How do you interpret Romans 1:27?

(from a reader in England)

Cybele on a Roman coin as Mater Deum<br>

Cybele on a Roman coin as Mater Deum

Romans 1:27 is not now and never has been a reference to two men falling in love and partnering to spend their lives together. Romans 1:27 describes the lust of shrine prostitutes who used sex to worship the fertility goddess Cybele, Protectress of Rome.

Roman coins circulating in the first century depicted Cybele as Mater Deum, "mother of the gods." Inhabitants of Rome worshiped Cybele at any of five worship sites which existed in first century Rome.

Romans 1:26-27 is an integral part of Paul's argument against idolatry. Paul is most assuredly not making an argument against lesbians and gay men. No one in early church history understood Paul to be assailing two women or two men partnering together in a same sex marriage.

Instead Paul describes sexual worship of the Phrygian fertility goddess Cybele as an example of the idolatry of first century Romans.

There are many reasons why Romans 1:27 is not a general reference to homosexuality. Those reasons are given in the Links below.

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