Cult prostitutes were
  not gay or lesbian

Archigalli priest of Cybele

Cult prostitutes or shrine prostitutes or temple prostitutes were not gays and lesbians. They were heterosexuals who used anal sex to worship the Canaanite fertility goddess. There is no rational analogy between pagan worship of false gods and the loving lesbian and gay marriages we see today.

Did you know that these religious prostitutes are condemned in the Bible but gays and lesbians in committed, faithful, non-cultic partnership or marriage, are never condemned in the Bible?

Many anti-gay Christians argue: In the last 100 years, gays have been reinterpreting the Bible to make it look like homosexuality is okay. Is that true? Is that a thoughtful objection? No, because there is no analogy between pagan religious prostitutes and modern, born again and saved, gays and lesbians.

Cult prostitutes are vastly different
from gays and lesbians!

A wise man once said: Things different are not equal. When we read the Bible, it matters if we approach scripture with an honest heart or a dishonest heart. A dishonest heart keeps us from discovering God's truth.

False presuppositions work the same way and prevent us from coming to grips with God's truth in scripture. We cannot put God in a box of our own making and insist He stay there. We cannot preach our opinion as if it is God's truth and expect God to bless our opinion.

People who rip verses from their biblical context and use the out of context verses to teach something the verses never meant in context, do so because their opinion is their god. Using out of context verses to teach that God is anti-gay is wicked perversion which all truth loving people reject.

Aren’t you gay people just trying
to find an alibi for your sin?

No, most definitely not. The destruction of Sodom occurred around 1850 BC. For about 1800 years after the destruction of Sodom in Genesis 19, our ancient Jewish and Christian ancestors, some of whom were the human authors of scripture, did not interpret the Sodom story as condemning gays and lesbians.

Anti-gay Christians are the ones who
re-interpreted the Sodom story.

Ancient Canaanite fertility goddess

Ancient cult prostitutes were a reality in Old Testament times.

The people doing the reinterpretation are anti-gay Christians who departed from the biblical witness and from traditional Jewish and Christian teaching. They are the ones who have reinterpreted verses about cult prostitutes. They now allege that verses about shrine prostitution actually refer to committed, faithful, non-cultic same sex relationships and marriages, as we know them in modern times.

They are wrong. There is no logical analogy between ancient cult prostitutes who worshiped the fertility goddess and modern homosexuals, many of whom are born again Christians who love and serve Jesus Christ. Cult prostitution is about idolatry. It is simply a fact that gay marriage and non-cultic, same sex relationships are never condemned in the Bible.

I challenge you to find a verse which
in context
, condemns non-cultic
same sex marriages.

If you can find such a verse, I'll be happy to post it here in large letters. Of course, such a verse does not exist. What the Bible condemns are cultic sex practices which were performed in worship of the Canaanite fertility goddess. The Bible condemns cult prostitutes and cult prostitution but the Bible never condemns committed, faithful, non-cultic same sex partnerships and the Bible never condemns gay marriage.

Pagan worship of the fertility goddess by cult prostitutes is not the same as a committed, faithful, non-cultic same sex partnership. It is dishonest for anti-gay christians to keep lying about this issue.

The testimony of Roman coins

A Cybele coin,

circulated in first century Rome, where the mother goddess, Cybele, is referred to as “Mater Deum” meaning “Mother of the gods.” Think about it for a minute. Cybele coins similar to the one pictured here were circulating in the Roman Empire for at least 75 years before the birth of Christ and for two hundred years afterward.

This particular coin was circulating in Rome in the first century, around AD 58, when Paul wrote his epistle to the Romans. Cybele worship and the power and influence of this fertility goddess whose temple loomed over Rome from atop the Palatine hill, frame the historical context of Romans 1.

Additional information
about cult prostitutes

1. The prohibited sexual activity Paul mentions in Romans 1:26-27 was fertility goddess worship.

2. Shrine prostitutes are not homosexuals.

3. The Bible forbids worship of the fertility goddess under the rubric of Molech worship.

4. The Bible is absolutely clear about pagan worship practices - God hates them.

5. Romans 1:26-27 is in the historical context of worshiping Cybele, the ancient fertility goddess.

6. The Greek word arsenokoites, in I Cor 6:9, never meant homosexual.

Shrine Prostitutes

Idolatry and Shrine Prostitutes

Romans and Shrine Prostitution

Sodomites are not gay!

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