The word of God - Psalm 19:7-11

by Rick Brentlinger
(Pace, FL, USA)

Study Bibles have helpful notes and info

Study Bibles have helpful notes and info

“The word of God” -Psalm 19:7-11

Psalm 19 gives us insight about the Bible while also telling us how to live successfully for God’s glory and our greatest good. God describes the Bible as law, testimony, statutes, commandments, judgments, truth, more desirable than gold.

God has revealed Himself to us in writing in the Bible. The more we read, study and believe God’s revelation of Himself in written scripture, the more successful our spiritual life will be.

We are so busy today we don’t make time to read and study the Bible. We make time for work. We make time for play. We make time for TV. We make time for movies. We make time for sports. Yet we don’t make time for the Bible.

Christians ought to have the same view of scripture that Jesus had. Jesus never corrected the written scriptures. Jesus never questioned the truth of the written scriptures. Jesus rebuked disciples who did not believe all of the scriptures, Luke 24:25.

Evaluate your own beliefs about the Bible. Would Jesus call you a fool for not "believing ALL that the prophets have spoken," Luke 24:25?

  1. The word of God is perfect - 19:7
    a. It perfectly converts your soul
    b. Its a perfect revelation of God's wisdom
    c. Its a perfect revelation of God's will

  2. The word of God is sure - 19:7
    a. Believing the Bible makes a simple man wise
    b. Every prophesy has been or will be fulfilled
    c. God is the Guarantee this His word is sure

  3. The word of God is right - 19:8
    a. Modern christians need to get this
    b. Professing christians need to affirm this
    c. All of us need to believe this

  4. The word of God is pure - 19:8
    a. The Bible is not 90% pure, its ALL pure!
    b. We’re not smart enough to disagree with God
    c. We’re not smart enough to correct God

  5. The word of God is clean - 19:9
    a. Many christians use filthy language
    b. Because their hearts are filthy - Matt 12:34
    c. Time in God’s word cleans your heart - John 15:3

  6. The word of God is true - 19:9
    a. Real Christians believe what the Bible says
    b. Fake christians reject what the Bible says
    c. “Thy word is true from the beginning” - Psalm 119:160
    d. “Thy word is very pure” - Psalm 119:140
    e. If you’d stop doubting it and start believing it, your life would change for the better.

  7. The word of God gives great reward - 19:10
    a. If you read and study it
    b. If you believe it
    c. If you order your life by it

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