A Leper's Story - The poetic retelling of my reconciliation with Christ

by Rochelle Germany
(Columbus, Ohio)

A Leper’s Story

I saw it in your eyes, that look from you seemed to look straight through me
Invisibly I stood before you the past we shared held no future for the two of us
I’d done too much you used to tell me it was unconditional love
Guess that was dependent on conditions
And I know that your intentions were good when you said it
I guess you never bet it would be a time when it was tested
And I would be rejected
But now we’re here and I see the fear in your eyes overshadow the concern that you feel
And I yearn but you still turn and it’s real
And it’s just so hard to believe it and I’m trying to find the reason
That it could be so easy for you to turn around and leave me
Banished from the life I’ve known
Vanished is the love you told me would never fade
I still recall that day
And when I do it eats at my soul
And anger disguises the pain I can’t show
Because no one will love me when I need it the most
Or they love me from a distance, too afraid to come close
And I’m barely existing and the anger it grows
Until I’m raising my fists at the heavens in hopes
That somebody’s listening, God do you know
Do you care what I’m going through, have you left me alone
Through whispers I heard of Him
God’s own son they call this man
Well if He’s real, He’ll have to prove it then
Heal or kill me but this must end
I hid along the side of the road
Defiantly waiting as He approached and I stepped out before Him once He got close
I heard their gasps, I felt their stares
They stepped back but he came near
The hurt and pain that dwelled deep inside
And every single tear that I’ve cried
Had all been forgotten with one look in His eyes
That showed compassion I have never seen
As if my pain hurt Him more than me
And I cried out to Him as I fell to my knees
“Master, you could heal me if you will.”
He said, “I will.”
And that would have been enough but He went further still
He reached out His hands to me, then held me as I sobbed
Unworthy of the touch of man, but worthy of the touch of God


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