How many Christians truly know a homosexual?

by Daniel Lawrence
(Fairfield, CT USA)

My experience is that not many Christians do know a gay person. Christians in the US and around the world are no different from their secular counterparts in that they are just as susceptible to the evils of bigotry, racism and homophobia as people who just are that way because they don't consider God's perspective at all.

So much talk happens in the Christian community of not being "in" or "of" the world." Well, guess what? You are in the world!!!! I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I fail at it daily in so many ways. I admit that. I often don't refer to myself as "Christian" because I don't want unbelievers to equate me with the wrong-headed nature associated with most Christians on topics such as this one.

Romans 1 is a battle cry for the Christian right to deny civil and human rights to people, in this case, gay people. Why? Jesus said nothing of homosexuality. He does however state that anyone who divorces and re-marries is an adulterer. How interesting! I'm surrounded by divorcees in church every Sunday who have health insurance and can visit their new spouse in the hospital if they want.

But because the Apostle Paul makes a statement about unnatural lust in some reference to an obscure instance in a totally insane environment like ancient Rome, it is now God's will to persecute gays?

My best friend growing up came out about 10 years ago. He considered killing himself over his issue before he was able to come to terms with it and felt comfortable telling his family and friends. I have walked out of rooms filled with so-called Christians who say things like "they have no place in the church" or "they are killing the American family" or "the Bible is clear on homosexuality". Give me a break.

To those out there who are homosexual and discouraged by the church I say to you as a straight Christian, God loves you and made you this way. You cannot be rehabed out of your condition. Please don't turn away from God based on what these extreme Pharsitical (created word) nut-jobs say.

If you submit yourself to the will of God and are faithful to serving the interests of God's broken people above your own interests and believe that Jesus came to complete the work God began in all of human kind I think you will be "straight" with God.

Daniel Lawrence

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