Why are some people homosexual?

by Furaha Dimitrios
(Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

Please pray for our <br>brothers and sisters in Tanzania

Please pray for our
brothers and sisters in Tanzania

Homosexuality is a normal condition for about 5% of the human population. Scientists and theologians still disagree over what, if anything, causes homosexuality.

  1. Some people believe that homosexuality is the result of a cold and distant father and a dominant mother. This pseudo-psychological view was popularized by Joseph Nicolosi of the infamous NARTH, a classic collection of wingnuts.

  2. Some people believe that homosexuality is the result of being molested as a child. Being molested does not make anyone gay although it often does cause psychological problems.

  3. Some people believe that homosexuality may be genetically caused although there is no conclusive scientific proof for this theory.

  4. Some Christians believe that homosexuality is always the result of a sinful personal choice made by the individual. This is the unproven opinion of Exodus International and their anti-gay supporters.

  5. Some Christians believe that homosexuality is the result of God's choice for the individual, made by God before birth and therefore it cannot be blamed on the individual.

Remember this...

Because no one knows why some people are born with an inclination toward heterosexuality and some people are born with an inclination toward homosexuality, the most Christian thing we can do is exercise grace toward those with whom we disagree on this issue.

Instead of judging and condemning their gay brothers and lesbians sisters and transgender family members, Christians should be walking in the Spirit, Galatians 5:16, loving each other and being about our Father's business, witnessing the good news of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

It is important to remember that God loves ALL of us and Jesus died for ALL of us, whether homosexual or heterosexual. Jesus is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance, 2 Peter 3:9.

God bless you richly
in your gospel work in Tanzania.

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Comments for Why are some people homosexual?

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Apr 12, 2012
So, here I am
by: Anonymous

It is a very strange thing. Probably it is, in part, due to the much more vocal LGBTQ people. I have seen a lot of things which portray people having crushes on the same gender as teens, deciding they must be gay, etc.

In my most rebellious moments I have considered that I might be gay, and even went to first base with a lesbian when I was single. I have never been very condemning of them - in part because in the early 70s I was assured all Catholics were going to hell, and well, most don't preach that anymore, so maybe they're wrong about a lot of other proclamations.

However, I chose to believe that it might be, or probably might be a sin because it is all I was ever taught, and that, just like fornication is a sin and you have to resist your urges there, obviously this is something you have to resist your urges about too. Act like you love men (in my case), have babies, be an obedient wife (most recent Baptist church was Southern Baptist convention but raised GARBC) because these virtues were supposed to demonstrate the life of the Holy Spirit in me.

I am married to a good man who loves God. I believe that vow is until death do us part. It is likely I will outlive him, but nothing is guaranteed. I will not divorce him over this but when I watch things about gays and lesbians, watch them have crushes, and remember that there were more girl crushes than boy crushes in my life (there was ONE boy crush when I was in third grade - he was like 20 but so very cute, and he had a sports car).

I love my husband for his character and how he is. I really don't care for sex and never have. It makes me wonder if I'm asexual or if I'm a lesbian who has never given in to that, so sex just is something I do to show my husband I love him, rather than to achieve any kind of sexual fulfillment.

I don't know. I know that I want so much to be a good Christian and to love God with all my heart. If I could love whomever brought me joy and still be in the right place, it would be wonderful. It isn't to be for at least ten years, possibly twenty, if he lives as long as his father. By then I might be too old for that kind of choice regardless.

But reading this and some other things recently, make me wonder if maybe I missed out on a life that would have been more fulfilling if I had made other choices.

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