Why would a preacher constantly make anti-gay remarks?

by Sherri
(Louisville, KY)

Nature abhors a moron

Nature abhors a moron

The situation you describe is troubling and one many Christians must deal with these days. Some preachers appear to be obsessed with gays when they should be focused on preaching through the Bible verse by verse. You can tell a lot about a preacher from what he mentions all the time and from what he never mentions.

What causes a preacher to constantly make negative remarks about gays and lesbians? Here are some factors which may be causing him to commit this offense.

  1. He may be struggling with same sex attraction himself. If this is the case, constantly bringing it up in the pulpit and making negative comments about gays and lesbians reflects his inner struggle. The solution for him is to read and study what the Bible says in context. Books like Gay Christian 101 will be helpful if he is open to reading it. This website is also full of helpful info and is free to use.

  2. He may be speaking from ignorance, having never studied the clobber passages. If this is the case, he is simply repeating what someone told him in Bible school. Preachers love to find someone to attack, so as to cultivate an us vs. them mentality in their congregation. The solution is to educate himself through believing Bible study and historical research to discover what the clobber passages mean in context.

  3. He may be speaking from bigotry, intending to drive away any gays or lesbians who may be attending your church. If this is the case, the preacher involved definitely has a spiritual problem. The solution is to get his heart right with God. No one can get his heart right for him so your job in this situation is to pray that God will open his eyes and his heart to receive scriptural truth.

  4. He may be spiritually lazy and simply using caustic anti-gay comments as filler, the spiritual equivalent of small talk. If this is the case, he needs to be made aware of how offensive his comments are by members of the congregation.

  5. He may be stereotyping gays and lesbians, speaking as if we're all sex-crazed, drunken, bar hopping, drug-abusing pervs. If that's what he believes, he is an idiot and no one should pay any attention to him. The solution is for him to get his heart right with God because if he is saved, he is going to face God at the judgment seat of Christ.

What are your options?

  1. Remain silent, wrestle with your irritation, continue to give money and do nothing.

  2. Pray, then go to the associate pastor who makes anti-gay remarks and talk to him privately about your concerns. Print out this page - Do you love us enough to hear our heart? - and give it to him when you go to talk.

  3. Quietly stop your financial support of the church until the anti-gay rhetoric stops.

  4. If talking to the associate pastor does no good, talk to your Senior Pastor. Give him the same paper you printed out to give to your Assoc. Pastor.

  5. If your associate pastor and your Senior Pastor see nothing wrong with the anti-gay rhetoric, prayerfully consider whether God may want you in another church.

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Sherri's Original Question:

I am a heterosexual christian who see nothing wrong with gay christians. My problem is my associate pastor seems to bring up gays in almost every service. I am tired of hearing this and would like a way to open his eyes that we are all GODS children no matter what our sexual orientation is. Would you be willing to help me with this?

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Mar 18, 2010
One other consideration...
by: Sparrow

I believe that many "Bible-believing men of God" on the airwaves today -- many intelligent and learned men and women -- KNOW in their hearts that gay Christians have just as much justification and validity in the eyes of God as straight Christians.

But if these "men of God" were to VOICE SUCH A VIEWPOINT to their congregations, they'd see a great deal of their financial support disappear overnight from those of their flocks who CHOOSE to be just as bigoted.

Even in this, I believe the almighty dollar plays a large part...

Aug 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

If he is bringing it up constantly, I would say that he's closeted. Either that or he is just a miserable person who needs someone to hate to make himself feel better. Personally I'd speak with the senior pastor.

Nov 27, 2014
Gay and lesbians
by: The Greek Prince

Gays and the lesbian will all go to hell. that is not from God is come from the devil. the priest is right what he say!! Me being a greek orthodox christian i am very not believe in that. how can you gay and lesbian even walk into a church? yes we is all gods children but that one who is gay or lesbian will burn with the devil in hell Thanks you

Rick's comment: Hi Greek Prince - It is best NOT to comment when you are drunk. Please go to this link - there's a special message for you. What must I do to be saved?

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