexuals.

Cherry picking parts of the Bible Rodrigo, really? When are you lazy christians going to stop your demented crusade against your gay brothers and lesbian sisters? When are you going to obey 2 Timothy 2:15 and rightly divide the word of truth?

Feb 21, 2014
a curious question
by: John Fountain

I know it says that a man shall not lie down next a man as a woman to a woman.

Rick's comment: Hi John - that's the problem. It does NOT say that. Here are the two verses at issue.

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13

1. All scripture is given in context.

2. Ripping verses out of context so you can say they mean something they did not mean in context is dishonest.

3. The context of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 is Shrine Prostitutesand also worshiping goat idols.

Well, all my life I have benn put down so much by women because they must believe I'm so ugly. So if I'm not attractive enough to be with girls maybe I should just give up on them. My Mother keeps telling me, your so handsome. I wish I could believe that but I just can't. I love her and try to take of her the best that I can. I don't want to hurt her fellings. I get these attracted feelings towards the same sex. Tell me what I need to do? Please help me because I'm so scared and confused about myself. I don't want to go on in life with this on my mind.

Rick's comment: I encourage you to make sure you are saved. Then go to our FREE Downloads page and start doing the FREE Bible Studies there.

Feb 22, 2014
responding back
by: John Fountain

Thank you so much. You answered my question. Forgive me for my conduct. I hope you will forgive me.

Feb 22, 2014
I think it's a strong compulsive addiction
by: David

First of all i am not homophobic, as a matter of fact i share the same apartment with a homosexual person or let me say a bisexual because i have seen him shag a girl before ..

However , homosexuality pose a great challenge to christians .. As christians, i believe we are meant to conduct our self in a christ like manner but thou shall not judge is the word of the father or ye shall be judged in the same manner..

Everybody as a free will , it's probably the greatest gift after salvation .. You can't blame a man for falling in love with a man neither can you blame a woman for falling in love with a woman.

As a matter of fact, biblically and morally there is nothing wrong about this but what do you think about crossing the boundary starting from a moral point of view ? Does it make sense sharing sexual intimacy with the same sex ? if your answer is yes , then my next question is for what reason ? are you fulfilling Gods plan for sex ?

Can man and man procreate ? Can woman and woman procreate ? If your answer is no , then why do you think it's a right thing to do ?

With regards to the claim that some people where born with a particular sexual orientation , this is totally false as advocates try to shift the blame from Parenting guidance and control ...

I have lived with a gay man for almost a year now, i used to believe as a lay man that those caught up with the lifestyle have brain disorder which was totally wrong n homophobic but now i know the problem as to do with PLEASURE DERIVE OVER TIME , WHICH LEADS TO A STRONG COMPULSIVE ADDICTION...

Inconclusion , I wouldn't codenm someone based on there sexual orientation because i'm not better than them in any away , i got my own sins too, i understand where the problem is coming from , everybody as a weakness but clamouring for acceptance is away of validating the Addiction .. God help us all

Rick's comment: Hi David - I believe you are wrong on most of what you said. I hope you will read more of this website because I believe it will be helpful to your understanding.

Feb 25, 2014
by: J

I have no idea if you got my first submission. my computer messed up. But i have nothing against same sex marriage, relationships, love or sex within marriage. Your website has brought me into a full understanding and so has the word of God. Thank You. I give thanks to God for you.

My question is why didn't God simply spell out in his word that homosexuality is not a sin. It certainly would help those who refuse to read the God's word in context. The only answer I came up with is that it simply wasn't a issue in biblical times. Or that God has a reason but has chosen not to reveal why. God is God and he is sovereign. He does't have to tell us why. After all the truth is more powerful than why.

And the truth is there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. In fact we need to throw out that word as well as bi and transgender because those words are not in God's vocabulary. We are all God's creation or for those who believe in Jesus we are God's children.

Has God spoken to you on the reason why he just didn't spell out in his word that homosexuality is ok?

Rick's comment: Hello J - I believe there are logical and persuasive answers to your question. 1. God did spell out that being gay is not a sin by NEVER telling us that being gay is a sin. 2. God mentions pagan same sex activity in worship of the fertility goddess as sin but NEVER does God say that two gays in committed relationship are sinning. 3. Perhaps God assumed that no one would be so frivolous as to rip verses out of context, like the anti-gay crowd does and then insist that the out of context verses mean something they NEVER meant in context.

Feb 27, 2014
Just my two cents
by: Joseph C. Adams

First and foremost, I would like to make very clear that I am in no way offended by or opposed to homosexuality. I myself am heterosexual, but I don't have a problem with those who are openly gay. I just thought I'd comment on this because of the discussion that's been going on for years. There are many different subjects to this argument, and I intend only to offer my opinion on one: Whether God "spelled out in His own words" if homosexuality is wrong or not. I don't take sides, I prefer to remain neutral altogether, therefore I'll do my best to remain impartial. No, God didn't "spell out in His own words" that homosexuality is wrong. He didn't "spell out in His own words" that it's okay, and that He's all for it either. God doesn't tend to clarify many things, (usually just commandments,) not to mention the Bible was translated several times, and it was written in Greek; there's plenty of room for translation errors and the like.

The Bible was written by men, not God, and there's room for misunderstanding there. It is also written in chiastic structure, (ABCCBA) which is a poem based sentence structure. Nearly everything written in a poem structure has hidden meanings, and much of the understanding is left to the interpreter. Therefore, the Bible doesn't necessarily say homosexuality is or isn't wrong, because it could've just disappeared somewhere along the journey the book's made over the past several millennia. Just felt this would be interesting.

Rick's comment: These links will be helpful to hearts hungry for God's truth.

1. What must I do to be saved?

2. What did Jesus believe about the Bible?

3. Why should I believe the Bible?

Mar 09, 2014
From Gods book of knowledge


Rick's comment: It is time to move beyond your knee-jerk reactions and your proclamations about what is truth, to God's truth in context. Based upon no study, you have concluded that you know what Romans 1 is talking about.

Calm down. Take a deep breath and force yourself to study the Bible, especially Romans 1. A text without a context is a pretext for teaching something that is not true.

Mar 10, 2014
I find it insulting
by: Chad Bouma

Rick I have been reading through these comments and am truly amazed how you belittle those who do not agree with your opinion's. As a person that tries to spend a lot of time in my bible I find it insulting for you to tell me I am reading things out of context. It is not me who is trying to make an elaborate play on words to twist the bible to fit my will.

The stance on homosexuality in the bible is very clear. And we are not bigots for calling a sin a sin. We have been instructed to hate the sin and love the sinner.

Rick's comment: Hi Chad - finally, a commenter who actually reads the Bible. The point of this website is that people take verses out of context in their zeal to go after gays. That is just plain wrong. I know that you as a serious Christian are just as concerned that we not take verses out of context to prove a lie. You are too honest to do that.

It is also sad you keep telling people to read your website as some kind of proof that explains away a sin. Your biased website filled with twisted interpretations is proof of nothing. The bible however is a valid source and is in fact very clear on the matter.

Rick's comment: I refer commenters to my website because I have hundreds of pages of carefully sourced information which answers their demand for proof. If proof to support my assertions is available, that proof is important to point out, right Chad?

You are the very example of the false witnesses the bible warned us about. Your words are directly leading to the demise of others. And even if one chooses to ignore or attempt to explain away homosexuality wouldn't common sense say there would mention of accepted homosexual relationships within God's people in the bible in the hundreds of relationships that are wrote about if it was ok by God?

Rick's comment: The Bible has interesting things to say about David and Jonathan.

Mar 10, 2014
David and Jonathan
by: Chad Bouma

There is absolutely nothing in the bible that states or indicates that David and Jonathan had a homosexual relationship. The bible clearly states that they were very close true friends that loved each other. To say there was more to it than that would be adding something to the story that is not written in the bible.

Many men have very close trusted friends that they love and look at like brothers. Nothing homosexual about that.

Once again you seem to be trying to twist something to fit your agenda. The bible is our guide on how to live a life that is pleasing to God. It is not some big riddle that needs some genius to decode. It is pretty clear for the most part.

Rick's comment: Hi Chad - is it possible you missed a few verses about Jonathan and David. For example:

1. Did you know that an eyewitness to Jonathan and David's relationship thought they were in a sexual relationship. 1 Samuel 20:30, AND the Holy Spirit recorded his accusation as part of inspired scripture.

2. Did you know that David describes Jonathan's love for him as better than the love of women? 2 Samuel 1:25

Are you misquoting scripture about Jonathan and David?

Mar 10, 2014
by: Chad Bouma

No place in that verse does it say there was an eyewitness to homosexuality. You may want read that one again. And a man can say he loves a man without it having a homosexual meaning.

No place on this entire website have you added something that proved homosexuality is not a sin. You have added a few theories and far fetched at that.

I really hope you can take a deep look at what you are doing here. You are trying to push your opinions as fact. There may be confused people looking for answers that wind up on this site. If they listen to your twist of the bible you could very well be leading them down a path to hell? Or maybe that is what you are trying to achieve?

Rick's comment: No problem Chad. I thought you were willing to read and study instead of offering knee-jerk reactions. Oh well, live and learn.

Mar 10, 2014
Everything changes
by: anonymous

I was abused as a young girl by a boy and a girl family member over the course of four years. It left a huge hole in my heart and left me very mad at the world and confused. My first sexual experience was with a woman and I am a woman. I always thought guys were cute but was very interested in women. I was addicted to pornography, drugs, and an alcoholic.

Almost a year ago I lost my grandfather and the seriousness of life and eternity hit me. I came under strong conviction for salvation. I fought like a trooper for a month or so. Mainly out of fear. I know now that it was satan trying to keep me from Christ. Amazing how God can enlighten us and renew our hearts!!!! I cried out for salvation one night and everything changed.

My eyes were opened for the first time. No more pain in my heart or sadness, no more shame - an all new me!!!!! As of December of last year I am now happily married to a man. I have no desire for women. I am sober and was baptized a month ago and am now a member of a local new testament church. I do believe that considering my life, we all make a choice. God speaks to our heart and we must decide to lay aside all of our wants and let Him live through us. Stepping out into faith was the scariest thing I have ever done, but also the best.

Just pray for God to live through you and He will show you what He really wants for you and in turn in His sovereignty, He will bring you complete peace and happiness. But we have to live by His will, not our own. It is possible, I am the proof!

Rick's comment: What a sweet testimony of God's amazing grace in salvation. God delivered you from porn, drugs and alcohol - what a blessing!

Thank you for not claiming that God changed your sexual orientation when He saved you. Experimenting sexually when you are young and/or being sexually confused due to sexual abuse is different than being an innate gay or lesbian. I praise God that you are happily married. May God abundantly bless your family as you walk the path of His purpose for your lives.

Mar 11, 2014
stop the hate
by: no

just please stop the hate. get out of peoples business. people are KILLING THEMSELVES over these kinds of comments.

Mar 30, 2014
The obvious
by: Ray

Homosexuals do not believe that homosexuality is a sin because they do not want to. They will always believe it is not a sin because that is what they want to believe. To this end, anything and everything will be twisted to say that it is not a sin. This includes the bible, science, you name it.

In order to find out the truth with anything, you have to come with an open mind. Homosexuals come with a closed mind, and will only believe what they want regarding the matter.
Others however, come in an honest way and have no inbuilt bias. They are prepared to accept the facts wherever they lead, and do not have to twist things to get them to say what they want.

Twisting things does not alter the truth, just the perception of it to the way homosexuals want it.

Rick's comment: Hello Ray - When someone accuses me of twisting things concerning gay issues, I know that they have never studied the issues in question. You labor under several delusions.

1. You assume that truths you've never heard before equates to gays twisting things.

2. You assume that if someone disagrees with you (a man who has never studied these issues), people who disagree with you must be wrong, in spite of the fact that you've done no study to see if they are wrong.

Ray, in the real world, truth is truth regardless of your uninformed opinion. I regret to point out, you appear to have an inbuilt bias against truth. Thanks for stopping by.

Apr 01, 2014
On homosexuality
by: Sceptic

Is it the case that Christians believe homosexuality is a sin.. or not? Surely this is a 'yes' or 'no' type question. In fact I have phrased the question poorly. it is not a question of belief, is it. could somebody far more knowledgeable than me clarify what the Bible's position is on homosexuality? Is this perhaps an instance where the Bible IS actually clear and unambiguous on something, or am I being naive and silly?

Rick's comment: Hi Sceptic - this website does what you've asked someone to do. In brief, some Christians who have never studied the clobber passages do believe that homosexuality is a sin.

Many Christians who have studied the clobber passages have concluded that God and the Bible do not condemn gays and lesbians and transsexuals. Context is vitally important because a verse without a context is a pretext for teaching something that is not true. Hope this is helpful.

Apr 26, 2014
I believe God doesn't exist
by: David Nagelhout

I find all of this hilarious. Going back and forth about what the bible says about homosexuality, when it's all a bunch of crap. Keep in mind people that most of you (I can't say anything about the idiotic people who are "born again") were raised from birth and brainwashed to believe these fantasies. You know what happens when you die? Nothing. There is no God, heaven, or hell. You just decompose and become one with the Earth again. Your consciousness does not fly into the sky and live on for eternity because your consciousness died when your brain did. I know for a lot of people that is scary and I know we all wish we will see our loved ones again, but realize these lies have been created out of a lack of understanding and fear of the unknown. It's time to put an end to all religion, as nothing good comes from it. Toodles. :-)

Rick's comment: Hi David - thanks for commenting. I wonder if you consider yourself to be a good person? If you do, here is a test to see if you are in fact, a good person. Saved or a good person?

Apr 27, 2014
If gay is okay, is God contradicting Himself?
by: Jonathan

My question is this: if God did create gays, then wouldn't He be contradicting himself when He created Adam and Eve, or when Jesus reiterated what Adam said how a man will cleave to his wife? Is He contradicting creation itself?

Rick's comment: Hi Jonathan - No, God is perfectly capable of creating most people hetero and some people homo. Is it contradictory for the Bible to affirm that some people are celibate, Matthew 19:10-12, 1 Cor 7:1-9, while also affirming marriage? No, both represent our human reality just as gay and not gay represent our human reality.

The Flood story also puts heavy emphasis on the male and female animals of every kind, since reproduction produces offspring. Wouldn't the assumption that God creates gay animals also contradictory to creation?

Rick's comment: Not at all. The idea that everyone has to be hetero or God is contradictory is a false conclusion. The idea that every animal has to be hetero or God is contradictory is a false conclusion. Both are facts so both can be true without contradicting each other.

I've also read Lev. 30, in context and how it's worded. It lists all sorts of sexual sins. When I get to, 'man shall not lie with man' (18) it doesn't give a specific act, it's just general, like it's encompassing, and forbids, every form of homesexuality. How can gay sex be acceptable if God Himself declares it, broadly, that it's forbidden?

Rick's comment: All scripture is given in a biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic literary and religious context. The context of Lev 18:22 and 20:13 is the Holiness Code, which encompasses Leviticus chapters 17-26. The context of the Holiness Code is cult prostitution, also known as shrine prostitution or temple prostitution. Hope this is helpful Jonathan.

Shrine prostitutes in Leviticus

Lev 17:7 and goat idols, part 1

Lev 17:7 and goat idols, part 2

May 05, 2014
100 vs. 7
by: me

There are over 100 scriptures about adultery and 7 on homosexuality. What do you have to say about that since you haters are soooo smart.

Rick's comment: Just for the record, when read in context, there are no verses in the Bible which condemn being gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgendered.

Isn't it all about sex for you gays and lesbians?

May 22, 2014
by: Diamantis

For all of you who say it's a choice to be gay, did you make a choice to be straight? God created us, and if being gay was a sin, He would have made it a choice. But He DIDN'T. Those bible verses that you love to quote: Leviticus does condemn homosexuality, but as you will recall, Leviticus is a part of the old Jewish laws, which Christ came to abolish and give us new commandments.

Rick's comment: Leviticus does not condemn homosexuality. It is talking about shrine prostitutes, not gays and lesbians.

In Corinthians, the passage that describes who will not enter Heaven, in the ORIGINAL Koine Greek text, the word that is mistranslated as homosexual is "arsenikoites". This word does not actually have an English equivalent. This word is in fact referring to the male prostitutes that served in the Artemision of Ephesus, which was the largest temple of Artemis in the Mediterranean. And as a closing, you'll recall Jesus Himself said nothing regarding homosexuality vs heterosexuality.

Rick's comment: What does arsenokoitai mean?

May 26, 2014
No Excuse For It
by: BlueBell

Most homosexuals use the excuse "I (we) were born that way" but there is no scientific proof that they are. They need to read their Bible and see what it says about homosexuality (in context) and repent of their sin. It's a good thing that murderers don't use the excuse of "being born that way"!

Rick's comment: LOL, I gently remind you that ignorance is NOT the fruit of the Spirit.

May 26, 2014
How do u know?
by: j

Bluebell and all other "straight" people who can't understand, how do u know gay people are not born that way when you have never spent a day being gay. The Bible doesn't say that gay people choose to be gay so your argument is weak. Read the bible in its context and stop following man's traditions. If you have never liked the same sex how can you be for sure it's a choice and not part of who you are. You must be basing your opinion on the status quo. The point is you don't know! Your claim that the Bible says so is not truth!

May 29, 2014
I disagree with Rick
by: Pocketleaf

I disagree with Rick. You should not take the time to enjoy your teen life. This thinking is completely Satanic. If you keep letting the snowball roll downhill, it will gain speed and eventually be unstoppable.

Rick's comment: You are responding to my Comment of Feb 15, 2012. I'm not sure why you think a teenager should not take time to enjoy his or her life. Your accusation that this idea is Satanic is quite silly. Some day when you grow up, perhaps you will have more common sense.

Jun 19, 2014
What is going on in this world?
by: Rob1234

Mr Rick i read all the comments above and when other people give you some valid points you seem to reject them by mentioning the word 'context'. I am an Ethiopian and our bible is written in our language (Amharic) and it clearly states that Homosexuality is a sin... So please give me a relpy.

PS: In Ethiopian law if a person is found to be homosexual he or she will be sentenced for 17 years in prison. just for general knowledge.

Rick's comment: Hi Rob - the answers are on this website. I encourage you to invest more time and study. Check out my Gay Christian FAQ and the pages on the NavBar under, What The Bible Says. Many thanks.

Jun 21, 2014
Why omit 80% of my comment?
by: rob1234

Mr Rick Why did you omit almost 80% of my comment? you know i made some powerful points so you cut them out so other viewers can't know the truth. You are a wolf hiding in a sheep skin. i thought this was an honest christian forum but i am wrong you are disgrace to Christianity. So the devil is now succeeding in dividing us so congratulations for helping him.May God have mercy on you!!!!!

Rick's comment: Hi Rob - when a commenter uses an Anonymous Proxy to hide his real IP address OR makes comments using fake names and different IP addresses (Ethiopia for example), that sends up red flags for me.

Beyond the Anonymous Proxy issue, I no longer post comments from people who quote the clobber passages as their argument. I've already posted hundreds of similar comments by people who refuse to interpret the Bible in context. No need to keep posting them since I've already answered those comments on the website multiple times.

Are you saved by the blood of God's Lamb?

Jul 15, 2014
Aren't we all born sinners?
by: Paw

The one who's gay is just the same as the one who's straight! To me...being gay, straight, or whatever isn't a choice-choice. I thought that it was a choice, but I had to re-read the Bible and it says that we're born this way...meaning we're born sinners! This is a fight between the soul...we have this subconscious fight everyday since day 1. I learned my gay knowledge by a youtube guy named Davey Wavey...it isn't a conscious decision since we are born into Adam's World! What saddens me is people who call themselves "Christians" kicking their children out or killing the gay man or woman...It's like Salem all over again! They use Leviticus 18:22 yet forget Matthew 5:44. Jesus died for everyone's sin! I even went to a recovery group (I'm not gay, but I've been tempted to be gay) those don't work...how can a human remove a sin? That's why many of those groups don't work! I now don't think being gay is a 100% decision...if someone lives in San Francisco, they'll see these actions everyday. If someone lives in Mississippi...they won't even know about it, It's a nature v. nurture scenario. I would even like to call GLBT GLBTQ...because everyone wants to ask about the eternal question "is being gay natural or not"?

PS-If there's a religion that's truly opposed to the life of the GLBT (I'd rather call it that than LGBT) It'd be Islam.

Rick's comment: Hi Paw - I encourage you to read this website. There is a lot of info which will be helpful as you puzzle over the gay issue.

Jul 27, 2014
Why do Christians REFUSE to believe that homosexuality is not a sin?
by: Teddy

I came to your site looking for some answers. I've noticed that Christians absolutely, positively, categorically REFUSE to believe that homosexuality is not a sin and they are not even willing to entertain the idea. WHY? I equate it to white supremacists who refuse to believe that people of color are their equals. They hold on to it tight as if their lives depended on it.

Also, how do anti-gay Christians respond when people list other sins (wearing mixed fabrics, having sex with women during their menstrual cycle, eating seafood, divorce etc) in an effort to get them to see things another way? These other "sins" are clearly written in the Bible, yet anti-Gay Christians ignore these. WHY?

Aug 28, 2014
An Update
by: John Fountain

Hello Rick. It's been awhile since we spoke. Well I'm in a new church called Pinecrest Baptist Curch. It's a small church but it's okay. My pastor is real good. But I am still struggling with my problem with having attractions for the same-sex. I'm still not interested in women. I'm still single and of course happy but still confused. I'm considering going into celibacy since I can't be with the same sex. I guess I have no choice. What advice can you give me? Please will you pray for me and this difficult decision? Can I give you another update later? Thank you and God bless you.

Rick's comment: Hi John - great to hear from you. My advice is on the Gay Christian FAQ page which I hope you will read. And Yes, you are welcome to keep in touch and let me know how things are going and what the Lord is doing in your life.

Sep 11, 2014
by: Mouse

I thought that Jesus freed us from the laws of the Old Testament and made everything "unclean" clean. I don't just saying stuff.

Rick's comment: Hi Mouse - People who are saved are freed from Old Testament laws. I don't believe that Jesus made clean everything that was unclean in the OT unless you are talking only about dietary laws.

Sep 13, 2014
God hates pride
by: Rachael

Here are two verses about pride, which seems to be the biggest issue here on this thread.

Everyone proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord; Though they join forces, none will go unpunished.

When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.
Proverbs 16:5,7

No matter what your position, your beef is with The King of Kings, Jesus. He hates PRIDE; any level of pride or self-serving. Looking to serve others above oneself is to be like Christ.

Sep 15, 2014
It's not a sin
by: Bree

I would like to throw in my own opinion and say that homosexuals will not go to hell. They have an equal chance of going to heaven just like everybody else does. Now alot of people like to refer to the bible where it talks about Sodom and Gomorra (I probably spelled that wrong) and how those cities got flooded just because of the mere fact that there were homosexuals . I would like to say that the bible was referring to rape with the same sex and it was also talking about bestiality. A lot of people like to say that but they don't think that the concept of homosexuality wasn't even being thought about within that time frame so who would of known back then what homosexual intents and individual had? Just a thought.

Sep 23, 2014
by: Joe

Jesus chose to be non-sexual. Then you must also believe that he was born that way.

Rick's comment: Hi Joe - please think about what you wrote. "Jesus chose to be non-sexual." If Jesus made a choice to be non-sexual, then it logically follows that He was not born that way because, as you stated, He chose, He made a choice.

There is a vast difference between being born that way and making a choice. Do you agree?

Sep 26, 2014
just sayin
by: Dave

Genesis 19:1-13 (it is wicked), Leviticus 18:22 (it's an abomination), Leviticus 20:13 (abomination worthy of death), Romans 1:26-27 (vile affections), 1 Corinthians 6:9 (unrighteous)
Effeminate: (of a man) having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman; unmanly.--- *dictionary* Abusers of themselves with mankind: men who practice homosexuality. - English Standard Version

Rick's comment: Hi Dave - par for the course from your side, deceptive and deliberately ignorant. Honest students of scripture ask ourselves:

WHAT is wicked?
WHAT is abomination?
WHAT is vile?
WHAT is unrighteous?

Please don't misunderstand. I know WHY you don't get into the WHAT of this issue. If you get into the WHAT, you must discuss context and context does NOT support your view that the Bible, in those verses, is talking about gays and lesbians.

The WHAT of this issue identifies shrine prostitution as the focus of Leviticus 18:3. 21-22, 27 and 20:2, 3, 4, 5, 13, Romans 1:26-27 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.

And of course, no one in Sodom had gay sex or a gay date or a gay marriage or anything else related to being gay. If you disagree, please cite the verses from Genesis 19 which mention anything related to being gay. I'm just sayin'

Oct 10, 2014
why is this so difficult to understand
by: Howard

Obviously this is a heated discussion that will plague our society for a very long time. In reality not one of us has the right to claim that being gay is right or wrong and that's that! People should not say that gay people will burn in hell and gay people should not be proud and feel they are justified in their behavior.

It is a grey area at best and should be treated as such, do not let it divide you instead agree to disagree and stop talking about it because it's obvious no one on either side is going to change their mind anytime soon. I'm sure the Lord does not appreciate the lack of empathy and compassion that both sides are displaying.

Rick's comment: Hi Howard - sorry but I do NOT accept your moral equivalence view. It is postmodern and politically correct yet morally wrong, as if no one can know for sure.

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 16, 2014
Tired of the wordy nonsense
by: Incredulous

A straight man is either revolted by gay people or isn't. If he is revolted, he responds to his revulsion with either self-control or hatred. If he hates, he will either employ politics to satisfy his hatred or keep it to himself. That's all. The rest of this is theater.

Oct 16, 2014
To Rick
by: Howard

Rick's comment: Hi Howard - sorry but I do NOT accept your moral equivalence view. It is postmodern and politically correct yet morally wrong, as if no one can know for sure.

My response: How COULD you know for sure? You would need everyone to have the exact same morals (which is impossible). It's pathetic how both sides act, on one side you have people spewing hate as the other side almost begs for acceptance and trys to get validation any way they can. I wish everyone would stop trying to shove THIER opinoin down the other one's throat. It's completely insane to say one way is right and the other is wrong. I guess the real question was "is it sin?" well that should be between you and the Lord.

Rick's comment: Hi Howard - I have difficulty getting my head around the notion that because I put my views about gays and the Bible online, I must now be described as "shoving my opinion down someone's throat."

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 16, 2014
by: Howard

I did not mean to imply that you were acting in such a way but rather the extremists on both sides. It just upsets me to see such narrow mindedness across the board. I believe God has a plan for everyone and if you have qualms with how you're living (or how others are living) you should not try justify it by quoting text and using logic but rather talk to God.

Love is the overlying message of the bible so without it everything is out of context. Without love there is no understanding. Love someone because they are a person no strings attached, only then will your barriers be gone and true progress made. Rick I hope you feel loved and I hope you spread that love to everyone you come into contact with.

Oct 28, 2014
Free Choice
by: John Fountain

Hi Rick. It's a been little while but I have a question for you about having free choice. Does it that God gave us a free choice or free will to choose to live our lives the way we want to? Like being a heterosexual or homosexual or whatever? I was just curious. Just like my situation that I'm having about having no interest in women, then I would have no choice but to be celibate since I can't be with who I want to be. God gave us all free will to choose but I don't see it that way. What's your input on this? I don't want to make you or anyone else mad about my statement but I was just curious.

Rick's comment: Hi John - Yes, we have free will but No, being gay is not a personal choice. As Jesus pointed out in

Matthew 19:3-12, people who are eunuchs or gay, did not make a personal choice to be that way. They were born that way from their mother's womb," a category ancient Jews referred to as born eunuchs.

Nov 01, 2014
by: Kelly

Well if you interpret the bible to literally mean that being gay is wrong and a "damnable sin" then perhaps you should re-read (or probably read for the first time) that part of the bible were it is talked about. I am talking about Leviticus, (honestly how could anyone put faith in this!) is where most of these arguments agianst homosexuality come from however, Leviticus also claims working on Sundays and eating shell fish is an equally "damnable sin". So if you target one group of people who the bible labels as unworthy of Gods love then I suggest you devote sometime to those people who eat at red lobster and the person who plays piano every Sunday morning for your church because guess what they are probably getting paid for it. Actually I suggest you leave people alone and allow others to live their lives without YOUR religious opinions.

Nov 07, 2014
They will know we are Christians by our love - except in the comments
by: Anon

I just skimmed over other peoples comments. I know some people are trolling but some aren't. It breaks my heart to go on to a site for encouragement and see people use their interpretation of the bible to hurt me. They may not be intentionally hurting me (it's probably accidental and a misguided way to 'help'). But it hurts! You can't try to correct someone you never met over the internet. You have no idea what LGBT people have been through.

Also, to ANYONE promoting the ex-gay movement: I survived and I still like women. My orientation never changed. I was actually planning on killing myself near the end of it because I was so anxious and depressed. I was going to make it look like an accident so my parents wouldn't be hurt so badly.

But I chickened out (and I'm glad I did). My point is, this site could stop a gay or lesbian teen from killing themselves. So be-careful what you say on this site. The last thing a vulnerable young person needs is to feel like God hates them.

Rick's comment: Amen to that!

If you're a gay Christian, does God still love you?

If God still loves us, why do so many non-gay Christians act like they hate us?

Nov 19, 2014
Study to shew yourself approved before God
by: Joseph

Hello, I wanted to write this message to thank the person in charge of this site. It has been a great source of encouragement for me. The point of my comment was to also point out that most of the mindless typing that I see is not coming from a heart that has actually spent time with the father and sat down and asked HIM, NOT A PASTOR what the scripture means!

The Holy Spirit is the Great Teacher and is more than able to lead us into all things true and right. I recently asked a friend to prayerfully consider the reality that being gay is not a sin, and to read the scriptures herself, and she ran right to her pastor, filled her page with ammunition and blasted me with the finest "Cherry Picked" Scriptures that are completely irrelevant and taken out of context.

If your going to make a case, seriously, asked the one who wrote it. If you insist that your cherry picking (picking and choosing scriptures aimlessly to support one's views with no regard to context or historical reference) is going to solve anything, it's not. Jesus has the answers period, If you don't seek Him you don't have the TRUTH.

Jan 12, 2015
by: Yup

Because not every gay person is Christian, and those who aren't don't believe in your concept of "sin." I swear to god, Christianity is the only religion with this unexplainable perception that you're 100% right and that everyone is the same religion as you.

Rick's comment: Hi Yup - What is your answer to this question: What must I do to be saved?

Jan 13, 2015
Excuse me, what?
by: Yup

I'm not a Christian so I don't understand your question. I don't want nor need to be "saved."

Rick's comment: Hi Yup - If you click on the Link I provided, it explains why you need to be saved. Many thanks for stopping by.

Jan 13, 2015
Wow- you're a persistent one.
by: Yup

The word "god" carries no weight for me so I weild it in my vocabulary with an air of sarcasm and appreciation for the concept's stupidity. I hope you realize how much damage your site causes. It's these kinds of screwy ideas that there's something "wrong" with people who aren't exactly like you that makes people horribly depressed and suicidal. My own ex-boyfriend thought that he was "going to hell" for being trans and bisexual, and he was depressed and suicidal. He would always go to the Internet to seek guidance and it's websites like yours, screaming that he's filthy and perverted and sinful, that make his depression so much worse. I walk through life with a philosophy that I should only ever do things that add to the collective goodness in the world, and though I may make mistakes sometimes, atleast I try. You, on the other hand, don't even try to be kind and open. You close your hearts to the inherent normalcy in others and choose instead to call them freaks and seek to change them. How can you say that that is not sinful? How can you claim to be doing anyone a favor? Even your own pope has announced that "gay is okay," and yet you're so consumed, I can only assume, with self-loathing at your own homosexuality, that you take it out on others and build on their insecurities too. I myself love being a lesbian (I couldn't imagine spending the better part of my life with a man, or without a woman). I love being Agnostic (I love that I've analysed my surroundings objectively and come to a conclusion based on my own observations rather than blindly listening to whatever my parents believe). I am perfectly content with the greater parts of who I am. I do not need to be "saved," because there is nothing wrong with me, and I am guilty of no "sin" other than the small mistakes all humans make as they flow through life. I have morals; I know right from wrong. I don't feel the urge to kill or steal from people, and in fact my inner nature leans towards kindness. I don't your religion trying to make me feel guilty for being my wonderful, fabulous, sassy self. I am happy with who I am. Can you say the same?

Rick's comment: Hi Yup - It sounds like you think we are anti-gay. No way. This is a pro-gay website founded and run by a conservative gay Christian.

And I am not a fan or supporter of any Pope. The Pope needs to get saved too and start preaching the biblical gospel instead of the Marxist gospel. All the best to you Yup.

What must I do to be saved?

Jan 14, 2015
by: Yup

Ah, no you're right. I should have looked at your site before I made assumptions. Because many of the people on this particular thread are homophobic, I just assumed that that was the aim of this site, but now I see that I jumped to a big conclusion. To be honest I was looking for an outlet to troll on people who are against homosexuality and I sought conflict where there was none. Thanks for fighting to make homosexuals more comfortable in their own skin despite their religion! Sorry I made judgement without informing myself with knowledge.

Jan 19, 2015
if homosexuality is sin, why was I created that way?
by: Jason J

I am gay, I was born gay, there was not a day that suddenly came along where I thought about making a decision on weather I be homo or hetro. Although whilst I was growing up I did not know what gay was I just knew from a young age I was attracted to the same sex. When I came out to my family the first thing my mother said to me was "Jason I knew you where gay when you was 2 years old" So surely we are created that way for a reason to which I have no idea why.

When I was growing up I did not believe in God/faith/religion.
But I tell you the truth I prayed for over 2 years pleading with God nearly everyday to "make me how society wanted me which was hetro" and still I was and still am gay.
I must share the next bit with you...
One night I was lying in bed praying to God and I was questioning why I should/shouldn't have belief in him because I was still gay and as I sit here and write this sentence I can still see/feel what I saw/felt that night.
Jesus Christ came to me, I saw and felt his presence. If only you could all see/feel what I felt because It felt like paradise.
This was not an illusion it was real. And although no words was exchanged he made me feel loved and made me feel like I was worrying over nothing and to be honest it was almost him reassuring me, to accept and love myself as he loves me.

And so from that day I learned to accept HOW I WAS BORN, (there were no influences that "turned" me gay) and Since I have lived a very happy life. Yes I am "still" gay, no I didn't turn straight, no I will never turn straight because you cannot turn straight. I am not saying I am right or wrong all I am saying is I absolutely know in that moment in time when Jesus Christ Came into my life that he accepted me and blessed me.

I absolutely refuse to believe that God would condemn human beings to hell on the day of judgement because of the way we were "created", Otherwise that would mean we were predestined for hell on the day we were born which makes absolutely no sense. I hope we can all find peace and love in our lives and to look beyond sexual orientation. Make a difference that counts in somebody's life today. Give your neighbour a hug. Love to everybody.

Jan 19, 2015
Where is my contribution?
by: Jason J





5) I have sat and questioned myself many times and thought "why was I born gay?" "why am I gay?" " what is the purpose of homosexuality?" "Why create a being just to be condemned?"

And you know what my fellow contributors. I still do not have the answer. But I do know that I have a purpose for the time that I am here otherwise I would of never have been created the way I was. God has a purpose for me. He created homosexuals for a purpose which you cannot deny because here were having a discussion about it, that purpose is not known to me yet.

But nevertheless we are here for a purpose and I know in myself that the purpose will make itself known when God decides to let it be known and until then I have him in my heart and I in his. May God bless you all.

Feb 03, 2015
Bible doesn't condemn gays
by: JaredMithrandir

I address every verse on that subject at this link.


Feb 06, 2015
by: Bill field

In Leviticus 18 God explains to Moses and all of Israel the different groupings of adultery, like fathers should not have sex with their own daughters or close relatives. Same the mother should not have sex with their sons or relatives.
At verse 22 God says mankind should not have sex with mankind like with womankind.

The apostle Paul talks about the same thing. Jesus did not talk about this, because His purpose was the announcement of the soon coming Kingdom of God on this Earth. In this Kingdom the saints will be sexless.

Rick's comment: Hi Bill - you have accurately stated the view of many anti-gay Christians. Sadly, the view you've expressed ignores the context of Lev 18:22 and 20:13. Thanks Bill, for stopping by.

Feb 28, 2015
Sigh...here we go again
by: Tony

As I continue reading some of these homophobic comments, knowing both sides will be covered) and futily hoping the anti-gay side may finally open up, my conclusion for now, is that its a losing battle, and I hate saying that, it makes me want to emotionally breakdown, in fact.
Now I'm well aware that most homophobes base that on twisted scripture, but even now, homophobia seems to remain the most accepted one, we shouldn't base it just on scientific evidence, its an issue of the heart for a lot of us, and those issues are Not black and white ideals. Some people have said, "God has turned against the culture" unfortunately, they've got that backwards. A lot of the culture has turned against God because of how he's portrayed by some of his followers: as a hateful, judgmental and vengeful tyrant, but reading the gospels will likely show a very different image. As for the clobber passage debate, Rick, I agree with your take on that, but on another note, thanks to Hollywood, the LGBT community hasn't always given us a positive image and the pride marches aren't doing much better, even now.
The celibacy argument, now that one makes me livid!
That takes will power and commitment, that only God can offer. If you think you can develope that strength for life, more power to you, but its not right for that being the only option for all gay Christians! I feel like a broken record saying all this, but after seeing so many glbt people getting disowned, bashed rejected or worst of all, commit suicide because of homophobic ignorance, the silence has to end, and here's a good start. Society can be so two-faced: they say they don't care who is or isn't but when the truth is revealed, and not always voluntarily, the results reveal complete opposite. They/we don't like lying, but we also don't feel that everyone needs to know, in a round about way, some of us hide it for our own protection. People who continue saying we choose this or have some hidden agenda, pu-lease! Get some new material already! Oddly enough, ministers like Rick, Dr. Mel White and a few others, they seem more willing to analyze scripture than some other so-called theologians: reading the holy bible cover to cover numerous times doesn't always mean studied, as so many anti gay ones claim to.

Mar 06, 2015
Thank God!
by: Joy

Hello fellow Christian. I am happy to say I am glad I came across this site. While I'm a straight Christian myself, I'm always bother by the claims of homosexuality being a sin. It doesn't seem right to me; not to mention it makes God seem evil (which He surely is not). I always see it as two people loving each other, only with them being the same gender. It pains me that these "so-called Christians" drive away potential believers and worsen the Christian reputation as a whole. There's so many homophobic comments against gay people as there are the growing hatred of religion from the lgbt community. Any time I tried to reassure gay people that not all Christians think like that and there are evidence of God not condemning homosexuality (based on yours and another person's site), the homophobics come out to play and start "preaching" the very thing that drives people away. They have no right nor authority to tell me I'm not a real Christian just because I don't hate homosexuality. Unless you're God Himself, your words mean nothing to me. I'm just glad I found yet another gay person who actually took the time to read and study the bible.

P.S To all the homophobics who planned on replying with malicious intent, don't bother.

Mar 06, 2015
possible response?
by: Tony

Joy, were you responding to my comment? If so, a welcome to you too! Either way I liked your comment right after mine, if I made the wrong assumption, please tell me, I won't bite!
You took the words right from my mouth, I'm just glad and proud to see that your trying to reach out to lgbt people for Christ. I have a christian friend who doesn't agree with the pro-gay argument, but unlike some other conservatives, he tried to respect me as a person, but he could also tell I'd been hurt and betrayed by the church, our disagreements did get heated some times, but he never gave up on me, even though he's had every reason to and he's now in another state. What's interesting though, is in some ways, because of his unflinching patience and respect, is why my faith keeps getting more solid and stronger. Of course, his brick wall analogy with God waiting for me in the other direction, you wanna talk being brought to joyful crying! Or as I call it soul cleansing. Lgbt people need people like you and this friend of mine to show them the truth behind God's love, but there's just too many who want to convert us instead. In closing, don't give up on reaching out just yet, trust me, I know this isn't easy, but maybe you've reached more than you think, these christian gay churches and websites are slowly becoming more common and the anti-gay debate is losing credibility as is the religious right, who's more into control and power imho, anyway. For now, good night, and God bless!

Mar 07, 2015
To Tony
by: Joy

Oh no. My comment wasn't directed towards you. I know you're supportive of lgbt rights. I was just posting my thanks to those who help created this website and put effort into studying the bible.

It's nice to come across Christians who are nice and not judgmental. I feel your pain. It's kind of hard going to the same church as my family when my great grandfather (who is a pastor) preach about the things I hear about all the time. "Homosexuality is a sin". I want to get into a debate with him on that subject, but I'm horrible with words and I need to be fully prepared for the claims and arguments he might throw at me.

I just want to help the lgbt community understand that God and Christianity is not their enemy. It's the people who uses religion to manipulate and control people. God doesn't want his people to go to hell. He want as many people in His kingdom as possible.

If the homophobes are truly christians, what kind of christian drives their own child to suicide just because of their sexual orientation? What kind of christian tells a gay, bi, or transgender person they're going to hell when they've done nothing wrong? What kind of Christian favors an unhealthy, unmarried heterosexual-sexual relationship over a happily married gay relationship? Did they forget what God's love is all about? What marriage and love is really about? Should gender of all things really matter? God made the world diverse for a reason.

Mar 11, 2015
god is the way and jesus
by: Quwina loves god and jesus

IAm going to tell u being gay is a choice and since gays thinks its right and that its OK god is going to leave u of that way of thinking . OK so being gay is a choice nobody is born that way and it's OK to lobe one another but its not OK to have sex with ur own gender. And u want people to except ur gayness . that's a nagetive .u except u deal with it .its all on u so keep it to urself .and if ur gay and u die u better believe that there's a hell call dontes hell inferno and u will be in it .. God have mercy on ur souls . sadly but truly goodbye.

Rick's comment: Hi Quwina - Wow, how sad. Can you answer this question? What must I do to be saved?

Mar 12, 2015
final comment, for now.
by: Tony

This comment thread alone, indicates to me that yes, we should freely express our opinions both anti and pro-gay. But eventually the pros need to accept that the antis may never change their views, no matter what we say or how we put it. I'm pointing direct fingers, at the moment, but I'm slowly learning to say my peace and keep going.

"I rest my case." At this moment, that's all the more I have to say, and Rick, Bless you and this website for making this effort to show another side of this debate. Where were these sites and things when HIV exploded and my ex-partner was a kid, he's 13 years older than I am I'm 34 just to clarify. Keep up the good work Rick.

Mar 14, 2015
The Bible says multiples times it's a sin.
by: Christian for 15 years.

This website is just like the bible states. The writer is a sinful person, a "false preacher". This person and the other people who agree are people who don't follow gods rule, they are selfish because they only indulge in their own desires and self pleasure.

Also, the bible DESTROYED two cities just for the reason of homosexuality.

Rick's comment: Typical ignorant bloviating - I deleted most of your comment because I no longer allow you folks to post your lies on my website. If you've really been saved for 15 years, you need to start studying your Bible IN CONTEXT, 2 Timothy 2:15.

Mar 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

I’m a Christian, heterosexual, and a member and leader in a mainstream evangelical church but I question ready-made assumptions I hear on the topic of homosexuality (and other topics). I do not believe homosexuality is a sin per se. I used to. Nor do I believe homosexual sex is a sin per se.

In the same way that I do not believe wearing glasses is the expression of a lack of faith in God’s power and ability to mend brokenness. At this stage I simply believe homosexuals are broken, so are we all, humans (and animals) one way or another, or all the way.

I do believe God works His way in and through brokenness, whether we see it or not. Judging one’s brother or sister is a sin. Would you agree with all this? Not that opinions matter in Heaven.

Rick's comment: Thanks for your comments. No, I don't agree. Being gay is not broken-ness - it is a wonderful part of God's creative plan.

On judging - Jesus and the Bible have a lot to say about judging, which always surprises Christians who think they know what the Bible says even though they rarely read it.

Should Christians judge?

Mar 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

To Rick. OK, thank you. That’s me back to the thinking board. Thanks for your patience. My thinking and hearting around this question has evolved with my faith over the years but I still haven’t reached a satisfactory conclusion myself.

You say "Being gay is not brokenness - it is a wonderful part of God's creative plan." Ok, I think I can see the creative beauty of all the variety of people, animals and plants around, with their design and quirks, which may themselves be designed. I have a friend who was born with one arm, would you say it is a wonderful part of God’s creative plan as well?

Rick's comment: No, birth defects are birth defects, not part of God's wonderful creative plan. Yet as you point out, how one deals with that can be a beautiful thing.

It may be, just, I’m not sure. I haven’t asked him what he thinks. Or perhaps it is living the way he does with it that is a beautiful part of God's creative plan. How about my short-sightedness? (both material and spiritual)

I hope you don't take these strange questions badly, I don't mean to offend or anything, tell me if these are strange; I'm genuinely seeking the door through. I think.

Thanks for the article on judgment.

Mar 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

Rick wrote: "No, birth defects are birth defects, not part of God's wonderful creative plan. Yet as you point out, how one deals with that can be a beautiful thing."

Well, what is is what is, so why wouldn't some kirks be part of God's wonderful creative plan? Or why would some be? Is a gay person, or a trans "designed" to be so or not?

Rick's comment: A trans person is by definition, someone who believes (s)he was born in a body which does not match their gender identification. Some trans people view this as a birth defect and seek to correct the defect via sexual reassignment surgery.

That's pretty much what I'm wondering. By the way some people wouldn't call what you call "birth defects" defects at all. Saying that somebody with one arm has a defect means one expects they should have…two? Should they? Why not three? What is a quirk, what is a "defect"?

Rick's comment: With all due respect, it is difficult to regard that as a serious comment. Two arms is normal. Any deviation from two arms is not normal and is a defect.

Design - One can think, no homosexuals aren't designed to be homosexuals, therefore they are broken; or one could say, yes they are creatively designed as such, all creatures don't fit in a particular model or in Ken and Barbie's world (in which people have 2 legs, 2 arms, 5 fingers on each hand and are straight), creation is a jolly mess, and who cares, and the only real constant is God who loves?

Rick's comment: I believe it is time to end this rather pointless discussion. I encourage you to do a lot more reading, on this website and elsewhere.

Mar 27, 2015
by: Sophia Chokhmah

Rick thanks for all the work and research you have put into this site, what a blessing! I identify as a born again Christian, who happens to be lesbian (um, since always, in case people wondered, and I'm 52).

I want to thank you for your immense patience, not sure why you just don't copy and paste some of your responses as it seems some of the posters can't read above a primary school level, as you can tell I don't have the same amount of patience you do, anyhoo, I particularly loved the lady who commented on oral sex being wrong, and sex toys (blush), please tell me she is wrong. ;-)

Rick's comment: Hi Sophia - Thanks for the encouragement.

Apr 01, 2015
by: anonymous

pastor Rick, I just want to know from you that in what way the Bible supports your view of homosextuality as natural way of human sextuality and not a sin.

Rick's comment: This website answers your question. Please click on any NavBar button under, What The Bible Says. Also, I answer almost 200 questions on these pages, which explain why I believe it is perfectly fine to be gay or lesbian.

Gay Christian FAQ

Ask A Question

Apr 01, 2015
A purpose
by: Anonymous

Jason J. thanks for your testimony. You were seeking God's truth with a pure heart when he came to you the way you say. Yes God is pleased with you - just because He knows you.

You say God has created gays for a purpose - BTW I'm the nutter who was asking about brokenness further up - I think so yes, because he created them so there is a purpose. Fact.
Gays (and bis and trans) can give life in all sorts of ways, just like heterosexuals.

Some folks commented on the fact homosexuals can't procreate with their partner, which is true. Some heterosexuals can't procreate with their partners either. But that doesn't mean they can't do everything else that God calls them to, to bless their life and the life of others around them.

I'm still not very content with my understanding of the topic, still struggling with what attitude one/the Church should have to homosexual sex. A biology question mainly. But anyway, my problem, not yours. Best wishes

Apr 22, 2015
Riddle me this?
by: Jerry

Ok Rick, I'm confused. By being gay, lesbian, or bisexual; we are assuming that these relationships are intimate correct? Whereas sexual acts are being performed. The bible also says ALL sex outside of marriage is wrong, it even goes on to specify what marriage is (ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN). So how then can homosexuality NOT be a sin?

This is biblically supported and yes I'm using deductive reasoning, I believe God gave us brains to use.

Rick's comment: Hi Jerry - The mistake you're making is assuming that the Bible says things it never says. The Bible never specifies that marriage is always and only between one man and one woman. That theory is called absolute complementarianism. It is an invention of your mind, not something the Bible says.

Polgyamy, a man with more than one wife, was also affirmed and blessed by God, 2 Samuel 12:7-8, Deuteronomy 21:15-17, Job 27:15, 2 Chronicles 24:2-3, and polygamy is not one man with one woman.

Jerry, do you read the Bible with a believing heart? Have you read the story of Abraham, Genesis 25:1-6? Abraham had a wife who was also his half-sister = Sarah + Hagar as a wife, Genesis 16:3, plus concubines who were not his wives yet Abraham still had sex with and sired children with his concubines, Genesis 25:1-6.

Those were biblical family values in Abraham's time and those relationships were culturally accepted, okay with God and legal back then.

Abraham was also in an incestuous marriage with his half-sister Sarah, Genesis 20:2, 5, 12, 16. When they were unable to have a child, God intervened to give them a son, Isaac, Genesis 18:10-15, 21:1-5, instead of telling them to get a divorce because brothers shouldn't marry their sister.

Those were biblical family values in Abraham's time and those relationships were culturally accepted, okay with God and legal back then.

Fast forward to the twenty first century. If God can bless an incestuous polygamous marriage between brother and sister, if God can bless Abraham, the guy who had children by his concubines, by giving him an unconditional everlasting promise that Messiah would come through his line, then God can bless two men or two women in their loving marriage.

Gay marriage in the twenty first century is culturally accepted, okay with God and legal in all 50 of these United States and many foreign countries.

Apr 22, 2015
by: Josh

So which one condemns you to hell? Being gay or trying to change the bible and convince others that god really meant something else? I'm not gay but if I was, I would prob just try to live my life for the lord as a single man. I can't imagine gay sex being so good that its worth even "possibly" going to hell for.

Rick's comment: Hi Josh - Perhaps it's time to study 1 Cor 6:9 again. Sounds like you've misunderstood that verse and misunder-estimated God's plan of redemption.

That's is what its all about isn't it? The whole gay movement? Just to be able to have gay sex without feeling guilty? Just be an atheist already. Then you don't have the guilt plus your avoiding trying to change gods word, which I assume is prob a lot worse than gay marriage in his eyes.

Rick's comment: Hi Josh - Your interesting comment speaks volumes about your lazy approach to truth. Professing Christians who don't read and study the Bible ALWAYS think they know the Bible.

I'll bet you can quote more Katie Perry or Lady Gaga lyrics and Modern Family one liners than Bible verses you've memorized. See the problem kiddo?

Can I know for SURE I am saved?

Apr 23, 2015
by: Jeremy

We have here a classic attempt by an individual to rationalize away his sinful behavior. He claims to be forgiven, but refuses to recant and refuses to "cease and desist." He then uses his intelligent arrogance to try to tell you what only the word of God has authority to say. To define sin for all of us. And when disagreed with, his responses get shorter and meaner. (I promise I won't be offended.)

...To be a disciple of Jesus, you must give up that ever-so-important-YOU, and take up the cross. But you won't see any real advice on personal sacrifice on this site, only more obtuse talk about "maybe if it means this" or "maybe if we assume the Greek word xxxx." On and on, ad infinitum.

What must I do to be saved?

…It is beyond Rick's conception that rather than justify his wants and feelings, he could have spent his valuable time sacrificing and following. He really is looking for false-preacher status here. His sin is double-layered vanity and perversion, with a side of snide, and a dose of superiority…

Rick's comment: Hi Jeremy - You've done an excellent job of obfuscating the real issue, which is, What does the Bible say in context? In the real world, no one cares about your opinion. What we care about is God's truth, rightly divided. I edited your rant because it was mostly bloviating.

Apr 29, 2015
you need to grow up, Rick
by: jeremy

Just because an educated person disagrees with you, doesn't mean that their argument is mere bloviation. But I'll leave you now with your self-righteous self. Have a stupendous day.

Rick's comment: Hi Jeremy - Thanks for letting us know. You may be interested in reading this: What is justification by faith?

Apr 29, 2015
Been following comments
by: Joe

It's really sad but I'm beginning to realize that many people really don't read the scriptures for themselves there was a time' in the past when people couldn't wait to get their hands on a Bible, and now in this day in age everyone wants the Scriptures spoon fed to them,they want, flashing lights million dollar buildings and large entertainment centers instead of the truth I guarantee you that if you asked how many people actually study the Bible, it would be scarce.

This American culture relies so heavily on pastors to minister the word but we're called as Christians to seek the truth ourselves, to better define this, the job of a pastor is to lead the sheep and keep them away from wolves. unfortunately there have been so many generations of Christians that have been taught to attend church and not walk with Jesus, this is where all of the ignorance and confusion stems from because so many people are not truly connected to the vine.

they only know what pastor So and so said. I myself have finally come to terms with my sexuality, and have realized that there's nothing wrong with me being gay. it is been a long, dark, and hard road, most of which was paved by so-called believers. however Jesus led me through it. I finally get to close this chapter in my life of battling the religious war and sexuality and I finally get to set my mind on better things (Things Above), my hope is that others will do the same. Peace to you Brothers and Sisters.

Apr 29, 2015
To Anonymous
by: Jason J

Hi to the nutter (anonymous) - You say you're still struggling with the attitude of church etc, I'm sorry your still struggling, I know how that can be difficult. I can absolutely tell you with all my heart that what I said is from a truthful heart and god is within.

I don't struggle with my day to day homosexual life (the way I was born and DID NOT CHOOSE) so neither should you with your straight life (THE WAY YOU WERE BORN AND DID NOT CHOOSE) best wishes.

May 20, 2015
I find it difficult
by: Dee

I find it difficult for me, well I'm attending the church which is a powerful church, preaching able the word of God. But what surprises me is that the pastor would pray for the sick people and they will come with the testimonies.

The pastor prays that every evil spirit tormenting the children of God must leave their bodies. well MANY will fall, evil spirits will scream and manifest. But I never fell. I'm homosexual. I find it very difficult for me why I'm I taking so long to get my deliverance

Rick's comment: Hi Dee - From what you've described, you're in a church where they are conning you, scamming you, using fake miracles and fake healings. I encourage you to leave that church and see if you can find a church in your area which doesn't scam you like that. These pages explain some of what is going on.

Are deliverance ministries scriptural?

Are there any biblical apostles today?

And I once attended a church were there's a prophet and he would prophecy to people but he will never come to me and prophecy to me that I'm in the act of homosexuality. BUT it is said that nothing is impossible with our God, then why is this happening?

Rick's comment: There are lots of money grubbing religious scam artists who use churches to rip off people who don't read and study their Bible. People who don't read and study the Bible don't know what is in the Bible and so, they are wide open to be deceived by religious fakers.

What must I do to be saved?

May 21, 2015
At peace
by: Mandy

People may express their opinions and beliefs as much as they want and really if you have the time to engage in such it's okay. As for me I'm a 26 year old lesbian Christian female and I am happy to say that my Father who art in heaven, loves me, accepts me and considers me as his child and he has never asked me once to change, I am the one who brought up the subject of my homosexuality once when I was young and still dealing with these feelings for the same gender, but he let me know right there and then that my homisexuality will not be the basis of my relationship with him.

From that day onwards I knew that all he sees when he looks at me is his child, all he wants me to do is praise him, trust him, love his people, be faithful to ny partner, remove myself from a "wild gay life" and live a balanced and healthy lifestyle that is not about adultery, alcohol etc.

Hence I can confidently say that I do not seek approval from anyone but mere respect, as a gay person I also have things that I do not believe in but I respect those people and I know that my infinite mind could not even begin to comprehend their reasoning and only the Father, the infinite trully knows my journey my heart, my reasoning, your journey, your reasoning, your heart.

I am content with his love for me. Father in heaven, I thank you. Thank you Jesus, thank you.

Jun 23, 2015
by: noob

You homophobes are ridiculous. I'm a straight Christian and I think it ain't a sin. Besides, its all up to God to judge, not us

Jun 27, 2015
by: sicily

Rick you are the one taking verses out of context to further your agenda. Homosexuality is a SIN. You are leading people astray, please pray & ask for forgiveness before its too late.

Rick's comment: Hi Sicily - May I encourage you to study your Bible? Knowing what the Bible says in context is the best way to know what you're talking about.

What must I do to be saved?

Jul 01, 2015
I completely agree with you
by: Mark

I am gay. I have never been attracted to women but rather the same sex. I've always believed in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit while attending church every Sunday. A few years ago I was having heart surgery and was pronounced dead for twelve minuets. The moment I died I saw a beautiful bright light rush towards me as I left my body. I remember seeing the doctors hovered over my lifeless body as I continued to rose out of the building. An immense sense of peace and calmness overcame me. I cannot describe the feeling I felt because such feeling does not exist in the human form. I continued to rise far above the earth and remember being surrounded by angels. Then a voice spoke into my ear and said "it is not your time yet" and I rushed back down to earth into my body. Many will not believe my testimony but being gay may be a sin but it certainly doesn't keep one out of heaven.

Aug 18, 2015
Lesbian and Christian
by: Aaliyah

I wanted to comment about Leviticus, that was part of the old testament so it doesn't apply anymore. So currently there is no proof that being gay is a sin.

Also I wanted to ask when did you choose to be straight?

You didn't so why would I choose to be gay and be treated differently when I could like guys, I can't make myself attracted to guys.

Also try to make yourself attracted to the same gender, unless your not straight you can't do that.

Sep 09, 2015
by: sam

If what you say is true, that homosexuality is not a sin and that the original text was mistranslated when The Bible was created, wouldn't that make the whole Bible and Christianity the biggest mistake that our society has ever known? You apparently believe in God, how could God allow such a devastating mistake to happen to His word and the whole foundation of His church? Most Christians believe that the reason that The Bible has survived thousands of years of persecution is by God alone. If you believe what you teach, wouldn't that make Christianity the biggest joke on earth?

Rick's comment: Hi Sam - No, I think you misunderstand this website. From the 1st century AD to the 20th century AD, no one anywhere could find the word, homosexual, in the Bible in any language in any translation.

It wasn't until around 1948 that someone decided to put the word, homosexual, in the Bible. Do you understand that? For 1900 years, Christians read Bibles in many languages and no Bible anywhere had the word, homosexual, in it.

That is the point. Putting the word, homosexual, in the Bible and preaching against gays and lesbians and using gays to create an "us against them" mentality so they could raise money, is a relatively new thing that developed over the last 67 years.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 11, 2015
re: Question?
by: sam

Dear Rick, Okay, so there was no word "homosexual" in the original Hebrew and Greek texts. However, even before that term, the Bible still said:

Romans 1:26-271599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

26 For this cause God gave them up to vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.
27 And likewise also the men left the natural use of the woman, and burned in their lust one toward another, and man with man wrought filthiness, and received in themselves such [a]recompense of their error, as was meet.

I think that the real problem with the Church is that instead of gays just admitting that it's sin, they try to change the meaning of the Bible.

Most people that claim Christianity will admit that if they have an affair, it is a sin. Or sex before marriage, drunkenness, lying, cheating, stealing, envy, murder, pornography, lust, greed,... it's all sin, and so is same-sex sex.

Why can't gays just say, "Lord, I know that homosexuality is a sin, Lord please forgive me, I cannot help the way I feel"?

Rick's comment: Hi Sam - every honest Christian I know, whether gay or not gay, admits that all scripture was given in a context that helps us determine its meaning. We cannot ignore context and insist the Bible means something today that it didn't mean when originally given.

We must factor in the biblical, cultural, doctrinal, historical, linguistic and religious context, for starters. In Romans 1, no one is talking about two gay guys or two gay gals who fall in love and covenant to spend their lives together as a couple.

1. The biblical context is Paul making an argument against idolatry, not homosexuality.

2. The cultural context is the greatest pagan city of the ancient world, with hundreds of temples in which hundreds of thousands of people worshiped false gods.

3. The doctrinal context is Paul laying the groundwork in which he proves that the Gentiles are condemned in ch. 1, the Jews are condemned in 2:1 and all are condemned in 3:23.

4. The historical context is mid-first century Rome about 25 years after the resurrection of Christ, where the main problem was idolatrous worship of false gods, not gays, not lesbians not trangender people.

5. The linguistic context is that Paul uses the Greek word, akatharsian to describe the idolatry and shrine prostitution occurring in ancient Rome.

6. The religious context is that Cybele, the Phrygian mother goddess was worshiped by temple prostitutes in five pagan temples in Rome in the mid-first century AD.

Understanding the Bible in context is not 1. changing the meaning of scripture or 2. twisting scripture or 3. re-interpreting scripture or 4. rewriting history. It is obeying 2 Timothy 2:15 and "rightly dividing the word of truth."

Sep 12, 2015
re: Question?
by: sam

Dear Rick, My purpose of writing you is because I have truly been bothered by and confused by this ongoing battle between homosexuality and the traditional Christian belief.

The original greek text for "rightly divide" is orthotomeo, which means to "cut a straight path" or "to make a straight path". Orthotoein is used in Proverbs 3:6 and 11:5 and it means "to direct". So I would think that it means "to make a clear direct straight path."

I also believe that we are to read the Bible in context of what the writer meant. If you start at Romans 18 I see that Paul is talking about all of sinful mankind falling away from God. So when I get to Romans 1:26 I see that Paul is talking to the Rome Christians, but he's talking about mankind in general. It is clear to me that the Romans 1:26-27 says "that the women exchanged normal relations for those "contrary to nature" (παρὰ φύσιν or para physin) .  Similarly men exchanged the customary relationship with women for that with other men "men with men" (ἄρσενες ἐν ἄρσεσιν or arsenes en arsesin, .  Paul is talking about what it says. He is not talking about idol worshipping, or rape, or prostitution. Yes those things were happening, but Paul is specifically talking about women with women and men with men.

But what about God's nature in general. Same-sex sex does not naturally make since. It doesn't fit together, it doesn't work the way it should, not physically and not for procreation, because it's not supposed to. God created sex for procreation, birds, bees, plants, animals, insects...

If I feel for someone, maybe it's a married person or someone else besides my spouse or if I'm single and having sex outside of marriage, regardless if I feel love for the other person, I'm still sinning.

It doesn't matter if you love the other person, it's a sin. And God created marriage, between male and female. So even if the law on earth says you can legally marry, God cannot recognize it as marriage. He CAN NOT. God is perfection.

What if you are leading people down the wrong path? The crooked path instead of the "straight path".

Thousands of years of Bible study by thousands of Bible scholars, from Jews to Greeks and all nationalities, all interpret from all of the historical religious writings that same-sex intimacy is a sin.

So all of these years everyone has been wrong?

But now, thanks to the LGBT, we finally have the truth? Really?

You believe that? Does your belief even logically make sense?

I am praying for you. I pray that God will open your heart and your mind to HIS Truth. I pray that God will use you to lead people to Him.

Rick's comment: Hi Sam - In the Old Testament, God blessed polygamy and people who practiced polygamy. In the Old Testament, God blessed brother-half sister marriage and even helped Abraham and Sarah have a child in their brother-half-sister marriage, Genesis 20: 2, 5, 12, 16.

The point is that there is more than one kind of marriage that is acceptable to God. Marriage hasn't always been one man with one woman. In the OT, polgyamy was culturally accepted and legal. In modern times, gay marriage is legal and culturally accepted.

Jewish followers of God in the OT did not try to use the power of government to change society and outlaw polygamy. Modern Christians should follow their example and should stop trying to use the power of government to take away rights from their gay brothers and lesbian sisters.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 12, 2015
I'm so done with staying quiet about this!
by: Tony

The anti gay debate has been given so many stupid so called justifying and defending, that I commend Rick, Matthew Vines and Justin Lee for their attempted respectful responses. I on the other hand am losing patience! My spiritual journey maybe newer than some, but that doesn't matter to me. Which ever clobber passage is used, once again, historical context. I feel like a brokwn record saying this and I don't care. Every passage used against them/ us is misunderstood unless you read the chapters leading up to them, although I know very well that even certain theologians don't read it right. So much of this culture has turned on God due to many of his followers, who have treated more than just the gay community like outcasts, which is not how God wants it. A lot of needless blood has been shed in his name. And our community alone has suffered a lot because of the shame, where we kill ourselves or we get bashed and killed, all because we don't know who to turn to, the Leviticus argument won't work on me nor will Romans, so this debate needs new material and dialogue, we've tried to open up our dialogue, why won't you( the anti gay side) return the favor? Or is that too much to ask?

Sep 12, 2015
Thank you
by: sam

Hi Rick. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the time you took out of your day to answer my questions.

I read things differently when I study the Bible and I do pray for God's guidance. I respectfully disagree with you, however, I will continue to study and keep an open mind. I am not "anti-gay", I just don't understand and I'm trying to. Thank you for your time and God bless.

Rick's comment: Hi Sam - You're welcome. God bless you too.

Do you love us enough to hear our heart?

Sep 13, 2015
Honestly these comments are disgusting
by: Miranda

I can't believe it. People are given clear evidence right in front of them, and they won't take it. I'm referring to the comments here and there throughout the whole page. Really, do you not take the information in front of you that has been laid out for YOU?

I am a Christian too. However, I've always had this feeling as to why would God ever condemn homosexuality, as it was just an orientation the same as heterosexuality, and all the other sexualities. I always thought that "love your neighbour as yourself" came first, whether or not the gender or sex that your neighbour is. After researching more and finding wonderful websites like these, they have opened my eyes to see that using the bible to condemn people, while falsely claiming that their condemning is the truth, is utter madness.

Please, unless you (as in the commentors not as in the article itself) can give more information to explain why you STILL believe that homosexuality is a sin, especially as you're on a website SPECIFICALLY for this, I will continue to think you're rubbish that the truth couldn't relieve you even if it faced you right in the eyes.

To the article writers: Thank-you, thank-you.

Sep 16, 2015
about the transgender article
by: Pietas


"The prohibition addresses one of the most visible elements of false worship, wearing gender-discordant clothing while worshiping the false god"

I look at this, and he showed coco chanel showing pants. she even got a masculine look on her face. It's demonic. of course he cant see this. this is demonic. anything mass marketed to us is demonic. It's got profit in mind. there is no reason to mass market anything. We don't need anything because we have God. In the 1920s Edward Bernays got women to smoke as well. The point is, looking at both in the larger context. It was done to destroy America. There is nothing inherently wrong with pants. But looking at this in its own context we will see that there is something wrong with women all of a sudden deciding it was alright to wear pants because Coco Chanel said so... if women saw this and wore pants b/c they think it's cool b/c she wore it, they are doing it to worship the false god, Coco Chanel. If they wear pants out of some kind of rebellion, which is what they most likely did when they first started wearing it, then it's sin too. But if they wear pants because they feel like it and it's not because they want to dress like men or anyone else, but they simply like how it feels on themselves, then fine. Like I said nothing inherently wrong with pants. And colors are subjective. There is no reason for girls to like dolls and boys like trucks or men hunt and women cook. That's all nonsense. That's not the point, and it's so unbiblical.

Another thing, if a man OR a woman wears high heels. Why are they doing it. Is a man doing it to look like a woman? Because they did used to wear heels a couple hundred years ago and it was in style. But are they doing it to be taller? Men are usually taller. Why bother? Why make a silly fashion statement for vanity. I don't like high heels. Women shouldn't wear it because it hurts their feet and is done for vanity purposes mostly. If they cant reach high enough get a step ladder. Or get a man. There is no practicality to high heels.

Rick's comment: Hi Pietas - Ummm, okay, thanks for sharing that with us.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 25, 2015
by: ProudToBeMe

God made all people the way he wanted them. He loves all his children... the bible wasn't written till decades after Jesus's death...

God created Love. If he did not want a man to love another man, He would not have made us that way. I agree with the statement in the Article. When did you decide to be heterosexual. It is NOT a choice to be homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc., it is the way we were made.

I have been a full fledged Christian my whole life. I found that I was bisexual at 15, I had no choice in the matter. It was just - there. It's like looking at a food that you like and say oh that was a choice, then you can look at a food you hate, and change your mind, I don't hate this food anymore. It is what we like because that's who we are. We don't criticize heterosexuals for being heterosexual. God made us the way he intended us to be, so are you disagreeing with God?

Sep 26, 2015
Bastardization of God By Christians
by: Real INFO 101

Here's a website you REALLY need to read if you think the "infallible" Bible that was written by MEN has all the answers.

Turns out that bible isn't the literal word for word interpretation that you've been taught all these years.


Rick's comment: Just for the record, I knew Dr. Rembert Truluck, who wrote the article at the link above. He was a good Christian pastor who believed the Bible and was evangelistic throughout his 50+ year ministry.

Dr. Truluck would not agree with your title nor would he agree with your comment that the Bible was written by men. As gay Christians, we need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let's not allow the anti-gay crowd to rob us of our joy in Jesus and our faith in God.

What must I do to be saved?

Oct 09, 2015
Genesis 9:7
by: Matt

So, if homosexuality is chosen by God as a way people are intended to live then how will homosexuals be fruitful and multiply? Obviously, they can adopt children but how do they pro-create? In Matthew 13:4, there are analogies where Jesus uses seeds to represent truth and learning of God and if seeds are put in good soil then they produce, but if they fall on the road or with weeds or the birds ate them, or it was rocky soil, etc., then the seeds do not produce. If Jesus says that the best of these scenarios is when seed is put on good soil and produces then wouldn't you think he expects the same for human seed. In Matthew 13:32, concerning faith, it is the smallest of seed that produces the most! It is good to have strong faith and good that the seed produces. This issue even goes for heterosexual relationships and when human seed does not find good soil. That is way abortion is such a big issue. do you think God intends for that either? If animals or plants on the farms stopped producing would that be a good thing? Probably not. Choose love and life!

Rick's comment: Hi Matt - you need to do more thinking on this issue. 95% of the human race is heterosexual and about 5% is homosexual. The human race has already been fruitful and multiplied to the point where we have 7.5 BILLION people on earth, 95% of whom are heterosexual.

Using "be fruitful and multiply" as a reason to oppose gay marriage indicates a lack of serious thought on your part. Are you opposed to senior citizens getting married? They are too old to be fruitful and multiply.

Are you opposed to people unable to have children getting married? They are unable to be fruitful and multiply.

Oct 15, 2015
homosexuality and the Bible
by: Jim

No word translatable to homosexual appears in the Greek, Latin or old King James Version nor the Catholic Bible. It took homophobes a couple of thousand years to change the holy bible to contain that word.

Their efforts are pathetic. In 1979 they forced the editors of the New King James Version to include the word homosexual in 1 Cor 6:9. They tried as best they could to get them to change sodomy to homosexual. When that did not work they settled for changing effeminate to homosexual. Absolutely absurd.

Before the hand of Satan got into rewriting the scriptures, the scriptures only addressed sodomy and perverted straights lusting after their own sex, not homosexuality. I challenge you to read it.

Anyone who believes homosexuality is a choice needs to do a little research. No one knows what causes it but reasonable people surely realize that no body would volunteer for that life.
Reexamine your noodles folks.

Oct 25, 2015
why not
by: scott

You thanked me for my comment but chose not to post it. Do you not have an answer for beastialty and incest.

Rick's comment: Hi Scott - Please use my Search feature on the top left side of the page. Search for beastiality or search for incest and then click on the links it pulls up - that will give you my views on those topics.

As far as not posting your original question, I got a spate of crude gross vulgar comments on those topics and chose not to post any of them. I'm not sure if your question was included in those. I get thousands of comments so it's impossible to remember which is which. Many thanks.

Oct 27, 2015
called by grace
by: chris

I am a former homosexual. And I have honestly repented of it. 1 for chapter 6:9-11 sum up the issue for me. "and some of you were such" I am not a Westboro Baptist type, but it makes no sense to me why god would call me to repent of it and not everyone else! I believe I was living I sin, and I take the bibles stance. (repent)

Rick's comment: Hi Chris - Thanks for commenting - I'm happy to report that every Christian is called by grace and saved by grace. I wonder how much time you've spent studying the clobber passages so that you understand them in context?

Many gays drink and drug too much and live sexually promiscuous lives. When they get saved, they repent of everything they've done, without making a distinction between the sinfully self-destructive behavior and their innate sexual orientation. They assume that if their lifestyle was sinful then their innate orientation must also be sinful when it is not.

Then too, some people who describe themselves as former homosexuals, were really bisexual instead of homosexual. When someone from that background claims to be a former homosexual, that can be confusing to people who are innate gays.

What must I do to be saved?

Dec 04, 2015
Re: Matt's Oct 9, 2015 comment - Genesis 9:7
by: Mike

Rick's comment: Hi Matt - you need to do more thinking on this issue. 95% of the human race is heterosexual and about 5% is homosexual. The human race has already been fruitful and multiplied to the point where we have 7.5 BILLION people on earth, 95% of whom are heterosexual.

See, there you go. You are justifying the biological appropriateness of homosexuality on the fact that only a small percentage of population identify with it. If the ratio was reversed (and who are you to say that could never be the case), it would have a much more dramatic effect on future generations, yet people in your camp would still use the "well, I was born this way, so it must be what God wanted" defense for it. It's silly to think that God "intended" for a portion of the population to live an alternative sexual lifestyle. The much more rational explanation would be that our continued gravitation toward sinful lifestyles is producing more and more individuals with non-hetero sexual attractions (you don't REALLY know if you were gay or straight at birth. It's most likely a combination of genetic and environmental factors).

I am sorry to all of you "homosexual" men and women out there that I do not struggle with same-sex attraction and different-sex un-attraction to the degree you do. But every human being on this Earth is born with a sinful condition. I may not struggle with the sin of same-sex desires, but you surely don't struggle with some of the sins that I repeatedly fall to. But neither one of us is in a position to go around justifying our behavior as "not sinful." You are placing your own desires above those of your God, which CLEARLY goes against the entire basis of New Testament Christianity. Why do so many of you insist on trying to justify this? I applaud all of you men and women out there who struggle with same-sex attraction yet choose to put your master's desires above your own.

God clearly intended human sexual relationships to be built around monogamous covenants between a human male and a human female, with the primary purpose of re-production. Anything beyond this is sexual immorality. There is nothing "anti-gay" about that statement. For me to be anti-gay would make me a hypocrite, for I too am a sinner. It is not your fault that you were born of the flesh. But you have got to get over the fact that God intends for no two people of the same sex to form a sexual or romantic union, no matter how monogamous or consensual it may be. In my eyes, you are not a homosexual, or a bisexual, or a transsexual, or a pan-sexual, or anything else. You are a sinning heterosexual just like me. I will not judge you for I am explicitly called to not do so. I will love you as a fellow child of God. But I refuse to submit to your worldly attempt to justify your sin with ungodly labels.

Rick's comment: Hi Matt - Genesis 9:7, really? You are too hung up on reproduction, even with 7.6 BILLION people on earth.

You assume the Bible is anti-gay. Then you use verses taken out of context, which do not address being gay, to condemn gays. Then you accuse us of a "worldly attempt to justify our sin with ungodly labels." Odd but what I've come to expect from the anti-gay crowd.

I wonder if you've ever read the Bible from cover to cover?

Using "be fruitful and multiply" in Genesis 9:7 as a reason to oppose gay marriage indicates a lack of serious thought on your part.

Are you opposed to senior citizens getting married? They are too old to be fruitful and multiply.

Are you opposed to people living celibate lives and never marrying? They cannot be fruitful and multiply.

Are you opposed to allowing sterile people to marry? They are unable to be fruitful and multiply.

I wish you God's best and hope you will keep reading and studying as you grow to spiritual maturity. There is room at the table for all of us who are blood-washed born again children of God. It is unseemly of you to keep trying to push us away just because we disagree on the gay issue.

Dec 11, 2015
homosexuality is a sin
by: jen

The bible does say it is a sin--plain and simple. so is premarital sex, so is adultery. Everyone has sin, commits sin, we gossip, we do not love our enemies and the list goes on. Like so many people have stated before. Why can't homosexuals accept that they are living a sinful life--a way of life the bible condemns--just like so many of us choosing adultery, gossip, premarital sex, --it doesn't mean that you are not loved by God, it is merely a sin that is forgiven by the blood of Christ . If you are able and have the desire, to abstain from this sin--then you probably are being drawn extremely close to God, because we need love. Just like my situation. I live with my husband of 25 years--I am supposed to stay married--I do not feel loved--it is hard--I seek God daily, and wonder what i am supposed to do. If i break the covenant of marriage , God will still love me --I have free will , as do homosexuals and we all do the best we can do.

Rick's comment: Hi Jen - I'm sorry for the dilemma you're in - not feeling loved in your marriage relationship. There are lots of marriage counselors for heterosexuals so I hope you'll get counseling. You deserve to feel loved by your husband.

On the gay issue, my impression is, you haven't studied the scriptures about this. Instead, you formed a conclusion based on reading a verse or two which seem to say what you believe.

Dec 17, 2015
by: ProudToBeMe

Because if your saying it is a sin to be homosexual, then why can't we state being heterosexual is as well. It's the fact that this is the way we were made and it doesn't matter what you say or do, we've accepted the way we are and will not allow you to put us down, because "it is stated in the bible."

The bible was not written by God or Jesus, it was written, and I am not 100% sure but, somewhere around 40 years AFTER Jesus died. It has no direct connection with Jesus. It's like asking a High School student to write a report about a story in class of their interpretation. The bible is only an interpretation. nothing more.

Rick's comment: Hi ProudToBeMe - Is it possible you have misunderstood the purpose of this website? We are pro-gay and support GLBTs. I encourage you to explore our website - I think you will like what you discover.

Jan 27, 2016
by: Eric House

If a man lay with a man as he would a woman it is abomination. That is as straight forward and to the point as possible.

God tells us in the end days false prophets would come telling people what their itching ears want to hear. Anyone attempting to change God's straight forward truth to make their beliefs or lifestyle "OK" are false prophets.

Rick's comment: Hi Eric - Thanks for refusing to factor biblical context into your interpretation. That demonstrates that your views are based on opinion and the presuppositions you bring to the text, not on biblical context. In plainer words, your views are based on shifting sands.

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 04, 2016
In response to the comment below
by: Jill Nevil

First off I wanna say I'm Christian, and of the opinion that homosexuality is a sin, but in response to that other lady; no specific sin is mentioned in 2 Corinthians. (I googled this.)

2 Corinthians 12:21 - I fear that when I come again my God may humble me before you, and I may have to mourn over many of those who sinned earlier and have not repented of the impurity, sexual immorality, and sensuality that they have practiced.

Feb 17, 2016
Being Gay is NORMAL!
by: Kai_amir

"It's not right" You know what's also not right? Bullying a kid to the point that he kills himself because he looked at another guy the 'wrong' way.

"It will offend God." You know what Jesus said about being gay? Nothing. You know what Jesus said about divorce? A whole lot more, yet you don't see large Christian groups protesting the right to divorce. He also said 'let those without sin cast the first stone,' and 'before you try to remove the speck in your brother's eye be sure to first remove the log in your own.' Are you without sin? Are you God? No? Well then maybe you should leave judgement to Him alone.

"The Bible says it's wrong." There are literally two lines in the entire thing that even mention homosexuality. There's also a bunch about never wearing fabric blends, about never approaching the temple while you have blemishes on your face, about how if your brother's wife doesn't get pregnant and your brother dies, you need to have sex with her.

Feb 17, 2016
Religion is invalid anyways so it doesn't matter
by: Jack

Why do I care what your imaginary friend in the sky told a couple insane men to right down a couple thousand years ago?

Rick's comment: Hi Jack - PLEASE, NEVER say that at the airport. Have you ever read the Bible? God loves you and is willing to save you and radically change your life IF you will receive Him as your Savior from sin, hell and the wrath of God.

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 25, 2016
Ummm, I have an opinion.
by: Abby

There is no sexual orientation. There is no "homosexual" or "heterosexual". But there is man and wife. That is called a traditional marriage. The bible says nothing on "dating" and NEVER mentions any sex except for kids as "okay".

People make a decision based on what? JESUS DIED FOR YOU! Stop making people believe this crap! It is a sin! Both to advertise, accept, believe, and do! God forgive you! May you come to your error before you die!

Rick's comment: Hi Abby - Why do anti-gay Christians believe weird things that are not true? Sexual orientation is real. There are two orientations - heterosexual and homosexual and neither is chosen by the individual.

Abby wrote: "The Bible never mentions any sex except for kids as okay".

Really? Have you read the Bible from cover to cover?

In Proverbs 5:18, sex is for enjoyment and recreation.

In Song of Solomon, sex is also for recreation and enjoyment.

Do you remember 1 Cor 7:1ff? Sex is also useful to avoid fornication. In plainer words, sex is for more than making babies.

Thanks for reminding everyone that Jesus died for us. I reach 40,000+ people around the world every month, with the glorious gospel of Christ AND people are getting saved because of the gospel witness of this gay Christian website.

It says something negative about your spiritual maturity, that you assume, if I disagree with you, I must not be saved. I hope you will start studying the Bible, 2 Timothy 2:15, and start believing God's truth. Many thanks for sharing your opinion.

May 24, 2016
I don't have the guts to put my name with my anti-gay beliefs
by: Anonymous Patriot

I can't believe you affirm sola scriptura, yet ignore that the Bible clearly says homosexuality is SIN!

Furthermore, you claim those verse are taken out of context, they are not. And, you can't even explain how they are out of context, nor can you prove that they are taken out of context to begin with.

Rick's comment: Hello Anonymous - You don't have the guts to put your real name with your little rant? Are you aware that ignorance is NOT a fruit of the Spirit?

You wrote: "you claim those verse are taken out of context, they are not. And, you can't even explain how they are out of context to begin with."

I have hundreds of pages on this website. I explain the clobber passages in detail and how people take those verses OUT of context.


Rick's comment: Repent of what - disagreeing with you? LOL.

When you're Anonymous online, you're part of a large group of gutless wonders and it's easy to play it off as if you're a good Christian.

Please remember, you will not be Anonymous at the judgment seat of Christ.

Jun 05, 2016
Thank you
by: Cherie

I am a heterosexual Christian woman and I found this site by accident. Wow, after reading this and a couple of your other pages I must say I am humbled and amazed. May God bless you and your ministry. I really had my eyes opened and I learned something. Thank you! I usually study with a NIV and now I might think twice.

Rick's comment: Hi Cherie - Thanks for your kind words.

Jun 29, 2016
God loves you no matter what!
by: Stephanie

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10: "Don’t you know that people who are unjust won’t inherit God’s kingdom? Don’t be deceived. Those who are sexually immoral, those who worship false gods, adulterers, both participants in same-sex intercourse, thieves, the greedy, drunks, abusive people, and swindlers won’t inherit God’s kingdom." This lists the sins that prevent people from getting into the kingdom of God and it shows how no sin is worse than another. Homosexuality IS a sin whether you admit it or not! Every human lives in and/or have committed a sin and the sooner you confess your sin and ask for forgiveness, the quicker you can get even closer to God!

Rick's comment: Hi Stephanie - I can see why you might think that because you're reading a "modern" translation that is sadly mistranslated. The truth is, the apostle Paul never used the word homosexual in any language.

1 Cor 6:9 contains the Greek words malakoi and arsenokoitai. No one in the first century AD ever used those words with the meaning of gay or homosexual.

Paul was describing shrine prostitutes who used sex to worship false gods, not gay men or lesbians.

Aug 24, 2016
by: Lesbian

You all can call me a sinner all you like but I don't care honestly. I love woman- I prefer to be friends with males instead of date them. "Own up to your sins" um, k. Oh no im a sinner whatever shall i do. I don't care if you label me as a sinner or say my love is a sin- im happy. You should all stop caring so much about who other people like and focus on yourself. I am not christian- so i am not certain but; I believe the bible says to love and forgive everyone. That includes lgbt+ people. We are just normal people trying to be happy.

Rick's comment: If I want to get saved, what must I do?

Sep 20, 2016
A heart of pride
by: NEMO

As far as us Gays living in sin unrepentantly (as many commenters claim), do the people who have created such a compendium of hate or misunderstanding repent for their discouraging words, which are so hurtful and unnecessary?

Look into your heart and think about the effect of your actions. If you really had a heart after God even if you happen disagree with the author of this site, you would be silent or perhaps engage in private correspondence.

To say such and such a person cannot enter the kingdom of God, you are only putting meaningless restrictions on Gods love and to what end? To prove a point?

As part of my new nature I am in fact discovering the weight of sin, my mind is turned by it and I no longer enjoy it. I felt shame about being gay, and could not be sure about what I needed to repent for. its clear from reading this site that such shame was actually displaced guilt for lustful thoughts and for indulging in pornography.

The accuser however used this guilt, to tell me as many of the people in the previous comments have said, I could never enter Gods kingdom.

Even if being Gay is a sin, I could not be redeemed by own works should I, impossibly, change my sexual orientation. Such an effort would be in vain and furthermore it would separate me from God because I would striving for salvation through my deeds rather than my faith in Christ.

God says a lot more about prideful people who put keeping the law above him than he ever said about homosexuals. Just something to consider.

As Christians we can and should change our perspectives about how our actions affect others. And have a spirit of compassion instead of a spiteful one.

A prideful spirit compels us to assert our own viewpoints, whatever their basis, to disparage others, in order to shame them and make ourselves feel better. In doing so, many of the supposed Christians above are potentially depriving many Gay readers on this site from seeking salvation.

I can think of nothing more unchristian than placing a limit on Gods love or forgiveness, by claiming that it doesn't extend to certain people.

Oct 31, 2016
Your comments may differ
by: Bruce L. Scheffler

I have read most if not all of your comments both good and bad. Two issues come to mind. You mentioned on more than one occasion to read Matthew 19:12. I suggest you read the whole chapter, he is not talking about someone being gay but someone who no longer has a sexual interest. By definition a 'Eunuch has had his testicles removed.' Pretty sure that has anything to do with being gay.

Rick's comment: Hi Bruce - The ancient category of eunuch included men who were not castrated, who were physically intact and capable of reproduction but had no sexual interest in women.

In general, eunuchs did not physically reproduce and that is what set them apart from others even though a born eunuch was physically capable of reproduction. What I present on this website isn't new information. It is the testimony of history going back thousands of years.

Homosexual born eunuchs

Same sex attracted eunuchs

Second, you keep mentioning readers to follow 2 Timothy 2:15; again you should read the whole chapter as it discusses to avoid worldly chatter for it will lead to further ungodliness and their talk will spread like gangrene.

Rick's comment: Studying the Bible and working hard to understand scripture accurately in biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic and religious context is not worldly chatter.

Finally it really does not matter what you think or anyone else thinks. What matters is if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior. And once you have done that the Holy Spirit will come into your life and take charge, changing you into the man/woman God wants you to be, His way not ours. That can take a lifetime.

When we stand in front of God (unsaved) Jesus (saved) we will then give an account of our life. There will not be one person that is here that will be with us when that happens. So there will not anyone that can say I told you so regardless of the stand they are taking.

We are to lead people to Christ, not force them to go that route either through guilt or fear. Once a person has given their life to God then it becomes the Holy Spirits job to change them as He sees fit.

Rick's comment: Many gays and lesbians have contacted me over the years to let me know they got saved through reading and believing the gospel on this website.

By arguing about whether we are right or wrong via the Bible we walk right into Satan's trap who has one purpose and that is to kill us any way he can.

Rick's comment: God's truth in the Bible is important and Christians should always stand up for God's truth. Defending the truth of the Bible in context is not walking into Satan's trap. It is obeying God's command.

"Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." - Jude 3

"Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ: that whether I come and see you, or else be absent, I may hear of your affairs, that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel;" - Philippians 1:27

And finally remember the two thief's next to Jesus on the cross. One of them ask Jesus to remember him and Jesus said from this day forward you will be in Paradise with me. We have no idea the sins the thief did but Jesus forgave him in that minute.

Jul 17, 2018
It is a sin...
by: Bard

Yes, it is a sin, it says so in the Bible as numerous other people have stated. Your approach on the matter is wrong, you were not born this way, there are MANY people who were homosexual and changed, you don't need conversion therapy or anything for it, I know one such person myself(was my classmate).

If you truly care about God then please try to hear more than what your liberal friends teach you. A friend should tell you the truth, not nod their head as you walk towards your death. Don't believe me, do your own research and don't let the "progressives" dictate your destiny and steal your free will.

No, you did not choose to be homosexual, we do not choose to be tempted by lust, it is a sin to act upon that temptation. You can change... Feel free to remain the way you are as long as you know... you have a choice, you always had.

Rick's comment: Hi Bard - Your comment contains a lot of misinformation.

1. No verse of scripture, in context, condemns being gay or lesbian. Finding a poorly translated, contemporary version of the Bible, where they have inserted the word homosexual, when no equivalent word is ever used in the Hebrew and Greek, doesn't bolster your opinion.

2. No, there are not MANY people who were homosexual and changed. Exodus International, the largest Ex-gay ministry on earth, shut down their entire worldwide ministry in June, 2013 because, as they admitted, they had never seen anyone change their sexual orientation in 38 years of ministry.

3. It isn't liberal or progressive to disagree with you on the gay issue. GayChristian101 is one of the few conservative gay Christian websites.

I encourage you to get up to speed on what the Bible says and on what is going on in the real world.

Oct 26, 2018
Can't we all just get along?
by: anonymous

So I know that the bible says that being gay is wrong but so is gambling, drinking, adultery. i mean no sin is greater than the other and you cant say that it isn't a sin. I'm a lesbian but I still believe in God and I accepted him in my heart.

Rick's comment: Hi Anonymous - Here is a helpful Bible study about knowing for sure you are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

What must I do to be saved?

I honestly believe once you accept him in your heart he doesn't just leave you because of your sins. I always grew up with a kind heart and I was always taught not to judge others because nobody is perfect.

Also to treat others the way you want to be treated I mean I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want someone to point out your sins because you point at theirs.

Rick's comment: This verse by verse Bible study on Romans chapter 1 will help you grow spiritually and get doctrinally grounded.

Bible Study - Romans chapter 1

Mark 12:30-31 says Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. the second is this:love your neighbor as you love yourself. There is no commandment greater than this. I do love him with all my heart,mind,strength and soul everyday.

I really don't know what is going to happen when I die but I pray that he will have mercy on my soul and forgive me because i love him more than anyone or anything. For now I'm going to continue showing love and compassion to as many people as I can to try to make a difference in this world.

Please don't judge me because I'm not judging any of you. Only God has the power to judge us so leave that to him.

Rick's comment:

Are Christians supposed to judge?

Apr 23, 2019






Rick's comment: Hi Dan - These links will be helpful in your search for God's truth.

Can you answer these questions about Genesis 19 - the Sodom story?

What must I do to be saved?

Jun 15, 2019
I'm confused
by: Alexis

I go to a church where homosexuality is preached upon (as a bad thing), but the pastor also preaches about being Born-again. But this site says homosexuality is ok and that you can be Born-again.

It's just really confusing, because I want homosexuality to be ok, but this site says it is ok, but my pastor said it's not ok.

I guess I'm still a young Christian ( I got Saved 4/16/17 ), so I'm bound to be confused by a lot of things.

But I just want homosexuality to be ok, but I was taught that homosexuality is an abomination (and read it in the Bible), but I saw that on here that the abomination part was taken out of context.

I'm just really sad and I'm hurting because I'm really, really confused. :(

I'm sorry if this comment is stupid, and sometimes we have to ask God for ourselves, but I'm scared because what if God says being homosexual is NOT ok?

I'm not gay (or at least, I don't think I am), but that would crush me. I just want us to all be happy the way God wants us to.

Rick's comment: Hi Alexis - A good way to find out if homosexuality is okay is to read this website with an open Bible.

Look up the verses and read the explanation of the verses that I give, and then, pray and ask the Lord to help you understand His truth.

What must I do to be saved?

Jun 20, 2019
by: Kafeara

Homosexuality is most definitely a sin. Read the passage in Jude. "just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire." (Jude 7)

Homosexuality is an unnatural desire, because of this I believe that God placed a curse on people as a punishment for those cities' sins.

Rick's comment: Hi Kafeara - I have a helpful page about Jude. I encourage you to read it.

Does Jude condemn gays?

Jude most definitely does NOT condemn gays.

Aug 03, 2019
How do you know that this is true?
by: Stefan

Hi, I'm not a Christian but I would like to share my thoughts.

You wrote "All homosexuals and all heterosexuals are sinners from birth because we all are born with a sin nature, Romans 3:23, 5:12.

Some of us are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb (Jesus Christ), Romans 5:9, Revelation 12:11 and some folks are still lost and unsaved because they have not received "the gift of God which is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord," Romans 6:23.".

How do you know that all this is true? Please don't write "because it's written in the Bible" or "because my priest told me that it's true" or something like that. That would be an argument from authority fallacy. In addition, I'd like you to keep the following two verses in mind when you answer my question. Thank you.

Colossians 4:6 KJV "Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man."
1 Peter 3:15 KJV "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear[respect]:"

Rick's comment: Hi Stefan - I know it is true, from personal experience. Jesus saved me when I called upon Him.

I hope you will respond to the gospel call and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, from sin, hell and the wrath of God. When you do that, you will know it is true.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 03, 2019
How do you know this is true?
by: Stefan

Hi Rick, thank you for your reply to my previous comment. I have problems with that though.

You wrote "I know it is true, from personal experience. Jesus saved me when I called upon Him." This may be sufficient enough for you to believe that it's true but it's not sufficient for anyone who values logic and reason - or at least it shouldn't be sufficient. It's no objective evidence.

There have been people who had personal "experiences" of being abducted by aliens, and also people who had personal "experiences" that made them believe that Islam or another religion other than Christianity is true. What makes your personal "experience" truer than theirs?

You also wrote "I hope you will respond to the gospel call and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, from sin, hell and the wrath of God. When you do that, you will know it is true." That's an appeal to faith fallacy. There are est. 4,200 religions, with multiple branches and denominations. They can't all be true but they can all be false.

With faith you can believe in anything - even in false things. I want to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible. Therefore, I'll believe in what you say is true when objective, sufficient evidence to warrant that belief is presented.

Rick's comment: Hi Stefan-

I enjoy trying new restaurants. When someone asks, How was it, I tell them: It was great or, I didn’t like their salad because it contained onions.

In other words, I give my opinion, based on my experience. I don’t worry about whether my experience provides sufficient logic for someone else.

Psalm 34:8 says: "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."

Jeremiah 33:3 says: "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not."

Romans 10:9-10, 13 says: "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

You seem to be focused on debunking the Bible and Christians, instead of reading and believing the Bible and trusting Jesus as your Savior.

You already know you're a sinner. You already know that your own goodness can never pass the test of God’s righteousness. This isn’t rocket science.

The gospel is clear, plain and simple. Here is the gospel (the good news) that you need to believe, to get saved.

"For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:" 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

Why not humble yourself before the God who created you, believe the gospel, ask His forgiveness for your sins and get saved?

What must I do to be saved?

Feb 20, 2021
Common Sense
by: Mary Turnage

What kind of future do same sex has, there is no production.YOu still need a woman to produce.Also, it is an abomination to God, an insult to your creator. Fornication is a sin by itself. How can you become one with the same seed?

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