Resources For GLBT Christians
And Those Who Love Them

Excellent resources helping GLBT Christians develop a Bible-based spiritual life so they can bear fruit for God, Gospel of John 15:1-8.

  1. Find A Gay friendly, gay affirming church in your area.

  2. eDisciples - the BEST Bible study links, all on one page, for your convenience.

  3. Excellent Bible Studies to help you grow spiritually.

  4. How to for Coming Out 101 - tips and suggestions to do it right.

  5. Share your Coming Out Gay and Christian testimony with thousands of readers around the world.

  6. Thought-provoking quotes about being gay and/or Christian.

  7. Get our Free Banners to link your website or blog to

  8. Gay Evangelical Christian Blog - Videos, Music, Stuff to help you grow spiritually.

Many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Christians have experienced abuse and sometimes virulent attack from churches who should be ministering to them.

For years, the Christian church has marginalized GLBT believers, in effect relegating us to "the back of the bus" if we are allowed on the bus at all. Now there is practical Christian help for all who are dealing with GLBT issues including families, friends and churches.

We provide Christ-honoring, Bible based information from an evangelical Christian perspective. We offer in depth articles that inform our understanding and reviews of books containing helpful information.

As we receive permission, we will publish on this website, the full text of articles which assist Biblically oriented, growing Christians. If you have an article you would like us to consider, please Contact Us with information.

We also provide testimonies of GLBT Christians. Eventually we will provide an expanded Apologetics section with answers to commonly asked questions about homosexuality and Christianity.

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