Do you love the Bible as much as you love your cell phone?

by a suggestion by our friend, Dix Dixon

What strong vibrant Christians we would be if we loved our Bible as much as we love our cell phone.

1. We would carry it everywhere with us.

2. We would use it many times a day.

3. If we left home without it, we'd go back and get it.

4. We would use it often to get text messages.

5. We would treat it like we can't live without it.

6. We would give one to our kids and elderly relatives as gifts.

7. We would use it wherever we travel.

8. We would give thanks for it in emergencies.

9. We would enjoy it because it allows us to keep in touch with loved ones.

Would you be better off if you valued the Bible more, if you spent as much time in the Bible as you spend on your cell phone?

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