The Gift

by Rick Brentlinger
(Pace, FL, USA)

Nanocrystals irradiated<br> with ultraviolet light

Nanocrystals irradiated
with ultraviolet light

Did you ever court the feeling
That to a thought gives birth;
Then turn it over in your mind,
Considering what it’s worth?

Or let it lie, to vegetate
Until it springs full-blown;
Then use it in conversing
As a truth you’ve always known?

Have you mulled the random sequence
Of cascading myriad thought;
But when you tried to snare the best
Then lose the one you sought?

Or have a great idea flash past,
That piques the conscious mind;
And struggle just to get it right,
To keep your thoughts aligned?

The artist with her paint brush,
The poet with his pen;
Have learned to capture random thoughts
And somehow rope them in.

Their daily inspiration,
Translated to the page;
Sets them apart from others,
As wisdom crowns the sage.

So when creative juices perk-
Ideas begin to flow;
It’s a special inspiration
The initiated know.

Accompanied by the knowledge,
This gift is not our own;
We share our thoughts with others,
Like seeds we’ve freely sown.

And find that in the sharing
Of what we are within;
We make life a little richer
For our fellow earth-bound kin.

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Photo depicts colloidal semiconductor
nanocrystals irradiated with ultraviolet light.
Quantum confinement causes
the band gap energy to vary
with the size of the nanocrystals.
Each vial contains a monodisperse
sample of nanocrystals
suspended in a liquid solvent.

Nanocrystals photo by walkman16,
courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Making life richer every day.

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