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My family
in 1958.
I'm the shy kid on the
far right.

Photos tell our story in a way mere words cannot express. Photos capture our fears, our spirit, our hopes, our angst and occasionally our exuberant joy. And sometimes when we least expect it they move us in ways we can scarcely define. They're our lifeline to the past, stirring memories dearly cherished or long forgotten. On this page you may submit your favorite photos for the enjoyment of our worldwide 101 family.

The photos you submit should be your own property or you may submit public domain photos. Sunsets, nature, churches, barns, doors, people portraits, whatever moves you and grabs your heart. If you're an artist you are welcome to submit photos of your art work. Thanks for remembering that this is a G-rated, family-friendly site.

Please Note:

This supersedes the Submission Guidelines you'll be asked to check when you submit your words and/or photos.

We DO NOT claim exclusive rights to photos or pictures you submit to us.

Your photos are your property. You are ONLY granting us the right to freely display on this website the photos, pictures and artwork you send us.

We do not own your work - you own it. Therefore you retain the right to use what you submit for publication on Gay Christian 101 in other venues too, in any way you choose.

We've enjoyed fav-fotos.
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