Musings Of An Authentic Gay Christian - January 2008

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GC101 News Blog - Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How To Live In 2008

2008 is going to be the most incredible year! God has amazing adventures for us if we're willing to walk with Him.

Leather Journals
I love journals, especially leather journals. They look and smell so great and feel so great in the hand and all those ruled pages contain infinite promise of joys and sorrows, adventures and challenges to come.

A new year is like a new journal.

It is a precious gift from God, full of blank pages we can fill in one day at a time. A new year is God's affirmation that He isn't through with us, that we can still grow, still serve, still tackle great adventures with God. A new year is God's promise writ large that He will give us everything we need to face enormous challenges and succeed, in Jesus' Name.

New years are not for the faint-hearted. With each day of a new year we face not only the joy of incredible adventure but the possibility of dismal failure. Fear of failure causes many people to back off from God's grand adventures and avoid life's challenges but that kind of life is hardly worth living.

Don't Live 2007 All Over Again

We could do exactly the same thing each day of this new year that we did last year and expect different results (that's the classic definition of insanity, by the way) or we can launch out into the deep. Launching out into the deep with God is living expectantly, every day trusting God to lead us through every adventure He has planned.

We can pursue the greatest opportunities, the most incredible adventures with God as our Intimate Companion if we have the courage. And really, how much courage does it take? God has already promised: I will never leave you nor forsake you. With that guarantee why fear any adventure for God?

2008 stretches before us, the beginning of fresh, new life. 364 days from now, don't look back with regret and discover that you lived 2008 the same way you lived 2007. Only you can determine how much you'll grow, how high you'll go in 2008.

  • God's love for you is endless,
  • God's plans for you immense;
  • Backing off from the adventure,
  • Just doesn't make any sense.

Let's Covenant Together...

  1. Let's covenant together to grow spiritually in 2008 by consistently, daily, reading and obeying scripture.

  2. Let's covenant together to pray persistently in 2008, making prayer an integral part of our daily routine.

  3. Let's covenant together to focus our lives on spiritual things in 2008 because spiritual things are the only things that will last into eternity.

And when 08 draws to a close in 364 days, let's look back at the most incredible year of our lives, wipe the sweat from our brow and thank God that we accepted the challenge and lived the adventure.

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Gay Christian 101 by Rick Brentlinger
Discover why readers LOVE our NEW Book! Gay Christian 101 cuts to the chase and deals head-on with the false allegations, inconsistent interpretations and outright misrepresentations of scripture by Christians who take verses out of context.

Here is a real-life example of a prominent gay partnership in scripture - the amazing true love story of Jonathan and David is the greatest human love story in the Bible.

Jesus identified the sin of Sodom and it was not homosexuality.

I am saying that the Holiness Code was aimed at Israel, in a specific place, the land of Israel, in a specific time period, while Israel was in the land, living under the Law. And what some Christians wrongly interpret as a universal prohibition of all gay relationships is, in reality, a prohibition of shrine prostitution in worship of the Canaanite fertility goddess.

What was a sodomite in the Bible? Was it a homosexual, as many conservative preachers insist? Nope! No way! Certainly not! A sodomite in the Bible was always a shrine prostitute who worshipped the Canaanite fertility goddess.

Speaking of Analogies, Here are Five More, Strong Analogies in Scripture, for Affirming Gay Partnerships.

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