Isn't cussing a bad habit?

by Leroy
(Stover, MO)

Rick Brentlinger Answers -

Yes, cussing is bad and is often a habit. While working my way through college, I had a boss and a co-worker who had world-class filthy mouths. Phil my co-worker couldn't speak two sentences without using profanity.

One day I asked him, Why do you use God's name as a cuss word?

He replied, I don't do that.

I answered, You just did it. You said G-D. You take the Lord's name in vain almost every time you open your mouth.

He thought about it for a minute and said, I guess I wasn't aware I do that. Its a habit. I do it without thinking.

My boss on that job, Mike Black, also had a potty mouth. He loved to cuss me out if he felt I wasn't doing things the way he instructed me to do them.

Once he cussed me out in front of the client, embarrassing me and making himself look foolish. I had been praying for him for weeks and when he cussed me out, I remained quiet and didn't respond in anger. Getting cussed out normally made me mad but that day, the grace of God kept me from getting angry and responding to him.

At lunch that day, I witnessed to him about Jesus and how the Son of God had paid for all His sins on the Cross. Mike listened closely and asked questions and remarked about how surprised he was that I didn't get angry when he cussed me out.

Toward the end of lunch, I asked him if he would like to pray and receive Jesus Christ as His Savior. He said yes, we prayed together and Mike became a new man in Christ. From that day on, Mike was a changed man. He cleaned up his language and his life began to glorify God.

These days there are millions of cultural Christians who cuss just like lost people cuss. They grew up in a "Christian" culture and they view themselves as Christians yet they have never personally trusted Jesus as their Savior.

They have never been redeemed, have never been washed in the blood of the Lamb, have never been spiritually baptized into the body of Christ, have never been seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

I believe that is the reason so many professing Christians use filthy language that would singe the smokestacks of hell.

For more information about cussing Christians and how to stop cussing, please visit Christian Cussing.

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May 16, 2016
I Swear
by: Jacob

Yeah it's a habit of mine. I use them as offensive words a lot of the time, but I use it also as extra dialogue, adding drama or comedy to a sentence.

Swearing itself is not the thing I hate, it's specifically my use of Blasphemy without realizing I'm doing it that makes me feel condemnation.

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