What makes you so sure your interpretation of Scripture is correct?

by Richard
(not the Founder of this website)
(somewhere in Florida)

1. Because the complementarian interpretation of Genesis 2:24, that God only blesses an Adam and Eve type of marriage, one man with one woman, is not the Biblical view and is not the verdict of history.

God richly blessed polygamous marriages, a man having multiple wives, which disproves the complementarian view. God also blessed incestuous marriages between brother and sister in the case of Abraham and Sarah, between nephew and aunt in the case of Moses' parents, Amram and Jochebed, between first cousins in the case of Jacob marrying Leah and Rachel.

The point is that God is not locked into the box so many anti-gay Christians try to put Him in when it comes to what types of marriages God will bless.

2. Because the traditional interpretation of the clobber passages, which condemns committed gay and lesbian partnerships, does not hold water when examined in context. Click any NavBar button under, What The Bible Says, for detailed information.

3. Because although Sodom is mentioned 48 times in the Bible, no author of the Bible mentions or condemns gays in any context where Sodom is mentioned. And by the way, sodomites in the Bible are not gays and lesbians.

4. Because early Christians did not interpret Romans 1:26-27 as a universal indictment of gay and lesbian partnerships. Watch the short video at the Romans 1:26-27 text link for more info. Instead, early Christians understood Paul to be condemning shrine prostitution in Romans 1.

5. Because things that are different are not equal. It is dishonest to take verses about shrine prostitution and interpret them as universal condemnations of homosexuality when the original writer and the original hearers did not interpret them that way and when they are not interpreted that way in the Bible itself.

6. Because scripture cannot mean now what it did not mean then. Because even anti-gay scholars admit that the context of the clobber passages was not gays and lesbians, because the clobber passages, in context, were not condemning committed faithful non-cultic same sex relationships when they were originally given, it is dishonest to insist that today, the clobber passages have changed their meaning and are now condemning gay relationships.

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Comments for What makes you so sure your interpretation of Scripture is correct?

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Sep 28, 2011
trying to make sense of this
by: Anonymous

I don't know what bible you are reading from but I didn't get any of what you are saying from my bible. To be perfectly honest, I have wondered myself about if gay christians will go to heaven. I know the bible says that Jesus died for our sins and if you accept Him as your Lord and Savior you will inherit the Kingdom of God, but also it says that adulterers, murderers, idolaters, homosexuals, sexually immoral will not inherit the Kingdom of God. I know that if those people just mentioned, turn away from that sin and repent, then they will go to heaven but outside of that, I cannot find anything about what you are saying. You cannot just make things up or change the meaning of scripture or re-write the bible. This is what causes so much confusion and the bible also gives a warning about those who add to or take away from the Word of God. I understand that there are many Christians who condemn gays rather than encourage but it seems like if you try to tell them the truth of the bible, they say you are hateful, narrow minded, and ignorant. So the debate goes on with Christians and gays and nothing is accomplished. No one wants to listen to the other because you have those Christians who condemn, condemn, condemn, in a hateful manner like that one church from Kansas, but then are they really Christians because they are not displaying the fruit of the spirt. It makes it hard for other christians to speak the truth because of people like that, then on the other hand you have gays who are so hard headed that they will not listen to anyone unless they agree with them. That is where the gays who have legitimate questions about their salvation left with complete and utter confusion, confusion is not of God it is of the devil. So that should give you an answer right there. One, God does not hate gays, two, God hates sin, homosexuality is one of the sins listed in the bible that will not allow the gay person to enter into the Kingdom of God. That is a clear answer. It is in the bible and not confusing. God does not wish for anyone to perish but to come to repentance throught the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. I am a christian, but if I were cheating on my husband and I suddenly died or the rapture happens, I will not go to heaven and I know that, I am not going to look up scriptures in the bible to try to justify my sin or say that God thinks out of the box and will allow for this sin because I am a believer, if I am truly a believer, I will turn away from my sinful ways and when I fail, I will repent. It is so sad when people try to change the Word of God to suit their beliefs because they also lead so many unsuspecting people away and their blood will be on your hands. Please make sure you are preaching the true gospel of Jesus and not your gospel.

Sep 29, 2011
Did you click on the Links?
by: Rick Brentlinger

It may be helpful to reread what I wrote and take the time to read the historical facts at the Links too. That information will provide more context and help your understanding.

God bless as you study and learn what the Bible says in context.

Jan 06, 2012
Is it thru the Bible that the human race reveals God to HIM SELF
by: Cristina

The Buble is a wonderful book of faith but I believe God woild have found a better way to reveal Himself to us humans than thru a book no one seems to fully understand and agree on what it sats. So it seems to me that the Bible is more inspired than inspired.
God does not love sinners. Who are sinners and what are their sins ? Humans make up sins. I grew up as a Catholic and speaking in church, eating meat on a friday, masturbating, a christian girl marrying a jew or a black person, being Gay, having sex with your wife for fun and not to make a baby, etc., they were all sins. They came in two flavors, mortal and venual. I did both. Today, for some strnge reason, most of these sins are no longer sins. God has changed his mind. Or was it us humans that became more rational.
The term was invented in Germany by a german doctor in the 19c., and the term im France in the 17c. They do not appear in the Bible. The Bible says nothing abot Gays, transsexuals and lesbians as we use the term today
so please stop changing the few (less than ten) passages in the Bible that say nothing about transgenderd people in todays world. Confused, trans-phobic fundamentalist are giiving the Bible a bad name. Stop looking for negative information in God's book and try to find love for all humans.
Jesus did die on the cross for our sins. For three horrible hours, our Lord hung on that cross slowly dying for all our sins. He absorbed the sins of murderers, thiefs, and since homosexuality was also a sin, the sins of Gays. As he died for us on that cross, for three hours our Lodr Jesus was a nurderer, a thief and yes,,,,for three hours, Jesus was also Gay.
By the way, wish of the ten commandments from GOD says no Adam and Steve, Dick and Rick, Harry and Larry, Jim and Tim, Joe and Moe..... ?

Jun 21, 2013
Wrong, antigay people!
by: Dana Singley

The word homosexual does not exist in the original languages of the Bible. The Old Testament objections to same sex activity were based on property law, aka, women and marriage. That is why it says to not lie with a man as with a woman because in any culture, to treat someone as something other than there true indentity is degrading.

Jun 21, 2013
Dangerously Convincing

I must say, you are very well versed. Your personal linguistics are very good. You are very believable. Almost too perfect. Only the work of Satan can possess such a well spoken and expressed lie. Your calm answers go above and beyond those of the apostles themselves. Only deceit can do this.

Rick's comment: You mistake competence for deceit. You have swallowed lies of Satan about gays and now uphold those lies AS IF they are God's truth. If you are saved by the blood of the Lamb, you need to start reading and studying your Bible. Only the truth of the Bible, in context, can deliver you from error.

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