Pride, Greed, Rape, Complacency,

by JD
(Las Vegas)

The Real Sin of Sodom

It was brought to my attention recently that Sodom and Gomorrah were at war with other cultures, Genesis 14:1ff. Lot was the gate keeper and he let two strangers into the city.

Is it possible that all the men (or people) came to get to know them to see if they were spies? Kinda like after 9/11 how suspicious we were and still are of some Muslims.

Heck, maybe some of them wanted to accuse them and then do some horrible things to them, I am sure.

Lot offered his daughters to these men (people), why? Certainly not because they were all homosexual. That makes no sense. Think about it. Homosexuals would not be interested in sexual relationships with Lot's daughters.

Homosexuality in some form may have been present but also depraved heterosexuals were in Sodom and whatever was pleasing to them, that is what they sought after.

Before the two angels came to Sodom, God was going to destroy the city because their sin was so grievous. Their pride and lack of concern for the poor (Ezekiel 16:48-50) was the sin God saw and the list goes on.

Remember What Jesus Said

There is no partiality with God about sin. God takes all sin seriously. Some Christians are confused. It will be difficult for them to understand as Yeshua says simply in Matt 19:11

"Not everyone can accept this word," (about heterosexual marriage) "but only those to whom it has been given."

Christ is awesome because he knew that it would come to this so stay steadfast and hold on because we are gonna see some amazing work 'come out' of his people.

Here are some verses to consider:

Matthew 19:11-12 - some men are born without the desire to marry a woman

Galatians 3:28 - in Christ there's no male or female

Romans 14:1-23 - how Christians should relate to each other when they disagree

The Amazing Love Of David and Jonathan

The friendship of David and Jonathan... a higher form of love between God's chosen.

1 Samuel 18:1-4
1 Samuel 20:16-17
1 Samuel 20:30
1 Samuel 20:41-42
2 Samuel 1:25-27

Romans 1:24-26 and Common Sense

Roman's 1:24-26 is interesting. It took me a long time to understand, but the key words in this text are "leaving natural desire." What is a man's natural desire. Yeshua tells us all men don't get married to a woman or all men don't have a natural desire for a woman, Matthew 19:11

Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13 - The Jewish Holiness Code

Leviticus 18:22 is very simple. A man should not bring another man into his wife's bed. Its forbidding a married guy lying with another guy.

And they were under specific instructions not to be unclean because the were God's chosen and they were to be separate from the pagan Canaanites. The law was set up for Jews, not Christians. A different time and a different place than where we are, Romans 6:14.

Jesus Taught Us The Best Way To Fulfill The Law

Christ said it all. The greatest commandment is to

"love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, body and soul. The second is like it, Love your neighbor as you love yourself. All the other laws hang on these two." Its that simple.

Praise be to our God who died for ALL, who is worthy to be praised forever and ever. Thank you Yeshua for loving us ALL.

I pray that whoever reads this is blessed, enlightened and edified.

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Mar 25, 2008
by: Anonymous

Is some one going to come out and let this be known to all? My Church is going over Genesis 19 this Sunday to hopefully get homosexuals to be condemned by the congregation. I am seriously tired of this. THIS NEEDS TO END SOON!!!

Dec 10, 2007
I really appreciate what you said!
by: Anonymous

You boiled it down to its essence. So many people take a few isolated verses, pull them out of their context and then insist that the isolated verses are talking about homosexuals.

Thanks for stating it so clearly and simply.

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