Your Fruit of the Spirit

by Adison Showalter

Where are your fruits of the Spirit? My friend, all I see is hate towards heterosexuality. I am a born again Christian, one who follows Christ, one who has been open minded to your ideas, and I have considered the biblical truth's behind these statements.

Jude: 7 Talks about different flesh as in something unnatural. To seek something different from what is natural. Seeking a different form of sexual pleasure; in this case, not just homosexuality, but other sexual perversions.

I love you, and I pray that you will see that, although people like Glenn Beck may be a bit of a hard heart, you need to love him. Love him like you would your best friend. That is what true Christianity is all about. You seem to lack such fruit in your mockery of Glenn Beck, in your lashing out towards heterosexual Christians who are just trying to help you.

Please review your own attitude in the midst of crisis, and recognize that you lack these fruits. I'll be praying for you.

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Jun 29, 2010
Accusing us of hate is a straw man argument
by: Rick Brentlinger


Your false accusations - that we are hateful and that we lack the fruit of the Spirit - are unkind and untrue.

Instead of giving a scriptural argument which in context supports your views, you make false accusations and proclaim that you love us. Sadly your claims are not convincing.

I hope you will (1) open your heart to the Spirit of Truth and (2) pray and study before you draw conclusions about your gay brothers and lesbian sisters.

Jun 30, 2010
We must not force Scripture to say now , what it didn't mean when it was written.
by: Kevin S.

"Oh Adison," you must not try to make The Word of God say what it does not say. Please take the time to go and look up the meanings of words like UNNATURAL DESIRE in a Greek concordance.

The word UNNATURAL (hetero) refers to 'another of a different kind.' The men of Sodom wanted to have sex with angels not human men.

Jude verses 6 and 7 make this clear that the subject is about angels. If verse 7 was talking about other men, the word used would not mean ...another of a different kind.

The word used would mean the same kind. By the way the sin of Sodom was not homosexuality but rather rape, intended sex with angels(unnatural desire) and inhospitality. If these were homosexuals why did Lot offer his daughters to GAY men???

We can all display the fruits of the Spirit when we reason with each other over our differences. Scripture says, "come let us reason together says The Lord." It is strange to hear someone accuse a gay christian of hostility. We as gay men are usually the object of hostility.

Please remember first, we are one in Jesus. Even if we are the least as gay Christians Jesus said, "if you've done it unto the least, you've done it unto me." You can always check the meanings of the English words in the Greek language on sites like

"Love and Peace Bro"

Mar 29, 2011
near L.A.
by: Grant

You see only "hate towards heterosexuality" on gaychristian101? Where do you see that hate? I've read a large part of this website and I don't see any hate towards heterosexuality.

Its easy to falsely accuse people instead of dealing with facts. Is it possible you still struggle with trying to force yourself to be heterosexual and that prompts you to make your false accusation?

Instead of dissing this website, why not read and study and take advantage of the truth offered on gaychristian101?

Feb 20, 2013
Please excuse the wordiness
by: The Gay on the Fence

@Kevin S. - For the specific point of Lot offering his daughters, I've heard someone (via YouTube Bible discussion, admittedly not the ideal source,) venture that Lot offered them knowing that the men would refuse because they lusted only after males.

Personally, I can see this YouTuber's reasoning, but I can also see how they might rather have been indiscriminate, wanting only to force their attentions on those who they thought would be most terrified and injured by them - who knows, maybe they planned to start with the men and move onto the women.

In general, not just to you, Kevin S., I put it to the discussion that /we will never know for absolute certain/, short of the particulars being revealed to us with the Second Coming (which, again, who of us knows whether we'll be given this historical knowledge even then? Will it be relevant if the bigger questions are answered anyway?)

Just some questions I've been asking myself on this quest for better understanding. I found this website through another one, and I'm sure I'll go through many more before I can begin to figure out if I can live with keeping myself open to the option of living with a Christian partner or if I'd "better play it safe" and stay 100% celibate until natural death. Despite all the hate thrown around by BOTH sides (perhaps the 'hetero' group has more hate on sole virtue that they are more numerous), I currently have enough niggling doubts that I cannot say who has it "right". I see the merit in both arguments, to an extent, but then I have questions about potential flaws in each. Those potential flaws are what I'm studying to see what is proven and disproven.

But, back to the original comment:

@Adison - If you see hate here, it is my belief that you came in expecting it. What I see is a Bible-student making a case, with the best of the knowledge available to him, for why his soul is shaped the way it is shaped. Please understand that, yes, many of us trying to justify non-lustful-but-loving homosexual personality are wounded and broken by hate that has been pointed at us, and some of that wounded brokenness will, by necessity, come off as harsh at times. What goes in must come out.

As for when I say *trying* to justify, it is trying because we can only look at what is written and what is revealed individually to our hearts. Many of us, "us" being all of humankind, have yet to truly experience YHWH speaking directly to our hearts on one specific matter. So for now most of us only possess to work with what is written.

Obviously, we cannot agree on the full meaning of what is written. Therefore, we try. We seek the guidance of our Father and our Messiah, we seek answers to that which troubles and confounds us. We pray.

And we may just have to wait an eternity or so to truly find out whether the argument was even worth it, or if it was one of the inconsequential things in His eyes.

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