Straight, Not Narrow Blog Reviews Our New Book

by Rick Brentlinger
(Author of "Gay Christian 101")

Gay Christian 101 - Best book about gay Christians in years!

Gay Christian 101 - Best book about gay Christians in years!

Jim Johnson, over at Straight, Not Narrow Blog, reviewed our book Gay Christian 101 - Spiritual Self-Defense For Gay Christians, in his September 17, 2007 Blog.

By the way, Jim "strongly recommends" our book.

Straight, Not Narrow Blog. Scroll down to September 17 entry to read his full review.

Here is an excerpt from the Straight, Not Narrow review of Gay Christian 101:

"Rev. Brentlinger is a Baptist (clearly not Southern Baptist) minister, a church planter, and a bible teacher. In Gay Christian 101, he also shows exceptional skills at research, exhaustively plowing through historical writings that are many centuries old. By doing this, Brentlinger shows not only the historic context of key scriptures but also that current anti-gay interpretations are often relatively recent, finding ancient writings that support a much more gay-friendly perspective."

Thanks Jim, for such a positive review. This book is making a positive impact in the Christian debate over homosexuality.

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