The Angel's Prayer

by Al-Antony Moody
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Night Stars

Night Stars

The stars fall from the night sky
Falling into the heart of an angel's eye.

For the last time the night is all but lit
Splashes of white tears fall from it.

An angel closes her eyes
and blocks her ears,
For the end time nears.

The pain of the earth cries out,
shaken to the core;
The stars can no longer go on, anymore.

The stars have burned
their last flicker of hope;
The moon has darkened
and does no longer glow.

I waited for the sun but it did not come.
I waited for the stars but there were none.
I waited for the moon but it was broken;
Like my soul it was too frightened.

Angel, Angel, Angel, please stay;
Don’t leave me alone today.

Rescue me when I am unable to rescue myself.
Save me when I am unable to save myself.
Touch me when I am unable to feel.
Love me when no other will.

Mend me when my heart does break.
Lift me up when I bleed and ache.
Protect me from the night.
Guide me safely to light.

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Night Stars photo by
Il conte di Luna, Brescia, Italy
Creative Commons License 2.0
courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by the Bible
Mark 13:1-13

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