If God intended for homosexual relationships to exist, would this not be seen in all forms of life, i.e. animals?

by Justin Bruce
(Jackson, MS, United States)

Rick Brentlinger Answers

God made human beings as the crowning jewel of His creation. We are not highly evolved animals. We possess a spiritual dimension because we are made in God’s image as a separate and special creation.

God gave us dominion over the animal kingdom but we are not part of the animal kingdom, Genesis 1:28.

The Bible asserts human exceptionalism, that we are separate from, different than and elevated above the animals, without being evolved from the animals.

Therefore it makes no sense to argue, as your question implies, that if animals are not homosexual, then humans should not be homosexual.

There are many hundreds of animals who exhibit homosexual behavior but as human beings, we do not derive authority for our sexual orientation from animals.

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Comments for If God intended for homosexual relationships to exist, would this not be seen in all forms of life, i.e. animals?

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Aug 31, 2012
Homosexuality and Animals
by: Terry

I fully agree with Rev. Rick B., however to address your scientific query, I briefly touch on a few issues.

There have been sexuality studies on many species of animals, as well as casual observation of domesticated animals. Homosexual orientation does occure in every one studied or closely observed. There is even a fish that births all females, upon the death of the largest male in the school, the largest female changes genders and becomes the sole male in the school.

One in every 2000 human babies is born inter-sexed, and if surgical intervention is not undertaken the child become a hermaphrodite - a person having both gender's sexual characteristics. When gender is "assigned", who knows if the doctor chose the correct gender?

Finally, there are even people having the genetic structure (DNA) of two people. This is a case where a twin was absorbed into the other fetus, and can result in parts of the body having one DNA structure and other parts having another. These seperate DNA structures can be either same-sexed or opposite-sexed.

All this is to simply say that science, apart from religion, does not provide a simple and tidy picture of only heterosexual males and females. If we look at nature, as you choose to do in your assertion, we find that God creates amazing diversity. Let's follow God and not our preconceptions.

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