A Life Transformed

by Jim Gardner
(Kentucky, USA)

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have found this website. My path to Christ has been a slow, long, and then of a sudden--quick and bright one! Christ Jesus has most specifically called to me in every detail of my life and I am grateful. I ordered your book, Gay Christian 101.

In the evening, I was driving to Borders to buy a new Bible and was overcome with a form of crying I had never experienced before that was a response to my hurt and prayer.

I finished my first reading of Gay Christian 101 last night and will be handing it along to a friend. I have been well-served by my studies as a young man in understanding your classical sources when Biblical lexicons have failed.

I read Dover's book around the same time I read Boswell, Plato, etc. Is there a term for bringing context by the use of external sources? I certainly agree with your conclusions about the pais passages.

What is entirely new to me is your conclusion about eunuchs and when I saw that phrase "born this way" I chuckled with joy (it's NOT just a Lady Gaga song!)! Nevertheless I feel a need to get closer to the Greek (the Hebrew seems un-doable at this point but who knows where the Lord's work will take me when I've traveled so far in only weeks?!)

What do you think would be a good lexicon for me? Are there specific study aids that helped you along the way to writing your book? See this Link and Comments.

In morning prayers I continue to have a new sense of myself that is something entirely new to me and I believe the feeling corresponds to what you term "indwelling."

Jesus has begun his work with me right where I stand. I will check in occasionally with you to see how your ministry is going, as I am keen to continue to learn and utilize the web resources you have so kindly built.

I am burgeoning in my Bible studies, praying everyday and seem to be getting the hang of it. I now have the sense of a conversation going and my voice seems to be coming to me. I have really dealt with a lot of anger, Rick. My warrior's attitude so well developed in the martial arts was to take no captives and this actually held me back from Christ.

Every day is a struggle. Last night I watched Stonewall Uprising on PBS and I could feel that old flame arisen. Not that self-defense and a solid sense of who I am and the history of "my people" is in itself bad, but that I need to emulate Christ in dealing with "enemies" as anything else is only harmful to me and my soul.

I am most certain you know what I mean. For the first time in my life, I am honestly and with all my heart trying to practice Christian precepts beyond mere "ethics." I am quite ethical but now see ethics without Christ as a straw man.

Once I began reading and studying (not long before I contacted you the first time), the Lord began working in my life. I found a Baptist Church have attended it voraciously, met hundreds of seeking, thinking, believing folk; cried, prayed, worshipped, and healed more than I could ever have believed possible in so short a time.

The Baptist church is probably a bit more "liberal" in some ways than I am (that L word is most inadequate) but it is also solidly Bible-centric. I have been watching very closely on that account.

Every day I wake up and am excited to pray for more, and surprised that I don't feel in the least deprived of anything I was doing before. Before Christ, I had already decided my life was too complicated and so finding faith has been an extension of that work begun, that ultimately would fail without Him.

Your brother in Christ,

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