What study Bibles do you recommend?

The Old Scofield Study Bible

The Old Scofield Study Bible

Rick Brentlinger Answers -

Study Bibles are quite helpful because they provide context, explanation and historical info on difficult verses. The thing to keep in mind is that Study Bibles are not infallible and you may not agree with everything in a Study Bible.

For example, most Study Bibles have anti-gay notes on the clobber verses but they also have lots of helpful information about other verses. Use what is helpful to you. Learn to be discriminating as you read any Bible study material.

Interesting Study Bibles

  1. The Nelson Study Bible, NKJV - This Study Bible has an amazing number of helpful notes, charts, maps and outlines. Its one of the best, in my opinion.

  2. The Old Scofield Study Bible, KJV - A good, basic, premillenial Study Bible with interesting notes.

  3. The Ryrie Study Bible - This is by the famous Dallas Seminary professor, Dr. Charles C. Ryrie and contains many helpful notes and explanations about difficult passages.

  4. The Companion Bible - Ethelbert Bullinger, a 19th century British Bible scholar wrote the notes for this Bible as well as its famously informative Appendices. One of the Appendices is a year by year chronology of all 4000 years of Old Testament history, hand-written by Bullinger and photo-copied for inclusion in his Study Bible.

  5. The NIV Study Bible - This has some really informative notes and explanations which are helpful to anyone studying the scriptures.

  6. The Evidence Bible - This Study Bible is from Ray Comfort, the famous California (by way of New Zealand) street evangelist. It has lots of helpful information to answer some of the most common objections people raise when someone is telling them about Jesus. Also has a few anti-gay notes but most of the other notes are good.

  7. The MacArthur Study Bible - This is from John MacArthur, the famous Bible teacher and Pastor of the huge, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California. MacArthur is a premillenial Calvinist so his notes take the monergist view of predestination.

  8. The Ruckman Reference Bible - This is from the 88 year old, King James only pastor in Pensacola, FL, Dr. Peter S. Ruckman. Although he is virulently anti-gay, his Study Bible, first published in November, 2009, does have some helpful notes and some entertaining facts in the Appendices. For example, he discusses UFOs, Muslim and Catholic doctrine, superstitions about the moon and Hollywood personalities, subjects not covered in any other Study Bible.

  9. The Gay and Lesbian Study Bible, New Testament This is the New Testament only, translation and comments by Dr. Ann Nyland, an Australian expert on ancient Greek language. As far as I know, it is only available in paperback at the present time and the Old Testament is not yet available.

    Has some interesting translations which tend to neutralize the male-centric language of the New Testament. Dr. Nyland's translation is an interesting read and her notes are insightful and different than what is normally found in a Study Bible.

I encourage you and every GLBT Christian to get a good Study Bible. It will revolutionize the way you read and understand the Bible. And reading a Study Bible is a great way to supercharge your spiritual life.

If you have a different Study Bible, which you believe will be helpful to the spiritual growth of other GLBT Christians, please mention it by clicking on, Click here to post comments.

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Jan 04, 2010
I have the ESV Study Bible
by: Anonymous

This just came out last year. It Is very good but coming from an evangelical outlook, it is negative toward homosexuals.

It does give a very good historic background. Most new Bibles have, I feel, been written to satisfy man. I use the New King James version of the Bible and the ESV Study Bible and the Lion hand book to the Bible for reference.

We must be wary as to revisions. Remember the warning in Revelation that man must not add to or take away from "the words of this book." -Revelation 22:18-19

Apr 21, 2013
NLT Study Bible
by: Dan

Hi, I use the NLT Study Bible, and I quite like it. I'm a convert from the NIV Study Bible, which (I think) tends to have a lot of biased notes on several theological issues. I find that the NLT Study Bible explores these more.

God bless, Dan

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