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Gay Christian Books, a relatively recent phenomenon, represent an interesting sector of Christian Apologetics which is ignored by many non-gay Christians.

On this page we present reviews of good books for gay Christians. As time permits, we will review other books which are helpful to gay Christians including books which are not by or about gay Christians. These reviews will be Linked on this page so they are easy to find.

Calling The Rainbow Nation Home - A Story of Acceptance and Affirmation by E.T. Sundby

I highly recommend Calling The Rainbow Nation Home - its a true story and a great read! For 2000 years, Christianity has offered hope to the hopeless, as long as the hopeless were straight. For gays and lesbians, traditional Christianity seems to place a condition on their offer of hope. New converts are told they must stop being gay or lesbian.

In Calling The Rainbow Nation Home, Elaine Sundby tells the captivating story of her journey from loneliness and despair to peace and joy in Christ as a nationally renowned athlete, an out, proud lesbian mom and church planting pastor.

On the surface our lives as gays appear the same as everyone else. We grow up in families, go to school, learn life skills and start careers. But beneath the surface, many gays and lesbians fight desperate battles just to survive.

Walk with Elaine along the path of difficulty and suffering, joy and despair. Feel the pain of an outsider wondering how life ever got so complicated. And rejoice with Elaine as step by step, God reveals Himself to her and unveils His plan for her life. Books like this one about gay Christians will enrich your life.

Gay Christian Books like
Calling The Rainbow Nation Home
tough questions.

  1. Is homosexuality a sin?

  2. Must I remain celibate my entire life?

  3. What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

What drew a shy teenager to follow Jesus Christ? Elaine relates incident after incident in which Christians who modeled God’s love impacted her life in powerful ways. Along with reading God’s Word, it was the authentic Christianity of these followers of Christ that convinced Elaine God could make a difference in her life too. Gay Christian books.

Calling The Rainbow Nation Home is challenging, uplifting and scriptural, without being abrasive. Pastor Elaine explores homosexuality and the church, answers the questions so many Christians have and makes a persuasive case for full acceptance of believing gays and lesbians in the body of Christ. Gay Christian books.

Quotations from
Calling The Rainbow Nation Home

On people who witnessed to her:

“Autumn may not have been a biblical scholar, but she explained things in terms I could understand. More importantly, the love I saw demonstrated in her life told me more about God and what God was like than all the Bible lessons rolled into one.” - p. 16.

“Neither Autumn nor Mike’s grandmother pressured me in any way. I was drawn to their faith by the love I saw in their lives. It was the loving character demonstrated by these people that convinced me God was real and his presence would make a difference in my life.” - p. 19. Gay Christian books.

On relationships:

“Being a Christian is about relationships - our relationship with God and our relationships with each other. Nowhere in scripture do I see God banning relationships and commanding celibacy for an entire group of people or segment of the population.” p. 100. Gay Christian Books.

On similarities between the way first century Christians treated Gentiles and the way twenty first century Christians treat Gays and Lesbians:

“The apostle Peter was just such a person - strong in his faith, yet firmly entrenched in his belief that the Messiah had come to offer salvation only to the Jews. This belief appeared to be supported by Scripture as it was interpreted at that time. The Gentiles (non-Jews) were considered so unclean that Jews were forbidden to enter their homes or to eat meals with them.” - p. 148. Gay Christian books.

“Peter and the group of Jews he brought with him were astonished, for they had never seen nor heard that salvation could come to anyone but the Jews.” p. 150.

“None of us in the gay Christian movement doubted that God was doing something special in our midst. Our acceptance by God was scripturally clear and substantiated by what we witnessed in our congregations. [Gay] Churches were springing up everywhere. God’s anointing and power, backed by signs and wonders, had been richly given to our assemblies. The diversity of our congregations across cultural, ethnic, and doctrinal backgrounds strengthened us and through it many caught a glimpse of God’s vision for his Church - a glorious Church strengthened through our diversity, and yet united by our love for God and our fellow man. Gay Christian books.

All of this raised a perplexing question: why weren’t many other Christians accepting us? Worse yet, why did so many see us as the devil incarnate, attempting to wreak havoc and ruin with everything they held dear?” p. 175.

“I wondered how the gay Christian movement would stay alive. It wasn’t so much that I feared for our established churches. I was far more concerned about what was happening within the homosexual community itself. In droves, I saw them turning away from everything that remotely represented God; filling their spiritual needs with the mystical and the occult. Pseudo-religions that accepted them with open arms and no judgements. Satan was having a field day.” p. 177. Gay Christian books.

We Also Recommend
These Books For Gay Christians

Calling The Rainbow Nation Home by E.T. Sundby

A Story of Acceptance and Affirmation by ET Sundby, iUniverse, Inc, 2005, 200 pages.

The God Box by Alex Sanchez.

Don't miss our review of The God Box - a great Alex Sanchez novel for gay teens. It's a wonderful gay Christian book!

Gay Christian 101 by Rick Brentlinger

Readers love Gay Christian 101 eBook

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This page revised January 25, 2017

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