Do centuries of consistent scholarship prove gays are wrong?

by Mark Green
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Are you a theological train wreck?

Are you a theological train wreck?

Hi Mark- It is odd that you use the old argument, "everybody believes this way" to prove that I am wrong. You would not accept that faulty reasoning from your children and it is just as wrong to use it to justify your anti-gay views. Mark's original email to me is at the bottom of this page.

The fact is, scholarly interpretation down the centuries has not been consistently anti-gay. For 1800 years after the Sodom story was written, no one, including the human authors of the Bible, linked Sodom to homosexuality.

Our ancient Jewish and Christian ancestors understood Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 to prohibit temple prostitution. The best conservative anti-gay scholar, Dr. Robert Gagnon, devotes 10 pages of his 520 page book to proving the gay Christian view, that the context of Lev 18:22 and 20:13, is shrine or temple prostitution.

Even John MacArthur and Merrill F. Unger agree with Dr. Gagnon and gay Christians on the true context of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13. In essence, those scholars then say, 'Oh well. We still think homosexuality is sinful' but with no facts to support their taking these verses out of context to condemn gays, after admitting that the context was not monogamous gay relationships.

On Romans 1:26-27, early Christians like Aristides understood Paul to be describing shrine or temple prostitution, not homosexuality in general. For anyone willing to read and do a bit of study, those facts are easy to find. Those who prefer not to study can only make general accusations against their gay brothers and lesbian sisters and hope that no one calls them on their spiritual malpractice. These pages will enlighten your understanding.

How can we be sure what Paul
was talking about in Romans 1?

Cybele was the false goddess
of ancient Rome.

Are you aware that most Christians for the last 2000 years were not in agreement with your view that 1 Cor 6:9 condemns homosexuality? If you really love God's truth and if the Holy Spirit really bears witness in you, why not discover the truth?

In the Bible, malakoi
never refers to homosexuals.

In the Bible, arsenokoites
never refers to homosexuals.

Scholarship, even conservative scholarship, is not all one-sided in support of your anti-gay view, as you have assumed. The truth is, on the issue of homosexuality and the Bible, as well intentioned as you may be, you have no idea what you're talking about.

You have not studied the clobber passages. You have not read the literature. You couldn't competently discuss the cultural, doctrinal, historical, linguistic, literary and religious context of the clobber passages if your life depended on it. And yet, in your ignorance, you presume to condemn your gay brothers and lesbian sisters in Christ.

You've accused me of suppressing the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18) when in reality, it is you who suppresses God's truth by ripping that verse out of it's context of idolatry and the ancient world, which Paul is describing and applying it dishonestly to me. That is shameful arrogance on your part.

What about Adam,
Eve and Steve?

Your complementarity theory
came from Plato, not God.

After refusing to study for yourself (you wrote, "I'm not a Biblical scholar") and while going along with the scholarly crowd ("its very very safe siding with multiple centuries of consistent scholarly interpretation of the Bible on this issue... You just simply don't have anyone of noteworthiness standing with you on your side"),

you falsely accuse me of going along with the crowd ("Just as it can be really wrong to go along with the crowd (Mat. 7:13-14)... It's also really unwise to be standing (virtually) all by yourself... (saying) We're right and everybody else is wrong"). The logic of your argument at this point is incomprehensible.

Isn't it time you obeyed 2 Timothy 2:15 and diligently studied the scriptures on the gay issue so you will at least know what you're talking about before you condemn gay Christians in your street ministry and on the Internet?

You wrote: "The (scholarly) burden of proof is on you." Okay, in more than 650 pages on my website and 390 pages in my book, I provide scholarly proof to support my views, quoting recognized world-class scholars, many of whom are anti-gay conservatives, and providing links to their statements.

It's a shame that you would rather condemn gays without performing due diligence by studying the issues, while telling us that we need to study so that we can present scholarly proof. Truth is available if you want it.

Your brother in Christ, Rick Brentlinger

Mark Green's original email to me: "Rick, (I don't mean this in a snarky way) I'm not a Biblical scholar, but I feel its very very safe siding with multiple centuries of consistent scholarly interpretation of the Bible on this issue—from every denomination and Christian bent. You just simply don't have anyone of noteworthiness standing with you on your side....(again, sounds snarky if you read it that way, but that's absolutely not my intention).

The Spirit bears witness in me (and in you as well). The law of God is written on every man's heart. Our conscience tells us what's right and what's wrong. The obvious physical design of man and woman and what happens when the two become one flesh tells us what's right and proper. Romans 1 says that you are "suppressing the truth in unrighteousness".

Just as it can be really wrong to go along with the crowd (Mat. 7:13-14). I pray you give this some thought...It's also really unwise to be standing (virtually) all by yourself, taking the stance, "We're right and everybody else is wrong". The (scholarly) burden of proof is on you. I sincerely pray that the Truth will set you free.

Blessings, Mark Green" of

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Comments for Do centuries of consistent scholarship prove gays are wrong?

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May 15, 2012
You are not alone
by: Bob

Hi Rick, Just to point out, you are not alone in your views. Several Christians I know support and agree with your scholarship. It's been much appreciated for those Christians who happen to be in the messiness of gaydom.

Thank you for your response and for caring enough about all people to share your message. - Bob

Mar 20, 2013
Sources Please
by: Anonymous

You make a lot of claims but you cite no sources. You won't prove your point through an argument of absence.

Rick's comment: Are you being intentionally obtuse? I provided sources by name and also in the text links in the article you apparently did not read carefully. I hope you will perform due diligence and do a lot more reading to get yourself up to speed on the issues.

Did you notice that I was answering an email from an anti-gay guy named Mark, who provided zero sources for his claims - did that bother you at all? I didn't think so. Many thanks for stopping by.

Jun 07, 2013
Some people who comment are really dumb
by: Alex

I guess this isn't politically correct but here goes. Some of the people who comment on this website are really dumb. They read your articles and see the facts you present. Then they ignore everything you wrote and repeat what their dumb and dumber cousins said, apparently.

It scares me sometimes to think that people who cannot think logically are representing Christ to the lost. The venomous anger of those who condemn you makes me wonder if that is how they approach everyone who disagrees with them.

Thanks for not backing down under attack. Thanks for presenting facts and giving us so many links so we can do more reading. Some of us out here appreciate you!

Sep 25, 2014
Why such hostililty?
by: Daniel

I am still wrestling with what I think about the issue, and I appreciate your website as a source. My only problem is the tone in which you write and respond to commenters. You seem agitated, offended by and hostile toward, rather than patient and gentle with, those who question/do not share your views, or who haven't done all the research you have. The accusatory words you use "Are you intentionally obtuse," "in your ignorance", etc. seem unnecessarily attacking. Why such hostility?

Rick's comment: Hi Daniel - Any honest appraisal of this website would conclude that I carefully document what I believe by citing world-class scholars, including scholars who disagree with me on conclusions.

All one need do is read several pages to see that I source the information I present by providing lots of text links to more information so anyone interested in truth can do further research and/or check my sources.

So when someone posts a comment like the May 20, 2013 comment, "You make a lot of claims but you cite no sources" I know the commenter is being obtuse or intentionally ignorant.

That is not accusatory or hostile - it is descriptive and truthful.

People used to yell at Harry Truman during his speeches - "Give 'em Hell Harry!" Truman would respond: "I'm telling the truth and they think it's hell!"

That's what I'm doing on this website - telling the truth. Think-skinned folks from the anti-gay crowd post inane accusatory comments like: "You make a lot of claims but you cite no sources." I respond with truth and some readers view the truth as hostility.

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