Get your point across without deceit. God hates liers, too.

by Wendy

Rick Brentlinger Answers -

Thanks for emailing me with your concerns. Its always interesting to read emails from readers. Your first email from Australia, arrived on Monday evening at 9:01 p.m. Florida Panhandle USA time, followed by a duplicate email from you at 9:10 p.m.

As stated on the Contact Us form you used to email us, we "email a FREE Bible Study to everyone who Contacts Us via this page." You received two Bible Studies from us because we received two emails from you. We use an auto-responder to email a FREE Bible Study every time someone contacts us via the Contact Us Form.

Please remember the time difference. When its day-time in Australia, its night-time in Florida, USA. You emailed me Monday evening at 9:01 p.m. and after waiting overnight (Florida time) for 10 hours and 26 minutes, you felt compelled to chastise me in a second email for not responding in a timely fashion.

I normally do not respond at all to insulting emails like yours but decided to make an exception so our readers can read the kind of emails we often receive from professing Christians. My answer is provided within 18 hours of your original email to us.

You explained to me in your first email that God "hates perverts and promiscuousness" and then got to your reason for writing.

"Where I have a problem with you is..." and you explained to me that "God hates liers,too" (sic).

You then delivered your conclusion, accusing me of deceit and lying. "you had me interested until you lied."

I will answer what you described as your "harsh" words by encouraging you to take the time to read what I wrote, instead of jumping to conclusions which are not based on facts.

When discussing the gay centurion, I noted that:

"As we begin our study of this true story about a gay Centurion, from Matthew 8:5-13 & Luke 7:1-10, it is important to remember that we are two thousand years removed from these events. For that reason, traditionalists cannot prove their contention, that the centurion and his pais-servant, were not same sex lovers. It is equally impossible to prove to everyone’s satisfaction, that this was a gay centurion and his pais-beloved-gay lover."

I then discussed the meaning of the Greek word, pais, in the first century and offered Links to additional information and statements from world-class scholars on the meaning of pais in the first century.

Part of your job as a Christian is to read and study the Bible in proper cultural, linguistic and historical context. The fact that I mentioned historical facts you've not heard before should encourage you to do more study instead of causing you to assume that if you haven't heard it before, I must be lying.

Your second email puzzles me because you referred to the Gospel of John Bible Study we sent you as a standard recruiting questionaire. I'm not even sure what a recruiting questionaire is. What we emailed you is a fill in the blanks Bible Study on the Gospel of John titled, Who Is Jesus?

I hope you will continue to read and study your Bible, 2 Timothy 2:15. May our Lord bless you abundantly as you walk the path of His purpose for your life.

Your brother in Christ,

Rick Brentlinger

Wendy's Original Emails:

First Email, received Monday evening at 9:01 p.m. "I was reading the bible about Sodom, and decided to research where the Moabite and Ammonite people are living in the world today. This bought me to inquire about their God's, and that bought me to your site.

I am a hetro-sexual woman, with a sound belief in 'Jesus and the apostles' biblical christianity.

I, like you, believe that "no-one goes to the Father except by me", which I understand to mean "I (Jesus) alone will say if you can or cannot go to God". This means Jesus knows your motives and intentions, and only He can be your judge. I also think that a nurturing, loving, christian abiding and monogomous ( God has expressly said how much he hates perverts and promiscuousness) relationship, will be blessed. No matter if it is gay or straight, I'm sure. This is why I think Gay mardi-gras are more likely to resemble Sodom and Gomorah in Gods eyes, than a monogomous Christian couple of the same sex. A big difference.

Where I have a problem with you, is you stating that the passage written in Luke 7 was in fact referring to a "gay man"! There was no referrence to that Roman Officer in that passage, absolutely no indication of him being gay. Get your point across without deceit. God hates liers,too. Always speak the truth when Gods word is being quoted. No-one has the right to make up stuff to suit their means. Sounds harsh, but you had me interested until you lied. God Bless, stay true. - Wendy"

Second Email, received Tuesday morning at 7:22 a.m. "You didn't reply to my particular query. Someone sent two identical e-mails with a standard recruiting questionaire instead. It became tedious, as I don't really think you understand Jesus very well. I feel you need to answer question 1. correctly, before you attempt to teach others. I think it's great you're talking about the Lord, but is it for Him or for you?

Admitting you're wrong would be the first step to it being for Him, don't you think?

Again, God bless


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Feb 23, 2010
by: Wendy Smith

Dear Rick,
Fairdinkum,I feel really bad about not being more thoughtful in my second comments to you. I sure didn't want you to take it as a 'nasty letter'. That honestly was not my intention. It was late hear, and I was going through the questionaire you sent. I didn't articulate my concerns very well, and I came off as sounding mean. I am so sorry, and ask for your forgiveness for that.
I hope I can still voice my beliefs (of course in a respectful manner) even if they are a little contrary to yours, and have a discussion sometime. Perhaps on what I was trying to say re: John 1.1?
(before I so rudely offended you).
Thanks for being as polite as you were to me.
God Bless you, too
Wendy Smith

Feb 24, 2010
Discussions are always welcome
by: Rick Brentlinger

Hi Wendy-

Apology accepted. Discussions are always welcome and if I'm busy with other projects, perhaps readers will want to join in.


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