Witnessing - How To Overcome Your Fears And Share Your Faith With Others

Sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ is fun and easy.

Witnessing to others about Jesus, gently and kindly sharing your faith in Christ, is one of the most exciting things you can do.

The problem is, many Christians are afraid to witness for Jesus.

They are afraid to share their faith.

We've got all kinds of excuses.

  1. I'm afraid what people will think of me.

  2. Someone might make fun of me.

  3. Someone might ask a question I can't answer and I'll look stupid.

  4. Someone might get mad and beat me up.

  5. I'm shy and I just can't talk to strangers.

  6. Its too hot outside.

  7. Its too cold outside.

  8. I'm too busy to tell someone about Jesus.

  9. I don't know how to share my faith in Jesus.

This Video teaches us that fear should never stop us from telling others about Jesus.

8 Reasons Why I Don't Share My Faith

So many times, we loose our spiritual focus. Responsibilities of life keep us from witnessing for Jesus.

Fear of what others will think keeps us from witnessing and sharing our faith in Jesus with others.

What Keeps You From Sharing The Gospel?

The Nike ad says, Just do it.

Someone loved you enough to overcome fear and tell you about Jesus.

Someone took time out of a busy day to care about you.

Will you trust God enough to tell someone else about Jesus?
When Jesus saved you, He gave you the Holy Spirit, to live in you, to teach you, to strengthen you, to guide you, to help you know what to say.

Its always safe to trust God. Here and now, will you make up your mind to start sharing your faith?

If you would like to learn a simple, effective approach to witnessing and sharing your faith in Jesus, Click here.

Here is a Bible Study about getting saved and a Helpful Video which explains How To Be Saved.

Here is another approach to How To Be Saved and another short Video which explains it.

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