God Did Not Say

by Rick Brentlinger
(Pace, FL, USA)

Sunshine above the storm

Sunshine above the storm

God did not say the sunshine
Would light our path each day;
He did not promise happiness
Would fill our earthly way.

He did not say the tempter
Would never set a snare;
He did not promise instantly
To answer every prayer.

He did not say the storm clouds
Would never hide the sun;
He did not promise victory
In every race we run.

He did say in life’s struggle,
Himself our strength would be;
He promised that His power
Would win the victory.

He did say that provision
From God would never fail;
He promised His protection
Within the stormy gale.

His love is our assurance,
He knows our every care;
His grace our consolation
As we His burdens bear.

Eternal Security

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Rays of Sunshine photo by Thatcher,
courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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