Does the Bible say anything about gays and lesbians?

by Bonita
(St Clair, MO)

Rick Brentlinger Answers -

There are some verses known as the clobber passages, which are alleged to mention and condemn gays and lesbians. You can read about these verses by clicking the NavBar links under, What The Bible Says.

Then there are some other passages of scripture, like the David and Jonathan story, the story of Ruth and Naomi, the story of the Centurion and his servant and the story of the Ethiopian eunuch

Many GLBTs believe these stories describe same sex relationships. I encourage you to click on the NavBar links and explore the interesting information we've made available to you for FREE.

We also offer these Bible studies to help growing Christians.

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May 11, 2013
Homosexuals and Eunuchs
by: Scott

Hello all. I commented on another question posted on this site and I keep coming back.

I still struggle with the idea if you will that a Eunuch and homosexual or gay man/woman are one of the same. I also see that according to your research that this is not always the case. I realise life is not always so black and white but at some stage, aren't things so or not?

If also, Jesus states that being a Eunuch is permitted as such, what about jezebel's eunuchs? Weren't they her followers, albeit they cast her out in the end, but up to that point served a very dangerous woman.

Is this to state that some eunuchs were followers of God and Jesus and some of the devil, much like that of "regular" people who can sin but repent? Kind regards.

Rick's comment: Gays, lesbians and transgendered people are part of the group known as eunuchs. Some of them were/are followers of God and some were/are not followers of God.

Please read our eunuchs pages for more info.

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