We Get Some Really Strange
Comments - This One Is

by Faith Roby
(Memphis, TN)

You know that the devil always have a way of taking the bible & running with it. Instead of living your life truly for Christ you would rather find new & creative ways to stay in reprobate mind.

Jonathan & David. What is next Ruth & Esther?
(Oh wait you already have mentioned that). I mean now according to the non-factual information that you have printed (Opinions based on homosexual leaders thelmselves)

I can go fornicate, after all Jesus did welcome Mary Magdalene with open arms right?

It all boils down to this, you either are going to live right for Christ or you will continue to find news ways to justify your perversion. By the way if we accept homosexuality, be prepared to accept fornication, prostistituion (which you have already condemed) rape,murder, adultrey abortion etc...

Then to think that you made a gay study bible????????? Where is the fornication & rapists study bible?

You are responsibly for the souls that you lead astray. How dare you pervert God's word? Jesus blessed a gay couple. Wow what's next John the Baptist performs a gay ceremony between 2 of the 12 disciples??

You can fool man but you can't fool God. Remember when you stand before the judgement of God you Gay study bible can't save you. & that is the reason Jesus came back. Not so you can live in the same foulness that you have been in.

Pau & Timothy have it right you are doing exactly what they said you would do every step that you have taken is fulfilling bible prophecy so I will have to thank you for proving that, FACTUAL information.........

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