Is it possible to change from homosexual to heterosexual?

by Sarah-Kate

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You've asked a very important question. My answer is: No, people do not change their sexual orientation and there is no proof that God ever changes anyone's sexual orientation. We are born gay or lesbian (without making the choice to be that), according to Jesus in Matthew 19:12, where He tells us, eunuchs are born that way.

Eunuch is an ancient word which described gays and lesbians when the Bible was written. That is not the only meaning for eunuch but it is one of the historically accurate meanings accepted even by leading anti-gay scholars like Dr. Robert Gagnon, a tenured professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

It is possible to sublimate your orientation and act like you are no longer gay or lesbian. And it is possible to modify your outward behavior. Some people force themselves to live a celibate life instead of marrying a same sex partner, for example. But changing who you are inside, who God made you to be, no, that is not possible.

Obviously, some gays (and some heterosexuals) NEED to change their outward behavior (not their orientation) IF they are living a promiscuous lifestyle. Sleeping around is a dishonorable way to live and a great way to get an STD.

Many Christians are taught that getting saved changes you from homosexual to heterosexual. Of course, the Bible never says that so to be scriptural, we need to stick with the Bible, instead of someone's opinion.

There are change "ministries" around the world, many of them affiliated with Exodus International, which advertise themselves as helping people leave homosexuality. What generally happens in these ministries is that they take your money, waste your time and when you come out the other end, you're still gay or lesbian.

I've written about Exodus International, the best known umbrella group for change ministries. Their "success" rate is less than 15% and most of those "successes," including the President of Exodus International, Alan Chambers, admit that they still struggle with same sex attractions.

That means Exodus has an 85% failure rate AND the 15 percent they claim as "successes" didn't really change. Real heterosexuals don't struggle with same sex attractions and real homosexuals don't struggle against opposite sex attractions.

I've also written about the Ex-Gay myth. I hope you will read that page because it helps to answer your question.

I encourage you to always read and believe the Bible. God loves you and Jesus died so that you can be saved and know it for sure.

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Comments for Is it possible to change from homosexual to heterosexual?

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May 09, 2011
An EUNUCH is defined as someone who has been castrated
by: Anonymous

An EUNUCH is not necessarily a gay or lesbian person. You are misinformed.

Rick's comment: Hi Anonymous - Thanks for offering fact-free fantasy instead of solid truth. Are you even a little embarrassed when you post something like that?

I have four pages of carefully sourced historically accurate information about eunuchs on this website with clickable links to additional off-site information so even the laziest people on earth can find the truth if they're willing to do a bit of reading. Here's an excellent place to start. What about same-sex attracted eunuchs?

If you're going to disagree with world-class scholars, at least have the courtesy to offer historically accurate reasons for your disagreement.

What must I do to be saved?

Sep 22, 2014
What is true?
by: Hendrik

Hi Rick, Thanks for all your help, and teaching on this site. Can you help passify my uncertainty please? Im a gay man looking for answers too. I can see that you keep posing the statement that"' its possible "that the eununchs were same sex attracted, but it feels that's still assumptions, not facts.

Rick's comment: Hi Hendrik - I'll do my best to be helpful in answering your questions. First, I am a lot more definite on my eunuchs pages than "it's possible." Second, even anti-gay scholars like Dr. Robert Gagnon are a lot more definite than "it's possible."

This page has links to my eunuchs pages and a link to the best website about enuchs on the web. Same sex attracted eunuchs

So we still cannot say with certainty that we are born gay just because some are born sexually unfit, whether phydically/ emotionally in the form of eunuch. It seems instead that eunuchs are either people who are castrated emotionally or physically towards sex. I wish you were right on this, but I cannot take it as absolute truth or fact as indicative of our homosexuality. What other proof is there, please. Thanks. Be blessed in Jesus.

Rick's comment: Hendrik, have you read all four of my eunuchs pages? Have you clicked on the links on those pages and read that information? I believe that the facts are more concrete and the conclusions more definite than you have stated.

It should be instructive that one of our most ardent opponents admits that the term eunuch in Jesus' day DID include homosexuals. That does not mean that all eunuchs were gay or lesbian but certainly, in the first century AD, the term eunuch did include gay men and lesbian women. That is historical fact. Hope this is helpful Hendrik and may God bless you with peace on this issue.

Jan 26, 2016
Double standards
by: Jeremy Larson

I don't understand why sexual orientation is in its own category. For one, no we don't change ourselves about this, nor any other predisposition. But saying we come to Jesus as we are and stay the same is like a thief, murderer or lust filled heterosexual staying the same. Its such a double standard.

And people love the whole gray area as it gives them freedom to be however they want, while still claiming moral standards. Yet we are all equal sinners, or so the Bible teaches. The Bible also teaches we are to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Jesus. How can we fight so hard for "our rights" if we have died to sin and self (as Paul says we do if we genuinely became followers of Christ)?

Rick's comment: Hi Jeremy - As I pointed out on the other comment you made, I believe you are attempting to rebut views which I do not hold. Certainly some in the gay christian community are liberal and use the term Christian only in its cultural sense instead of its biblical and theological sense.

I am most definitely NOT in that group. I am a born again, washed in the blood of the Lamb, tract passing, street witnessing, soul-winning, conservative non-Calvinist, non-Charismatic, non-Catholic Bible believing Christian.

I do NOT say we come to Jesus as we are and then stay that way. If that is what you think I believe, you haven't read this website with comprehension.

Your question about fighting for our rights and your apparent belief that gay Christians should never fight for their rights is at odds with the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. That indicates you are a young Christian who, perhaps, has not yet taken time to read the Bible from cover to cover.

As you read and study the Bible and as you "walk in the Spirit," Galatians 5:16, the Lord will provide discernment and understanding and answers to your questions. God bless you guys abundantly as you walk the path of His purpose for your life.

What must I do to be saved?

Mar 09, 2017
Coming as we are to God
by: Karen Isaacson

Jeremy Larson, I think I understand the confusion. Sexual orientation is an innate characteristic, like handedness or eye color. When you say

"But saying we come to Jesus as we are and stay the same is like a thief, murderer or lust filled heterosexual staying the same. Its such a double standard."

you're talking about actions, not characteristics. A 'lust-filled heterosexual' is someone _acting_ on their lust, yes? However, who we are in terms of who we desire to be with is a characteristic, not an action.

Suppose your 'lust filled' heterosexual was a jerk who used partners and discarded them with impunity, often hurting people (and jerks can be female, here, too). You would probably expect a change in the heart of that person once they knew the love of God? You wouldn't, however, expect them to change their innate, inborn characteristics and become asexual, however, which is the opposite of being 'lust filled'.

Aug 18, 2017
Eunuch means castrated - by definition
by: Krystian

First of all:

I think you should look for more knowledge and stop missleading the information and stop spreading it to people. Bible has nothing to gay people - why? Because Bible was written by people about 2000 years ago where being gay was punished - yes they were killed.

Second thing is fact there's no such thing as gay gene, the myth was demolished even by media and scientists, you can find informations everywhere. Im not against you and other homosexual people, I hate fake informations. Thanks.

Rick's comment: Hi Krystian - I expect more of you than citing wikipedia as your authority. I have A LOT of world class information on this website about eunuchs plus links to even more world class information. I encourage you to educate yourself before deciding that wikipedia has all the knowledge you need.

Same sex attracted eunuchs?

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